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2,500 Followers Oneshot

Summary: The reader is drunk and she tries to have sex with her best friend Jensen.

Prompt: “Why are you in my bed?!”

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 1,757

Requested: @supernaturalgirl85

Jensen tiredly drudges up the stairs in his Malibu home, grumpy as all hell. He just lost $2,000 at a poker game and it’s safe to say that he’s ripshit.

Although he’s not concerned about actually losing the money, being a successful movie director has set his ass up for life.

It’s just the fact that he lost. He’s a competitive fucker, always has been and always will be. It’s in his DNA.

And to add fuel to the fire, his friends refused to give him another chance to win back his money. Claiming it’s too late and they needed to call it a night. It’s only midnight for Christ’s sake. Old bastards.

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You know what’s a shame?

When your favorite VOD streaming service cancels  one of their most diverse Shows right at the beginning of Pride Month!

I mean srsly…..

When was the last time I saw a Show that wasn’t either dominated by white folks or kinda exclusive to POC? Instead Sense8 has a mix of 8 wonderfully different main characters, such as…

Will Gorski:

The cop from Chicago, the loyal friend, the lover; a man confident enough to trust the woman by his side with his whole conscious & unconscius being to save him. 

Riley Blue:

The DJane from Iceland, the mother, the lonely spirit; the woman who would walk trough hell and back to save the ones she loves.

Capheus Onyango:

The Matatu driver from Nairobi, the optimist, the one who won’t let himself be defined by poor or rich but just his courage to make a difference. 

Sun Bak:

The Warrioress from Korea, the unbent, betrayed by those closest to her but not even prison could break her. Now she’s on her way for justice.

Lito Rodriguez:

The closeted telenovela star from Mexico, the passionate dreamer, along his career he learnt to be the hero of his own destiny. Can he make it big beyond the borders of his homeland?

Kala Dandekar:

The Pharmacist from India; the believer, once she learnt that traditions are not necessarily the safest option she finds the courage to fight for her happiness.

Wolfgang Bogdanow:

The safecracker from Germany, raised by a brutal and bullying father he found family much closer then bound by blood and even love where he least expected it.

Nomi Marks:

The transgender hacktivist from San Francisco, rejected by her family who refuse to accept her new Identity as Nomi, she made herself a name by blogging about political issues. Her fiancee Amanita a beautiful WOC with 3 father figures have her back in all this.

Now imagine these 8 completely different characters living their individual life finding out that they’re mentally connected with one another. Called a cluster  they explore step by step each others world by visiting one another. Visiting means they can only use the regular given senses of seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting etc from the person they visit. Another ability is sharing. Sharing means they can use each others skills  regardless of their own but this works only within the cluster.  So in short word that means Capheus can share his driving skills with Nomi who can’t drive as much as Lito can feel Sun Baks menstruation symptoms sometimes. Yes they have very a lot of funny and emotional moments together along they way. 

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Other Characters:

Angelica Turing:

Better known as the mother she appears to be the one capable of giving birth to clusters by releasing/activating their connection to each other. When her last cluster awoke she commited suicide. She was in a relationship with Jonas which whom she released several clusters.

Jonas Maliki:

He shows up when Angelica’s last born cluster awoke to guide and teach them their abilities as sensates. He’s doing this mainly through Will Gorski. Jonas and Angelica were in a relationship and part of the same cluster. 

Dr. Whispers:

He’s the main antagonist of the Show goes by several aliases but best known as Whispers. Although as a sensate himself he’s part of an organisation that hunts down other sensates. He can only connect with a cluster by making direct eye contact. 

Amanita Caplan:

Amanita works in a bookstore, supports LGBT charities, she has a mother named Grace and three father figures because they never cared to find out who’s the biological one. They loved her all the same. She is Nomi’s fiancee.

Hernando Fuentes:

He’s an Art professor, loves to cook and is the lover of Lito. Despite his relationship with Lito needs to be kept a secret due the career of Lito he’s very supportive. Nontehelss he has strong beliefs of its own and is mostly the more grounded part in their relationship.

Daniela Velasquez:

She comes from a wealthy background, is an actress and Lito’s friend as well as his cover at events. Later she finds out about his secret and formes a close bond to both Lito and Hernando based on her fascination with gay men in general.

Felix Berner:

He’s Wolfgangs best friend since they were kids. Although he’s having the talent to getting himself in trouble and Wolfgang along with him hes fairly loyal and the only one who knows about Wolfie’s abusive childhood.

Despite this amazing concept of 8 fully developed individual characters forming a worldwide bond to defeat a greater enemy who’s after them for experiments and killing them in the process Netflix canceled this Show after only 2 Seasons. Sure filming in 8 differerent cities all over the globe is expensive but that makes the quality even better and so much more authentic. There is no need to kill off characters for the shock effect, no need to sideline anyone for the sake of one major pairing. They’re equals, they’re individuals, not dependent on each other but stronger together if it’s necessary.

If you don’t believe me go and watch it for yourself on Netflix if you have it!

Here’s a little preview:



A Starting Path to Spirit Work (but abbreviated)

(Apologies, it’s rather late as I’m writing on this and I have no wifi and I’ve gone past my data limit. I won’t be able to link large resources and such at this moment, and the format could definitely be better. And I could go much more indepth but for the current moment this is what I have on tumblr mobile.)


Okay, this is the most common and I understand repetitive lesson. Protect yourself! Protect your home and your spirit friends! Protect and ward!

There are physical wards where the a physical spell or object is set up as the ward. Like maybe you have a crystal grid that you set up to protect your home. That would be an example of physical protection!

There are astral wards where you simply set them up in the astral (the other plane where spirits generally reside or originate from, not everyone but trying to make a general point on clarifying the difference the physical plane from the astral plane). Like you can build a giant water bubble to protect and enclose yourself!

There are great recipes for wards and protection spells that can work for you, but you don’t need to follow anyone’s recipe to make a ward. You can make one a multitude of ways. Sure, yours doesn’t follow a $25 ingredient list, but that doesn’t make it inherently any less valuable or effective! If you don’t care and make it, it’ll probably be less effective than one of strong intent, of course.

Personally I rely on astral wards more than physical wards, but that’s a personal preference. Wards I make myself are also more efficient than the ones I try to copy from others by directions but personal differences. When I say I made them, I thought about the concept of spicy peppers and I designed three wards off that alone, so intent and direction is what you really need to make wards.

If you prefer following someone else’s recipe to help, there is absolutely no harm in that! Go for it! But don’t feel like you can and have to rely only on the recipes you find on tumblr!

Note: Even if you do not have a companion, you still need wards. I would most definitely recommend it. Even if you have no companion to protect, you should still ward and protect yourself and your space!

Protect yourself and your home. Remember to take care of yourself.

You can set up personal wards that protect the person or being you set them up around like a personal bodyguard or protection. Or you can set it up for an object, place or setting. Like for your space! And you should protect yourself. I’m nagging you for your own safety.

Protect yourself from malicious beings who straight up just wanna fight you, others who might sneak in and just leech off, or those who might decieve you to get in and then harm you. Not every spirit has malicious intent or purpose, and most of them haven’t in my experience, but you should be safe and protect yourself the best you can from those occasions where bad news is knocking on your door.

When you have companions or spirit family, you’ll have more reasons to practice warding and have more wards, but that should not stop you from learning warding and being well protected yourself before then!

You can have wards that serve to protect you from attacks, and others to keep out liars. But you determine your wards, not me.

The thing is, the more the merrier, and the more variety the better! Cover all your bases. Maybe a water ward might keep out more fire-based spirits but water spirits might have an immunity. Or if you had 10+ wards with the same weakness and a malicious spirit finds out how to get past one, they get past all of them since they have the key for the same 10 doors.

You should regularly keep them running, and also do a bigger maintenance. But remember than constant smaller checkups are important too. Do small checkups often, and a big checkup regularly. I do small checkups daily, and weekly big maintenance because it’s important and better safe than well, not safe.


I may have been too long-winded in the protection section and this section is gonna be lacking in comparison but it’s still needed.

You should have a basis in energy work. Learn how to sense energy, like presences, be able to read them, maybe not in a “I can give you a 5 page summary about this person about their energy” but I can tell this spirit has malicious or unsafe intent towards me so I should step away and turn them away. And telling them apart.

Like a spirit comes home, and you should practice how to tell the difference between Sam the kitten spirit and Feraligator the chihuahua spirit. Although you don’t need to be a master of energy work to start in spirit work, but you should have basics or a solid starting ground.

You can completely struggle with this, while going into spirit work but be willing to keep trying. It’s important and a helpful fundamental and can lead into spirit work, but you can definitely go into spirit work without being an expert energy worker or an energy healer.


Without a doubt, you’re gonna want to have a conversation or communicate with spirits in spirit work.

I’m gonna be honest, you will not have 100% clarity when you begin. Minus a few rare exceptions of people. But ignoring those exceptions and miracles, be prepared for the actuality of communication.

You’ll start out with fragmented conversation. You’ll depend and start with divination, like pendulums, dice, and tarot cards to talk.

The start of the road begins with asking the spirits yes or no questions, or whatever maybe the pendulum board or your tools are limited to. Or you’ll use tarot, which is less yes/no but it’s still not a whole conversation like you would expect between two people. But you’ll have to build up and grow from there. You’ll practice and keep going.

Beyond your tools, the next tier to practice is telepathy and astral hearing.

I don’t think they are exactly the same, but you may disagree. I understand and respect that. Telepathy is direct communication through your minds with thoughts (this is off the top of the mind and I am typing this in one sitting. I will check and correct myself, and edit it if I am wrong, don’t worry).

Some spirits only communicate with scattered words, images and emotions. That just may be their preference and method of communication in telepathy, regardless of how well you can hear them.

Others may be able to talk in complete conversations like you’d expect from another human. But they may simplify what they’re saying to you so that you understand, or cooperate other ways because they understand you can’t catch everything they say.

For me, I think astral hearing is different where they speak in the astral out loud and everyone can hear it. But if your hearing is bad, you might not catch it, and that way, I don’t consider it the same as telepathy where they would just send their thoughts straight to your mind. You can improve your astral senses with effort, trying, and exercise.

Either way, you will practice and grow. Keep going, I believe in you.

Even when you get to that point where you can regularly hear astral conversations and use telepathy, you should still remember to keep your tools. They’ll help you double check yourself, and get you through lulls where it’ll get even harder so your senses will be limited.


There are two ways you can find and meet new spirits or strangers. Either you can meet your local spirits or go out into the astral but that’s not a beginner concept. However if you do wanna hear about that more, I’ll discuss that by request.

Okay, let’s talk about local spirits. Meeting and communicating with local spirits is the best way to practice before a committment like companionship or running into the astral blindly.

Nature spirits tend to be much kinder and patient, especially considering you’ll take time to practice and learn. The easiest spirits to bear with you for practice are rock/crystal spirits and your own garden and plant spirits.

Although there are definitely a few that aren’t friendly at all, it’s safer than running into the astral. And as far as I know, most people can go outside much more easily and already know how, over learning from scratch how to astral project and travel and being prepared for everything it has to offer (dangers and otherwise).

Note: You do not need to know how to astral travel or project to work with spirits, and you can hang out with spirits even if you can’t travel all the way to their apartment in the astral. You can chill and watch Netflix in your room together even if you can’t travel.


You’re gonna keep warding and learning protection spells. When I became a mod, I learned that I had to upgrade and add MORE. You’ll need them, you’ll want them, and you’ll appreciate them. Even the failures will become a start to building better and more efficient wards. So keep going. We all nag about protection, but we’re absolutely serious.

You’re gonna keep learning and you’ll have a different path from others. You will hit roadblocks and communication will get harder some days, whether it’s from a lull, or low spoons or anything.

Take a step sideways, yeah, but that’s movement. And it won’t stop you from progress. The worst thing is to not practice honestly and be apathetic.

(It’s honestly quite late here, I’m physically tired and a little sick, so sorry if anything got messy or confusing. If you have anything you want me to talk on, clarify or discuss further, shoot us an ask.)

Disclaimer: I haven’t stopped learning, so there’s much more you can read on, and more others can offer you on the subject, so never be afraid to ask others for help and advice too. And terms may slightly differ from being to being, so there’s also that to account for, and other people may have different answers for you too! So keep on adventuring and gathering knowledge.

-Mod Spark

Need something to watch on Netflix? I got you:

-Sense 8
-Law and Order SVU
-Parks and Recreation
-The OA
- The Office
- American Horror Story
- The Flash
- Switched at Birth
- Black Mirror
- Stranger things
- Breaking Bad
- Gossip Girl
- Sons of Anarchy
- Criminal Minds
- Pretty Little Liars
- House of Cards
- New Girl
- Penny Dreadful
- The Get Down
- Scandal
- Bates Motel
- The Walking Dead
- Peeky Blinders
- Orange is the New Black
- Narcos
- Luke Cage
Feel free to add more!!!

Balcony Scene (ALiL Deleted Scene)

Summary: (College!AU): In which an impromptu performance of Shakespeare occurs at the foot of your stairs.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 1,558

A/N: @snugglebuck requested: Omg so I just say this prompt list and one of them was “i was on my balcony and you started loudly quoting romeo and juliet at me” and all I could think about was ALIL and Bucky doing this or like even when the reader is at the top of a staircase and like even better when he’s drunk or something. This takes place between “The Honeymoon Phase” and “Jealousy”

“A Lesson in Love” Masterlist + Soundtrack

@avengerstories - I can’t thank you enough for always editing my stuff for me. 

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After what felt like an endless day of classes, you decide to treat yourself to a night off. In order to fully enjoy yourself, you change into the coziest pajamas you can find and take all of your best snacks out of hiding. Once you’ve gotten everything you need in order, you close the door to your room and turn off the lights. The darkness adds to the overall movie theater atmosphere that you want to create for your night of Netflix and relaxation.

You’re halfway through your second movie when your door flies open. The bright light from the hallway is a shock to your system and you cover your eyes automatically, blindly searching for the space bar on your laptop to pause what you’re watching. “What?”

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Netflix: Season 3 of: My Babysitter's a Vampire - Petition

Sign the petition Here


You can add a petition to your blog with this: 

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The petition needs 329 more signatures guys!!!

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Andreil Playlist (+ Ideas for scenes in Netflix show)

Supercut - Lorde (I’ve seen a different textpost about how this song should be used for the “You were amazing” scene, with all the Andreil moments leading up to treat point in a flashback. Not my idea but i’s so great I had to add it!)

Nicotine - Panic! At the Disco, R O O F T O P S M O K I N G S C E N E “Your love’s a fucking drag but I need it so bad” could definitely be an Andreil quote, tbh.

Where Did The Party Go - Fall Out Boy, for the first time the Monsters take Neil to Columbia and he’s completely out of it in the crowd and oh - wow - Nicky kissed him and what the fuck is going on??

Champion - Fall Out Boy, for a training montage. The line “I’m a champion of the people who don’t believe in champions” reminds me so much of the foxes. And “If I can live through this, I can do anythingBecause we know they’ve been through shit (and their training is hard as fuck).

Stuck On You - New Politics, for the first Andries kiss, because we know both of them probably think "Why do I choose to love this?” On a daily basis, (mostly Andrew, but we all know he thinks it fondly while wanting to kiss Neil,) and they totally don’t regret it.

The Pros and Cons of Breathing - Fall Out Boy. Okay, so I’ve decided this song would be great for the first Andreil meeting because in that moment Neil is definitely thinking “ I want to hate you half as much as I hate myself” about Andrew. Also, “ I wish that I was as invisible as you make me feel” because Neil’s entire existence revolved around being invisible and, obviously, Andrew’s a little into pretending he doesn’t exist.

• Issues - Julia Michaels, a song about loving each other, flaws and issues and all. As obvious as it seems, what song could be more perfect? I do think this song would work for many different scenes, but I was specifically thinking it would work very well with their secrets game. The first one that came to mind was the one after Drake’s attack, but that is a little more serious than some of the others, so any of them would work.

•Rockabye - Clean Bandit ft. Sean Paul and Anne-Marie, I thought this song would work very well for flashbacks of Neil’s mother, well the woman they speak of in this song is way more kind then we know Mary was to Neil the overall protectiveness the mother is said to have over her son definitely reminds me of them.

• Love Me - The 1975, for some reason, well I was listening to this song, I thought of two scenes it could work for 1) the scene where Andrew throws Neil’s keys and his cigarette off the roof and Neil picks up his cigarette and gives Andrew’s “mock salute” and walks away feeling all smug 2) a rooftop makeout scene. I don’t know why I think this song would work, maybe because it says “love me, if that’s what you wanna do” and consensual love reminds me of Andreil.

• Talk Me Down - Troye Sivan, “I wanna sleep next to you, but that’s all I want to do right now,” reminds me of the cabin scene in TKM or the Fox sleepover, because it’s about innocent touches and just needing the other person near you, and considering it literally scared Neil how much just being around Andrew relived him, made him feel safe, I think this song is perfect.

• Fetish - Selena Gomez, and The Good, The Bad, The Dirty - Panic! At The Disco. Now, onto less innocent touches. Either of these two songs would be great for the shower scene, I first thought Fetish because Andrew calls out Neil’s “neck fetish”, but a song about fighting and falling in love, and being dirty, definitely also reminds me of Andreil. Though, one could always be used for one of their many make out sessions.



I’ve had some people ask me for psds I used, but since I almost never save them, I made a bunch of psds to show how I color my scenes. I think you can use most of these on different scenes, if you adjust them accordingly.

please like or reblog this post, then send me an ask off anon asking for the psd you want (example: hey! i liked/reblogged your post and I would like the link for the amaya psd).

Under the cut you’ll find more info about the psds and how to adjust them! 

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Socially Awkward Black Girl

If you know anything about being socially awkward is that it sets you apart from others. Especially when people think you are rude/anti-social.

Now I love going to new places and meeting new faces but it has to be in the comfort of people I already know. The reason why I come off as uncomfortable or awkward is because I over think just about everything I do in a new/rare situation. I just got a new job at an ice cream shop and I have realized I only speak to coworkers when spoken to or when I need to ask a question. Most of the time I’m really quiet. My friends, of course, do not think I’m quiet but outside of my friends, it takes me some time to warm up to things. Usually, I gain friends by who gives me a comfortable feeling and seems like they want to become friends with me too.

My family moved around a lot during my elementary years so I didn’t really grow up with anyone until middle school. When I got to middle school it took me a week to really gain a friend (who is still a very good friend today) who would let me sit with them at lunch. My friends today boast about how they can make so many friends or how they are very known but they don’t know the people who know of them. For me it is neither. I try to choose very wisely who I let in my circle. I like small groups of friends. I am reserved to outside people and outside people are reserved to me.

Sometimes I feel very far away from people but my friends do not exactly understand why. I also feel sometimes that I am not a significant factor for my friends to introduce their friends to. This is another factor that makes me a bit nervous to meet new people because I have a vexing fear that people will think I am annoying.

As for my stereotype, people automatically assume I am loud and when they find out I am the exact opposite, people tend to veer away from me (in my perspective) thinking I am rude or uninterested. I do not say anything because I have nothing to say. When I try to make conversation, I sometimes feel rejected or that they simply are annoyed at me for trying to make conversation. Social awkwardness can definitely put me in weird and uncomfortable silences.

I am working on it everyday. So here’s a tip for awkward people:

1. Take a deep breath because they are not as agitated as you think.

2. Acknowledge the awkwardness- just so  that the pressure is taken off and there is something to giggle about

3. Whats trending: SHOWS. Best conversation starter in my opinion. Just about every living human being owns a netflix account or at least watches tv. If you watch the same shows, TALK ABOUT IT (let your inner fanatic come out). If you don’t, recommend shows and ask them to do the same thing.

4. School is also a great convo starter. TRUST!

5. DON’T RUN! It’s only as awkward as you make it. And they’ll forgive you, if it is.

Let me know if you guys can relate! I still need tips too so don’t be scared to add some.

Parenting Guide- Jughead's Foster Parents

Hello, dear foster parents. How are you?

As a member of the Jughead Jones protection squad, I feel like it’s my job to introduce you, the foster parents, to the wonderful world of Jughead Jones.

You see, we didn’t really need you around, and we didn’t really like the idea of sending him to live away from his friends. We could’ve taken care of him, but… Law decided to give him to you until FP leaves jail. So, since you guys are inevitably a part of his life now, I think the squad should tell you how things are gonna be while you’re living under the same roof as Jughead.

First of all, you have to know this child is a blessing to this world. You need to make sure he’s always safe and healthy, and that is, for sure, your responsibility while he’s with you. His happiness is a top priority, so you better make sure he’s always smiling.

Second, you must know that he’s gone through a lot of hard stuff in his short life. He’s lost his family, lost his house and now he’s away from the people he loves, so now you must make sure he has everything he needs. I think the list below should be a good start for you:

- A comfortable King Sized Bed
- A good wi-fi
- Netflix
- TONS of books ( Note: if he wants more books, you buy him)
- Food (all the food he wants)
- Video Games
- A warm room
- Good Night kisses (not from you, of course, but from his girl)
- Guest Room for his sister/ friends
- Dog stuff ( yes, he has a dog now and he won’t be separated from his canine pal)
- Gas for his truck
*Note: the other members can add more things to this list if they feel the need to.

Now, there are still a few more things you need to know…

You see, Jughead has a girlfriend- Betty Cooper- and they love each other very much. By no means you must stay in between them, okay? He is free to come and go whenever he wants to pay her a visit/ sleep at her house/ spend the day with her, and her presence around the house shall be more than appreciated. You need to make her feel comfortable whenever she’s around, and if you hear weird noises coming from his room, you will ignore them and go back to sleep. If you want to leave them alone and go to a hotel, then it’ll be even better.

Last but not least, you don’t touch the beanie. This is something really important and the squad won’t tolerate any aggressions against the symbol of his identity. Treat his beanie as a sacred relic, and don’t approach it unless he allows you.

Well, now that we’ve established some rules, I would like to welcome you to Jughead Jones the Third’s life. Do as you were told and we won’t have problems, okay? And don’t try to fool us. The squad has eyes and ears all around the world, and we will know every single thing you do.

Let’s make him happy, shall we?

Thank you for your attention.

Jughead Jones Protection Squad.

Leader: Elizabeth Cooper
Members: South Side Serpents (FP Jones + Hot-Dog included), Bughead/ Jughead fandom, Archie Andrews.

[PART TWO] Sex with Shawn includes...
  • Getting to make love in luxury hotel suites all around the world when your schedules sync up and Shawn can fly you to where he is
  • His friends teasing him whenever he bails on plans [ “Oh, right. Y/N must be there.” and “Whatever, man. Go on, get yours. We get it.” ]
  • Finding secluded spots to park the Jeep and fucking hard in the back seat
  • Scheduling Skype sex dates
  • And touching yourself to the sound of his heavy breathing and the sight of his flushed cheeks on the screen
  • Always flying first class and getting away with jerking him off beneath the little blanket you’ve draped across his lap
  • And giggling into the sleeve of his shirt when he whimpers a bit too loudly at your touch
  • Creating elaborate plans for how you’ll get in and out of the drug store without paparrazi seeing you with condoms
  • Asking the producers to take a 15 minute break so you can suck his dick in the recording booth
  • Shawn promising you orgasms in exchange for little accomplishments
  • Him saying, “Get an A on that Calc homework and I’ll make you cum twice. Any way you want,” right before he drops you off in front of the Student Center
  • Shawn laying down the ground rules for when he’s travelling
  • “I guess you can touch yourself if you really need to…”
  • “…but there’s no cumming without permission, baby.”
  • Because, after all, “It’s still my pussy. Even when I’m away.”
  • Calling him on the nights when you don’t think you can hold back and you need a release, right then, right there
  • And him making you beg him over the line before he relents
  • Riding his thick thigh as you lay on top of him in his tour bus bunk
  • And watching in awe as the sensation of your movements adds to the bus’ rocking motion and makes him cum, too; ruining yet another pair of boxers…
  • Shawn asking if he can give you head randomly, like when you’re watching Netflix and eating popcorn on the couch
  • Being reminded how good you taste, how tight you feel and how wet you get via text on a regular basis
  • And reminding Shawn how good he tastes, how big he is and how you never want to be with anybody else ;)
kumi’s halloween challenge

Alright guys, so this is gonna be the first writing challenge that I’m hosting and (hopefully) one of many. I haven’t seen any Halloween Writing Challenges for the Marvel fic community to participate in, so here I am, hosting my own. 

I hope you guys find these prompts as interesting as I did when I compiled them from various sources and wrote a few of them. 


  • Must be following your fave hoe
  • Reblog this post.
  • You’re allowed to write for any Marvel character whether they be from the MCU, comics, Netflix shows…
  • Any category (fluff, angst, smut) is a go BUT you must be 18+ years to write smut and Peter Parker smut is NOT ALLOWED.
  • You may post whenever you finish but the deadline is October 31st. I won’t be chasing anyone for fics. If you need an extension as the date gets closer, don’t be afraid to shoot me a message.
  • The prompt you choose must be the basis for your story, not just a part of the title.
  • Tag me in your A/N so I can add you to a master-page of all the fics written for this challenge + tag your fic under #rrhalloween
  • Each fic must be 500 words at a minimum, there is no limit on the maximum.
  • You can write anything ranging from a drabble to a one shot to a series. However, if it is a series, the first part must be posted by October 31st.
  • If you need to drop out for any reason, please tell me!
  • Send me an ask with your choice of a prompt and which character you’ll be writing for.

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If ya watch any of these shows, then we can be friends. 😇😘

Game of thrones
Penny dreadful
The Walking Dead
Orphan Black
American horror story
Peaky Blinders
Sons of anarchy
Black Mirror
True blood
Orange is the new black
12 Monkeys
Mad Men
Stranger things
The flash
Black sails
Breaking bad
Into the badlands
Buffy the vampire slayer
Twin peaks
Once upon a time
Pretty little liars
Childhood end
American gods
The OA
Jessica Jones
Hemlock Grove
13 reasons why
Santa Clarita diet
The lizzie boarden chronicles
Shadow hunters
Iron fist
Parks and recreation Between

More on Sense8 and xHamster

“It turned out that Lana loved our letter and thought it made a certain amount of sense — as crazy as it is.” - Alex Hawkins, VP of xHamster

In this interview conducted by The Wrap with Alex Hawkins, Vice President of xHamster, Hawkins claims to have received a call form the Sense8 team regarding xHamster’s offer to produce the series’ 3rd season.

Below, I will add some of my favourite parts from the interview.

TheWrap: Are you looking to a make a sexier version of the show? Would you show penetration?

AH:  We’d need to negotiate with the producers and the actors, but yes, ideally we’d want to push the line more than was allowed on Netflix. If we could get penetration, of course we’d include it. Why be shy about sex? [..]

[A/N: There’s no way this would happen, but I found it interesting nonetheless]

TheWrap: Have you heard anything from the Wachowskis, other producers, Netflix or the cast? Do “Sense8” fans appear to be onboard?

AH: We were contacted by the “Sense8” team a few days after the letter, and set up a call. We were quite surprised. We were genuine in our offer, but we knew it was a long shot that they would even consider reaching out. What’s been clear with “Sense8” is that it’s a fan-driven show. Fans were instrumental in bringing back the series for the two-hour finale, and they’ll be central to whatever happens with that third season.

TheWrap: Would you use your company name in marketing, or would you maybe create a neutral site with a new name to host your non-porn content?

AH: For us, I think the deal rests on using the xHamster name and the xHamster platform. Otherwise, what’s the point in having us involved? Lots of people have money. We have eyeballs.


AH:  “We’ve also seen interest from a number of mainstream production companies and filmmakers,” he continued. “I think a lot of people in Hollywood are intrigued by what we proposed, and Hollywood follows the money. So we’re looking at proposals and setting up calls.”

Please take this with a grain of salt. I personally think there’s no way this would happen. Netflix owns the rights to the show not the Wachowski’s, so whether or not the sisters agree is not the issue. Netflix doesn’t seem to be inclined to sell the rights to anyone, let alone a porn site, even one as big as xHamster.

The input no one asked for!

Okay, friends. I know EVERYONE is freaking tf out about these leaks and the repercussions not only on Studio Mir but the continuing production of Voltron.

Friends, they are NOT going to cancel Voltron. It is making Dreamworks way too much money, not to mention they have already signed the contract for 8 seasons with Netflix. This isn’t the first time things have gotten leaked for various shows. Measures get carried out, and the production moves on.

What people should be more concerned with right now are the jobs that are at stake, and the reputation of the studio and the OP. So please, keep them in your thoughts and hope for the best.

Save Pitch Petition.

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So I did the thing and made the petition. Tag everyone you know and/or reblog a million times. Let me know about what you would add, change, completely get rid of, etc. Like I’m super flexible on this because I didn’t know where to start or what to say. We also need to tweet this (of course) and share with any (and every) website that will garner more signatures. Also, what’s our target number?

Come on, Pitches!!!

i want it done, but only if it’s done right

 why i need an aftg tv show badly

  • an episode focusing on each of the foxes and their backstories
  • all the flashbacks. i want first meetings. all of them. 
  • every time wymack + abby do anything it cuts to their bet pot. the lock codes for the court and boom you’re seeing a close up of a jar filled to the brim with money.
  • every time neil says “i’m fine” whoever is with him looks straight at the camera, The Office style.
  • whenever kevin or neil start going on about exy this, exy that, the importance, the need, the life blah blah it turns to white noise. a narrators voice appears: “and so the losers….” the narrator is probably andrew  
  • but scratch that bc the narrator should be wymack. “this is the story of me and my mistake of taking in fucking idiots who don’t know how to shut their mouths *cuts to a shot of neil* who never stop lying *cuts to a shot of neil* and don’t understand the concept of being fine *cuts to a shot of neil* … alright, it’s this kids story. he’s a mess. so is the rest of this team i have the babysit. enjoy. but it wasn’t a mistake. i willingly put myself through this and that’s what makes it worse.”
  • the games shot aesthetically with a climactic score that gives you goosebumps
  • slow motion shots,, basically whenever someone walks in it needs to be in slow motion
  • looks into the other characters, i wanna hang with renee, allison and dan in their room as they have down to earth chats, wanna see the pureness of dan x matt’s relationship, but also wanna creep on everyone gossiping about neil, especially the monsters
  • neil “heart eyes” josten and loaded stares with andrew minyard
  • being able to hear neil’s iconic roasting, being able to see people’s reactions,, especially matt’s proud looks
  • but speaking of iconic roasting, all iconic lines must be keep in word for word: “pipe dream” “i’ve never been skiing” “doesn’t mean i wouldn’t blow you” “i’m going to be the deadliest piece on the board.” “queen,” and so much more. basically all the dialogue
  • when jeremy appears on screen he actually glows, there is a halo around him, and jean is like is perfect opposite with a dark shadow and hue following the poor soul
  • it does need to be really faithful to the book but they could do moree and in a different format
  • there’s actually so much more to add but this can’t go on forever
  • i honestly want to produce this show, i wish i could, i’d love to write it so fuckin bad