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I don’t know why people jumped ship because of a gunshot Ed clearly regretted. I wouldn’t have jumped ship even if Ed had full-willingly purchased a neon green bazooka and laughed maniacally while shooting it off in Oswald’s general direction.

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Do you have any fic recommendations?

Okay. Quick and dirty. We’re ballparking a more robust version in the summer because GAWD. (By quick and dirty we mean there’s A LOT missing. An embarrassing amount missing. It’s ridiculous.)


can’t hold us (series, multiple)
The Perils of Jamie (Nealer/Paulie, Ekblad/McDavid)
Reckless love (series, multiple)
she is the wandering wolf and I her steadfast home (series, Caps)
we like to get our kicks in this one way (series, multiple)
can’t have it any other way (series, multiple)
the real is on the rise - teen - (Segs/Jamie)
really need a man who can - mature - (Segs/Jamie)
can you feel the pressure between your hips - explicit - (Jack/Connor)
Double A Batteries - explicit - (Jack/Connor)
if you’re having problems i feel bad for you son - mature - (Jack/Connor)
not a flower on the wall - mature - (Jack/Connor)
I hope the cracks in the pavement lead back to you - teen - (Dylan/Connor)
Sidka - teen - (Sid/Ovi)
love today any way you want (Ebs/Hallsy)
make lots of noise - teen - (Ebs/Hallsy)
days like this - explicit - (Kidline)
The Price of Admission - explicit - (Sid/Geno)
Des Plus Brilliants Exploits - explicit - (Sid/Geno)
she’s got you high (and you don’t even know yet) - explicit -
(Ryan Ellis/Roman Josi)

Not Rule 63

Missing you - explicit - (Jack/Connor)
Princely Reasons - explicit - (Dylan/Connor)
as steady as - teen - (Dylan/Mitch)
let me down gently? - teen - (Dylan/Mitch)
the 6-7 - teen - (Dylan/Connor/Mitch)
bring us a dream - mature - (Dylan/Connor/Mitch)
you left a mark - explicit - (Dylan/Connor/Mitch)
when september rolls around - teen - (Dylan/Connor/Mitch)
homemaker, game changer - explicit - (kidline)
rumour has it - explicit - (kidline)
can you see it on me, love - teen -(Nuge/Davo)
you caught the light, you carried mine - teen - (Nuge/Davo)
never going back again - explicit - (Crouse/Konecny)
got me saying right now - (series, multiple)
i wanna hold your hand - (series, multiple)
name a game to play - explicit - (series, Dylan/Jack/Connor)


Hydrangeas - explicit - (Kadri/AKessel)
Neon Tulips - general - (Sid/AKessel)
these currents pull us cross the border - general - (Sid/AKessel)

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Number 44!

44. Something you like about your OCs in general


I guess I like how they make me happy! c8 Usually at least. They keep me drawing and writing and I guess that’s the best thing they can give me! I’ve also made friends BECAUSE of my ocs so there’s that too c8

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