or neo team plasma

  • team rocket: we want to take over the country and rule it from the shadows because we're the yakuza and we won't bend to anyone.
  • team aqua: we want to make the world a better place for life by returning things to the primordial ocean from whence they came.
  • team magma: we want to make the world a better place for life by expanding the land so they have more room to live.
  • team galactic: we want to unmake reality and reform it in the image of our leader, creating a universe without spirit or strife.
  • team plasma: we want to bring about change and justice for pokemon, letting them live free from human cruelty and interference.
  • team neo plasma: we want to take over our country with brute force and become the masters of all around us with the power of a legend.
  • team flare: we want to eradicate the common folk and become a race of beautiful, eternal elites who will reign forever.
  • aether foundation: we want to conserve living beings, including those from other worlds, regardless of the consequences for our own world.
  • team skull: we just wanna fucking eat cause the economy's fucked and our lives are going nowhere
Bad fanfic ideas

-Alder learns how to dab, much to the regret of his grandson
-Team Plasma official pin-up calander feat. Ghetsis Harmonia
-Colress roundhouse kicks Ghetsis in his dick
-Alder and Ghetsis explain the birds and the bees. Alder takes the usual route of using confusing metaphors to explain it to one of his students while Ghet just goes: “Ya mom and dad fucked, she got pregnant, and out you came. That’s it.”
Then Alder just has a horrified expression on his face and threatens to strangle him.

Colress is a scientist and the leader of Team Plasma (alongside with Ghetsis) in B2W2. While Ghetsis wants to use Kyurem’s power to basically conquer Unova, Colress is only interested in finding a way to bring out the entirety in Kyurem potential, so, Colress is only using Kyurem as a subject for his experiments. Colress doesn’t seem an “evil” character at all in B2W2, he seems more kind of “neutral” or amoral. This seems to be implied in his name too: in all the languages Colress’ name means “without color”. Maybe this “absence of color” refers to his neutrality. It’s seems to me that Colress may “represent” the “amoral side” of scientific research. Colress seems to admire the protagonist’s trust in the bond between trainers and Pokémon, and seems to admire his efforts. Colress doesn’t exclude the possibility that one can bring out the entirety of a Pokémon potential thanks to the bond he has with it. He thinks is important to care about Pokémon to bring out their potential. But this is not enough to the scientist.

“As a researcher, it is the truth and the ideal way things should be that I seek. The latent power of Pokémon… What is the best way to bring it out? If possible, I want it to be the trust between Trainers and their Pokémon, just as it has always been. I look forward to you teaching me that this is indeed true! (…) Trust… It’s too much of an unknown factor” -Colress (Pokémon World Tournament)

Even if Colress seems to care about Pokémon and encourages the protagonist to be strong and protect them, he still traps Kyurem and uses him to frozen Opelucid City. He uses Kyurem as a weapon to bring fear over Unova. Why? Because Colress wants to really see with his own eyes which method is really the most efficient to bring out the entirety of Pokémon potential. He wants to experiment with all the instruments he has. He wants to really know the truth. The BW theme, “truth and ideals”, comes back in this: to Colress people like the protagonist are a bit of an idealistic people for trusting in the invisible bond between trainers and Pokémon. So, the “evilness” in Colress is his lack of conscience: he’s ready to destroy entire cities only to find his answers.

 “Welcome! I was asked by an acquaintance to help with his research. What I desire is to bring out the entirety in Pokémon potential! If I can accomplish that, I don’t care what it takes! If it means the strength must be brought out by the interactions between Pokémon and Trainers, then so be it! If it means you have to use a merciless approach, like Team Plasma’s, and force out all of the Pokémon’s power, then so be it! And yes, if the entire world is destroyed as a result, then so be it… - Colress (Plasma Frigate, before battle)

Even after being defeated Colress doesn’t change his mind.

“Are you thinking of reaching even higher heights by understanding each other as Pokémon and Trainer? I see… To me, that is an ideal answer. To think! That’s what you actually believe! You bring out the power of your Pokémon with respect and love!” - “Excuse me for repeating myself, but if it will make Pokémon stronger, I don’t care what it takes! If interacting with Pokémon can increase their powers only to a certain point, then their full strength must be brought out using a scientific approach. Even one without a conscience- Colress (Plasma Frigate, being defeated)

Ghetsis seems to dislike Colress’ “neutrality” too.

“That blasted Colress! The fool is far too committed to pure science. This is how he repays me for making him the boss of Team Plasma? How dare he put his personal intellectual curiosity before our ultimate mission of conquering Unova!” -Ghetsis (Plasma Frigate)

After the defeat of Ghetsis, Colress decides to accept that really the protagonist may be right.

“In Pokémon battles where you can’t afford to make a mistake, the true nature of the Trainer’s personality becomes clear. I see! If Trainers believe in their Pokémon to the fullest extreme, as you do, their Pokémon partners will also give everything they have! So that must be the answer I’ve been looking for. Still, I’m glad you won. For one thing, I detested Ghetsis from the start!” -Colress (Plasma Frigate, post game)

In Alola Colress is met by the SUMO protagonist. He wears a super technologial lab coat, his wearables are cooled with water so they stay comfortable. Here he seems to have the same kind of trust he learned from the B2W2 protagonist. 

“What brings out the power of Pokémon is… I believe that is—the bond they share with their Trainers!“ -Colress (Route 8)

We’ll meet Colress again in USUM, and Ghetsis’ return makes the scientist’s presence even more interesting… 

 Colress, aesthetics

And then Touya fucking DIED because Kyurem belongs to fucking GHETSIS who chased after Touya FOR TWO YEARS before leading Neo Team Plasma back on the stage, ALSO Touya even wasn’t in UNOVA because he was looking for damn N in KANTO, and he DID NOT KNOW he’s gonna DIE.

ENJOY MY HEADCANON. Touya is dead and I don’t want to accept it but it’s that one headcanon I just can’t get rid of. Or maybe actually it’s not a headcanon but bad feeling.

Pokemon Games - Evil Team Plots Breakdown

- Mt. Moon
- Cerulean City
- Route 24 (Nugget Bridge)
- Celadon City  (Game Corner)
- Lavender Town (Pokemon Tower)
- Saffron City (Silph Co.)
- Viridian City (Viridian Gym)

- Azalea Town (Slowpoke Well)
- Route 43 (Lake of Rage)
- Mahogany Town (Rocket Hideout)
- Goldenrod City (Radio Tower)

- Petalburg Woods
- Rusturf Tunnel
- Slateport City (Oceaninc Museum)
- Meteor Falls
- Mt. Chimney
- Weather Institute
- Mt. Pyre
- Team’s Secret Base
- Mossdeep City  (Space Center) *
- Seafloor Cavern

- Jubilife City
- Valley Windworks
- Eterna City (Galactic Building)
- Mt. Coronet
- Veilstone City
- Route 214
- Celestic Town
- Lake Valor
- Lake Verity
- Lake Acuity
- Veilstone City (Galactic HQ)
- Mt. Coronet (Spear Pillar)
- Distortion World *

- Accumula Town
- Striaton City (Dreamyard)
- Wellspring Cave
- Nacrene City
- Pinwheel Forest
- Castelia City
- Nimbasa City
- Driftveil City (Cold Storage)
- Chargestone Cave
- Mistratlon City
- Twist Mountain
- Iccirus City (Dragonspiral Tower)
- Desert Resort (Relic Castle)
- Tubeline Bridge
- Opelucid City
- Pokemon League (N’s Castle)

- Flocessy Ranch
- Virbank City
- Castelia City (Castelia Sewers)
- Nimbasa City
- Driftveil City
- World Tournament (Plasma Frigate)
- Lancousa Town
- Opelucid City
- Route 21 (Plasma Frigate)
- Giant Chasm (Plasma Frigate)

- Glittering Cave
- Route 10
- Kalos Power Plant
- Poke Ball Factory
- Frost Cavern
- Lysandre Labs
- Geosenge Town (Flare HQ)

- Iki Town*
- Hau'oli City
- Berry Fields / Big Wave Beach*
- Verdant Cave
- Melemele Meadow*
- Route 5
- Route 6
- Dividing Peak Tunnel*
- Diglett’s Tunnel
- Memorial Hill
- Akala Outskirts
- Aether Paradise
- Route 10
- Malie City
- Route 13
- Tapu Village*
- Route 15 (Aether House)
- Ula'ula Meadow*
- Route 17
- Po Town (Shady House)
- Aether Paradise
- Exeggutor Island
- Ultra Space / Ultra Megalopolis*

* = Third version only.

My opinion on the quality of these plots are as follows:

Plasma = Skull > Galactic > Rocket > Neo-Plasma > Aqua/Magma > Neo-Rocket > Flare.


N: Hello trainer of legend, i’ve been waiting for you. welcome to my castle.
Ghet: *approaches from the shadows*
Um yes. *walks between trainer and N* ‘Scuse me son but um. Do you pay the rent?
N: .. well no but its not like we are-
Ghet: WELL THEN What makes you think you can call this YOUR castle?
N: I’m the King! I should rule over my cas-
Ghet: UM WELL YOU KNOW WHAT MY CASTLE MY RULES, I may be one of the seven sages but i’m still your elder so it’s overruled. It is “Ghetsis’ castle” now
Ghet: *gasp* Natural Harmonia Gropius did you just SWEAR at me??
N: Can’t we talk about this later?!
Ghet: UH huh sure one more bad word outta you and you are GROUNDED
N: I’M LIKE 20-
N: *GROANS LOUDLY and walks away*

Headcanons for Villainous Team Type Specialties

Of, if all villainous teams had used Pokemon types that complimented them like Aqua and Magma had.

Team Plasma: Psychic-types, which would imply the supposed nobility of their ‘cause’, but also forshadow their manipulative intentions, and Dark-types as an implication of their true objectives in BW1. In BW2, there’d be a greater reliance on Dark-types for Team Neo-Plasma, as they’re no longer masquerading as the good guys.(Had the Unova games come out in Gen 6, I would’ve suggested Fairy-types as well, as they’re portrayed in fairy tales and myths as beautiful yet capricious creatures.)

Team Flare: Beautiful Pokemon, both as a portrayal of their desire to create a ‘beautiful’ world and as a form of irony (you wouldn’t expect a villain to use pretty Pokemon and their idea of a ‘beautiful world’ is anything but.) Fairy-types would also be common, because 1. Flare appeared in the games that Fairy types debuted in, and 2. It once again delivers that message of ‘beautiful yet wicked’.

Team Skull: Bug-types. Why Gamefreak didn’t have grunts use these when their boss was a Bug-type fanatic confounds me to this day. It would’ve complimented their use of the typical ‘evil’ Pokemon well. Not to mention the major boost Bug-types got in Gen 7.

Inktober day 4~
This three idiots would be the only ones to join an evil team… Although… Ichimatsu would stay in the original Team Plasma instead of joining to Neo Team Plasma.