or neo team plasma

  • team rocket: we want to take over the country and rule it from the shadows because we're the yakuza and we won't bend to anyone.
  • team aqua: we want to make the world a better place for life by returning things to the primordial ocean from whence they came.
  • team magma: we want to make the world a better place for life by expanding the land so they have more room to live.
  • team galactic: we want to unmake reality and reform it in the image of our leader, creating a universe without spirit or strife.
  • team plasma: we want to bring about change and justice for pokemon, letting them live free from human cruelty and interference.
  • team neo plasma: we want to take over our country with brute force and become the masters of all around us with the power of a legend.
  • team flare: we want to eradicate the common folk and become a race of beautiful, eternal elites who will reign forever.
  • aether foundation: we want to conserve living beings, including those from other worlds, regardless of the consequences for our own world.
  • team skull: we just wanna fucking eat cause the economy's fucked and our lives are going nowhere
Bad fanfic ideas

-Alder learns how to dab, much to the regret of his grandson
-Team Plasma official pin-up calander feat. Ghetsis Harmonia
-Colress roundhouse kicks Ghetsis in his dick
-Alder and Ghetsis explain the birds and the bees. Alder takes the usual route of using confusing metaphors to explain it to one of his students while Ghet just goes: “Ya mom and dad fucked, she got pregnant, and out you came. That’s it.”
Then Alder just has a horrified expression on his face and threatens to strangle him.


my (VERY messy) interpretation of evil team leaders as corrupted gems! (click for captions!)

i didn’t include sun/moon because i havent played my game yet and from what i see, there’s massive spoilers >_< so yea, this post is pretty much just a “preview” of stuff to come!

Inktober day 4~
This three idiots would be the only ones to join an evil team… Although… Ichimatsu would stay in the original Team Plasma instead of joining to Neo Team Plasma.


Pics my mom took of Ghetsis!
Fun fact: my mom’s pretty sure this is the same guy who did gio in my pics earlier. She also said that it was super packed, alot more crowded to see Ghet than Lysandre apparently!
Also i asked her to take a picture of the back of his coat, for ref purposes.