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It’s summer vacation season and many families will be lucky enough to be heading off for at least a few days. At least half of parents say quality time together is the most important reason to take a family vacation, according to a national survey by the rental car company Alamo.

Still, there will inevitably be downtime: at airports, on planes, trains or in the backseat. So one new travel necessity is a tablet or smartphone loaded up for the kids with an extra charger or battery.

In an ideal world, our kids’ screen time won’t be a bleeping, blooping, brain-rotting distraction, but a creative and fun, even educational diversion. So NPR Ed reached out to some experts for recommendations and guidelines on helping pick the best apps, for backseat time or any time.

How To Pick Kids’ Apps For The Backseat This Summer

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Forget all this shit about Sprites, recolors, crowns, coins, and boxes. I wanna lay down some real fuckin’ salt that’s been bothering me for a YEAR.

So. We have Baldwin, right? And you can brew funny off-color versions of a few battlestones, right? Well why the frick-frack paddy-whack give-a-dog-a-BONE isn’t there a fucking stupid off-color version of Eliminate? Arguably the most sought after, hardest to attain fucking dumbass stone in this game because of how stats and the coli works? Like, it’s a NECESSITY and it’s so expensive now? It’s going for as much as 3 tert genes for fuck’s sake. What happened to it being only 70-90k?

I’m fine with people selling shit and getting money, but a stone this important (that has the drop rate of a fucking meteorite) is so hard for newer users (not me fam i’ve been here since the early access) and like?? it makes trying to train dragon’s in the coli a fucking chore because you get to a certain level that NEEDS eliminate for scratch-elim and?? you have to shell out literally 1mil to get 3 elims for 3 dragons?

i just don’t fucking get it. we can brew literally the other basic, important stone in Baldwin. Why not Eliminate? Seriously. It’s stupid.

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NONONO Douching and enemas are really bad for you! The colon and ESPECIALLY the vagina each have VERY DELICATE ecosystems of microbacteria that your body needs in order to stay healthy! Enemas and douching completely destroy those ecosystems by not only removing all the bacteria that your body needs in order to do it's thing but it also leaves a lot of room for bad bacteria that could get you really sick if the good bacteria doesn't rebound fast enough! Never douche! Never give yourself enemas!

Well there’s a big difference between people douching their vaginas because they think that’s how you keep clean (it’s NOT!!!) and wanting to clean your ass before having anal sex. It can help eliminate the possibility of fecal matter entering the equation. No, it isn’t a necessity. Just pooping a little while beforehand and showering to clean the outside area can be enough, but for those who don’t want any fecal matter to be excreted or end up anywhere (bed, partner, self, toys, etc.), enemas can help. Though you should still clean yourself and everything involved afterward regardless lol

Should it be done constantly/every day? No! That will definitely fuck up your insides. You’re right, the anus has its own delicate system with good and bad bacteria. Enemas flush out both, so constantly doing so can be very bad. But if every once in a while a person wants to clean out to have fecal matter-free anal, then it should be ok.

The YouTube channel Sexplanations has more info on safe and clean anal sex, as well as suggestions for videos on how to safely use enemas!


Renee Walker

She’d grown up with an unbreakable front out of necessity and it was what she defaulted to whenever she felt threatened. Renee held his knife out and waited for him to take it before guessing, “You’re too short to have a useful reach. Back-up, then, for when you can’t finish a fight quickly enough against a larger opponent. Thank you for not drawing it on Dan Monday.”

“I don’t need a knife to best her,” Andrew said. “Would I need it against you?”

Renee knew the right way to answer that but settled for the truth. “Yes,” she said, “but I can’t promise you it would do you any good.”

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So, just I started reading books and so far I like them more than show, (I just finished Swords) but I do find that there seem to a lack of positive female relationships that are given the same attention or maybe just not as fleshed out as male relationships. Like Jon/Sam, Ned/Robert. We get to see their friendships. I just wanted to know your opinion since your more aquatinted with the books

Yeah, it’s lacking in that department. I’d consider it one of the bigger flaws, though it improves a bit into AFFC/ADWD through Sansa, Asha, to a degree Arya (her friendships are truncated by necessity), and Arianne (not that we get a ton of detail about her and Tyene or Sylva). I guess Cersei and Taena count, but Cersei is just…

Against the pattern of how he explores women’s headspaces, I think he passes. And in a way, it really highlights how Westeros’s oppressive patriarchy necessarily pits women against one another (Margaery’s friendship with Sansa being a sham is a nice example of this), but yeah, certainly an area he could have fleshed out a lot better.

Shane & Sophia, stoking the flames of that slooowww burn.

From my fanfic, For a Long Time Looking at Stars. It’s a story that deals head-on with Shane’s depression/mental illness, and what it’s like to fall in love while dealing with those things.

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Let me explain this.  There are, fundamentally, only two causes of the progress of the nineteenth century – the same two causes which you will find at the root of any happy, benevolent, progressive era in human history.  One cause is psychological, the other existential – or: one pertains to man’s consciousness, the other to the physical conditions of his existence.  The first is reason, the second is freedom.  And when I say “freedom,” I do not mean poetic sloppiness, such as “freedom from want” or “freedom from fear” or “freedom from the necessity of earning a living.”  I mean “freedom from compulsion – freedom from rule by physical force.”  Which means: political freedom.
—  Ayn Rand

Also who actually cares so much about eating meat, a non necessity, that they need to go to such lengths of lying that they actually tell people they are a Harvard student who has personally contributed to a Harvard study on veganism and is the reason why they’re right about vegans needing a bunch of crap you can “only get from animal products”

Who lies to that degree just for tradition???? You can’t even say it’s for taste or preference because you can veganize anything. I still eat cupcakes and ribs and milkshakes and cookies and cheese pizza and all my favorite foods. and they’re all healthier for me??? Like, SIGNIFICANTLY healthier??? And not to mention my food requires no one to be raped, tortured, enslaved, or murdered for it.

But again, I want to know what specifically is driving this person, who screams online that they’re a Harvard student who knows everything there is to know about veganism, to lie like this and avoid ever having to admit they’re wrong (they literally think you can’t be vegan and pregnant or raise a baby vegan and that vegans need eggs and milk for protein and calcium…like…they don’t know anything…at all….and they will just redirect and try and personally attack you if you confront them about posting faulty information as fact)

Which one of you beat this person up with your big strong tofu powered hands?? Someone obviously hurt them to make them so viciously anti-vegan

my college dorm packing list:

the school year’s winding down here, and I know a lot of you are about to start your first year of college. sometimes, this involves moving into a dorm, and there are so many dorm packing lists out there that tell you about so many “”necessities.”” this really easily gets overwhelming, so here’s the list of things that I have in my dorm right now that I really appreciate having!


  • two sets of sheets - make sure they’re the right size for the bed (often dorm beds are twin xl). i got two sets which included a pillow case, fitted sheet, and regular sheet. sometimes, the ‘college’ sets have pockets on the sides of the fitted sheets which can be super useful, esp if you decide to loft your bed!
  • pillows - when I was buying dorm stuff, i had the designer dorm room in mind (which is the goal for a lot of people when shopping, but it’s not super easy to attain. just stick to what works for u!). this, for me, involved pillows. i have 2 normal pillows (either i sleep on both or i alternate them out so no one of them gets too flat), and a smaller, soft decor pillow (i use this mostly to block up the space between the bed and the wall so my other pillows don’t fall off when i use them as a backrest haha), and a fourth, white fluffy square pillow (this one just looked cute, but i ended up using it as a desk chair cushion bc my chair didn’t come with one, it’s been a lifesaver!!)
  • comforter (tbh it’s always so hot in my dorm room that i hardly use this, and mostly just stick to the sheets haha, but it’s definitely important in winter)
  • extra blankets - just a couple lighter ones i use when i just wanna curl up or when i don’t need something as heavy as a comforter
  • foam mattress pad - !!!!! cannot stress this one enough. it makes my bed so comfortable. my dorm bed is now nicer than my home bed. i 100% recommend getting one of these (and make sure its the thick sheet of foam, not those weird cloth ones that make you feel weird when you touch it haha)


  • desk chair cushion (mentioned above) - wait until you see your room for this one, your desk chair might already have a cushion. if it doesn’t, get something to use as one. your butt will thank you, and it’ll make it so much easier to study. (also some people i know wanted to get their own desk chair - the rolly cushy kind - so if that’s what you want, go for it!)
  • desk lamp! - if you’re like me, you’ll stay up hours later than your roommate, and you need to be able to see. the kind i got was actually given away free from my uni, but it has usb ports and 3 different levels of intensity for the light itself, so it’s really nice!
  • cups/pen holders - stay organized. i brought a mug for this and ended up getting a few free cups at giveaways, and vases from flowers and things like that that I use to hold the pens on my desk.
  • misc desk organizers - to keep your study space put together and to keep all your stuff in a decent place (it’s so easy to lose things, even in such a small space)

closet/clothes storage:

  • hangers - i just got a couple packages (about 24 total i think?) which ended up being the perfect amount for me
  • sweater organizer shelves thing - these are everywhere at stores for dorm shopping. it’s basically a stack of box shelves. they also have drawers you can get for them, but i don’t have any of those. i just stuff my sweaters/cardigans/sweatshirts/extra sheets in there, it’s nice and saves a lot of closet space!

shower/hygiene supplies:

  • towels - i got 4 towels, just so i don’t have to do laundry as often. it ended up being a good amount for me. also a lot of people i know have washcloths, which wasn’t something i thought about but is a good idea if you use them!
  • shower caddy - a necessity! i use one of the bag ones, instead of the plastic ones, and i’ve heard a lot of people with the hard plastic ones wishing they had the mesh bag type (but obvs u do u)
  • dry shampoo - super useful for when you didn’t get a chance to shower and want to at least try to look a bit more cleaned up
  • laundry detergent - pretty straightforward. also hamper/laundry bag/dryer sheets/whatever else you need to get ur clothes clean (also stock up on quarters if you have to pay per load)


  • hobby supplies - i do a lot of crocheting/brush lettering/reading, whatever your hobbies are, you’ll wanna do them, so keep stuff in your room for it
  • wall calendar/white board calendar - useful for planning and remembering important dates (also i use this to keep up w what my roomie has going on bc we don’t talk about that sorta thing a whole lot but it’s nice to know when she’ll be back/out of the room/whatever)
  • whiteboard - i have a bigger wall mounted one, but i use it for assignment/meeting reminders and also as a study tool for before exams. plus it’s fun to doodle on when i really don’t feel like doing anything  haha
  • string lights - sure, they’re a classic dorm cute thing, but they’re also useful when you want just enough light to see, but not enough to keep your roommate up or be distracting. i use mine all the time, plus it makes the room feel more warm and homey!
  • i also have a 10 foot long phone charger which is my heart and soul i love it sm it’s so useful bc i plug it in under my bed in the corner and not only reaches up to my bed, but also over to my desk. 10/10 would recommend.

as a muslim i have to let yall know that the #nsfr thing is ridiculous the entire point of ramadan is fasting and abstaining from food and drink and worldly things while being in the presence of it all, as a sacrifice to Allah and to feel what it’s like for ppl who don’t have the privileges u do, like tag ur nsfw and that’s it


Red Hot Chili Peppers

The Getaway
Dark Necessities
We Turn Red
The Longest Wave
Goodbye Angels
Sick Love
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Feasting on the Flowers
This Ticonderoga
The Hunter
Dreams of a Samurai

painting by Kevin Peterson