or neal

In which my Swanfire shipper is showing

I can’t help but think all of Henry’s efforts to make Emma believe in the season 6 finale could have been short-circuited if Henry had brought up Neal.

There’s no reason he could possibly have to know the truth about his father, since it all came to light months after the turnover incident and Fiona’s curse seems to have altered memories of everything that happened from that day forward. Nothing would rip through Emma’s cursed memories like bringing up Neal, her True Love, for better or for worse, but especially considering how painful it would still be for her at this point in her personal cursed timeline, with no interaction after his apparent betrayal, no reconciliation.


context: we discussed the concept of tweek as the local mom to all the younger kids [aka ruby and karen, ike and the rest of the kindergarten aged kids] in the discord chat