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8bit Neil deGrasse Tyson

Since the 8bit lady leaders series has been such a hit, I have started building the next 8bit leaders series. I’m kicking it off with my favorite astrophysicist, Neil deGrasse Tyson. 

The pattern is available for a mere $3 at my etsy store. I am pretty in love with his little space vest. As always, I want to see your version when you finish so be sure to send me a pic or tag me so I can show you off!

Let’s get alllll the people excited about Science and Space and STEM AND making things with their hands. More analog…less digital.

BoB: The earth is flat

Neil deGrasse Tyson: You’re an idiot

BoB: Don’t call me an idiot *drops diss track*

NdGT: You’re an idiot *drops even better diss track by recruiting his nephew to rap AND uses Drake’s (Grammy nominated) “Back to Back” beat to do it!

This is seriously the most Internet thing to ever happen.

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-B.o.B. released a diss track against Neil DeGrasse Tyson claiming the earth is flat

-Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s Nephew responds on the Back To Back instrumental

-Back To Back was released by Drake

-NDGT’s nephew said one of the reasons B.o.B was wrong because he was high

-Drake reached fame by playing a student on DEGRASSI, a HIGH school

-Neil *degrassi* Tyson

-the only difference between the two names is an i

-An All-Seeing i

-i l l u m i n a t i

The Earth Is Flat.


You probably know Neil deGrasse Tyson as an astrophysicist with a seemingly endless stream of science fun facts at his command. You might not be aware that he is also a great oenophile and lover of food.

Some 16 years ago, before I was a journalist and illustrator, I worked with Neil at the American Museum of Natural History. He would sometimes carry around a small canvas tote bag. As I recall, the bag would contain one of two things: either a weighty, mango-sized meteorite to show to guests of the museum, or a bottle of wine to gift to a colleague.

It was pretty symbolic of his twin passions – the heavens, and wine. (By extension, that includes cuisine.) I recently talked with NdGT about how these all collide in the kitchen.

Astrophysicist, Wine Lover, Foodie: The Neil deGrasse Tyson You Didn’t Know

Illustrations: Beth Lebwohl