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“.....Not A Rapper!”

Requested by an anon. Here’s to you sweetheart!

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Your group and his group? When your group’s manager told you that your group and his group were going to be on the same show you were okay with it. Now your group, a whole different story. They were fangirling and running around your company’s building screaming. “Saranghae Zico oppa!” You hated that you were the only one who was chill about the who situation. You’ve met Jiho many times before. It’s kinda of hard not to when your boyfriend and him are best friends. You see him so much it’s hard to get away from him. You and Jiho have a love hate relationship. You love him because he makes your boyfriend happy but you also hate him because he makes him too happy. Sometimes you feel like your relationship doesn’t exist and Hyuk is actually dating Jiho, but that’s just a theory. 

But your group was backstage going over written lines the company wrote to make your group a certain way. You ignored that they gave you lines and decided to speak from the heart. Your group’s fans and Block B’s fans have been pairing you guys up. They have 7 members, you guys have 7 members. You both have the same number of rappers, vocalists, and dancers. Everyone was paired with someone. And you had to be paired with Jiho. People would even call you the female version of Jiho, honestly you were offended. You didn’t like being called the female version of any man. You wanted to be yourself. You were a jack of all trades. You could rap, sing, dance, and your visuals were amazing. 

You took a deep breath and let it out. That’s when your phone rang. It was was your one and only love. You excused yourself and walked into a different room to pick up the phone. “Hello?” “Hey babe. How is it going?” “Actually good. I’m group hasn’t fangirled in hours so I think we’ll be good. You’ll be watching Happy Together right?” You asked. “Of course. Why wouldn’t I want to watch my girl and her group on a show. Give me a shout out. Tell people to buy my album.” He joked. “As if. Promote your own album. My company would kill me if I did that. I gotta go. See you later. I love you.” “I love you too bye.” He said before hanging up. You walked back into the room getting ready with your group. 

Finally it was time. You guys made your way to the set and you looked at Zico who was looking at you smiling. He gave you a thumbs up. You rolled your eyes. “Yah! Respect your oppa!” He shouted to you. “You aren’t my oppa!” You sassed back. “I’m telling Hyuk how mean you are to me.” “Do you think I care? As if he’s going to do something about it. He loves me too much to care.” You said taking a seat as did he. It was time to act for the fans. You put a little smile on and it began. As it went through the questions got more personal. “So Zico, what’s your ideal type?” Jae Suk asked. “A girl who is confident. Someone who works hard. Maybe some who is a jack of all trades. Who is good at alot of things if not everything.” He answered. “So you would you date a leader of a girl group?” Myeong Su questioned. He only nodded. “So like Y/N here?” Jae Suk asked. Your eyes widened as did Jiho’s. “What do you look so surprised for. What you said basically describes Y/N.” “There’s a huge misunderstanding. Y/N, is a good friend of mine. I wouldn’t want to date her for certain personal reasons that I don’t wish to speak of here and right now.” Jiho explained. “Y/N? You’re rather quiet. Wouldn’t you like to say something?” one of your members asked. “It’s really cute that you think Zico has a chance with me but he’s just not my type. I am a rapper myself. I hate to date one who behaves like Zico.” You sassed showing off that bad ass vibe you always gave. Everyone looked at him to see if he had anything to say about it. He didn’t know what to say. He knew if he insulted you on TV that one way or another Hyuk would get him back. 

After the show you went home finding Hyuk’s eyes focused on his phone. “Hi babe.” There was no answer. “Babe?” You called out. You sighed and sat next to him. “Babe. What’s wrong?” “Why don’t you ask Jiho?” He questioned. You looked on his phone and saw the trend. You and Zico were trending. People were shipping you like never before. You looked at the disapproving look on Hyuk’s face. “I don’t want Jiho. You’re my boyfriend! Not him. Hyuk, I’m sorry. Don’t be mad at me, you know how I get.” There was not an answer. He just looked away. “Maybe I will call Jiho-” “No the hell you aren’t!” He snatched your phone and put it on the table. You smirked at how jealous he got. “Babe. You’re so cute. How can a man be so jealous and so cute at the same time? Look at me.” You grabbed his chin and made him face you. Once your eyes was locked with his you spoke. “Jiho isn’t this cute. And besides, I have a huge thing for this R&B singer named Dean. Have you heard of him? He’s such a hottie. He’s an amazing singer. He’s young. He is also known as Deanfluenza. And-” Before you could say another thing he pinned you to the sofa. 

“What else about this Dean?” He asked. “He is an extremely talented man. He’s a good kisser. And he’s the best boyfriend I could ever have. I love you Hyuk.” He smiled and gave you a passionate kiss. “Never forget, I’m your boyfriend. Not a rapper!” “Whatever you say Hyuk.” You said pulling him in for another kiss. 

We used Happy Together since we watch that show more often and we love that show. This didn’t turn out exactly how we expected it to but here it is. We hoped you enjoyed. Thank you for requesting. Keep em’ coming. Sorry for any mistakes. Admin Kai and Admin June 

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hello everyone! it’s my 15th birthday today and i thought why not as well make a follow forever. i’ve reached 1.3k followers and i know that might not be a lot but for me i’m so happy that i’ve achieved so much, even though, i suddenly changed theme into pastel/graphic. i’ve been a terrible blogger who posts things a couple times a day and i’m so sorry but i’m sure i’ll post more in the future and maybe edit some crappy graphics haha!

i didn’t get around to congratulate and thank the amazing blogs i follow but now it’s the time. i’m so happy that they fill my dashboard with happiness and sometimes sadness hahah (bangtan) and also sharing music, fanfics, stories and achievements. orz i’m getting so greasy uggh sorry! the amazing graphics i’m so envious and amazed by, like how to be like senpai?? the gifs and edits are just so beautiful ; n ; i’m so grateful to follow your amazing blog, love you! 

and also, i’d like to thank my followers who have stayed with me since my transition with fandoms and themes. i’m so happy you guys still like my blog after all these changes. i’m so happy that you like or reblog my shitty graphics or text post or basically anything. i’m also thankful that you guys didn’t unfollow me when i was semi-hiatus due to school or when i just didn’t go on tumblr. i appreciate every single one you followers, love you!

to all my awesome mutuals who still follow me for some reason like whaat?? but thanks for following me and love you!!! also, i apologise if i haven’t talk to all of my mutuals because im hella shy-ish ;;

so, i love all the blogs i follow, my followers and my mutuals! thank you and i love you!!! (well that was a crappy ending for my first follow forever)

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hello to everyone beautiful and precious!! it’s been a while since i did a ff & i thought it was a good way to show my appreciation to those of you whom have attributed to this fun, pretty, safe, and informative space! thank you so much ^^ i am truly grateful for the support, as well as cute animal videos, i have attained from being here. i’m also thankful to my followers and would like you to know that i appreciate every one of you (except for spam/porn blogs following me you guys can suck my cannoli). so again, thank you! i hope 2016 will be a miraculous year for all of you ♥ without further ado, here’s my list (totes recommend all blogs on here): 

♥ ultimate favs: @kaiuah @play-ai @idealgf @1queer @12qi @4wolls @wavy-glass @liplacquer @lemons-png @kurapika @miuqi @teapeach @pastellish @glaceyeon @cashmerecream @sn2d @fleory @arthestics @phenacites @deurim @softzuyu @puddingrid @aegyo @tzuyusgf

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Hi everyone! It’s been a while since I made a follow forever so I decided to make one out of the blue juuuust because. Hehe actually it’s because I’ve reached another thousand followers and also I believe this is my third year on tumblr! Wow you guys are amazing ♡. Seriously, thank you to all the new and old followers for following this poopy blog. Words can’t express my gratitude towards you all so I’ll pray and hope that you all will get to meet your bias one day, hehe. And to everyone who stayed with me through my fandom changes, I applaud you ((hugs)).

Buuut of course I won’t be here without all these wonderful and glorious blogs. You guys made my tumblr experience so akjhdkjal. I’m so glad I am able to become friends with some of you! ♡ Eeeps I’m so bad with words and all so I’ll just stop for now. Just know that I love you all 

((I have organized these blogs based on their main fandom or what they mostly post. So I’m sooo sorry if you felt that you were put in the wrong category. And excuse my laziness that it’s not in alphabetical order))

GOT7 Blogs:

markkitten / markjin / jacksonweng / marktuon / marktuat / markyien / ughjacksonwang / jjangjo / got7 / ohgotseven / chaebi

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naeunsons / hugtae /  woomarkson / seouldreams / wooyoung / joonghyun / jonghyunarchangjeo / myungbabestaesthetic / koreant 


it’s been a while since I last made a special post for both my followers as well as friends and the people I admire. The reason why I have decided to talk to everyone is because I am going on a long-term hiatus. Despite the fact I have put a lot of work and feelings into this blog, I feel it is the best thing since I will begin my university experience in October (yay, I’m gonna be a vet ♡ ) and I want to entirely focus on my studies.

However, I will probably go online about once a week to message my friends and put some posts on queues for all of the following blogs

  • seoulene = my personal blog that means a lot to me
  • tuaned = my got7 blog which can still be considered a toddler
  • functiongirls- = f(x) blog I co-run and highly recommend to follow

Also, it was like a week ago when I reached over 3,400 followers. How ??? When ??? Those are the questions I keep asking myself. I am really thankful for enjoying my blog (and maybe sometimes its owner haha) and I am sorry to everyone who has been with me from the beginning.


Thank you so much for making my days brighter. As a part of the k-pop fandom I have met so many amazing people I would have never had the chance to meet if it wasn’t for this blog.

Here’s to everyone I follow and talked to:


*aka the best people I have ever met; just want you to know all of you are really precious to me ♡

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I just wanted to say thank you for those (almost) 2 years and I hope only good things happen to you ♡


Maria ♡


Italics = people who talk(ed) to me and I think we’re friends


tokkeiko | yeol-lee | woohyun666 | inspiriterz | twixmonsters | myungtive | kimmsunggyuu | kittehprrroww | kyuzhizhi | sandrellae | myungsmoothie | dongwoothighs | leehojjang | gaogyu | slayfinite | ohsunggyu | whwoohyun | bunggyu purpleboyhowonee | lostmemoryofskin | sungjongspectrum | judginghoya | visuel | minionsunggyu | lucky7infinite |     katingatrouble | kashiainlove | safirya | seoullama | bea-haryanto | narinyeol | woolosergyu | dinozizi | fvckgyu | foreverkpopblogging | yeolliesoo | hakyeon-cha-n | damn-it-sungyeol | myung5oo | jusclover | eunbi-and-risae-are-so-wonderful | myungsooismydestiny | gyuzus | kriemhild17 | ggyuworld | dimple-soo | laurendodo | thechodingyeol | infntwoohyun | myungsoolutely | yeol-not-a-choding-anymore | gyuzizinoodles | wooyangi | smilingrachel | risingforinfinity | thankgyu-yeolwelcome | dwks | myungsoosgf | myfirstloveisinfinite | sungyeoll-stop | leaderyeol | woohyuns-wifey | prettyjapaneseboy | thechrissyeollie | photographerl | escapingissometimestheanswer | thatyeoreum | onetrue-seven | jangwoolicious | livehappyli | gotinspirit | hellooyeol | ksgyuu | kim-snuggly | perfgyu | gyurange | woobunny | woosoos | myungiepop | eternal-destiny | kmsngyu | hoyas-big-head | kmsgyu | egumoninahoya | kimsungkyuz | jangmywoo | myunggirl | yeolwut | borayo | full-time-inspirit | samkpoplove | sunsggyu | infinite-hallyu | chodalicious | itsmyungyeolli | chasinglittleinfinity | oneandonlywookie | inspirite7 | yeolipop | guardhispanties | jeosychi | gyusnamu | losingkontrol | the-saltae-pretzel | woohynie | luvluvluv212 | myungsussi | dinogyu | 4ddddani | yummydango123 | infiniteontheblock | myongsukim | janqdickwoo | sungjongbiased | limitlessifnt | myhubbysungyeol | kigyu | leesungjongg | haveayeolliday | yagsa | 07inpnitmyeong | circathe90s | yoliheartsgyu | dorawadorawa | woohyunaegyoprince | jdw-juseyo | egu-mo-ni-na | infinitizeyou | wookyuziziinspirit | woohyan | mollanwh | dvn98 | myungtive | oppaannyeong-haseyo | hapy-soo | pitu-chan | infinitizedseoul | gyucchi | insupirit | namu-ssi | lee-blaywoo | divamaknaesungjong | rnyungsooo | star-hoya | xaparadise | mylovelylittlekpopworld | myungie7 | yeahok1418 | pinkhaireddongwoo | narimane1123namstar | roxy-m | awfulkpopbandinpiniteu | justforgyu | dracgyula | ortali | ineedmoreandmore | lemon-amethyst | mimi-shidae | yourlittlequeenpm | namstarry | ahjuicy | gyujjigae | infinitevocals |  selfdestructionmanual | andyinspirit | myung-world | prince-myung | makeoutinkorean | mingyuzizi | lovegyu-likegyu | dingdongwoohoo | babyinspiritz | junyeeinspirit | myungelle | infinitely-namu | alexpinetree | ifntisbae | infinitelyjiji | mrspotatoheaad | tazbaby5 | strictlyinfiniteonly | queenofcheeese | sungjomg | 910208wow | infinitefanofinfinite | drawingseva | dorawagyu | gyugyu-bear | ggyuworld | redbeanbao | leehoaegi | fuckingsunggyu | kyuz | feelsogyu | sincerelygyurs25 | fuckyousunggyu | ami-heyke | gtmi99 | infinite-bts-exo | 

I have many more, but I’ll stop there. If you didn’t see your name on there but we are mutuals, message me and I’ll add you! 


kimvampgyu | nmwhn | h-hoya | last-inspirit | chickenini | dongwooscum | k-ifnt | jangdogwoof | fashionchik91 | ifntgyu | kimshinegyu | snufkim | myungsoo-pls | igot-infinite | blondeprincewoohyun | xxxwohooxxx | ho-gyu | oksunggyu | dramadynasty | myunghan | inlcve | dongwtf | inspirit-fangirl | twizzler123 | myung-y | m-y-u-n-g-s-o-o | inspirityuki | taejonglife | infinite-fever | ohmynamu | buttercupsoo | how0n | sexkyu | tansungyeol | seveninft | namvocal | bigwideeyes | 2moe4you | onlyforsungjongie | eteru | smiledelightfuls | lovelesskyu | sighjongs | hanithehoney | g-y-u | vitamin-yeol | inpinitaize | ifntms | @kimsoowon | woofinite | chandoo | chodyeol | dongwooos | myeong-su | namgyusoo | strawburri | supersnazzy | infinipie | yeol-jong | kyuknow-ea | gyuseu | sunggyugioh | taenggyu | woofinite | arigyutou | jong-gg | ho-gyu | takeovermyheart | woohyunite | dinosoor | s0nggyu | hoyeu | inspiritbabyvstar | acciomyungsoo | lovethewonder | queenofattolia | woomeh | bemyibo | hyosungie | dinoyeols | lov-lymj | inspiritddww | 4t9 | ifnthowon | mei-kins | lstarkiss | gay4gyu | gate1991 | woospirit4 | gyujin | nugyu | chingkyuz | yuu-n | okgyu | namu-tokki | ifntseungyu | matgyeol | littleshitsoo | hoyaholic-noona | blondemaknae | suckoffsunggyu | xiearf | myungsoopermans | gyusnamu | kimsungcute | myungology | howonnies |   

These are the people who were active the most recently on my dash so I left out many of the people I follow. I have around 2,100 blogs that I follow, but as you can see, the post is long enough, ahahaha~

Thank you so much for 1,000 followers!

Hello my lovelies ♡ Recently I’ve hit another milestone in my Tumblr journey, and since I follow almost 600 blogs, I thought a follower forever was quite overdo ^^ I just want to thank all of these lovely blogs for their existence and I would like to extend a special thank you to those of you that follow me as well ♡ If you were on my last follower forever and you don’t see yourself on this one, please let me know because that probably means you changed your url and I couldn’t find you ;n; To my friends: I love you all lots and I’m very thankful I’ve met every single one of you. You’ve made my Tumblr experience and my life what they are and I would be lost without you 

Bold = Friends - I hope you feel the same ;;
Italics = Mutual

# - C:

1081p ♡ 12eclipses ♡ 69yen ♡ 81km ♡ almightyp ♡ annyeongpabo ♡ ashbaek ♡ asslord ♡ asteroe ♡ atticis ♡ attrachen ♡ ayohexo ♡ baek-me-a-cake ♡ baekyonceknowles ♡ baelluuns ♡ baozilutely ♡ beakhyuns ♡ blackdyo ♡ blondejongin ♡ buckbaekhyun ♡ bvixx ♡ bynbae ♡ byunbunnie ♡ byuns-baekery ♡ byuns-bitch ♡ byuny ♡ candyixing ♡ changvoyant ♡ channie-with-a-side-of-baekon ♡ chanyeolife ♡ chanyeolscrack ♡ cheolyans ♡ chnhun ♡ coconuthun ♡ compoxing ♡ comradejonghyun ♡ cosmogyral-s ♡ cryingzitao

D - G:

d-aehyuns ♡ d-orabell ♡ daenso ♡ dancerjongin ♡ deerhans ♡ derp-yeoll ♡ dewusional ♡ dickhan ♡ dimplay ♡ dirty-krispy ♡ doctor-kim-kai ♡ dohdoro ♡ dokyugnsoo ♡ doltese ♡ doresque ♡ droptheotherxiu ♡ dyossuo ♡ eixou ♡ esexoeveryday ♡ exotictac ♡ expirekai ♡ faggotchanyeol ♡ fairykyungsoo ♡ flowermaknae ♡ flowersuho ♡ fuckyeahylvis ♡ g-y-u ♡ gayyaoibl ♡ genicecream ♡ geo-wee ♡ geudae ♡ ggamjongin ♡ gn-a

H - K:

hakyeonsbutt ♡ hannibalzz ♡ haucay ♡ he-krissed-me ♡ hellolesbeauexo ♡ hexoxogon ♡ histaori ♡ iamafackingpotato ♡ imperyeol ♡ jinjunmians ♡ jjangeu ♡ jongiins ♡ jongin-a ♡ jongshyun ♡ jooncherry ♡ joonmai ♡ joonmyeonn ♡ junmyeuni ♡ justmyhyuk ♡ kai-laydoscope ♡ kaibbit ♡ kaicecream ♡ kaiffeines ♡ kailcium ♡ kaillusive ♡ kaisushi ♡ kaiyomii ♡ kawaiiseok ♡ khaenine ♡ kimsuhorny ♡ kkaimjonq ♡ kreaseimnida ♡ krised ♡ krisinsanity ♡ krismegoodnight ♡ krissingwu ♡ kriswut ♡ krisyeol ♡ kveldmedylvis ♡ kyung-soo ♡ kyungsational ♡ kyungsfoo ♡ kyyungsoo

L - S:

lady-soo ♡ lay-me-kris ♡ laycii-h ♡ laytexcondom ♡ leadersoo ♡ lexayoo ♡ littleshinee ♡ maid-en-china ♡ meanwhileelsewhere ♡ melonhun ♡ meltedicecubes ♡ meowhun ♡ milklu ♡ milkyeoll ♡ mlikboy ♡ myeong-su ♡ nar-i ♡ nigai ♡ obaek ♡ oh-sehuns-ass ♡ ohmagogi ♡ ohmonna ♡ ohxing ♡ okuokumura ♡ osehunie ♡ parkchny ♡ pinksabers ♡ pohroro ♡ royalsehun ♡ royalsekai ♡ royeolsoo ♡ ruukina ♡ sahun ♡ saranghunn ♡ screwufan ♡ sebooty ♡ sehduction ♡ seheartless ♡ sehoonism ♡ sehuge ♡ sehun88 ♡ sehunova ♡ sehunphobia ♡ sehuns-vagina ♡ sehuntsmen ♡ seoulmisfits ♡ shitthun ♡ shthun ♡ sillyhun ♡ sngqyu ♡ sooxiu ♡ soyhun ♡ sucksoo ♡ suhotcocoa ♡ suhotness

T - Z:

taekai ♡ taosis ♡ taozimnida ♡ teok ♡ topsoos ♡ tostaeda ♡ towritepoems ♡ ultrakeurae ♡ untaolerable ♡ vitaminsoo ♡ vtamins ♡ waiissi ♡ what-is-a-luhan ♡ woofinite ♡ wufabulous ♡ wufanqin ♡ wufucked ♡ wuyifanxing ♡ xehun ♡ xeuna ♡ xi-aohan ♡ xiuminoid ♡ xiuseoki ♡ yadoong ♡ yehetsoo ♡ yeolshim ♡ yifanology ♡ yixiing ♡ yixingy ♡ yuqingzhu ♡ yuu-n ♡ yxxxxing ♡ zelo ♡ zitaost ♡ zittao ♡ zr-o

A huge thanks goes to Mao ( snguyeol)  for answering my KKT chat last week and making this adorable graphic for me!


Last week celebrated not only 1 year on Tumblr, but I also creeped above 100 followers. I don’t know how and why all you amazing people follow me, but THANK YOU! <3

*Who would have thought a bunch of reblogs and shameless fanfic self-promotion would gain this kind of attention…*

A special shoutout is also necessary for those who have become my best Tumblr friends:

penginina (cheating since you were the one who got me here :P), damn-it-sungyeol (Roselle, I always love seeing your messages), itsmichiru (I MISS YOU MICHI), yoongiinscarf (Caroline, my beloved Valentine <3), bangsdae (KIMM MY OTHER VALENTINE <3), passmethesuga-and-vplease (Veronica, you’re the sweetest), yeolstruck (MONICA, I MISS YOU TOO), sockjin (Lucy, I need to synch back up to your times on Tumblr XD).

Also, the inspiritsnet family I found; because of you guys, I’m back to writing fanfics for my favorite boys!

ahjuicy, arigyutou myungsoopermans  myungology nwoos gyusnamu chincha-infinite greeenyeooowl poopqyu star-hoya sooxyeol wouldyoustayfortea callmechodingboy gyuseu, kimvampgyu leehoowon strawburri jangdogwoof feelsogyu snguyeol ffuckgyu whiteconfession myungq day41 huizz lov-lymj oksunggyu dinoyeols

And for an idea of even more amazing blogs I follow, here they are.

Bold are mutual, Italics are senpais either for their amazing art or their amazing writing.


827min a-dork-inspirit bangblockbaptan bangtan-juseyo bangtannoonas bapsprincess bigbanggifs breakiturself btsarmy808 bwiyomi byn-there-done-that callmechodingboy chandoo chodalicious chodingdino chodyeol cornerofthevip cozygyu daikoni dailybtsfanart danvelion dino-yeol dinosoor dongwtf endlesstabi eteru go2bedjungkook gyuzizis


hanseochan haveayeolliday hiddu himdaes ho-gyu hogays hoseokjung howono hoya-yaho-hoya hoyaegi hoyas-big-head hoyeu ilyeol infiniteloveforinfinite infinite7colours infinitechinggyu infiniteful infinitesstuff inpinitaize inspiritkevin itsmyungyeolli jae-honey jimiin jiminsgotjams jureumi katingatrouble kiillopop kimsoowon kpop-riinnie kriemhild17 kuroidaiyamondo l0velyz last-romyeol leeseongyeollie leesungyeolah lina-starlight love-the-kpop lovethewonder lovelyzandinfinite lstarkiss lsyrunningintothehorizon lucky7infinite 


mamamoos, mingthoo-s mybkim myeong-su myung-mochi myungelle, myungfinite myungmilks myungsues-u myungsussi myungyeolatte myungyeolbaby myungyeoll myungyeolsex naeums nam-zi namhearts namstar namusoos namuyeols namwhos namwooo ninichu notyoongi officialsunggyu pokersoo purpleboyhowonee roxasloo royeolee


seoullama seunggrii seungripls sexkyu shininginfinity snugyeol sooyeolnet strictlyinfiniteonly sugagifs sugatv sungdeul sungjong-in-wonderland sungyeollee sungyeollina taenggyu taehyungifs the-lovelyz thebapfeels thechrissyeollie tienyeol topismyseoulmate topistopineverything visuyeol vitamin-yeol wild-blockb wonderlandofseoul woogyufic woohyunbiased woollim-fan woomeh y-jaesus y3ol yeol-not-a-choding-anymore yeol-seoul yeoli yeolidiot yeolliato yeolliefairy yeollitude yeolmemory19910827 yeolmonster yeolsama yeoltotheinfinite yoonkooks youaremychoding youre-my-cover-boy yours-inspirit

Thank you to everyone for making this a great year for me here! <3

Derpchann’s Follow Forever! (^・ω・^ )

These are the lovely blogs that I follow who make my dash all colorful with their edits and posts.

Because I suck at editing I asked Thoum to make the edit. Thank you for the lovely edit. ILY! (´ε` )♡


acciomyungsoo | aigyu | anjaels | b2ngyonggukz | bangabriel | bbylion | blondechan | byunghunsdick | chahakyun | chiiwie | daehyum | daehyunniie | daeloh | dumbchan | fluffybap | gyuchingu | gyutea | himbang | himegyu | hyosong


itsbap | jackiela | jaehwwan | jaejoongs | jelliedae | jollybin | jonqup | joungup | kaiwaiian | kmsoos | koreandick | leo-latte | leobeans | matoki | myeong-su | myungsshi | myungthoo | nambrows | namnambunny | nanataemin | ociz | ohmyhogod | pitdae | pokersoo


qzizi | santaekclaus | seobatomic | seouleu | sngyeol | snowbeans | sojunhee | southkoreans | strongbabes | sunggyu-u | supersnazzy | taenggyu | tahbi | teuwoo | thoulgyu | tokki-nation | tokkidae | wonnshik | woohsoo | woojaes | woosbby | xehro | yadoong | yeolnah | yngguks | yogyu | yoojang | zelo | zeloi | zelow | zimins

I’d also like to thank channiehim and flowergyu for letting me get to know you guys. I love talking to the both of you. ILY! ❤


♡ sehukai’s first follow forever ♡

lemme just start off by saying that I have the most amazing followers, i love every single one of you, plus I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that I made it this far with this blog. It’s you guys that have helped me, helped me to grow. gOD I DON’T WANNA SOUND SO SAPPY ;u; aNYWAYS, i’ve been always wanting to do a follow forever ever since i hit 4,000 followers /sob s/ i’m so happy with this blog, and all of my followers, you guys are the cutest/sweetest/loving people ever /kisses all of u♡ so i just want to thank you all for everything ♡♡♡

nOW MY FOLLOW FOREVER, these are the most prettiest, amazing blogs ever ? ?? ? i'N NO PARTICULAR ORDER HERE WE GO










saranghaeyoszelowsoegogiot12 ♡wooyoungblondejongin





aloha! this is hakyeontv’s third follower forever! my followers have doubled since my last follower forever wow ;; thank you so much, i never thought this day would’ve come..

i’ve been pretty active for about 10-11 months and i’ve met a lot of cool people and even joined a protection squad *u* i want to thank all my followers and everyone i follow. to the people i follow, you make my dash dazzle and sparkle brighter than my future so thank you so much. to my followers, thanks for keeping calm while reading my tags, the shit i reblog, and the cool stuff i post C: you guys motivate me to keep my blog active! so, thanks!!

shout out to the bean-squad squadrons!
hongbeanie lovelybin leejieun nhyung and everyone else on vixx-squad! ( i forgot to add you guys to my edit ;;;;; I’M SO SORRY just know you guys are in my heart <3)

here are some people that shine brighter than my future (they are all so amazing, check out their blogs! also, pls hover over your url~)


accioleos artworkbin bangtan bangtan-juseyo bangtaning brovix butimaginevixx cha-squad chakawaii chaw0man chibird coffee-taekwoon darkest-angels draygonproof eunhyekim excelsix exolutely-not-sehun


fanserviced funnykpopstuff geejieun groovyjaehwan gyusungkim gyuuri gyuzizis -hakyeon- han-sanghyuk healingken heliolisk hellovixx hotchakyeon hyuk-squad hyukbintv hyukson imperyeol inscentra


jaehwany jjaehwan jnoghyun joghyun jonghyunar jonghyungry jongshyun jonqfi jung-piggie jungjebalst k-poppy keyhyung keysadillas kimseoulgyu lattehyuk laughing-llama leejaehwan leetaememe leo-latte littleshinee lovepox marktuon milkteaaaa mosquitosound myeong-su


narasae naughtyjoker ohmilkey ottokaji-squad ottokajialert paetoi phoenix-vixx-fire piicheon queenhakyeon r2–d2 rav-squad ravberries ravbooty raveei ravirie rookies- rubmesomevixx setaokaiba shineesque sleepyheaded sorairoyume


tae-bunny taek-squad taerection vincentcat vixx vixx-otps vixxtoobomb xkumah yonggam-nim youngbaesedgod

why hello there ;) it’s been a really long time since i’ve done a follow forever so I thought it give it another shot! it’s a way of showing you guys that i appreciate and really admire your blogs, right? ^^ thank you for making my tumblr experience so enjoyable (and i inconspicuously blame you cuties for my inability to get off this site) ♥

anyways! my dear, wonderful followers, if you see some blogs in my list that you are not already following, i highly recommend you check them out ;w; if you like my messy multifandom blog even a little, perhaps you’d like their blogs even more!

11220208 1lac 23ti 621407 absolutevhope andcygnus ashibal asoomatic atagorn b-ikuri blockbeats blueprincez boks boomimo btseoks buneys busyeo

chandoo chanpussy cherrrybum chickabiddy chinkyus chodingdino chorgasm creepingturtle darkyulate dbsj electroheart eteru eteru-art everydayhephap exollentinfinite

flowerjjangftw flyawaynini g-wh0re g-y-u gn-a h4nghoul haksuk hamstergyu heesex hellotherejessica hoaegi hongbinglebong hoyabear hypertone hyuker hyukstan

insertgenericphrasehere jaehwany jeou jiminfinite jiyeolie junho jusehyo kaiwaiian kanggary kidhae kkoming koreanesque kyuhyun

leemijoo liliest llogicas luxurydolly maknae meiji-choco melancholylove mincoffee misamys mmmiikkk mrstarcraft musingtragedy myeong-su myungsoo myungsoos myvillageidiots namjis namnambunny namstar nectarine-nectar ninichu nuyhoow

only-seoul p0tat0chipd peetaroll pitdae puddingrid qhyunie

rurouneko seizure seoulbeast seouldreams simpatie sj-andanteuk sluthae sneezes sojuberry sola-nin soojungs soulkyu southkoreans sunggyukimm super-junior supersnazzy taichick thelastmanstandingsuju theoriginal-beifong tokki-teeth tvradio

ulzzzang vintagentleman weohyun woohyan woohyunbiased wooyoung

xianhua y0vely yiqie yukahoo zelo zelow

♥ the favs ♥
7eijp 91hw 98oe abusedmember aegyo aegyu ahlures cecui gwangkki hoyeu hyukjaess kitteun koreancracker kurosawa-rei mikus ohhaiuu otteoke pyeo qing-ren ryeou sighjongs sikeu xiucon yesung

again, thank you so much for existing ^^ i wish you the happiest new year and hope things will always fall into place no matter how broken and messed up they seem!