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there’s a certain brand of totally dismissive that only men can pull off lmao I was trying to talk to my dad at the dinner table about tv shows taking advantage of LGBT viewership by hooking us in with false promises of showing our narratives / stuff like bury your gays, and I wasn’t even talking about it for that long and within like 3 sentences he had totally tuned out and was showing visible body language of being bored/amused/wanting me to shut up.

Three’s A Crowd pt. 2

Going without panties for the rest of the day was equal parts arousing and stressful. Knowing that one misstep, one off angle and someone would see just how lewd you were sent shivers down your spine. But speaking to both subordinates and superiors with this overwhelming feeling like they might know knocked the air out of your chest.

You had sent several vulgarity laced text messages to Gabriel, only receiving a smiley faces and a pic of your panties on his desk. You felt your heart stop as all the blood rushed to your face, your fingers racing over the keyboard as you prepared to cuss the cocky LA-native out, only to have a message notification from Jack appear on your screen. You sniffed at the message you had been writing to Gabe and opened the notification from Jack, smiling at the sight.

‘Dinner and tv @ 8 in my room?’

You texted back a quick ‘affirmative’, grinning to yourself. At least someone knew how to play nice and she was pretty damn sure Jack would never steal her underwear. Although, you couldn’t help wonder how the boy scout might react to finding out you weren’t wearing any. You licked your lips slowly, a mischievous idea forming in your head. You glanced at your computer, the numbers 1800 blinking at you to let you know it was quitting time. You grinned wide, taking off towards your room so you could ‘prepare’.


Jack hit the panel to the side of his door, the frame sliding open to reveal you to one another. The wear was casual as far as you two were concerned when you hung out, but that didn’t mean shabby. Jack was dressed in a pair of his navy blue Overwatch PT sweatpants and a white tank top that you greatly appreciated. His muscular arms and shoulders were out, and the top dipped just low enough to show off his collarbone and a bit of his perfect pectorals. You just knew you would have to mark his creamy skin up.

He slid sideway, sweeping his arm in a playful gesture to ask you to come in. You chuckled as you gave him a half bow as you walked in. You immediately kicked off your running shoes, smirking as the door began to slide closed.

“Hey Y/N”, he greeted warmly, giving you an appreciative once over. “Got a shower in I see.”

You appreciated what a higher rank had given you, a private bathroom the most perfect blessing in disguise after a long day. Your hair was still damp, hanging in loose waves around your shoulders and back. You had worn your full Overwatch PT gear; the hoodie and the sweats. But what was underneath was the real treasure.

“So what’s the grub for tonight”, you asked nonchalantly, grabbing the commander by the hand and pulling him into the kitchen. Jack was still a farm boy through and through; fried potatoes, homemade breads, fresh fruits and vegetables and cheeses. While his meals weren’t fancy, they were hearty and delicious, especially after you taught the Indiana-native what spices could kick his meals up a notch. Although, it looked like the man had ordered out tonight, a bag of takeout resting on his counter.

“Picked up some takeout”, he said with that kind smile of his. You swore those baby blues of his sparkled whenever he smiled like that. “Sushi and noodles alright with you?”

“Oh definitely”, you said with a grin, hopping onto the opposite counter as he began to dig into the bag. This gave you the perfect angle to stare at the muscles in his back,  a slow perverse smile growing on your lips. You wanted to dig your nails into that skin and watch those pink marks pop up. Maybe dinner could wait. “Mind if I get comfortable?”

Warmth ran through you at his laughter, your hands resting on the zipper to your hoodie.

“Of course”, he said warmly, combing through the bag and pulling out each item. You blessed his heat as you jumped off the counter for a moment, unzipping the hoodie and wiggling out of your loose sweatpants. You folded them quickly, placing them on the counter and jumping back onto the the counter and crossing your legs with a slight arch of your back as you watched Jack separate everything. “You want tuna or sal–”


You loved the fact that he turned pink when he began to get aroused, the flush starting at his cheeks and the top of his ears. It seemed he really like your outfit. After jumping out of the shower you had thrown on a blue tank top that dipped down and showed off your cleavage and clung to your curves. The black short shorts you had worn clung to your round hip and thick thighs. Your body grew hot as Jack looked you up and down, your thighs clenching together as you saw a bulge begin to form in his pants. You opened your arms to him, smiling as you motioned him forward with your hands. He moved forward, his warm hands sliding over your waist and gently resting on your back, pressing you to him. Resting your arms against his shoulders, you leaned forward, pressing a soft, slow kiss against his lips.

“How about we work up an appetite first”, you asked against his lips, smiling as he gave a slight nod before picking you up off of the counter. Both of you laughed against each other’s lips as your legs wrapped around his waist as his hands holding your thighs. He carried you to the living room, you both still soaking in the softness of the other lips against their own. You squeaked as Jack dropped onto the couch, giggling against his lips as your hips fell into his, his bulge pressing against your barely covered mound. “Happy to see me?”

He rolled his eyes at you before his hand moved from your thighs to your ass, massaging the soft fullness gently before his hands dragged up your back. You whined against his lips, arching into him as your hands began to explore themselves. There was no rush in your touches, your fingers lightly stroking his face and chin before running over his neck. You hummed, pleased against his lips as he let out a soft growl when your hands touched the sensitive pulse point of his neck. You rubbed there purposefully, grinding your hips down against him until his hands dragged away from the sensitive spot on your back and grabbed your hips to still them.

“Hmmm”, you teased playfully before squeaking as he suddenly began to yank your shirt up, breaking your kiss as he pulled the shirt over your head. “Oh you have me at a disadvantage Jackie.”

Your hands pulled away from his neck and down his chest, your nails dragging against his skin, leaving pink-red marks until you got to his shirt. Your couldn’t help but sigh at the feel of those strong muscles under your hands, jumping and moaning as Jack began to litter kisses over your jaw and to your neck. You could barely focus, your fingers grazing the hems of his shirt before pulling his tank top up. You hated to feel his lips pull away from your sensitive skin, shivering hard as you finally evened the playing field. Your fingers and his lips found one another again, your hands massaging his chest and nipples, his mouth finding your own.

“Ah Jack”, you gasped as his tongue gently circled your hard bud, his other hand massaging the opposite side. His touch was firm yet gentle, your pleasure fried nerves aching delightfully under his touch. You felt him smile around the swell of your breast, increasing the speed at which his tongue and fingers moved, making your hips grind down needily into his. Your hand jumped pushing his hand hard against your bosom, feeling your wetness soak the crotch of your shorts. You couldn’t stand this, hated and loved him for the fact he could pull all of these sounds and reactions out of you just by kissing you. You needed him inside of you now. “Jack…Jack, fuck me?”

You whined through panting breath, the man taking his time to pull away, basking of the feel of your hand in his hair and scratching at his scalp. That drew a sigh from his lips, the farm boy pulling back from your tit with a slight pop. He grinned that too sweet grin of his, a look of desire in his gaze.

“Well since you asked so nicely”, he teased, his arm wrapping securely around your waist as he shifted forward on the couch.

A gasp tumbled from your lips, the hardness of his cock rubbing delightfully against your mound. He leaned forward with you, littering kisses against your breasts and collarbone, his free hand reaching out to grab his small box of condoms. You practically purred as he continued to lavish your skin in attention, you could feel the slightest smile in his actions. He pulled the small packet out, handing it, handing it off to you before leaning forward and pressing a kiss to the side of your neck. You moaned, fingers shaking as you tore the pack open, wiggling back on his lap as his hands worked on loosening the tie on his pants. You hummed appreciatively as he freed himself, biting your lip eagerly.

You made quick work of sliding the condom over his dick, lifting off of his lap briefly and lining yourself up with him. Jack’s arm stayed wrapped around your back, his other hand digging into your hip as you lowered yourself onto him.

“Shit”, he breathed out as you reseated yourself onto his lap. You felt so full, your clit throbbing in delight as you began to bounce onto his lap.

You began to rock your hips slowly, feeling him throb as he filled you up. Jack had a delightful curve that rubbed at your walls and made you feel like you would explode from the pleasure of it all. The both of you set your pace slow and steady, Jack’s kisses and licks becoming a little more firm, turning into light nips at your neck and breasts and nipples. Your hands moved to his shoulders for leverage,  nails digging into his muscles as you felt heat begin to pool faster in the pit of your stomach.

“Jack”, you cried out, his hand dragging from your hip, the pad of his thumb finding your clit.

He knew exactly what he was doing, bringing you to your peak as your walls squeezed tighter around him. He began to bounce you faster on his lap, his thumb rolling in circles as his mouth found your breast again. Your head rolled back in joy, eyes squeezing shut tight as you tried to ride the waves as the knot in your stomach grew tighter and tighter. You forgot how to breathe for a moment, biting down hard on your bottom lip as you felt the end draw near.

“That’s it”, Jack panted against your skin, making your entire body sizzle at the thought of him watching you as you neared climax. “Go on.”

His voice was growing tighter, his thrusts harder as he egged you on. All at once, you inhaled sharply as you were thrown over the edge, your eyes flying open as you came.

“J-Jack”, you screamed, your walls clamping down hard on his shaft, nails actually digging into his skin. He wouldn’t ease up on your clit, still rolling in circles as your body twitched and burned. You were dying the sweetest death, your ears barely registering the sound of his door opening. “J-Jack oh pl-please please…ohhh my…g-g-Gabe?!”

You were still basking in the depth of orgasm when your eyes landed on the smirking facade of Gabriel Reyes. You tore your eyes tore away from his, squeezing shut as you tried to calm your body down, your brain pulled in two different directions. You felt Jack’s arm tighten around you as he came, grunting softly against your shoulder. The both of you sat panting for a moment until you heard the sound of Gabe’s husky chuckle and a slow clap of the hands.

“Looks like you two are having fun”, he teased as an abashed blush burned through you. “Up for an encore?”

((Since I got an ask for the first time the three of them are together, I’m going to use that to make the final part three!!))


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  1. Stop Drinking At 3:30PM (I Am Not Taking Chances With Needing To Make A Bathroom Break - No Way.)
  2. Print My Fresh E-Ticket
  3. Make Sure My Cell Is At 100% Charge (w/ Back-Up E-Ticket On My Phone)
  4. Last Minute Make-Up & Accessories (Ex. Bandana As A Choker).
  5. Eat A Small TV Dinner (This Time Tomorrow).
  6. My Parents Will Take Me To The City @5:30 PM Sharp (I Live In The Suburbs - So I’ll Make It By 6PM)
  7. Rock The Night Out With My Fellow ARMYS.

thestarfishdancer replied to your post: About Me Meme!

Congratulations on the promotion and on getting your own place! Hopefully you won’t have to live off cereal because of the cooking thing. But honestly there are some pretty delish cereals, so… :D

Thanks! I’m fully expecting to live off of tv dinners and cereal, but it’ll be my own place at least. I would get a place with a roommate to save money (and have someone that can cook), but I just sort of need a place that’s just mine, where I can close the door and not have any human interaction for a while. The place I’m looking at is supposedly super haunted though, so that might be interesting!

I slept in hardcore today.  I woke up at two, decided it was too early, and went back to sleep until about five, just because I could.  I had some crazy, long dreams… they started with a kind of weird fighting dream, and ended with me going on a date with a girl in Ireland… it was a nice date.  She made me be myself.

When I finally got up, I did my work (or at least most of it…).  I hate doing self-evaluations, but I did it.  As usual, I tried to spin everything in a positive way, but I doubt my boss will see my performance as anything but mediocre.

Anyway.  That took three or four hours.  Then I got some dinner, and wasted my night with television, etc.  It was fine.  The day felt very short… funny how that happens, when you sleep until five.

Tonight I feel okay, I guess.  I’m glad it’s the weekend.


End of the shift, I’m not getting paid enough to maintain this dump, my eyes are sore and i’m craving that cheesy tv dinner. One more hatch and i’m out of here.


And again I missed the mark by a lot. this was suppose to be an astronaut type of suit, suspended in zero G and pretty much killing time before the end of the shift. I was planning to have a bunch of weird debris floating around.

After finishing the composition I zoned out and started designing the guy and reached the point of no return, I had to commit so I changed this to a sewer theme instead. 

Line work with a hard brush and rendering with that soft spongy brush. -Gabo

LB Doug - TV DINNER 001

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Armani White - Call Out My Name
Ebrahim - IHeartBobby
Imagined Herbal Flows - Clouds
IAMNOBODI - Rain/Coulds
IAMNOBODI - One For My Kids
Bryson Tiller - Don’t (esta remix)
Bryson Tiller - Sorry Not Sorry (esta remix)
Singularis - Tar Baby
KR - Play My Shit
Evil Needle - Fresh
IAMNOBODi - Life In Pictures
Slvey - Pillow Talk
IAMNOBODI - Elevated
Evil Needle - Gleam
Evil Needle - Mood Music
Evil Needle & Slvey - Baby
Frank Ocean - Pyramids
INOJ - I Want To Be Your Lady
Aaliyah - Are You That Somebody
Jay-Z - Big Pimpin

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