or my s'mores

How are you even doing that? Stop it.

Day 7: Fireworks

Title: Enjoy the Show

Author: write-my-dreams

Pairing: JayTim

Warning: Bit of language

Genre: Action, romance

Summary: Tim and Jason team up to take down a drug ring using a fireworks warehouse as a front. What better way to enjoy the merchandise than eat s'mores on the roof while lighting up a box of fireworks?

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Tim finished zip-tying the last drug dealer. He stepped back to admire his and Jason’s handiwork. Drug dealers knocked out and tied up, their product bagged or destroyed, and there wasn’t even a single dead body. Blood, yes, and some of the dealers would need new kneecaps after tangling with a pissed off Red Hood. They should have known better than to target high school students in the Red Hood’s territory. “I’ll call it in.” He pulled out his phone. Every Bat had the GCPD on speed dial.

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But as much as it hurts, I can’t hate him.
I hate the things that remind me of him.
I hate red cars and brown eyes.
I hate purple and sunny days.
I hate dreaming, Closing my eyes, hearing his name.
I hate Fridays.
I hate weekends.
I hate being called baby and love songs.
I hate the radio for playing all the songs that break my heart.
I hate s'mores and his laugh.
I hate his irresistible smile and his deadly charm.
I hate flashbacks.
I hate snowy days and hot chocolate.
I hate the plans we made and the places we went.
I hate soft hands and dark hair.
I hate crying myself to sleep.
I hate waking up empty.
I hate myself… for remembering all the things I hate.
And even though he’s the reason…
I don’t hate him.
I hate me.
Because instead of hating him…
I love him.
And I hate it.
—  Meadow

i ship it and im not afraid to flaunt it. who doesn’t like toasted marshmallows. its the literal s’more ship i mean come on–

anyway its p much canon that spirit has a thing for cocoa because this thing exists and i find that??? ridiculously adorable,, sheds many tears at the cute,, also cocoa is hella fun to draw shes so goshdarn fluffy ;v;

Omfg 😂😂😂 I’m dying at this post I found on Facebook

Literally the only difference is swapping the graham crackers with apple and then they even added caramel sauce 🤣

I have such a problem with diet culture and finding ways to explain away treats or “cheating” I’ve spent so long talking myself into something like “low calorie s'mores” then feeling guilty after because let’s face it, low calorie s'more do not exist!! And that’s okay! I want to enjoy the fuck out of my s'mores without the guilt and it’s so much easier to do that without lying to myself and pretending something is what it isn’t and will never be.

Sometimes I will eat a s'more proudly and without apology for its high calorie deliciousness and others I’ll make the choice to simply have an apple for some sweetness in my life but I will not mix the two either figuratively or in reality.

sweetlikefrosting  asked:

Hello! I just want to say I love your work! I would like to request a town flag. Something cute and girly. My town name is S'mores. So something with a marshmallow graham cracker and chocolate would be great! I love pink, warm yellow, and warm pastel colors. I would also love a lil cupcake with frosting? Just throwing out some ideas! Candy cookie, sweets themed flag.

Thank you! What’s cuter than 2 sweets in love?