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I married Kaze last night, because hahahaha of course I did asdfga send help, so yeah anyway I made a thing to celebrate


So is anyone gonna color these linearts or do I really have to do it myself


was this called the matchy - matchy tag? heheheh
THANKS @nxnight bby 💜 💜 💜 for tagging me… and also >< at the same time cause this exposes me LOL 

but ….I wanna see the rest of you lovely, lovely stars 🌟 so…I’m tagging @tranquies | @hansanghyuked | @leothevixxn | @fairy-taekwoon | @chained-up-taekwoon | @wonsiks-hamster-taek | @i-wontaek-your-shit | @n-chanted | & whoever else who’d like to do this~~~ ONLY if you wanna, of course ^^  ❤️


Here we have more characters that are in the Prince Twin’s story!

The first one is Amisi, a “rogue and petty thief” who acts as a robin hood. Stealing from the rich and giving to the poor.

and then there is little baby Anubis (or as the twins call him “Nubbie”) , he is a “reincarnation” of the god Anubis.

Ultimate Pose
  • Noctis: Prompto thinks I'm not as photogenic as you guys. What's it take to look good on camera?
  • Gladio: Takes muscle
  • Ignis: A cool demeanor.
  • *prompto interrupts*
  • Prompto: Hey Noct! Wanna pose with the Catoblepas for me?
  • Noctis: Sure. I'll do my "Ultimate Pose"
  • Ignis: and yet he is the favorable model.
  • Gladio: Obviously biased
Poses and story......

tinwhistletoo replied to your post :

Teleporter Mod is broken

I can play without updating if I start origin and then the game with my internet disconnected.

I’ve been struggling with my current story and was thinking about going back to my Chaisson save to give myself a break.  I DID want to do a couple of date posts using some adorable poses I found for Dani and her guy.  Also, Caleb and his new relationship.

I’ll have to do what you’re doing or just go ahead and switch and make myself a note to pick it back up at this point when I get back.

The ANNOYING part is that I spent several days making my poses folder so pretty (not the one in my game but the master one).  Separated by creators and then the pose name, I even put screens in the folders so I know what they look like and how to set them up.


Hoping somebody updates this statue soon since so many use it.

I digitalized one of my pose practices from last night (this morning) and turned it into this! I’m still working on requests, don’t worry, but I do like having time to do my own thing, you know? 

Love you all! Thanks so much for being patient!

Please ask before using for anything!