or my obsession with this damn game

To the next girl he gives his heart to-
Feed him. He’s like a 5 year old child, whenever he is hungry he gets moody don’t take it personally, it’s just him.
If you are ever laying in bed at 11pm and find yourself wrapped in his arms scared because you see a huge ass spider, don’t count on him to protect you, he hates spiders just as much.
It’s hard to find a food that he dislikes, he will pretty much eat anything except olives, but you’re always safe with a steak or some other meaty meat.
He’s a sucker for g strings, if he comes home in a bad mood, show him your underwear and he will calm down.
His friends are the most important things to him, don’t get to jealous about it, I made that mistake and at the end of the day be happy he has others to count on, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t enjoy your company.
Cars are his absolute favourite thing, to him they are his happy place. If it’s fast, lowered and loud chances are he’s going to love it.
He loves a good back rub and hair rub. Calms him down and he’ll love you for it.
He plays these damn right annoying car games, he becomes so obsessed with them that getting his attention is impossible, don’t stress just go do your own thing until he gets bored.
Sometimes he talks way too much but just nod and smile, don’t shut him down.
Give him loads of kisses, neck kisses especially, cuddle him as much as you can, appreciate every minute you get with him, he’s one of a kind.
I hope you learn from my mistakes and take on board everything I have said so you can actually love him right.
He deserves an amazing girl so I hope you love him better than I did, and please I know I’m the last person you want advice from but please love him right, care for him, cherish him, he’s one of a kind and you’re lucky to be in his life.
—  B.L letters I never sent

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heyy,can you write a story where jughead tells archie how lucky he is that betty loves him/how amazing betty is and betty overhears it and confronts jughead and kisses him.

This ones how I wish it would go down!


What was wrong with Archie Andrews?

That seemed to be the question of the year, regarding the red headed, boy next door.

Normally, jughead would defend his former best friend, especially now that they were rekindling their friendship


Not this time. Not when said best friend was going on about how annoying Betty Cooper was.

For the first time in his life, he found himself thinking

What was wrong with Archie Andrews?

“I mean, I get it, she’s sort of in love with me, but give me a break, ya know? Like this whole obsession thing, it’s getting old”

Jughead clenched his jaw, his fingers flexing under the table.

“She cares about you arch, she’s just looking out for you.” Jughead ground out.

Archie was rolling his eyes

“Yeah well, I don’t need that “care” it’s messing up my game, everyone’s afraid of hurting Betty, so the girls don’t wanna go out with me. She needs to back off.“

That was it.

Jughead slammed a fist onto the table.

“Back off? You want her to back off? Don’t you get it Archie? Don’t you see how damn lucky you are? She loves you, you’re the boy that that , beautiful, smart, kind, loving girl chose to fall in love with, and you just use it and abuse it, like it’s nothing. If Betty Cooper loved me the way she loves you, i wouldn’t leave her side, let alone
Act like it’s an inconvenience. Get over yourself brother.”

Placing the headphones back over his head, Jughead left a slack jawed, confused Archie standing and staring after him.

At the same time Kevin and Veronica were crouched into the booth directly behind the one Archie and jughead had previously been occupying.

“Did you get all that? ” Veronica asked?

Kevin smirked sliding his phone across the table to Veronica

“You bet I did.”


Betty was leaning her head against the cool metal of her locker.
Her mom had been on a rampage this morning.
Apparently the blue sweater she had on did nothing for her eyes, and why didn’t Betty care about her image? Didn’t she know how important first impressions were?

Suddenly a phone was placed right under her line of vision.

She turned around to see Kevin and Veronica smiling at her, Kevin wiggling his phone in the air.

“ watch.” Veronica ordered.

Rolling her eyes ,she took the phone in her hand, playing the video.

Immediately Archie’s face filled the screen, as he went on about how annoying she was.

Looking up to Veronica, hurt in her eyes.

“Keep watching” she said softly, urging her on.

Suddenly the conversation had shifted, and she was now watching a very angry jughead defend her honor.

Eyes wide and teary, she felt her heart ache at the way jughead spoke about her.

She didn’t know.

He never said anything.

She couldn’t count the times he had caught her staring.

He never did anything.

Steeling her shoulders, and passing the phone back to Kevin, she turned on her heels.

A girl on a mission.

Kevin and Veronica were hot on her tail, as she searched for the boy in the beanie.

Spotting him standing by the vending machine flattening out a dollar, he turned at the sound of her steps.

As soon as he caught her eyes, he smiled.

That smile dropped when he noticed the intense look on her face.

“Hey bets, whats going o..”

Betty had him pushed against the vending machine before he even had a chance to finish his sentence.

Her lips were on his and his hands immediately went to her waist.

Veronica and Kevin squeaking behind the couple.

After what felt like hours of kissing, he pulled away. Resting his forehead on hers, and smiling lazily.

Betty placed her hands to his cheeks

“I’m yours if you want me, jughead jones.”

He knew they had a lot to talk about, but right now, he was perfectly happy having Betty Cooper.

Creepypasta #1147: Windows 95

Length: Medium

Many years ago, before iPhones, tablets, and computers that actually work pretty well, we were stuck with PCs operating Windows 95. My first computer was an old IBM, and I used the damn thing on a daily basis.

Windows 95 was the first operating system that I can remember using somewhat frequently. I’d do homework, check my email, and occasionally play a game or two. The choices were somewhat limited at this point in time. If you’ve heard of the game “Ski Free,” then you’re tracking with me.

Anyway, there was something kind of odd about Windows 95. There was a quirk with the OS, something that, in hindsight, seems kind of sinister. Moreover, there’s one experience that has stayed with me all these years, becoming an obsession of sorts where I actually fear it will happen again. But more on that in a little bit. First, the issue with Windows.

One night I was up late searching online. I’d probably gone to Ask Jeeves - a now antiquated search engine that featured a butler. This is all somewhat superfluous information, but I’ll go with it. Anyway, I was searching the internet (homework I think), and I came across this weird feature of Windows 95. It was this little companion that popped up on your screen and helped you navigate the search engines.

This little feature was a floating face. Nothing too fancy, really. Black circles for eyes, a line for a mouth and that’s it. It was a round white face. This feature would sort of bob by the page and then you’d ask it to help you. I remember because it had this robotic voice that was kind of funny.

I was pretty young when I was using this device, but I’d search for a while and then he’d pop up and ask me what I was doing. I thought this was kind of helpful. But one time, on one night, he asked me a strange question.

“How old are you?”

“13” I typed.

“Where do you live?”


“Los Angeles, I see.”

“Yeah, that’s right,” I replied.

“Are you a good boy?”

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the signs based on people i know (school, friends, family)

(i’m a taurus with a gemini moon)

Aries: very nice people, really good conversations, knows what they want, can pick up a skill and be a super good at it in just a year. (i also know an aries who was the most loud and annoying kid of the whole damn school.)

Taurus: nearly all of my friends are tauruses! loves good food, good to talk to, interesting opinions, and just.. the cutest conversations.

Gemini: a very adorable person, but changes into a whole different someone when gaming. please stop climbing every tree you see. will never beat me at play fighting. VERY PURE.

Cancer: damn.. these people. they’re not the popular kids of the class, but they’re kiiiinda nice to talk to. they make mistakes and regret it, although they never show it at first. they are weird, kind of mysterious, and reserved.

Leo: very loud, creative, dont know how to STOP, obsessed with weirdly specific things and they sing the same annoying song all day long.

Virgo: how does she do it.. we’re given 15 minutes in class to start doing homework exercises, and she completes ALL of them in 5 minutes, while the rest of the class is barely done with the first exercise at the end of the class.

Libra: nobody knows how they pass their classes, they just do. they are popular, but are always still standing out a bit from their group of friends.

Scorpio: hmm, I’d say they’re a tad reserved, but can be very loud when they want to. they’re a very loyal fan of something (mostly sports) and only talk about their fandom when it’s relevant.

Sagittarius: a person who knows how to plan things, just so they can relax the day before the test and play games. also the person who starts talking to you, even though you really didn’t expect it.

Capricorn: i’ve never met a popular capricorn, but most of them are v cool in their own way. they’re weird, some of them are weird-weird, and others are weird in a cool way. i hope that makes sense.

Aquarius: they’re relaxed and laid back, but dont procrastinate much. they’re cool people without even trying. how do they do it?

Pisces: these people might not look like pisces at first, but when you get to know them, you’re like “yeah okay I see why you’re one” usually calm, but definitely not in a boring way.

Beyond Birthday vs Light Yagami

I’m not sure if I can word this correctly, but I would like to take a moment to explain why I find BB to be a better villain than Light.
You see, I fully agree with Mello when he points out that Light wouldn’t have won without the help of Shinigami (e.g. Rem), whereas BB was literally a minute away from winning, even with Naomi on his tail. He would have died and left L chasing a ghost. Unlike Light, BB stepped up to the plate, waved a big ol’ flag in L’s face and yelled “Here I am! Come and get me!” I suppose you could argue that he cheated with his Shinigami eyes- but unlike Light he was BORN with this power, which is all the more scary.
That’s the thing, I genuinely find Beyond Birthday scarier. He is completely and utterly obsessed with L; obsessed with beating L, with BEING L and has been for years. He planned that little game for years and God help us, he damn near won. I’m not going to say Light didn’t win- he won many a battle, but lost the war. Mind you, same goes for BB…
Anyway, my point is that if it got down to it, I think BB is a more worthy opponent. He knows how to get into L’s head, he went looking for that fight, he made each murder more and more gruesome for the FUN of it. He’s a villain through and through, the anti-L. It’s speculated that HE’S the reason L screamed at the word “Shinigami”. It’s a popular fanon that he bullied A into suicide, or committed those murders to AVENGE A in some sick way. He’s the worst kind of sociopath and you know what REALLY scares me about him? If he had lived and got his hands on Light, I truly believe he’d kill him, because in B’s twisted little mind, only B is worthy is destroying L. (“L is after B”)
Light’s a good villain- a great villain dare I admit it. I just happen to think that Beyond Birthday is more dangerous, twisted, sick and EVIL. He didn’t hide and he nearly beat L all on his own. (“Is L’s a genius, then B’s an extreme genius. If L’s a freak, then B’s an extreme freak.”)

Light Yagami goes against my morals, but Beyond Birthday goes against my very nature. And really, I couldn’t wait to see what he’d do next.

…am I the only one who doesn’t give a damn about framerate?

Even when it drops in BB (and like, it happens to me only in the Lecture Building when there are a fuck ton of slime scholars crawling around) does it REALLY impact your experience that much? I never felt like the game became unplayable and the problem lasted less than a few seconds.

I am asking this for Science, because I want to understand if my gaming standards are low (and I’m sure they are, because I never had a powerful pc capable of running stuff at 60fps) or if people are so obsessed with performance these days that they can’t recognize a good game even when I smack them in the face with it.

I am using BB as an example but this applies to any game with not terrible framerate drops.

Plz illuminate me.

Adam| Gasoline |Cole

Title; Gasoline

Pairing; Adam Cole/reader 

Words; ~3,200

Summary; You’d do just about anything to win. And you really did mean anything. Part ½

A/N: welp. Here it is. First tumblr fic post. Feedback is encouraged like woah. Sorry for the random lurker trying to tag y'all in stuffs. ;D

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02. concentration

[Seokjin x Reader]

Genre: Humor, Fluff

Words: 909

—> “You’re always number one.”

A/N: Another Four Words drabble! I’ll try to write at least one of these each week. xoxo

The key to winning, according to most people, was absolute concentration.

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moon's mother

ok idk if this has been discussed yet but while watching the teaser, i was wondering where moon’s mother was during the war for mewni? or where has she been in general during the duration of the show?

as several people have pointed out already, during the game of flags episode, moon doesn’t address anybody on her side of the family as mother so we can assume that her mother is either dead or just wasn’t present. i personally doubt that it wasn’t because she wasn’t present since there has never been a time within the series where moon’s mother, star’s grandmother, has been mentioned. even in the grandma room we meet celena the shy, MOON’S grandmother but not her own mother. solaria, who’s line of succession we don’t know of, and eclipsa, who’s star’s ninth-great grandmother are even introduced.

now this brings me to two points i want to make: 

1. perhaps the grandma room only denotes queens of the butterfly dynasty who have shown great power and/or have done things that were incredibly notable in changing the order of their rule. this would make sense because if we go in the order that star read their tablets:

  • celena the shy holds a TROVE OF COSMIC SECRETS THAT WILL NEVER BE TOLD. this is very ominous and doesn’t seem like it’s of great importance, but if we consider that celena knowing these secrets changed the way she ruled the butterfly kingdom, that could be notable enough for her to be in the grandma room. 
  • solaria the monster carver was a warrior princess/queen of immense power. like literally her wand is a sword made of straight energy. i think that’s enough to warrant a place in the grandma room. 
  • -next we get to the infamous eclipsa, queen of darkness. it’s very self-explanatory why she would be in the grandma room: she took a monster as a lover AND she was a powerful spell caster as we’ve learned from baby. 
  • and lastly, star gets to her mother’s tapestry. from what we know from the teaser now, the darkest spell moon casted was DARK. and it was cast during a WAR FOR MEWNI which is of GRAVE IMPORTANCE. so of course moon would have a tapestry in the grandma room as the queen (or perhaps princess) who saved the mewnans and her dynasty from certain doom as imposed by the monsters and toffee. 
  • there are two other tapestries that we briefly see but star does not go to. one is of a young princess (seen when star notices toffee’s finger) who has been argued to be the first queen of mewni, and another with diamonds as her cheek marks whose wand looks like a chalice (and who i don’t really have an explanation for why she’d be in the grandma room) 
  • star’s tapestry is also being made while she’s in the grandma room. if we go under the assumption that the grandma room is for notable queens, star would be in there because she is the rebel princess; she will be the one who completely changes the way that the kingdom will run, she may put an end to the monster-mewnan conflict (either through peace and diplomacy or war) AND possibly take a human for a husband. 

although it seems i’ve gone off on a tangent, if we think under this assumption that the grandma room is a place to reminisce queens who were very important in the butterfly dynasty, it would make some sense that moon’s mother was not mentioned. all queens are great, but not all queens do great things during their reign so it makes a lot of sense that not every single queen would have a tapestry in the grandma room with a tablet that had a rhyme to describe their reign in such few words. 

it’s been argued that the reason why moon looks so hateful in her tapestry and had to cast the darkest spell is because toffee threatened star’s safety. i don’t doubt that argument at all because to me it’s very reasonable and plausible; a mother whose only child and successor is being threatened by her greatest foe would of course do anything she could do protect that child. we know from “into the wand” that star remembers lil chauncey who rode into war with moon and died on the battlefield, so star knows that that lil chauncey was lost in a fight but why doesn’t she mention that it was a war? i think it’s because she didn’t and doesn’t know it was a war. and if she didn’t know it was a war going on when moon went into the battlefield with lil chauncey, that must mean she was not directly affected or targeted by toffee just yet. and now this brings me to the second point i want to make:

2. moon’s mother was killed during the war for mewni by toffee. the reason why moon has cast such a dark and horrible spell as a way to kill her greatest and most hated foe is because she lost her mother to toffee. we know that the butterfly queens are fierce warriors who aren’t afraid to fight. so perhaps the war for mewni began with moon’s mother and moon had to go into battle herself when her mother died at toffee’s hand. this would make her twice as angry and willing to cast such a dark spell; the death of her mother and the threat of death to her small daughter. 

i’ve seen several theories that argue that toffee and moon knew each other when they were younger and i don’t doubt those theories either because imagine if the person who killed your mother was someone you grew up with and considered a close friend? 

so that’s what i’ve got lol. of course there are lots of big holes in my theory but the biggest has to be if moon’s mother was part of the war for mewni before moon was, why doesn’t she have a tapestry? and my small answer to that is why would you want to depict the death of a queen by the hands of a monster as a victory and something to remember her by? but idk 

all i know is i can’t wait for season 3 


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Last Movie I watched: The Crow 💕
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Last Book I Read: No clue (sadly can’t read books anymore due to my illnesses…)
Last Thing I Ate: Chocolate chip granola bar
Where Would I Want To Time Travel To: A place in the future where hopefully mental illnesses can be cured/prevented I guess
Fictional Character I Would Hang Out With For A Day: I have so many it would be impossible to choose, but since he’s my recent obsession I think I’d say Eric Draven :)
If I Could Be Anywhere Right Now, Where Would I Be: On the damn 30STM tour I was SUPPOSED to get to go to :(
Current Fandom Obsession: I think it’s still kinda my DC/Marvel usual lol 

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Hancock and The Silver Shroud Part 2

I adore this whole quest (I saved Kent). The amount Hancock clearly likes Sole is so effing cute❤

The way he talks to them is so flirty. Charming Bastard…WHY AM I SO ATTRACTED TO THE DAMN GHOUL

Yeah this fanfic is happening guys. Stay tuned

Take off the damn headphones (Pt 2)


Michael violently jerked left, toppling out of the beanbag chair and onto the basement floor. Jeremy turned, losing focus just long enough for michael to land the finishing blow. He turned back, saw the slo-mo replay, and shook his head.

“Oh my god, Michael, you-”

“Just won the game? Are the ultimate player one? Eh?”

“-really need to get your balance.”

They both snickered as michael got up, tossing the controller lightly onto the beanbag chair and walking out the door. Jeremy knew what he was doing. Snacks, obviously. Two bags of doritos (One cool ranch, one nacho cheese) and whatever leftovers he could find in the fridge… and of course, at least two bottles of mountain dew code red. Jeremy lounged, taking a slow drag of the joint which had sat in an ashtray to his left while they played. He should ask michael where he got these, but he didn’t honestly care.

Michael closed the fridge, setting the ziplock of enchiladas on the table next to him and reaching for the mountain dew code red at the back of the fridge. It was all he’d been drinking, all Jeremy would let him drink (Out of understandable paranoia), for almost a month now. He was getting sick of the taste. He hadn’t even taken the squip, he would know by now. So, if only to calm his taste buds, he grabbed a two-liter of regular mountain dew which was hidden under at least ten code reds. Sweet relief. He warmed up some enchiladas and carried the almost excessive amount of food down to the basement.

Jeremy didn’t even notice at first, too wrapped up in fighting Michael’s idle avatar. He just grabbed the bottle of red and chugged as michael plopped down and joined him. He didn’t even notice until he heard the carbonated hiss of the drink.

“Michael?! What are you-”

“Relax, Jerebear. I never took it, I swear. It’s not like your deactivated pill is gonna broadcast into my brain. Besides, I’m gonna hurl if I drink another drop of that stuff.”

Jeremy anxiously backed off, staring at michael as he finished the whole thing. It was a little impressive, but something still lurked in the back of his mind.


A/n: I decided to write another because why not? I hope you enjoy it.  ♡

I’ve been living with Calvin for around six months now. Living with him had it’s ups and downs. He is normally in his room all the time, I swear the kid never sees the light of day. He’s been playing this damn game that he’s obsessed with. Overwitch? I can never remember the name of it, but whatever it is, it sounds like utter garbage.

I’m sitting on our couch watching old episodes of Bob’s Burgers when I wonder what Calvin is doing. I push myself off the couch ready to investigate. I slowly drag my sock covered feet to the front of his closed door. I knock on the door loudly twice before I hear a faint “Come in.” I grab the doorknob and twist it, pushing the door open. My eyes immediately land on Calvin, the glow emitting from his computer screen shows his concentrated face. He’s gnawing at his bottom lip, right hand moving the mouse around his desk, long slender fingers pushing the keys of his keyboard. I shuffle closer to his desk, coming up to the side of him, I look towards his screen. “What the fuck are you playing, Calvin?” I ask confused. “Oh dude, it’s Overwatch.” he says matter of factly. Oh, Overwatch. Eh, close enough right? I stand there watching the game play, slightly amazed at the fact of how he is killing so many people. “How do you do that?” I ask, eyes slightly wide. Calvin smirks and turns his head towards me “Do you want to try it out?” he asks me. “What? Me? Haha, Calvin. No. It looks so shit.” I start laughing at his ridiculous offer. I would never play this dumb game.

“Come on (Y/n), please for me” he starts pouting his bottom lip at me and I melt. I couldn’t say no to Calvin’s puppy dog face, it was my biggest weakness. I groan loudly as he hops out of the seat happily, he puts his hands on the back of the chair eager for me to sit down. I sit down in the chair and Calvin pushes me closer towards the desk. “Okay, super simple right? Literally just move around and shoot anyone you see with a red name tag” he explains to me. I look at the screen and put my right hand over the mouse. The game loads and it tells me to select a hero, I panic a little bit and move the cursor over all the heroes. “Uh, which one do I choose Cal?” I ask quietly. “Um, pick Tracer, she’s literally so easy to play as dude, no joke” he smiles down at you. I select Tracer and wait for the game to begin.

Round one begins and I move the mouse around, looking at my surroundings. “Yeah, okay here babe” Calvin stands behind you and stretches over the chair, placing his hand over the top of yours on the mouse. He left clicks and the gun shoots, scaring me a little. “Left click is to shoot, okay?” I nod slowly. “W, A, S, D moves you around, try it” he explains to me. I press down on W and Tracer moves forward, I try all the other keys and begin to figure out the controls.

Half an hour later and I’ve got the gist of this game. Am I enjoying it? Pft, what. Has Calvin died of laughter? Um, yes. Do I fucking suck? Yes, precisely. Will I ever play this again? Um, totally not, ha.

DEFEAT. Again, we lost. I sigh and slouch in the chair. “Hey, cheer up babe, you learnt how to play it and you had fun, right?” he crouches down in front of me. “Yeah, it actually was pretty fun now I know why you’re always in your room” I giggle. He smiles widely, his eyes wrinkling in the corners. He gets up from crouching, he puts his hands out in front of me. I put my own in his and he lifts me up from his chair, pulling me into a hug. He kisses my forehead and smiles at me. I rest my head on his shoulder and close my eyes. He wraps his arms around my waist and sways us slowly. “My little gamer girl” he chuckles to himself.


This man here is my first love in the world of fiction. I’ve had crushes before him, but damn, he’s the first fictional dude to ever get me so obsessed. I still love him though, but I’m all for Akashi now. Why am I even talking like we have a past?

And just who are you?I’m your ex.

Hi Sasori. I can be your puppet. You can examine me anytime. Kidding. Sigh.

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I really really want Ouma and Amami to be the unrequited love pair of DRV3. I mean, in literally every Danganronpa game we've had an unrequited love duo, and I really want to see Ouma getting pissed at himself because he shouldn't be this obsessed with the green haired peasant, he's the Ultimate Ruler for fucks sake! And why won't Amami notice him gOD DAMN IT

oh my fucking god

im going to change this up a bit and make it even Worse™

imagine shuuichi and miu trying to help him with what to do about the situation. iruma as the not so helpful big sister figure who just wants to test out her inventions and saihara as the i Totally don’t have a massive crush on you but if you started kissing me i may or may not have the sudden urge to Die from happiness friend.

kokichi: why the fuck won’t that pleb acknowledge my romantic advances. i am the ultimate supreme ruler, for gods sake, he should be on his knees begging for my love!

saihara: well, maybe if you went up to him and talked to him for a while he might start liking you as well. just, yknow, be yourself? y-you’re actually pretty sweet when you’re not in supreme leader mode..

iruma: or i could just use the beta version of the hypnosis machine i’ve been working on for the past few weeks to hypnotize him into falling in love with you. there’s, like, an eighty four percent chance you’ll both die or have near fatal injuries though.

saihara: uh.. isn’t that a tad dangero-

kokichi: lets do it.

Some Things I’m Still Getting Used To as a PCP

Pop Culture Paganism is taking some getting used to. Some things I’m still not quite accustomed to yet:

  • Having such easy access to representations of the entities I’m working with that perfectly match how I see them.
  • Cosplaying/seeing other people cosplaying the entities I’m working with.
  • Having actual audio of the voices of the entities I’m working with, and the associated weirdness of separating the entities’/characters’ voices from the voice actors. (I don’t have “I’ve come with a new recipeh” as the text tone on my phone, what are you talking about?)
  • Shipping the entities I’m working with together??? (Admittedly, I’ve asked them about this and they seem totally fine with me continuing to be a rabid fanboy, so that’s good, I guess?)
  • Seeming even more obsessed than normal to my friends who hear me go on and on about this damn video game but don’t know I’m a PCP. (Seriously, my poor roommate.)
  • “Is this a headcanon or is this A Thing™?”
  • A plethora of fanfic about the entities I’m working with.
  • Writing fanfic about the entities I’m working with.
  • Reading/writing fanfic and having very visceral reactions to how a character reacts to something, and then wondering is this a headcanon or is this A Thing™ again.
  • Hearing the boys critique/enjoy their portrayal in the game when I’m playing. Also finding the line between how I act when I’m interacting with them and how I act while playing (hint: I’m way less polite when playing).

reneedav95  asked:

Do you have any ships?😊

I do! Like, probably an actual ridiculous amount because I’m garbage for it and every time I fall into a new fandom I’m just like “yES”

I cycle through a lot of them but currently I’m very, very obsessed with The Magnificent 7 and Josh Faraday/Vasquez, Goodnight Robicheaux/Billy Rocks, and Emma Cullen/Teddy Q/Matt Cullen as an OT3 are ruining my life, with a heaping helping of Peter Quill/(Ace!headcanon)Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy.

Before them, and these ones I’ll probably hold on to forever like the garbage I am, are Tony Stark/Loki from the MCU, Peter Burke/Elizabeth Burke from White Collar(because god damn marriage goals), Hardison/Parker/Eliot from Leverage, Asha(Yara) Greyjoy/Daenerys from Game of Thrones, and some old, old Harry Potter ships that are all over the board.

TL;DR I love shipping and no one can stop me from doing it with a bucket full of enthusiasm, haha.

Thank you for your ask!