or my obsession with this damn game


A/n: I decided to write another because why not? I hope you enjoy it.  ♡

I’ve been living with Calvin for around six months now. Living with him had it’s ups and downs. He is normally in his room all the time, I swear the kid never sees the light of day. He’s been playing this damn game that he’s obsessed with. Overwitch? I can never remember the name of it, but whatever it is, it sounds like utter garbage.

I’m sitting on our couch watching old episodes of Bob’s Burgers when I wonder what Calvin is doing. I push myself off the couch ready to investigate. I slowly drag my sock covered feet to the front of his closed door. I knock on the door loudly twice before I hear a faint “Come in.” I grab the doorknob and twist it, pushing the door open. My eyes immediately land on Calvin, the glow emitting from his computer screen shows his concentrated face. He’s gnawing at his bottom lip, right hand moving the mouse around his desk, long slender fingers pushing the keys of his keyboard. I shuffle closer to his desk, coming up to the side of him, I look towards his screen. “What the fuck are you playing, Calvin?” I ask confused. “Oh dude, it’s Overwatch.” he says matter of factly. Oh, Overwatch. Eh, close enough right? I stand there watching the game play, slightly amazed at the fact of how he is killing so many people. “How do you do that?” I ask, eyes slightly wide. Calvin smirks and turns his head towards me “Do you want to try it out?” he asks me. “What? Me? Haha, Calvin. No. It looks so shit.” I start laughing at his ridiculous offer. I would never play this dumb game.

“Come on (Y/n), please for me” he starts pouting his bottom lip at me and I melt. I couldn’t say no to Calvin’s puppy dog face, it was my biggest weakness. I groan loudly as he hops out of the seat happily, he puts his hands on the back of the chair eager for me to sit down. I sit down in the chair and Calvin pushes me closer towards the desk. “Okay, super simple right? Literally just move around and shoot anyone you see with a red name tag” he explains to me. I look at the screen and put my right hand over the mouse. The game loads and it tells me to select a hero, I panic a little bit and move the cursor over all the heroes. “Uh, which one do I choose Cal?” I ask quietly. “Um, pick Tracer, she’s literally so easy to play as dude, no joke” he smiles down at you. I select Tracer and wait for the game to begin.

Round one begins and I move the mouse around, looking at my surroundings. “Yeah, okay here babe” Calvin stands behind you and stretches over the chair, placing his hand over the top of yours on the mouse. He left clicks and the gun shoots, scaring me a little. “Left click is to shoot, okay?” I nod slowly. “W, A, S, D moves you around, try it” he explains to me. I press down on W and Tracer moves forward, I try all the other keys and begin to figure out the controls.

Half an hour later and I’ve got the gist of this game. Am I enjoying it? Pft, what. Has Calvin died of laughter? Um, yes. Do I fucking suck? Yes, precisely. Will I ever play this again? Um, totally not, ha.

DEFEAT. Again, we lost. I sigh and slouch in the chair. “Hey, cheer up babe, you learnt how to play it and you had fun, right?” he crouches down in front of me. “Yeah, it actually was pretty fun now I know why you’re always in your room” I giggle. He smiles widely, his eyes wrinkling in the corners. He gets up from crouching, he puts his hands out in front of me. I put my own in his and he lifts me up from his chair, pulling me into a hug. He kisses my forehead and smiles at me. I rest my head on his shoulder and close my eyes. He wraps his arms around my waist and sways us slowly. “My little gamer girl” he chuckles to himself.


Hancock and The Silver Shroud Part 2

I adore this whole quest (I saved Kent). The amount Hancock clearly likes Sole is so effing cute❤

The way he talks to them is so flirty. Charming Bastard…WHY AM I SO ATTRACTED TO THE DAMN GHOUL

Yeah this fanfic is happening guys. Stay tuned


This man here is my first love in the world of fiction. I’ve had crushes before him, but damn, he’s the first fictional dude to ever get me so obsessed. I still love him though, but I’m all for Akashi now. Why am I even talking like we have a past?

And just who are you?I’m your ex.

Hi Sasori. I can be your puppet. You can examine me anytime. Kidding. Sigh.

thatgirlwhosalwayssinging  asked:


-im originally from Philadelphia but live in Minnesota, my dad still lives in PA

-i didnt leave my house for a year because I would have a severe panic attack even just going in my own lawn

-im OBSESSED with film, anything and everything about it. I can talk about movies for the rest of my damn life

-i literally have a Game of Thrones shrine

Me watching the force awakens
  • Me: omg this Finn guy is so cute and fun,I love him, he shall be my new obsession
  • Me: omg scratch that, Poe is so damn hot, he's my most beloved one
  • Me: ok stormpilot is my new love and ship forever, and this will definitely be my new obsession
  • Me: *watches Kylo taking helmet off* please be ugly please be ugly *sees him being hot and angsty and hair game on*
  • Me: ok I'm done. Nevermind all of the above. I'm Kylo Ren trash now, and forever will be.
Arguing With My Thinking Voices
  • Me With My Regular Thinking Voice: Egoraptor, Why are you my thinking voice?
  • Thinking voice: cause you watch too much game grumps..
  • Me: Nahh i dont.
  • !!
  • Me With My RP Thinking Voice: Mrcreepypasta,Why are you my rp voice?
  • RP thinking voice: Just face it you watch creepypastas every damn night..
  • Me: Nahhhhh..
  • RP thinking voice: Yesss you dooo...
  • Me With My Slenderverse Thinking Voice: Mr Nightmare,Why are you my slenderverse thinking voice?
  • Slenderverse Thinking Voice: I think you know why..
  • Me: Why?
  • Thinking Voice: You're really damn obsessed..
  • *Is Still Arguing My Regular Thinking Voice*

Usually what happens when I can’t draw a certain kind of thing is that I obsessively draw that thing over and over and over again until I figure the damn thing out.

That ‘thing’ in question this month is this sassy motherfucker. 

I also have a test tomorrow, so it’s nice to see that my priorities are straight.

-chucks self into sun-