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The Lightning Thief Musical Songs + Favorite Lines
  • Strong: Normal is a myth, everyone has issues they're dealing with.
  • The Minotaur/The Weirdest Dream: Oh look, a strange man in a Hawaiian shirt.
  • Their Sign: Well, I want my birthday cards and fishing trips, child support and homework tips.
  • The Campfire Song: I hope he shows even a trace CAUSE I'VE GOT SOME CHOICE WORDS TO THROW IN HIS FACE!
  • The Oracle: (just the whole prophecy part tbh)
  • Good Kid: AND NO HOPE AND NO MOM... She’s taken away.
  • Killer Quest!: We're gonna march straight down to the gates of Hell! —Underworld. —Close enough.
  • Lost!: I don't wanna die in the Garden State!
  • My Grand Plan: You better wise up, 'cause I'll rise up, BRING ON ANY CHALLENGE!
  • Drive: Why, my brother and I arrived just yesterday: May 1st... 1939!
  • The Weirdest Dream Reprise: Remember what these god's have done. Remember Thalia.
  • The Tree on the Hill: Maybe if I'd been a little bit braver, maybe if I stayed behind to fight, but maybe doesn't let me go back and save her, maybe doesn't make it all right.
  • D.O.A.: You ain't ever gonna save what matters, you ain't gonna protect your friends, you ain't ever gonna be remembered.
  • Son of Poseidon: You're the two best friends this screw up ever had.
  • The Last Day of Summer: I'll do anything, I don't care if I hurt anyone, it doesn't pay to be a good kid, a good kid, a good son.
  • Bring on the Monsters: I'll be back next summer, I'll be back next summer.
BakuDekuTodo x Brooklyn99 'Into the Woods'
  • Bakugou: Okay, I know that things are not looking great right now, but you have to admit you were having fun earlier.
  • Midoriya: I-I'm not now. I'm more stressed than ever...
  • Bakugou: Maybe that's because, you're just focusing on the negative Deku, I mean look at Icy Hot. He's chill. I'm chill.
  • Midoriya: That's 'cause he's in shock! Y-y-you know what? The reason you're so chill is because, you have everyone cleaning up your messes for you. D-didn't bring food? The "Thermostat-bastard" will find some mushrooms. Smashed through a window? Deku'll do the paperwork.
  • Bakugou: HEY, I DID THE PAPERWORK!!!
  • Todoroki: Please, please, calm down. I hate it when you argue. It reminds me of when my dad used to fight with my best friend-my mom.
  • Midoriya: I'm done with this...I-I'm going to sleep. Shouto, spoon with me. We need to huddle together for warmth.
  • Bakugou: No, Midoriya, you're my best friend! -ignores Izuku's shocked af face- You're going to spoon with me!
  • Midoriya: -stomps foot- I called first spoon! Shouto, get over here right now!
  • Bakugou: Midoriyaaaa, don't throw away a lifelong friendship -dutifully ignores Izuku's absolutely done with him face- for a one-night spoon with Icy Hot.
  • Todoroki: Okay enough. We're gonna stop fighting. We're gonna lie down, and we're gonna triple-spoon like grown-ups! Come on, bring it in. Bring it in. -all three spoon with Todoroki in the middle- There. Okay, see? -pulls Izuku closer against his chest- That's better, right?
  • Bakugou: -hugging Todoroki- ...
  • Midoriya: -cradling Todoroki's arms around him- ...

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Hey! I love your writing ^^ Can I please request RFA + Saeran finding a pregnancy test, and they think is MC's, but it's her friend's, MC was just helping her? What would they do? Thx thx

Hahahaha I love this! Let’s do it! ^^

RFA + Saeran reacting to finding a pregnancy test


  • Your friend needed to talk to you alone, your boyfriend was working, so you told her to come by the apartment you and him had been sharing for a couple of weeks now
  • She wasn’t sure if she was pregnant, but her period was a couple of days late.
  •  You told her she should buy one of those drugstore’s pregnancy test, she seemed so scared and worried, so you offered to go with her to buy one and she could take it at your place
  • She was embarrassed and trembling, so you bought it. When you two left, she told you she saw a light, like a camera’s flash. You didn’t mind, she was probably seeing things due to the stress
  • The two stripes appeared on the stick, it was positive. Oh god… the poor girl was desperate! She was so young, it was just an one night stand, the guy probably didn’t even remember her, what would she gonna do now? Oh my god oh my god oh my god…
  • You wanted to help, but you had no idea of what to say, and your phone buzzing so much was getting to your nerves! You turned it off, whatever it could be, it wasn’t more important than comforting your friend right now.
  •  You didn’t know what to do, so you made her some tea and hugged her, saying comforting words, at least that’s what Zen did to you whenever you’re feeling blue. She needed to calm down before thinking what she was going to do… and it was working!
  • Just until Zen walked through the door like a bolt and grabbed you in a tight embrace. “I came as soon as I saw it! I called you, texted you, why didn’t you answer me???  God… these people have no respect for privacy… are you okay, babe? Did you… did you… already take it?” You and your friend were completely confused.
  • “Babe, what are you talking about?” you asked. “The test, the one you bought it at the drugstore…”
  • “How do you know that?” you and your friend asked at the same time. “How don’t you two know? It’s all over gossip sites!”
  • You still weren’t following it, so you turned your phone on. It turns out all those notifications were from the RFA messenger, where Seven started a conversation with “Congrats, MC! You made the news!”
  • And then you saw it. The pictures of you getting out of the drugstore with a plastic bag. And inside the plastic bag, there was a very known brand of pregnancy tests… oh shit!
  • The headlines… oh god… the headlines… all of them saying how Zen’s girlfriend was spotted buying a pregnancy test, some of them pointing out that you weren’t even married.
  • The headlines, the RFA chat, your boyfriend looking at you so tense and excited at the same time… your poor friend… and the fact that the paparazzi was able to see through the plastic bag, jeez… these people have no life!
  • It was too much to handle, so you took a deep breath and hold Zen’s hand.
  •  “Okay… Zen, you need  to send a release to the press saying it was all a misunderstanding…” “Wait, It was?” you sighed deeply “Yes, it was. Did I introduce you to my friend here?”
  • And you went on to explain everything to him, he got all the possible reactions: sad for your friend, angry at the media, a little happy because… yes, you two weren’t married yet and you just moved in together and… a little disappointed that you weren’t having his baby?
  • He sent the release as you asked him, then he tried to comfort your friend, he even said he would be glad to have a little chat with the guy she slept with if he didn’t take his responsibility on this. Your friend politely refused, but appreciated the gesture, he answered he would just do anything for MC’s friends.
  • Both you and your friend were so touched right now… you and her figured out at that moment you found the man of your life (and your future babies’ dad)


  • Your friend dropped by before he came back from college, she wasn’t that scared, but she didn’t want to do it alone
  •  It was positive, she was already waiting for this, anyways… you asked if she was ok, she was a little worried because she was young and just started dating the guy… but she didn’t seem desperate
  • Still, you reassured she could call you anytime she wanted to, you said this over and over even when you were saying goodbye.
  • When she left, you laid down on the couch. You were worried, especially because you could relate to her… you and Yoosung were dating for less than a month… what if it was you? How would you react? How would HE react?
  • You thought about it so much that it got you tired, so you fell asleep on the couch
  • But the nap didn’t last long as soon as you found Yoosung sit next to you, he was staring at the wall. He scared the shit out of you, but he looked so shook that you had to play cool. “Honey, what’s wrong?”
  • “Two stripes means positive, right? I looked it up online.” He finally looked at you, holding the stick. His eyes looked paralyzed.
  • Dating him for a couple of weeks now, you noticed he tended to… overreact a little over silly things. Last week, he freaked out about accidentally walking on you in the bathroom
  • “I’m so so sorry, MC! I disrespected your privacy, your personal space… God, I’m so clingy, right? I was just worried, I didn’t notice you were in the shower, and you weren’t answering it… I thought you were kidnapped or something… Maybe a kidnapper would respect your privacy better than me, right?” WUT
  • Back to this, you took a deep breath. “Yoosung… where did you find this?”
  • “It - It was on the sink…” his voice was breaking, was he about to cry? You mental slapped yourself, you just had to thrown the stick on the garbage, but no… you had to be all contemplative about your friend’s situation and doze off on the couch, hadn’t you, you lazy bum?
  • “Yoosung, listen to me… I’m not pregnant.” “Of course you are, two stripes mean you’re pregnant” Oh God, you’re pregnant! We’re pregnant! And I didn’t even graduate yet… oh, my mom is gonna kill me! And Zen is going to lecture me about protection, and Seven… oh god, I don’t even want to think what he is going to do with me! I should run away before he finds out! Oh no… but then you’ll be a single mom, MC! Oh god, I heard society can be terrible with single moms, I feel so bad for you…” Just throw it in the garbage, seriously, just that…
  • “Yoosung… I’m not gonna be a single mom, I’m gonna be no mom, matter of fact…” “Of course you will, MC! Look at the stripes!” “They’re not my stripes, Yoosung, they’re… my friend’s, you remember her?” and you explained him everything
  • He managed to calm down, but had a mini breakdown when he figured out he was holding a stick your friend peed on… oh no, he wasn’t a pervert! Were you feeling betrayed now? Yoosung, please chill
  • At night, when you two went to bed, he apologized for getting weird, you said it was no big deal. “No, but you see, MC, it is a big deal. What if it was actually your test? I could never react like that! I have to be strong and be there for you, and… for our baby…”
  • “And one day you’ll be the strongest man I’ve ever seen, but it takes time and life experiences. We have so much time ahead of us, and we’re gonna go through so much in life… we have to graduate, get a job, find a bigger place to live, get married…” you noticed his breath speeding up, oh no, not again… he couldn’ freak out again, so you had to think quickly “But, until then… why don’t we just have fun?” you got up on him “I mean, some nice… (you kissed him on the forehead) sweet… (then on his nose) loud… (and then on his neck, making him let out a low moan) and PROTECTED… fun?”
  • He raised his head to catch your lips on a deep kiss, and well… let’s say it was a very fun night, after all


  • When you two started dating, she was very concerned about how your family would react about you dating a woman
  • You told her not to worry and explained  how much your parents loved your brother and his partner
  • She was so excited to hear about that, she just enjoyed finding sweet things about you and your family. Seeing her enthusiasm, you kept on talking about your brother and his husband
  • You told her that they were living together for almost five years, and they were considering having a kid, they were already looking for egg donors, matter of fact. You said, on a playful tone (which she probably didn’t notice), that they were considering you to carry the baby
  • So it was no big shock to her when she found the pregnancy test thrown next to the garbage a few weeks later. The fact that it was positive didn’t bewildered her as well
  • She was just confused about why you didn’t tell her you got the procedure? You wanted to keep a secret? Or… you didn’t consider her important enough in your life to let her know? No no… you would never do that! Would you?
  • Whatever it was, she wanted to respect this thing that was obviously between family, so she pretended she never found that test.
  • But it was hard to stay still when you were working at the cafe. Shouldn’t you sit a little? It wasn’t good being standing for this long, right? And how come you were never sick? Were you a super pregnant?
  • And then she lost it when you tried to lift a heavy box in the stock room. “MC, what do you think you’re doing?”
  • “I’m just taking this to the back, it’s getting on the way.” “Why didn’t you ask me to take it, MC? You can’t do things like that!”
  • “S-Sorry, Jaehee. I thought I could handle by myself, but I’ll let you know next tim-“ “Next time? What next time? Are you out of your mind? No! Oh, why didn’t I do this before? You need to take a leave of absence right now!”
  • “Wow, is that an euphemism for firing me?” “Firing you? No, MC! Never! I would never fire a pregnant lady, I would never fire… you…”
  • And you were like: “Say what now?”. She sighed heavily: “I’m sorry, MC! I found the pregnancy test the other day, I know you’re doing it for your brother, so I didn’t want to say anything, because it’s a family thing, and I felt I shouldn’t butt in. But you have to be careful and can’t strain yourself like that, it’s not just about you anymore, it’s about the human being growing inside of you.” What are you saying, woman?
  • And then you remembered the day your friend dropped by after taking the test, she could really use a friend back then… well, she also could have used the trash can appropriately and actually checking if it was actually thrown inside of it.
  • You chuckled and told her the whole story, she was so embarrassed when you finished, and it was so cute…
  • But you needed to scold her a little: “And hey, you dork! Did you really think I would do something so important like this without discussing it with you first?” “It’s a family’s subject, I-“ “And you’re a big part of my family, so you’ll be the first one to know, ok?”
  • Her eyes widened: “I’m… your family?” “W- Well, sure! I didn’t introduce you to my parent s yet, but that can be easily arranged.”
  • “And your brother…?” “Forget him, I’m not talking with him since he declined my offer to carry the baby. He said I’m too clumsy! Can you believe this?” Yeah… she could


  • He didn’t like Elizabeth was playing with trash in the bathroom, but he was curious about what she was trying so much to take from behind the trash can
  • So he saw it and… well, he didn’t know what it was. So he send a blurried photo to Assistant Kang because he doesn’t know boundaries.
  • Jaehee said that, from what she could see through all the blur, it was a pregnancy test, and a positive one judging from the thick blue lines on the top, she didn’t even ask anything, because… well, she knew boundaries.
  • It took him a while to put 2 and 2 together, and when he did… oh boy, he went looking for you.
  • And he found you near the balcony, but he could hear you talking. Oh… you were on the phone.
  • He didn’t want to disturb you, but he couldn’t help listening to your conversation.
  • “Well, sleeping with him was a mistake from the beginning! He’s a such a selfish little prick! Ugh… Oh, come on, we both know he’s not going to propose…” you turned and saw Jumin staring at you. “I’ll call you back later, ok? Hey honey! How was your day?”
  • “Nothing much, apparently I got my girlfriend pregnant, but she hates me…” “You’ve been watching that weird soap opera again, Jumin?” you scoffed, and he seemed irritated
  • “What? How can you make fun of me in such a situation, MC? Is it because… I’m a prick, whatever that means?”
  • “Jumin… you’re not making any sense now, honey. Why don’t we start from the top?” your collected and sweet tone took him aback.
  • “Elizabeth the 3rd found the pregnancy test, MC. I didn’t mean to listen to your conversations, but… I heard you on the phone, and… I’m just wondering, do you really regret making love to me? Do you really consider me… a selfish prick? I know I do a lot of things my way, MC, but you can always tell me if I’m being forceful, and… if you’re worried because we’re not married yet, that can be easily solved! I… don’t have a ring right now, but I can…” and he went down on one of his knees
  • “Whoa, Jumin! What are you doing?” “I’m proposing, as you desired…” “WHOA, ok… um, get up! This is just… this is a big misunderstanding, this is… “ You wanted to laugh so bad, but you knew he ‘d be offended
  • You told him everything, about your friend who dropped by because she was afraid to do it alone, and about you calling another friend to tell her it was true and trash talk the guy, who’s an asshole. “He’s totally… not like you…”
  • Well, he was relieved, not about you not being pregnant, but about you considering him a good man, after all.
  • “But, I must confess, MC, I wouldn’t mind if you were actually pregnant, I would be… very happy…”
  •  “Yeah, I thought you would say something like this. But honey, I’m too young and I just moved in. There’s so much we should do as a couple before thinking about kids, don’t you think?
  • “Oh really? Like what?” he teased you with a smirk
  •  “Well, I’ll let you surprise me on that. But let’s just say for now I should be the only one calling you ‘daddy’ around this house, how’s that sound?” that sounded great.


  • He came to visit you at your place, but you already had a guest? Oh, it was one of your friends, he remembered her
  • He saw you two hugging, both yours and her expression seemed gloomy, the whole atmosphere was a little heavy. Who died?
  • You two saw him, she just said a quick goodbye and got out, her head was low the whole time. “Is everything ok, MC?”
  •  “Yes, yes, it is… so, what’s up?” you tried to not let him see you worried like that, but he could always tell when something was off with you.
  • Generally, you would tell him what was going on, but now you didn’t want to, so he would respect that. The best he could do now was try to make you smile and distract you a little.
  •  You needed to ask him something, but you didn’t know how, so you kept hesitating. He noticed and just hugged you, you would talk when you were ready.
  • You cuddled on the couch and watched a movie, the blanket he brought was furry and you felt your nose itching. He apologized for not knowing you were allergic, he felt so stupid. You told him not to worry, you were dating for two weeks, there were a lot of things you didn’t know about each other, but you would learn eventually.
  • You started sneezing and told him to get your medicine at the bathroom, but then you remembered. You jumped out of the couch, but it was too late. You saw your boyfriend standing next to the sink holding the test and the box with the instructions.
  • “Two stripes mean positive, right?” he asked. “Saeyoung, before you say anything, I should…”
  • He felt happy at first, starting a family with you, even if was so soon, seemed like a dream coming true. But then he remembered yours and your friend’s expression,  you two looked so tense, so… sad…
  • “You called your friend for emotional support, right? You were too scared to do it alone. Why didn’t you call me? Why… why you didn’t want me to find out, MC? Why were you hesitating to tell me?” oh, you knew what was going on, you saw what happens when his insecurities got the best of him “You’re afraid, right? Afraid I’ll push you away again, that one day I’ll run away and let you. MC, I… I know I don’t deserve you, and I’m immature and complicated, but I’ll-“ you interrupted him putting your lips against his and kissing him, it was a fast yet very intense kiss
  • “Now you listen, that test is my friend’s that was here. She’s pregnant, and her boyfriend has been missing for a couple of weeks. He doesn’t seem the type to just let a girl without explanation and they really love each other, just like you and me, so we suspect something bad happened to him. I wanted to ask you to try tracing him, but you said you were done hacking and I didn’t want to make you do something that brought you so much suffering and trouble again. There, I said it” and you let out a deep sight, he was string at you and gulped, he didn’t know what to say, so he also took a deep breath in relief and to try to compose himself.
  • “MC. I’m… I’m sorry for acting that way, and… you can ask me anything anytime you need my help. I’m done hacking to collect bad information, to blackmail people. But I would be more than happy to use my skills to help you and your friend. I mean, this is… so much more than I deserve, I’m so…stupid and…” “You shut up right now, you’re not allowed to talk about my boyfriend and future father of my children like this. If you ever do that again, I’ll kick you in the balls, you heard me?”
  • “But then… we won’t be able to have  kids…” he pouted, and you both laughed. “Alright, now let’s get to work!” he said as putting an arm around your shoulder and leading you to the living room.


  • He noticed you were spacing out a little when he got home and asked if you were ok, you said everything was fine and he went to the bedroom. “What about you? How was your day? You asked, trying to distract yourself.
  •  “Meh, nothing much. You went to shopping?” He asked as he noticed the paper bags next to the door. “Yeah, my friend and I really needed a shopping therapy this afternoon and… oh! I actually have something to ask you, could you access my credit card report and check something for me? I think they charged the wrong price on a dress, the targets were messed up and I think I paid more…” you ran to him in the bedroom.
  • “Don’t be so gullible and pay more attention next time.” He scolded you. “Well, me and my friend were a little distracted, it’s just… nevermind, just… please, Saeran? Pleeease?”
  • He couldn’t resist when you asked like that saying his name. “Fine, you better let me tear off that dress once you put it.” “Not if I actually paid more. But I’ll think of something to pay you in return. I could start with ice cream! I’ll go to the convenience store, what flavor do you want?” “Well, you should choose, it will be all over your body once you get here.”  “And you’ll be the one to lick it, so…” “Whatever you pick, it’ll taste delicious.” He grinned and you giggled, kissing his forehead before heading out of your apartment he’s been staying for a month and a half now.
  • He hacked into your banking activity, as you requested (well, that was a first…), he would show you the report when you’d get back, but since he was here, he was curious about that shopping therapy, so he took a look at what else you bought.
  • Make-up, clothes, hair products, lingerie…? What kind? That was interesting… but what was more interesting was something you bought at a drugstore, what was that?
  • He looked it up and found it was a pregnancy’s test brand. “The fuck…?” Why would you need something like that? Unless… oh, that night you didn’t use a condom… you both were so drunk… SHIT!
  • He was not proud of digging the trash can in the bathroom, and he got even less proud when he saw it was positive (he also had to look it up what the two stripes meant) SHIT SHIT SHIT!
  • Was that why you were so distracted? Was that why you went to shopping? You needed new clothes for your new figure? But you said it was to distract you and your friend… weren’t you… feeling good about this?
  • Of course he wasn’t ready to be a father, but If you’d feel good about this, maybe this would be enough to encourage him… so, if you were doubtful yourself, how was he supposed to feel?
  • You got back and found him on the couch. He was fidgeting his phone on his hand. “Hey, are you okay?”
  • “Yeah, I’m cool, don’t worry.” “Okay… did you check my credit card report?” “Yeah, I did, it was very… interesting…” “Really? I’ll have to go back to that store tomorrow and make them refund me!” he wasn’t looking at you, so you thought of a way to get his attention. “Hey, I… I kinda ruined the surprise when I asked you to see what I bought, but… did you notice that I bought new lingerie? I’ll show you!”
  • What were you doing? Were you messing with him on purpose? You wanted him to find the pregnancy test? But why were you acting so clueless?
  •  You showed up at the living room wearing a stunning black lace and leather lingerie, he was trying so hard not to look, but the blush across his cheeks was very visible. “How do I look?”
  • He didn’t answer, but you could see he was trying not to look. Well, actions speak louder than words, so you sat on his lap and peppered some kisses on his neck. Oh god… he was feeling so hot, but… he pushed you away.
  • “What are you doing? Are you out of your mind?” he asked. “What’s wrong, Saeran? You been acting weird ever since I got back!” “Oh, I’m the one acting weird? Are you sure it’s not you?” “What are you talking about? I just wanted to have some fun with you because I have a shitty day and…”
  • “Would you stop saying that? If you feel so bad about being pregnant with my kid, why are you still trying to have sex with me again?” WHAT THE FUCK?
  • “I saw you bought one of those sticks to pee on to see if you’re knocked up, MC! It’s positive and it’s in the trash can! Then you keep saying how bad your day was, how you needed distraction… I know I’m more like a child and I wouldn’t probably be a good father, but… do you really need to shove that to my face? You… you don’t love me?”
  • You felt so bad… “Saeran… it’s nothing like that, you got everything wrong…” and you explained everything, your friend took the test here, she seemed stressed and worried, so you took her to shopping. “Fuck, I’m becoming as idiot as my brother!” you laughed
  • “You’re not an idiot! But you have to ask me before making your own assumptions. I would tell you right away if I were pregnant so we could figure out what to do together, that’s what you do when you love someone, you know?” he was so happy hearing you say that, you loved him, and most important, you trusted him.
  • “But, that night when we didn’t use a condom…?” “I never forget to take my pills, don’t worry about that.” “Did you take it today?” you nodded a yes, and he grinned.
  • “That lingerie shouldn’t be put to waste, wait for me in the bedroom, I’ll bring the ice cream.”
Baby (Part I)

Hello lovelies! I got carried away with Jo and Shawn and after talking to @lilli-jo about this I continued writing. Hope you like it! Leave feedback! xx

Jo’s hands trembled slightly as she was standing on a balcony, overlooking L.A., shivering in her Marchesa gown.

Being Shawn Mendes’ officially acclaimed girlfriend had changed her world in an instant and she had been confronted with hate, more hate, crazy stalker fans and… hate.

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le-sel-et-le-vide  asked:

Hello please tell me about your favourite plant please.

Okay, so I steal (is it really stealing?) the succulent leaves that fall off in the store and start growing roots to grow in my house. There are little jars and pots all over my windows. My mom thinks I lack some serious impulse control, and she’s right, but the store is gonna throw them away, and I have to eat more yogurt to get more homes for them, so is this really a failing? No.

I have no idea what this one is, but I have a very tiny little succulent guy that is above and beyond my favorite because it’s so cute. It’s pot is juuust too far behind the edge of the window for its liking, so it grew a, like, two-inch stem to reach around to the glass part and has the two tiniest leaves possible on the end. It’s ridiculous, I love it.

Next favorite would be the tiny echeveria I got for $1 because it had maybe four leaves and was dying that’s now a million times better and has a roommate of some little donkeytail lookin’ thing I found the whole top broken off of on the floor in Wal-Mart and stuck in there and forgot to move to its own pot before it rooted.

I… really love my little salvage plants.

empty eyes - 3/3 [KHR]

- Promise -

“Tsuna-kun, where did you get this jacket?” Nana lifts the jacket Ricardo gave him the day before up. Tsuna pauses mid-bite, suddenly remember he hadn’t given the man his jacket back before rushing inside yesterday. He should fix that today.

“A friend gave it to me yesterday,” Tsuna says. “His name’s Ricardo. He’s nice, Mom!”

“Well, I’m glad to hear you made a friend, Tsuna-kun. I’ll dry the jacket, and you can return it later on once you get Ricardo-san’s address, okay?”

“Okay!” Tsuna agrees. “I can ask him.”

Iemitsu, previously absorbed in his food, seems wary of the jacket as Nana tucks it over her arm and walks out to the clothes line. “Say Tunafish, what’s this Ricardo fellow like?”

Tsuna ponders the question. “Well… he’s really tough-looking. And he does this a lot,” he arches an eyebrow in an imitation. Iemitsu’s mouth twitches and he hastily covers the smile.

“What’s he look like?”

“Tall, long hair, pretty red eyes–”

“Red eyes?” Iemitsu interrupts, and there’s alarm in his voice. “Tsuna, are you sure?”

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Braun Strowman/OC: Braun gets dragged along to a local club on Slam Poetry night. And ends up falling in love with your words. SMUT AT SOME POINT IN THIS FUCKIN THING JUST BEAR WITH ME AIGHT IT’S HAPPENING.

Anyways. Idk what even happened in this fic. I started out with a clear idea and then….Shit just kinda happened and idk how it ended up how it did but it did and I couldn’t stop it so. IDK IT’S WEIRD BUT I LIKE IT WHATEVER.

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Matt ponders from the balcony. Pat joins him.

PAT: Hey mate, you doing ok?

MATT: I’m fine. But I hate to admit it but… I guess I’m kinda worried for Tom.

PAT: *pats* Don’t worry about it, man. Bing is good at.. uhh.. repairing stuff… 


PAT: Look, what I’m trying to say is that he’s gonna be fine! Besides, he only got shot in the face. Big deal..


MATT: Sure.

PAT: Come on, bud… Let’s go inside and talk with Powl. 

Pat leaves and Matt throws away his cigarette. He joins him.

Pat walks in and sees Powl smoking inside.

PAT: For Pete’s sake, Powl! I told you, no smoking inside! I don’t wanna get lung cancer. 

POWL: No one cares, Pat. Also, you’re not my mom so suck an egg.

PAT: Urgh!

MATT: So what are you up to on that computer?

POWL: I found this website called Tumblr and you can apparently let people ask you questions. Its pretty neat. 

PAT: Oh my god, we are police officers! No one cares, Powl, we’ve got better things to do… Why bother with this Tumblr thing-


PAT: Fine, fine… Damn… Take a chill pill. 

Matt, Pat and Powl are all open for questions! 

anonymous asked:

What do you define as cheating? And what past experiences have you had where you cheated on or did the cheating?

I took my time with this one. On God, I did cuz I’m about to take the skeletons right tf out my closet. And really live my truth.
1. Cheating is anything you gotta hide from your partner because you know it would hurt them and traumatically impact your relationship. If you gotta erase/hide/modify ANYTHING so that your partner doesn’t know-it’s cheating.
2. As far as I’m aware of, I’ve been cheated on by 2 of my past partners. I haven’t had many serious boyfriends/relationships. The ones I’ve been in lasted awhile. So yea. Now here is where it gets real: I cheated. And I’m gonna focus on this in my response because I’m more concerned about taking responsibility and I’d rather expose myself than the men who have cheated on me. I emotionally cheated on the man that was beating me. I will admit this. It was at the end of the relationship. I desperately wanted out and was afraid to leave. I had to do things that would make him wanna throw me away (like my mom did with my dad) because it was the safest way out. But that’s another story for another ask. However, I cheated on my ex. And that decision still haunts me to this day. I’d like to say I regret doing it because it’s wrong but if I’m being real-it played a MAJOR role in the woman I am today. THAT relationship was… it destroyed me in a way that I needed to be destroyed. Things were going very bad. I couldn’t communicate with him because he would shut down and shut me out at the smallest sign of conflict. He would play head games and stonewall me. Last summer it got so bad I started drinking. From there came September. September I met someone I fell deeply in love with. He knew my situation. We started hanging and hanging quickly developed into much more. For me it was love. For him it was pussy. Fuck it, I’ll admit it. I take responsibility for that because I showed him the worst that I could possibly be. And I knew what I was doing was horrible… so I started drinking hard liquor (I was a wino in the summer). Each time I saw him I would make sure I got fucked up to face what I knew I would be doing. And I was spiraling out of control for all of Tumblr and the world to see. The man I was dating noticed the drinking and I’m sure he noticed the cheating because he lived in my house and all of my patterns had drastically changed. He admitted he noticed when the drinking first started but he said and did nothing. One night after being with the other guy I came home shitfaced and he raped me. I ate that shit because I felt I deserved it since I was cheating. Anyways, on the last day of 2016, the man I’d been seeing… just dropped me. I left tumblr after attempting suicide. I stayed with my ex because I felt I owed it to him to be the woman I felt he deserved. But I realized I didn’t love him and wasn’t even in love with him and hadn’t been since that September. I pushed him to leave me in April. I felt he deserved to be the one to leave me. Because I cheated. Btw, I told him the morning after he raped me that I “did the worst thing a gf could do” because he wanted to talk to me about my drinking because he realized just how close to death I actually was. I’d lost massive weight. I wasn’t eating. All I did was drink and pop benadryls. Usually I drank myself to sleep and I’m a lightweight so…. yea. he asked if I cheated and I just cried and he told me it was ok…. that was a rough morning. We’ve been broken since April and I don’t miss him. We don’t speak and I’m ok with this entirely. Cheating changed my life. It made me humble. If you notice on my posts I might drag men about certain patterns of behaviors in relationships but I don’t bash them for cheating. Because I understand it now. I see it from all angles and from all sides. I see what can happen that could push someone to that point. ITS WRONG. It’s DEAD WRONG. BUT I UNDERSTAND. It’s something I could never do again because the worst part is… now that is something that I have to claim as a part of me and I paid such a heavy price for it all. But the lesson was worth it. Because who I am today I never would have been without it. But it’s not a lesson I wanna learn again.

anonymous asked:

2min. minho's rich parents hasn't been in contact with 2min ever since they got married and after 5 years, minho's parents sends them an invitation for christmas dinner.

for @jetaeminnie  ♡

Titled: How to end a fight? Carry on!
Length: Almost 7.8k words (long!)
Pairing: 2min and tidbits of jongyu
Warnings: cringe, cliches, fluff (not fluffy fluff but as @cute-little-oppas puts it, asdfghjkl fluff)

“What happened?” Jonghyun asked when Minho finished with the pictures and was heading to the screen to edit them.

“Nothing,” Minho answered, sighing a little as he set his camera down.

“Your brows have been knotted all day, dude.”

Minho sighed, reaching into his bag and taking a letter out, throwing it at Jonghyun. Jonghyun caught it and opened it immediately. After he was done reading, he sighed, “Well, you can ask someone to go with you. You haven’t gone home once since you left six years ago. No one knows who your husband is.” Jonghyun paused, “Wait, I can go with you-”

“And you think Jinki’s gonna be alright with that? Let his boyfriend pretend to be someone else’s husband from Christmas till New Year?”

Jonghyun smirked, “I can convince Jinki to go with you instead. Or maybe Kibum-”

“No one’s gonna work.” Minho sighed deeply, “My mom knows who my husband is- was. You are forgetting- she was one of the witnesses, unwillingly but yeah…and she probably has a picture from the wedding and I’m 100% sure she showed it around.”

“Tell her the truth, you got no choice.”

“I was avoiding her calls ever since Taemin left and when she finally sent the invitation, I answered her call and she went on and on about how grandpa is ill and helped her convince everyone to accept my running away, becoming a photographer, marrying early, blah blah blah, so that he could see everyone happy and together this Christmas, because he’s afraid he won’t last until next…and the whole family now is gonna throw a reception of sorts for us during that week I don’t wanna ruin anything for grandpa or mom. And how can I show up at my reception…well, alone?”

Jonghyun thought a while, “Well, you can ask Taemin though. I mean…you guys aren’t really divorced-”


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wasnt gonna post this but ok 

Animals That Never Paid Attention In School

Pairing: Frank Iero x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary: Request fic for @a-ship-that-ships. “Can I have some super fluffy Frank fluff!! Maybe with frank comforting y/n after all the stress from college or school and ends super fluffy?”

You saw on your phone that you had a text from Frank: Babe, can we meet up later? I miss u. <3

I wish I could, you texted back, groaning as you buried your face in the wood of your desk. But I’ve got to stay here @ the library and study. :(

You were surrounded by piles of textbooks and black and white composition books filled with your scribbled notes. Your laptop had about ten tabs open for the research you were doing for your term paper. An empty, paper coffee cup had fallen off the desk and was resting against your shoe. Your hair probably looked gross, and there were dark circles under your eyes.

And I’m still probably going to fail my midterms, you thought miserably. There was just so much information to cram into your head. How could you possibly remember it all? You’d made flashcards, and you’d stared down at these notes for so long that the words were swimming before your eyes, but you still weren’t confident that you could pull off the good grades that your family was expecting of you.

Suddenly, you felt a pair of calloused, tattooed hands cover your tired eyes.

“Guess who?” said a familiar, playful voice.

“Frank!” you gasped, turning around to look at your smiling boyfriend. “What are you doing here?”

“You said you couldn’t come hang because you had to be here in the library,” Frank shrugged, “So, I decided to come to you.”

“You’re sweet,” you smiled weakly.

“Babe, you look awful,” Frank frowned.

You became suddenly so self-conscious of your puffy eyes and ratty sweater.

“Ah…..no, fuck,” Frank backtracked. “I mean, you’re always super cute, Y/N, but you look tired as hell.”

“I am kind of tired,” you yawned. “I pulled an all-nighter last night, trying to spend as many hours of the day studying as I could.”

“Did you even go back to your dorm last night, baby?” Frank asked, looking concerned.

“I……may have kind of fallen asleep at my desk,” you admitted, embarrassed.

“Y/N, you’re working too hard,” Frank warned worriedly. “You need a break.”

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  • -Jake-
  • Jake: Mornin' everyone, no need for introductions. Alright, Get your asses back to your assigned seats.
  • Student#1: *raises hand* You don't look like a professional teacher....
  • Jake: That's because I ain't a professional teacher, Gruffy.
  • Student#1: My name isn't Gru--
  • Jake: Shut it, Gruffy. Now, who here wants to fly a plane?
  • -Sean-
  • Student#1: Ugh I can't do this! This quiz is too hard!
  • Student#2: I know right!
  • Sean: *glares at the students* I'm not here just to watch you guys give up on this easy pop quiz! Man up, everybody! Do this for your future! Now--HUT HUT HUT
  • -Quinn-
  • Student#1: Hey um...I love your shirt.
  • Quinn: Thanks! Also, can you tell me what you did to your hair? I like it!
  • Student#1: I dyed it gray and let my mom braid it.
  • Quinn: oooooooh, I'll definitely try that style next time! Thanks for sharing! You guys are so adorable!
  • -Diego-
  • Diego: Right, anyone here wanna share us their homewo--Oh my God! Is that a Guardians of the galaxy volume 2 CD!?
  • Student#1: Yeah.....
  • -Raj-
  • Raj: So, anyone here gonna throw a party at their place?
  • Student#1: Actually, my parents are gonna be away for a while so--
  • Raj: Sweet! Shots on me, my dudes!!
  • -Craig-
  • Craig: So, somebody just told me that lava is formed--
  • Student#1: Um...you're supposed to teach us mathematics..because you're a math teacher..
  • Craig: I know that I'm a math teacher! You all better shut your mouth and listen to what I'm gonna say or else I'll snap all of your bones.
  • -Zahra-
  • Zahra: Alright brats, let's hot wire the Principal's car and take it for a spin.
  • Student#1: why?
  • Zahra: because I hate the Principal.
  • Student#1: why?
  • Zahra: because he always tells me what to do.
  • Student#1: ............
  • -Alesteir-
  • Aleister: *after many hours of lecturing* Right, Surprise pop quiz.
  • Student#1: *wakes up; startled* What!?
  • Aleister: Ah, what's the point. All of you are going to fail the quiz anyway. Worthless buffoons.
  • -Grace-
  • Grace: Okay, everything in these textbooks are lies.
  • Student#1: ..........
  • -Estela-
  • Estela: Alright everybody, we're gonna be playing dodgeball today. You there, you're excused. *points at a student*
  • Student#1: What? Why?
  • Estela: Because you're a wimp and I don't want to hear a single painful cry coming from you.
  • -Michelle-
  • Michelle: *putting on nail polish*
  • Student#1: Uh....Are you even planning on teaching us stuff?
  • Michelle: Duh, I'm a teacher--But my nails aren't gonna nail polish itself.
  • -Lila-
  • Lila: Wow! Everybody got an A+! Gold stars to all of you!
  • Student#1: Uh....
  • Lila: Come on now! Why the long faces? Smile everyone!
autumn leaves falling down like pieces into place

requested by anonymous

a philkas break up au (with a happy ending bcuz happy endings are bomb!!!)

also this is long as hell sorry yall

Philip stands on the edge of the grass, the water lapping against the toe of his boots. Though he has a jacket on, the cold is still biting at his skin. He crosses his arms, hoping to conserve some body heat, and closes his eyes. He thinks back to the day Lukas was shot; the sound his body made as he hit the water, the panic when Philip realized he would have to go in after him, the paleness of Lukas’ skin as he cradled his head in his hands.

It’s the first time he’s been out here since it all happened; since his mom died. Less than a week, but it feels like an eternity.

“How are you not frozen solid?” Lukas asks, jogging up to Philip, placing a hand on Philip’s arm to turn him. He has a wide grin on his face, and he takes Philip’s face in his hands, about to lean in for a kiss.

Philip pulls back, lips pressed together, and Lukas’ face falters. He steps back, brows pulling together.

“What’s wrong? What happened?” He asks, looking around, as if expecting Kane to step out from behind the trees.

That’s something Philip watches out for wherever he goes, though he knows Kane is long dead. He has to tell himself that when the nightmares wake him up. That they’re safe, Lukas is safe, he’s safe.

But now that it’s over, the consequences that were shoved onto the back burner are coming back.

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Two Takes CAre of You

You had caught the stomach flu from Pony, and were home sick. You were mostly throwing up whatever you ate, you haven’t even showered in days. You were bedridden and havent seen anyone but your mom all week. That is until Twobit, your somewhat boyfriend came over. You were kinda dating, you do everything couples do but you two havent come out as official yet. 

You were laying in your bed watching some movie, huddled under your blankets when there was a knock on your door. “Come in mom.”, but to your surprise it was Twobit. “What are you doing here? You’re gonna get sick.” 
“I probably would have caught it from Pony anyways.” You chuckled and moved over to make room for him. He leaned in to kiss you but you pushed away. “ You’re gonna get sick, I threw up 8 times today, and I havent brushed my teeth yet.” You said warningly. “Ok fair, but as soon as you brush your teeth, you’re mine.” You just cuddled close and watched the movie. Here and there, you would throw up again and he would hold your hair, and hand you a napkin to clean up. “Sorry you’re so sick. I’m gonna beat Pony’s ass.” 

“Shut up!” You said lightly hitting his arm. When the movie was over you got up and headed for the shower. Since it was your first one in days, you took your time and made it extra long. When you got out you smelt something cooking and walked into the kitchen to see Twobit at the stove making grlled cheess and tomato soup. “Go get dressed and we’ll eat.” 

Spare Thoughts™  for Hairspray Live
  • Derek Hough was great and all, but they had Sean Hayes in this cast and didn’t have him playing Corny Collins. This is maddeningly confusing to me. Sean Hayes is Corny Collins??
  • Maddie Bailo was adorable and so talented I love her BUT she did a pretty bad job controlling her breathing. She had a breathless sound in like half her songs because she wasn’t hitting the breathing marks, she really needs to work on that.
  • Kristen Chenoweth is better than 97% of the world’s population. I already knew this, but she went hard trying to reiterate it last night.
  • Garret Clayton was a PERFECT casting choice for Link omfg. I love him I wish they had let him do more.
  • I know people were torn over Ariana Grande as Penny but I had FAITH in her and she didn’t disappoint. Like, not my favorite portrayal of Penny, but she still killed it omg
  • Seaweed J. Stubbs is one of the great fictional loves of my life and he was outstanding last night I was so happy
  • Confirmed: I’m officially stanning Dove Cameron. Girl is crazy talented and I feel like they didn’t take advantage of her enough
  • Okay I genuinely don’t remember if they changed the ending when it went play –> movie, but wasn’t Inez supposed to win the pageant with a bunch of write in votes??? And that’s what officially integrates the show??? I liked that ending a lot better and I was kinda disappointed it didn’t happen
  • Inez’s actress was PRECIOUS though who is she I’m adopting her
  • During “Timeless to Me” when a camera got in the shot and you heard someone offstage say “30 seconds till-” lmao
  • Why was everything so dark???? Like what was up with the lighting guys omg
  • Billy Eichner did not scream once. Why did they deprive him of reaching his full potential
  • When the original Tracy’s had a cameo and I scREAMED
  • Kristen Chenoweth’s bow got cut off and it was a travesty
  • When Link said “I’m not gonna throw away my shot!” my hamiltrash mother snorted so fucking loud guys it was so funny
  • Harvey Fierstein was way too iconic for me to put into words
  • During “Without Love” when Penny’s mom was flipping out and just rolled over her bed??? What was that??? I’m still laughing omfg
  • “Our very own Link Larkin is now going to dedicate a song to newcomer Tracy!” *Link proceeds to flirt with every single girl on stage before Tracy jumps in his face and steals his attention*
  • Penny’s entrance into ‘You Can’t Stop the Beat’ I am DECEASED
  • Also I fucking want that outfit Ariana was rocking omfg
  • Martin Short!!! Was adorable!!! As Wilbur!!!
  • I got a little annoyed at the commercials bc they had so much product placement for whipped cream and oreos but??? No promotions for hair products??? Really??? Just feels like a wasted opportunity for some companies lol
  • The girls had me WEAK during “Mama I’m a Big Girl Now”
  • Hold Mommy’s waffles.”
  • Penny throwing all fucks out the window and straddling Seaweed during “Without Love” like honestly same girl same
  • Dove Cameron singing “Cooties” God Bless America my skin is cleared I love her don’t touch me
  • We got a lot of side profiles for Link and I’d like to imagine Garrett did that and struck poses on purpose to give America a quality view of his ass
  • Why didn’t the Special Ed kids get gym uniforms
  • Kristen Chenoweth in that green dress during “Miss Baltimore Crabs”. Award worthy.
  • “I Can Hear the Bells” will always be one of my favorite songs because it’s so overdramatic and also 100% me every time I remotely like someone
  • I’m gonna start telling literally everyone that I hate that they have “acne of the soul” lmao
  • In Maybelle’s shop like…did they just have those protest signs ready and waiting for a little white girl to appear with the dream of revolutionizing television? lol
  • Penny’s mom randomly having a change of heart at the end of the show was…unneeded, honestly. I felt weird and insincere
  • Costumes we’re g r e a t
  • I was caught off guard by Darren Criss hosting and suddenly I had to face all of my repressed love for him holy shit
  • Tracy ripping the prison bars right off the wall in her quest to get some hunky boy’s dick. Relatable.
  • “Welcome To The Sixties” was LIT that might’ve been their best number of the performance
  • Tracy declaring her college plans on tv was gr8
  • I think I’m gonna give the show an 8. Specific people were completely fantastic, but the overall performance felt like it was lacking something??? I’m not sure what, but there was definitely something missing. Plus, it didn’t feel high-energy enough. Great performance, but not outstanding, you feel?
  • !!!
The Other Way Around: Part One

Rucas multichapter fic. Riley moves to New York from Philly her junior year of high school. Maya, Lucas, and Farkle have been the three best friends since forever. Maya wants to ask Lucas out, but the minute he sees Riley, all bets are off.

Junior year was just about to start. Maya, Lucas, and Farkle still couldn’t believe how strong their friendship was. The three of them had been inseparable since middle school. Farkle had gone to a science camp that took all summer, so Maya and Lucas the majority of the summer alone, together.  

When Farkle got back, Maya regaled him with stories. She would not stop talking about Lucas. Farkle told Lucas about this, and urged him that maybe it was time the two of them got together. Lucas never really looked at Maya like that, but after this summer, he could see it.

They had heard something about getting a new teacher. All of them had signed up for a civics class, to at least have one elective together, so they were bummed when they heard one of their favorite teachers had retired.

It was the first day of junior year. Lucas and Farkle always got to school early. Maya had texted Lucas to wait for her near their lockers, she had something important she wanted to talk to him about.

“What do you think she wants to talk to you about?” Farkle asked Lucas as they walked into the school.

“Oh please, she already told you. She tells you everything first. So why don’t you tell me what she wants to talk about?”

“It’s not my place.”

“Does she want together?”

“What that be awful?”

“No…but I wouldn’t want to ruin the…holy shit.”

The two are in the middle of the hall when they see a long legged brunette walk by and fiddle with her locker. She had long, flowing hair. She was wearing a turquoise crop top, with black jeans and booties.

“Farkle, who is that?”

“I have no idea. Maybe she’s new. This is a pretty big school, you know?”

“It looks like she can’t get her locker open. She’s definitely new. I’m gonna go see if she needs help.”

Before Farkle could convince him to do otherwise, he was already by her side.

“Uh, hi there, need some help?”

The girl flipped her hair away from her face, in what seemed like slow motion, and looked at Lucas. There stood before him was one of the most beautiful girls he had ever seen.

“What would ever give you that idea?” She said sarcastically.

“The lockers here are pretty tricky. What’s your combo?”

“I can’t tell you that. If I tell you then you’ll be able to get into my locker anytime you want.” She says coyly, a slight smile going across her face.

“It’s either that or you’ll be carrying around a lot of heavy stuff all day everyday.”

“Four-twenty one- eighteen.”

Lucas did the combination, and it unlocked instantly.

“Wow, guess I missed how to do that at my special orientation.”

“The trick is to pass zero twice on the first number.”

“Hm, they said t only do it once on the paper.”

“Do you always believe everything you read.”

“No, actually, I don’t.”

She starting putting a bunch of different things in her locker. She hung up a little mirror, and put up some pictures of friends. She sighed when she looked at them.

“I’m Lucas by the way.”

“Riley!” A man said from down the hall, suddenly approaching. She rolled her eyes. “Didn’t your mother and I tell you to stop wearing those shirts when school started?”

“Dad,” She takes a deep breath, “You and mom both got new jobs out of the blue, causing us to uproot our lives. You ripped Auggie and I out of school, and away from all of our close friends. I think my rebelliousness is understandable right now, don’t you think?”

“How long are you going to keep throwing this in our faces?”

“Until I’m not angry anymore.” She slams her locker door shut.

The man shakes his head, and walks away.

“Your dad is the new teacher?”

“Yup. He’s actually a really good teacher, I’m just annoyed right now.”

“That’s fair. Is your mom a teacher too?”

“No, she’s a lawyer.”

Maya walked up to Farkle with a big smile on her face.

“Morning Farkle.”

“Morning Maya, you seem happy.”

“Today is the big day. I told Lucas I wanted to talk to him. I’m gonna ask him out. There was a spark this summer, and I know he felt it too. Who, who is talking too?”

“I’m not sure.”

“Oh, well, I’m about to end this.”

The two walk over to Lucas and Riley.

“Hi Lucas.” Maya says annoyed.

“Hey Maya.” He says, still looking at Riley.

“Um, we need to talk remember?”

“Oh, right,” He says turning to her a little, “What’s up?”


“Maya, I’m sort of talking to-”

“It’s okay, one of my friends is calling me. See you around.”

He watched the beauty walk away. How could someone make walking look like an art.

“Damn, I didn’t get to ask her what her schedule was.”

“What’s her name anyways?” Asks Farkle.

“Riley. Her dad is the new teacher.”

The bell rings.

“We’ll talk later, okay?” Lucas says to Maya as he rushes to his first class.

“You okay?”

“Do I look okay? I don’t know who that girl is, but it looks like she’s going to be a problem. I’ve waited too long for this, I’m not going to let him slip away.”

  • Aries: Listen. I will literally fight you. I am NOT going down with a fight. Come back when I'm sleeping or something.
  • Taurus: I've been ready for this my whole life...but can I at least bring a sandwich and my Rolex with me? No? Fine
  • Gemini: You've got the wrong person you've gotta let me go please please hey what's that- that's right! A distraction!!! *runs away*
  • Cancer: Let me ask my mom
  • She said no
  • Leo: I'm literally not ready like I still have a lot of potential to live up to? Please let me stay I can't go yet
  • Virgo: I never thought you were an actual figure, just a metaphor or something, yeah I'm not going with you this is sketchy
  • Libra: Okay just let me pee first *throws self out of window* *ends up going with grim reaper anyways*
  • Scorpio: You're like my long lost twin brother why you gonna do this to a family member
  • Sagittarius: Death is just another adventure........that I am not ready for
  • Capricorn: Ahh yes the sweet embrace of death
  • Aquarius: No wait I gotta tell my friends that you're real, because if you're real then there's an afterlife.....no? It's just an abyss???? That's not even fair
  • Pisces: Is the soundtrack of hell Iggy Azalea on loop
Melting Ice Chapter 1

Nashi Dragneel and Storm Fullbuster Next Generation.

 Nashi Dragneel

 “Idiot,” I muttered smoothing my cherry blossom hair back.

“Shut up Pink Headed Marshmallow, come here and fight me,” suddenly he was in my face as we collided foreheads.

“Whatever you say Navy Headed Lollipop, you want a fight come on…” I had my arm bent at the elbow and prepared with rolls of fire over my fingertips which I stole off a near by torch, and even though I couldn’t see it, I could feel it; the tendrils of small snowflakes caressing my molten skin as his hands brushed his long black trousers.

“Lollipop? That’s a new one, saying you’re going to put me in your mouth?”

I smile mischievously, “Considering you’ll melt I would but putting small things in my mouth could be hazardous,” his blue eyes darkened, don’t get me wrong, he looks like his father in stance and attitude considering we’re rivals his navy blue hair and light blue eyes put me off a bit, I love Juvia she’s pretty awesome and she can put out my flames like nobodies business…yeah I know, I’m a Dragon Slayer, and I can’t absorb fire, simply because I don’t have dragon lungs, I only inherited my fathers use of flames, I can only possess the flames when I get them from a source.

When my father isn’t around Juvia takes care of the flames, I owe her for that, but this nutcase looks like her in a way, and I can’t hurt the sucker!

“You drive my patience up the wall Nashi,” he growled.

I laughed, “Then don’t challenge me Storm,” we stepped back making sure the challenge was well and truly over before backing down, he stood straight calmly placing a smirk on his smug lips, I tried to let self control back in trying not to act as impulsively as my father does from time to time, at least I take after my blonde haired mother in most serious situations, she does tend to explode if someone ruins her control.

I walk over to the bar watching as Mira ran the cold tap for me, placing my fingers under gently I watched gravely as Storm walked towards the table alongside kiddy Reiki, Gale and my annoying blonde haired brother Ash. Sure those two get along but there is something about our relationship that just doesn’t work…we infuriate each other, fight when we feel an urge to.

It’s confusing but our guild is used to it.

“Sister! Sister…” I look down staring at another Dragneel with blonde hair and infectious grin that she had inherited from our father.

“Hey Luna, how you doing?” she pointed towards the ceiling while jumping up and down on her tippy toes.

“Up, Up-U-Up!” she whined loudly causing most of the guild members to look at me pointedly giving me strange looks.

I bent down picking her up before placing her on my hip, she then pointed around the room wanting to visit everyone before we finally ended up in front of the request board, I stared at them, I’ve been on a few, but my father refuses to let me go without him so I always warn him about it.

Luna had her head against my shoulder snoring particularly loudly for a toddler, my mother is probably assessing her health from where she sat, she likes to wait here since dad has gone on a dangerous mission, she doesn’t like being alone and so she surrounds herself with Fairy Tail members.

Suddenly I felt a loud harsh scream before a sneeze then a wail, I looked down in utter horrification as Luna sneezed rays of fire against me.

My hand shot out settling the flames, I pulled the flames away as everyone shot up to aid the raging fire surrounding, me, these weren’t just small flames, they were huge!

“Luna!” I yelled.

I settled her further down my arm protecting her nimble body from the flames trying my utmost best to absorb them in my hand.

“Nashi!” I heard my mother call, Luna cooed before falling limply against my chest.

“Damn, you sure lose interest quickly,” I clenched my fist closing my eyes trying to rain down on the amount of fire on my hand, it soon began to travel up my arm-

Then something cold, touched my palm, it raced down and up my skin like a train before settling it actually felt kind of settling…almost comforting, I open my eyes to see Storm standing near me, and when I looked down I see that his hand was wrapped around mine stopping the flames.

I pulled my hand away as if I had been burnt-Well that’s stupid because not only can I not be burnt he tried to freeze my ass off!

The guild members coughed and went back to their tables.

“You alright?” he asked.

I snorted, “Like you care…” my mother approached me her big brown eyes widened in alarm.

“Nashi is Luna alright?” I nodded.

“I think I’ll take her for the day mom…you just relax and think about dad,” she sighed walking forward to kiss Luna on the cheek.

“Damn your father, I thought you were like me…”

Storm still stood in his place but was looking over at the wooden pedestal with a face of simple thoughts.

Or so I thought.

“What’s the matter?” I asked with a little sass, or maybe with a lot…

He rolled his eyes, “Aren’t you going to thank me?” I acted as if I thought about it before shaking my head.

“Nah I figured you owe me…”

“For what?” he argued

“Your existence,” he snarled.

“You’re lucky you’re holding Luna or else…”

“Or what?” he ignores my threat turning on his heel while he grumbles loudly usually he repeats insulting names over and over again but today was slightly different instead it was followed by a retort, and that retort made my heart crack a little.

He furthered away walking towards his seat in the guild hall, “Stupid Flame headed Tomboy, nobody’s gonna date her I swear to god…”

I felt this overwhelming feeling of anger, usually before I destroy something, but something made me think about what he said clearly.

He made it sound like not only am I unattractive, but I have a personality no guy would ever want in a girlfriend…that made me feel unwanted, usually I wouldn’t take his comments so seriously but this time I can’t throw a punch and usually he doesn’t do it so publically that the guild looks at me for a reaction.

I almost lunged but my sister nuzzled my arm, reminding me of her whereabouts and the responsibility I have to take care of her.

I lowered my chin tucking it into her blonde hair as I hid my face in order to hide away the pain of what his words meant.

“Mom,” I tried to keep the shakiness from my voice surprised to know it was working, “I’m gonna take Luna home, she’s tired and that might be why she’s bursting with flames see yah later ‘kay,” As I walked home I soon felt a small hand tugging on the bottom of my shirt, I stared down to see it was just Reiki, he’s about twelve years younger than me, he’s bright and ridiculously talented but that’s no surprise considering his mother is none other than Erza Scarlet and not to mention his father, Jellal Fernandez. The terrifying Titania who was a very young S-Class Mage, survived the horrific Tower of Heaven slavery project, female puberty (I’m barely coping, especially since Storm’s comment makes me want to rob a candy store) taking down the Oracien Saints, achieving a win in the grand magic games, she phenomenal!

“What’s wrong Reiki,” I pet his dark maroon hair, to me it convinces everyone that he looks like Jellal no doubt about it.

He’s going to be one hell of a heart breaker that’s for sure.

He grabbed my hand, “Take me home, take me home…” he urged with feistiness, I grinned, just like his mother, bossy but completely adorable.

“Very well,” I grinned, pain that had once plagued my thoughts slowly hid away as I spent some time with Reiki who strangely glanced at Luna from time to time.

When we approached his home I walked to the door knocking loudly, I heard a shift as someone came forward to open the door.

“Reiki!” Rosemary his sister grinned walking forward to hug him, the pair of them are utterly adorable, their probably the only siblings on this earth that get along, mind you their mother is none other than the Terrifying Titania.

“Oh hello Rose,” I smiled down at her.

She gave me a wide smile before pulling back running back through the door her bright purple hair bouncing on her small shoulders.

We stepped in my arm a little tired, I’ve been here several times I’m always welcome to settle in and make myself at home.

I walked to the living room where there is a large chest set up, clothing material filing out, and pins scattered everywhere, luckily somebody had set out a small barrier around it so nobody could hurt themselves.

I placed Luna carefully on the couch quietly mumbling to myself as Reiki joined her side placing his fingertips on her leg.

I smiled to myself cheekily, he likes her. I chanted like Happy.

Reiki also falling asleep I laid him down placing blankets over them as I stared at the chest in the centre of the room I stared down at my clothes, pink haired tomboy. I sigh, I’m not like the other girls in my guild, I don’t wear fitting clothes, I pleasantly like loosely hung things, but that’s because my father never allows me to go near my moms clothes, I am very well endowed in the chest area thanks to my mother but it actually makes me look kinda block like not that I think about it.

I dozed off for a moment simply staring at the chest, but a voice came gently from the hallway.

“Nashi thank you so much for settling him,” I smiled at Erza who walked in very gracefully I may add her red hair done up in a pony tail a suitable dress made for a housewife…she looks beautiful.

“No problem,” I sighed.

“No problem getting him to sleep, but there is a problem,” she tapped my chin, “Tell me little one, I’d like to hear it…”

Perhaps if I tell Erza she’ll kick his ass? But isn’t that just me responding to Storm’s violence like any petulant child who wants the victor to suffer?

“Do you think I look like a tomboy?” I asked.

Her right eyebrow raised, “Well you certainly don’t look like a princess,” I knew it! I am unattra-my bottom lip trembled.

“But all you need is a new set of armor,” my eyebrows furrowed, a new set of armor? I don’t use her kind of magic.

Erza reached for my arm grasping my wrist before pulling me onto two feet, she pushed me through the magic barrier, “Come on, I’ll make you into a woman only worthy of feminine comments,”

I blushed but pushed back, “Erza I can’t I don’t want what he said to change me…” I whispered.

I don’t want him to think his insult hurt me even though it did.

She giggled, “No he won’t change you…do you know what happens when I summon armor to my needs?”

“You destroy the opponent because you adapted to their attacks?” I queried.

She smiled nodding, “And isn’t that what you need? Change your clothes so he can’t attack you for how you look…” well she has a point.

“He also made a comment on my personality but how do I change tha-“
“No Nashi, don’t change how you act, because only people who appreciate who you truly are, are the only people that deserve to know you,” she pulled me closer.

I watched in shock as she grabbed a measuring tape and began to take measurements.

When she was finally finished she grabbed a sketchpad and began to work away. I went in search of Rosemary who was in her room staring at her glowing candles.

I find it adorable at how easily she is entertained by such a small knick-knack.

“How are you?” she jumped but smiled pointing to the flame.

“Warm…” she giggled.

I sat at her side, “Very warm,” I took an inch of her flame lighting it up happy when it began to change colours, she watched in uncontained fixation with the pretty colours, there must be a spell on these flames.

We simply sat there just watching the beauty of my magic, and I thought about what Erza said, she’s right, Storm doesn’t appreciate me, he forsakes me, but I can’t let him take full blame, I do as well.

So maybe those things that are bad to us just shouldn’t be in my life.

Maybe I should talk to him, tell him I don’t want him to talk to me, to challenge me and I’ll do the same…then I can get started on trying to make relationships with people who do care and love my personality.

Because god knows how long out of my day I spend fighting him.

“Nashi come here…” I heard Erza from the living room, I blow out the flames placing Rosemary back on her bed as I exited the room.

When I came back into the room my eyes widened in shock, “Umm Erza-w-what are you wearing?”

She faced me with a smile, “Don’t you like it? Its my sewing armour,” oh its something alright, her bosoms hang low out of the low cut cream dress, it pressed against her curves only making mid way on her thighs, she wore platinum heels with what seemed to look like needles attached to it…and is her headband made out of cotton?

Oh dear…what have I gotten myself into?

“I love it,” I said nervously.

“Now come here its perfect…” she grinned I didn’t see what she made because she commanded me to look away.

Almost immediately she pulled the clothes from my body all except my underwear before she started shoving my body around in another material.

“Hehe, almost there,” Erza grinned.

Something was pushed up my legs before it was zipped up, a shirt stuck over my head.

I struggled and at times yelled out for help because I felt mutilated and pressed against almost violently.

“Erza,” I whined, before suddenly she steeped away.

She grinned in satisfactory.

“Isn’t it wonderful, you look stunning,” I didn’t know about that as I lowered my eyes slowly.

My eyes processed as I looked at what I now wore, she is right, it is stunning, I smoothed my hand over the material, it is a strapless dress that molded to every inch of my curvy figure while hiding my bosoms, dark satin black material that is every bit as comfortable as my other clothes, it didn’t rise up or show anything inappropriate.

So it can be given the daddy approval tick. On my feet are a pair of mild orange boots and the hem of the dress is also orange, this dress actually reminds me of my fathers clothes, and Erza confirmed.

“I put a little Dragneel touch in there,” I grinned for the next few minutes I spent gushing over the damn thing whilst trying to act cool, its unlike me to act all girly because its weird, like my mom.

When I finally stopped was when I noticed the sun was starting to set. I quickly said goodbye and took my sleeping sister from the couch before racing home.

I stepped through the door ten minutes later; Dad is lounging on the floor in front of mom as they embraced, really? In the hallway?

“What’s wrong with your room? Gross,” I urged in disgust, my dad laughed getting off the floor with mom in his arms, “Oh and hi daddy,”

“I was desperate to hold my wife your mothe-What are you wearing?” I bit my lip.

“Err clothes,” I said awkwardly while my mother also studied me.

“You look so cute,” my mom squealed in delight.

I pulled my palm out, “Mom, no, that’s weird…”

But she only sprung forward, “Please, please let me do something with your hair…” dammit she’s using those eyes…not the eyes. The ones when her big  brown eyes widen drastically and tears form.

No wonder dad caved into their marriage, that’s a face I can’t even pull it off!

I huffed as she spent the next ten minutes behind me in urgency as my father discouraged the use of clothes that made me look like a woman, not his little girl.

I shook my head, what a weird family I have.

“Oh please, I’m begging you, do it for your mom?” I couldn’t take it anymore, those eyes!

“Fine, fine I give up!” I gave dad Luna, and he took her in watching her carefully, so I guess mom filled him in about the incident.

Mom pulled me in to her and dad’s room bustling around as she grabbed brushes and god knows what.

“Yay this will be our first girly daughter and mommy thing we will do…” she sounded extremely excited so I bared with it.

“Sure mom, it sounds great,” she giggled and began to brush my hair, as she studied the strands she made a frustrated noise, “Nashi why are there a lot of split ends?” she scolded.

I sigh, “I haven’t had a chance to fix it,”

She kissed my cheek, “No matter I have just the right person to fix it,”

She pulled out one of her keys and I knew exactly who she is going to call,”

He appeared in his usual form casually making audible tunes.

“Hey Hot Pink Lucy,” that’s what he calls me. “How you doing-ebi?“

“Great,” I grinned he’s pretty cool, I don’t even act as if they’re magical beings, they’re my friends.

“Hey Cancer, can you give her a hair cut?”

She smiles in encouragement, I watch painlessly as he zipped past taking away all my split ends with ease.

“There you have it, gotta go its disco night,” then he was gone.

For the next half of my night my mother spent putting my hair in various hairstyles till she finally pulled it up into a high ponytail leaving my bangs out.

“Mom I’m tired,” I whined.

“Fine get some rest,” she urged, “Besides its celebration night tomorrow, it’s the festival of the cherry blossoms…did you know your father dug up the entire tree for me because I was too sick to go to the park?” really, my dad did something like that?

He actually dug up a tree for my mother, I mean he’s stupid sometimes he puts his shoes on the wrong feet…so what happened?

Probably a stroke of genius.

“Sounds like dad,”

Little did the Dragneel know that her hair, and change of clothes would stir a jealous emotion from the Ice Mage the very next day that started an adventure like no other. 

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Part 2 here.

Can’t Buy Love, Chapter One

Pairings: Dan x Reader (Y/N)

A/N: This is more of the prologue, to give you guys a little taste of what I have in store for you all -Meg x

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Y/N’s life started the day her car broke down.

Not that she knew that- of course- but in that very moment, she was convinced her very world was ending.

“Out of all the times to possibly break down, you chose now?!”

Y/N was standing on the side of the road, face red, fists clenched, and a line of sweat beaded her forehead as she shouted.

Not like anybody else could hear her-it was just her and her car all alone on the side of a road hardly anyone went down. Her car sputtered out a puff of thick, black, smoke as if it was responding to her… mocking her. Y/N groaned, throwing her head back and staring up into the cloudless sky as the sun shone down on her skin.

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