or my hand in marriage

most ppls fantasies: this ““tall dark handsome man”” sweeps me off my feet

my fantasy: a cute girl has a sword, and, she leans on it and flirts with me. possibly challenges me to a duel. for my hand in marriage

  • Philip Schuyler: Alexander, you seem like a lad with a bright future. I think you may be worthy of my darling Eliza's hand in marriage. Can you promise me just one thing?
  • Hamilton: Anything, sir.
  • Philip: Be true to my daughter. Can you manage that for me, son?
  • Hamilton: Of course, sir!
  • Laurens, bitter and peeking out from behind a potted plant: bitch he lyinnnnn I got receipts
Royalty Starters

“Your Grace, a petitioner has come to see you.”

“My sword, my arm, my life, I pledge to you, my king/queen.”

“The beast has demanded the princess as tribute.”


“I will fight your champion!”

“Your highness, your father/mother is dead. You are now King/Queen.”

“You have been charged with High Treason against the Crown. How do you plead?”

“I find you all guilty of High Treason against the Crown!”

“What punishment does Your Grace see fit to give such a low creature?”

“That boy/girl there is a false heir. I am the True Prince/Princess!”

“I seek your hand in marriage, my lord/lady.”

“Shall I make the engagement arrangements, Your Majesty?”

“The prince/princess has run away with a stablehand! I’m gathering a force to bring him/her back.”

“This war has lasted too long. May we find peace between us?”

“There will never be peace so long as that fat king rules!”

“The enemy has invaded the western half of the kingdom, and the wild tribes of the south are rising up. What are we to do, Your Majesty?”

“The heir is born!”

“The heir has died!”

“The prince/princess is excelling in their lessons, Your Grace. You must be proud.”

“The princess has taken an interest in swordplay. What do you say of this, Your Grace?”

“The prince/princess has taken an interest in magic. What do you say of this, Your Grace?”

“Have you heard the news about the Prince and that floozy of a maid?”

“I heard the King is having an affair.”

“Everyone knows the King/Queen is sleeping with the court fool, give me some new news!”

“All hail King/Queen ___! Long live the King/Queen!”


Stardew Valley Bachelors and Bachelorettes. 

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Finally finished this! I’m technically on vacation so I have more time than usual on my hands. I always wanted to draw all the marriage candidates in a group shot of some kind. May do more because this game is all I think about nowadays. 

I’ll make up for not including Shane and Emily somehow. Hope you like it!

"alternative facts" is the greatest term ever.  No, seriously it is.

Hey, guys. Charlie Cox just suddenly showed up on my doorstep, declared his undying love and vowed to have my hand in marriage. Then I won the lottery. Then FHM declared me the most beautiful woman in the world. 

These are not lies, you understand. No. Not all. Just “alternative facts.”

Which makes them true.

Kellyanne Conway is simply trying to help everyone’s low self-esteem, you see.

Shopkeeper/Mafia AU: Date 2/?

Goth - @nekophy
Palette - @angexci
AU - mine
“So, where are we headed?” Goth asks, looking up to Palette as the two continue to walk down the sidewalk.
“Hmm, trip to the aquarium?” Palette replies, smiling.
“Sure, Might be fun!” Goth says, shrugging.
“Alrighty then.” Palette chuckles, nodding his head.

After some chatting and a little more walking, the two skeletons finally reach the aquarium entrance.

“Ready?” Palette asks, holding Goth’s hand.
Goth scoffs playfully and smiles. “You make it seem like you’re asking my hand in marriage.”

Palette opens the door for Goth. “Not yet anyways.”
“Oh shut up!”


Once entering the aquarium, the two are in awe and starstruck.

“Whoa..” Goth says, taking a step forward.
Platte smiles slightly, letting go of Goth’s hand so he could walk towards the tanks.

All around them tanks filled with beautiful and colorful fish swimming freely glowed a mystical blue hue. The aquarium wasn’t all that crowded, so it was easy for the two to walk around and watch as fish swim in all sorts of directions.

After a while, they passed by a little cart, where a blue rabbit was selling some drinks.
“Hey Goth, i’ll get us some drinks, ok?”
Palette says, pointing at the cart.
Goth nods and wanders off to get a better look at the fish.

Palette goes over to the cart owner. “I’ll have…one peach tea and one mango smoothie please!”
The cart owner gets two bottles and types in the purchase. “That’ll be 20G!”
Palette shuffles through his pockets and brings out some coins, giving it to the blue rabbit. Watching as the owner puts the two bottles in a plastic bag, Palette grabs the bag and turns around to walk back to Goth, when he halts.

Goth is standing infront of a water tank, watching as fishes of all kinds swim past him. A little pufferfish swims lazily towards him and Goth taps the glass, making it puff up like a balloon. He giggles slightly as the pufferfish desperately tries to swim off in its puffy state. Even from this distance, Palette can see the childish and whimsical glow in his eyes.

As Palette watches all of this, he feels a soft blush form on his cheeks. He’s really fallen for such a gentle and sweet person.

“On a date I assume?” The voice of the cart owner jolts Palette back into reality, as he turns around and nods.
The cart owner smiles and leans his head on his hands. “That’s really nice. I remember when my husband and I used to go on little dates like you.”
“Really?” Palette asks, the topic now perking his curiousity.

“Oh yes! Though he was a bit of the grumpy side, I always knew how to cheer him up!” The cart owner sighs. “I kinda wish he were here again.”
“Oh- Oh i’m sorry for your loss sir.” Palette says, looking at the blue rabbit.
The cart owner smiles kindly. “No need to be sorry. These kinds of things happen. What’s your name, kiddo?”
“Palette. Palette Roller, sir.” Palette replies.
“Nice to meet you Palette, i’m Nicecream. Nicecream Burgerpants.”

A pang of guilt and a wave of memories flood Palette.

Nicecream Burgerpants.


That man he brutally killed was this rabbit’s husband.

Palette tips over slightly and holds his head.
“W-Whoa, are you ok Palette?” The cart owner’s voice shakes up Palette.
Palette looks up to the rabbit, face pale. “I’m..I’m fine. Thank you.”

Nicecream sighs in relief. “That’s good. Now, why don’t you run along? I wouldn’t wanna keep you from your date. Just be careful, ok?”
Palette nods, thanking him again and walking off to Goth.
His grip on the bag of drinks tighten.


“Wow Palette! That was really fun!” Goth exclaims, smiling brightly at his date.
“I’m glad you thought so, Goth.” Palette smiles back. “Hmm, I could go for some ice cream. What about you?”
“That sounds perfect and I know a great place! Follow me!” Goth cheers, grabbing Palette’s hand unexpectantly, making the older blush brightly as Goth leads him forward.

The two skeletons giggled and laughed all the way to their destination, both seeming to fall deeper and deeper in love for each other.

“I’m am an American born Eritrean and my husband is biracial American (Black and White). We met in Miami eight years ago. At first, I didn’t take him seriously however we kept bumping into each other in Houston where we both live. Two years later, I decided to give it a shot, and quickly I realized he was my soulmate.
My parents were not for it at all initially. He asked my dad for my hand in marriage three times and was shot down (I didn’t know this). Eventually, he just proposed. The month after, there was tears and heartache from my parents. I think there is a stereotype they had in their head of who he would be. Once they actually met him and they came around (when they had no choice lol). Later, they loved him as well. They call and text each other more than they do with me now.
He has been so open and receptive to my culture. He embraces every part of my family and our traditions. His unconditional love and patience not just for me but my family has been unparalleled” 💛 @medhins_child