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She wanted his hands to roam around her body the way artists sculpt their sculptures.” for rebelcaptain?

A number of people sent me messages about liking more outtakes from the Royal Arranged Marriage AU, so here’s another “missing scene.”

In finishing school, Jyn had opted for sculpture and ceramics over water colors or the painting of fine china–she had a heavy hand and did not excel at delicate work. Her instructor had looked so pained when she presented to him he first canvas and seemed relieved when her highness had arranged through her private secretary to switch her art course. And though no proficient, Jyn proved to have at least a good eye and an instinct for curve of a vase or the way the thigh muscle stretched and moved on the human form.

And the way she had touched that clay, the way it had yielded to her hands, was how she wanted Cassian–her husband (how new and novel and wonderful it felt now to think of him this way and to want it and him the way she did)–to touch her now. But finishing school had tamed much of her instinctual wildness, and she felt the appropriate amount of embarrassment now at wanting to ask him for this because of what had been drilled into her from eight to eighteen.

They’d stayed in bed most of the morning, pushing the heavy curtains together as much as they could to keep out the sun and the duties that lay ahead for them both. Curled up, they had talked and kissed, laughing and breathless with the discovery that they had for this chance to redo the first blush of love.

He knelt before her now though, her naked legs bracketing him, and he was unable to hide the adoration in his face and this new turn in their marriage. He reached out and touched his face, rubbing the scruff of his beard in her hands and relishing how tactile they could now be with one another.

Cassian leaned into her hand, kissing her palm, but it only made her want him more, and she felt the ache of desire between her legs.

“They’ll call us for breakfast soon,” she said at last. “Soft-boiled eggs and toast. Marmalade I suppose, and of course tea.”

“Of course,” he echoed. “What should we do until then?” he asked, playing along, since they were of like mind and had only one activity that currently interested them.

And since Jyn still could not ask, not with words at least, she slid to the ground to join him on the soft rug and used her sculptor’s hands to show him exactly what she wanted. Cassian, a quick study and a good student in his own right, caught on immediately. As his mouth found hers and drowned her in kisses, Jyn thought faintly that she would have to remind herself to tell him later that if this had been one of her sculpting classes, he would have passed with flying marks.

Traditional Celtic marriage vows, better than anything I've ever heard:

You cannot possess me for I belong to myself
But while we both wish it, I give you that which is mine to give
You cannot command me, for I am a free person
But I shall serve you in those ways you require
and the honeycomb will taste sweeter coming from my hand.

drew something for a school project
can you tell my laziness;; I can’t draw males to save my life haha;;

most ppls fantasies: this ““tall dark handsome man”” sweeps me off my feet

my fantasy: a cute girl has a sword, and, she leans on it and flirts with me. possibly challenges me to a duel. for my hand in marriage

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Concept: king is secretly a girl and and risk finds out after their 7th trip to the vet (don't ask) and they consider renaming her Queen Fluffkins

“King is pregnant,” Neil said. He was holding an obscenely obese, pregnant, cat like King was a petulant toddler.

“I thought the cat was just fat,” Andrew said, not bothering looking up from his book.

“I mean, should we rename King,, Queen?” Neil asked hesitantly,

Kevin, who was hungover in the beanbag sprawled out in a way that made his limbs look much longer than they had any right to be, slurred, “There’s only room for one queen here, and I’m that bitch.”


“I’m not fucking around. I have a tattoo. It’s permanent. She’s my favorite cat. She’s my king don’t take this away form me.”

“Okay, Queenie Landgraab, we’ll follow your orders,” Andrew said, pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose. Distracting Neil long enough to allow a very pregnant King to make her escape.

marriage sentence starters.

“ will you marry me? ”
“ will take my hand in marriage? ”
“ i want to be with until death do us part. ”
“ how’s it feel to be a newly wed? ”
“ so, are you going to plan your own wedding? ”
“ ready to go wedding dress shopping? ”
“ who’s going to be the flower girl? ”
“ let’s get hitched! ”
“ do you want a big wedding? ”
“ let’s just get married. ”
“ i want to marry you. ”
“ so, where’s your fiancee? ”
“ i am engaged! ”
“ i’m going to ask her/him to marry me. ”
“ oh my god! he proposed! ”
“ i wish he would propose to me already. ”
“ have a wedding theme picked out yet? ”
“ guess what comes after marriage? divorce. ”
“ kids come after marriage you know. ”
“ did you say yes? ”
“ will you do my the honor of marrying me? ”
“ this wedding is stressing me out. ”
“ congratulations on your engagement! ”
“ what’s going to be the theme of your wedding shower? ”
“ i’m going wedding shopping later. ”
“ are you getting married? ”
“ how does it feel to be engaged? ”
“ who are the lovely bridesmaids? ”
“ so, is it going to be a big or small wedding? ”
“ oh, i love weddings! ”

some bungou for tomorrow’s artist alley commission samples

anyway it would have made more sense to draw akutagawa but the paper could barely hold all the ink on chuuya’s coat, so i changed it to kyouka


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Titled: ‘Tease’

Warnings: Gaston/Luke Evans feels, FLUFF 

Word Count: 1,392 

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A/N:   Request from @btrombley13:  You should write a Gaston x reader where, much like Belle, he just keeps trying to win her over but the reader just keeps denying. Maybe where the reader continously teases him, whether it’s by joking with him or wearing a dress which just compliments the reader in best ways. I just thought that would be funny and actually kind of cute. Cause lets face it, Luke Evans Gaston is amazing ^_^ have a good day :)

A/N: Sure! Of course! I hope this was what you were looking for!! 

For years, Gaston offered you his heart and hand, but you would respectfully decline his wish. You liked Gaston and all, but you feared of settling. You didn’t want to settle to early on in life. You were young and ambitious. Plus, Gaston and you have been companions longer then before Gaston showed you signs of love. You also didn’t want to see that kindled relationship be destroyed if things fell through. Gaston, on the other hand, knew he had you reeled in, it only just a matter of time. But since you and Gaston were still only friends, you were certainly not shy from the idea of messing with one another. 

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Royalty Starters

“Your Grace, a petitioner has come to see you.”

“My sword, my arm, my life, I pledge to you, my king/queen.”

“The beast has demanded the princess as tribute.”


“I will fight your champion!”

“Your highness, your father/mother is dead. You are now King/Queen.”

“You have been charged with High Treason against the Crown. How do you plead?”

“I find you all guilty of High Treason against the Crown!”

“What punishment does Your Grace see fit to give such a low creature?”

“That boy/girl there is a false heir. I am the True Prince/Princess!”

“I seek your hand in marriage, my lord/lady.”

“Shall I make the engagement arrangements, Your Majesty?”

“The prince/princess has run away with a stablehand! I’m gathering a force to bring him/her back.”

“This war has lasted too long. May we find peace between us?”

“There will never be peace so long as that fat king rules!”

“The enemy has invaded the western half of the kingdom, and the wild tribes of the south are rising up. What are we to do, Your Majesty?”

“The heir is born!”

“The heir has died!”

“The prince/princess is excelling in their lessons, Your Grace. You must be proud.”

“The princess has taken an interest in swordplay. What do you say of this, Your Grace?”

“The prince/princess has taken an interest in magic. What do you say of this, Your Grace?”

“Have you heard the news about the Prince and that floozy of a maid?”

“I heard the King is having an affair.”

“Everyone knows the King/Queen is sleeping with the court fool, give me some new news!”

“All hail King/Queen ___! Long live the King/Queen!”

Popping the Question

Just a quick one off of Liam helping his best bro, Jaal, prepare to pop the big question.


“Nervous?” Liam grinned at the fidgeting angara who was sitting on the other end of the couch fussing with his rofjin.

Jaal drew in a deep breath, stilled his hands, and exhaled slowly. “I admit,” he confessed, “I am feeling a bit apprehensive.”

“Well, you shouldn’t be.” Liam leaned over from where he sat and punched the other man lightly on the arm. “We’ve gone over this scenario a hundred times. You’re going to be fine. It’ll all work out, you’ll see. You love her, don’t you?”

“Of, of course I do,” Jaal stuttered, looking slightly offended that Liam would even have to ask him such a question. “Have I not made it clear that my very heart beats for her? That I want nothing more than to remain by her side for the rest of my days?”

“Perfectly clear,” Liam chuckled. “And believe me, the feeling is mutual. Ryder lights up like a Christmas tree every time you walk into the room.”

Jaal looked confused, his mouth turning down at the corners. “Christmas…tree?”

“Never mind,” Liam waved off the question. “I’ll explain it to you later. The point is, you have nothing to worry about. She’s as smitten with you as you are with her. With things beginning to settle down with the Kett and the new colonies up and running, it’s time to look toward the future, you know? Make a home. Make a life…preferably one that doesn’t involve being shot at and traipsing around inside of Remnant vaults.”

Jaal nodded, “I suppose…I suppose you are right. I just…I want this moment to be as perfect as she is.”

“And it will be,” the human man assured. “Everything has been arranged just like you wanted it. I saw to it myself.”

Jaal let out a relieved sigh. “You…are a good friend.”

“I try my best. Which reminds me…” Liam leaned over the arm of the couch and dug around inside of a bag, pulling out a small, black box. “Here,” he pressed it into the other man’s hands. “I went ahead and picked this up for you…well…technically for Ryder.”

Jaal’s face lit up. Excited, he cracked open the box. His large, blue eyes drank in the sight of the small jeweled band nestled within. With slightly trembling fingers, he plucked the ring from its velvet confines to examine it closer. He’d come up with the design himself after learning that humans exchanged jewelry with one another as a symbol of their commitment and he’d wanted to give Ryder something as unique as she was. The angara had no such custom but if it was a part of his Darling One’s culture, he wanted to honor it, to show her the depth of his devotion in a way she was familiar with and would understand.

The blue and purple swirled stone he’d had harvested from his home planet of Havarl glittered from within its silvery setting, reminding him of the vastness of space his love had crossed to come into his life. He felt a smile tug at his lips. It was more than he had expected. Flawless. Almost as beautiful as the woman he hoped would soon be wearing it. His heart stuttered happily in his chest at the thought.

“Well?” Liam pressed, “Its good right?”

“Mmm,” Jaal rumbled. “It is perfect.”

“You want to run through it one more time?”

“Yes,” Jaal nodded. He felt slightly more confident with the ring actually in his hands. “If you do not mind.”

“Sure thing. So,” Liam pushed himself up off of the couch to stand. “From the top then. Just take a deep breath, relax, and pretend that I’m Ryder. You’ve got this.”

“Right. I can do that.” Jaal nodded and also rose from his seat and approached the other man. He closed his eyes for a moment, picturing his beloved in his mind and instantly felt more at peace. More centered. He opened his eyes and gingerly took Liam’s hands into his own, imagining his love’s small, soft hands in their place. Yes. He could do this.

“Sara,” the angara began, swiftly taking a knee as Liam had advised him was traditionally custom for one asking their other half for their hand in marriage. “My heart and my soul, I feel as though I have always loved you…”

At that moment, without warning, the door to Liam’s little sanctuary slid open. Gil, the ship’s resident engineer, came striding in. “Hey, just came to invite you two to…poker…tonight…uh…” Gil blinked. The sight of the crisis specialist seemingly being proposed to by their angaran crew mate, ring and all, stunned him silent for a moment. “I can, uh, I can come back later. Sorry, uh, sorry to interrupt…”

Liam and Jaal stared after the man as he turned swiftly on his heel and disappeared back out the way he had come. Liam looked amused. Jaal’s expression, however, ran more along the lines of acute distress.

The human burst out laughing at the angara’s distraught look, “Better get a move on, mate, if you want to keep the element of surprise. With Gil’s mouth, I give it about a half hour before the whole crew knows something is up. You don’t want him blabbing to the Pathfinder.”

“Shit,” came Jaal’s muttered reply as he quickly rose to his feet and straightened himself. Just like that, the nervous fluttering filled his stomach once more.

A Princess’s Wedding Night

Member: Park Jimin

Classification: Smut

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I stood waiting in my new quarters. I had nothing to do by then except wait anxiously for my husband to join me. I knew what lied ahead of me that night, and I felt a light blush come across my features as I glanced at the bed.

I took the time to look around at the rich furnishings that surrounded me; anything I could do to calm my preoccupied mind. A large mahogany mirror stood opposite of me as I inspected the slip my handmaiden had placed on me as my attire for the night. It’s purpose was to allow my new husband to quickly undress me, my lady-in-waiting had informed me.

I was fidgeting with the button on my clothes when I heard a knock on the door. I stood there awkwardly for a good moment before I tentatively spoke out. I already knew who it was as there was only one person who had business with me that night.

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Stardew Valley Bachelors and Bachelorettes. 

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EDIT: Made Wallpaper Versions! 

Finally finished this! I’m technically on vacation so I have more time than usual on my hands. I always wanted to draw all the marriage candidates in a group shot of some kind. May do more because this game is all I think about nowadays. 

I’ll make up for not including Shane and Emily somehow. Hope you like it!

Honestly, if/when I ever get married, my willingness to take my partner’s last name is going to depend entirely on the availability of the corresponding domain name. Like, your name is Smith? Probably not gonna happen - do you have any idea how expensive it would be to get my hands on smith.net?

  • jimin: aww, kook, you are such a cutie
  • jungkook: what i'm getting from this is tht you're ready to profess your undying love for me and finally ask for my hand in marriage,,
  • jimin: what
  • jungkook: what
Gaston has even greater anger issues...
  • Maurice: Why did you follow me out here if you didn't believe me?
  • Gaston (as he's nearly grabbing him by the throat): BECAUSE I WANT TO MARRY YOUR DAUGHTER!!!!
  • LeFou: Gaston...deep breaths. Remember the war! Blood, explosions, loads of widows...
  • Gaston: Ah...widows...sorry Maurice, old bean...may I have your daughter's hand in marriage?
  • Maurice: My daughter will never marry you.
  • (Silence)
  • Gaston: (knocks Maurice out cold with one punch)
  • LeFou: Knew that was going to happen.