or my general well being

i hate when ppl assume my adhd is Fake or Not A Real Problem bc i can function/do well in school like

you see the good grade but u don’t see the 3 hrs of stress-crying and general breakdown shit it took to do 30 mins of work on that project the night before it was due or the frustration in math class because i want to care but i literally cannot bring myself to focus on the textbook. it’s gonna take an hour and a half to make up 15 minutes of notes when i get home

so like ?? yeah i do pretty well in school but often at the cost of my general well-being/mental health. that might be a slight exaggeration. but yeah 

Prayer Request(s)

So classes have officially started and already some of my bad habits (not sleeping enough, going to bed too late, over-sleeping, not eating often enough, not exercising enough, not praying enough, not reading Scripture enough, and procrastination) rear their heads occassionally. On top of all of this I have been sick for three days. Please pray for my health, focus, and general well being. If you want to that is. I’d appreciate it so much. Thank you.

could i but tell you how they hurt my heart,
these words, this art:
they grieve me
they bereave me
they pull me fair apart
until i am nothing but that which has gone before me.

art is not complete. it is not finished.
it is the constant pursuit of embetterment,
of building upon all that came before
until what was mound becomes mountain,
what was rain becomes wide, rushing river.
art is nothing more and nothing less
than our collective striving to state more perfectly
what somebody else has already said.
it is reaction, it is push and pull
and ebb and flow.

                             now, go,
and with bones upon hollow bones
may you join the race of the centuries
to be the first to most truthfully express
the very essence of all that it is to be human.
truthfully? it is grief and love and pain and light,
a hand always reaching out towards that one greater something.

our words echo all throughout history, all throughout time…
but if in echoing they do not repeat, then surely they must rhyme –
and oh! is it not almost holy, holy?

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Oh I die. Harry Styles performing Faith in a tribute to the late and great, George Michael at The Brits 2017?!? Didn't Nick say something about wanting to perform Faith at the Brits, if he was on a boyband, or something along those lines?

Okay. You people need to STOP!  I can NOT take this kind of BLATANT DISRESPECT for my health and general well-being!

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im picking random numbers without looking um um 3, 16, 27, 35

3: What’s your current OTP?
Ahh… I’ve been multishipping So Much lately, oh my god, but I’ve been really into Snaibsel, [redacted], and [redacted] for the past few days specifically

16: Talk about a ship you initially disliked.
….I think I used to lowkey dislike Finnrey? Or, well, I didn’t dislike it I just liked Stormpilot more. But now I really like it.

27: Is there a ship you’ve shipped for most of your life?
I’m pretty sure I’ve been lowkey shipping, like, Dramione for at least five years or maybe longer. Not most of my life, but it feels like a long time. I don’t really like it anymore (I prefer Drarry now) but it’s a very nostalgic ship to me.

35: Recommend 1-5 shipper blogs.
*sweats* I don’t know what counts as a… shipper blog… fuCK I’LL JUST SKIP THIS ONE I DON’T REALLY KNOW HOW TO DO THIS

send me a number!

Also yesterday one of the customers, who was this gross old man, told me I was “too young to be working” and that I should “still be playing with dolls” like???

God it took every ounce of my self control not to just say “get fucked, I haven’t played with dolls for the better part of 13 goddamn years.” 

Bc on one hand WHAT THE FUCK and all the other hand FUCK YOU and on a third and physically impossible hand I KNOW I DON’T LOOK LIKE A GODDAMN CHILD.

The only way he could have been more infantilizing is if he’d told me that I was too young to work and that I should “still be playing house” or some shit. 

A More Logical Love Poem

I can live without you.

You are not a
Missing piece
That I can’t function without.
I will not
Cease to be
If you leave my side.

 If I were to
Give you my heart,
Just rip it
Out of my chest
And present it to you,
Blood dripping through my fingers,
I would be dead within moments.

That’s not how it is with you.

I know that you are not as directly
To my existence
As air
Or warmth
Or food.
You are not more important
To my general well-being
Than the thing
Pumping blood inside my chest.
I do not have to have you
In order to survive.

But I still want you in my life.

The stars will not stop shining
If you choose to go away
(But they would not seem as beautiful
Without you next to me)

I am still a whole being
When I’m on my own
(But I am a better person
When I’m with you) 

Equations and physics would carry on
If you were to disappear
(But then what would be
The point?)

I know that
I could live without you.
I could still breathe,
Still move,
But the thing is,
I really don’t want to.

You may not be the thing
That gives me life,
But you are what makes it
Worth living.


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I’ve just spent the most expensive dollar and finally achieved my childhood dream. I am so so happy to finally own this beautiful, wonderful, mare and have a horse all to myself. Working with Lulu the past 8 months has greatly improved my riding, my patience, confidence, and general well-being. I hope that I’ve done the same for her, and I can’t wait to spend the rest of forever with this horse.

A brief introduction~

Hello everyone,

You may know the author of this blog as Lady Kopaka/Kaguya. You may also know I’ve been away from tumblr and most social media sites for awhile now. A lot has been happening–both good and bad–but I believe things have been changing for the better. Improvement is slow, arduous, but hopeful. While I could ramble a bit on life, my well-being, and general things, we’ll keep this on topic. I’m slowly working on redoing my identity in general, but my heart will always be with the Bionicle world and community, no matter what changes.

With the second wave of Bionicle coming to a close sadly due to business measures, memories and dreams resurfaced as a result. I wouldn’t be where I am, pain and all, without this toyline. Some may laugh or roll their eyes, but it’s been such a important part of me, that it’s embedded into my soul at this point and will never truly leave. Even with the short lived second generation and my struggle to get into it, I still loved it and was thankful that Lego gave it another chance. Maybe someday it can come back to be something great like we’ve always dreamed, but it’s time to move on and hold dear to good memories.

However, one ending births a start of something wonderful.

I want to share my joy, ideas, inspiration, and everything Bionicle was for me. While this project is a bit of a self-indulgent and selfish, there is a lot to share and give as well, I thoroughly believe. Some may be aware that this project was attempted to kickstart itself last year but never was able to come to fruition to personal problems and fears I won’t rattle on about. Regardless, it’s back after some decisions and encouragements from dear friends. I’m very happy to officially announce the series, BIONICLE: Catalyst.

I will stay vague on the details of the plot as of now–but it will be in webcomic form, drawn in Human Bionicle style, and will likely last around 2-3 years. This will be my first full length comic series and is somewhat of a ‘test’ to see how I can handle the stress in preperation for a larger and original project.

Though the series will not debut itself until sometime of January 2017, I will have plenty to show until then. Teasers, concept art, practice comic pages, and more.

I have no intention of infringing upon copyright laws. This will be done purely for fun and any money I do seemingly make from it will be simply to help me have more time to work on it + food/coffee. This series will never be published, sold, and will remain free to view. While I do have a Patreon and will be using it to assist me, I will not link it until I have strong proof this series will make it off the ground.

Don’t be afraid to send me asks in relation to questions, concerns, or more.

Until then, the only thing I can ask of you all to reblog this to spread the word, plus follow if this is something you’re interested in.

Thank you all so much for giving me a second chance,



I think I told you guys I had glandular fever last year. It’s pretty nasty, and it can last a long time - a year, for me.

It makes you incredibly, unbearably, debilitatingly sleepy. At one stage I was sleeping 18 hours a day. It sounds like heaven but I missed out on so much. And when you are awake, you’re not really… awake. The result of this was I couldn’t understand anything in my course. Quantum chemistry is a tough subject at the best of times, but trying to study it with the bleary-eyed concentration of a particularly forgetful goldfish is a challenge I wasn’t quite capable of.

However, somehow, whilst still being tied down with numerous other kidney health problems I have managed to get over glandular fever, and my god, it feels so wonderful to be awake again! My social life, relationships, and general well-being have been hugely impacted by this but perhaps the biggest difference I have noticed is in my ability to study. 

I’ve fallen in love with my course again. I find myself pouring over chemistry textbooks, searching for more articles to read, trawling through science blogs and even keeping up with Nature podcasts. I honestly thought my relationship with chemistry was irreparable. Last year, it was the burden I had to deal with in between hospital stays and doctors appointments. Every second I spent studying was more energy sapped from my tired body and it left me mentally, physically and emotionally drained, but my renewed ambition to strive on my course is giving me a reason to get up in the morning. 

I’m so grateful for the fresh start repeating a year has given me. I can do chemistry. And I can probably do anything else I set my mind to, too.

We’re going to die, said part of his mind, and Hux felt his lips draw back in a nasty, a horrible grin. Maybe, he thought. But at least I got a chance to try this.“

Illustration for @ceruleancynic‘s fic all that you love will be carried away/for there is nothing lost which I have really enjoying lately.


Hello !
I’m Frisk - and I spend a lot of time rolling around in the grass it seems. 
This is me, a really happy and colourful kid ! I’m a trans* kid who needs your help. 

The thing is though, and I’ll get right to the point, I need your help. I need money to help myself more comfortable in my own skin, I need money for my general well being and happiness, I need money to transition

I’m currently employed at a fast food restaurant where i make minimum wage, and I get very, very few hours each week. Even fewer starting this Thursday when I face hour and shifting cuts. The majority of my money goes towards supporting my family, keeping the roof above our head, keeping our stomachs well filled. Not much is left over for my own, personal use. 

That’s why I need you. That’s why i need your help. The money that you donate to me, should you choose to, will pay for things to help me with my comfort and happiness. I need makeup, clothing, and most importantly I need money for hormones that will make my body closer to what I need it to be for my comfort. 

If you’re interested in donating used/old clothing and or makeup then please do let me know.

For monetary donation my paypal account is emanuelijah@gmail.com !

i ask that if you cannot donate, that you please, please signal boost this post. A reblog goes so, so far.

Okay you tell me this.

Why are schools always make itself the first priority.
Stop freaking making school more important than my general well being, such as mental health, happiness, motivation, physical, family, friends, aspirations, etc..

Students are NOT made to be perfect in all subjects that school makes mandatory to do. I will never need to know 4 facts each about 27 different individuals.

No human being was brought to this world to be getting grades needed to pass a grade, because they are not perfect in a subject that does not pertain to their own individual aspirations.


We are human.