or my cleavage

anonymous asked:

Do you have any tips for pictures to use on your profile? I know not to use some that you already have on your other social medias. But should you always try and hide your face?

On my profile,

My first photo is my cleavage under my nose with tanned skin and lots of boobs.

Second one is me blowing a kiss with perfect nails and knuckle rings and again, boobs. 

Third one is me with dog filter but it’s me sticking my tongue out like I’m gonna swipe it across my upper lip, boobs as well.

Fourth one is me putting my legs up near a fireplace wearing stockings, skirt and pointed toe heels.

Fifth one is me having a fancy drink at a St Regis  and my manicure is again perfect while holding the drink in my hand.

And Sixth one is a body shot with a mini dress on it B&W 

Love, Take Me To Your Room~

Will you kiss me on the lips?
Will you fill my lunar eclipse?
I wanna be your friend
Will you say that I am your star?