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  • Goshi: Hah! can't believe you still call your father 'daddy'
  • Guren: ...my father is dead
  • Goshi: Oh..then who's the contact 'daddy' in your phone then?
  • Guren: *sweats nervously*
  • Shinya: *sweats nervously outside the door*

“maybe, in another world, you’re just two boys tangled up in plaid sheets.

your armor is his worn sweatshirt, threadbare in all the right places. your helmet: his knit cap, the one you pull off of his head whenever he least expects it.

your hands aren’t meant to hold a weapon, not anymore. they tangle in his hair instead, intricate braids woven on lazy sunday afternoons, framing his face and falling gracefully over his shoulders.

somewhere in your mind, there’s the memory of waves slapping against rocks, loud and aggressive, a call to war that dragged you away from everything that had ever felt safe. the sounds here are softer. birds find a home outside your window, and their songs align with the sound of his steady breathing beside you each morning.

the room you share smells like coffee and hair conditioner, and feels more like home than anywhere else ever has. his clothes smell like him, and he never minds when you wear them.

the blood that once rushed in your ears and seized your heart in violent stutters is nothing more than the shower running now, every morning at the same time. sometimes you’ll join him, and other times you’ll lie in bed, listening to him sing until he wanders back to you. his damp hair is always wrapped in a towel on top of his head, and you both laugh.

in fact, there isn’t any blood here at all, just empty soda cans on your dresser, and a teapot sitting on the stove. he always puts fig leaves in his tea, and the notion stirs something in your heart that you can’t name.

he’s different here too. you’d love him in every universe, but his eyes never lose their brightness anymore. his hands hold yours without shaking, gentle and soft, and you can’t help thinking that this is how he was always meant to be. he never trembles in his sleep, and there’s a peacefulness to his face that never falters.

you aren’t afraid of losing him here. that’s the best part, isn’t it? he is a constant. achilles, achilles, achilles. you never feel like the ground is falling out from under your feet, and you’re never struck with the realization that he won’t always be beside you. “we’ll have each other forever,” he promises you, and you believe him.

maybe, in another world, you’re just two boys who love each other, and there isn’t a war or a prophecy to separate you.

maybe, in another world, you wake up every morning to the feeling of his lips against yours.

maybe, in another world, you’re happy.”

         -dear patroclus, i promise you there’s a place where everything is okay // jc

Dreams are like flowers,
something, someone or an ocassion, planted them.

You water them with hope.
They grow, stronger and stronger,
till it’s finally time to bloom.

But sometimes they don’t last long,
they were meant to come to this world
through you, and go away quickly,
back to the enormous universe.

Maybe your expectations were not fullfiled,
but that doesn’t mean you can’t call that dream yours.
Even if it was for a short period of time,
that dream was inside you. 
And you made it flourish.
—  It made you into who you are, it lead you to a new seed from the stars.

How would she have known that this is where her life was gonna go?
A couple of weeks ago she didn’t even know that vampires existed. A myth made by people who didn’t know better. But then she met him. The monster that did this to her.

At the time she thought that he was just a gross creep, until he bared his fangs and dug them into her throat. Even after that she didn’t believe it, she was in denial until this day.

Vampires, how absurd. But the signs just kept piling up. Her appearance changed all so slightly but enough to notice. Her senses sharpened, especially at night and the rising sun was not something she looked forward to anymore. It stung and made her tired. But there was something else.


At the beginning she, of course like everything else, didn’t know what was wrong.
Until one of her classmates cut her finger. And she smelled it, her heart beat faster and she wanted nothing more than to dig her teeth into her.

Disgusting. Melanie was disgusted.
She tried ignoring the feeling but as time went on it only got worse.
She remembers that she was walking home, it was the winter time so the sun had already started to set. Melanie had been more aware of her surroundings since the last time she went home that late.
She saw something in the corner of her eye .And there it was. A dog ! Melanie looked around. Where was it’s owner? She went towards it and kneeled down , calling it. She looked at the tag of that dog and then it came back. The feeling . The feeling ,that she hated so much. And this time she didn’t refuse it.

That was what she was. This was not normal, she didn’t want this. she wanted to move and start anew, without the taunts and loneliness. But now it seemed it would all start again. She did not fit in back then and she would certainly not fit in now. Not such a long time ago  when she punched that man, that creature , in the face she was happy that she got away alive. But now she wished that she didn’t.
This entire situation seemed so unreal. How could she? She just killed something and she knew she would have to do this again.
She looked in the mirror and saw her blood stained face.
Melanie prided herself for being strong, but this time she couldn’t be.

She never asked for this


I tried to make it look better through phone effects considering all I have is a mobile to take pictures of.

But this is meant to be

@calicot-zc version of human Tamatoa but in my style of art hence the lack of nose, he didn’t lose it in some accident ha ha my attempt of being funny, I just really love their art….and this….sigh is no good :( I will quietly sit in a corner of my cave panicking inwardly now.

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Hello there! You're literally the best. If your blog was gold (which it is), I would mine it every day (which I do). Stepping away from my terrible attempt to tell you how fantastic you are, what can you tell us about Letters of Reprimand? Thank you so much and have a fantastic evening!

Thank you so much! <3 Why would you follow up such a lovely message with such a horrible thing??

Letters of Reprimand are an official You-Fucked-Up™. You can see the big ol’ formal explanation courtesy of AR 600-37 here or read a more digestible version here. Basically, they’re given either when a counseling is too soft a response for the situation or if counsellings have already been written in the past, or in addition to/instead of an Article 15, which is the go-to punitive measure in the army.

Such letters will be written usually by the soldier’s immediate chain of command and are basically the army saying “you done fucked up.” Sometimes these are used instead of official punishment; maybe there isn’t enough evidence or maybe there were extenuating circumstances preventing an official punishment or maybe the CoC was just too lazy to put in the proper paperwork, or maybe they view the LoR as a worse punishment because having one in your file can make it incredibly difficult to get promoted or to get into army schools. Either way, having a LoR in your file means that almost anything bad you do from that point on, the army’s already got dirt on you, and they’ll whip it out to prove a pattern of misconduct even if the next bad thing you do isn’t all that serious. 

A note: there’s a difference between a LoR being in your Military Personnel Record Jacket and being in your Official Military Personnel File. The former is just for your unit, usually written by your company commander, and will be discarded if you leave the unit. The latter is like, “now everybody knows you’re a fuck-up” kind of reprimand. The latter can only be issued by a General Officer and they have to go through a process in order to do it.

The last post I made I mentioned that it’s not typical for fighting to be an automatic discharge, but if someone has a LoR (or, shoot, multiple LoRs) in their file, then your unit might come down hard on you for even a minor scuffle. 

Letters of Reprimand can be a good or bad thing. It can weed out soldiers who are going to be repeat offenders and it allows punitive measures for things that are unacceptable but otherwise not clearly outlined in the regulations. 

Unfortunately, it also allows ample room for abuse. It’s pretty hard as a lower enlisted to fight a LoR, and I knew one unfortunate S.O.B. who really got nailed with these stupid things Because Reasons. He got a LoR for showing up ten minutes late to formation and then another LoR for his bed not being made right, and then he made the grave mistake of mouthing off to an NCO, and instead of just giving him a counseling or even an Article 15 they actually tried to kick him out because he’d had two prior offenses. Like…guys I’ve known soldiers who’ve gotten DUIs and got busted for drugs and sexual harassment who weren’t treated as harshly. But w/e.

Normally a LoR will have numbered paragraphs explaining the situation. Typically the first one will say “this is what you did,” laying out the entire offense as we know it. The second one will say something like “this is fucking ridiculous what are you doing,” and the third and/or fourth will usually outline any punitive actions (or lack thereof) being taken, the reference manuals for these actions, any prior offenses being taken into consideration, and the admission that you have the opportunity to appeal the letter. You also have to formally acknowledge receipt of the LoR with your signature, and if you don’t the LoR can’t actually be used as evidence because they can’t prove that you were actually made aware of the letter. Not that you can choose to say “I’m not signing this.” ‘Cause you can’t say that. Or you can say that but it’s a Bad Idea. 

You can read an example of a harsh LoR issued to an E-7 who was abusive toward a detainee here. Notice how the letter isn’t pulling any punches or hiding with professionally objective language; the letter straight-up calls the soldier’s actions reprehensible and inexcusable. In this case you can see the soldier has already gone through a court martial, which in my opinion says that this letter was written specifically to affect the soldier’s career from then on. You aren’t obligated to write a LoR, so to go ahead and do it means the guy’s CoC was pissed and wanted him to feel that for the rest of his career. 

Finally if you want a nice little article about how FUBAR Letters of Reprimand are and legally what is even going on, you can go ahead and give that a read here thank-you-very-much.


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My first official attempt at opening commissions! I’ve wanted to get into doing this for a long time, and now that I need to support myself I thought I’d go ahead and jump right into it.


- Headshots with simple shading

- Torsos with simple shading

- full bodies with simple shading


- Headshots: $25* (soft shading) $30* (cell shaded)

- Torsos: $50* (soft shading) $60* (cell shaded)

- Full bodies: $75* (soft shading) $90* (cell shaded)

*final price may vary with complexity, but quotes are free so feel free to ask!

Additional information:

Simple BG $2-10 (negotiable)
Additional characters $15-$40 depending on size/complexity/format

Will draw at current price: Anthro, Creatures, Dragons, Animals

Will draw at increased price (due to complexity and it taking longer): Humans, machinery, armor/complex clothing

Can draw: Light Gore/Violence, artistic nudity (nipples are fine)

Can’t draw: Heavy Gore/Violence, explicit NSFW (including but not limited to sexual situations and innuendo)

At this time all payments should be made through Paypal

Email is dertherck@gmail.com so feel free to contact me! If you have any questions/aren’t sure if I’ll draw something drop me a line and I’ll let you know!

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Mass Effect episode VI: Return Of The Mako A long time ago in a galaxy far far away....

No lie, every time I display my truly impressive lack of driving skills in the Nomad, I legitimately start feeling pleasantly nostalgic. My driving in the Mako ranged from passable to laughably horrendous. While the Nomad itself is a great vehicle with much better handling, it wouldn’t be a Mass Effect game for me if my attempts to drive didn’t call for some Yakety Sax to start playing through the speakers at one point or another.

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once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself publicly and then send this to ten of your favorite followers (if u want 💕)

I also got this from @vixrotre and @cactuscreeks (but in my attempt to draft a response I accidentally deleted the ask. I’m so sorry ;___;). But thank you both for sending me this cute ask and tagging me. 

5 things I like about myself:

  1. I actually kind of like being short
  2. My weird wavy-ish hair (sometimes)
  3. I’m really hardworking (sometimes to my own detriment.)
  4. I like that my feet are small, so I can get away with shopping for shoes in the kids sections (i love saving money).
  5. I like that I always do pretty well in school. :^)
Chapter One Discussion

Our discussion of Chapter One of American Gods is now open! Since this is the first chapter, I’d love to discuss both its contents and your prior attempts to read American Gods (but please be conscious of spoiling. My last attempt to read this loomed large as I sat in bed and read through this first chapter. So, to start us off, some topics of discussion:

  • what aspects of American Gods stopped you from finishing it last time
  • Gaiman’s hyperconscious style
  • introduction of Shadow
  • That Scene with the Vagina Monster

We’re not ignoring the Great Fridging of Laura, but we will be focusing CH3 discussion on that issue.

Discussion of Chapter Two will start on Saturday, March 25.

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Hello! First of all thank you for posting these recipe and tips I have started my first attempt at this diet/ healthy living journey and it's been a huge help. Do you have any tips about avoiding take out Food? I flat share and they love eating take out food and when I'm with them I always end up having some to. If I say no they get upset :( Thank you! Have a good day

Maybe just eat a small amount like a couple bites or plan it into your calories