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I can’t promise you I won’t swear when I drive. Or that I will always follow the speed limit. I can’t promise you I won’t eat with my hands, or make a mess on my shirt at almost every meal. I can’t promise you that I won’t embarrass you with my bad dad jokes, or twisted sense of humour. I can’t promise you I won’t break into song and dance in the middle of a walmart, or spin and dip you at the mall. I can’t promise I won’t say things that may upset you, or trip up on my words when I get little nervous. I can’t promise you I will dress my age or even my gender. I can’t promise I won’t make faces at you across the dinner table, or climb across to give you a kiss. I can’t promise I won’t trip on my own two feet at a family dinner or say the wrong thing to your dad. I can’t promise I’ll always have the answers or that I’ll be able to fix everything. I can’t promise I won’t make fun of your choice in romcoms, or secretly enjoy them.

But I can promise you I will be your home. I promise I will be the home to all your secrets. Your favourite hiding place. I will always love you, through your tears, laughter and silence. I promise to pull you into my arms when it’s just a little too cold. I will rub your back after a hard day. I promise I will listen to the same story about Stacy from the office, no matter how many times you’ve told me or about the assignment you are still working on. I will keep your heart warm, and your smile often. I will do everything to show you that despite everything I can’t promise - I will always follow through on what I can.

—  The things I can promise you.

“When we were their age,we weren’t anybody’s standard of beauty. When I was your age, I didn’t love my skin color, I didn’t love my lips. I didn’t love my nose, I didn’t love my hair. I didn’t love anything. I didn’t love my body. Because no one was choosing me—my self-esteem was determined by somebody choosing me. I used to curl my lips, and I see pictures and I look insane, but it was me trying to minimize my blackness. It all boiled down to: I need some fool to choose me and then I can be okay with being brown.” Gabrielle Union, on learning to be comfortable with herself in “Harper’s Bazaar” Dec. 2016

i really want steve, when asked in an interview or something about what he’s going to do now, responding “maybe i’ll go to college, i’m only thirty one, i’ve got plenty of time to work it out”

and the reporter just. staring at him like he’s grown another head

so steve repeats, “i’m thirty one, by my count.” he doesn’t mention the whole not aging thing. doesn’t want to blow their minds any more. “I was twenty six when i boarded the valkyrie.”

“thirty one” the reporter repeats. “you had the fate of the entire world on your shoulders and you were younger than me when i got married.”

and steve just nods. “i’m guessing you don’t want to hear how much tactical experience i actually had before the battle of new york, huh,” and the reporter flips their shit


So last Friday I decided to make some changes to the way I do my hair. I always go to school with a ponytail but for once I decided to let my hair down.

I was walking down the hall and I passed C who was talking to another teacher and I swear he stopped what he was saying and just kept staring at me.

This happened again when I was talking to some friends during break and he walked by and kept staring at me.

And me being my weird self, I decided to wink at him and I think he got scared because he stopped staring at me right away.

Later that day, when I was about to leave school and go home, we crossed each other in the halls and I just couldn’t deal with his staring any longer so I asked him what was up.

He got closer to me and said he liked my hair, he also said I should wear it that way more often and that I looked really pretty and he was speechless.

I just laughed and told him he was being ridiculous.

And he got all sad and emotional saying that it was just to bad that I couldn’t see myself as he saw me and that I was always putting myself down.

I asked how he saw me and he replied that I was a very beautiful girl.

I told him to stop lying.

And he said he would never lie to me.

Then we did this weird/secret handshake we have and he left me there, thinking.

Men are so weird.

I want someone who I will wake up to every morning and smile. I want someone who I can raise our children with. I want someone to spend our 25th marriage anniversary with. I want someone who I can feel young forever with. I want someone who I can love and trust till the day I die. I want someone who will hold my hand when I am alone. I want someone who I can spend my old age with. If you can’t stay, don’t bother making me love you…
—  Queen Raz

I really wish Bioware would give us a Thedas tour.
I wanna see the cheese race in Ostwick and see the Grand Tourney. I wanna see the Grand Necropolis and the heart of Magisterium. I wanna see the busy streets of Antivan City and the grim landscape of the Anderfels.

I just want to see it all.

  • me going to the circle tower: i hate this part.
  • me dealing with connor: i hate this part.
  • me going to orzammar: i hate this part.
  • me going to the werewolf woods: i hate this part.
  • me doing the landsmeet: i hate this part.
  • some rando: why play the game if you hate literally all of it?
  • me: how dare you?? this game is a classic??? a piece of art???? how could-
Guys My Age

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Summary: Negan visits Alexandria to get under your father’s skin. Instead he finds you with a guy in your bedroom which cause his rage to unleash.

Warnings: Language and Negan’s vulgarness.

Cause you hold me like a woman, in way I’ve never felt before. And it makes me wanna hold on, and it makes me wanna be all yours. Guys my age don’t know how to treat me, don’t know how touch me, don’t know how to love me good.

“So, what’s the deal with that one asshole, Negan?” Carter responded flatly as his fingers brushed along the numerous sight of romance novels that rested in your book shelf; analyzing the different titles.

You snickered to yourself. In fact, he was an asshole but a ridiculously attractive asshole that you couldn’t keep out of your head. In all honesty, you were beginning to become concerned of how and why you found him so captivating. For crying out loud, he murdered both Abe and Glenn who were like uncles to you.

“There’s not much to say. He killed Abraham and Glenn. That’s pretty self explanatory.” You stated bitterly as you stood from your bedside, flipping your silky, defined curls to the opposite side of your cranium.

Lately, if anyone insulted Negan, you blew up in an instant. Though, you chose to believe it was simply a crush on an older man that most girls your age were known to have. But it was quite an age gap considering you were in your early twenties, him looking as if he were in his mid forties.

He chuckled in amusement at your bizarre behavior, walking towards you with a toothy grin. “I know that. Are you alright, (Y/N)?”

You nodded your head nonchalantly. You definitely did not want to give him the idea that speaking negatively of Negan offended you in any way.

“Yes, I’m fine. I think you should go. I don’t think Carl or my dad will be back tonight.” You responded calmly, gesturing towards the door with a slight smile.

You didn’t want to give him the impression you were rude, but having Carl’s friend up in your bedroom was more than awkward.

You watched as a sly smirk plastered along his face, a look of lust embedded in his dark eyes. “I don’t get a goodbye kiss, baby doll?”

You instantly scoffed, widening your eyes at his sudden outburst.

“Carter, what the hell? You’re my brother’s friend. I just thought you and I were good friends.” You pointed out with a disgusted expression as you folded your arms over your petite chest.

He chuckled dryly, his tongue coming in contact with his bottom lip.

Baby, you told me Carl wasn’t here, then led me up to your room. To me, that seems like you wanted to mess around.” He replied with no remorse in his tone, seductively grazing his finger tips along the smooth, exposed skin of your lower abdomen.

You instantly furrowed your eyebrows, pursing your full lips angrily at the audacity he had appeared to expose towards you.

“I was only being nice. I wasn’t trying to sleep with you, dumbass. You’re a year younger than me.”

He laughed at your comment, “What? You like older guys? Shit, what do they have that I don’t?”

He forcefully grabbed your waist, pulling you against his body hungrily.

Even though he was younger, he was much more stronger than you which was an astonishment to you.

“Carter, fucking stop.” You hissed through gritted teeth, suddenly feeling his rough lips against yours.

Abruptly, you heard several loud knocks at the door causing you to jump out of your skin.

“I need to answer the door.” You growled impatiently, clawing his chest in order for him to release you.

“One more kiss.” He suggested with an arrogant smirk, placing more kisses along your lips that were moist from his salvia.

Once you gave in and kissed him back, you heard whistling that was familiar to you.

Rick! Where the fuck are you, prick?”


Your stomach instantly churned from nervousness and excitement.

“Oh my god, Negan.” You muttered in fright, motioning for him to get off you.

Your door slung open where Negan was welcomed to a guy with his hands all over you.

“N-Negan.” You gasped in embarrassment causing Carter to instantly bolt towards the door until Negan stopped him by pressing the very tip of Lucille against his skull.

“Well, damn baby girl, I was stopping by to greet your father and his minion’s, but realize they’re gone and I find you instead with a boy up in hands all over that irresistible, little body. Do you know how fucking pissed that makes me? Or how pissed your daddy’o would be?” He pressed Lucille against Carter’s skull once more, lifting his head with the bat higher.

“Man, I’m sorry. I’ll leave. Please let me go.” Carter pleaded with tears in his eyes from the fear of what Negan was capable of.

Negan chuckled in amusement, “What a pussy. (Y/N), baby, why would you want a little boy like this when you can have a man?”

Your heart fluttered with anxiety as you watched the scenario play before your eyes. “Negan, just let him go.”

As much as you couldn’t stand Carter, you didn’t want to see him die in humiliation in front of the two of you.

A chuckle escaped his mouth as a smirk formed along his pink lips. “Fine. Asshole, go sit outside on the porch. I’ll meet you in a bit out there and we’ll have a little chat.”

Carter instantly bolted out the door where Negan stood, placing his weight onto Lucille as his eyes skimmed over your figure lustfully.

“You know, Negan, I don’t want him,” You began as you bit your lower lip shyly.

He watched in amazement, a smirk laying upon his lips. “Why’s that?”

“Guys my age don’t know how to treat me, but I know you could.”

He smirked devilishly, his large gloved hand caressing your rosy cheek.

“Princess, I can do many, many damn things that a little boy couldn’t do for you.”

Your heart pounded anxiously as he wrapped his arms around your tiny waist, beginning to tease you by barely pressing his lips against yours.

“Do you want me to show you? You know, if you’re agreeable to it.” He inquired, slouching back with his usual smirk.

“I do.” You purred, allowing him to drop you onto your desk.

He wrapped your legs around his waist as his lips greeted yours sensually, his fingers tangling in your thick locks of hair.

“Negan.” You gasped in satisfaction causing him to place his finger against your lips to make you silent.

“Wait, that little bitch..Carter, is it?” He furrowed his eyebrows in confusion as he waited for a reply.

“He’s waiting out there for a chat and Lucille is thirsty.” You watched as a twisted smirk toyed upon his lips as he gripped Lucille, walking out of your bedroom.

@taylorswift I was born different…I guess you could say I’m a pretty rare human. I’m an identical twin, but my eyes are also two totally different colors. I’m different on the outside but I also feel different on the inside too. I don’t fit in with people my age. I don’t like the same things people my age like. I struggle a whole lot with change and my self esteem. I’m 21 but I still have no idea who I want to be or what I want to do. It makes me sad. I’m telling you all this because I wanted to say thank you for sharing your stories through your music and allowing me to grow up with you. You’ve helped me through the last 8 years of my life and I know you’ll continue to do the same for the rest of my life. Thank you, Tay. I love you more than words can describe. I hope some day I can be comfortable with who I am and can maybe stop struggling with my self confidence so much and learn to embrace who I am like you do. You’re truly the big sister i’ve always wished I could have and I’m forever thankful for you. I love you, T.

xoxo Juli