or moth puppy


Puppy was barking and yanking on her least with great intent. I was working on clearing our a little flower bed, and I finally looked around to see what all the fuss was over. Mhmm. She had her eyes set on a Giant Leopard Moth caterpillar! I let her go check it out, but not get too close (for the caterpillars safety). These caterpillars are some of my favorites, they are quite beautiful with scarlet rings around their bodies… but they also turn into a lovely iridescently patterned moth! They are harmless, even though they look like they’d put a hurtin’ on ya! 


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Thank you all QuQ It’s been almost a full year and I already have this many! I’m berry sorry if you were not added but I hope you enjoy anyway ;w;

anonymous asked:

So wait you think Marco would still have let Star stay on Earth even after what she has done ?

Yeah, I mean, he may have been a little rash in saying “If you are moving in, I’m moving out!”, but in the span of a few hours he learned of the existance of magic, saw a schoolmate get kidnapped by a giant moth, got furniture destryoing puppies and a black hole erased his room from reality. He had every rights to be a little bit… shaken.

But if by drawing this face they didn’t want to convey a “I’ve been rash in judging her it’s a hard day for both of us” then they need to hire better storyboarders.