or mostly because people say it's not funny

did I ever tell yall about Source?bot because what the hell

back in the day some absolute madman allowed me to have an iota of power in an IRC chatroom and I introduced a bot named Source?bot, who, no matter what you said, would reply “Source?”, therefore implying you were a liar and a scammer no matter what you were saying

this was mostly funny but when a lot of people were in chat it got kind of annoying because “Source?” would get spammed and like, sometimes people would say things like “sorry I wasn’t online, my granny just died” and in would come Source?bot, with the comforting cry of “Source?”

anyway you could shut Source?bot up for a while by posting a link with “google” in the URL because obviously Google is the Uncontested Proover of Facts so people would have a link handy to just drop whenever Source?bot did its thing, and it turned into a chat meme because people would Google weird shit so if you clicked it or looked at the url you would see some really questionable stuff

so one day this new person signs in and is like “hey, I’m new” and Source?bot shows up like “Source?” and the kid’s like “???” and then I show up  like “sorry about that” and drop a link to shut it up

the link, in keeping with the chat meme, was a Google search for “step by step masturbation guide?? help ”

and this was the new guy’s first interaction with a literal chat admin so like. there you have it.

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How do you sketch people so well? What is your trick? My drawings of people look like lifeless boxes and yours look so lively and defined. How do you do this? How can I do this?

Hey, thank you–its funny you say that, because when I look back on them, I mostly see my mistakes. But I have a few tricks people have taught me to help keep figure drawing feel alive…
- Draw in ink. This forces you to commit to a line. It’s scary at first but it’s really helpful in the long run.
- Think of the gesture as their base to build all other pieces of the pose off of.
- Try to be conscious of straights-against-curves. Just two parallel lines can make a leg feel flat. A straight line against a curve or two–that brings form to the leg.
- Basically, just go get your hands on the Walt Stanchfield figure drawing lecture books, “Drawn to Life”. He will show and explain way better. There are two volumes of this gold!!!! :
Drawn to Life: 20 Golden Years of Disney Master Classes: Volume 1: The Walt Stanchfield Lectures https://www.amazon.com/dp/0240810961/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_sCMizbNCYSD5F

The tired joke “I knit so I don’t kill people” has lost its sting, but not the core of truth that made it funny. When total strangers notice my knitting, there’s a fifty percent chance they’ll say it’s pretty–but they haven’t got the patience to do it themselves. There’s a one hundred percent chance that I will reply that I knit constantly because I have no patience.
—  Franklin Habit
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Boom!Amy has a life sized sonic doll for “non-creepy reasons” as she says. XD I wouldn’t put it past her to have a shrine hidden somewhere….

boom is not canon so this argument doesnt count

its also.. not really funny to think that its just not good to drink bc eggman could be attacking…. theres. way more to it. being drunk isnt funny or a punchline its a very serious problem among many teens throughout the word because it is so normalized and mostly people of legal age should watch out where and when they drink and how they portray alcohol in the content they produce.

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Raven, did you know is some countries having red hair used to be considered typical of witches or people who bring bad luck? Now these superstitions are mostly gone, thankfully.

Nonny pls || Anonymoose

“Ya trying to say something, Nonny? Are ya in cahoots with that Acehole or something? I’ll have ya know I haven’t bad luck in the slightest, thank ya very much. And I think me friends could agree.”

So my housemate and I are going to be on a panel for autistic adults

Or, sorry, for “adults with autism” as the shitty panel coordinator insists on saying. 

Anyway, here are the questions we’re going to be asked: 

What are some things that bother, frustrate or annoy you?

What kinds of things are you really good at?

Can you play music or sing, for example?

What are your hobbies/ favorite things to do?

Do you have a job? What do you do?

Where do you live?

Do you remember what it was like when you were a kid?

Do you have any brothers or sisters? Where do they live?

Do you find it difficult to spend time with other people?

Do you know of anyone else in your family who has autism too?

What was it like going to school?

Did you get to sit in a classroom with other kids or did        you have to go to a room with differently abled kids?

What kinds of things do you think are funny?

Who makes you laugh?

What do you do that you find relaxing? (i.e. I find gardening relaxing)

What do you dream about most?

What do you do when people make fun of you or don’t have nice things to say about people with autism?

How fucking condescending can you get.

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It's funny that we can tell you've gotten old because you support Hillary when most your teens and twenty somethings are on the bern train

I definitely have mellowed in my old age and am more interested in hearing from more moderate voices than I ever have been. But I also want to say that I am excited about Bernie Sanders. 

I mostly preferentially reblog things about Clinton because I don’t see enough people talking about what a fantastic candidate she is (wheras I see a lot of people talking about how great Bernie is.) I am very worried that, if Clinton wins the primary (which is by far the most likely outcome at this point), the Sanders rhetoric (which has gotten a bit out of control) will increase the chances of a presidency that I /really/ do not want to see.

Look people, before jumping at our throats because we are “defending these murders” for calling out Charlie Hebdo on its bullshit, realize you’re not here hearing what the media says.

12 people were murdered. There’s no words to describe how awful this is. Freedom of speech must be defended at all cost. We all agree on that.

But Charlie Hebdo is not the subversive anti-racist newspaper every one is praising. It was/is a bunch of white people (mostly men), making jokes that were sometimes funny and challenging bigotry and sometimes plainly offensive, laughing at the expense of oppressed minorities those journalists were not part of or even close to.

Muslim people don’t have a voice here. People of color don’t either. All they get is white people laughing at them for the sake of equality (as if making fun of Christians who are highly legitimate in this society was the same as making fun of Muslims who face hate and oppression on a daily-basis). All they get is white people screaming “But we’re not racist!”. All they get is an organized silence.

Because racism must be over since we have a law condemning “racist acts and speeches encouraging hate”, right?