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what would the paladins' s/o's favourite part of them be? how would the paladins' react when they compliment it?

It’s Mod Enki again! :0 This was such a hoot to write thanks for sending it in!


Shiro: His voice

  • Honestly he has a really soothing voice?? Good shit my guy. His s/o could listen to him talk about literally anything for hours and fall asleep to it. He could be reciting a recipe and it would probably be soothing as fuck. His s/o would probably like putting their head on his chest when he’s talking about some nonsense while cuddling because wow that b a s s. Very soothing vibrations I would super recommend 100/10
  • When his s/o first compliments him on it he’s like. What… What does this mean. He’s a very confused man pls explain to him in an at least 500 word paper, double space, Times New Roman 12 pt font by tomorrow. He doesn’t get it. It’s just his voice he doesn’t think it’s anything special it’s not like he has a special accent or anything. Extremely curious about what his s/o means. 
  • Develops a habit of humming a dumb tune when his s/o is around just for them. He never really understands it but he’s happy his s/o likes it so much. At least they’re never going to get sick of him rambling on from time to time? Or when they get into really weird discussions in the middle of the night when neither of them can sleep. It’s certainly something but more than anything it’s so something he would expect from his s/o. 

Lance: His smile

  • Lance has that trademark little shit smile that’s like really genuine but at the same time you h a t e it because he’s such a turd. Mostly his dumb grins/smirks/smiles are really amusing like have you ever paused lance at any time ever? Never has a bad angle or anything. Sure he looks like a walking shitpost but it’s endearing. You can’t deny smiling when this turd smiles it’s so magical. Or curse? Only you can decide.
  • When his s/o first compliments him on his smile guess what the first thing he does is?? S M I L E Like he can’t believe his s/o he’s so happy. But this means that he can shoot his s/o dumb smirks and shit and not get eyes rolled at him. Well, not from his s/o. Maybe the other team mates. Makes sure to always greet his s/o with a smile no matter what. It could be the worst day in the history of days and he’d still smile for his s/o. 
  • He’d be a little curious as to what his s/o means as well. He wants to know what exactly his s/o means so he can replicate it all the time for him. Give him those details my guy because call he wants to do is make his s/o happy. Honestly he’d try to tell his s/o that their smile was much better than his. Would tell them to smile more both ironically and unironically.

Keith: His eyes

  • Have you ever seen how pretty Keith’s eyes are. I’m dead serious look at him he looks like a puppy. He just has really soulful eyes when you look at him they’re just so piercing. Good shit. Not only because he constantly looks confused and concerned for what’s going on but also because he has a lot of emotion and you can definitely see it in those eyes of his. Gaze into the abyss my guy. Drink in that gaze of his.
  • He has no idea what his s/o means when they compliment his eyes. He thinks they’re messing with them for a while until they can really get the point across. Never really thought they were anything special because they’re not an exciting color or anything?? They’re not blue or green or hazel or any other weird color. Just calls his s/o silly or something of that caliber.
  • He doesn’t really understand what his s/o means until they’re both just looking at each other in some sort of small moment of peace and he can see so much adoration in his s/o’s eyes for him and he just kind of?? Explodes?? He GETS it now. Realizes how much can be said with just their eyes and develops certain looks just for his s/o to understand.

Hunk: His laugh

  • Hunk being super happy and laughing is just so pure it could probably cure illnesses. And also to a degree his sense of humor?? He’s a good noodle pls let him be happy and laugh from time to time it’s good for everyone’s health. Why would you ever want to deny anyone this joy like you can’t get this anywhere else. It’s just so special being able to make him laugh it’s almost like being chosen as king.
  • Hunk is such a nerd when his s/o compliments his laugh he probably overthinks it. He probably takes it as his laugh is funny or something and tries to reinvent how he laughs for a bit until his s/o notices. He’s so relieved when they elaborate and tell him that his laugh isn’t weird or anything it just makes his s/o so joyful. 
  • HE ALMOST CRIES like he’s SO happy and feels super honored?? He doesn’t know how exactly to take it but it’s usually a really good sign when someone says your laugh is their favorite thing about you. Makes it a point to joke around and get some giggles and laughs flowing with his s/o more when they have spare time. He also insists that his s/o’s laugh is better than his so they challenge each other to prove the other wrong. 

Pidge: Her hands

  • She probably has really tiny baby hands they’re probably really cute and soft and just overall a hoot. Just holding them is probably magical and it’s the most relaxing and chill gesture ever. Despite Pidge probably neglecting to bathe and what not because she’s such a night owl I 100% believe she cannot stand it when her hands are gross. If anything that’s the one thing she is the most adamant about is nice hands. Probably secretly has a lot of scented hand lotions.
  • When her s/o compliments her hands she’s honestly taken aback. Calls her s/o weird lmao like not even joking. Like Keith she thinks that her s/o is messing with her until she notices how much her s/o makes it a point to hold hands a lot. She doesn’t know what to do with this information and if she could she’d like to just shut down and analyze what her s/o means. 
  • If her s/o does stuff like kissing the back of her hands or kneading them she kinda stops working. There’s just something about it that’s both intimate and chill at the same time. It’s such a simple thing, too, so just lets her s/o do what they will. At some point she’ll ask exactly what they mean by their compliment because she’s honestly just so curious. 
applications now open for the fanauthor workshop!

thank you to everyone who participated in my survey a few months ago about the fanauthor workshop, my (@bettydays) upcoming independent study in which i’ll be leading an MFA-style online workshop specifically for fanauthors. 

unfortunately, due to the constraints of the workshop model, i will only be able to accept a limited number of applicants, which is why i’m running an application process. here’s all the information you’ll need to decide if you’d like to apply, and how to go about applying.

both the workshop and application are free. i am doing this for graduate credit in lieu of a literature seminar this semester. 

what is a workshop?

a creative writing workshop is a round-table style discussion about writing. specifically, you read a peer’s work in advance of the meeting, and then we discuss the piece, offering constructive criticism, while the writer listens and takes notes. prior to the meeting, you also write a letter of critique to the writer.

when and where is the workshop?

the full workshop will begin on September 4, 2017. there will be about a dozen participants, depending on how many applications i receive. ideally we will meet on Sunday evenings around 7 - 9pm EST via Google Hangout, but i am absolutely willing to negotiate meeting times. if you have evenings and/or weekends mostly free, please still consider applying, even if Sundays specifically don’t work for you. you can let me know any constraints you have in the google doc linked below.

why are you doing this?

fanfiction taught me how to write and i have immense respect for it as a genre. i think fanauthors do amazing literary work, and i’d like to take what i’ve learned from my MFA so far and bring it back to the community that fostered my passion for writing. 

moreover, i like talking about writing. like, a lot. i thought it might be pretty fun to get class credit for meeting up with fanpeople once a week to talk about fic.

what would i get out of it?


  • a bunch of new friends
  • constructive criticism on your writing
  • a polished piece of fanfic to post to an AO3 collection
  • (if fall workshop) a polished piece of original fiction to submit for publication or to other workshops
  • a platform in which to ask questions you have about writing, publishing, etc. 
  • more comfort providing feedback to other writers
  • being part of something cool and weird
  • providing input for my craft essay on fanfic as a literary genre, which i plan to publish
  • the satisfaction of helping me become a better teacher

the summer trial workshop

the summer trial workshop will be held the weeks of August 21 and 28 (tentatively). we will meet two or three times for two hours apiece.

you can apply for this if you only want feedback on a short piece of writing, either fanfic or ofic, with a very small group of people. 4-6 participants will be pitching any type of work up to 10k words, and we will meet twice to workshop and go through any bumps in the process. you will read and provide feedback on a total of 3 other pieces, receive crit on one, and fill out a survey at the end giving me feedback on the overall process so i can tweak it for the full semester.

the fall fanauthor workshop

we will meet 14 times over the span of as many weeks starting September 4 (provided i get all the bumps fixed from the trial run), again for approximately 2 hours apiece. during these sessions, we will workshop two pieces and also have a short craft discussion. 

prior to each session, you will have to read both pieces, provide marginal comments in the shared document, and write a short letter of criticism to the author. i anticipate the workload will take approximately 5 hours a week of your time, not including the hours you spend writing your own pieces.

each participant will be workshopped twice. there will be two cycles: one for fanfiction and one for “original” fiction (ofic). 

cycle 1: fanfiction

you will write one fic up to 10k words to share. any ship, any fandom, any content. you must also be willing to read any ship and any fandom. if you have triggers, we can discuss and work out a content warning system as necessary at the beginning of the semester. 

our craft discussions during this cycle will revolve around defining fanfiction as a literary genre. i will be taking this insight and writing a final craft essay at the end of the semester as my independent study final. 

at the end of the semester, you can revise your fanfic piece and we’ll make an AO3 collection of our work. 

cycle 2: original fiction

you will write one piece of ofic up to 10k words to share. this can be anything you want it to be. the goal of this cycle is to workshop a piece of original fiction to either apply to programs/workshops with or submit for publication/writing contests. 

our discussions during this cycle will revolve around the publication process and any other questions that come up. we will also be reading published original pieces of my choosing and discussing them from a craft perspective. 

should i apply?

  • yes, if you:
    • have 5 hours a week to spare this fall and can meet mostly at the designated meeting time one evening per week (it’s ok to miss one or two for emergencies, etc)
    • are over the age of 18
    • want to improve your writing and help your peers improve theirs
    • are interested in discussing writing with like-minded individuals
    • are willing to chat with us via webcam
  • but what if i don’t have a piece of original fiction ready?
    • that’s ok, you’ll have 6 weeks of fanfiction workshopping to prepare an ofic piece
  • but what if i’m not a student?
    • you don’t need to be. the workshop is open to everyone.
  • but what if i don’t want to post to AO3 at the end or submit my original fiction anywhere?
    • that’s okay, it’s completely voluntary.
  • but what if i suck at writing?
    • you don’t. and anyway, the whole point of a workshop is to get better.
  • but what if i write really dark stuff?
    • hey man, so do i. it’s all chill. 
  • but what if english isn’t my first language?
    • apply anyway. usage/grammar errors can be fixed and i won’t be harping on them in the application process. as long as i can understand what’s being written, that’s what counts.
  • but what if–
    • APPLY.

to apply, please fill out this google form. applications are due july 31, 2017.

if you have questions, please feel free to send me an ask

“But Itachi ships ss”

Let me explain what everything is wrong with this one sentence. 

First of all, no characters except the characters that actually are involved in this relationship have something to do with the relationship itself. Is the relationship unhealthily from both parts there’s no other character who can fix this.

Another thing is, other characters shouldn’t be used as arguments in serious discussions, especially when they have nothing to do with it. Have fun with your headcanons but when you want to argue in a way that someone can take it seriously keep them out.

Finally, a character can’t ship anything except he says it. When he don’t say anything, then it’s fanon and should be keep fanon. Having facts and headcanons mixed up is a dangerous thing to do. When it comes to ss it mostly ends up in glorifying abusive elements that shouldn’t be glorified (but that’s nothing new….)

But you know what? A character can actually support another relationship with his actions and words. And that’s what Itachi did.

Let’s make it clear. Itachi wanted Sasuke happy. He was never pro-”insert-shipname-here”, he was only pro-”Sasukes-happiness”.

“But Itachi never said anything about another person who could make Sasuke happy!!!”

Are you sure? Are you really sure? 

Because I’m not.

Birthday Gifts

Written for @spnpolybingo​. This fills the “Sam x Jody x Dean” square (no Wincest).

Warning: a lot of almost-smut

Word Count: 1000ish

A/N: Hope y’all enjoy! XOXO

“Happy birthday, Jody!”

Jody smiles at her boys as they shout in unison, faces lit up by the candles on the cake Dean’s carrying. It’s placed on the table in front of her, along with a small box from Sam, wrapped in shiny red paper.

“Thank you,” she grins. Closing her eyes, she only wishes for Dean and Sam to be safe always (the only thing any of them ever wish for), and blows out the candles.

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LGBT+ Scouts and Guides! I need your help!!

It’s Pride Month, and I wanted to make a Vlog (or maybe a series of vlogs, depends on how many responses I get from this), and an accompanying blog post, discussing being non-straight and non-gender conforming in scouting and guiding.

I’m Asexual and Biromantic myself, out to my scouts, and I get some sense of them that regularly ask me questions about sexuality and gender.

While I can discuss Asexuality and romantic attraction with confidence and know that the information I’m giving them is correct, I can’t do the same for other sexualities, mostly because sexual attraction is something I don’t understand, and I definitely can’t for gender.

So what I would like from you guys is your stories. Stories of coming out both at home and within scouting or guiding. If you aren’t out, why did you choose not to? Stories of queer friends in scouting or guiding. Has your sexuality or gender affected your experience in scouting or guiding? If you could change anything within scouting or guiding, what would it be (about the organisation, leaders or your own experience)?

And most importantly: Do you have any advice for young people, both lgbt+ and not? And is there anything you’d like to ask me, or anything about my experience you’d like me to talk about?

If you’d rather talk about this in a conversation (which would be great actually because we can probably get more information AND make friends) then we can do it through either messenger on Tumblr, or a skype call. Or you can just send me an ask.

As this is for Pride Month, there will be a deadline to allow me time to make the video etc. The deadline will be the 24th June, in a week and a half. Please get your responses in as quickly as possible. The more the merrier.


SeekingArrangement: First Impressions

So I’ve been on the site for about 29 hours now and have received 100+ messages from potential Daddy’s thus far. There’s the basic “Hi let’s chat,” the more specific “these are my needs (ranging from a variety of sexual fetishes, massage services, or just companionship/travel buddy/casual dating which is the majority) and can you meet them,” to the guys who will offer the nitty gritty financial and meeting details up front. While it is mostly older men (40-50′s) I was shocked at the decent amount of 30-something year olds who reached out, which is much more appropriate for me. As expected, there are a handful of married men online, but are outnumbered by the single/divorced crowd thankfully.

There are message boards and blog articles linked via the site as resources for Sugar Babies - outlining etiquette, how to be safe, how to discuss allowances/agreements, and just about anything you could want to know about this whole alternative arrangement ordeal. 

So far I have exchanged numbers with 4 potential Daddy’s, one of which I am meeting for a drink tomorrow night. He’s 51 (old, I know), but was very respectful in our exchanges, fit/attractive for his age, and we have a surprising amount in common. I will test the waters and if I feel we get along, will outline my specific needs before agreeing to meet him again.

What are my needs exactly? Well to cut to the chase:

- Monthly student loan payments covered ($300)

- Crossfit gym membership paid ($185)

- Grocery allowance ($400)

- Self care such as nails, hair, waxing etc. ($300)

- Clothing allowance (no set amount, depends if we go shopping together or not but roughly $500)

So all in all, I need $1,185. While of course I will be willing to negotiate (some money is better than no money), I have received offers between 2k-5k a month.. we’ll just have to see if any of them pan out. Normally I am not particularly high maintenance, but if a man wants me dressing expensively or well groomed, I’m sure as hell not going to pay for it.

Thanks for the read and I will update tomorrow post first meet and greet!



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What are your thoughts on people saying that "Laddy" louis is buying into his closet? I know you've discussed it here and there, but I really value your opinion. I understand that the version of Louis being portrayed is an exaggerated one. he's the guy who likes to drink, smoke, the guy who likes to swear&who doesn't really care, he's the lad from his "rough" hometown of Doncaster. The Chav. But, to me at least, this exaggerated portrayal seems like it comes from a place of organic honesty.[1/3]

He seems genuinely passionate about his sportswear and fashion, and while the print interviews we get and the quotes from some interviews are clearly over the top, he seems very relaxed in most interviews and comfortable in what he’s talking about (bar Larry/babygate). Do you think it’s because some people struggle with the fact that a gay man CAN be a lad? That not every gay man is loud and flamboyant and feminine, that gay men come in every personality and style? [2/3]

I seriously don’t understand why the “lad” image would mean he wasn’t being authentic? I feel guilty for thinking that this seems like the real Louis, that maybe I’m being completely ignorant and am buying into the closet? Like I said, it appears exaggerated, but not a total and complete lie. Thank you so much if you take the time to answer this, I feel a little bit lost& like I’m thinking the wrong thing. I’d love to hear your opinion so I could be more informed. You have a great blog! [3/3]

Hi sweetie! You’re not thinking the wrong thing. No one really knows anything here, it’s all just speculation, and you’re allowed to disagree with popular blogs.  I really dislike way some people use the phrase “buying into his closet” to discount the opinions of  people who interpret his current image as something not ENTIRELY put-upon. You have no reason to feel ashamed or guilty!

As for what I think: I mostly want to stay out of this particular discussion because it seems very rooted in distinctly English cultural signifiers, and as an American I don’t feel like I can truly understand the full scope of them. That being said, I think you nailed the heart of the issue on the head when you asked, “Do you think it’s because some people struggle with the fact that a gay man CAN be a lad? That not every gay man is loud and flamboyant and feminine, that gay men come in every personality and style?” Yes, yes, yes I think this is part of why people resist his current image. 

However, I personally think that literally EVERYTHING we see is theater and marketing. There is no such thing as a truly and completely authentic PR strategy, we’re never going to get a stunt free promo. We’re always gong to be purchasing a brand, because our role as fans in relation to Louis is consumers rather than friends. So of course, to a certain degree his Lad image is inauthentic. That doesn’t mean it’s something that’s forced on him or a complete lie. 

A friend of mine who works in PR says that good PR strategy BEGINS with something true, so when you strip down all the smoke and mirrors and marketing, there is a seed of authenticity at the core of the campaign. I think the seed of Louis’s current campaign is true: he’s a hometown boy from a working class background who loves his family and Donny and footie. None of those things are untrue, so they can exaggerate and build a brand off that foundation and still have it seem authentic, even as he’s actively lying on camera. 

I hope that answers your question! 

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Hi Miya! You said Jimin can fuck people up if he's annoyed but what exactly does that? And how signs act when annoyed, can they all be vindictive?

Hey, anon! Sorry for the delay on answering you. Jimin has Scorpio working strongly in his life (Venus conjunct Mars, bringing great determination and inner strength that can be scary), a sign that talks about vengeance and holding grudges. The guys joked about it more than once, I think it’s even on one of their profiles of Festa… Maybe last years’? I’ll look for it after posting this so I can link it for you. Anyway. Not only is he intensely emotional but he also has strong Libra placements - a sign that talks about being fair and looking for justice. When combined like this, it makes one emotionally involved regarding everything that he thinks might be done wrongly. Meaning if he thinks the person is acting badly or in an incorrect way according to his standards… He’ll let the person know. However, nor Libra or Scorpio are confrontational signs - meaning he’ll look for revenge but in more subtle ways (that could easily be more destructive for the person being attacked since they can be of deeper meaning or longer durations). He’s also very clever with how he communicates because of his Moon in Gemini, so he could easily fuck someone up without the person ever knowing. lmao A dangerous mochi. I think he doesn’t do these frequently though, and if he does do it it’s to defend people (even people that he doesn’t know much, like in that case with that korean program geez I forgot the name now lol I’ll look for the link as well). But he can be very petty on a daily basis, I’d bet. lol So with all that combined he can be very dangerous if crossed, I have no doubt. I like that he knows how to protect who he loves. I think it can be tiring for him to worry so much and feel so much at all times, though.

Originally posted by morekpopmore

(oh look - the definition of a trap)

Separatedly I’ll talk about the signs. Water signs are the most likely to hold grudges. And everyone thinks Scorpio is the worst but in my opinion Pisces and Cancer are just the same. lol I guess they could even be considered worse since people don’t normaly expect them to be - so since they’re more subtle in nature, people are likely to take longer to realize that they’re being manipulated or “attacked”. Pisces fools everyone, to be honest. Remember it’s a mutable sign - it changes accordingly to situations so it’s the one that takes longer to be recognized as the little shit it can be when crossed. lol Very closely followed by them are the Fire signs. They can be just as bad when reacting out of annoyance but it’ll happen immediately and they’re likely to forget it as soon as it’s done. So basically they react as soon as the thing happens and people will know they’re being attacked for sure, but Fire signs are too agitated to keep holding on to things that have already happened - so although they’re very dangerous when crossed since they WILL attack they’ll probably forget about it in the next hour or two. lol So Fire and Water are equally bad regarding anger / reactions when crossed but in very different ways. 

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Sometimes those of us on the ace spectrum can feel a little left out while playing Witcher. Do you think any of the characters are ace?

Absolutely, there are definitely several of which me and my friends have discussed several times, one of my friends even made a colorful post about it

However, if I’d ask them we’d get a few applicants, mostly the Aen Elle.

After a hundred years, sex becomes boring. As of in the beginning, everyone wished to explore, indulge in the matter. However, I was not like that. I never took an interest in sexual pleasures, nor sexual relationships. If anything, I felt romantically attached to Lara, but that was all. We, the Aen Elle, merely reproduce when we need to carry on important genes, or create prodigies, I was supposed to carry one with Lara for the good of our people, but those plans were demolished long ago. I loved her, but I never felt any sexual attraction towards her, or anyone else. It cripples a person’s mind.

[blows bubbles] I feel the same. However, I imagine this is quite common across our province, nothing too baffling, as it is to your kind. 

I am not asexual, however I rarely take part in sexual acts, nor do I have time for it. On the other hand, in your terms, I’d prefer to identify as aromantic. 

Imlerith thinks I need to indulge in the same pleasures as him, but I could not think of anything else I’d rather not do. 

I am sure there are many more than these. I’ve heard speculations about Letho, for example. For the Aen Elle, it’s quite common to not be interested in neither romance nor sex, but there are humans and non-humans who feel this way as well. 

anonymous asked:

A depressive phase of my bipolar is beginning, and I'm so terrified because I know it's coming and I know that I'm going to feel worthless and empty and constantly exhausted and nothing will make me happy and I won't be able to do things I want to or act like my normal self or get tasks done or even get out of bed sometimes, and mostly I know there's absolutely nothing I can do to stop it (my parents are against meds) and god I'm so so scared I don't know if I can survive this again.

you can survive anything 💘 i’m rooting for you with all my heart. remember this time will pass. if you’re in school, maybe you could talk to your teacher and discuss it with them (how assignments will be turned in, etc).

i was depressed while in school and my teacher noticed my grades were slowing dropping. she emailed me and asked why that is..so i told her what was going on and she gave me a little extended time to turn in the due assignments. i hope they’re understanding. 🐝

diaspora, the dalish, and abelas & solas

So I was discussing the Inquisitor’s encounter with Abelas, specifically Lavellan’s encounter with him and I mentioned that he was insulted by the vallaslin at the temple. The people I was discussing it with said it wasn’t insulting and that the Dalish clans have “reclaimed the vallaslin”—which kinda irked me a little bit. I just wanted to put it in perspective for you so copy+pasta what I said here:

I strongly disagree about it not being insulting, mostly because I can relate irl to Lavellan and I have family who have reacted like Abelas to the things I’ve said and done.

On-topic real life story incoming: I’m Vietnamese but some of my family have lived all around North America (as well as Europe/Australia/etc but idk anything about them) for about ~40 years. We also suffer from diaspora—losing more and more of our own culture as English, American-wear, etc is a necessity to assimilate. But we try to cling onto what we know. When we visit Vietnam and they see us wear our cultural accessories outside of what they’d mean back in America (“this is my culture and I am celebrating it by showing it to you”), my relatives get confused and upset because that’s not what they mean in Vietnam. So I respected them by taking it off. Of course, that put me in a tough position because now I know the true meaning whenever I decide to wear it in the US. I have to think about what it means and why I’d wear it that day so as to not disrespect the original meaning.

So yeah. Again, neither Lavellan or Abelas are wrong for thinking the way they do. The Dalish suffer from diaspora as well, broken language and all. They simply don’t know. Abelas doesn’t understand that because he doesn’t live wherever the Dalish are—he was always in the original homelands and never left. He doesn’t know what diaspora is. Slave markings aren’t the same as accessories because it can be easily taken off, but I hope that puts it into perspective. I’ve been in her position—I don’t want to disrespect my ancestors and my heritage because there’s still living and breathing examples of it. But at the same time, it doesn’t mean the same thing where I am…*sigh* idk. I understand why Abelas [and Solas] + my relatives would distance themselves. You can see why I personally have a tough time with “reclaim the vallaslin” Lavellan.

I just really really hope the Dalish don’t get retconned again because I feel like it’d be so ignorant and ooc if they met older elves who knew more and they responded like, “Yeah, but this is our interpretation now so you can go bye!” Like nobody irl would do that—and if they did, it’d be a very small minority. Most of us would be like, “Oh okay, I’m so sorry. I won’t do it again.” I like what they did with Lavellan and how they accept and respect new info, regardless of whether or not they agree with it so that gives me a little bit of hope for the future of Dalish clans.

If Bioware is trying to write diaspora (which I firmly believe they are), they need to take into account real life experiences of groups who live with it if they want the audience to relate. Like if I’m thinking in terms of my experience with diaspora, I’d say most clans would react respectfully. Maybe shocked at first and definitely skeptical like people have said, but pomposity and willful ignorance would be ooc for most and that’s what I’m worried they’ll focus on. Fingers crossed they don’t go in that direction.


This is sort of a teaser for a card game I’ve designed around the Godmode AU.  The character art is done by their original owners and used with their permission and discussed with them.   The card design and Logo was designed by myself.  

   When I’ve completed most of the card designs I’ve already planned out, (mostly involving the gods shown here,+ a couple) I will release them in a printable format (arranged so that if you have a double sided printer, you can print it out without having  to do anything to the files. ) And then Request for more people to submit their gods and arrange out their cards accordingly.

Rules: (still in prototyping stages)

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Kylux, stay in bed kisses?

Thanks for the prompt, and I hope you like it! :)

stay in bed kisses, mischievous and deep, punctuating flirtatiously whispered bargaining words.

As usual, Hux wakes before his alarm goes off.  After turning it off, he lies back in bed and scrubs the heels of his palms over his eyes with a soft groan.  The bed shifts beside him, and he doesn’t need to look to know that Kylo’s awake, all sleep-warm body and warm, wanton gaze that always almost tempts Hux to stay in bed just a little longer. A lifetime of conforming to strict schedules outweighs the enticement of indulging himself with a lazy morning with Kylo, however, so he pushes the imagery away.

Not that Kylo agrees with his decision.  Sure enough, just as Hux starts to sit up in bed, Kylo tugs on Hux’s arm like a needy child would to its parent’s sleeve, earning Hux’s attention at last.

“Not yet,” Kylo says, and Hux has no doubt that Kylo meant it as a command, but any authority is lost in the pleading look to his eyes, which are partially obscured by strands of his dark, wild hair.  Hux barely resists the urge to tuck the strands behind Kylo’s ear.

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NO HETERO HQ: is looking for contributors !! 
 ( rolling admissions at this time )

click the link above to be taken to the application form 

No Hetero HQ is a site curated by and for the LGBTQIA+ community, to encourage analysis and discussion of contemporary LGBTQ+ entertainment & media. For those who identify as LGBTQIA+, No Hetero HQ is the opportunity to contribute articles and other associated content about how we are (or aren’t) represented in media. This is a safe space that encourages diversity, intersectionality, and intends to highlight the voices of demographics that wish to be represented.

  • CONTRIBUTORS – writers who want to write anything and everything related to lgbtqia+. this can be about slash ships, queerbaiting, the kill your gays trope, lgbtqia+ characters, queer songs, media treatment, you name it! it’s all free reign, just as long as we pre-approve your topic.
  • CREATORS – graphic artists, hi. this is mostly making gif sets and graphics of anything lgbtqia+! pretty simple

you can be both or one or just be a follower and contribute discussion via our ask box!

Any and all are welcome to apply! Have any questions or suggestions? Feel free to send them in

If you are interested, see below for additional info.


  • you must be active. & by that we mean that you show up regularly on the blog. not necessarily quota-based, and it’s understandable that real life gets in the way so at the very minimum if you are a contributor of any kind, you should be posting once a month.
  • you must be open to communication. if other obligations come in the way, that’s understandable. if you need to delete your blog for whatever reason, you must be contactable. please don’t just disappear out of nowhere.
  • you must possess a certain degree of professionalism. while there is no age minimum, we do ask that people act professional on this blog. in particular, if it ever comes down to nasty anons or alternate opinions. 

DISCLAIMER: lgbtqia+ topics are inherently controversial, so varied opinions are to be expected - but any person saying out of line statements that are sexist, racist, biphobic, or prejudiced in general will be excused, no exceptions. This is a safe space. Hate and harassment will not be tolerated.

Wow really? Reply/blocks? You’re going there? Okay...

You reply to my comment then block me. That is the quintessential bitch move.

To respond to the comments left. First of all, grow some thicker skin and quit whining any time someone says anything remotely not nice. Its the internet, seriously, this isn’t your college safe space, people are going to say things you don’t like or agree with, get over it.

Secondly, I’m not really interested in making friends with shitty super leftist isolationists who can’t accept anyone who’s even remotely of a different political affiliation than them. You people have actively harassed and bullied people who have any kind of political affiliation other than your own, and you’ve gotten people banned and removed from sites because of it, not because they actually did anything wrong, but because you hate mobbed them away.

You don’t realize it, but you people are a hate mob. Just because you’re not ultra right conservatives Neo Nazis doesn’t mean you aren’t extremists and aren’t forcing your own views onto other people in the MTG Community. There’s room enough here for everyone, conservatives, liberals, moderates like myself, everyone has a place in this community and if you think otherwise you are part of the problem.

You people are just as much responsible for the divisive ugliness that goes around on the internet. I’ve seen the way you bully people when they’ve incurred your ire, the mean comments and sarcastic shaming and taunting of them and their opinions to the point it makes them cry. Don’t act like you’re so better than me, you’re worse because I don’t hide behind any pretense, if I don’t like you I’ll tell you to your face. So on top of all of the stuff I’ve said, you’re hypocrites to. You act like you’re these great pillars of the community, but what you yourselves are doing is gatekeeping as well. You’re the super leftist gate keepers, and anyone who doesn’t agree with your political agenda for the game is shunned, mocked and shamed out of the community. I’ve seen it here, I’ve seen it on Reddit, I’ve seen it on youtube(Oi have I seen it on youtube). You spread your leftist agenda hate everywhere, and you shut down anyone who’s got a different opinion than you as being racist, sexist, homophobic and so on. You actively talk down to people like you’re so much better than them. You’ve just done it to me. You talk down to me, and instead of engaging in an adult conversation, its a quick fire insult or quip, and insta-block so there can’t be any kind of response.  4 different people retorted and blocked me, all off an off handed comment I made. Yeah real mature of you. :/

You say I’m unpleasant? Well sorry to tarnish your special snowflake safe space, but I’m just being honest, and sometimes the truth isn’t always nice or pleasant. Grow up and face reality. This is the internet, if you can’t handle an opinion different from your own then get off the internet and go back to watching Nick Jr.

  • Just as a sidenote, its this exact echo chamber mentality and talking down to people you disagree with that got Trump Elected. Its actually mostly the left’s fault for not valuing the opinions and concerns of anyone else. Congratulations on your monumental fuck up. Maybe you should learn from this and see that other opinions and view points are valid to, then maybe you can join the discussion like adults and stop shouting that you’re right and everyone else is wrong like children.

Lastly, I refuse to be “Politically Correct.” I don’t have the patience to be. You can’t say anything without offending someone out there in the world, so why bother? For example, if you say “Happy Holidays” someone takes that as an affront to them celebrating Christmas and thinks there’s some kind of war on their holiday, say “Merry Christmas” and someone’s offended because you’re not recognizing their alternate holiday. You can’t ever win, so what’s the point? I don’t have the patience to navigate this political minefield so I’m not gonna bother. Just because I refuse to be PC doesn’t make me a bad person. It makes you pedantic for getting hung up on individual words and rhetoric instead of gleaming the actual point someone is making.

empressofthelibrary  asked:

I want to get into collecting, where should I start?

Making this public as to make some sort of general guide.

I thought about this for a while and I don’t actually know where to start as I’ve always done it and never had a proper collecting starting point, here are some tips for everyone to enjoy:

1. What ponies do you want to collect? If you’re new to ponies, learning terms that collectors use to classify ponies is a smart move. Maybe you realize that you mostly want to collect, say, g3s. So if you feel lost, finding pony communities to ask and learn from is great. Collecting info also means you can get better at distinguishing fakies from real MLP, if you don’t know how to spot a real one.

mlparena.com is a forum for collectors of all generations. There you can look at and talk about ponies. Or just mostly watch other people’s discussion, like I do. There are probably some g4 (Friendship is magic) specific forums/communities too, but I don’t know enough about them to recommend any.

2. Where to get ponies? 

- Regular toy stores, if you want to start collecting the current (g4) ones.

- Thrift stores, flea markets and garage sales. These places are great to find older g4s, g3.5 and a lot of g3s. It’s getting more uncommon to find anything older but g1 and g2 do turn up sometimes. Never tell the people selling that you collect though, they will raise the prices. 

- Online: Through second-hand selling websites (different countries often have their own or several), eBay, on the aforementioned mlparena (where you get better prices than ebay a lot of the time), and pony/toy related facebook groups for your country or state. (or in my case, the neighbouring country cause there are very few collectors in norway, but a whole whole lot in sweden)

3. You found a pony. Who is it?

You can always ask me, but here are a few pages where you can look up ponies:

mlpland.com. Choose english in the left corner and go to Pony Identification, type in something about their symbol and alternatives will come up. When you know your pony’s name, you can check out strawberryreef.com (also works for ID but I like mlpland better) and mylittlewiki.org for more info on your pony and if it had rereleases, more ponies in the same pose etc.

4. You just want to look around a bit to see which ponies that exist so you can make a wishlist. Well:

mlpland, strawberryreef (mostly g3 focused) and mylittlewiki are excellent pages to jump around and look at ponies on (mylittlewiki has a ‘random page’ button!). I also highly recommend lavenderlagoon.weebly.com for looking at pretty g2s, who are often not really talked about anywhere else. And you can also browse the mlparenas brag section.

I don’t really have any more advice than that… find out which ponies you like and check out where you can find them.

Good luck! :D