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Can you explain your reasons about being against 'Space Dad' Shiro? I've seen others against the idea and just wanted to hear yours.

Roughly, I think that it separates him from the team more than it really does and it feels like it makes light of, or even suggests is a good thing, Shiro’s tendency to short himself to try and be there for the team. Again, that’s why I talk about him being like the eldest child who’s trying to fill in as another parent.

I’ve often seen it taken literally, and Allura also roped into this “parent” role with Coran made absent and the other paladins infantilized in AUs or such.

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Someone: Dean loves Cas more than Sam

Me: *spits out tea*

Me: Hold my poodle.

Me: *pulls out presentation* *cracks knuckles* *clears throat*

Me: I’d like to take a little trip allll the way back to 1983 where we see Dean carry his baby brother out of a burning house telling him, “it’s okay, Sammy,” and thus beginning the epic love story of Sam and Dean Winchester (Kripke’s words not mine). And from there on out we see how over and over again these two boys…

*12 hours later*

Me: …And in conclusion, in season 13, episode 1 we see how after Castiel’s death, Dean prays asking for Chuck to bring him back and then proceeds to burn his body——a mere day (maybe two?) after Castiel was killed. Whereas, with Sam, Dean kept his dead fucking body in a room for I don’t even freaking KNOW how long t a l k i n g to his d e a d brother. And then proceeding to sell his soul for him. And just recently in season 11, he fuCKing overdosed on drugs jUst to trade his own life for Sam’s. Don’t fUcking talk to me about Dean loving anyone more than Sam because it is a lie.

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i love jack a lot but i don't get everyone's excitement about dean eventually adopting him. like why would you want to force him into another parental role with a kid with unstable powers JUST when he's escaping his role with sam? i'm not accusing you or anything i'm just really really frustrated at fandom's mentality

Yeah, there’s some good posts around discussing the various metaphorical and direct representations of the bad family dynamics going on here. I think it’s possible to enjoy and dislike the same thing from different angles. I LOVE Jack choosing Cas as his father and setting his personal compass by Cas. It’s perfect. But for Cas’s sake I’m genuinely skeeved out by it because of the way Jack(’s powers) latched onto him from the womb and that it is basically what I figured all along - that Jack himself is an innocent sweetie pie because he has a soul and he is therefore gifted free will and a blank slate to be what he wants and is at the very least not inherently evil… 

But his powers still did something because of his increased awareness and powers in the womb that I don’t like, which is… convincing… Cas to be his guardian. Cas being forced into the dynamic is one of the metaphorical parallels to the brothers’ issues which I’ve enjoyed the meta about, because of course Cas can still love Jack and all and have meant it because I don’t think he wasn’t acting from the heart in 12x23 because have you met Cas, that was a classic example of his heart on display. And I’m actually hoping they do have a sweet dynamic when Cas gets back. But I still don’t like HOW it happened, in the exact same way I really dig sweet moments between Sam and Dean which don’t have the complicated baggage, but I can still be uncomfortable about romanticising other parts of their relationship, and critical of how Dean was forced to parent Sam… 

So yeah. Anyway, I think the thing with Dean and Jack is that it’s the goal - Sam already likes Jack and wants to give him a chance. Cas has his connection to him already and it’s unlikely he’ll hate Jack on his return :P Dean is not wrong to be upset and critical based on the information he has like @k-vichan‘s post I just recently reblogged was explaining (Sam hasn’t even told him on camera that Jack said that Cas is his father which means until we get past the point of disbelief that he hasn’t said it off-camera that’s still something we might find out later from Dean’s POV to affect how he feels about him. Although I’m usually careful not to get over-attached to what hasn’t been said on camera in case the writers start assuming it’s obvious they shared it and leave an emotional gap… But this is such a big thing it might HAVE to be said on screen or else be a gap.)

Like… Obviously the emotional hook for “coming to like Jack” is something that falls on Dean to have while the others are already seeming to be clear on it. He’s the obstacle - the thing standing between Jack and a happy families thing (so it might be a long haul or Dean is just starting to warm up when things go bad either with Cas’s return or something that happens with Jack for what will be a frankly bizarre season if they don’t tease him ~going dark~ to test him at some point). It’s like a will they won’t they on Dean liking Jack :P 

And I think that in this case it’s not forcing anything on Dean when he comes to NATURALLY adopt random youngins and other hapless friends (like Garth, tbh :P) but that he has to want to do it and it is something he does instinctively because he’s a nurturer and has a caring soul. Maybe because of the Sam stuff but it’s not weird when he does it to, like, Krissy or something. It’s one of his softer traits but in this case it has mytharc relevance, since Jack is, WE can tell, really sweet, but Dean is in no position to see him for what he is, which may compromise them looking after him, and even if Jack is sweet and squishy right now, he has cosmic powers and intentionally or not he’s going to be dangerous on a huge level even if it’s just for drawing attention. I think Dean coming to like him will play a big part in reconciling this whole situation just because he’s the one who instinctively doesn’t like Jack already. And that’s something where he’s messed up with grief and hasn’t seen anything to convince him Jack isn’t a problem, so it’s set up to be a bigger struggle for him.

And that probably also plays into Dean as the emotional centre of the show - that Sam is usually dealing with the plot stuff head on, while Dean is the filter we struggle with it through. I think Dean not trusting Jack is another way of drawing out uncertainty and tension about Jack in the narrative. Is Sam wrong to trust him? Is there still something hinky between Jack and Cas? Will Jack turn bad? Even if it’s seeming quite clear that Jack is not as bad as Dean thinks by far, and Sam’s made the right call here, to go with his confidence in leadership and standing up for himself arc, playing the reconciliation to Jack’s presence in their lives through Dean is giving us (or, well, the surface level read of the show, which I pay as much attention to as I can out of curiosity as a writer about stringing appearances and cheap drama out of more complex stories and I watch the episodes from the POV of “what is the show trying to tell us” before “what can I read into this”) a more drawn out exploration of who and what Jack is and the conclusion on what his character can be. 

And I think that means Dean will be challenging Jack too, and always probably be more on the side of checking if he really is what he seems or second-guessing his actions etc. It will give Jack something to grow and fight against, especially since people HATE letting Dean down and Dean is the moral centre of the show when it comes to love, humanity, what is the right thing to do, the free will choice, just generally a beacon of these themes. If Jack has to win Dean’s approval, it’s going to be a complex and satisfying story and a good way of proving we can definitively trust him. Not because Sam makes bad choices or because Jack doesn’t already seem like a good guy, but just because Dean has Standards which are so high you can define and navigate the story by them. Like Cas rebelling in 4x22. Or on the flip side, 6x20.

This is all kinda wishy washy stuff for later in the season that what we already have, though, and I don’t know how thoroughly others have thought it through or if I am missing some really obvious lines of thought here myself, but I don’t think the instinctive reaction that people are wishing Dean adopts Jack is all just forcing a new child on him, or that people think Dean shouldn’t come to that choice himself, and approve of Jack for real reasons. One of the short posts out there about it that I like is a line of spec that Dean will start to like Jack after he does a Benny - does something to save or help Cas that Dean can’t deny Jack is good any more after seeing. That’s not just wishing another child to look after on Dean, that’s a complicated series of Dean recognising Jack’s potential to be good and understanding him better or now having a motivation to reach out to him. 

And I do personally find it kind of creepy to be super gung ho about Jack as any of their children - Cas for the reasons I already said although I like it for Jack and would be open to Cas being cool with it :P But Sam and Dean as well because I think there’s a lot of point scoring going on with who gets to parent Jack like it’s a token or trophy for them, unlocking a whole bunch of parent headcanons and also, and I know it’s weird to say about a 1 day old baby, infantilising Jack. I think he’s already starting to get an idea of the more complex stuff and a lot of his literal born yesterday mannerisms will disappear as he gets older, since he has an adult intellect to deal with the world, so I’m very curious about his character growth. 

I think it’s just a fandom thing to be eager for the main characters you care about to have fun relationships and the idea of just giving them a kid can be appealing to some people, but it kinda weirds me out. I saw a gifset of the father reveal to Sam captioned with “Sam realises he’s an uncle” and I like that a lot more because it emphasises his brother relationship to Cas, and puts Jack in that context to him. I think since Jack said Cas is his father, “parenting” just means “we are responsible for guiding this young soul” not “I will be his father” and Sam and Dean are basically his uncles, not surrogate fathers, and I’m pretty much just gonna treat it that way, personally, since it’s less skeevy to me. That’s a YMMV thing, though, so I’m not saying you can’t enjoy the dad TFW stuff, I just don’t wanna :P 

(The Claire stuff was different since they didn’t have a whole bunch of responsibility over her and the episodes she was in never made it weird, and it was a side storyline… With this it’s all such high tension it sort of feels to me like I need to draw much stronger lines, especially since with all the fatherhood parallels some/all of TFW are going to be examined through being John at some point or another… There is a LOT more going on with Jack that makes it complicated and fraught :P)

So… uh… tl;dr… I have no idea if I’m even answering your original thought any more :P Idk about the wider fandom of crack posts and cracky art, but I think the meta folks I follow are not being too weird about it or will at least entertain all the posts being critical or introspective about these dynamics and I think some crack posts are just made in the spirit of fun, though it doesn’t help NOT give the impression everyone’s gaga for dad TFW and not being very considerate of the deep dark meta stuff and character angst going on… :P 

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I absolutely love everything about this blog. I just got one question, Jeff still loves his brother here, right? Maybe it's just me, I just think it's a lot better they don't hate each other. Either way, I think this is hilarious and your art is great. Hope you're having a nice day! :)

OOOHG i have such mixed feelings about this…I don’t think jeff ever hated liu (or at least i like to think so lmaooo) and maybe deep down liu still loves jeff but like

jeff did kill their parents and pretty much ruined liu’s life so like…it would make sense for him to hate jeff lol. idk liu is such a cool+complex character to me, imo he deserves more attention!!

anyway here’s a doodle of some pre-angst boys for ya

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Do you think Momota would have agreed to kill Ouma if he wasn't poisoned and already dying?

Now that’s an interesting question. There’s no way to know with 100% certainty of course, but if I had to give my own opinion… I don’t think he would. And not for reasons that have anything to do with “hating Ouma” or “doubting” him or anything like that. Rather, Momota himself is also very strongly against murder (something that was somewhat lost in some moments of translation in the localization).

One of the parallels between Ouma and Momota that I find the most interesting is, in fact, how much both of them hate murder and killing. For all their differences and all their disagreements, that seems to be one point they definitely both have in common. Where many other characters in ndrv3 are a little more undecided about whether a death was deserved or justified or not, Momota is easily one of the characters who, for the most part, thinks it’s pretty unforgivable even if there were good intentions behind it.

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Same Stony!anon as before. I get what you mean! I hate what canon!Steve's become. Idc if they "fix" it in IW...I'll still be bitter. Concerning Wanda, I always hated her. I'm glad Pietro died, so both weren't ruined; he'd probably act like her. Or maybe he'd be more reasonable? Idk. With Bucky, I think my issue is everyone babies him, so I've grown annoyed and angry with him, too, as well as what happened in CW, if that makes sense? Sigh. These damn fictional characters stress me out so much LOL

Yeah, I understand you there anon. The fandom as a whole tends to baby Bucky, which I don’t mind so much. I take HUGE issue with how Steve treats Bucky (and I actually think the healthiest for them both would be to be separated for a while. Steve wants Bucky to be the same person who fell from the train, even though Steve himself isn’t even the same, and that’s just super unhealthy), like the fact that all Steve ever says is “Bucky wasn’t the Winter Soldier, it wasn’t his fault”. Newsflash, Steve, yes he was. Bucky was brainwashed and mind controlled, but it was still him doing all that stuff. Steve’s levels of denial help NO ONE.

And yeah…. I hate Wanda so much. She is irredeemable to me at this point. She’s a spoiled, bratty, irresponsible piece of shit IMO. She takes no responsibility, never faces up to the consequences of her actions, and is perfectly willing to play the “child” card… but only when it’s beneficial to her. It enrages me how her volunteering for Hydra was just brushed off, as was her actions towards the team - AND her attitude towards Tony, don’t even get me started over that. Let’s face it, Pietro is probably in a much happier place now that he’s dead.

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your relationship with AT on this blog is so interesting; you seemed to tolerate it at best even when doing stuff you like (good PB things, Bubbline) and openly hated Finn (and sometimes Jake even whoa) all the way until Islands then you did like a 180 flip on it and went back to hardcore fan mode™. curious as to what left you so cold on it, and what drew you back in?

hahahah im sooo glad you asked this…

1. i have always seen jake as one of the best charactes in the show so i may have criticised the FUCK outta him but never hated him,

2. it was season 6 which left me cold. to be honest there wasnt a single turning point where i decided to diss AT, it was more with how i was enjoying the homestuck fandom more and more, steven universe was getting better and better, I started enjoying these things because I was able to get invested in them. that was the kicker; AT season 6 was so cold and emotionless, focusing on whatever philosophy, that I couldnt get too invested in any theories or characters.
 i also had beef with writer jesse moynihan cos his psychadelic philosophical writing felt up its ass, he was constantly whinging about the fandom when they didnt like his stuff, and he wrote female characters in such a consitently terrible way. it was clear at this point that adam muto wasnt comfortable grasping his reigns on the story yet, because everyone was doing whatever they wanted, which is why season 6 felt so disjointed and bland at this stage. it wasnt until season 7 that things started glueing back together cohesively. 

going back to fandom, i met… more than a few assholes in the AT fandom, and people who weirded me out. i was glad to be rid of them. i was making so many new friends in the homestuck fandom, best friends who i could really trust,  and didnt want to be stuck with those guys again.

fastforward to Islands onwards: homestuck ended in a shitty trolly way that killed most of my investment and while the fandom’s ok our relationship with the author is nil, steven universe is…. really samey now and that fandom’s relationship with their creators and literally everybody else is so volatile it’s affecting the quality of the show, meanwhile adventure time releases 2 more miniseries that are completely different in tone yet equally engaging.
the ultimate turning point for me is when my mate lizzie invited me to the atimers discord and told me that the latest eps (the season 8 finale) had gotten really dark. initially i was enraged cos AT was continuing to go down the cerebus syndrome chute and pretend it was coler than it is, but then i watched them, and…. they were just, so well written. Ketchup and 3 Buckets are opposite ends of the spectrum in tone, just like Islands and Elements, but they tried to go for a certain mood - a certain complexity - and hit it so well. Funny, exciting, and deep at the same time. 

After that I wanted to rewatch the whole of AT in preparation for its upcoming final season. It was a fucking blast. And Season 9 is off to a  great start. Let’s hope we don’t get a homestuck ending, but even if we do, there’s bound to be some quality elements and humor.

i LOVE dave’s attitude towards all this.

in general, he just kind of

accepts shit

like, of fucking COURSE theres monsters, look at the goddamn situation you’re in and read the context clues ya dipshit

i hate that trope too, buddy. i’m with you all the way with your constant little sidetrack rants

and in a bizarre plot twist, john becomes the voice of reason, giving us more clues about friendship dynamics within their group

but dave’s supposed hero worship of his older bro is kinda cute, it’s a interesting way of introducing what sounds like the weirdest nerdiest person on the goddamn planet, by looking at him through the eyes of a little bro who clearly looks up to him despite his… unorthodox interests

also, i thought the sylladex was already weaponized, and that was the whole point of the strife part of it?

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you trusted him, he knew you were a beginner w drugs and how skinny you are. like yea hes not ur mother but in that situation he was more experienced than you and it was his responsability to make sure you dont die, esp if he has soooo much drug experience (i smell bs). its very vile of him to say that he SHOULDNT have taken care of you in that situation when yes, he should, its what you do when u introduce ppl to a drug new to them

thats what i was trying to say but it looks like im being a manbaby like “i cant take care of myself! koga ruined my life then did ***#@*@*#@*” like i feel dumb talking about any aspect of it and i hate that everyone knows now and thinks i make up rape stories

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I honestly wouldn't hate it if that's actually William. Like, I really wanted him to look more age appropriate, but I really didn't expect CC to try and be realistic with this especially considering his casting of teens or young children in the past (re: younger Scullys having brown eyes).

Yeah, I get all that. I may not love their choice, but I’m prepared to accept that he won’t look the way I pictured him or like a 17 year old.

What I’m having trouble accepting is that all this time we haven’t even had a leaked pic of Mulder and Scully filming other than the bear (and what they’ve given us themselves) but now all of a sudden we have William confirmed? Arguably the biggest secret of season 11? Like? That makes no sense to me, considering the lengths 1013 has gone in terms of secrecy this season. So, I theorize to rationalize.

Is there anybody else in this fandom who’s staying positive about the whole James Ashton situation? Pixelberry might have been facing legal trouble because he looked like Michael B. Jordan. It’s not like they changed him for no reason. Yes, it would have been great if we were given a heads up and a more thorough explanation, but this was likely PB’s only course of action. I doubt the actual creators and artists of the game like changing their own characters. While I hate James’ new face, and I didn’t like the makeovers to TF/TS gang either, I feel like the fandom is really overreacting. Changing his character design isn’t changing his character as a whole. Even though he looks different, he’s still the guy many of us fell in love with. The fact that people don’t like him anymore because he now looks “ugly” is pretty suspect. Anyways, there’s been so much drama lately that I’m just trying to look on the bright side. :)

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Aidan acting like an adorable child melts my heart, but so does him acting like a responsible adult. Apologizing like that for something so heavy is such a huge thing, most peeps I know wouldn't ever own up to it. He's such a great character and your such a good artist and writer 🌻

Aidan deeply cares about Jay, he loves him more than anything in his life. And would do anything to protect him. Even doing things he hates to do on a daily basis.

Aidan has never lied, he hates lies, no matter how white they are.

Thats why lying to Jay about this was a huge decision for him.

He really wanted to prevent Jay from getting sadder

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I just wanted to drop in and thank you for not bashing Severus. He's my fave, and it gets me so prickled to see so many loud people yelling about how irredeemable he was. Have a nice day!

Not at all dear! 

While not all of our mods love Snape, not all of us hate him either, and we don’t like to only post one opinion. We always post 2 or more to make sure the conversation is even, because balance is key to a good debate. 

I‘m rather lucky, people don’t tend to bash my faves, Neville, Newt and Cedric, but the Snape hate is real. But really, you’re most welcome, and thank you! You too!

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-Hufflepuff Mod Star

I’m not even sorry about the GIF I chose, it’s almost Christmas and Mean Girls Day was 2 weeks ago shush

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is it okay if i ask why people hate roman? i'm a recent fan of wwe (only since august of this year) so idk a lot of history but i really like him and whenever i read that he was the most hated wrestler of 2016 i was shocked?? why do people boo him so much?

hey there and welcome! of course, it’s okay.

i don’t want this to turn into an essay and i’m not really good with words as it is lol but it started back when he won the royal rumble in 2015 (eventually going on to headline wrestlemania); all in all, the fans thought it was going to be someone else’s year to win but that wasn’t the case. most of the fans turned against roman after that.. thinking he was being pushed too fast and wasn’t deserving; some still go by and use that reasoning today.. among other things.

by all means, if you don’t like the guy and he’s not your cup of tea? cool. lord knows there’s a lot of superstars i don’t prefer. it’s just when it pushes the limit of just disliking the character into blatant hate for the man that’s just doing his job and playing the character, you know? 

anywhoo, kind of going off track.. but yeah, that’s kind of the gist of where the tides turned and the booing began + why it’s more or less continued (even though i think it’s more of the norm now + fickle fans who can’t decide on what to do). 

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lia, do you love shiro??

i have never hated a man more in my entire life. if given the chance i would Kill him for having the audacity to be a poc with mental health issues rather than the Perfect Neurotypical White Character we’ve all been clamoring for in media. also i hate him because i don’t like who the fandom ships him with and that somehow reflects poorly upon him as a character since i have trouble separating fiction from reality

anti-honesty hour - ask me anything and i will respond with blatant lies! ! !

Finn : a complexe, well-rounded, loveable black character

Hux : a white guy we saw 3 minutes in the movie, who said 3 lines, so 
insignificant I didn’t even remember he was there after seeing the movie