or more flashbacks would be good too

The Journey Story: Writing the Boring Parts

Anonymous asked: “In a part of story I’m writing currently, the characters are doing a lot of… walking. So aside from letting them stop and rest occasionally, or just throwing enemies at them or just simply I don’t know - writing about the environment, could I instead spice up the story with POVs of characters in different places and/or make the time pass faster by introducing character relevant stories/flashbacks? Or would it just make it too chaotic at this point?”

Inevitably when writing a journey story, you’re going to hit a few dull bumps where the characters are just en route. When it comes to writing these scenes, the important thing to remember: be frugal. A little walking goes a long way. In fact, the reader will assume a lot of walking and tedious travel is happening with just a few sentences a few times and maybe one scene that involves walking. I’m generalizing, but a good rule to go by is “less is more.”

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It’s a Buck Girl Thing (7/?)

Hey everyone! I wanted to write a longer chapter but I know it’s been a while since I posted so I though I’d give you what I’ve written so far. Enjoy!

Catch up: IBGT Masterlist

Word count: 2k

Warnings: Swearing, little angst?

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You didn’t really want to see Bucky, especially at this time of night. He’s proven himself to be a total ass to you earlier that day and the feeling lingered, alright. No matter how much you tried to brush it off, you knew that in the past few days he’s worked up a reputation for you and it would take a miracle to change it. Actually, scrap that, last time you asked for a miracle is what got you in this mess in the first place.

But as you stood outside the bedroom door you knew deep inside that he’d be the best person to speak to about your terrifying dreams. Now was not the time to start another argument with him. You were physically exhausted and mentally hurt and the only person who would know how that felt was the brunette who’d just opened the door.

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I Promise I Hate You || Reggie Mantle

A/N: Sorry for any grammar or spelling errors! I’ve been a bit off today but I had motivation so i’m writing! You guys should feel free to request anything from any of the fandoms you see in my bio!

Request: ‘can you do a Reggie imagine where you guys hate each other like your always fighting at school and everybody knows you guys don’t get along but one night you start having a panic attack during a football game kinda like Cheryl did in that one episode. and he runs after you in the locker room and just comforts you? With lots of fluff, stuff we don’t really see with Reggie you know. I’ll literally love you forever if you write this. Thanks so much!’ -by Anon

Warnings: Swearing

Words with quotes and italics like ‘this’ are either thoughts, or text messages.

A * symbol means that a flashback is occurring.


You hated Reggie Mantle, every day you swore to yourself that you hated his guts. He was a prick who seemed to think he was better than everyone else. Reggie had claimed to hate you too, always trying to prove himself more by pestering you in the halls.

It had become so routine that you almost enjoyed it- but never would admit it. You were in denial, attempting to convince yourself that you would never enjoy the presence of him, that he wasn’t worth your time.

Yet-as your good friend Jughead would so kindly point out, you still went to his football games, silently cheering him on in your head. He had been the same with you, he didn’t hate you like he said, but he didn’t think he’d go as far as to say he liked you.

Reggie Mantle did not like you, and you, (Y/N) (L/N) did not like him, but both of you knew it wasn’t nearly as simple as that. Reggie had noticed you at his games and it comforted him in an odd way, you never missed a game.

This time was no different, he stepped onto the field and saw you in your usual spot, off to the side and towards the front, acting disinterested. You glanced up and saw him too, catching yourself almost smiling before scolding yourself.

Halfway into the game something change, sudden paranoia took over for no apparent reason, and your chest suddenly felt tight. Quickly shaking your head, you attempted to stop thinking about it, when a group of people walked by and made a snide comment about you.

Not even remembering the comment, you stood up and quickly rushed off, trying to make it into the bathroom before anyone would see your mental breakdown, knowing it would only give you more of a bad reputation.

The game was forgotten, and you ended up not making it to the bathroom. You turned a corner heading into the first place you could hide in, which just so happened to be the change room. 

Stepping inside and quickly collapsing on a bench, heavy sobs shook your body and lungs almost tightening. It had felt like your ribcage was closing in on them, slowly suffocating you as you failed to calm down.

Panic flooded your veins as you began worrying about what would happen if someone saw you, heavy breathing was the only sound to be heard as your lungs got tighter and tighter, head spinning.

Suddenly you heard footsteps and attempted to quiet down, failing for the most part. The heavy breathing now came out shakier, hand covering your mouth desperately, despite already feeling as if you were unable to breathe.

Eyes wide, you continued to cry, body shaking, facing away from the door to the change room. You heard someone step inside, and your eyes shut tightly, breathing rapid as your lungs seemed to get impossibly tighter.

All of a sudden Reggie himself stood in front of you, eyes wider than usual as he crouched down, “Hey- hey it’s just me, okay?” he whispered, words jumbling together.

He looked you in the eyes, rubbing your shoulders, “look at me- copy my breathing, okay? Just focus on me right now, even though my face might not be the one you want to see” he joked weakly, taking deep breaths.

You attempted to follow, tears still sliding down your face and small hiccups coming out as you focused all your attention on him, feeling less suffocated than before.

Reggie smiled weakly as he saw you slowing your breathing, “that’s really good, keep doing that and don’t lose focus” he whispered quickly, some of the panic leaving his voice, relief replacing it.

You quickly wiped your face after a few more minutes of deep breathing, eyes staring deeply into his. Shaking your head, you carefully took his hands off of your shoulders, “uh, thanks. You really didn’t have to-” Reggie raised a hand, shaking his head, “I really hope you weren’t gonna say I didn’t have to, because trust me I wanted to” he said genuinely, sitting back on the floor.

Eyes widening, you quickly began speaking, “wait- you’re having a game right now, why aren’t you-” Reggie interrupted again, “I ran off when I saw you leave, I notice you coming to my games” he said lightly, winking jokingly at you.

Running a hand through your hair, you stood up, “well, Mr.Mantle, didn’t know you stalked me in your free time” you joked back, giving him a hand as he grabbed it, hoisting himself up.

He grinned at you, “I knew you didn’t hate me” he said quietly, “something tells me we are going to get along swimmingly” he added with a smirk, wrapping an arm around your shoulders.

Pushing him playfully, you scoffed, “as if, sir. You are far too much for me” you joked, turning to him with a smirk of your own, using your hand to push his face away from yours.

Reggie laughed, and once you stepped outside he went back to play, arguing with the coach- reasonably angry about a player running off. You watched from the sidelines, smiling fondly at the boy who managed to change your mind and calm you down, despite his usual behaviour.

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Since people have been sending me unpopular opinions recently, I now want to say some of my own!

-I think the anime version of Luffy and Coby at the beginning of the story is better than the manga

-The music for the anime is extremely underrated 

-I actually hate anything to do with the Davy Back Fight (save for Afro Luffy)

-Sky Island was not a pointless arc

-Reiju has not been redeemed at all and while I love her as a character, it seems everyone has forgotten how incredibly selfish and flawed she is

-Pudding isn’t that bad of a character

-I wanted more of a flashback for Big Mom. I felt it was way too short and I would have loved to see HOW she built her enormous family and where it started

-Some aspects of the 4kids dub are actually good

-It irks me to no end when people refer to Hancock as ‘Boa’

-I think the Arlong Arc is one of the best arcs in the series

-While I enjoy the little references Oda does with his chapters, I would much rather prefer better pacing than references (looking at you Dressrosa)

-I don’t hate the look of Gear Fourth nor do I think it looks stupid

-Gear third is incredibly underwhelming 

-I get incredibly frustrated when I’m reminded of Chopper’s bounty

-Injuries have no meaning in the story and it bothers me

-The anime doesn’t have to be passed onto another anime company for it to be good. Toei has produced good stuff, they just need to get their asses into gear again (they’ve been doing it with DBS, they can do it with OP)

-The cartoon style of early OP never bothered me and I don’t understand why the artistic style should determine how good the story is 

-People in the fandom don’t understand the difference between bad animation and bad art and it annoys me with a passion

Attack on Titan Episode 30


I have this acquaintance who seems to believe that I’ve been unfairly circumspect regarding my opinion of this (and other) episodes. I am aghast (aghast, I tell you) at this ruthless judgment of how I best enjoy my cartoons.

To defang such a callous accusation, this seemed like the way to go.

(Featuring xtreme whining, manga spoilers like whoa, more whining, and maybe a few spots of joy. Who can say. I haven’t started yet, and I’ve never done a liveblog before. It’s a surprise for everyone.)

So, Attack on Titan Episode 30, “Historia.” Let us begin!

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The Journey Story: Writing the Boring Parts of the Way

Anonymous asked: “In a part of story I’m writing currently, the characters are doing a lot of… walking. So aside from letting them stop and rest occasionally, or just throwing enemies at them or just simply I don’t know - writing about the environment, could I instead spice up the story with POVs of characters in different places and/or make the time pass faster by introducing character relevant stories/flashbacks? Or would it just make it too chaotic at this point?” 

Inevitably when writing a journey story, you’re going to hit a few dull bumps where the characters are just en route. When it comes to writing these scenes, the important thing to remember: be frugal. A little walking goes a long way. In fact, the reader will assume a lot of walking and tedious travel is happening with just a few sentences a few times and maybe one scene that involves walking. I’m generalizing, but a good rule to go by is “less is more.” 

If you’re struggling, I would recommend picking up Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings. You don’t have to read the whole thing (though fans may disagree) to get a sense of the story and just how Tolkien handles writing about this kind of (often-on-foot) journey. He mixes it up. They go through scary forests, dangerous tunnels, and come across a few characters and kingdoms along the way. It breaks up all that walking.

Another tactic that has been recommended to me on numerous occasions is the rule, “if it’s boring, skip it.” I’m always a lot more wary of this one. I am someone who will say, “Oh, this scene is so boring it just drags on and on and on,” and then, I’ll read it and it really doesn’t. If it is an actual boring scene, and you’ve carefully considered: is there a way you could convey the information in this scene in the next, more exciting scene? Then, you can skip it and move onto a more exciting scene. 

To address your question about flashbacks, I advise against them, unless you feel particularly confident and believe that the flashback is very relevant to the plot you’re writing. Often I’ll see writers try to bring in flashbacks as a way to talk more about a character but really it reads more as a tangent and a fairly distracting one at that. Unless your story’s structure involves flashbacks fairly regularly (ie: Station Eleven by Emily Saint John Mandel), it might not make sense for multiple flashbacks to appear in the middle of the story. Revealing backstory can be done well, but again, I recommend making relevance a priority, having it either tie into the plot or be revealed in a way that ties into the plot. This is mostly opinion, but the more I’ve learned about the book industry and the more I’ve talked with other writers, the more firmly I’ve grown to believe this. I don’t know if it will be of use to you, but I hope all this has helped! Happy writing. 

The last episode was good, but i’m annoyed that despite being a finale, the last two episodes didn’t explore Shadow’s character. Last week’s episode was a 40 min long story of some irish girl, it was so unnecessary and we didn’t even see Shadow, the main character. If only the flashback was about Sweeney, since he’s a leprechaun it would have been more relevant. But he was barely in there too.

And this week’s episode, we saw Shadow but we barely explored his character. The big change is that after being confused and angry, he finally accepts to believe. But he had little screentime, and was a background character in his own show these last 2 episodes. I hope that in s2, they once again focus properly on Shadow, and stop giving so much unnecessary screentime to Laura. She needs to die like, yesterday.

Back Home (Newt x Hufflepuff!Reader)

**Gif not mine**

Request:  Could you write about Newt getting home from NY, still a little sad to be leaving his new friends and meets a girl also previously in hufflepuff (but a year younger) who does the typical hufflepuff thing n helps to cheer him up somehow? Fluff would be nice <3

Even if you’re not in Hufflepuff this is still really cute in my opinion

IMPORTANT: The Reader and Newt’s relationship in this is platonic, no romance.  Also, I kind of lost it at the end xD

Newt had returned to England.  Alone, but with his case.  When he got off the boat, he disapparated to the door to his flat.


Newt’s neighbor was a wizard, and he knew that.  Ever since the day an Occamy escaped and slithered under the door.  Newt wasn’t aware it had gotten loose until he opened his front door to reveal a teapot, the Occamy inside, with a note attached to the lid.:

You’d better keep that Occamy under control, Mr. Scamander.  The Ministry would have a fit if it were to get inside a muggle home.

Fellow Hufflepuff, Y/N L/N

(This is how he got the idea to trap the Occamy in a teapot in New York).  Newt felt like a blasted idiot for letting a creature slip away from him so easily, so as soon as he read the note he knocked on your door to apologize.

When you opened the door he immediately began to speak.  “I am so sorry about my Occamy getting into your flat.  I-I hope he didn’t break anything, if he did I’ll replace it.  Thank you so much for returning him.  Once again I’m truly–.”

You cut him off with a laugh.  He looked at you confused.  You smiled at him.  “Don’t worry!  It was no trouble at all, really.  My mother use to breed Occamies, I picked up a thing or two.”

He smiled.  “So you work for the Ministry too?”

“Yes.  At least I hope to; I’m training to be an Auror.”  You realized you were still talking to Newt in the open doorway.  “Oh!  I’m sorry, you’re still standing in the doorway.  Would you like to come in for some tea?”

“I would love to, Miss L/N.”

“Call me Y/N.”

Ever since that day, you and Newt began to talk more and more, eventually to the point where you would always have tea and dinner together on Saturdays.

**End of flashback**

When he got back from New York, you were thrilled to have your best friend back again.  As he was about to unlock the door to his flat, you popped your head out of yours.  “Good to see you again, Newt!”

“You too, Y/N.”

You tilted your head and knit your eyebrows.  Newt didn’t have the typical pep-in-his-step that he always seemed to have.  He never acted like this unless something was wrong with one of his creatures or beasts.  You stepped out of your flat and approached him.  “What’s wrong?”


“Come on.  I know you.  Something’s wrong.”

He sighed.  “I met some really nice people in New York, and I miss them.”

You looked at him sympathetically.  “Oh.  I’m sorry, I know how that feels.” You paused, and your face brightened.  “But I can’t stand to see you sad.  That’s why you’re going to drop your stuff off in your flat and then come to mine.”

He nodded and his lips perked upward.  “Thank you, Y/N.  Merlin knows what I would do without you.”

You hugged him and then went back to your flat.  Newt did as you said: he dropped his case off in his bedroom (and put some heavy books on it for precautions).

He walked next door and when he was just about to knock on it, you flung open the door.  “Come in!”  You exclaimed, tugging Newt’s arm gently, leading him to where the sofa was and pushed him down onto it.  “Sit.”

Just then, the kettle made it’s high-pitched whistle to signal the tea was done boiling.  You poured the steaming tea into two cups and walked over to where Newt was and set both cups down on the coffee table (or, in this case, a tea table lol).  You grabbed a nice heavy blanket and draped it over Newt.

“You really don’t have to do this Y/N… I was being a child,” Newt said.

“Yes, I do.  You’re a good man that doesn’t deserve to be sad  Plus I haven’t seen you in a week and I’ve missed youuuu!”

He grinned at your childlike demeanor.  

You stepped over to your bookshelf in the living room and turned on the radio.  You then got under the blanket and snuggled up to next to Newt.  

“So.  Tell me about your adventures in New York.”

“To sum it up, I basically lost some of my creatures in New York, befriended a muggle that helped me find them, sentenced to death but a Bowtruckle helped me out if it, met two sisters, one of them probably wanted to kill me and the other fell in love with said muggle, and then I found Grindelwald, and I got on a boat and now here I am.”

You looked at him in shock.  “Niceee.”

(lmao that’s ALL I could think of you saying in response)

Please let me know what you thought of it and what I could do better next time!

Rainey Days - Theo Raeken Smut Part 3

Warning; None but the next part will have some smutty smut!!!

Word count: 1k

Disclaimer: This is kind of a rules reversed kind of thing so its just like Rainey days #1 but with HER BEING THE ONE TO GO TO THEO!!! Smut in next part sorry boos just makes things more interesting.

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After the events that happened with Theo you didn’t see him for a good week after that. It all happened after the most incredible sex of your life, you guys got into a heated argument about all the things he did to the pack and after that he was gone.


‘Wow that was amazing.’ You breathed out. Plopping down on the other side of your bed slipping your underwear on then your bra. He laughed out in response nodding his head yes while slipping on his boxers too. “If I would have known how good you were in bed, I wish I would have not hated you back in beacon hills.” He said. He sounded non judgmental when he was talking but he the way he said it he was almost accusing you. “Maybe if you weren’t such a psychopath maybe the pack and I would have trusted you.” When that came out of your mouth you knew it hit him right where it hurt. You knew that would hurt him because he came to NY to get away from his past and you brought it up and it just about brought it back. “Wow can’t get over that can you, you know what? This- this was a mistake.” That caught you off guard and hurt a little bit. You really felt a connection with Theo and he saying that really hurt. After taking a deep breath you said, “I think you should just leave,” He cut you off before you could say anything else. “I was just on my way out.” He said as he put on his clean flannel. As he walked out of the door he left it open and that pissed you off enough for you to say something you never thought would come out of your mouth. “Have a nice day murderer!” Then slammed the door, you knew you shouldn’t of said that because it was a sensitive subject for everyone that experienced murder back in Beacon hills. You just said it to hurt him as much as he hurt you. But, it still didn’t make you feel any better.

End of flashback  

Trying to get your mind off Theo you thought it wouldn’t hurt to go out for some drinks with your girls and try to get a rebound. So that’s just what you did, calling about 5 of your best girl friends and decided to go out to a club on the west side of the city aka Brooklyn. They planned it before you could suggest not going to Brooklyn, plus Theo doesn’t own Brooklyn so it’s not like you’re not allowed to go there. So slipping on your tight black lace dress that came up just about to your mid thigh and flares out on the bottom, and your nude pumps that laced up to just right above your knee. Tossing your hair in loose curls and light but sassy makeup on you were just about ready to go. You threw back a shot of Vodka and threw your fake ID in your purse you were ready to go. Calling a cab you rode a short ride to up town Brooklyn and met your friends out front of the club. The club was called Club Echo and was very exclusive to get into but your friend Clair had some connections so she got you guys in easy breezy. You looked hot and so did your friends, you were sure you could get a cute rebound boy for the night. You and your friends found a booth right in the center of the club where all the action was. You knew you wouldn’t see Theo here because this was a very exclusive club and clubs like this really weren’t really his thing.

A few drinks later, you were feeling lightly buzzed but not any better about Theo. You knew you wouldn’t feel better until you apologized to him. So you shot Scott a text and asked him where Theo’s apartment was. He gave it to you but only after teasing you a bit about how you want to know where he lives and being the ‘protective big brother’ he is, telling you to be careful. You thanked him and headed on your way to ‘try’ to find a cute boy to take home with you.

Sadly, by the end of the night you had zero luck in the boy department and zero luck in getting your mind off Theo. So parting ways with your friends you grabbed a cab and went on your journey. When you got there you were impressed that you actually made it this far. Just like the events before, it started raining and now you were the one surprising Theo at his door. So sweet talking the door man to let you in and the front desk lady telling her that Theo was your friends and he really needs your help she finally gave you permission to use the elevators. The ride up to the 10th floor was long and very nerve raking.

One knock, that’s all it took, right as you were about to do the second knock the door swung open revealing a very wet and naked Theo. You were shocked that he open that fast but he was more shocked that you were there. He was standing there in all his gory, with just a towel hanging loosely around his waist and water still dripping from his toned frame. You starred again but this time it wasn’t just you starring. Theo was very shocked on what you were wearing, in Beacon Hills you were not much of a dress girl so the dress you had on tonight was something so different for him to see on you. Looking back up at him his eyes were slowly trailing down but snapped back up to your face with a dazed look. You mirrored him. “I didn’t know where else to go.”

man, I wish there’s an anime or manga spin-off w/ the adventures of retired partners, Kakashi and Gai (ft. others too!), just a lot of slice-of-life and cute, funny stuff cuz honestly, they’ve been through a lot (wars and all), and it would be interesting to see how they pass the day during peacetime. maybe with a few action/adventure badass ninja scenes too.

I wanna see Konoha Shinden animated. I wanna see Kakagai interact with the younger generation. I wanna see author Gai roping Kakashi to start writing too, in which Kakashi writes something like Icha Icha. going on missions with each other. them having more competitions. playing and taking care of their summonings. flashbacks while celebrating some holiday together. life with them living together. Encounter with Ghosts (i.e. Neji and maybe some other dead characters too, but there’s no good or bad now, just comedy), etc

anonymous asked:

I have this crazy ideia, what if the girls start to remember everything that happened, all the good moments, the bad moments, you know, and then everything just *clicks* and at this same time (that they realize who A.D is), we got to see Mona having a flashback, from the time she was in radley, and the real A (EzrA) stole the game.

honestly this would be an extremely interesting way to show the reveal - because it sort of ties everything together! like you said, seeing ALL the moments, good or bad, would help us understand and believe it more. it’d also kind of be like it clicked for us too - we’ll be watching at the same time, and then the moment of truth will hit all of the audience and the characters on the show simultaneously. it’s a good way to connect the show with the viewers!

i do hope ezra is AD, but i’ve also learned not to get my hopes up - but i love this idea

If Juvia’s reaction to Gajeel’s death isn’t emphasized more than anyone else when the others find out I’m going to be very disappointed.

They’re supposed to be very special to one another, that’s what I’d like to believe. Their friendship is far more touching to me than any romantic relationship.

I’m having too much of high expectations but it would be even MORE emotional if, once Juvia finds out, we get flashbacks of Juvia and Gajeel when they first met in Phantom Lord? (Mashima’s especially good at writing flashbacks imo).

Mashima-sensei this is great angst potential please, I welcome you to destroy me with it.

A Demon Returning

This is the continuation of A Demon in the Dark. An overwhelming number of people wanted this, so despite my reluctance and writers block I finally managed to come up with this. Enjoy.


You pressed the button on your answering machine to let it play your messages, since you preferred to use a landline for business calls, and listened to your own message play before the others started.

“Hey, this is (Y/N), I’m probably at a gig right now, but I’ll get back to you as fast as I can, just leave your name and number, please, and have a great day.”

The beep sounded as you pulled your shoes off and put them in the rack by the door. Your jacket came off next, the leather practically stuck to your skin from the humidity caused by the rain that had started randomly just as you’d gotten out of your car.

“(Y/N), great show tonight, babe, I haven’t seen it yet, you know because we aren’t there yet, but I’m sure it was great.” Jason, the guitarist of your band, said and you laughed. He did that with all the girls so that you all had messages like that when you got home.

There was a beep and the next message played.

“I saw you perform live tonight, you were great. I really miss you, (Y/N).” You heard the familiar deep voice say. It made you drop your cellphone to hear him. He’d promised to let you go, he’d sworn. He said that no matter what he would let you live peacefully on your own.

There was another beep and his voice rang through your house again. “I know I just called, but I couldn’t help it. I miss you.” He said softly into the phone, and your gritted your teeth, deleting both messages, hoping, praying, that he was just going to leave it at that.

There was another beep, and another message from him played.

“I can’t take it anymore, I’m coming over. I know what I said, but I just can’t do this anymore.” He said, and you deleted the messages. The machines announced that it was at the end of your messages, and you felt the tears prick your eyes. You turned out the lights, all of them, and sat down, hoping he would think that you weren’t home.

Ten minutes later there was a knock on your door. You shrunk back against the wall, hoping he wouldn’t see you.

“(Y/N), I know you’re in there, your car is here, please let me in.” He pleaded, knocking on the door again.

Your house phone rang, illuminating the room slightly, and you prayed he didn’t call your cell, the light would give you away. His face pressed against the glass of your window, and you wished you’d thought to close the curtains.

“(Y/N), I know you’re home.” He said into his phone, and you whimpered. You knew what this was. Yoy knew this was the end of the small bit of happiness that you had managed to find, and it was killing you to think that it was over.

You scooted away from the window and the next time your house phone rang you dialed Jason.

“Hey, (Y/N), get my message?” He asked, and you whispered into the phone.

“Code Andy.”

“I’m on my way.” Was all he said before he hung up, but you wished he hadn’t.

“(Y/N), open the damn door!” Andy yelled, pounding on the door with his fist.

You whimpered and curled further into yourself.

“(Y/N)!” He yelled, and you wished you had just called the cops.

“Damn it, (Y/N), open the door!” He yelled, and you felt yourself start to break down as quite sobs erupted from you.

You heard him press himself against the door, close to where you were, and he sighed.

“I’m sorry, (Y/N).” He said, like he knew you could hear him. “You called Jason, didn’t you?” he asked, and sighed. “I’m such a screw up.” He groaned, and you got up, making your way towards your bedroom.

Suddenly the phone in your hand rang and you turned to see him standing at the window.

“Answer it.” he mouthed, and you looked down at the phone in your hand, then threw it on the ground and ran for your bedroom. You could hear him jiggling the nob, and screamed when you heard the door open. It had been locked.

“(Y/N), stop running, now!” He yelled, but you locked yourself in the bathroom.

“(Y/N), please.” He yelled, banging on the door. You watched as the knob jiggled slightly, but didn’t open, because the lock was engaged.

“Just leave me alone!” You yelled at him, and the knob stopped moving.

“(Y/N), I just want to talk to you.” He pleaded through the door.

“I called Jason, and he’s on his way, leave, Andy!”

“I can’t do that, (Y/N).” He whispered, and you felt your tail starting to become prominent, and your ears emerging. The spell was wearing off, because you couldn’t focus, you were too afraid to focus on the magic that kept you from being hunted by the insanity that was the human race.

“I don’t want to break the door, (Y/N), I want you to come willingly. Please come out. You remember what I told you about having to chase.”

“You promised, Andy.” You whimpered, your tail curling around your feet.

“I know.” He sighed, and then the door broke open. You screamed and your claws dug into his arm, but he didn’t even seem to notice.

“That’s enough games, (Y/N), Jason is coming up, and I’m sure you’d prefer for me not to kill him.” He chuckled, and you whimpered, huddling closer to yourself as he carried you towards your bedroom. For a moment your heart almost stopped, until he walked right by the bed and jumped out the window.

“I know I promised, but I’m a demon. I don’t have to keep my promises, (Y/N).”

You had always known it was too good to be true, but some part of you had always hoped that maybe, just maybe, he would really leave you alone.


You were sitting at Andy’s feet, where he preferred you while he was lounging, having become so comfortable with the arrangement you weren’t even upset. You just sat beside him, letting him stroke your hair and pet you like he liked to, knowing that doing what he said made life much more pleasant for you.

He tapped his lap a couple of times, a sign that he wanted you to come up. You meowed, the way he liked you to, and jumped up into his lap, rubbing his chest with you head, making him chuckle before you settled down and looked up at him.

“(Y/N), are you happy?” he asked you, and you nodded.

“No, don’t lie to me, be honest, I’m not going to get mad. Are you happy here?” You looked away and pawed at the hand that was hanging off the arm of the chair towards you.

“No.” You whispered, your ears lowering themselves, “I’m not.”

“I figured.” He sighed, stroking your naked body. He’d asked you not to wear clothes in the house and rather than fight him and risk being hit or worse you’d complied.

“Tonight you can tell me everything that you’re not happy with, and tomorrow I’ll try and fix those things, okay?” He asked, and you nodded, looking up at him curiously. He was such a strange demon. Some days he was nice like this, but only to you, and other days he was mean to you, and killed everyone he saw. He was temperamental, and strange, and you thought you might have some feelings for him, but nothing strong enough that you would willingly put up with this all the time.

“I don’t like being naked, it gets cold.” You started, and he chuckled, grabbing a blanket from somewhere out of your line of sight and laying it over you.

“Anything else?” he asked, seeming eager to please.

“I-“ you didn’t know if you wanted to start doing this, because you were sure that once you started you’d tell him everything, including the fact that you hated being his servant.

“It’s alright, anything you say tonight won’t be punished, I’ve just noticed that you don’t seem as content as Crow, and I want you to be happy too.” He told you, and you smiled up at him warily. He was always comparing you to Crow, like you were another cat, and not a human being, which you weren’t, neither of you were, but you certainly weren’t a cat.

“I don’t like feeling like your pet.” You whispered, not meeting his eyes.

“Elaborate, kitten.” He murmured, stroking you. You purred in response, and then looked back up at him.

“I want to at least have the illusion of freedom. I feel like you think of me as a pet, not a person, and I know I’m not a person in your eyes, but I don’t want to be like your cat. I thought I meant more to you than that.”

He was silent, and you wondered if you said too much, but he just chuckled and scratched you behind your ears.

“I’m sorry, kitten.” He murmured, “I didn’t know you felt that way. What would you like to change?”

“If I tell you, will you promise not to get mad.”

“I promise. I don’t promise you’ll get what you ask for, but I promise not to get mad.

“I want to go outside.” You whispered. “I miss being able to go places, and see things, and… there’s something else.”

“Go ahead, kitten, I’m listening.”

“I want- I want to be in a band.” You whispered, “I never said anything, but I really like it when you and Ashley and your friends play music, and I want to do that too.” You told him, curling up tighter, afraid he was going to get mad.

“Let me think about it.” He murmured, taking your hand in his and playing with it. “I understand your concerns. I didn’t realize it bothered you so much. I thought you liked it. If anything I was expecting you to say you wanted me to let you go.”

“I do.” You said so quietly he shouldn’t have been able to hear it, but you knew he would, because of his super sensitive hearing.

He was silent for a moment, just stroking your hair lightly, and thinking. He wasn’t mad, so that was a good thing, but you weren’t sure he was going to stay like that.

“I’ll tell you what.” He said, making you look up at him. “If you can get a band together in the next month I’ll let you move out, and play with them, and leave you alone forever. How does that sound?”

“Really?” You asked, and sat up, barely conscious of the blanket slipping off of you.

“Really.” He nodded, and you threw your arms around him.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!” You yelled nuzzling his neck.

“Now, don’t get too excited.” He murmured, and you calmed down immediately, settling back into his lap. “If you don’t make it happen you don’t get another chance. I’ll try and treat you less like a pet, but you’re never leaving. Does that seem fair?”

“Yes, it does.” You said, even though it didn’t. You shouldn’t have had to put up with it in the first place.

“Alright, a few stipulations. One, you still aren’t allowed to leave the house without me.” You nodded. “Two, I have to approve every member.” You nodded, the task at hand seeming more and more impossible by the moment. “Three, you have to be an active member of the band.”

You nodded, and hugged him again.

“Thank you, Andy.” You murmured against his chest, and he chuckled.

“Anything for you, kitten.”

End Flashback


“Please, Andy.” You begged, but he didn’t even look down at you, just started running at that super-fast demon pace you hated so much. You’d worked so hard, gotten so close, you were positive you were about to be signed, but alas, it wasn’t meant to be.

“I’m sorry, kitten.” He said coldly, not looking down at you, because you both knew he was only saying it to shut you up. He wasn’t sorry, this was Andy, the demon, the merciless murderer, he didn’t feel sorrow. “I was only going to see you, but I just couldn’t take it. Those men, watching you,” He glared at nothing. “I killed seven of them before I came to see you.” He informed you without remorse. Merciless killer.

You noticed for the first time that you were soaked, not having cared much before, but now that there was nothing else to focus on you realized it was raining.

“Andy, I’m cold.” You chattered, hugging yourself to try and keep warm.

“We’re almost home, kitten, you can warm up there.” He assured you, and you nodded. Home. You hated the place you had to call home. After your first glimpse of brutal death in that house the last thing that you ever wanted was to go back, but you couldn’t get out of his grip if you tried. He was stronger than you, much stronger. You couldn’t break out of his grip if he were about to murder you.

“Okay.” You said quietly, accepting you defeat. You’d been so close. You wanted to start crying, but he didn’t like it when you cried, so you just kept all of the tears and sadness inside, and chalked anything he noticed up to being cold in the rain.

“We’re home, kitten.” He smiled, pushing open the door to the same luxurious house of your nightmares.

“Yay.” You said, feigning enthusiasm. He chuckled and set you down in the blood free living room. After that first night there had never been another human, dead or alive, in Andy’s home. He’d bring over his friends from his band, but you had learned that they were also demons, members of a little troupe, of which Andy was in charge.

“Silly kitty.” He murmured, kissing your forehead. “I still have some of your old stuff, I’m going to run you a warm bath and get you something to change into. You must be freezing.” He kissed your forehead and you smiled half heartedly.

“I know you wanted to have band, kitten, but with the way those humans were looking at you, I just don’t think I can let it happen.” He sighed, giving you a wane smile. “But don’t worry, we’ll have lots of fun, and you can sing for me, if that’s any consolation,” he joked, and you just nodded, forcing back tears.

“I’m sorry, kitten.” He murmured, kissing you cheek before leaving the room. You shivered, but not from the cold. You were shivering because all of your greatest fears were coming true. The one thing you had dreaded since you were released from the prison of this demon had finally come to pass. You were right back where you started.


Dan and Phil versus the World

Well, here goes. This marks a lot of firsts in my internet life. How do people post fics on Tumblr? I don’t even know.

Artist: Sadly, none, but if you send me a link to art for this fic, I will promo it!
Beta: Sam (@phantropolis)
Word count: 12k
Rating: PG
Warnings: Some coarse/inappropriate language (inc. infrequent ableist slurs, à la Dan’s old videos), one description of a panic attack, general angst and worrying about the future
Summary: In an alternate universe (where Poe the cactus survived), Dan and Phil revisited Japan after TATINOF. Now they’re back in London, but something’s changed, leaving Dan tense and restless. Maybe they’ve been so busy selling Dan and Phil™ all these years that they’ve forgotten how to be themselves. Storytelling has a way of seeping into real life, but it only confounds things when you start to believe it.
Author’s Note: I signed up for the PBB in May on an impulse, having never before worked with either a beta or an artist. Thanks to Sam for her top-notch beta reading and bants. This story is dedicated to you, without whom it would probably still be half finished and abandoned. I hope it’s not (too) crap for a first phanfic. The themes are friendship, understanding, growth and dreams, and there is a lot of introspection, analysis and flashbacks. Really, the whole story is one long existential crisis on Dan’s part. And procrastination station.

Read on AO3 here!

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last night i had to do this thing for my astronomy class which was sit outside and sketch stars, which would have been great if not for that it's legit winter in australia and i can't draw. i have never felt like more of a true astronomer tho so i would 100% recommend. if it isn't winter n you can feel your fingers. also your theme is giving me flashbacks like whoah but i like it. how's your week been? - 🖤

omg that sounds really cool! it’s summer here so i might try that but the only problem is there’s a lot if light pollution here so we can’t see too many stars :( I’ve been doing pretty good though! i kinda broke my laptop yikes but it’s not too new so hopefully my parents will let me get a new one¿ lol there’s no way

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HI, recently ishida said that torso was his second favorite character, I hate Ishida for this, what do you think I should do?

first, let me copy here what a friend said since it’s generally more eloquent, nor does it go off topic/emotional quite like what i wrote lol.

Well, to start with the direct response to your question: nothing. But to elaborate, for starters we don’t even know why Ishida likes Torso. Yet while we don’t know, I highly doubt it’s because he thinks “damn, slicing up people is fun” - a lot of people like characters that have done objectively terrible things in this series, at times for subjectively very good reasons. There’s nothing inherently wrong with that, Ishida just happens to like one of the generally less popular guys. On the whole, there’s really no reason why you should be bothered by anyone else’s favorites, regardless of whether they are Ishida or someone else.

since you did write an ask to me though, i’ll include my whole original post ↓

uh well, i don’t know what you should do, maybe think about it some more? do you like someone in tg who has ever done something sick and killed someone? having a problematic fav is not exactly a rare thing… like maybe in fiction a person wants to explore the dynamics of a sick person, or just is someone who has clinical interest in psychos and the like?or just… fiction???  liking a character means neither condoning what they do, nor wanting to do the same, or anything. …ishida writes this manga weekly, so i totally expect him to be into a “interesting to write” kind of character, and there’s not many if any other character that’s like torso in his manga (everyone else seems to have an on the other side of the coin though part that kind of explains them or tries to anyway). i don’t expect an author to dislike any of his “children”/characters they created either. i’d kinda even expect him being into the whole sicko thing given he does write this manga lol.  he also loves shoujo?? i’m also into all kinds of morally derailing characters that’s why i also read this manga, though i don’t expect everyone to be a doS regarding fiction, like i am, since i can’t really have characters i really dislike here..givemePAIN

maybe unpopular opinion, but there’s very few characters i would say are inherently good in this manga, and the only difference between liking torso and liking other killers who enjoy killing/torture for seemingly no reason; is that one hurt someone you probably like, and others hurt someone we don’t know (and people still like even characters that DID hurt their favs? like man i love nimura and man i loved matsumae to bits, i just gotta deal). (just go back to what tsukiyama did in the beginning of tg. that was Very Much Sick. and he was a sane, otherwise completely normal society living person, while torso is just completely over the edge psycho. tatara with his torture, takizawa??? who’s lso a mass killer completely surrendering himself to doing vile things for the sake of it? we have a backstory for takizawa, of course many people pity and like him. we don’t really have anything given for us to start liking torso, though i gotta say i did kind of find him reading books to find how to please mutsuki kind of endearing in that sicko-still-doing-his-best way. i do not think if ishida wrote a flashback of how torso grew up abused by other ghouls / ccg / the fear for his life just made him snap or whatever else, i do not think people would start liking him but…it’s totally possible lol) ishida just did a good job writing someone in a way that people would like them, and others that readers would hate them. actually i’m kind of happy there’s someone i can more or less dislike in tg finally though looking at him objectively i don’t really have a problem with his character existing at all, since every other sicko and killer are just too likeable i even started liking kanou when we got more info on V who was for a long time the only character i disliked

so uh… this is tg, enjoy whoever you enjoy? you can even completely absolutely love someone and still want the karma to kill them right this moment like me and nimura just don’t hate on other people who did nothing to you just because of a fictional story??? and last of all do not go and spam hate on ishida’s social media accounts, just in case.

last thing i’ll say, if you’re still bothered, there’s still the possibility to stop reading the manga and distance yourself from it.

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how would we see any possible Tatara and Houji flashbacks? I want to see more of the Red Tongue Company too ; 0;

Well here’s the dealio with how and why we may see more Red Tongue Company Flashbacks

  • The organization is still largely unexplored and Ishida is good at getting back to certain topics in later chapters 
    • i.e. Houji was introduced all the way at the beginning of TG and there was a brief mention of how he was a terrifying fighter in China, then some more elaboration towards the end of TG, then he defeats Yoshimura. Baby steps
  • Ishida has put a lot of thought into this particular backstory, hence the super elaborate ED cards, the multiple calendar pages etc

But my main reasoning is that we may be getting some Red Tongue Company action is because foreign (Chinese) investigators may come as reinforcements since this is the current Special Class+ List

  • Washuu Tsuneyoshi (Chairman): Ass is sore and he’s old
  • Washuu Yoshitoki (Bureau Director): Dead
  • Washuu Matsuri (SC + Division II Chief + S2 Squad Leader): Hysterical
  • Arima Kishou (S3 Squad Leader + 0 Squad Leader): Dead
  • Aura Kiyoko (Division I Chief): In danger
  • Mougan Tanakamaru (Ward 2 Director): In danger
  • Houji Kousuke (Ward 5 Director): Dead
  • Kuroiwa Iwao (Division 1 Commander): Alive/Handicapped 
  • Suzuya Juuzou (Ward 13 Director): Alive but now severely injured (Kurona’s chest wound/Arata eating him alive)
  • Ui Koori (S1 Squad Leader): Alive
  • Shinohara Yukinori (Ex-Division 1 Commander): Veggie
  • Haisaki Shinme (Cochlea Warden): Dead
  • Marude Itsuki (Division II Chief): Missing and in danger

(Crossed out means (possibly) out of commission)

And we aren’t even all the way through the arc yet. 

So following past CCG protocol regarding intense situations—Houji being sent to China to deal with the Red Tongue Company, Matsuri being sent to set an example/participate in the suppression of Berlin, Chigyou and Kanou being sent to Germany—Matsuri may end up calling for foreign countries to participate in the suppression of this SSS-rated cutie (since Aogiri is mostly dead now too)

Especially since Ishida has been hinting at foreign countries/characters for a long time (Tsuukiyama European loyalties, Rosewalds, Shao)

So I could see some Chinese investigators at Houji’s funeral lamenting about his career in China, and a possible flashback from another point of view; like this:

so @based ishida, give me Red Tongue Company flashbacks please

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Hey Cor! Question. Do you think that Sasaki was a regular at :re? We only saw him actually there 2 times but there were a lot of time skips. I guess I'm curious if you think he was a regular at the coffee shop :)

Ahhh Sasaki becoming a regular at :re is honestly my favourite headcanon and when he went back to visit a second time, I had wondered if we would see him at :re quite often. But then this happened:

Haise realised from Shuu’s strange behaviour and probably from some uneasy feeling that he was someone who knew Kaneki in the past. And that makes me think the same thing might’ve happened with Touka and Yomo.

Haise unexpectedly cried, Yomo acted strange and stared at him, he noted that Touka’s smile was sad. And just look at his reactions and the times he was thinking back on it:

That’s the look of someone who is in deep thought, like when I walk down the hallway and forget what I needed at the other end.

This makes me wonder if after his first visit at :re, he knew something was up-that even if he couldn’t remember them there was a strange sense of nostalgia. Then after thinking on it for a while, Haise went back to :re alone to check things out and gauge his feelings- see if he was just imagining things last time. We see him snooping around- checking out the books on the shelf, maybe even seeing books he feels like he’s read before, in such concentration searching for something he doesn’t notice Touka come up behind him:

And then talking to Donato about memories, he mentions “Serpent and I might have been acquaintances” before it pans to :re and the flashback of him visiting:

He’s smart- I think he did realise that there was more to that visit than just coffee so good it will put tears in your eyes. I think there’s a good chance that he stayed away from :re after the second time- too scared for his memories to return, not wanting something there to trigger him remembering and losing his new life. I’d like to imagine it would have been a running gag if he had become a regular there- Sasaki talking with the Quinx about Investigations in the quiet cafe, Touka and Yomo standing behind the bar like -__- hearing everything, thinking “you idiot, you’re giving ghouls all the details- you haven’t changed a bit”.

I don’t know whats more heartbreaking though- Sasaki visiting :re all the time having no memory of his loved ones or Sasaki avoiding the people who are waiting for him to return, too terrified that his past will come flooding back but still thinking about them every now and then at times like Christmas. I really hope its addressed- I desperately want to know which scenario is right :’) 

One of the things I most want to see in possible future SU flashback eps is righteously furious Rose.

Like, it would have to be after her usual demeanor was more established of course. It’s that moment when a patient, gentle, soft-spoken person is finally pushed too far. I just want her to have a scene where her line is crossed and she like yells and looms at somebody who deserves it

like I am utterly convinced, COMPLETELY convinced that her intentions with the rebellion were good. I believe she was good. But I also believe that she could be scary, and I wanna see it.

Steven Universe train of thought: i really really really hope Garnet plays a huge part in Jasper’s inevitable(?) becoming-a-good-guy arc

it could play out very much similarly to how Garnet approached Peridot in Log Date 7-12-15 even when she was still kind of, you know, prickly. and it kind of makes sense to me that Jasper would harbor some (probably grudging) respect for Garnet, seeing as how she bested her in physical combat

and i mean, it seems like Jasper has a complex of sorts about fusing now, so Garnet would be the perfect person to teach her that fusion isn’t just about power and feeling strong, but empathy and understanding (and maybe the Sardonyx arc was a precursor to this?) Garnet could tell her about the troubles Ruby and Sapphire have had to overcome (and can you say ‘opening the door to more pre-humanity flashback episodes ala The Answer’ ??), and lead to little by little Jasper letting go of her unhealthy fixation on Malachite and lead her to eventually feel remorse with what her actions did to Lapis

and (and i know this is a stretch but) it could also be a good opportunity to address and develop Garnet’s feelings about the forced fusions she saw? this is a long shot but if Jasper’s hypothetical arc also provided an opportunity for Garnet to develop too (by admitting how shaken she was by that and how she can’t always be the unflappable pillar of strength for the team) that would be, so ideal

golden ending: Jasper is reformed + rebels against Yellow Diamond, Garnet development, more Ruby and Sapphire flashbacks, Lapis gets an apology FROM SOMEONE WHO ACTUALLY MEANS IT THIS TIME, cool tough mom Jasper/Garnet fusion