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Things I've Said While Sleep -Deprived

Tag yourself in this new hot mess of my actual train wreck of a life


“ I don’t believe in mountains sometimes , they look like fakes ”

“ what if there’s only one color and the rest are all just headcanon colors ”

“ I wonder when we started naming things , names are weird ”

“ why don’t more people talk about how dark Code Lyoko was , that show messed me up ”

“ Bro there’s no way of proving our perceived reality is actually real , we could be a science experiment, data in a computer man ”

“ Why do you think we have tragic love stories ? Do we have such a toxic view of love ?”

“ -crying- I just wanted to live as a cat why can’t I have that ”

“ Childhood promised me dragons and yet there is a distinct lack of them ”

“ Humans don’t deserve dogs ”

“ I hope ghosts can travel for free because a ghost tax system would suck ”

“ I don’t believe in heaven but I believe in Hell , I’ve lived there ”

“ Yellow confuses me as a color , what does it want from us, it’s planning something ”

“ What if we all got a wish every birthday that would come true ? It would be terrifying and great at the same time ”

“ I think clouds are fairy cities ”

Cartoon Characters who are 14 years old

It’s crazy how different being 14 is portrayed across cartoons. When I was 14 both my life and I were a mess. 

Steven Universe – Steven Universe 

Star Butterfly and Marco Diaz – Star vs. The Forces of Evil

Sam Manson, Danny Fenton,  and Tucker Foley – Danny Phantom 

Azula – Avatar: The Last Airbender

Katara – Avatar: The Last Airbender 

Yumi Ishiyama – Code Lyoko

Beast Boy….we think – Teen Titans 

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there is nothing i love more then images of code lyoko characters in their lyoko forms because jeremy will still be in the shot and he just looks like a fucking loser

A screenshot redraw from “Wrong Exposure”. mostly.

I found it really cute how careful and gentle Ulrich was in nudging a very drained Aelita towards the tower, creating an unexpectedly intimate moment which was a great juxtaposition against their totally BRUTAL fight scene mere minutes ago, like talk about whiplash. What a gr8 episode.  

011517 — Style Influence Map

I’ve been struggling to find my own style lately so I decided to go back and study my favorite art styles. This is a (condensed) list of the major studios that have shaped me as artist :)

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So I’m rewatching Code Lyoko after years and years of seeing it in my childhood. And yeah, I’m super happy that i can still enjoy the series after all these years in my adulthood as I did when I was a child. The show has become a bit dated but it’s still very enjoyable.

Anyway. I drew Sissi to look a bit older here. Her Lyoko outfit is heavily inspired by her love for cheer leading, though I tried to not make it look directly like a chearleader’s uniform. I pulled her hair up similar to how it is when she wore the red dress from the X.A.N.A. Awakens episode. I also see this as her ‘original base’ outfit. So the outfit she would be put in on her first trip to Lyoko, no Jeremy or X.A.N.A. tron upgrades( I like that the original outfits had more personality than the later ones). I gave her a spear because I can see her spinning it similar to a baton(and being more lethal than a baton too).

Code lyoko short: Aelita shows kindness to Laura by artdemaurialashawn21 on @deviantart