or mingming

“we’re gonna take a picture of the whole group; just act natural.”

as gay as verkwan and jihan and all that seem at time, does anyone else remember that time in 2013 on seventeen tv where mingming was trying to… kill jun? or something? idk but

this was actually much gayer than anything past debut has ever been

tag yourself i’m the guy with the earbuds not giving a fuck

jun was loving it too i mean look at that he’s having the time of his life

hey mingming, buddy, is there something you wanna talk about?




this is probably what every sexually frustrated jun stan now wants to do to him

jesus mingming you can just ask nicely


hoshi’s like ‘oh did i just interrupt something?’ YES YOU DID

the signs as predebut seventeen

aries: seungkwan drop-kicking sockmin after he tried aegyo

taurus: “it’s not bunny!! it’s TOSUN!” 

gemini: ”my life is hamburger” -jeon wonwoo 

cancer: wonwoo and mingyu smearing paint on each other

leo: dino: you have two choices. you can either eat it, or throw it away! 

virgo: doyoon, mingming, dongjin, and samuel 

libra: seungkwan screaming for his mother after he accidentally kissed dk in the paper kissing game on andromeda

scorpio: hoshi’s hair on andromeda. ,,,.. … ..

sagittarius: PREDEBUT VERNON “kidney function is not a privilege, it’s a right.” “do you want to live to be 100?” 

capricorn: chocolate, soul eater, fried chicken, guitar, and macbook are all i need in this lonely world -hong jisoo

aquarius: woozi singing boyfriend + his dance battle with hoshi

pisces: jun the christmas tree 

predebut seventeen was so weird rolling around the floor and running around in circles and breaking light bulbs and having to kiss each other for punishment and just meanie moments in general and them speaking english and jisoo with his chocolate song and seungkwan bursting in during his freestyle session and turning off the lights for horror time and them just casually eating bananas and jihoon shaking wonwoo like he’s a dummy and girl group dancing what have i gotten myself into

Somewhat Damaged (Halloween Special)

Starring: Jun, Krystal, Sana, and Mingming. (Brief appearance by Mingyu.) 

Summary: A perfect nightmare starring the perfect monster. Except, this time, the monster was you. Angst/Horror. 

(credit for the cover goes to @the-shinee-knight

(A/N: so the title comes from a Nine Inch Nails song of the same name. i first heard the song when listening to the walking dead and ever since i have not been able to dissociate with monsters/spooky things. and thus it became the perfect tie in for a Halloween story. credit for the cover goes to Jaycen, my amazing boyfriend, i asked him to do one because i lost mine and i didn’t have time to do another one and he did an amazing job. now this isn’t all of this scenario, as i said before, but i figured some is better than nothing, like with the Jeongcheol threesome. i struggled and went late nights without sleep trying to get this done. so i hope you enjoy what’s here, and i really hope you enjoy the ending when it’s posted. now finally with ending! i worked so hard on this. so much of my blood is in this. please please please please read and enjoy it. warnings for: blood, gore, mild sexuality, extreme violence, a lot of sensitive material that could be triggering. -Tanisha<3)

Your mind was hazy. You couldn’t remember how you got here; you couldn’t remember what you were doing.

There was a thick layer of fog, almost like smoke, floating along the ground. It completely engulfed the grass, making any trace of green unrecognizable underneath. Thick whips of it curled and dipped into the graves as it moved, curving around the headstones in perfect, ominous fashion. All the writing was faded, the stone worn from time and chipped away, making it unreadable and giving you no clues as to the souls these graves held. There were nameless crosses and even an angel off in the distance, crouched on her knees with her hands folded together in prayer, and, you noticed in horror, headless.

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