or mingming


Our baby sam is being bullied 😭😭💔

UPDATE! apparently it’s fake and a friend was just joking around idk who made up the rumors tho

[TRANS] Samuel kim is bullied by suckers in school they hit Samuel when he carries tons of books just for fun and laugh at him while he picks those up sometime Samuel is absent because of his schedule and when teacher takes attendance they say he quit the school because they dont wanna see his face after pick me released they mimicked samuel to make fun of him but he just laughed at them and didnt argue
so they’re taking that as he is dumb

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I Love My Family (我爱我家) Dir. Ying Da (英达). 1993 – 1994. 

I Love My Family is a 120-episode comedy sitcom about a six-member family in 1990s Beijing and their daily life and interactions with their neighbors and relatives. Known as the first multi-camera and Mandarin-language sitcom, I Love My Family was a watershed creation of director Ying Da’s career. 

Starring a veteran grandfather, portrayed by Wen Xingyu (文兴宇); his harrowed elder son, portrayed by Yang Lixing (杨立新); his operatic daughter-in-law from the countryside, portrayed by Song Dandan (宋丹丹); his spendthrift playboy of a younger son, portrayed by Tian Liang (田亮); his daughter studying abroad in the U.S., portrayed by Zhao Mingming (赵明明); and his happy-go-lucky granddaughter who frequently finds herself in trouble at school, portrayed by Guan Ling (关凌). The sitcom follows the temporal misadventures of these characters as they confront familial, educational, workplace, and interpersonal conflicts.

I Love My Family is a commentary on both the transforming intergenerational sociopolitical situation burgeoning in China and the cross-cultural influence of Western thought and ideals. It garnered immediate attention for both is comedic value and its easily identifiable relevance to contemporary Chinese life.

“we’re gonna take a picture of the whole group; just act natural.”

as gay as verkwan and jihan and all that seem at time, does anyone else remember that time in 2013 on seventeen tv where mingming was trying to… kill jun? or something? idk but

this was actually much gayer than anything past debut has ever been

tag yourself i’m the guy with the earbuds not giving a fuck

jun was loving it too i mean look at that he’s having the time of his life

hey mingming, buddy, is there something you wanna talk about?




this is probably what every sexually frustrated jun stan now wants to do to him

jesus mingming you can just ask nicely


hoshi’s like ‘oh did i just interrupt something?’ YES YOU DID

my favorite mandarin songs (with one exception)

this is just a list of my favorite songs written in mandarin (and one in mongolian that has mandarin subs and was aired on chinese television so fight me)

i put the videos for the first five bc i love them so much that you have to listen to them right now

also, this is obviously not a comprehensive list. hope you enjoy!

1. 飛翔的鷹  (HAYA 樂團)

2. 輪迴 (杭蓋樂團)(this is the exception. it’s fucking rad so i had to include it)

3. 螢火蟲 (蘇運瑩)

4. 知足 (五月天)

5. 明冥(蘇運瑩)(mingming is the title track of my one true love su yunying’s album. it is on spotify. go listen to the whole thing it is amazing)

6. 我是一隻小小鳥 (趙傳)  link

7. 愛不愛 (Waa Wei) link

8. 野子(蘇運瑩)link

9. 愛的初體驗(A-Yue)link

10. 水長流(劉鳳屏) link

11. 寶貝,對不起(草蜢 )link

(note: my simplified keyboard was not working so i had to type traditional)

the signs as predebut seventeen

aries: seungkwan drop-kicking sockmin after he tried aegyo

taurus: “it’s not bunny!! it’s TOSUN!” 

gemini: ”my life is hamburger” -jeon wonwoo 

cancer: wonwoo and mingyu smearing paint on each other

leo: dino: you have two choices. you can either eat it, or throw it away! 

virgo: doyoon, mingming, dongjin, and samuel 

libra: seungkwan screaming for his mother after he accidentally kissed dk in the paper kissing game on andromeda

scorpio: hoshi’s hair on andromeda. ,,,.. … ..

sagittarius: PREDEBUT VERNON “kidney function is not a privilege, it’s a right.” “do you want to live to be 100?” 

capricorn: chocolate, soul eater, fried chicken, guitar, and macbook are all i need in this lonely world -hong jisoo

aquarius: woozi singing boyfriend + his dance battle with hoshi

pisces: jun the christmas tree 

predebut seventeen was so weird rolling around the floor and running around in circles and breaking light bulbs and having to kiss each other for punishment and just meanie moments in general and them speaking english and jisoo with his chocolate song and seungkwan bursting in during his freestyle session and turning off the lights for horror time and them just casually eating bananas and jihoon shaking wonwoo like he’s a dummy and girl group dancing what have i gotten myself into