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According to @soccstab, this is how we meet our end.

PJO Headcanon #47 - Instagram

And by instagram I mean how they act on Instagram. What they post, how they act. Because let’s be real we all LOVE those ~aesthetic~ social media edits that’s not how real teens post on insta (who even makes those? like who’s ~known~ for that?  idk I’m so disconnected from this fandom).

  • Annabeth
    • Frequent poster. Posts a bunch of super cool photos but each and every one has like a 4 paragraph rant attached to it. Not even rant, just like an update on her life. Is incapable of posting something without at least two sentences of text. Has a ~theme~ that’s both geometrically pleasing and color appeasing made up of random photos. Posts a bunch of pics of her schematics, her boxing, random pics of her friends or Percy, etc. Has like 200 followers, makes it a game to get more though. Posts in exact window times to get more and has a theme revolving around colors that will get more likes. Loves the analytics.
  • Percy
    • Infrequent spam poster. Forgets instagram exists then posts five pics in a day. Most of them are of Annabeth with a bunch of heart eye emojis or a caption like ‘ma girl’. Sprinkled in are pics of his family and friends, plus the beach. Basically everything he really loves. Has like 1.5-2k followers.
  • Jason
    • Infrequent poster. Barely posts, usually when he wins a game or random pics of his friends/piper. Most of his captions are inside jokes. Kinda basic, but has about 500-ish followers.
  • Hazel
    • Doesn’t know how instagram works, has two blurry posts and five followers. Hasn’t posted since 2015.
  • Frank
    • Regular poster. Hella aesthetic. Looks like every shot was beamed down from God himself. The Real Deal™. Has like 80k followers but a steady fanbase for his photos. Random pics of the canadian flag, pics looking down his arrow at a target, lots of pictures of Hazel looking like a badass insta model. 
  • Leo
    • Frequent/spammish poster. Constantly deletes all of his photos and then posts new ones because he needs to ~cleanse~ his social media. All of his captions are puns. He has like 40 followers.
  • Piper
    • Regular poster. When she posts something she posts it for good. It is THERE it is STAYING, is v against this whole ~cleanse~ thing. Her feed dates back to like 2012. Has a very activist feed, a lot of pics of her protesting and the like. Has like 1.5 million followers.
  • Nico
    • Infrequent poster. Barely posts on his ~real~ account which has like 1k followers. But his side accounts are INSANE. Has a hella spam finsta with a bunch of random pictures of Will and long complaining rant paragraphs about his life. His fan account has like an insane amount of followers but nobody knows what it is. They just know it exists because Will teases him about it.

So last night I rewatched Fire (as you may have seen from my obnoxious post). I wanted to do Fire for the @txf-fic-chicks challenge since I’ve been shocked at how few fics there are about this awesome episode! It has everything: cute pouty Mulder, shirtless Mulder, flirty Scully, jealous Scully, a random plot point that CC never references again. 
Anyways I wrote up this fic in record time and @alittlemissfit cleaned it up for me (as she always does an amazing job of making my words make sense)
So enjoy! 
@piecesofscully @kateyes224 (thank you for this fun challenge!) 

It might have been petty of me, but I hated Phoebe from the second I laid eyes on her. I know what you’re thinking, and no, my dislike was not due to her kissing Mulder.
I knew how I felt about her from the second she opened that car door and scared the shit out of us.
One second I’m listening to that cassette tape thinking, alright, this is how it ends, in a courthouse parking garage with Mulder. The next second I’m staring a bug-eyed Englishwoman in the face. I know, commenting on looks is the lowest form of criticism, but really, what did he even see in her?

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so. the ‘graves wiping mustard off tina’s lip’ scene is kind of unbelievable on so many different levels

even if you take it as it just being grindelwald!graves being a suave manipulator that doesn’t change the fact that he did this in BROAD DAYLIGHT





so what i’m trying to say here is this complete lack of decorum and personal space might also just be a tina and graves…..thing

Ok guys. Tonight might be thing night. Tonight, Lin-Manuel Miranda might make history and become the third person to achieve the status of a PEGOT Winner.

The other two being Richard Rodgers and Marvin Hamlisch.



Hey guys! You might remember me talking about planning a zine with a compilation of my digimon art that I’ve drawn over the last year?
Well I’m working on that now and I decided to redraw parts of the art and add some of the things you haven’t seen yet. There will be some step to step views of the pieces and short comics-scenes which are gonna feature Daiken and Taiyama (of course) but all in all I want to give you some group-interactions of all the digidestined from th first two seasons.

I’ll update you guys with more information later on!! So if you think, something should definitly get into that zine you can definitly send me those thoughts. I can’t guarantee that I’ll put them in, but I’m up for ideas still.

Speaking of ships, my current ships with my muses. I’m ALWAYS open to new ships, though, and it’s not just limited to canon SU characters. OCs & other fandoms are welcome as long as there’s chemistry~


  • Pearl
  • ??? honestly anyone, let her flirt 


  • Peridot
  • Pearl
  • Rose Quartz (fight me)
  • Greg Universe (fIGHT ME)


  • Puns
  • Their yo-yo
  • but seriously i won’t ship with Smoky


  • None Currently?? Open for it though.

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are hunter and alaska going to ever get together or is it gonna be elsa forever

Elsa will break Hunter’s heart soon, so you guys might see Hunter and Alaska together sooner than later :D 

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You said that you are now in College, so what are taking? Do you like it so far?

I’m taking a media course and I’m learning CGI in semester two which I’m super excited about so maybe you guys might see my editing go up by 1000%. And my first seminar is actually in like two hours, but it’s looking pretty exciting so far :D

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Bitchy friendzone anon here. Not sure how I was supposed to get "self friendzoning" from a bunch of hahas and it exists.Hoped you were joking cus from your blog, you seem like a decent guy. Might've been harsh but I'm not gonna apologize--cus it really sucks after a guy you think is a trusted friend gets pissed off when you turn him down and then makes your life a living hell for the next few months cus he thinks you owe him something. That'd be why I'm less than chill about it, dude.

I am a decent guy. Stop projecting your personal bullshit onto a stranger on the internet. Yeah, that sucks that happened to you, but guess what? Shitty things happen to everyone, including me. The trick is to deal with these shitty things and move on as best you can, rather than spreading the shit that you can’t deal with around on other people. Like you’re doing now.

And maybe you won’t apologize for being a prick to me (anonymously, I might add, which takes exactly zero courage), but I will apologize to you: I’m sorry that guy was only trying to sleep with you, and I’m sorry that he was a supreme piece of human garbage in harassing you after you turned him down. That fucking blows, and you’re obviously still hurt and angry about it. It sounds like it was a pretty rough experience, and I hope you’re getting through it okay - either with help from your friends and family, or through therapy (which I am obviously a big fan of).


All that being said, please understand that guys like that don’t just make the world harder for women, but they ALSO make the world harder for the rest of us men who are NOT like that. Going back to my original point about why I Friendzone myself - that guy’s behavior is one of the contributing factors why I end up doing that to myself: I’m so afraid of coming off like one of those dickless creeps who were mean to you that I completely take myself out of the running with women at all, even when a girl might actually like me. Guys like that don’t just fuck with one person’s life - they poison the entire well for everybody, in ways that you might not even be aware of. Guys like that are a common enemy to us both. So sure; don’t be chill. Be however you want. But being a dick to other people who haven’t wronged you helps no one. We’re allies, not enemies. 

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My heart has been aching because of the whole relationship thing! It's hard to genuinely find someone who likes me for me. I'm just going to stop looking & worrying because my whole mind & body is stressed. I guess it's better if I just keep faith & think positive right!? I don't know I just hate the thought of me a 22 year old never been in love!

i think if you just focused on you & just living life in the midst of that love will find you, love isn’t an easy thing to come across idc how many guys might enter your life you wont fall in love with every single one, take your time the right man/love of your life is finding his way to you