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An overdue list of my favourite pieces and fic writers! The following is a collection of Jungkook x reader fics. A big thank you to all the fic writers included for inspiring me and above all sharing such amazing stories!

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Me and my friend were talking voltron fics so I made a list of all of my favs

tell me if any of the links are messed up ! 

Since I’ve posted many, many quotes on this blog over the years, I thought I would share some of my personal favorites. These are only a few, of course. I held back so this post didn’t get too crazy. I could easily make a part two in the future. Enjoy :) 

Maya Angelou: x, x, x, x, x
Chinua Achebe: x
Margaret Atwood: x, x, x, x, x, x
James Baldwin: x, x
Samuel Beckett: x, x, x, x, x, x
Ray Bradbury: x, x, x, x, x, x
Charles Bukowski: x, x, x, x, x
Anne Carson: x, x, x, x, x, x
E.E. Cummings: x, x, x, x, x, x
T.S. Eliot: x, x, x, x, x, x
Louise Glück: x, x, x, x, x, x
Franz Kafka: x, x, x, x, x
Milan Kundera: x, x, x, x, x
Audre Lorde: x, x, x, x, x
Anaïs Nin: x, x, x, x
Mary Oliver: x, x, x, x, x
Michael Ondaatje: x, x, x, x, x
Fernando Pessoa: x
Sylvia Plath: x, x, x, x, x
Adrienne Rich: x, x, x, x, x
Anne Sexton: x, x, x, x, x, x 
William Shakespeare: x, x, x, x
Betty Smith: x, x, x, x, x
Richard Siken: x, x, x, x, x, x
Kurt Vonnegut: x, x, x, x, x, x
Alice Walker: x
Walt Whitman: x, x, x, x
Virginia Woolf: x, x, x, x, x, x

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HIIIII THERE! I absolutely adore your art. You make Teru so soft (soft? Idk how else to describe it) and gentle. I was just wondering... do you have any mob/teru fics you could recommend? Thank you <3

thank you anon, i love drawing teru, who’s normally so dangerous and sharp, in a gentle way (esp when he’s around mob)  (─‿‿─)♥

and yes!! I def have some fics to rec!!! 

Slush (complete) by allthingsunrelated is one of the first terumob fics I read and still one of my favorites, I love how it keeps the tone of the manga…it’s fluffy but a little unsettling in the best way

Of Cold Hands Reaching (complete) and its continuation And Nearly Letting Go (wip) by UncannyCookie are both so good, really love the honest, authentic characterization (not only close to the actual canon characters but also close to how actual humans act, imo) and pacing here

Turning Slowly (complete) by sorrow_key is bittersweet (more sweet than bitter) and a really nice insight into Mob’s head…it made me feel a lot of things I cant really put into words

The Fairest of Them All  (complete) by Sifl is just….it’s really cleverly written and feels honest and genuine. I fell in love with this flawed Teru, truly the fairest

The Signed, Sealed, Delivered series (complete I think?) by entrenched is sweet, clever and a bit heart-breaking

and of course Impulsive (complete) and A Light Distraction (wip) by Komarty, which are sweet and tender. Reading those feels like eating sweet cake in your mothers kitchen and what more could you want

there are a lot more good fics tho *^_^* but these really stuck with me

I got a request for some more recent Steve/Bucky fic recs, so here’s a quick list of some I’ve enjoyed recently. (I haven’t found that many recently published fics I like, unfortunately.) I still plan on making a wartime + postwar rec list, and updating my prewar rec list too!

Cascades by orange_crushed - I am OBSESSED with this. Every time I get got a notification that a new chapter has been posted, I drop everything and devour it like the most delicious meal in the world. :D It’s a WIP, but there’s only one chapter left to go (sob). Edited to add that IT’S FINISHED NOW GO READ IT WHAT ARE YOU EVEN DOING??? DO IT

Sing Me the Alphabet series by thesardine - Unusual and cute and funny and incredibly sad and SO GOOD. One of the only fics to make me cry. That said, I re-read passages from it all the time because it’s so enjoyable. This particular Bucky is so broken and heartrending and trying so hard it kind of kills me. One of my favorite portrayals of Steve/Bucky’s complicated relationship.

You’re Gonna Have It Your Way or Nothing At All by biblionerd07 - My favorite post-Civil War fic by a mile.

The Dead Forest by hansbekhart - Steve dwelling on how much time has passed and how his old life is irreparably gone and stewing in misery is basically my favorite thing. :D

Guide by sleepswithcoyotes - In present day, Steve visits the old apartment he and Bucky shared in the ‘40s, which has been converted into a museum, complete with actors playing the boys. Loved this concept! One of my other favorites in the “Steve mourns the past” genre.

Out of Time by ibroketuesday - Modern day Steve and Bucky get thrown back to 1937 by an enemy, and have to figure out how to get back.

Letters We Never Sent by newsbypostcard - Bucky finds the unsent letters Steve wrote to him back during the war.

A Contest of Stories by hansbekhart and Scappodaqui, with art by albymangroves - Great alternate universe fic where Steve doesn’t get the serum but he joins the war’s “ghost army”, and Bucky plays Captain America in the ruse. Features the Howling Commandos, particularly Gabe, a lot more than most fic!

Malibu by glitteratiglue - Steve and Bucky survive the war, and move to California together, and have to figure their civilian lives out.

Item One by cheesethesecond - Post-WS Bucky mistakenly thinks that he and Steve are dating, so he tries to figure out how to be a boyfriend.

1A by tinzelda - Together but not really together, even though Bucky wants to be, before and during the war. 

BONUS PWP-or-near-enough recs:

Secondhand Source by elise_509

And From My Knees Grew Flowers by yasgorl

I Was Born in a Factory by nightanddaze

Eternal Summer Shall Not Fade by trisarawrtops

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Hi there! Share what you're reading? Go to your AO3 history and see if there's anything you've read recently that you've liked. Left kudos? Left a comment? Awesome! Now go the last step and give us a rec! (Tag the author if you can!) Then pass it on!

Alright friends, it’s time for some fic recs. 99% of the most recent ones are Johnlock, so here we go:

Carry On by Mazarin221b (5k)
A 5+1. Five times John didn’t want to be carried (getting injured, getting shot,…) and one time he did (you can imagine). Him and Sherlock getting together is very sweet.

the napoleon by darcylindbergh (25k)
Halloween, 1989: John and Sherlock both have big plans for the night, but some serial killers have the worst possible timing. They get together after heaps of miscommunication in the middle of the case. The following sex is GORGEOUS.

Chemical bonds by weeesi (4.5k)
Sherlock is high on pain killers and proposes sex. John believes it’s the drugs talking. Hilarious and very sweet.

Iris by slashscribe (12k)
Parentlock. John moves back in with his baby. Sherlock is hesitant towards her because he’s afraid of overstepping, but he adjusts to her and loves her because she’s John’s. When John asks him why, they finally talk and kiss. Very beautiful, happy ending.

Spare Change by Ermerness (52k)
Sherlock is a super rich prat and supposed to get married to another rich prat. He meets John, though, and they move in together while secretly pining for each other. They have sex under the pretence of ‘preparing Sherlock for his wedding night’ and realise how well they fit together… Super entertaining.

The Wisteria Tree by @silentauroriamthereal (30k)
AKA the one that made me cry on my birthday. They were happy tears, though.  Sherlock wakes up from a month-long coma only to discover that he has no memory of the previous six years during which he and John were already together. A lot of relearning and adjusting. And a perfect ending.

The repeated image by Teatrolley (20k)
Sherlock keeps getting reborn and keeps finding John in each of his lives. Sometimes he tells him. Very beautiful and emotional. 

The Things Love Can Do by Teatrolley (38k)
Teenlock. The Way He Looks AU. Sherlock is blind. John is the new guy at school. A lot of things happen when you’re young and falling in love… I was practically sobbing into my pillow by the end of this. Hopeful and encouraging ending.

The Measure of a Gentleman by i_ship_an_armada (68k)
Pride and Prejudice Fusion. I haven’t yet managed to finish P&P, but I read this in one go.

A Waste of Breath by Chryse (95.5k)
This gets very dark. Sherlock enters an abusive relationship with Moran, who turns out to be even worse of a person than you initially think. John is helpless. By the end they finally talk and defeat Moran together. Happy ending.

The Ground Beneath Your Feet by Chryse (69k)
Sherlock is injured and traumatised after his time away. After a few months of recovery he agrees to meet John, and so they start meeting up every week until they finally get together. Sherlock recovers more and more. Their love is so tangible in this one.

Big Brother Is Watching You by flawedamythyst (6k)
Sherlock and John enter the Big Brother house. Hilarious.

Baseball by earlgreytea68 (146k)
What it says on the tin. Every time I think I can’t possibly enjoy a sports AU, some amazing author proves me wrong.

Among the Secret Things by Kate_Lear (33.5k)
John has amnesia and thinks they were together. Sherlock doesn’t correct him, but he feels terrible about lying. The angst in this killed me, but their relationship is so pure.


Cryptology by JaneTurene (27k) Holmes/Watson ACD Canon fic
Watson makes a sacrifice to save himself and Holmes, but the consequences are more varied and far-reaching than anyone could have suspected. Heartbreaking and beautiful. Happy ending.

At Least There’s The Football by sheffiesharpe (179k) Mystrade
Epic story of Lestrade and Mycroft’s lives, their getting together and being together and everything that’s going on around them.

24 Sheith fics

Season 2 turned me from a casual Voltron fan into a complete Sheith disaster. The first two steps after that were:

1. Start a Shiro appreciation blog (and spend hours upon hours digging through and queueing up the gorgeous fanart)
2. Work through the AO3 tag and compile a list to rec to others who’re new or who need some extra motivation to fall into this fandom

Here’s the first batch of Sheith fics I’ve enjoyed thus far (it’s a long list, so make sure to view under the read more). Another set hopefully coming soon, as I have the time to continue reading.

Stargazer | Miaou Jones ( @miaoujones ) | 1,020 | Teen | 2016-09-05

Shiro is gazing out into the universe when Keith turns to him, and Keith can’t tell whether Shiro is looking at the stars or the space between them, but he’d bet Shiro has always been a stargazer and always will be.

easy now, with my heart@amillionsmiles | 1,137 | Gen | 2016-06-20

And for a fraction of a—second, tick, whatever it is up here in space—Shiro closes his eyes. His hand circles around Keith’s wrist lightly and then he squeezes, and, for the first time, Keith lets himself hope.

Moment Of | unalignedant ( @likeawarmdrink ) | 1,237 | Teen | 2016-06-29

It isn’t that Shiro is ashamed of his mechanical arm, exactly.

An Open Doorway | Miaou Jones | 1,344 | Gen | 2016-07-15

Keith is going to see Shiro now because he wants to, and not because anyone would call him a coward if they knew anything about it and knew Keith hadn’t done it yet. And also not because Keith wouldn’t be able to disagree if he were called a coward… No, Keith is definitely going to talk to Shiro because that’s always been the plan when Shiro came back.

in this desert land i know some rain must fall | amillionsmiles | 1,777 | Gen | 2016-09-09

Some people, like rain, are worth waiting for.
// or: Keith leaves, and Keith returns.

til you set fire to my atmosphere | amillionsmiles | 2,062 | Teen | 2016-06-22

And it’s like the first punch Keith ever landed on him: quick and glancing, right at the ribs, out of left field and yet simultaneously a long time coming.

The Body Burns Away | Carrionflower | 2,534 | Gen | 2016-07-04

His arm was gone, replaced by inorganic machinery that clicked and whirred, but the physical memory of its loss remained burned into his nervous system. It translated as a haunting pain that spiked and ebbed but never fully receded, always constant like a needle digging into his brain.

Shiro’s coming apart at the seams and Keith is the only one that can see it happening.

this corner of the universe | amillionsmiles | 2,656 | Teen | 2016-06-29 to 2016-06-30

“PDA in uniform can result in a demerit of fifty to a hundred points,” Shiro murmurs.

“Good thing we’re not in public, then,” Keith mutters hoarsely.

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Master List

Alright, to help you guys around our blog, here’s our list of links to everything and just an overall list of things we’ve done. This will be constantly updated at the least every week, if not more often. So, heh, enjoy ^^

If I’ve messed up on any of the links, please let me know!! It is such a long list and I’ve messed it up already a few times and had to fix it so heaven knows how many more mistakes I’ve made x)

~Sunflower (:


Art made for us or by us

Lilac and Peony

MC x Seven



Amnesia Jumin x MC (Angst)

Amnesia Pt. 2 Jumin x MC (Angst)

Break up scare Seven x MC (Angst)

Extremely possessive Jumin X male!MC getting into a fight (Angst)

MC going to bookstore with Saeran (Fluff)

MC is in love with Saeran instead of Seven (Angst)

MC takes naps in the weirdest places at the Choi’s (Fluff)

Seven and MC fights and MC leaves for a few days (Angst)

(Short) MC brings home a kitten to Saeran (Fluff)

Zen never getting the nerve up to ask MC out until it’s too late (Angst)


Lilac and Peony



Jumin forced to marry Sarah (+ extra) + Happy ending

Night owls or early birds? RFA + V + Saeran

When you break up with a character, they revert to their old self


Christmas Fluff with the RFA

Just Dance with the RFA

Plug in your favorite charrie and imagine these cute moments

More cute moments

The Great V Debate

Sunflower actually enjoyed this way too much all of your admins did lol

Your admins have a problem

Minty blue?

Blue da ba dee da

Complete assault on Sunflower + a bunch of V pics

Thanks y’all

V’s Hair is Blue sunflower still disagrees


Abusive relationship help RFA

Abusive sibling RFA

Accident causing MC to act like a kid RFA + Saeran

Actual witch MC RFA + V + Saeran

Anxious MC RFA + V + Saeran

Asexual MC RFA

Bad Pun MC (very cringy xD) RFA + V + Saeran

Birthday for MC RFA + V + Saeran

Back acne MC RFA

Ballerina MC RFA + V + Saeran

Bathing with MC RFA + V + Saeran

Beaten up and kidnapped MC RFA + V + Saeran

Bilingual MC forgets certain words RFA + V + Saeran

Break ups RFA

Break ups (RFA beaking up with MC) RFA

Break up and getting back together Saeran + V

Breaking the RFA completely RFA + V + Saeran

Calling MC Rika in bed Jumin + V

Camping alone together RFA + V + Saeran

Cheating on MC RFA

Clingy MC feeling not good enough RFA + V + Saeran

Clumsy MC RFA + V + Saeran

Coffee preferences RFA

Disappearing MC after Rika returns RFA + V + Saeran

Drunk MC in RFA’s rooms (K-Drama based) RFA

Extroverted MC RFA + V + Saeran

Failing at cooking w/ MC RFA + V

Family w/ MC RFA + V + Saeran

Favorite cuddling position RFA 

First dates RFA + Saeran

First kiss initiated by Jaehee and Saeran

Ghost MC RFA + V + Saeran

Helping MC with homework RFA + V + Saeran

Highly stressed artist MC RFA + V + Saeran

Holiday fanatic MC RFA + V + Saeran

Introverted MC RFA + V + Saeran

Kinks RFA + V

Li’l tummy MC RFA + V

MC almost dies on mission with Seven and Saeran

MC getting back together RFA

MC getting into a fistfight RFA + V

MC has magical abilities RFA + V + Saeran

MC having hypnagognic hallucinations RFA + V + Saeran

MC initiates first kiss RFA + V + Saeran

Oral by MC RFA + V + Saeran

Pregnant MC RFA + Saeran

Pregnant MC w/ twins RFA + V + Saeran

Professional dancer MC RFA + V + Saeran

Professional ice skater MC RFA

Possessive MC RFA + Saeran

Random boner RFA + V + Saeran

Real life meeting RFA + V + Saeran

Saeran making MC cry

Self-Care MC  RFA + V+ Saeran

Sensitive to loud noises male!MC RFA + V + Saeran

Sexy cat MC surprising Jumin and Zen

Tattoo with their name in it RFA + V + Saeran

Used to be chubby but isn’t anymore (not really reacted to, but a response from the admin’s ^^)

Waitress MC RFA 

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About suicidal asks

Matchups are closed until further notice

We won’t do these kinds of asks

We don’t do Vanderwood for asks

We won’t do incest

We won’t write smut fics, but will do smutty imagines


I was asked what mods I use for building, so here’s what was used for this house.

Settlement & Object Mods

Useful Building Mods

Any questions feel free to ask. :)



first tattoo with Vic

You are so beautiful(Mike Fuentes)

Maybe this will make you better(Vic Fuentes)


What was that?(Calum)

Michael Clifford Imagine

Michael Clifford Imagine

The Creatures:

ImmortalHD Fluff

Kootra Fluffyness

ImmortralHD Smut

ImmortalHdxBoyReader Fluff

ImmortalHDxBoyREader Smuff(smut&fluff)

Johnnie Guilbert:

Johnnie Guilbert Smut(VISUALS)

Really Johnnie?

JohnnieGuilbert Smuff

Johnnie Guilbert Fluff

Johnnie Guilbert SMUT

Johnnie Guilbert Imagine

Johnnie Guilbert&Deefizzy Threesome

Johnnie Guilbert&Kyle Hall Threesome

Black Veil Brides:

Andy Biersack Imagine

Andy Biersack Smut

Andy Biersack Fluff

Asking Alexandria:

Ben Bruce SMUFF

The Sidemen:

Zerkaa Imagine

Miniminter Smut

Miniminter Smut

Miniminter Imagine

Vikstar123 Smut

Miniminter Smut

Ksi&MIniminter Smut

Wroe2shaw Smut

Vikstar123 Imagine

Miniminter Imagine


Dan Howell Smut


CalFreezy Smut

CalFreezy Imagine

CalFreezy Smut

CalFreezy Smut

Criminal Minds:

Spencer Reid Smut

Spencer Reid Smut

Spencer Reid Smut

Spencer Reid Smut


 So I finally decided to update my masterlist. It’s been a while since I created a masterlist so I decided to it. I don’t know how to make a mobile friendly one so if you would like one or know how to make one then please tell me. Sorry if any links got messed up. You can request on: 5sos, bvb, Asking Alexandria, The Creatures, The Sidemen, Johnnie Guilbert, Criminal Minds, Danisnotonfire, Amazingphil, Calfreezy and Supernatural. There is smut, fluff, or regular imagines. BoyxBoy and GirlxGirl is aloud.

anonymous asked:

I saw that list of academy era mckirk headcanons u reblogged so. Do u have any fave mckirk fics to rec? I feel like's i've read all the famous popular ones on ao3 and i need. More. If u have them please. Doesn't have to be academy era

i have almost 800 fics saved that i’ve read and like so whenever someone asks me for recs it takes me forever and i apologize lol i need to go through and make legit recs

but nevertheless, i gotchu nonnie

Our Life Is Not a Movie or Maybe; modern hollywood au, 70k, explicit

En Promenade; academy era, 70k, explicit

The Gaila Show (feat. Jim and Leonard); academy era, 23k, explicit (honestly the one thing i remember from this is that it’s hilarious and something about a couch?)

**Dali Clocks; post-stid events, some angst, 24k, teen rating

Every Mountain and Hill Shall be Made Low (Or: How Jim Kirk Moved a Mountain Without Even Trying); 22k, explicit

**I Love You, However; academy era, 1.5k, g rating

This Business Of Art; modern au, 46k, mature rating

No More Intrepid Explorer; academy era, super cute n fluffy, 3k, teen rating

We were together (the rest doesn’t matter); post-stid, 3k, teen rating

**A hundred days (and counting);  academy era, 29k, teen rating

Riddle Me This; modern university au, 5k, mature rating, (i remember this one being super funny too)

bodies made from stars; academy era, angst, 7k, mature rating

Strange Fortunes; modern au, 21k, teen rating

This Ain’t a Scene, It’s an Arms Race; 8k, explicit, food warning, (super funny)

The Ballad of Fort McCoy; 8k, teen rating, also pretty funny

Desired Things; academy era, angst, 17k, teen rating

Five Things McCoy Didn’t Mean That Way And One Thing He Did; academy era, 9k, explicit

If I Had to Keep You; post-stid, 19k, teen rating

hopefully there are some fics on here you haven’t read! or at least some new authors for more content! if any links are messed up, feel free to let me know and i’ll fix it asap. also if you’re looking for something more specific fic-wise don’t hesitate to ask!

(also i have this secret link here but i think most of them are fairly popular, and chances are you’ve read them already. pls take with a grain of salt i haven’t updated it for three years)

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Inspired by YouTube pranks: Aomine, Kagami, Midorima, Kasamatsu, and Himuro's s/o doing the "Girlfriend Caught Cheating Prank" with one of their guy friends!

HAHAHA wait. not with a dummy but another guy?  How do you even clean that mess up?! Here’s the link for any of you guys who don’t know this prank already: CLICK ME

Aomine Daiki: “What the fuck?!” He would roar and yank out the blanket from the bed roughly, revealing both you and Kagami fully dressed. Not yet understanding, he jumps on top of Kagami furiously and jerks him up by the collar, his clenched fist ready in the air. However, both of you burst out laughing and he loosens only a little bit, still grabbing at his shirt. Even after you explain through your laughing tears, Aomine stays there puffing, unable to cool down. 

Kagami Taiga: As soon as he sees another man’s head next to yours in bed, he chucks the Maji burger at the unfamiliar head. With the burger smashed against his face, Aomine comes up, shirtless, and Kagami’s eyes widen even more. You are not even in his line of vision as his fist connects cleanly with Aomine’s cheeks. And only when Aomine pushes him off and you hold him back is he able to listen to your explanation. He gives out a stupefied chuckle and pulls you protectively into his arm, shooting Aomine an angry glance. 

Midorima Shintarou: His lucky item, Mr. Frog, shatter on the floor and you look up from your bed as Midorima staggers towards you. He lifts the sheet beside you in horror, finding Takao in his pretend sleep. Confusion and anger would merge into an incomprehensible expression, and he’d back away slowly in disbelief. You stay silent, feigning surprise, but when he tries to leave without saying anything, you grab his arm and grin. Takao springs out to blow the cover, and Midorima audibly sighs, running his thumb over your smooth skin to make sure again and again that you were still his. 

Kasamatsu Yukio: You would only be half surprised when Kasamatsu throws himself on the veiled figure, and snatches the blanket off. Kise lays underneath with a nervous laugh as he eyes both you and your boyfriend interchangeably. You only give him a shrug which Kasamatsu takes as permission to beat him up. Poor Kise, but Kasamatsu already seems to have picked up on the joke, so you leave them be; Kise yelling in protest while his senpai lands blowing kicks. 

Himuro Tatsuya: His eyes were always the scariest. Hot heart and cool head, as was his motto, he stalks over to the bedside to confirm the giant figure, Mura-chin, laying next to you in bed. “Atsushi.” He coldly mutters with a burning glaze in his eyes, and you actually shiver at how scary the man can be. Murasakibara only lazily glazes over him, complying to neither your prank nor his anger. You hurriedly blow your own cover and confess your prank, and Himuro relaxes just a little before roughly grabbing you by arm and leading you out of the room. 


AT LONG LAST IT IS HERE! ive been putting off making this for no real reason other than i’m too lazy BUT here it is (some of these are better than some on my original post so dont think that since they didnt make it to the first list they arent worth reading)

the days we were whole by radialarch (tumblr!)

Steve wakes up off the ice. Then the Winter Soldier breaks into his house and takes him on a road trip.

They see a little of 21st-century America and a lot of each other, and maybe they each learn something new.

UHHHH I DONT KNOW WHAT TO SAY OTHER THAN READ THIS i love roadtrip fics alwaysa nd this one was perfect 

for as long as we both shall live by ftmsteverogers (tumblr!)

“How am I supposed to fix alternate universes?” Steve asks, bewildered. “I don’t even know how to fix the one I’m in right now. He won’t—I don’t know where he is.”

“It will be dangerous,” Lady Sif says, lower lip scraped between her teeth.

Steve ducks his head to hide an expression somewhere between a wince and a smile. “Dangerous, I’m used to,” he says softly, dryly.

YES FUCK YYYYYES I LOVED RHIS SO MUHC ill be honest here this was the best ive read since into that good night which has been my alltime favourite since i read it so YEAH this is one the absolute best i fucking adored it PLUS SIF IS IN TI and i LOVE sif 10/10 rating it was fucking incredible

Exactly Like We Were by mysterycultist (tumblr!)

“You can make a fight out of anything,” Bucky says, and affects a laugh, badly. “You can make a metaphor a fight. What the hell do anesthetics have to do with anything?”

Steve almost blurts out, Art is an anesthetic! But at the last second, he gets a hold of himself.

i really loved this fic its short and made me cry like everything does i loved it a lot LITTLE WARNING FOR PERIOD TYPICAL AND V BRIEF HOMOPHOBIC SLURS so of course watch out for that and dont read if u know u shouldnt!! BUT YES beautifully written and an instant fav

Three Men in a VW by Slenderlock (tumblr!)

Steve steps back into the car and closes the door, lips still tingling.

“You don’t like blondes,” Bucky says.

Sam chokes.

alright lsiten to me. i can guarantee this fic is missing from ur life its literally A VITAL PART OF THE CIVIL WAR EXPERIENCE it fixes The Staron Dilemma and its also fucking hilarious please read it 

The Future Is Strange by okaynowkiss (tumblr!)

The thing to remember is that Steve doesn’t know the dog represents his love for Bucky.

steve gets a dog if i have to convince u any further than that ur a MONSTER (or a cat person in which case me too)

Painted in Indigo by nekare (tumblr!)

“You should be careful of that one,” Mr. Hendrickson says, with a nod to Bucky outside the window. “It ain’t right. Looking at you all the time as he does. The way he should be looking at girls.”

Steve laughs, because damn, but what a ridiculous idea.

Or, five times Steve caught Bucky looking at him, and the one time he looked first.

made me cry like the baby i am i think i cried during most of this list actually ANYWAY a beaut and a fav tht i will hold close to my heart forevevrv and ever WARNING it says in the tags period typical homophobia and racism but i thought id reiterate 

Ceasefire by ipoiledi (tumblr!)

It’s too hot out to be alive, is what it is.

ILL END THIS WITH SOME SMUT BECAUSE hey sometimes u need it ur only human. ANYWAY thi s is THE fav i cant stress this enough u need it its too good i cant belieivie it

FUCK OKAY ITS DOEN hope u enjoy also mind my copious spelling errors im rushing and also on a keyboard which i never am SO yes please let me know if i messed up on any links and ill do a pt 3  soonish PLUS hey my ao3 is sadnecessary so if u want to look thru my bookmarks or u dont wanna wait till i make another post i add new bookmarks like every day also i write garbage and im gonna post some of that garbge within the next week OKAY THANKS IM RAMBLING


(special thanks to @kagammi for the super cute edit! I can’t do that stuff and Adri was so sweet to offer! ;u; thank you! ♡ )

Hey, I’m Kat and I’m still in disbelief that I reached 1k followers!

Quick note: I recently changed my url from miracle-boy-satori to tendouaf c:

I’ve had my blog since late 2010, but it’s grown exponentially since last year thanks to the Haikyuu fandom. I’ve only been a part of this fandom for a little over half a year now but it’s honestly been the most open and accepting group in the entire world, and I’m so thankful that I’m here and surrounded by so many great, encouraging people. I’ll try not to get too sentimental (I tend to do that) but seriously, thank you to everyone that follows me and legitimately enjoys what I’m doing here, whether it be my screaming in the tags, my art, my emotional breakdowns over Tendou Satori, or whatever else.

Before I get to the bulk of my follow forever, the people in this first group are extremely important to me. I care a lot about every single one of them, and I consider all of them very good friends. They’re ridiculously supportive, incredibly kind, and I’m very lucky to know every single one of them. They’re all worth a follow and deserve infinite love and appreciation. c:


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If we have talked and you weren’t included in that section above, please don’t feel like I don’t consider you a friend! Honestly I would consider every single one of my mutuals a friend! ♡

Mutuals are italicized, personal favorites are bolded! (not 100% alphabetical order bc I am lazy oops)


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I’m sorry if I forgot anyone or messed anything up! Let me know if any links aren’t working, and I apologize if tumblr decides to be weird and notify you everytime someone reblogs!

anonymous asked:

I just saw that you also read Tomlinshaw? 😁🙈 could you maybe rec some fics? Because I just recently got into that ship (I'm larry af, but it's still fun to read) and I'm a bit lost 😁❤️🙈

Yes!! Definitely I can!! ahah I love doing fic recs because I love talking about fic. Okay, these are not going to be in any particular order.  

  • Something Personal  by Checkthemargins (21k)  - This is a really nice fic where Nick is a neurosurgeon and Harry also works at the hospital and Louis is his friend.  The Nick/Louis dynamic in it is so well done! All prickly and stuff, but soft underneath in just the right way.  I’ve read it like 3x. 
  • The Disgruntled Novelist’s Bodacious Pornographer (or, that time Nick and Louis were rival romance writers) by aliferuined (9k) - This was so delightfully funny!!! The title pretty much says it all. 
  • Getting Good At This by pukeandcry (43k) - Nick ends up with custody of his god-daughter in this one. Then Louis starts helping him out taking care of her because he has no idea what to do.  And then it gets all wonderfully emotionally complicated!!! 
  • set the pace by flimsy (34k) - I really loved reading this fic.  The angsty/pining parts of it hurt just right!!! and there is nice resolution. Louis is in Uni in it and Nick is still radio 1 Nick.  They start sleeping together in secret.  ahahah i don’t know why but just describing that made me feel this huge rush of affection for fic in general. 
  • Here’s to the Assholes and the Last Calls by alison (5k) - This one is so cute and sweet!!! okay wait, here is the description on ao3: Louis gets drunk and declares his love for Nick. Nick won’t kiss him.
  • The One Where… (series) by checkthemargins (34k total) - This is my favorite fic to recommend whenever someone is like asking for tomlinshaw recs.  Louis is 1D Louis in it and Nick is radio 1 Nick.  ahaha does that make it a canon AU? whatever i’m getting confused about the terms. Anyway, I don’t think this is too much of a spoiler, but I can never shut up about it because there is an email exchange between them in the 3rd part that I love SO MUCH that sometimes I just go back and read it like four times in a row.  It makes me feel like, how can anyone dislike fanfic when this exists in the world?? this particular imagined email exchange between Louis Tomlinson and Nicholas Grimshaw?? 
  • boyfriend material (that’s what you’re made of) by carissima (11k) - Just read this the other day and was so happy to be reading it the entire time.  Nick accidentally tells his parents he’s dating Louis.  This is another canon fic. 
  • getting late to give you up (series) by aliferuined (15k total) - canon fic where Nick and Louis start messing around and then Nick is not very emotionally smart about it before gets it together and you feel happy at the end.  
  • I Had Rather Hear My Dog Bark At A Crow by sunsetmog (123k) - This fic is very intense and very good. be sure to check the tags, though.  okay here is the description on ao3: The first time Louis Tomlinson kisses him, Nick is three sheets to the wind, wearing a pirate hat, and so fucking tired of Louis being a complete and utter knobhead that he’s spent the last ten minutes snapping at him.The kiss takes him rather by surprise, all things considered.Or: Nick and Louis don’t like each other, not even a little bit, not even at all. 
  • Hi, Hey There, Hello by usernicole (15k) - Louis can talk to animals in this one.  It’s really cute and fluffy!!!!!! 

Okay I feel like that is a good range of word counts and stuff!! I hope you find something that you like!! Sorry if I messed up any of the links, I’m sleepy.  

MGMT Discography Masterpost

I put together a list of youtube links to every MGMT song (according to wikipedia) and then some. I’ll probably add in some other covers later. Let me know if any links are messed up, or if there’s anything else you want listed!

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hey, everyone! so, in celebration of my blog’s two year anniversary and me hitting my goal, i’m finally making a follow forever of my personal favorite blogs. and i made that edit myself too :o

to everyone on here, mutuals or not, thank you for being so amazing, and if you guys ever want a chat, i’m right here. :)



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ehgay eleanorjanestyle elounever fiightingirish flourry fringegasms ftwlourry gaybeanies gloubear golarryorgohome harrysgettinghead hazfuckedlou hlkittens imlarryschild infinitelarrystylinson jumpingoffaclifford kingsoflarry


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quitespecial ratchetlarry roilou sinceimetyouinthetoilet slutmi snowprincesslouis stagekisspers stylinnuendo stylinz stylns sunloubathing tessanat thisismyoneluckyprize tiedships tracedust wellingtonkiss whattarush wouldntlarrybenice zarrylmao zcuis ziallau ziallfuck


these are just my favorites, i didn’t want to make this too long but everyone else in my blogroll is amazing as well. <3<3

HELO EVERY!!!! it me…. the birthday girl. a simple june 14th gemini :D and i decided… u kno what?? it’s almost halfway through 2016 and it’s also been nearly a year since i’ve had this account on tumblr (even if i’ve only been a kpop blog for like two months), so y not make a follow forever??? (:

first of all, i want to thank all of u on this list for being AMAZING!! my tumblr experience would not be what it is today without u guys there on my dash. i love reading ur tags n getting to kno u through your place!! u guys are all amazing people and i lub u all a lot!!! <33

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