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Merman or Cat?

Y/N: Steve. Do you know why there’s always a fish in front of my door in the mornings?

Sam: *laughs*

Steve: *gives Y/N an apologetic smile* That would be Bucky’s doing. He likes giving presents to people he likes.

Tony: She gets a whole fish, but I get the bones?

Steve: …yeah, he hates you.

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Can I just say that as a boy who is a merperson I'm really uncomfortable with the "date a boy who is a mermaid". I know some people are fine with it and I know it wasn't meant to be malicious, but I'm always getting called a mermaid and it's wrong and erasing my gender and it makes me so sad. I just want to be called a merman or merboy or merperson at the ver least! Mermaid is not the gender neutral term! Merperson or merfolk is! Sorry to rant in your ask I just have a lot to vent about this. :(

I am aware that merperson is the genderneutral term, the phrasing was intentional but making you uncomfortable was not. That post was one of my own, for a specific person in real life, who is a boy, but also prefers term mermaid to merperson. If you want to private message me I can even link you to that person’s blog. Boys can be mermaids too .

Hi! I made this, I know I'm kind of late and it doesn't connect to the previous merman!Logic stories, but here. Tw: Idk, Like being chained up and captured

“C'mon Logan! Hurry up! It’s really cool!” Morality called to Logan, swishing his yellow and blue patterned tail as he swam ahead. Logan sighed, following. He didn’t really want to be there, he found a new octopus he wanted to study, but Morality seemed so excited. He didn’t want to let his best friend down. “Look! It’s a human boat!” He was pointing above the translucent waves, to a huge wooden creation, powerful, and moving quite fast.                                                                     “Morality! Humans can be dangerous! In school we learned about how they capture merfolk and-” Logan was interrupted by the Dad-friend’s excited squee of “people are doing something on the boat let’s get closer! Log don’t be worried c'mon” Logan was about to state that no, he wasn’t worried, he was being cautious because statistically speaking humans would kill you, but thought better of it. If Morality was happy, was he really going to stop him? He watched as Morality went up to touch the boat and see if he could look at the people inside.

Suddenly, everything went completely and utterly wrong.

Yells of “It’s a monster!” And “kill it! NO, Capture it!” filled the air. Morality looked terrified, and was shuddering from the amount of people grabbing at him. Logic, defying his name, panicked, he knew he couldn’t let his best friend get hurt. He needed to get Morality away from them. Give them something else to focus on. Take Morality’s place. So he swam up and pushed Morality away.

“Swim!” he yelled, and he felt ropes being tied around him as he was pulled out of the water and deposited on the deck. He shivered from the sudden change in temperature. Usually, if he ever went above surface, he could naturally adjust, but not this time. This was much more violent. More hurtful.  Voices were murmering around him, and he felt swords? Knives? Being poked at him and his scales. Chains wrapped around him, and he felt his tail being bent at an awkward angle. He was in pain.

“Well well well. What is this monster here? Do you terrorize people, foul beast?” Logic looked up, only to be met with the sight of a figure dressed in white and red, who pushed him back down. The figure had a large katana, and seemed to be the captain.

“No? Actually, merfolk are helpful to the seas, we help grow-”  started Logic, ever the explainer. But he was interrupted by the Princly figure, who was saying something about defeating a Dragon Witch, so defeating a merman would be no difficult. Prince turned to his crew, about to speak, when

“What if you’re wrong?” This was a new voice, a person dressed in all black as far as Logic could tell. “I mean, if you’re wrong then you’re not really a Prince hmm. Killing innocents that’s not good.”

“What do you know about good?”

“More than you apparently! Look, to be absolutely sure, just throw the dude in the hold. Don’t kill him yet.” At this Logic started wiggling, trying to get away. He couldn’t be kept in q hold! He needed to leave. He needed to get back to Morality! Who do these people think they were? He didn’t kill people! His efforts were fruitless however, as the crew’s response was to tie him tighter.

“Hmm. Crew! Toss the creature into the hold!”  He was being dragged by the chains, deeper into the ship. There he would stay, until the captains decided on what to do with him. Logic didn’t know when that would be.

 —–                                                                                                                                                        Ta-da!

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I feel uncomfortable exposing any of my blogs as none if them have anything to do with being mer, sorry. I know that some boys are okay with being called 'mermaid'. It's just that too many people use it as the gender neutral and i cry about this a lot because I feel like no one acknowledges my existence. But I guess thats just cryptid life, huh? I hope your boy mermaid friend has a nice day. Sorry for being upset about his post - mer anon.

You’re fine ! I’m gonna make a Merman post for you ok ?

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AU ideas I won't write but love to read. Kylo is a scientist who believes in the existence of mermaids and everyone thinks he's crazy.The evil merchant Snoke believes in him and would pay him a lot of money if he'd find a mermaid. Rey, a mermaid saves him after his boat crashes.Now Kylo has to choose if he hands her over or let her go. Other idea would be Kylo being a merman who kills people (like in pirates of the Caribbean 4)but when he meets Rey, a sailor he can't bring himself to hurt her.

Oooooh I like the last one best!

Andrik Kroll

>> slavic merman

although a male rusalka is rare to find, andrik is one who still exists. but it was also rare for a man to drown due to an unhappy marriage, due to his wife cheating on him. but another rusalki took pity on him and transformed him, but because of his deed, he was still considered an unclean spirit. it seemed like nothing andrik did was going to restore him to how he was, so he became what he was destined to be. he only knows how to hunt, feed, seduce men and women alike to dance with him until their feet are bloody. he tends to blend in with humans but if he is too far from the waters, his powers drain. 


  • He can procure spikes all over his body, at any time. Even his fin is bony and spiky, like some sea urchin.
  • He is able to infect the mind of his victims to convince them to do anything (mun will always ask beforehand if the action is okay, given I don’t want to godmod you)
  • He can inject venom from his fangs and weaken his prey, then feed on them until he feels revived.



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[bolts in] [snaps fingers] M!A: As long as you're a merman, you're surrounded by a tail-propelled bubble of water that can't be popped. I'm praying I didn't make things worse, and I did that because.. [takes breath] MoralityjustgotpoppedtoNightmareLandtoo. ((Translation: Morality just got popped to Nightmare Land too.)) And if that happens to you too, I don't want you suffocating. -NotAnon-of-the-Anon-Squad

*looks at the bubble and suddenly turns around when he hears that* What? Morality? No! *all the memories from that disaster flows into his brain, he throws the tablet to the door and starts shaking his head, trying hard to stop it*

we always talk about that forbidden love between a merperson and a human when theyre young and beautiful and stuff and they stay together bc its “true love” or theyre soulmates

but what about after they age? when both of them have creaky joints and white hair and yet the human walks down to the sea every day to meet their love and the merperson still finds the human beautiful? and yeah, maybe the human village all knows about the long lasting romance between the human and the merperson or maybe they just think that the old human is crazy, going down to the ocean to swim at their age

and merpeople dont normally live as long as this one has and they dont want to admit it but they cant quite see in the sunlight anymore but when they feel the human’s hands slipped into their own they realize it doesnt matter, that their love is eternal

and the language barrier between them has lessened but they still laugh at the mispronunciation of different words or this silly dolphin that wont leave their fellow merperson friend alone or that cat that follows the human around and bats the merperson’s long hair or a bit of seaweed around

and around them both of their worlds change but their love stays the same despite the lingering doom that one day one of them might not wake up or the other would finally meet that shark that took a inch out of their fin about thirty years ago and craves the rest of them

but that doesnt matter because they hold their frail hands together and watch the sunset and gossip and they love each other, so thats all that matters to them.