or maybe yoga in the park

Why aren’t the real perils of fat athleticism ever shown in print or video?

I mean, raise your hand if you’re fat and you’ve ever been disrespected while innocently exercising. Um, me too.

Don’t know what we’re talking about? Close your eyes and imagine our fat woman du jour, smiling while standing next to an elliptical machine. Or maybe she’s gleefully jogging through a random park, bundled up in unnecessarily bulky sweatshirts and baggin, saggin’ sweatpants.

But quick- what’s left out of these shots? How about the other gym patrons, who are usually quick to rudely ogle and/or offer unsolicited advice to our fat heroine. Also left out of the spotlight? The passerby who decides that it’s appropriate to cat-call our heroine while she finishes her jog in the park. On a regular basis, fat athletes are mocked, discriminated, and emotionally assaulted.

So what’s the deal? Are fat women supposed to be grateful for the opportunity to be disrespected? Nah, I don’t think so. Instead of waiting around for the rest of the world get with the program, I’m just going to continue embodying the worst living nightmare of fat shamers and haters.

I will continue to wear sport bras (like this very comfortable and functional little number from Catherine’s) while exercising outdoors. I will continue to show my stretch marks. I will continue to wear cute, form fitting leggings that show off my curves. I shouldn’t have to hide my body because it makes other people uncomfortable.

Furthermore, I don’t need weight loss as a goal in order to enjoy a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. Wellness isn’t about body size- it’s simply  a commitment to being  a happy and joyful creature, both inside and out. So even when the gym patrons gawk and passerby cat call, I resolve to decline the opportunity to be disrespected. I’m gonna hold my head high and know that I don’t need the approval of people who hate happiness and want to breed negativity. Everything I need in order to be happy and healthy is inside of me.

Photos by my love @alliemullin

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Catherines. The opinions and text are all mine.

Perfect Dates for the Signs

Aries: Do something requiring physical activity. Hiking, taking a walk, yoga, rock climbing, etc. They’re adventurous, they want to go out and do something exciting.

Taurus: Take them out to dinner, somewhere fancy or to a buffet

Gemini: Gemini are also adventurous, take them somewhere with lots of people. The mall, a concert, amusement/water park, and give them something to talk about.

Cancer: Invite them to your house/vice versa and cuddle up and watch a movie. Maybe order takeout and make them feel as comfortable and as safe as possible. Always ask if they want anything because they’ll be too shy to tell you. If you don’t want to stay at home, take them somewhere they love, their favorite place.

Leo: Make them feel like the center of attention and make them feel special. Maybe take them to an open mic somewhere or have an evening that’s all about them.

Virgo: Don’t take them anywhere too flashy, noisy or busy, maybe a museum or a laid-back convention.

Libra: Do something romantic with them. A walk through the park late at night, a candlelit dinner, (out or at home) a romance movie, maybe a massage.

Scorpio: Do something that will relate to one of their hobbies. If they like taking pictures, take them on a walk/road trip. If they like music, bring them to a music store or have them play one of their instruments for you, etc.

Sagittarius: Adventures, adventures, adventures. Doesn’t matter where. Somewhere new and exciting would be your best bet.

Capricorn: New, fancy restaurant that everyone’s been talking about.

Aquarius: Maybe go out to the bar or see a local performance, they love music and social life. Something unique and interesting will definitely keep them entertained.

Pisces: Take them swimming or to an aquarium, anything with water.

anonymous asked:

What should I do on an outing to the park alone? I've already got a book to read but I feel like I'm forgetting a fundamental activity of park going. Any thoughts?

Anything you want :) or just do NOTHING except enjoy the park and bask in the sun :) Maybe bring a little picnic for yourself, a camera to take some photos, a journal to write in as well, or a yoga mat to do some stretching/yoga on! :)

things to do to feel better, less sad, calm

– Start running again and doing yoga!
run 3 times a week
do yoga twice a week
meditate twice a week (30 min)
stretch twice a week (30 min) // if got more time, do it more often
– Write three letters
one for myself
one for a lover I still don’t know
one for someone I miss but maybe shouldn’t
– Everyday write for an hour (work in the novel)
– maybe get out of the house on Sundays, go to the park and read a book you want to read (not school related, no compromise) and see the birds, maybe feed them.
– have a delicious breakfast on Sundays because I deserve it.
– get a shower, exfoliate and take care, maybe make some tea and be calm, in bed, listen to some music you like, maybe fall asleep

[don’t give up on yourself
anything worth doing is hard
and you can do hard things]

I’m not gonna lie to you. If you want to lose the weight, you have to put in the work. you have to move your body, accelerate your heart rate, get sweaty, get uncomfortable. your methods may change but the principles don’t. you lift heavy things until you can lift heavier. you do one rep but soon you can do two. you can’t stay the same and expect new results.

you have to work work work work work. maybe your work is spending an hour at the gym. or running a couple miles. or getting 10,000 steps on your Fitbit. or doing jumping jacks or Zumba or yoga. maybe you workout alone to a video or following a plan like @crushfit, or in a class like crossfit or a martial arts school, or in a crowd at the Y. maybe you’re walking your dog through the park, or maybe you’re going two rounds in the ring. doesn’t matter. pick something and do it a lot.

you have to work in the kitchen too. learn to cook meals, not just pizza rolls. pack your lunch to avoid the temptation of takeout. there’s nothing wrong with making small changes at first. you don’t have to go straight from fast food to clean eating. maybe instead of McDonalds and Taco Bell everyday, you switch to lean cuisine prepackaged meals. maybe instead of freezer lasagna, you make your own. maybe you switch Starbucks frappes for iced coffee. it doesn’t (and shouldn’t) have to be drastic. but if you want long term results, you must begin making changes. small, deliberate, constant decisions that build into greater ones

you’ll get there, friend
it’ll be so hard
but you are strong
and you can do hard things
and anything worth doing is hard