or maybe yoga in the park


🌸 Breathing exercises!

🌸 Communicate with someone like your caregiver; talk about why you’re stressed! Don’t bottle up your feelings. 

🌸 Maybe practice yoga or do some exercise.

🌸 Listen to music that makes you feel little, relaxed, &/or happy!

🌸 Go on a walk. 

🌸 Pet animals! Go to a pet store that lets you interact with the animals, play with a pet of your own, go to a dog park, etc. (If this isn’t an option, you can just look at videos of cute animals, or something!)

🌸 Put on comfy clothes, or something that you feel super cute and little in!

🌸 Take a nice, warm bubble bath. Maybe light some candles, or use a wax warmer!

🌸 If you’re stressed about something school related, maybe study or prepare, or try to get some of the work done if you’re behind with stuff.

🌸 Laugh! Watch funny videos on YouTube, perhaps.

🌸 Play a game with your caregiver, or ask for a cute little task to complete for them! (Coloring a picture, baking something, etc.)

🌸 Get out the things that make you feel little, like your favorite sippy filled with your favorite drink, a favorite snack, fluffy socks or cute thigh-highs, a onesie or pajamas, and whatever else.

🌸 Turn on one of your favorite cartoons or movies! 

🌸 Snuggle up with lots of warm blankets and maybe browse your tumblr feed or look at things that calm you down/make you feel little. 

🌸 Read a book, or have your caregiver read to you!

🌸 Just cuddling or being around your caregiver can make you feel lots better.

🌸 Plan ahead for things that you’re worried about!

🌸 Make a list of goals or chores to get done for the week so you don’t feel overwhelmed.

🌸 Make sure you’re going to bed on time, and are on a good, healthy sleeping schedule!

🌸 Do certain things in moderation, like TV, games, etc. Make sure you’re not doing one thing the whole day! 

🌸 Get our your coloring book or scrap paper and whatever tools you use (crayons, colored pencils, etc) and draw or color! 

🌸 Play dress-up!

🌸 Have tea-time with your caregiver and/or stuffies!

🌸 Clean up your room really nice! I find that being in a clean, fresh-feeling environment makes me feel much calmer. 

🌸 Do something cute with your hair, or maybe something you haven’t tried before! 

🌸 Organize your stuffies, or other things.

🌸 Take a nap! A lot of the time, you might just be cranky or stressed because you’re tired! Cuddle up with your caregiver or some stuffies and get your paci, if you use one!

Feel free to re-blog with things that you do to help you cope with stress!

heuningby  asked:

This is part 1. I was driving around with my girlfriend of the time and we went out to a lake. It has like a small boat rental shack and a dock. So the road kinda winds down to it and you see over the lake as youre coming down and as we were going down there was like a glowing orb over the lake, maybe the size of a yoga ball?

Part 2! we kept going and pulled into the parking lotand there was a building that neither of us remembered being there and we’d both been to this lake a lot. a blacked out unmarked service van and a black escalade were parked by it. we left pretty quickly and the light stayed over the lake as we were driving a way (we had music playing softly through my phone)the music just stopped and my phone had just shut off and restarted, everything on it was gone. it wanted me to set it up as a new iphone

Part 3, basically just follow up. No idea what I saw or experienced. Still pretty shaken by it tbh.

This is my very first blogging. First of all english is not my main language, so I’ll keep it simple as much as I can. It’s been two weeks of this college year already and I’ve missed nearly half of the classes. I was sick, I was sleeping, I was afraid if I’d stay on my own and would look pathetic, you know my anxiety didn’t let me. So I needed inspiration for being productive. And this is my inspiration.
I’m studying mechatronics engineering. For explanation it’s a dicipline that includeds mechanic, electronic and software. My GPA is lower than 2 and I need to make it closer to 3 or maybe higher in next 3 years, I want to go abroad when I finish my license and make master in a good college in US or Europe. But we’re gonna make it step by step. 

First my main goals for this year:

  • Travel to Europe.
  • Travel in Turkey also I haven’t seen many beautiful places in my own country.
  • Participate in projects.
  • Success at lectures. 
  • Learn to speak Russian and maybe another language. 

For reaching my goals this is the guides to follow.

  • Wake up early even you don’t have class.
  • Do yoga and meditate everyday.
  • Don’t miss the classes! (Please don’t) 
  • Pay your attention in lectures. (Forget about your phone and don’t sleep)
  • Work daily so you can enjoy your free times and weekends.
  • Eat and sleep enough.
  • Keep clean your room and where you work.
  • Work at the library, parks or quite places like shops coffee when you need for a change.
  • Love what you do, what you’re studying.

Well, let’s start today!

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hi celine! i love your legacy, but if you are worried that its too boring, here are a couple of things that maybe could spice it up a bit that i've noticed you haven't really used in the legacy: the city living festivals, voidcritters/puppet theatre, yoga and spa stuff, hidden/secret lots, just send the sims out more! go fishing or to the park or hold birthday parties and engagements and things at the park or somewhere thats not at home! just some suggestions, i hope you don't mind :) and PETS!!

hi!!! thank you so much for the ideas!! i’m so excited to do more diverse things in gen 5 :-) i could make my sims go out more bc i will be using a new save, so no more over lagging!! AND YOU ARE GOING TO SEE A LOT OF PETS CONTENT STARTING TOMORROW LOL

lifeofamyt  asked:

Hey Kalyn! I've recently started going to the gym again but I lose motivation quickly, any tips on how to stay motivated and keep away from the lack of it? Love you ❤️

I find it’s easy to lose motivation when doing workouts that we don’t actually enjoy.  Maybe instead of going to the gym try running, yoga, swimming, biking, strength training in the park.  Even if you want to keep the gym as part of your routine, switch it up by alternating days with going to the gym and doing another form of exercise.  This will keep it fresh and fun making you more prone to look forward to your workouts.  

Another idea is to set goals for yourself.  Whether you want to shred down the time on your 5km, or increase the weight of your dumbbells as you do strength, or be able to do 100 pushups simultaneously by the end of August.  Setting goals and watching yourself progress closer to them is what makes it all worth it.  When we do things with no real reason or goal in sight it’s easy to lose motivation! 

At The Gym

Anonymous asked: Hi lovely! How about a Sandor modern fic where they both go to the same gym and as soon as he walks in she leaves. she’s embarrassed to work out front of him because she thinks he’s hot but he thinks it’s him putting her off….I’ll let you do the rest! Awkward Modern Sandor is my favourite!!

Part 1/3 I do not own Sandor. He belongs to George R.R.Martin.

Warnings: awkward fluff, Modern AU

Pairings: Sandor Clegane x fem!reader

Originally posted by thronescastdaily

You were panting as you continued your treadmill run. You were hoping to be done soon. He was going to be there soon. You didn’t know his name or anything else about him. You only knew that you went to the same gym and that he was hot. Tall, built like an ox, and quiet. He came in, did his work out and left. He didn’t talk really to anyone. What he did do, however, was distract you from your own work out.

              The first day you’d ended up at the gym together, you were on the treadmill while he was lifting weights. His back was to you and you could see every muscle moving through his tight workout shirt. You nearly fell off the treadmill that first day. You were so embarrassed, you almost didn’t finish your workout. You’d never been distracted by a guy during a workout before. Since that day, you tried to get your exercise in before he arrived, typically leaving as he was walking in.

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I was just thinking, when Laf's a stay at home dad I imagine some sort of "Primates of Park Avenue"-type shenanigans happening. Or maybe a bunch of yoga moms cooing over his hot french dadness. Either of those, tbh.

Oh. God.

Could you imagine the fucking playground? They are all gaggled around him asking him a million questions and be flirty and poor Laf just thinks they are really friendly and he’s telling John and Alex about it and Alex is cracking up and John is actually concerned and starts going to the playground too, but then all moms wanna hang out with John because he is so sweet. 

Where Robert Can be Found

Doing this for RP purposes.  Because while it totally makes sense for Robert to be at Jim and Kim’s a lot, I’m starting to kind of crave some variety.

THE COFFEE SPOON - We know he goes here - possibly after a long night of drinking, looking for a pick-me-up.  Or maybe he crashed at home and watched old movies and wanted coffee the next morning.  Or maybe he just likes talking music with Mat.  Whatever the reason, Robert can be found here now and again.

THE BROODING BENCH - This bench is located within Maple Bay’s park and right at the edge of some creepy woods.  We know he spends time here, and it seems to be a daily occurrence.  Is it really to brood?  Or is he keeping an eye on the woods?  Or is he there hoping to catch sight of a particular jogger?  They’re all viable options. 

THE GYM - This one’s more hypothetical on my part, but we’ve all seen the gym bag and yoga mat at his place, right?  Personally, I like to think Robert does hot yoga, more specifically, Forrest Yoga.  He would need a place to do this, and the gym seems like a great option.  There are also others reasons Robert might be at the gym.  Maybe those tennis balls all belong to Betsy…but maybe they don’t.  It’s possible he’s also a tennis player, and it’s possible the gym has indoor courts.

VINYL FANTASY - This one is also hypothetical on my part, but seriously - the guy’s got records and music magazines framed and hanging on his wall.  He obviously digs music as much as he does movies.  He’s also got a record player.  It makes total sense that Robert might be found here now and then.

THE ALLEYWAY - Okay, so  this isn’t too hard to imagine.  He could be scoring weed, or information, or illegal cryptid goods.  Who knows?  Maybe he’s secretly working with the police as part of the undercover sting operation to unmask Joseph’s embezzling and this is where he meets his contact.  Seriously.  Could be anything.

PETE’S PIECEAPIZZA - We know he eats here enough to know the place exists.  And a man who likes pineapple pizza as passionately as he does has probably worked hard to find a place that makes damn good pineapple pizza.  So while he might go to other pizza places if he HAD to, I think this one is his joint of choice.

MOVIE THEATER - We know Robert likes movies - even if he prefers Hollywood’s Golden Era.  There’s no reason he wouldn’t be here…and no reason why the RP couldn’t take place before, after or even during the movie.

STRIPMALL - A liquor store and a sex shop.  C’mon - we all know Robert could be in either one of these places.  ^_^

OVERLOOK - Just because this is ‘canon’ed as Robert’s Spot, there’s no reason someone else couldn’t show up while he’s there.  Or he shows up while the other person is there.  And remember it’s on the edge of some woods, so there are possibilities there, too.

CEMETERY - We all know Robert goes here sometimes with Betsy.  Is he looking for ghosts or is there another reason?  Does he do it because he knows a certain someone also frequents the stones?  Or because he thinks a vampire roams the grounds?  Maybe he simply goes to visit Marilyn at a time when he thinks people are less likely to see him still grieving after 5 years.  Anything’s possible.

JIM AND KIM’S - Saved for last because it’s the most ‘common’ place for Robert to be.  He likes to drink, and doesn’t always like to do it alone.  So he goes here.  I didn’t add Irish I Were Drinking because it’s just another bar with a different look.  It wouldn’t change the overall feel of the RP to have it in one bar over the other - at least not in my opinion.

Perfect Dates for the Signs

Aries: Do something requiring physical activity. Hiking, taking a walk, yoga, rock climbing, etc. They’re adventurous, they want to go out and do something exciting.

Taurus: Take them out to dinner, somewhere fancy or to a buffet

Gemini: Gemini are also adventurous, take them somewhere with lots of people. The mall, a concert, amusement/water park, and give them something to talk about.

Cancer: Invite them to your house/vice versa and cuddle up and watch a movie. Maybe order takeout and make them feel as comfortable and as safe as possible. Always ask if they want anything because they’ll be too shy to tell you. If you don’t want to stay at home, take them somewhere they love, their favorite place.

Leo: Make them feel like the center of attention and make them feel special. Maybe take them to an open mic somewhere or have an evening that’s all about them.

Virgo: Don’t take them anywhere too flashy, noisy or busy, maybe a museum or a laid-back convention.

Libra: Do something romantic with them. A walk through the park late at night, a candlelit dinner, (out or at home) a romance movie, maybe a massage.

Scorpio: Do something that will relate to one of their hobbies. If they like taking pictures, take them on a walk/road trip. If they like music, bring them to a music store or have them play one of their instruments for you, etc.

Sagittarius: Adventures, adventures, adventures. Doesn’t matter where. Somewhere new and exciting would be your best bet.

Capricorn: New, fancy restaurant that everyone’s been talking about.

Aquarius: Maybe go out to the bar or see a local performance, they love music and social life. Something unique and interesting will definitely keep them entertained.

Pisces: Take them swimming or to an aquarium, anything with water.

Did you put “Go to the gym more” on your New Year Resolutions list by accident?

Guuuuurl, me too! This New Year Resolution is finna get broken by the end of next week! But until then, Here are a few tips for you from a Plus Size Girl! Pop a Squat and we’ll begin!

Find a local gym
-You know good and well that you won’t go work out if the gym isn’t close by. Try to find a good gym nearby your work or home. Have your bag already packed with the essentials you need for the gym. You are less likely to find an excuse if your things are all together.

Make sure to eat before working out
-I cannot stress this enough. At the very least, have a light snack or fruit before hittin’ the gym. I’ve experienced light-headedness too often from lack of food. It usually ends up cutting my workout in half. 

No one is going to make fun of you working out
-I repeat; NO ONE IS GOING TO MAKE FUN OF YOU WORKING OUT, I promise you! (If they do, you let me know and I’ll go exchange a few words with them). Everyone who is in the gym is there to work on their body and I feel like this is the last place they should be fat-shaming people. Be confident in yourself. Walk in with your head held high. You are there for YOU and no one else.

Take a friend if you are scared

-A new gym can be intimidating at times, so share you fears with a friend! Having a buddy there will encourage you to try your best and make gym life a little bit more exciting.

Don’t be afraid of the equipment. OWN IT

-Sometimes gym equipment can be so disrespectful. For instance, when I first started working out on the elliptical, the machine would cut-off if I wasn’t going fast enough. Rude, I know. Don’t let that prevent you from continuing your exercises! You’ll get the hang of it, I’m sure!

Wear whatever makes you feel comfortable
-The gym isn’t a fashion show, so you don’t need to have the latest in designer wear to work out. Wear an outfit that you think you can effectively work out in.

Have a Booty poppin’ playlist

-Listening to the right set of music separates you from completing a workout or finishing it halfway. When your favorite jams are pumping through your headphones, it heightens your motivation to finish strong!

Don’t overdo it
-If you’re exercising with the mentality that you’re going to lose weight fast, then you’re going to be a little upset…It may take longer than expected, so don’t give up! The first thing to go is water weight, then fat. At times, you will hit a plateau, but that’s nothing to worry about! If your main goal is to lose weight, then you will get there!

You don’t have to work out at the gym
-There are different places and things that you can do to exercise your body. You can go to the park and enjoy nature, swim laps, join a dance class, yoga, participate on a community sports team, play Wii Fit, etc. The possibilities are endless!

Take a break
-Your body is a machine and every once in a while, you will experience some malfunctions. Maybe the weight you’ve been lifting at for the past two weeks is difficult to lift now. That’s okay. It just means that you may be pushing your body a little hard and a rest day is definitely needed.

Ask for help
-You don’t have to do it alone. If you are struggling, ask someone for help. Gym employees are there to help you have the best gym experience that you can possibly have. They are also knowledgeable about the equipment. So before you strain your back on something, ask them to clarify exactly what this machine does and what part of your body it works on. It never hurts to be well-informed.


-I used to think that the less food I consumed, the quicker I would lose weight. That is not the case. Starving your body of nutrients and healthy carbs will force your body to hold onto the fat that’s already in your system. It’s not helping your body when you do not eat. Make sure to Eat!

I hope these tips helped for those who are wanting to start their new year in the gym! Just because you’re big, doesn’t mean you don’t work out!

[I work out daily, not with the sole intention to lose weight, but to tone and keep my body limber. To me, exercising is one of the ways that help clear my thoughts and make way for coherent ideas]

What is Synchronicity?

can you give me some clarity on what exactly synchronicity is.. thank you, much love <3


The real definition of Synchronicity: “the simultaneous occurrence of events that appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection.”

However that’s a really broad definition on what the magic of Synchronicity actually means. Synchronicity can show up in many forms through numerology, animal totems, a conversation, a bill board, etc. Ultimately it is a symbol that usually relates to something we were thinking, saying or doing at a particular moment in time. For example:

  • Maybe you were driving and you were thinking about how you want to go back to college then all of a sudden you pass a college billboard sign just by “coincidence” which makes you think about it further.
  • You get off of work after an exhausting day, you’re thinking “I am just so tired of working, i can’t stand it and then the song “if you feel like you can’t take no more” comes on the radio. lol that’s a true story ;)
  • Your grandmother died and when you go to visit her grave because you miss her, you find a white feather specifically landed on her stone. 
  • Maybe you’re thinking about making a change in your life and suddenly on the microwave you read the time at 2:22
  • You are checking out at the store thinking about getting a massage then you overhear the next person in line is booking their massage appointment. 
  • You try to find a parking spot and THREE times someone steals your spot by the time you get over to the next lane. 
  • You’re having a conversation with someone about yoga and you turn on the tv with a commercial about spiritual retreats
  • Or maybe it will be really direct, you’re thinking about purchasing a new car and the next advertisement you see is “Buy a brand new car today” 

There are symbols, teachers and signs all around us. These are merely only a few of the many things that can happen once Synchronicity enters your life. There are no coincidences. These moments are orchestrated by the universe to show us everything happens for a reason and that there are deeper forces at work when we’re ready to observe them. 

All Things Happen In Divine Timing 

love <3

Fic Rec of the week : September 13th 2015

(Long time no see. I don’t know why but I’m in the mood to read again some good old fics, like the well-known ones. So yeah, no fic rec since one week. That means my title for these fic rec is actually true, for the first time ever.)

(Did i really have to say you have to go read Relief next to me? It’s completed !)

I have to start with the new entry on my Top 10 fav fics ever. I like it so much I had to make a post just for it, with cool pics and all.

- Untangle Me, by problematiclarry : Louis finds himself out of place in LA, unable to get at an itch that’s been bothering him for years. He supposes back in the early days, home hadn’t been a place. It’d been a person. He’d etched it permanently into his skin for fucks sake. It was always him and Harry. Stuck to each other like super glue. Pulled together by some magnetic force, existing in their own bubble. Everyone could see it, but that was half the problem, wasn’t it?It’s not like Louis can pinpoint the exact moment in time when him and Harry fell out of sync. There wasn’t really one at all. It had been a gradual slip, like the tide wearing away at a sandstone cliff. Chipping the solid foundations until there was nothing left to stop the structure falling to the waves below. It’s not like he spends all of his time sitting around moping over a lost friendship, he’s good at distractions. But LA only seems to accentuate the distance between them. Two separate planets, not even in the same solar system.  Or the one where Harry and Louis finally get it right.

Long (11 chapters, completed, 103k) Larry Canon Fic (after Zayn left). This fic is like heaven to me. REally. The plot is great, the smut is so good, i want to cuddle them so much, fuuuuuck. Not really angsty I’m so fucking in love with this fic.

- Baby, you’re my only reason , by zouisclimax    : Harry’s famous and Louis’ a big fan. or, “you’re a celebrity and you just broke up and i tweeted you a selfie and said "date me” and you thought i was serious?“ au

Larry short AU (6k). I’m such a whore for famous/non-famous on twitter AU. I’m blessed with this one. (smut is good too).

- Every time that you get undressed (I hear symphonies in my head) , by theboyfriendstagram : (…)  an AU in which Harry is the typical frat boy who doesn’t believe in love but falls for the insecure mess that is Louis. Sex and fluff ensue.

Larry Uni AU ( 12k) with a very insecure and depressed Louis (fair warning if it’s a trigger for you) and a fratboy-who-doesnt-give-a-fuck-but-maybe-Louis-is-something-else Harry . Obviously, I loved it (but I love everything Ronnie write so, maybe I’m not neutral).

- Fall Into Some Velvet Morning by twinkylourry : (…) AU where harry does yoga in parks and louis may or may not want to get into his yoga pants.

Short Larry AU (6k) : I just want to say something about this : WALL SEX. (I’m hot)

- From Top To Bottom by  writingsofamadchildOr the one that started as an ode to the curly mohawk and somehow ended up about the bottoms debate]

Short (7k) Ziam AU , or basically, ZIAM SMUT. Don’t ask me who tops, they’re kind of compromising with this.

- Just Lay With Me , by givemesumaurgravy : Or, the one in which Louis is the coach of Harry’s daughter’s football team and Harry likes Louis’ bum. One day there’s a parent football game and Louis, just maybe, starts hitting on Harry and, just maybe, Harry gives in.

Larry short Kid fic (10k). ( louis2k15​ hiii, bottom!Harry for you here). Pinning pinning pinning, who becomes smut smut smut , who become fluffy fluffly fluffy.

truth be told, i never was yours by stoleyouaway :   College AU in which Harry is a virgin and Louis is definitely not in love with him. One night, this all changes.

Short (6,5k) College AU where Louis is pinning at his lovely roomate and gets jealous. Friends with benefits ( hello bottom!Harry louis2k15  ) with a fluffy ending :)

Previously in “fic rec of the week”September 6th, September 3rd (special WIP), September 1st,  August 5th, July 30th, July 27th, July 20th, July 16th, July 12th , July 8th, July 5th , July 1st , June 24th, June 18th, June 14th, June 8th, June 1st .


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my bro dude you aren't alone in this world take a look around, breathe in fresh air buy a plant, give it a name bring life, don't just live I know I sound like some yoga-panted herbal tea commercial but really sometimes all you need is a plant and some hugs a deep breath and a walk in a local park maybe a journal and some good advice you'll be good

This is actually amazing. 

Spam my inbox with cute messages or questions. I want someone to talk to right now.

I’ve been getting really annoyed with posts on here that are so super anti-recovery. And if you disagree with them, suddenly you’re abelist. I’m not abelist because I don’t want to have depression anymore! I’m not a bad person for wanting to manage my PTSD and be able to actually function like an adult! I’m not problematic for not wanting to suffer like this anymore! I’m not mean or misunderstanding you when I say that maybe, along with therapy and medication, yoga and a walk in the park can help boost your mood and make days easier!

I just want to get better. This doesn’t make me a traitor or a liar or a problematic person. It just makes me a person who wants to make a better life where I don’t wallow in self pity and suffer every day….

Submitter: Saw this and thought it would be adorable for a prompt so I hope you will write it :)


Rarely does she have time for yoga these days. Ever since she became captain of her own precinct and especially after James was born, she’s constantly on the move, always working to establish a balance between her work and her family. Although, one will always be more important than the other.

But it’s her day off and Rick’s still sleeping, so is James, and she has the house to herself. Her yoga mat is tucked away in the closet, but she doesn’t plan to do a full routine, just some basic stretches and core strengthening poses, so she simply escapes to the guest room that may someday be home to another little Castle.

Kate likes this room, loves the cream colored walls and the sheer white curtains they put up in the summer; it’s peaceful. And also large enough for her to spread out in. 

She starts slow, breathing deeply, allowing any remnants of tension from the last few days to drain from her limbs, her mind, and eases into harder, more difficult poses with ease, her body relishing in the stretch of muscle and pop of bones.

She’s shifted into her ustrasana position, bending her back, tightening her thighs and hips, balancing her hands on the heels of her feet and humming at the pleasant tug of the muscles in her neck, her back. She could stay like this for a while, relishing in the relaxation of the strengthening yoga pose, remain in the position until her curved spine begins to ache. But while she’s still entertaining the idea, the padding of tiny, bare feet on the hallway floor outside has her straightening up.

Kate glances towards the open doorway and is met with a glimpse of James’s favorite pair of pajamas - the ones with the spaceships that Castle had bought for him last week - and a set of bright blue eyes peering in around the doorjamb. 

She chuckles, easing up onto her knees. “Morning buddy.”

“Morning Mommy,” James chirps, trotting inside the room at her greeting, taking it as granted permission to enter, and Kate extends an arm towards her son once he’s close enough, reels him into an embrace. 

His giggles fill the room, shatter the early morning silence as she smatters his smiling face in kisses. 

“How did you do that, Mommy?” James asks, still catching his breath from the fit of laughter she evoked.

“Do what, bud?”

“You made a circle!” James exclaims, clapping a hand over his mouth when she signals for him to keep quiet for Daddy’s sake. “You bended really far.”

Kate huffs a laugh at his explanation and hoists him up from the floor. “It’s called yoga, it helps relax your muscles and makes you more flexible.”

“Fl-flexible?” he echoes, small brow creased in confusion as he wraps his tiny arms around her neck. 

“Bendy,” she clarifies, grinning when his eyes illuminate with understanding, a quirk he inherited from his father.

“Can you do it again?” he whispers, excitement simmering in his quiet voice and Kate nods, ensuring his arms are secure around her neck before releasing her grip on his waist and returning her hands to her feet, stretching back while James clings to her front.

An exclamation of glee escapes him and Kate laughs, craning her neck forward to plant a kiss to the apple of his smile swollen cheeks.

“Am I the only one who fails at yoga around here?” Castle huffs, still rumpled with sleep, but smiling fondly at the two of them from the doorway, blue eyes that match their son’s shining as they find hers.

“Daddy, look! Can you do this too?”

Kate snorts, earning an expression of mock offense from her husband, who steps inside to join them. 

“I tried to teach Daddy how to do yoga,” Kate explains, releasing a deep breath and returning to the upright position of her knees when Castle plucks James from her chest, scooping the boy into his arms and smacking a loud kiss to his cheek. “It wasn’t pretty.”

“Poor Daddy,” James sighs, resting his head on Castle’s shoulder, jerking another laugh from Kate’s lips as Rick grudgingly offers her his hand and hauls her up. 

“See if you can do yoga when you’re in your forties,” Castle grumbles to their son while sweeping his hand down Kate’s back, dusting over her damp flesh, appreciating the skin her sports bra leaves exposed. “But enough about Daddy’s failed exercise experiences. Who wants breakfast?”

“Me!” James answers, squirming from Castle’s arms. “And maybe after breakfast, we can go to the park?”

“Maybe, buddy. Go get dressed first and we’ll see,” Castle compromises, mussing James’s hair before the boy scampers out of the room, down the hall to his own small bedroom. “You too. Can’t have you walking around without a shirt on,” he mumbles, tracing his thumb back and forth over her tailbone.

Kate grins and lifts on her toes, brushes her lips, and then her teeth, to his jaw, humming at the dig of his fingers into her spine. “Why, Castle? Still can’t handle the sight of me in workout gear?”

He growls into her cheek, smears a kiss to the sharp bone, to the tiny beauty mark beneath her eye that he’s always favored. “Just wait until nap time, Kate. I’m going to put your flexibility to the test.”

[don’t give up on yourself
anything worth doing is hard
and you can do hard things]

I’m not gonna lie to you. If you want to lose the weight, you have to put in the work. you have to move your body, accelerate your heart rate, get sweaty, get uncomfortable. your methods may change but the principles don’t. you lift heavy things until you can lift heavier. you do one rep but soon you can do two. you can’t stay the same and expect new results.

you have to work work work work work. maybe your work is spending an hour at the gym. or running a couple miles. or getting 10,000 steps on your Fitbit. or doing jumping jacks or Zumba or yoga. maybe you workout alone to a video or following a plan like @crushfit, or in a class like crossfit or a martial arts school, or in a crowd at the Y. maybe you’re walking your dog through the park, or maybe you’re going two rounds in the ring. doesn’t matter. pick something and do it a lot.

you have to work in the kitchen too. learn to cook meals, not just pizza rolls. pack your lunch to avoid the temptation of takeout. there’s nothing wrong with making small changes at first. you don’t have to go straight from fast food to clean eating. maybe instead of McDonalds and Taco Bell everyday, you switch to lean cuisine prepackaged meals. maybe instead of freezer lasagna, you make your own. maybe you switch Starbucks frappes for iced coffee. it doesn’t (and shouldn’t) have to be drastic. but if you want long term results, you must begin making changes. small, deliberate, constant decisions that build into greater ones

you’ll get there, friend
it’ll be so hard
but you are strong
and you can do hard things
and anything worth doing is hard

anonymous asked:

Hi! I'm 14 years old and I want to exercise to keep myself fit but I can't find time to incorporate it into my daily schedule due to school, homework etc. Can you please give me tips to keep myself fit or find a way to exercise? (1/2- 1 hr exercise periods)

I’m kinda in the same boat as you, and some things I try to do are:

  1. Walk Everywhere. Whether that’s just to the tram stop, your local shops, etc. To be able to get to school, you’d have to go that way anyway, so instead of getting driven or taking the bus, incorporate just a little more time into your schedule to walk that way. It may not seem like a long way, but it adds up over time, and plus: better something than nothing at all.
  2. Instead of hitting snooze 5 times in the morning, get up on the first go, and do some meditation/yoga in the morning to get your mind and body ready for the day ahead. It honestly helps a lot!
  3. During break times at school, (depending on your available facilities at your school) go to the gym and shoot some hoops with your friends, skip rope, or anything really. Don’t forget to eat and drink as well though :)
  4. When you’re doing homework, try and change it up a bit, and maybe take your textbook with outside and walk and recite at the same time in the local park. (Or if you’re supposed to be reading a book for english class, find the audio book online instead and listen to it on your ipod/phone whilst walking/working out)
  5. If you have the opportunity or chance maybe choose Sport as one of your subjects at school, and make the most out of each hour. That way you’re doing both your required school work and keeping fit :)

Good luck and hope some of these tips help :)

Much love, 
Lotta x

Preference #72 Working Out

Requested by anon

Liam- Liam gradually started coming home later and later, but you just assumed he was working late with the new album coming out. One day, as you were watching a movie and bugging each other, you pushed him lightly and noticed his biceps were stronger and bigger than you remembered “Liam, have you been working out?” you joked enjoying the feeling of his bicep “Yeah at the gym this past month,” you put two and two together “So that’s why you were coming home late” he nodded and for the rest of the night you were feeling his muscles.

Zayn- You and Zayn were walking in a park when you saw a group of people on the grass with different colored mats practicing yoga. Zayn didn’t pay attention to them but you did and started thinking that maybe yoga was a good idea for a workout. “You know, maybe I will start doing yoga, just to keep fit and relax” you told him looking at the group once more and continuing “Maybe you could too?” it took a while for him to answer but he agreed “Only because you’ll be wearing yoga pants and they drive me crazy,” you giggled and when the lesson ended you approached the instructor and signed the both of you up.

Louis- As a summer trip, you and and Louis went to visit Peru since you’ve never been to South America, knew Spanish pretty well and heard it was a beautiful country. You visited the city, bought postcards and took many pictures. As you showed Louis your shots, he had an epiphany, “We should go hiking tomorrow, I mean we’re basically surrounded by mountains and you could take the absolute best pictures.” it was a great idea. The next day, you bought all your hiking gear and map and saw the most amazing landscapes climbing the mountain.

Niall- During the holiday season, you realized you had gained a few pounds and were unhappy with your body. It wasn’t noticeable at all, but you knew it, and thought you should do something about it. Getting ready to jog, Niall came into your bedroom and asked what you were doing “I’m gonna run, it’s a pain in the ass but it must be done,” you explained to your boyfriend “Hell, I’ll come with, I’m tired of sitting around the house,” smiling, you waited for him to get ready and you both went on a 30 minute run showing people what cute couple you were.

Harry- As you and Harry were showering, you couldn’t help but admire his slightly sculpted abs, his v line and his muscular back. Harry saw you looking at his body and with a crooked smile asked, “Y/N what’s on your mind? You’ve seen all this before,” he joked “I know but it got me thinking I should go to the gym with you, not just because I would look good, but because I wanna be stronger.” he nodded in understanding and hugged you for reassurance. Sure enough, the next day you guys went together and worked on lifting weights. He was so proud of you and you were too.

My favorite position - Ashton smut



Request : Can i have an imagine in which i have sex with ashton (my best friend) while doing yoga

Author’s note : Hey guys! This is definitely not my best, but I hope you’ll like it :)  and of course thank you so much for your follows :D We love yaaa!!!!

“Aaaaand breathe out!” the instructor told us from the screen. “Very good!”

I let my chest fall, my eyes closed in concentration. It had been a solid hour since we started our yoga session, after a thirty minutes run in the park. My body was begging me to stop but my mind was telling me to be stronger and to keep going. The DVD came to its end and I sat in a yogi position on my mat to regain composure, while Ashton got up and reached for a towel.

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So its been a bit since i did a fic rec but this one has been long waited by the anon who requested it (which i’ve lost too) but heres some shit for you kinky shits

There are 30 bottom!louis and 25 bottom!harry

since i don’t read bottom!harry two of my followers volunteered to help me (thank you!) daddy-minaj and doublechinharry by recing it but all of the bottom!louis and categorizing was done by me!

here yall go  

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