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Collar x Malice Fanbook profiles (part 1)

I intended to do this for a while and I thought it was a promise I couldn’t keep, but turned out I was super free today so I did some brain exercises. 

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also i find andrei’s “yeah it would be v noble to be able to forgive her, but im only a human and i dont think i can do that” feels so unfair but 1000% justified and i feel like its one of the most stark human moments of the show even if it feels like a lot of he says sounds like complete malice. because maybe it does? but when was the last time u thought someone was doing the right thing when they told you “so my ex left me for someone else, but we got back together”

like when have we ever thought that was a good idea.

i think the fact andrei can say “yes, forgiveness is good…. but i dont i can manage that now or ever.”

I’ve put it off long enough. If I want to get through this episode, I’m gonna have to address the elephant in the room at some point. So here I go. Finally talking about Dan.

I strongly recommend reading this post first, because this is technically a part 2. I’m just talking about Danny’s ghost half this time. Some things might not make sense if you start here.

With that said, here we go.

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The Elvebakken case:Hvem er Yousef?

Trigger warning for mentions of suicide.****

Indeed. So far he seems to be a dream! An illusion! Created from the depths of Sana’s subconscious. An answer to the question “Is there really anyone out there worthy of Sana’s love and attention?”

At the moment the answer seems to be no. Which is sad. I really like Yousana. It’s the cutest ship. And he seems seemed to make Sana so happy.

So the question is, why does Yousana feel so…wrong? Why most of the viewers are so suspicious of Yousef? He’s nice. We all like him. We all agree that he’s a good person. Elias (my bro!) agrees!But for some reason, since the day we saw the very first photo of him, everyone had other plans for Yousef than him being Sana’s love interest. So many good theories on that. We all thought this might be a case on unrequited love or love triangle or just Sana imagining the obvious interest Yousef shows.

This is a theory based on the assumptions made in this post.

Recap of The Elvebakken case: I think Mikael lied. He’s not the one Even kissed.

This theory: Whatever happened in Elvebakken is actually about Even and Yousef. I think Yousef kissed Even or vice versa.

Let us go way back!

It’s 2015. The balloon squad has a hazy number of members. Most probably: Elias, Yousef, Mikael and Even.

We know that Mikael and Even were best buddies. But it also seems Yousef and Even were very close. If we listen to what Yousef himself said about Even, he was just “a guy they used to hang out with.”. But going by the story Yousef himself goes on to tell and photo evidence, they seemed to have been closer than that.

Losing your religion is a huge deal. I would know. I went through it. It comes with a lot of baggage. It comes with doubts and years of not-being-here-anymore-but-not-there-yet-either. It’s also not a decision you make one night and execute the next day. It’s a process. So even if there are catalysts, none of these things can be the reason™. So when Yousef says he doesn’t believe in Allah because of what happened with Even, it’s not that I don’t believe him but I think it wasn’t the only reason.

I think what happened in Elvebakken is that Even was probably discovering his sexuality.Based on the very little that we know we mainly think that he struggled with it back in Bakka. He kissed/or was kissed by one of his friends. The feelings were not returned(?) and somewhere along the way he got the idea that something was wrong with him and he could cure it by reading the Qur’an and what happened was that he saw all those verses in it that condemn homosexuality. This led to his suicide attempt and Yousef was so deeply affected by this that he abandoned religion for it. But weird thing is Mikael who was supposedly smack in the middle of all this, felt nothing!

But just look at that kid’s face! Have you ever seen anything as pure as Mikael?! He’s so sweet! There’s no way in any of the parallel universes that he is a heartless person, completely unaffected by Even’s issues from before. But whatever he feels, he is guilt-free. Someone else however, looks hella guilty.

Now I think Mikael is a super good friend to both Even and Yousef. I think he is the one person who actually knows what happened in Elvebakken. And I think what he knows is this:

I think Yousef was also questioning his sexuality. It is very likely that he and Even had feelings for each other(maybe?) they kissed once. And maybe Even took it a bit more seriously and tried to kiss Yousef again. Maybe someone saw, but wasn’t sure who it was that they saw. Maybe rumors started flying around and Yousef freaked out. Lashed out even, then Mikael comes to the rescue. Telling Yousef that he’ll pretend it was him that Even kissed. They hide what actually happened. Even goes along with it because he thinks what he did was wrong and he feels guilty. In his attempt to fix things, he reads the Qur’an to cure himself “just like Yousef”. Then those other things happened and by the end Yousef felt guilty for pushing Even away like that.

So he started to doubt everything. Imagine Yousef and Even going through the same thing but Even’s experience turns outward, people recognize his struggles, he finally accepts himself but not Yousef. He turned it inward, his struggles hidden, a wound within him that would neither heal nor open. He hides it but it eats away at him. So first he quietly turns his back on his religion, because he has come to the same conclusion that Even had. Then he tries to make it work by acting straight. But he doesn’t really want that.

So what he does is he finds himself an impossible love-interest. I’m not saying he does this consciously or out of the malice. But maybe subconsciously Yousef develops a crush on Sana because ultimately she’s unavailable. Here’s the thing, as a former Muslim, Yousef must know that Sana won’t really pursue a relationship with a non-muslim. So the fact that he went for her and did so, so blatantly is a bit odd. But if we assume that he’s trying to find an acceptable excuse for not being in a relationship, then claiming he has fallen for an impossible person, is both true and convenient.

Everything is going well until Sana flat out blocks him from her life. Making it virtually impossible for Yousef to start a romance that would eventually fail. But then Sana invites them to a party. An invitation to be reintroduced into her life. What happens though is that Yousef comes face to face with Even. A person that he might have residual feelings for and at least some unresolved emotional involvement with.(Even’s reaction is very strong too) If you look at the clip’s screen shot, he looks fine until he spots Even then he returns to Sana with a look that clearly says “How could you?!”. Yousef looks betrayed.While he should look at least a little pleasantly surprised, because if he was so sad about what happened to Even, seeing him supported and healthy and happy should be a good surprise. 

He seems to be thinking about the safest way to get out of the situation. Meanwhile Mikael has disappeared from the face of earth. Probably because he hears Even’s voice and is just freaked out by the notion of being in the same room with Even and Yousef.

Anyway, what happens next is The Fight! Looking at the clip, whatever is happening outside, Elias and Yousef and Adam, are only watching it from inside. Then Yousef calls Sana, telling her Elias (his best friend!) is in trouble but stays inside as Sana goes to deal with the fight between Balloon squad and boy squad.

Why? I think because he didn’t want to face Even. I think he hides inside, his façade cracking, his emotions all over the place, cue heartbroken and bitter Noora who finds him attractive. I think maybe Noora made a bitter comment about heartbreak. Maybe Yousef agreed. Maybe they found a common ground in their heartbroken states. And then in a last attempt to prove just who Yousef really is, he kisses Noora.  The kiss however looks a bit weird since Yousef has his hands by his side, almost unengaged in the kiss.

Here are 180 reasons that support this theory(!):

1.Our introduction to Yousef is by his “accidentally” left open Facebook and the photos in it. Photos that to this day, no one can view again.

2.The metaphoric conversation with Sana about how they play for “opposite teams”. More on that in this theory Here!

3. His reaction to Even’s name. More on that here

4.His aluminum leg story.Basically the Even story that he tells Sana. But he’s actually the Mikael in that story. Just like Even used the Sonja has aluminum leg to talk about his bipolar disorder.

5.The Rainbow flag that ends up right next to his face

Also see this theory

6.The fact that Mutta says “Lie all the time” and then the video shifts to Yousef’s face. Courtesy of @heltchill

7.The country mouse and city mouse: One lives with little but free, the other has the potential to have it all but lives in fear so it has nothing.

8. Now the whole “How to get over someone you love” article has a new victim too! 

*sigh* this is over! This is my attempt to explain Yousef. I don’t know if I’m right. There’s a 90% chance I’m overthinking but this is what I came up with *shrug*. 

I hope you enjoyed this. Thank you for reading <3 

littlethingsbigpicture  asked:

Hiiiii! May I request Tracer, Mercy and Widowmaker meeting their S/O for the first time? Except when they meet the s/o keeps getting ditched by their "friends" and traveling in the back of the group. Fluff and slight angst please! Thank you!

A/N: Decided to have the setup for this drabble be the same for all three characters, since it saves a ton of time and space in terms of writing. Think of it as a ‘Choose your Own Adventure’ where your choices are three lovely ladies.


You felt your posture slump a little bit as you meandered through the bustling streets of London alongside your friends. Well, maybe friends wasn’t exactly the right term, they seemed more like acquaintances, or even enemies on a particularly rough day. You’d hung around the group for some time, mostly out of necessity rather than any true feeling of camaraderie, promising yourself to at least try and make a few friends. They shared some similar interests to you, and you supposed that was enough, rather, you convinced yourself it was. Their group dynamic had no place for you, and though you’d attempted to seem personable and get along with its members, the results were hardly ideal. They kept you around, maybe out of some misplaced sense of pity, but more likely out of malice. The group took great joy in baiting you on with their plans, using it as a carrot-on-a-stick, filling you with false hope only to abandon you.

Playful teasing would occur between the others, but when directed at you, any semblance of humor was lost almost immediately. They’d tell you they didn’t mean it, but their ‘apologies’ were as transparent as their ‘hospitality’, not one of the held a single shred of regret. Getting some social interaction was healthy, though this particular group seemed to go out of their way to make you feel worse at every opportunity. Like a lost puppy, you followed along, believing that any better opportunity had closed off long ago, resigning yourself to your fate. They’d sent you inside a convenience store to grab a drink for them, it wasn’t the most creative way to ditch you, but you supposed it was the most effective. You’d pay for the drink, walk outside, and they’d yell something vulgar as they sprinted into the distance, leaving you alone yet again. Part of you wanted out of your ‘role’ as their plaything, but forcing oneself out of a negative situation isn’t always an easy thing.

You paid for the drink, thanking the cashier, before making your way out of the store. As if on cue, the group shouted back towards you, pushing aside the odd pedestrian as they put as much distance between you and them as possible. At least you’d gotten a drink you liked, since you knew they didn’t want it anyway, a small silver lining, you supposed. Taking a swig of the beverage, you slumped against a nearby wall, lowering yourself to the ground. Initially you were angry with them for abandoning you time after time, but eventually you just became numb to it, either ignoring or suppressing any genuine anger. The usual tinge of sadness flared in your chest, a sense of forlorn want, a need for companionship, for people who truly cared. Staring towards the ground, you let out a long sigh, running a hand down your face, letting your eyes shut for a few moments.


“You alright, luv?”

A woman smiled warmly towards you, brushing a strand of her windswept brown hair from her face. Freckles dotted her cheeks, providing just the right contrast to highlight her brown eyes. You took another swig of your drink, unsure of whether or not to interact with this woman. It’s not everyday that a stranger stops and asks if you’re alright, it certainly was the most amicable interaction you’ve had in some time.

“Not really.” You sighed, forcing a half-hearted smile, pushing away negative feelings with a thin layer of apathy seemed to help a little. The woman offered her hand to you, prompting you to stare at it for an instant, hesitant in case this was some sort of elaborate prank. You glanced up at her, noticing that she still wore the same smile. If this was a prank, she certainly was an excellent actress, the genuine care from her was almost palpable, threatening to wash over you. You grabbed her hand, nodding as she hoisted you to your feet.

“I’m assuming you knew that lot?” She didn’t need to elaborate, you both were acutely aware of whom she was referring to, your so called ‘friends’.

“Unfortunately…” You sighed, slipping your free hand into your pocket, the other absentmindedly holding your drink.

“With friends like that, who needs enemies?” You focused on her face as she laughed, noticing the way her nose scrunched up a little bit, shifting your smile to a genuine one. “Oh! Almost forgot, I’m Lena!” She offered her hand to you again, this time not to pull you from the ground, but to greet you as an equal.

“(Y/N).” You shook her hand, surprised at how quickly she seemed to move through a conversation. “Not very often a stranger stops by to ask how you’re doing.”

“Well, you looked a little down, so I figured I could help! Y’know, brighten your day a little!” Genuine concern from a stranger, how novel a concept. “Besides, we’re not strangers anymore!” She playfully tapped your shoulder, giving you a mock salute with two fingers.

“Acquaintances, maybe, we did just meet.” You laughed, earning a smile from your companion. Lena glanced down at the white watch she wore on her wrist, a blue screen lighting up as she raised her arm.

“Well, I’m gonna be a late if I don’t get going.” You sighed, not expecting her to stick around for long, but this was a little short even by your standards. “I’d love to get to know you though, maybe move from acquaintances towards friends? I know this smashing Chinese place, their dumplings are to die for! Meet me at Turing Park ‘round eight?”

“It’s a date.” You felt a blush form on your cheeks, surprised at your own candor, though Lena’s smile quickly put you at ease. You waved as she departed down the sidewalk, no longer feeling that lingering despair. Maybe you’d make an actual friend yet.


“Are you okay?”

Your gaze panned up the woman crouched before you, your eyes immediately struck by her own blue orbs. They seemed to pierce into your very soul, not in an intimidating fashion, rather, in an understanding one. Her blonde hair was pulled into a ponytail, with some length in the front trailing beside her right eye. It wasn’t terribly common for a total stranger to have any concern for you, but when they were this striking, you didn’t care.

“Hardly.” You sighed, slumping against the wall once more, not wanting to burden her with your troubles. Her gaze softened, a sign of the clear empathy she felt for you. If she didn’t care, she wouldn’t have stopped, so she seemed at least somewhat benevolent. “Just trouble with a bunch of assholes.” You groaned, relenting to your inner feelings, wanting to vent a little bit about your so-called ‘friends’.

“I’m sorry to hear that.” Her tone was genuine, soft, caring, something you had been without for too long. “If you want someone to talk to, I’d be happy to help.” Shockingly enough, this woman was going out of her way to help you feel better, someone she had never even met. It was unexpected, but not entirely unwelcome.

“I’d hate to be a burden, I mean, I don’t even know your name.” That was a half-truth, you didn’t want to be a burden to her, but you also weren’t sure of why she was offering to help you. People weren’t jumping out of the woodwork to help one another in their time of need, at least, not random people on the street.

“Angela, my name is Angela.” A pretty name, it seemed fitting for someone like her. Even the name itself seemed almost caring in nature.

“Well, Angela, why are you offering to help a total stranger?” You curiosity got the better of you, wanting to know what would make someone like her stop for someone like you. She let out a small sigh, smiling at you once again.

“I’m not going to abandon someone who needs help.” She stood up, offering a hand down towards you. “I know a great cafe where we can relax and just talk. I won’t take know for an answer.” She smirked, earning a quick chuckle from you. Everything about Angela persuaded you to trust her, from her calm demeanor to her genuine concern. It had been a long time since you met anyone like that, maybe too long. You grasped her hand in your own, smiling as she pulled you to your feet.



The sound of heels peaked your attention, though what was more interesting is that the sound stopped just in front of you. A woman stood before you, what little skin she did show wore a blue discoloration, her hair having a similar tint to it. Though her skin color was uncommon, it was hard to deny the pleasing features she possessed. Prominent cheekbones, delicately maintained eyebrows, everything about the woman reeked of professionalism, of perfection. You felt your blood run cold as your eyes locked with her own, bearing an almost yellow color to them.

You could feel her look you up and down, examining every aspect of you, though her gaze never left your own. She cracked a small smile, prompting you to breathe a sigh of relief. You couldn’t quite place it, but something about her was undeniably intimidating, and somehow intoxicating. Though her face didn’t reflect it, you could somehow tell she was still in deep thought. You each stared at each other in silence, until she offered a hand down to you.

“Those were your ‘friends’, yes?” You could feel her lace the word with venom, evidently angry that they had treated you in such a way, or maybe she just didn’t care for the term. You nodded, eyeing her cautiously as she pulled you to your feet. “I assume this is not the first time this has happened?”

“Uh… Yeah… I mean no, this has happened before…” You clarified, not wanting to miscommunication with this woman. She nodded, her gaze turning in the direction your group had wandered off in, before it returned to you.

“Well, it’s clear they do not think very highly of you.” Her tone was harsh, and yet somehow remorseful. “You must surround yourself with better company, they simply will not do.” You were caught off guard by her rather brusque assessment, though frankly, she was correct. “I can introduce you to a few people, if you’re interested?”

“Can I just ask why?” Her offer was strange, though it was hard to imagine she has any worse choice in company than you do. At this point, you were desperate for some real companionship, but her offer came from nowhere. You wanted at least a little more information before you made a decision.

“Because I used to be the same way.” She didn’t elaborate further, the sense of longing in her voice hinting at something. Her eye contact faded for an instant, she appeared to be lost in thought for a brief moment. “Is this acceptable?” She probed again, preparing to leave with or without you. You hesitated for a moment, thinking it over, before speaking up.

“Sure.” Nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?

Kim Namjoon: Narcissus

Genre: Smut 
Pairing: Kim Namjoon/Reader
Warnings: Supernatural sexy times, body swap, body possession, slight nipple play, mentions of collars, fingering, blowjobs, thigh riding, come marking, dirty talk


God, I am so sorry (I’d never written smut until 2 days ago so this is a tragedy) (I was also stoned at the time of writing and editing so it might not even make sense… ay lmao) Feel free to yell at me about this filth, my ask is always open!

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ducky-tm  asked:

102 Otayuri!!!!

*blows kiss
A gift/penance for making you write sad, awful angst. Enjoy my fluffy take on the same prompt!

Yuri was no doctor, but he was positive that the human heart should not be capable of being stunned for this long.

“What?” It came out strangled, fighting the air that refused to leave his lungs. Otabek sat on the other end of a Skype call.

“I said I’m coming to St. Petersburg. Permanently.”

“To train here? And like - to live here, in an apartment, for good?”

There’s a warm chuckle that rumbles from Otabek’s chest and suddenly the vice on Yuri’s chest isn’t as tight.

“Like to live in an apartment for good, Yura. Yes.” There’s a moment Otabek glances down at his hands that Yuri would have missed the bashful nature of if it weren’t for the red tint dusting the tips of his ears. “I was actually hoping you might be interested in helping me look for a place big enough for the both of us.”

Yuri thinks he might have honestly blacked out for a second.

“There’s no way - did you just drop the bomb on me that you’re moving to St. Petersburg and then ask me to move in with you?

“I - yes? Listen, I get it if you think it’s too soon or you just don’t want to I just figured -”

“Otabek Altin. In what godforsaken hellscape of an existence would I not want to live with you? I’m just, worried I guess I just - I don’t want you to feel like you need to uproot your whole life to make me happy, you know? Like yeah, time zones and the whole long distance thing sucks major dick but…it’s just more of the same old same old. We deal with it.”

There’s a brief lull in the conversation before Otabek stares so directly into the lens Yuri can feel it in his bones.

“Would having me there make you happy, Yura?”

“I mean obviously, but -”

“Good, because I’m moving there, and it’s because I want to. Yuuri’s offered to coach me now that he’s retired, and I’ve progressed as far as I can with my current coach. I’m not happy here, not anymore. I love my country, and I love Almaty but I love you more.”

Yuri absolutely did not tear up at that.

“You’re such a fucking sap, Altin.”

“Maybe, but you love it.”

“Fuck off.” There’s no malice to it, Yuri couldn’t manage any even if he tried. Not with Otabek. “So when do you get here?”

“So is that a yes?” Yuri loves that stupid, shit eating grin plastered on Otabek’s face.

“Wh- of fucking course it’s a yes, you idiot. Absolutely. Yes.”

“I’ll be there in three weeks.”

That’s a wait Yuri can definitely manage.

CLF: Un Peu, Beaucoup (C)

A/N: Tag list is open. I will not tag unless asked, because it makes me feel weird to just tag people. 

Warnings: Swearing, Bucky eats his pancakes like my 92 year old uncle does, some light angst, the future begins to meet the past. MORE AWKWARD.

Word Count: 3713 (sorry. Jesus)

Un Peu, Beaucoup B

SONG TRACK: It Had to Be You–Harry Connick, Jr. (much less annoying, still sounds like it’s from that period)

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anonymous asked:

Name some things you think would be different if calamity ganon actually took the form of ganondorf

- i feel like things would be executed more strategically and in turn, more devastating

- if word had gotten to him that link was resting in the shrine of resurrection, he would have blown through that chamber himself to prevent link from waking up

- he’d have more than just monster minions– he’d probably have an army made of malice, maybe? or use dark magic to convert hyrulean soldiers to his army


- cue the traditional ganondorf fights fully packed with beast ganon, zelda and link teamwork, and the cinematic final blow

-mod makar

Camp Velaris ~ Chapter seven

“Come on, Feyre. Live a little.”

I rolled my eyes at my roommate, who was trying to decide between the two dresses she had laid out on her bed.

“Sorry, but karaoke bars are not my idea of fun. At all.”

“Come on, Feyre. Please. You’ll enjoy it! Promise.” Mor pleaded with me. “And if you don’t, you can go home. Please!”

I considered it. I did really hate going to clubs. But I did like going out with the group. Every Sunday we went to the pizza place Rhys had told me about. But going to a bar… Screw it. I might as well go. Stepping outside my comfort zone might be good for me.

“Fine. I’ll go. But I don’t have any going out clothes. My wardrobe literally consists of sweaters, jeans and shorts.”

“Yay! And you can borrow some of my clothes. You’re just a tiny bit smaller than me, anyway.”

“Who else is going?” I asked her as I stood up and walked over to the closet we shared.

“Just the guys. Amren might show up. I doubt it, though”

I hadn’t spoken to Rhys since our almost kiss. I didn’t know what to say. Do I bring it up or act like it never happened? I hadn’t been this worked up over a guy since Tamlin but that… that was a different story. I mean, I had briefly dated Isaac Hale sophomore year of high school, but it’s not like that meant anything.

I decided I’d know what to do when I saw Rhys again.
It turns out I was wrong.

I had seen Rhys in his normal clothes, in his work clothes but never… never in his fancier clothes. His rich person clothes.

I was suddenly glad that I was wearing one of Mor’s outfits, or I definitely wouldn’t have fit in. He hadn’t spotted us yet.

“Ready?” Mor’s voice seemed to snap him out of whatever dream he was in.

His eyes passed straight over Mor. And landed on me. And stayed there.

violet eyes held mine for what seemed like forever. That is, until, Mor cleared her throat.

“Sorry to interrupt your eye sex, but the guys are waiting for us.” She said, smirking a little as she climbed into the backseat of Rhys’s car.

Both Rhys and I flushed, Rhys shooting an incredulous look at his cousin.

“You look beautiful.” Rhys said to me when I walked over to him. If I didn’t think he meant it, the look in his eyes confirmed it was true.

“Thank you. So do you.” And he did.

His black dress shirt was unbuttoned a little at the top, showing his tattoos swirling across his broad chest. I had only seen those tattoos once; we were drying off after an afternoon in the lake when he’d taken off his shirt. The urge I had to trace the whorls with my fingers was back.

I quickly turned away at the intensity of his stare and climbed into the front seat. Rhys quickly followed suit and got in himself.

I couldn’t stop stealing glances at him for the rest of the journey.

It seemed he couldn’t either, if his little glimpses at me was anything to go by.
Okay, I’ll admit it. I was having fun.

It seemed the others were, too.

Even Azriel had been persuaded to sing, and had performed ‘Don’t you want me.’ With Mor, who was already quite tipsy.

Cassian had just finished his song (‘Another one bites the dust.’) and was now trying to persuade me to sing.

“Go on Feyre. Singing at Rita’s is a sacred ritual, a rite of passage. Even Rhys, who is possibly the shittiest singer ever, has sung.”

“I object to that, Cassian.” Rhys retorted, though his words held no malice.

“Maybe later.” I said to Cassian, who had stuck his tongue out at Rhys.

“Who wants another drink? I’ll get the next ones.” This was Mor, who was already sliding out of her seat.

Azriel, Cassian and Rhys all nodded. I was still nursing my first drink. Drunk me was not the best decision maker.

“Fey?” Mor again.

“I’m alright.”

After she’d left, the guys all started talking about sports or something that had happened at work –I wasn’t paying much attention to their conversation- so I took the opportunity to scroll through my phone.

I had nearly passed the picture before scrolling back up. It was Ianthe –why hadn’t I blocked her yet?- cuddled up with Tamlin. And on her hand was an engagement ring.




My ex-boyfriend and my ex best friend. Tamlin and the person he swore he wasn’t cheating on me with. Engaged. Getting married. To each other.

The rational side of me knew I shouldn’t be bitter. Me and Tamlin had been broken up for a while and he was free to date whoever he wanted.

The irrational side of me wanted to get drunk. Or burn their house down.

The irrational side of me wasn’t very nice, I discovered.

“Are you okay?” It was Rhys, who was looking at me with furrowed brows. Azriel and Cassian were looking at me with concern, and wariness, in their eyes.

Crap, my internal miniature meltdown must have shown on my face.

“Fine. I’m fine.” They still looked worried.

I was fine, though. What did I care if they got married. And had kids. Whatever. I hope they’re happy together. They deserved each other.

I was fine. Totally fine.


“Yeah?” She had just arrived back at the table.

“I think I will have that drink now.”
I was drunk.

But right now, I didn’t care.

Perfect, prudish Feyre who always returned by curfew and who didn’t have more than one drink at house parties, was letting go for the first time.

And it felt amazing.

All night I danced. With Mor, with Cassian. Even with Azriel.

For the first time in my life, I wasn’t worrying over boys or my family. I was living not for them, but for me. And I was enjoying it. This… freedom.

I spotted Rhys sitting at our table alone, and went over to join him, my head spinning delightfully as I walked over, stumbling slightly on my heels.

“Hey!” I plopped down next to him, falling slightly into his lap.

“How many drinks have you had?”

“Only a few! I feel fine.” My words were slightly slurred.

I sat back, and leant my head against his shoulder for a second before lifting my head back up to look at his stupidly perfect face.

“I like your nose.”

“What?” He glanced down at me.

“You have a really pretty nose. It’s slightly crooked. It makes your perfect face less perfect.”

“Thanks? I think?”

I looked back at the dance floor and suddenly got an idea.

“Come dance with me.”


“Come on, it’ll be fun. I’m a really good dancer.” I giggled at that.

“I’ve seen.”

“So you’re coming. Or not.”

“Maybe in a bit.”

“Oh.” I sniffed a little. “I thought you liked me.”

That got his attention. “W-What?” He spluttered.

“You know something? I don’t think you’re awful. I think you’re a pretty cool person. Way better than my stupid ex and his stupid fiancé.” I shook my head, trying to clear the thought away. I was not thinking of Tamlin right now. “I like you, you know. But I don’t think you like me, which makes me sad. I don’t want to be sad tonight.” I was slightly crying now.

“Feyre, darling…”

“Like that. Why do you call me that? You don’t call anyone else that.” I looked up at him with wide eyes.


And that was the last thing I remembered before slumping against his shoulder and promptly falling asleep.

Touch Me:  Gemini

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They aren’t laughing at you.  They’re laughing because they’re delighted.  Or nervous.  Or maybe they are laughing at you, but there’s no malice in it.  The only thing they enjoy more than amusing you is being amused themselves.  You feel this in the way they pepper kisses down your neck before nipping at your earlobe.  They are mischief made flesh, all cheeky smiles and champagne bubbles as they tease, tease, tease you.  You’ll find yourself addicted to their clever fingers soon enough.  

Murphy x Reader (The 100 Prompt)

Request: Number 17 w/ Murphy? I would greatly appreciate it! (And can he be the one saying the quote) - duchampx

A\N: Sorry it took so long to write this, my inbox has been pretty full lately but I hope you like this Xx

Prompt: 17-  “I need you to understand something before I kill you.”

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You weren’t the only one who feared him. There were plenty more people whos hearts quickened and chests tightened when they came across the hateful light in John Murphys eyes. Maybe it was the aura of malice, or the way he stood; casual in the face of danger and catastrophe. No one could tell if he was strong, brave, or just bored with his life. Though you didn’t understand why he would be. Your generation is the first on the ground since 2052, there’s a whole new world you get to explore, how could anyone find that boring? No, you weren’t the only one who feared John Murphy, but you were the only one who dared to follow him past the gate and into the abundance of trees.

Grazing your hand along the thick wood, you see Murphy stumble further away. The wall surrounding the drop ship was built to keep grounders out but now it just feels like it were built to keep you in. All but Murphy that is, he came and went freely; no one ever told him no.

“You really don’t have anything better to do than to follow me?” You hear his voice ring out and you freeze. You don’t know if he’s talking to you, you’re back was flat against a tree before he turned in your direction.

You silently pleaded that he didn’t see you and that by some chance someone else had also followed him. Your pleas were answered.

“You know why I’m here.” An unfamiliar voice leaves you filled with relief. Murphy hasn’t seen you, at least not yet. You can’t help but dread the moment he does find you.

“And you already know my answer.” Murphy replies and you hear footsteps, “No.”

“You’ve left me no choice… If you don’t do this, you’re dead.” The voice trails off and its quiet for a few seconds. You hold your breath as you peek your head around the corner of the tree and you see two people standing there, oblivious to your snooping. You turn back when you see the stranger began to pace around slowly, “You need to get rid of Clarke and Bellamy if you want us to be the leaders of this camp.”

“I said no. Find some other killer or make a better offer.” Murphy yells angrily. People are plotting against Bellamy and Clarke? That’s ridiculous, the only reason we’re all alive is because they’re our leaders.

“If you do this for us, you won’t just be feared. You’ll be a feared leader.” He says. You hear a sigh. Is Murphy seriously considering this? There’s no way he’s that stupid. Even if he does kill Bell and Clarke, no one will ever follow him. You can’t hear what else is being said, Murphy speaks too quietly that it’s inaudible.

You need to go warn them. Taking a soft step, you move from your hiding place trying to walk back with the trees hiding you.

“Y\N?” You hear Murphy yell and you take a deep breathe before turning around. You immediately realise trying to escape was a bad decision as the two boys stop and look at you. Looks like the trees aren’t good at covering you. You recognise the boy that Murphys talking to.

“Josh go back to camp. Now.” You say strongly, showing no fear as you avoid Murphys eyes.

“Why? So you can stay here with your boy toy?” He scoffs and you narrow your eyes at him, glaring. You’ve never ever muttered two words to Murphy, his insults aren’t even relevant. You look at him with an unbothered expression and bored eyes.

“So that I don’t go first and tell Bellamy about your plans.” You reply and Josh walks past Murphy quickly and Murphy takes a few steps towards you himself. You stand tall, trying to hold your ground but as soon as Josh is two steps away from you, you find yourself cowering back.

“How dare you threaten me.” He yells in your face and you flinch before pushing him backwards. His eyes widen with fury as he stalks forward and you weren’t quite sure what you were in for. Luckily you didn’t have to find out. Murphy pulls Josh back lightly by his shoulder. Looking to Murphy, the two of you make eye contact.

“Allow me.” He states with a smirk on his lips and you furrow your eyebrows at him. You now know why you had a bad feelings about this, Murphys going to kill you. You know what you have to do. You begin to run back to camp, your feet as quick as they’ve ever been and you hear quick footsteps close behind you.

You barely even got halfway to camp when you feel something grab your arm and harshly pull you back and you’re face to face with John Murphy. Now you’re scared.

“Please, don’t hurt me.” You breathe out quietly and Murphy gives you a look that you can’t explain. You know he hears you, but is he listening? Will he still kill you?

“Shut up.” He hisses at me, pulling me along and soon we reach Josh.

“Are you gonna kill her?” Josh questions with a smile and you feel like crying but you won’t give them that satisfaction. You look to Murphy and he smiles. If he weren’t a psychomaniac and a killer, as he smiled he would seem nice. Murphy nods and Josh walks up to the both of you and hands Murphy a shiny object in his hands. A knife. You won’t even get the mercy of a slow death. Murphy stands closely in front of you.

“I need you to understand something before I kill you.” He says, holding the knife up in his fingers and twirling it around. You gulp nervously as he looks in your eyes, “I’m not doing this for you. I’m doing this for me.”

Before you know it, Murphy spins around, the knife flying from his hands. It lands somewhere you didn’t expect. Josh’s neck. He gasps and splutters, blood spilling down his neck and mouth. You really should head back to camp and tell Bellamy and Clarke about this, but something makes you stay. You freeze in your place as Murphy goes to Josh and pulls the knife from him. For some reason your stupid brain thinks that right now is the best time to exhale all the air you were holding in. You feel your stomach drop as Murphy’s eyes connect with yours, and he wipes his red hands on his shirt casually. This is why everyone fears him, not because of his eyes or his posture, but because he’s a murderer. You blink at him dumbly, your eyebrows furrowing, “Why did you do that?”

“Like I said, I did it for me.” He replies, tucking the knife away in his right boot and you’re left shocked. He lifts Josh’s leg and looks at me expectantly, “Well, you gonna help?”

“N-No.” You stammer, backing away slightly as you wrap your arms around yourself.

“It was either you or him.” Murphy states simply.

“Is that supposed to make me feel better?” You reply, tears welling up in your eyes. You can’t believe this has happened, “For all I know, I’m next. And then you can kill Bellamy and then Clarke.” Murphy doesn’t turn around as he drags Joshs body away.

“You know I know you follow me into the woods sometimes.” He admits and your hands fall to your sides, “I knew you were following me when I made the deal with Josh.”

“So you did do this for me?” You question and Murphy stops. He makes his way to you and before you know it your back is against a tree and Murphy is looking at you with harsh eyes. 

“Are you going to keep flapping your lips or are you going to help me hide this body?” He questions menacingly. You can’t help the smile that stretches across your lips, “What are you smiling about?”

“Not only did you avoid my question but you hesitated.” You reply. He just sighs and walks away. 

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Given how Shizuo and Izaya interact with each other, a lot of their fanfics are quite violent and dark. This got me think, would you think that either of them is capable of raping the other? Shizuo in blind rage while Izaya maybe in a desperate and low moment? It is understandable if you don't want to answer such question.


Maybe. Since as you said, a lot of Shizaya fanfics contain non-con or rape, I was curious and tried to explore the idea myself.

But I don’t believe Shizuo will be pushed over the edge so easily considering how he hasn’t killed anyone with his strength yet he actually has more self-control than most people think. And I don’t think Izaya is the type to rape someone, since he has a great level of self-control. Also if he was the type to actively participate in the things he puts humans through to see their expressions - then he would have been a murderer or rapist already, so he could see humans’ expressions to him and his direct actions, if he was really that twisted. But he isn’t, because he prefers to stand at a distance and observe humans’ reactions, and be involved as little as possible since he said the more you have to do with humans, the less you have to see. Simon also said Izaya doesn’t have the guts to kill, so he really isn’t the type who will kill or rape. 

So it was hard to explore the idea realistically. With Izaya not being the type to take advantage of someone, and Shizuo having more self-control (and also morals) than he seems. But I tried to combine the two common tropes together in a way that could be believable. So in my fic Izaya reaches a breaking point and gets a gang to gang rape Shizuo (another common thing in doujin for some reason) and pushes Shizuo past the point of no return and so Shizuo rapes Izaya in revenge in a fit of rage. 

Of course he feels like a true monster afterwards and disappears from Ikebukuro. Because he’s become as worse as the gang which Izaya sent to rape him.

“But more than anything, I can’t show my face here anymore. I’ve become a true monster. I can no longer face Celty and Tom-san, Akane or Vorona. How can I let the strongest woman I know, know that I’ve committed the vilest act? How can I work in my debt collecting job with Tom-san and beat up bastards when I myself have become worse than them? How…can I let Akane be around a low man like me, the kind of dirty man her parents would keep her away from? And how can I look Vorona in the eye and watch her take down bastards better than I am?”

So it’s kind of twisted cause Izaya was at fault. And he knows it. And Shinra said this -

“The way I see it, if you go, it’ll just become a vicious cycle, one much worse than the usual game you play with each other. That’s harmless in comparison, really. And, I don’t want my two friends to end up in such a regretful state.”

I wanted a different take on the idea, I don’t see the point of prolonging psychological torture with no resolution, I get bored. I needed the rape to happen for a reason besides causing both Izaya and Shizuo psychological torture (which is more like conflict because that’s not the point of the fic) 

“Shinra. I’m a man of action, so no matter what you say to convince me otherwise, I’m going to hunt down the monster that belongs to me. And –“

“ –You don’t look like you’re lying. But if you’re hiding Shizuo’s location from me, I won’t forgive you. I’ll let Celty know you let Shizuo leave when he was still in Japan and lied to her to keep her with you, just like you did by hiding her Head.”

So different from the usual fics, Izaya goes and finds Shizuo, because they were both in the wrong. They both did psychological harm to each other, and it’s twisted but Izaya thinks with this Shizuo can belong to him only with his guilt and shame. He didn’t plan it, he definitely didn’t want it, but he takes advantage of the situation so that Shizuo will be his like he always wanted, because Shizuo is definitely not ignoring him anymore and he can’t even face his friends. And that was what Izaya wanted in the first place - for Shizuo to pay attention to him again which is why he went to such lengths though he didn’t expect the outcome. There was malice mixed in and maybe he wanted to scar Shizuo, but it was in a fit of anger at Shizuo no longer paying any attention to him - he wanted to upset Shizuo’s peaceful life in an irreversible way, and he did.

Of course there’s a twist afterwards but I guess it was a story of forgiveness? The situation allows them to confront each other, to face each other honestly. Because for Izaya, there’s something that hurts him even more than the rape.

Well I was writing an unrequited love Izaya, so maybe that’s why it’s different? It’s about the extent to which Izaya will go to have Shizuo to himself, that even as the victim he takes advantage of the situation because Shizuo left Ikebukuro.

So yeah. Like I said it was really hard for me to imagine Shizuo and Izaya raping, so I guess that’s the only way I could see them being capable of raping the other. They have to really push each other over the edge first, and fall so hard they can’t climb back up without pulling down the other with them.

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OMG your angst is REALLY GOOD! (Let's add to the flames) How about Daichi dating another girl but still having feelings for Michimiya (let's assume they broke up) and getting into a huge argument over it? Ending is up to you, can be angst to the extreme (cough, accidents, anyone?) or a fluffy make-up(b/c we all love that as well).

He was late again. This was the third time within a week that Daichi subsequently forgot to meet with you after volleyball practice. You were a very patient woman who could deal with even the most annoying of people, but now patience was a virtue you did not possess.

Practice ended nearly thirty minutes ago, and even after the rest of the team had bid your farewell, the Captain was no where in sight. Fed up with waiting, you decided to take matters into your own hands. Making your way to the gym, you peeked your head into the door, less than pleased to what you saw. In the center of the gym, Daichi was standing next to Michimiya, the girl’s volleyball captain. Although they were a little too close for your liking. At first, you didn’t want to burst in there with hellfire blazing, but you didn’t want to witness another girl cuddling up to your boyfriend. You went with the latter of the two.

You hadn’t meant for the doors to slam open, but the noise added to the effect of announcing your presence. The captains swirled around to find you, a smile plastered on their faces.

“Hey ____! You remember Michimiya, right?” Daichi asked, moving to the side in order for you to squeeze in on their little meeting.

How could you not know the girl? She was his ex-girlfriend. And every girlfriend knows about her lover’s ex.

“Of course! How are you?” You feigned a smile, wanting nothing more than to leave with Daichi in tow.

“I’m doing good! Daichi and I were just going over some dates to coordinate with our teams. I hope you don’t have anything planned.” Her voice was smooth, but you could detect a hint of malice in it. Or maybe that was just the jealousy talking.

You turned to give Daichi a questioning look in his direction, but he just shrugged it off.

“No, not that I’m aware of. Our anniversary is coming up, but there’s nothing set in stone yet.”

“Oh, well I’m sure that won’t be a problem,” Michimiya laughed, her voice lilted. Her gaze turned to Daichi where she appeared to look at him with a different emotion. “We can finish up later. Call me okay?”

If there was ever a time when you wanted to sucker punch someone, it was now. Since when was Daichi on such friendly terms with her? I mean, you understood that they were both captains of the volleyball team, but that didn’t mean they were all buddy-buddy.

“Sure, I’ll see you later.” He waved her off before focusing his attention back on you.

You raised an eyebrow at him, silently questioning the exchange. Many questions were running through your mind, but you could only get one out: What was that about?

He briefly explained that he thought it would be a good idea if the two teams started practicing with each other before the tournament. I guess that meant he would be spending more time with his ex. Now, you weren’t a jealous person and trusted Daichi, it was Michimiya you didn’t trust.
You sat on the bleachers next to Yachi, watching the practice session from afar. Everything was going smoothly. Hinata and Kageyama were getting along (for the moment), and Tanaka and Ninshinoya weren’t focusing on the girl’s team at the moment. Today was day one of the co-Ed practice camp. It was safe to say that you weren’t looking forward to it, but what could you do except wait for it to be over.

A sudden yell of “watch out!”, followed by a loud crash attracted the attention of everyone in the vicinity. You weren’t sure which you noticed first, but either didn’t have a pleasant outcome. Your eyes traveled to the pair nestled on top of each other, not looking too uncomfortable. Michiyama was on the floor, Daichi practically straddling her. The position was compromising to say the least.

“_____-san, are you okay? You’re shaking…” Yachi called out to you.

You hadn’t even realised that your body was shaking. Your knuckles were sheet-White from the grip you had on the edge of your seat.

“I’m f-fine. I just need some air.” You excised yourself, and left the gym with a few worried eyes trailing after your retreating form.

You made it as far as the vending machines before you stopped. What was with you? He just saved her from a rougher volleyball. It wasn’t like he meant to fall on her like that. It was just an accident. An accident…
After the incident, you decided against attending anymore practices for the time being. Being in the same room as Michiyama was insufferable. She made sure that whenever she encountered you and Daichi, to blantantky flirt with him. It unnerved you to think that she would be so rude to do so, but then again she’s probably do anything to get him back. The question was did Daichi feel the same way about her? He constantly reassured you that there wasn’t anything going on between them and the past was in the past.

You weren’t so sure if that was the case. Today was your two year anniversary with your boyfriend and you couldn’t be happier. Actually, you could be if said man was here himself. But he wasn’t because he was with the Devil herself. You wondered if he even knew what today was. Your gone out of your way to prepare a special dinner for him. However that was hours ago and now it was late into the evening. It was hard not to assume the worst, but in all seriousness, what could you think when your boyfriend disappears on your anniversary?

The door opening interrupted your thoughts that were spiralling into the pits of despair. Standing there was the man in question. Your orbs pierced into his brown ones as you looked upon him in contempt.

“Were you with her?”

Daichi brought his hand up to rub his neck. A nervous habit you learned to read from him.

“I know you’re mad at me, and you have every right to be. I didn’t mean to get caught up this late with h-”

“Do you still love her?”

The question was simple, but could have a lot of impact depending on how it was answered.

The look that crossed Daichi’s face said it all. You should have realised it sooner. The fleeting touches and the longing glances. The excuses he formulated to be around her. Even the subtle flirtatious exchanges. You should have noticed.

“So is that a yes?”

“_____, it’s not that simple. You know I love you.”

Your eyes never wavered from his. “Then tell me, is that a yes? Was everything you told me a lie from that start? I trusted you Daichi. I gave you everything I had and more. Love isn’t something I can give to anyone, you of all people should know that!”

“If I had known about these feelings I would have told you sooner! I didn’t plan for this to happen.” Daichi raised his voice.

“So you admit that you still have feelings for her?! So you just strung me along this whole time?” The tears were starting to sting your eyes, and it took everything in you to hold them back.

“Yes ____! Okay? I’m still in love with Michiyama!”

There it was, out in the open. You couldn’t believe it, yet you heard it from Daichi himself. It was ironic to found out that he was still in love with his ex on your two-year anniversary. You’ve been through thick and thin. You’ve seen each other at your best and worst; But the best he can come up with is that he didn’t plan for this?

Salty tears were streaming out of your eyes as you hurriedly made your way out the door. You hoped he wouldn’t follow, but fate was twisted.

“Where are you going?”

“I think we need a break Dai. At least until you can get your feelings sorted out snd your priorities straight.”

“You’re not just going to leave everything we’ve built together behind!”

“Yeah, well you should’ve thought about that before hand. Do you even know what today is?”

“What? No, I-”

A wry laugh escaped your lips. “Figures..” You muttered before you slipped out the door and out into the night.

It was raining, but it didn’t affect you much. The cold was a pleasant touch to what reality was like. You didn’t understand. One moment you were in a happy relationship, and the next you weren’t. Which is why you couldn’t fathom how you ended up in the street.

You were chilled to the bone. The scale in front of you was blurred and you couldn’t tell if the sounds in front of you were closer or farther than they actually were. If you were to guess, this was probably due to the pain that was wracking through your body. And was that blood? Oh, it was. It certainly was seeping out of you at an alarming rate. Some say that you when you’re near death, you can see your entire life flashing by. But what you saw wasn’t your life. It was the previous fight that you had with Daichi. It’s kind of sad when your last moments of you losing someone you hold dear isn’t it?
When he received the phone call, he felt like he had been hit by a bus. The wind was knocked out of him as he listened to the police notify him that you had been hit by a drunk driver and were in critical condition. He didn’t care that you had a fight. None of that mattered. What was most important was getting to you right now.

He was surprised he didn’t have an accident himself with the way he was driving, but he made it to the hospital nonetheless. He rushed through the halls in a fanatic frenzy, thoughts consumed with your wellbeing. The nurses were helpful in steering him the right way, but he wasn’t able to see you until you were stabilised. The next few hours were spent pacing the lobby, carding his calloused hands through raven hair.

He should’ve been honest with you and told you the truth. Then maybe this whole situation wouldn’t have happened. You’d still be well and unscathed. Maybe you two wouldn’t be together, but at least you’d be unharmed.

The moment the doctor entered the waiting room, Daichi was at his side in an instant, battering the man with questions
like, “How is she?” or “Is she alive?”.

The doctor didn’t answer at first, instead gesturing him to sit down. The tension in his heart was straining him to the point where he couldn’t breathe. He begged the doctor to tell him what your condition was. He needed to know.

“Mr.Sawamura, we’re sorry to inform you that Miss _____ has been pronounced dead. Apparently she died at scene of the accident. We attempted to revive her, but we were unsuccessful in doing so. We’re very sorry for your loss.”

His ears were ringing, mind working at inhuman speeds in an attempt to process what he was told. His chest constricted painfully to the point where it was hard to breath. An animalistic sound escaped his throat as he collapsed into a heap on the floor, unable to accept this new reality. You were gone. The woman he loved was dead. It took death for him to realise the falsehood of his feelings for Michimiya. A dam in his mind broke open, memories that he created with you plaguing him like a sickness.

“Can I p-please see her?” Daichi’s voice was broken and hoarse.

The doctor nodded solemnly, leading Daichi to the room that held your body. No matter how many times he mentally prepared himself, he wasn’t ready to face you. Not like this. Not in death.

His hand moved without consciousness, lightly tracing your cheek. He wanted so badly for you to coddle into his touch, just like you used to. But you didn’t, and you never will. Daichi will never see your smile, or hear your laugh. The way you’d scrunch your nose when you were embarrassed, or even the scent of your hair when you emerged from a recent shower. He missed you. And it took a fatal accident to come to the conclusion that it was you and it always has been you; Michimiya was just a placebo to supplement feelings that weren’t really there. Daichi clenched his fists, resisting the urge to punch the wall beside him, knowing it wouldn’t bring you back. He sat there for a while, simply caressing your cold hands or cheeks, thinking over everything he said to you moments before you left. One thing stuck in his mind, clearer than anything else.

Before you left, you said to him, “Do you even know what day it is?”

At first, it didn’t click within him. He pondered through his wreck of a brain until he checked his phone. March 28th, your anniversary.

“I remember ______. It’s our anniversary…”

If this wasn’t pain, then he didn’t know what was.

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Do you and @strawberryfitzsherbert have ideas of what Rapunzel and Eugene perhaps don't like in one or the another? Their flaws and how they learn to accept it from one another?

First of all, let me say that I’m honored that you follow me both here an on my RP blog. ♥ and @strawberryfitzsherbert is honored to be included in this question! And while I feel this is more a question for @runningracingdancingchasing, because it feels more headcanon-ish than series meta, I’ll answer it here because this is where it was asked, and I get the impression that you feel like our writing is pretty true to canon.

Yes, we’ve actually discussed this quite a bit. Eugene’s biggest issue with Rapunzel is that she doesn’t communicate very well, which is an odd thing to say, because she talks so much , often about how she’s feeling. But the thing is, she’s good at surface thoughts, but not so good at deeper emotions, especially if she feels they’re going to hurt or upset someone she cares about. She’s afraid to talk about anything that might get her in trouble or anger someone she’s close to, because of how Gothel conditioned her. This bothers Eugene a lot, and while he’s not mad at Rapunzel for how she was raised, he’s frustrated that he’s opened up these floodgates of communication and Rapunzel hasn’t entirely reciprocated.

For Rapunzel’s part, she sometimes feels that Eugene’s too demanding of her, emotionally. And maybe he is a bit, but it’s not out of malice or selfishness. He’s genuinely trying to help her.

The solution to both these problems is the same though: consistency. Every time Rapunzel receives support for her communication, it will be easier the nest time. It’s like training an animal (bad as that sounds). Positive reinforcement will slowly replace the old conditioning with new, until the fear is all but gone. And it will take time, but if they work together, they’ll get to where they need to be.

For anyone tracking the Hakuouki tag you might see someone mention Aksys saying they’re “trying” to localize Hakuouki SSL ~sweet school life~. Before anyone gets their hopes up there probably should be some clarification on what that means.

To clarify: Someone asked about Hakuouki SSL at the Aksys panel today at Anime Expo but this doesn’t mean that it’s coming out or that it’s going to be something we’ll see soon. Just like all video game announcements take everything you see/hear with a grain of salt until you see release dates :) (And maybe not even then lol)

Definitely be excited though because Collar x Malice will be making it’s localized debut in 2017 along with some other Otome titles. I’m sure the announcements will be made on the internet soon. 

As always I encourage you to be sure that you’re supporting the localized releases because that’s the only way we’re ever going to get more. You can always POLITELY tell Aksys about the games you’re interested in but if you aren’t buying the titles that already exist that doesn’t really do much for future games.

The future of localized Otome games depends on people supporting the official releases. Japan will keep churning them out for their audiences but we won’t see them localized in English so long as people keep downloading and pirating them! So please, please, if you want to see more Otome games support the ones that already are already localized!

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[ Jonathan Pine - Extended imagine ] “Black & Blue”

Original Imagine: Imagine: Taking care of Jonathan Pine while he’s injured.

Written by: A.Wölf.

Song referenced in title“Bruises” (I love love love Chairlift)


He stirs. His head’s throbbing and his whole body is in pain.

He tries to open his eyes but only sees a blurred hand before closing them again.

He feels a wet cloth being pressed against his forehead, he shivers and lifts his hand trying to mumble something but he falls unconscious again.

He wakes up and looks at his surroundings to realize he’s in a small cottage. He looks at the window next to his bed and sees snow falling down.

He tries to sit up but groans in pain. His legs are covered by the quilt which he abruptly throws back. His right knee is slightly swollen and black and blue; he can’t move it without wanting to scream.

Where am i? He wonders.

The door to the cottage swings open and someone walks in holding a couple of paper bags.

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Falling Out, Falling In (Ch. 5) | Zen/Hyun Ryu x Reader

RATING: Teen | GENRE: Angst/Drama/Healing/Friendship
SUMMARY: You catch Zen cheating on you, and you try to recover from the shock as he tries to mend your relationship.


Just how many days—weeks—has it been since you’ve found Zen and Echo Girl in the same bed together, naked and flushed against one another? You didn’t want to be reminded of it, so you merely passed your days by without much thought that you’ve lost track of what day of the week it currently was. With the help of Jumin and V, as well as Elizabeth 3rd, you’ve managed to slowly pick the pieces of your broken self back up. It was a slow process, but the corporate heir was more than understanding and willing to offer you his aid. V was supportive of you too, visiting Jumin’s penthouse as much as he can to keep you company while the raven-haired male was away at work. Other times, Elizabeth 3rd would curl up against you and allow you to stroke her soft fur for comfort.

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