or maybe the wii u

With all that BOTW hype and trend going around right now, it gave me great The Legend Of Zelda vibes, and I wanted to draw my all time favorite character from the series.
I believe Midna is totally the most developed and bad-ass little imp character ever, and I’ll probably think of it for many years.

Anyway, I don’t really plan about buying a switch or a Wii U to try BOTW. But maybe I’ll end up borrowing it from a friend. Who knows c:

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: Nintendo needs to make another Kirby Air Ride game, with multiple larger city trial maps, more mini games, an option where you can spend more time powering up in city trial and then competing in a series of mini games and races, and online multiplayer.

Anyone else think it would be cool if there was some sort of “master edition” of Hyrule Warriors for the Switch that would have all the main content + DLC from the Wii U version and the 3DS version, maybe add some Breath of the Wild content, and polish up the graphics/framerates just a bit? Maybe I’m the only one that still cares about Hyrule Warriors haha

the scummiest thing nintendo’s done in a while is the whole situation with the NES classic

like, stay with me here

the NES Classic was a deliberate marketing ploy to get the name “Nintendo” on people’s lips again to get ready for the Switch launch 

that is the only reason it exists

they made a product that appeals to Papa Mainstream, a thirty or forty year old dad with a couple of shitty children of his own that’re five or six years old. Papa Mainstream wants to force his kids to be tiny reflections of himself and therefore is going to make them play the NES games that he grew up playing as a kid. 

Nintendo created a product to this man to fill that specific desire

and then told him that he couldn’t have it 

Papa Mainstream wants a NES Classic, but he can’t have one, so he complains about it on Facebook. he says “Dang! I’d love to get a #Nintendo Classic for my kids, but I just can’t find one!” 

this causes a trend on social media of discussing Nintendo. the name becomes big again. Nintendo put out something new and nobody can get it. That scarcity makes people want one. They might have seen a NES classic on shelves and not gotten it, but now that they know that they’re rare they’re DEFINITELY going to get one. 

and hey, maybe they’ll pick up a 3DS while they’re at it? or a Wii U? mainstream parents only know that there’s a Nintendo thing that’s rare. they don’t know more than that. they see Nintendo, think “that’s that thing I can’t have!” and they buy it

and then the Switch gets announced and social media is filled with pictures of it during this massive Nintendo buzz generated by the NES classic. a NEW nintendo thing??? well I GOTTA get it or else I won’t be able to!

the NES Classic’s artificial scarcity was nothing but a marketing tactic to get Nintendo on the general public’s radar again in anticipation for the Nintendo Switch’s release 

the Switch is pretty artificially hard to find, too. Not to the ludicrous degrees that the NES classic is. If you REALLY want a Switch and care enough to camp out on Best Buy or Amazon at midnight, you can get one. you can’t get one easily, though. That keeps the buzz going. The Switch is out there, people have it, but it’s still rare. It’s rare, therefore people want it. Just like the NES Classic.

Nintendo created a perception that Nintendo things sell out fast and become impossible to find with the NES Classic and used that perception to make sure every Switch shipped to a store sells out. 

This all plays in to the Switch’s “soft launch” vs. its “hard launch” coming this Christmas. 

The March launch? That wasn’t the real launch. That was the soft launch. That was for Nintendo fanboys and tech nerds to get theirs and generate positive buzz about it. That was to let the general public know that it’s out, but that they can’t have it. The Switch is gonna launch “for real” this Christmas, with plenty of stock and a full library of games for everyone to enjoy. The March launch was only to generate a feeling of scarcity so that everyone will buy one come Christmas when the console actually has a library worth a damn. Everyone who wants a Switch will get one this Christmas when Nintendo presses the little button in their office that says “make more Switches.”

And it’s gonna work.

And honestly? It’s super scummy, but it’s also genius.

After the failure of the Wii U, Nintendo decided to play with public perceptions and exploited hype culture on social media to make their products seem more valuable due to their rarity. They wanted to create an attitude where if you see a Nintendo product in a store, you buy it because it might be the last time you ever see it. They succeeded. The Wii U failed because Nintendo overestimated the value of their brand name. The Switch is succeeding because Nintendo tricked the general public in to valuing their brand name again through artificial scarcity of an emulator box. They tricked everyone. 

And hell, you know what? I hate Nintendo’s underhanded marketing tactics, I hate their scummy treatment of indie developers, and I hate the fact that Nintendo of America does not care about the quality of their localizations, but I still love Nintendo’s games. So I bought the Switch. I bought the switch and I like it. At the end of it all they still make really good games and I want to play them. 

I kinda loss track of the point I was trying to make. Whatever. Post’s over. 

  • me, who still needs the wii u: wow i cant wait to get the switch!!

the more I read about Nintendo’s history with the Wii and Wii U the more confident I feel about the Switch. I think it will sell better than the Wii U and maybe even better than Xbox One this generation because like its probably not gonna be hard especially with this better marketing, better product, a better launch game and tools for developers.

Even with only minor third party support (which we already have, Xenoverse 2 and Skyrim are two that come to mind, Mario x Rabbids and also Starlink looks interesting) I think the Switch will do well, especially if it has Pokemon and Metroid down the line.

I mean Pokemon sold the 3DS, like theres a lot of other games but Pokemon pushed a lot of units consistently.

Doing worse than the Wii U is an impossibility at this point.