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a dumb question, maybe, but: what's one of your favorite parts about studying classics?

probably the constant reminders that throughout time and regardless of time, place, language, religion, ideology, system of governance or dominant school of thought, people remain fundamentally people

like i know that sounds really glib but it’s like - when i was doing this after alexander course last year, right, we looked at this thing called the zenon papyri, a huge stash of administrative documents from greek-ruled egypt addressed to an official called zenon, which was preserved because the winds changed and the building they were kept in was buried under a massive sand dune. and there’s one which we called the krotos papyri, which is a letter from a native egyptian writing to zenon telling him how he had been mistreated by greeks, who laugh at him because he doesn’t know how to “act like a greek” and call him a barbarian and refuse to pay him his proper wages. which is very familiar. and when you look at the actual papyrus fragment, the writing at the top is big and clear and spaced-out, but as it gets towards the bottom of the page it gets smaller and more cramped and the lines are all squint, because this nameless egyptian guy who does something with camels in the 250s BC hadn’t worked out how long his letter was going to be and he’s realised halfway through that he’s going to run out of space

and in first year i went on this trip to hadrian’s wall, and it started snowing while we were standing on it and the wind was blowing a gale right into our faces, and afterwards we heard a lecture about the vindolanda tablets, and there’s one, tablet 346, a letter to a soldier stationed there - and the soldiers stationed there could come from anywhere in the empire, rome or egypt or north africa, hot places, basically, and the wall is fucking cold - which is maybe from his wife or mother or sister, which reads as follows:

“… I have sent (?) you … pairs of socks from Sattua, two pairs of sandals and two pairs of underpants, two pairs of sandals … Greet …ndes, Elpis, Iu…, …enus, Tetricus and all your messmates with whom I pray that you live in the greatest good fortune."  

and that’s not some kind of “people don’t change” idea. people do change, have changed. you read the stuff these civilisations produced and some of it is so, so alien to us, so hard to understand, so strange. but then in amongst it you find things like people running out of space on their last bit of paper, or sending their son more socks because he’s got a job somewhere cold. and we remember it, these weird small human things, by total random chance! no-one sat down and thought ‘let’s keep this’ - the wind changes and an entire archive of papyri is preserved under a sand dune for 2000 years. the excavators who found the vindolanda tablets thought they were wood shavings. there’s a pot of roman face cream in the museum of london which still has fingerprints in the cream, which was found hidden in a ditch outside a temple. and in the meantime, we have no firsthand accounts of the campaigns of alexander, one of the most influential series of events in western history, because… we just don’t. they existed, but they’re lost. for some reason, somehow, presumably though some kind of enormous cosmic joke, we have a fragmentary letter from an anonymous person sent to an anonymous soldier telling him his pants are in the post and to say hello to his friends, but we don’t have callisthene’s deeds of alexander or ptolemy’s memoirs. isn’t that infuriating? isn’t that great? 

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Warnings: Tad bit of Fluff.

Characters: Sam and Dean Winchester, Sister! Reader.

Summary/Request: Can I have a request where the reader is the boys little sister (like 16years old) and she has a bond with Sam and Dean gets jealous but later tells Dean that she sees him as a father? I love father figure Dean tbh lol I love your writings! 

Readers Age: it says 16 in the request but it can be any really.

Word Count: 1,023

Y/N: Your name

Y/N/N: Your nickname

You and Sam had just returned from the local library and were sat in the bunkers kitchen drinking tea and talking about a few books you saw. Sam always understood your geekiness and helped you embrace it. You were quite alike actually, in the sense of being nerdy and always trying to keep a healthy body.

Suddenly mid-conversation Dean popped up in the kitchen doorway. Both you and Sam looked at him, he looked tired and you noticed a hint of sadness. He had been acting strange lately, moving away every time he saw you and Sam talking or doing something together. You didn’t really pay any attention to it considering the fact that you and him didn’t have the same bond as you did with Sam.

Lately it’s been starting to affect you though, you feel as though your brother hates you and because of that you talk less when he’s around. You used to be stuck by the hip, but now, it feels like you’re strangers living in the same home. You talked to Sam about it a few times but he just said it was probably just him being tired or the hunting and will stop soon. But it hasn’t

“Where were you guys?” He asked arching his eyebrow, you noticed his eyes were slightly red on the edges and the veins seemed to pop up more.

“Oh, we were just at the library. Y/N wanted to check out some new books that came recently.” Sam said gesturing to you, Dean sighed heavily sounded almost angry, but you didn’t know at what.

“Oh, so you guys were nerding out together?” He tried joking but came out rather rude, giving a dry laugh he turned around to probably go back to his room. You and Sam looked at each other questioningly, not knowing what was going on to your eldest brother.

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That’s Life (Pt.2)

Genre: Angst/fluff

Pairing: Namjoon X Reader (but also Jungkook?)

Words: +1k

pt.1 // Pt.3

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“Holy fuck..” You groaned, sitting up. 

The very heavy hangover you were getting woke you up pretty early. When you checked your phone it read 7:00 a.m. The sound of a certain someone snoring next to you really wasn’t helping the headache either. Looking down at Namjoon sleeping made you realize something. Every time you got to see him or hear his voice you got this excitement in your chest. It was hard to explain it but you thought your heart would explode every time because you were so happy. You’d feel nervous sometimes even after months of dating but now all you were left with was remembering that dumb text message from last night. A part of you did blame yourself. Maybe you should have been there for him more? The door opened and your roommate came in quietly. She jumped not realizing you’d be awake.

“Where have you been?” you whispered to her.

She took notice of Namjoon behind you. 

“Doing the same thing you were apparently but at least I was nice enough to do it in his dorm.”

You rolled your eyes. “We didn’t do anything. I don’t even want him in here but I passed out last night after coming back from the bar.”

She sighed. “What? Your dating. of course he’s gonna be around you. And besides If you want him to get out and leave, why are you whispering?”

You didn’t even realize you were being considerate of him. It just sort of came out of habit. 

“Forget it. I’m just gonna leave him here. I’m gonna go take a shower. If he comes on to you, don’t get too surprised. It’s kind of his new thing.” You mumbled, harshly.

You left the room before your roommate would ask for an explanation. Little did you know he was already awake but was pretending to sleep when your roommate walked in. He was very aware on how hard it was going to be to get you to forgive him, if he could even do that.

After you showered he was already gone but he left medicine and a note on the bed. The note read:

“I got you something for the pain last night. Please be more careful when you drink. -Love, Namjoon.”

You took the medicine, hoping your headache would finally disappear and went off to class. Jungkook came up to you.

“Hey, Y/N!”

You flashed him a smile but kept walking. He ran up and stood in front of you.

“What? Are you mad at me too?”

“No, Jungkook. I just don’t really want to hear you defend him. I know he told you.”

He sighed. “Fair enough. But I’m not really here to defend him. I think he pulled an asshole move and….I don’t think you deserved that. I was actually checking up on you.”

That caught you off guard. “Yeah. I’m fine I guess.”

He gave a nervous smile. “That’s good…I was uh…wondering if you wanted to hang out tonight?”

“…….Are you asking me out?”

He shrugged. “It can be whatever you want it to be.”


His eyes widened and he smiled brightly, showing off his obnoxiously adorable bunny teeth.

“Great! You can meet me at my room. 150 in Scott hall at 8:00, okay?”

You just smiled back and nodded. 

The hard part about today was it was especially hard to stay awake, still feeling slightly drained from last night. Being a lightweight was a real pain in the ass. After your class you were on your way to eat dinner with Jimin but stopped to see Namjoon and who you assumed to be the girl he cheated on you with. As you still had feelings for him you could feel the anger in you welling up. Not only was she gorgeous, she smiled up at him with the most beautiful smile and yet he wanted you to believe he wasn’t into her. He on the other hand looked pretty serious. You wondered what they were talking about. 

“Hey come on. Staring is only going to make you more depressed.” Jimin said from beside you.

“Yeah.” You agreed, following Jimin.

At lunch you tried to fill him on what happened after he dropped you off.

“Don’t you think hitting him was a little harsh?”

You glared at him, thinking he was right but refusing to admit it. “…..It was too late. I did it impulsively and I wasn’t going to say sorry when he was being an ass.”

“It sounds like he’s really sorry…”

“Sorry? You saw them together! Plus it doesn’t matter…I have a date with Jungkook tonight.”

Jimin choked on his drink. “What?! You don’t even have feelings for him. You’re still in love with Namjoon.”

“Maybe I’ll get over him.”

Jimin laid his head down on the table. “God this is a mess. Y/N it’s only been a day.”

You shrugged. “He cheated on me a week ago. If I would have known then we’d be fighting a week ago. Look, If you’re not going to agree with me then fine..I have a date to get ready for anyway. Excuse me.”

Jimin tried to protest but he knew it was useless, knowing how stubborn you were. You got up from the table and left to change your clothes. The only thing you kept saying to yourself was if he could cheat on you then you could do it too. Putting on a tight dress probably wasn’t your most mature idea but that really didn’t seem to stop you. Arriving to Jungkook’s dorm was nerve wrecking but you didn’t have time to panic as he opened the door.

“Wow…You look really..hot.” 

You blushed. “Thanks.”

He let you in and you sat down on his bed.

“So I have a whole bunch of songs I want you to hear.” He sat down next to you, holding his lap top.

He started playing songs for you and even told you about ones he was trying to write. Seeing him so passionate about music was really attractive but it only reminded you of another certain someone and his love for music.

“I don’t really have much to do with them but it’s fun to make them. Maybe I can write one for you one day?”

You smiled. “I’ve never had someone do something like that.”

He smiled back. “You deserve someone like that..”

Jungkook moved the laptop off his lap, letting the song still play. He reached forward and put his hand on top of yours. He leaned close enough to almost make your lips touch.

“So why don’t you quit thinking about him and quit looking at the door like he’s going to show up? If he really cared about you he wouldn’t have done it in the first place.”

You tensed up but Jungkook didn’t seem to mind when he leaned in and kissed you.

“girl, i’m so glad we’re acquainted”

here i was. going to see Justin in concert. he had been in my city since yesterday and God only knows how but, i was very fortunate to run into him as i was leaving work, having had a pretty stressful day. so, here’s what happened. 

as soon as my shift ended, i had stormed out of the store, fed up with my coworkers and the fact that i was always the one who did everything. i was rushing, trying to get to my car as soon as possible. i wasn’t paying attention when i smacked right into someone, my body going straight for the ground, when the feeling of two strong arms gripping my waist prevented me from embarrassing the hell out of myself. “oh my god. i am so sorry” i said, meeting the eyes of the one i’ve been dreaming about for years. “no. it’s my bad. i wasn’t exactly watching where i was going.” he said, lifting me up so that my feet were flat on the ground once again. 

“you’re Justin Bieber..” i managed to faintly whisper, his arms still around my waist. “go ahead. pull out your phone. post it everywhere, just so that everyone knows that this moment happened.” he said, his tone changing from gentle and sweet to annoyed. “no. no. it’s not even like that. i promise.” i began. “i may be a fan, and a pretty big one to say the least but, to me, you’re a human. and i would never want to make you feel just like the rest of the world does. so, i’m sorry that i crashed into you. and thank you for catching me. have a good day.” i said, as i bowed my head and continued to walk in the direction i was supposed to be going in all along. 

“wait.” Justin said, as he turned around, just in time to grab my wrist. “i’m sorry that i kind of lashed out at you. i’m never really used to fans being so gentle and genuine like that with me. so how about this. do you have tickets to my show tomorrow?” he said, looking at me with the soft eyes he had when he saved my butt from hitting the ground. “i don’t, actually.” i said, my eyes beginning to wander to the “patience” tattoo trailing down his neck. “how does a front row ticket sound to you?” he said, cracking a smile. “you really don’t know how hard i’m trying to not scream right now but, that sounds absolutely amazing. thank you so much. you really don’t have to do that, though.” i responded, immediately feeling stupid for saying something other than ‘yes’. “okay great.” he smiled. 

“damn. i’m sorry. i’m so rude. i never got your name, babe. what is it?” “it’s y/n.” i said, blushing at the pet name. “y/n. what a beautiful name for such a beautiful girl. i can’t wait to see you again tomorrow night.” he said, causing me to blush. “i guess i’ll see you tomorrow then?” i said, staring into his stunning eyes. damn. i’m going to have to go shopping right now because i need to look hot tomorrow, i thought to myself. “yes you will. have a goodnight, y/n.” “thank you again, Justin. sweet dreams.” i said, as i walked away, the happiest i have ever been in my entire life. okay. back to the current situation. 

i parked my car and began to walk towards the door of the arena; clutching the ticket that Justin gave me in my hand. i still could not believe that this was happening. i walked into the arena and found my seat. leave it up to Justin to not only give me a ticket in the front row, but give me a ticket right at the end of the stage. he was definitely going to see me tonight. i sat in my seat, glancing around, realizing that the arena was still pretty empty. i checked the time on my phone. 5:30 p.m. it was still early. the concert wasn’t scheduled to start until 7. 

as i began to get lost in my thoughts, i heard the faintest “pssssst come from in front of me. i turned to see Justin in a black hoodie; hiding his face from everyone except me. “i’m glad you made it.” he said, smiling. he leaned against the railing; the one that was to prevent crazies from getting on the stage with him. “i wouldn’t miss this for the world.” i said, smiling back. “well, i have to start getting ready so, i’ll see you as i sing to you. i hope you enjoy it” he grinned, starting to turn away. “hey, Justin?” i spoke quietly, causing him to turn around. “do you maybe- want to get some frozen yogurt or something? like after the show?” i said, realizing how dumb i probably sounded. “hmmm. i’ll think about it.” he said, shooting me a wink. “i’ll see you after the show, y/n.” he smiled, as he walked away.

an: hey there loves! here’s something written based on a dream i had last night that, believe it or not, did actually include Justin lol. i’m thinking about writing a second part to this so, if you’d like me to write it, please let me know! i hope you enjoy this one! and btw, don’t hesitate to send in requests!

kisses, k 💋


This is part thirteen to the Teen!Derek series thing and this is not the last chapter but is the last one in this time frame. In the next part it will be during Season one when Derek returns. Anyway for the new comers here are the previous chapters

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You quickly noticed two things when you woke up the next morning.

One, Derek was gone; two, you were in your bed instead of on the couch you fell asleep on last night with Derek.

Memories of last night came crashing down on you all at once.

You remembered the birthday do-over, the movies, the gifts and the kiss. Or should you say kisses? Make out session? None of that sounded right. It felt like more than that, like a really long and emotional good bye speech that needed no words.

You sat up and went about your usual morning routine, just because Derek and Laura had left didn’t mean life stopped, it was still Monday, you still had to go to school.

After the last year of having Derek and Laura stay with you it felt weird for it to be this quiet in the morning. You had gotten used to the hassle of waking up Laura and then arguing with Derek through the bathroom door telling him not to use all the hot water. The best parts of their mornings was cooking breakfast together. You making the pancakes, or waffles, Derek making the bacon or sausage, and Laura scrambling the eggs. 

So walking into the empty kitchen kinda made it official, they were gone now. Laura must have came and got Derek way earlier say they wouldn’t miss their fight to New York.

Feeling a bit down you decided today was gonna be a PopTart on the way to school kind of day.

School did nothing to take your mind off of your now gone best friends. Everyone kept walking up and asking about Derek and why he wasn’t here, even though Derek had told pretty much everyone he and his sister would be leaving soon. The teachers took time out of the lesson to ask how you were holding up as they knew that the last surviving Hales had been staying with you previously.

Surprisingly enough the only part of the day that didn’t forcefully remind you just how lonely you were now was your visit with Peter.

You sat and talked about the party Derek had thrown for you and the necklace Laura had gotten made just for you. You even told him about Derek’s gift.

You don’t know why but for some dumb reason you hoped that maybe if Peter heard then maybe the shock or anger would be enough to wake him up.

Of course it didn’t work.

‘You know Peter, on paper, my life must sound like shit.’ you said randomly as you put up the picture Derek took last night.

‘Terrible parents that are never home because of their countless affairs, literally raised by a pack of wolves that recently got killed by hunters, and now with Derek and Laura gone I must seem pretty lonely too.’ you sighed.

‘But it really wasn’t all bad. Sure I sometimes wonder what it would be like to have caring parents, or maybe if I had been born a Hale like you, but I never hated my life. Not once.’ you said as you got in the hospital bed with Peter and took his hand in yours..

‘When Talia said that you guys needed me I thought it meant they always would and they would never leave, and I was kinda happy. It would mean I could keep them close and safe forever. Then they stopped needing me as much, I didn’t have to make them eat or ask them how they were holding up as often and I just knew that soon they would want to leave.’

‘I don’t care if it’s selfish of me to say this, but a small part of me is glad you can’t leave. I’m not ready to be totally alone.’ you said before closing your eyes and falling into an unexpected but not unwelcome sleep.

You didn’t see Nurse McCall come in to tell you it was time to go only to decide to bend the rules and let you sleep for as long as you needed before she went back to work closing the door.

And you didn’t feel Peter’s hand tighten around yours.

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luke “could you not talk to him, please? I think they’re trying to date you.”

You were known amongst friends as the slower texter within the group.  Luke had laughed before when one asked jokingly if you even knew how to, because she’d had to send around three messages before you finally replied.  He’d seen your phone buzz on top a stack of magazines, or glow through the opened top of your purse and knew you just hardly ever noticed yourself getting any messages to begin with.  

When he himself asked for an explanation to this quirk that drove your friends a bit mad, you merely shrugged.  Smiling, you gave a lame excuse of simply always forgetting to check your phone for notifications of any kind.  The words were more than enough for Luke since he never properly cared that you were bad with replying to texts, since the problem never occurred when it was him you were texting.

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Who's running a race that's NOT Chicago this weekend?
  • Pam & I are running the Montgomery Half Marathon
  • Aimee is running her first half.
  • Amanda also has a half this weekend.

Who else is racing this weekend?

While we may not be a part of the Tumblr invasion of the Windy City, but we could perhaps think of ourselves as satellite units.

Good luck to all runners everywhere.