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Seduce Me

Request: Oh Tori, you’re so fine! You’re so fine! You blow my mind! Oh TORI! *hops then claps* May i request a oneshot where Bucky has to be with you to protect you in an operation where you have to flirt and seduce someone (maybe a prick like Roman Godfrey) and he goes all jealous!boyfriend and puppy!Bucky.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Jealous Bucky, fluff

A/N: Okay so I’ve never seen Hemlock Grove so I dunno how Roman Godfrey acts but I’m gonna assume he’s a bad guy and I’m just gonna go with the flow oke. I hope you enjoy disssss. P.s. I absolutely loved the intro to that request lmao. P.p.s I’ll fix any mistakes in the morning :)

“Y/N, Bucky, come here.” Steve called out as the both of you entered the kitchen.

You and Bucky give each other a look before strolling over to him. “What’s up?”

“We’ve finally figured out who’s behind the whole bombing buildings thing.” he says. “His name is Roman Godfrey. He’s very smart and very dangerous.” Steve put down some pictures of him on the table in front of you.

“Sounds like your kind of guy, Captain.” you smile, patting his shoulder but before you could turn away, Steve continued.

“We need someone to get him to admit that he’s responsible for the bombing otherwise we can’t take him in. And I doubt he’d confess to me - or Bucky.” he tells you and you look between him and Bucky.

“Okay so get Wanda or Nat to get him to confess.” you say.

“Wanda’s taken a leave of absence and Natasha’s busy on another mission.” Steve informed you and you sigh.

“I’m not good at that stuff Steve, I’m good at fighting. If you need me to hit him, I will.” you respond with a shrug.

“All you have to do is seduce him, do whatever it takes until he confesses and if something goes wrong, Bucky will be there.”

At the sound of his name, Bucky perks up. “Woah dude, I’ve heard about this guy, he’s bat shit crazy.”

“Nothing you can’t handle.” Steve smiled as he placed his hand on his friends shoulder. “You guys got this.”

And that’s how you and Bucky ended up at some nightclub the next night.

“Do you see him?” Bucky questioned as the two of you stood by the bar, your eyes scanning the room in search for Roman.

You spot him on the other side of the bar, chatting it up with some guy and you put your drink down. “He’s over there.”

As you took a step forward, Bucky pulled you back. “Be careful, alright?” he murmured and you nod.

“Just let her go already.” Sighed Sam through the earpiece you and Bucky were wearing and he rolled his eyes.

You giggle and turn around, remembering what Steve said to do. You smoothed out the dress you were wearing which happened to be a laced long sleeve, the dress clung to your body for dear life and it was so short, almost leaving no imagination for what’s underneath.

You look back at your boyfriend, seeing him looking at you while sipping his drink. You find yourself in front of Roman and clear your throat, catching his attention. His lips curl into a smirk and he dismisses the man he was talking to.

“What’s a gorgeous woman like you doing in my bar all alone?” he questioned, getting comfortable on the couch he was sitting on.

“You own this bar?” you ask, looking around and he chuckles.

“Why yes I do.” he replied before patting the empty spot next to him. “Sit.”

You take a deep breath and go to sit down, Roman watching your every move like a predator watching it’s prey.

“You look absolutely amazing.” he comments as his eyes travel up and down your body. You could only imagine what was going through his mind right then and there. Gross. “What’s your name lovely?”

 Suddenly you hear Bucky’s voice through your earpiece. “Use a fake name, he knows yours but he hasn’t actually seen you. If you use your real name he’ll know this was a set up and we’re screwed.”

You smile at Roman, your fingers fiddling with the buttons of his dress shirt. “Courtney Grayson.”

He takes your hand and lifts it up to his lips, pressing a firm kiss on the back. “Nice to meet you Courtney, I’m Roman Godfrey.”

Bucky watched intensely as you flirted up a storm with Roman, trying hard to get him to spill what he’s done. He couldn’t help but feel slightly jealous. Bucky sees Roman place his hand on top of your exposed thigh and he grips his glass tighter, a small growl escaping his lips.

“Easy there tiger, you know she only has the hots for you.” Sam reassured him.

“He has his hand on her.” he grunted, drinking the rest of his gin and tonic as he glared over at the both of you.

“He’s a fucking pig.” Sam replied.

“Language.” Steve could be heard and Tony ‘pfft’ loudly.

“Oh jeez, Sam used a naughty word, I guess we have to put him in time out.” he sarcastically said.

The three men who were waiting outside but listening in started arguing and this is when Bucky saw Roman’s hand slide up your thigh and disappear into your dress which was way too short for his liking. This about does it for him. Bucky slams his drink down, causing the three men to stop arguing .

“Bucky, what are you doing?” Steve asked.

“Getting my girl.” was all he replied with.

“Bucky that’s not part of the plan, sit down.” he says.

Bucky doesn’t listen, instead he walks up to the couch you were sitting on with Roman. “Get your hands off my woman.”

Roman looks up at Bucky with a smirk and that’s when he can see your red lipstick scattered across his neck which infuriates him even more.

“Bucky what are you doing? This isn’t part of the plan.” you whisper when you stood up.

“You two know each other?” Roman asked, now standing up as well.

“Fuck off dude. She’s taken.” Bucky snapped, looking over at Roman.

“Alright, let’s go.” you mutter, taking his hand and pulling him out of the club. Once outside, you turn to him with a frown. “What was that?”

“What do you mean, what was that? He had his gross ass hands all over you!” Bucky exclaimed.

“He was so close to confessing Bucky! Then you go and ruin it! What are we supposed to do now?” you sigh.

“Sorry that another man had his hand up my girlfriends dress, I’m sorry but mission or not, that’s not gonna happen.” he says.

“I was so close-”

“He’s lucky I didn’t get up and kick his ass right when he put his hand on your thigh.” Bucky cut you off.

You notice his pout and your anger automatically turns into giggles. “Are you jealous?”

He’s shocked at your words. “Wh-What? Pfft no. W-Why would I be I mean-” Bucky lets out a defeated sigh. “Why don’t you seduce me like you did with him?”

He acted like a child about it which you found amusing.

“What are you talking about?” the smirk on your face made it clear that you understood what he was talking about but you asked anyways, eager to hear his response.

“I had to hear you flirt up a goddamn storm with him and you’ve said things that you have never said to me. it’s not fair. Why does he get seduced better than me?” Bucky whined, followed by a pout and you let out a laugh.

“Seduce me.” he adds and you touch your cheeks because they hurt from laughing too much. When you burst into laughter again, Bucky frowned. “I’m being serious! Stop being mean to me.”

“Bucky, baby.” you giggle. “Are you really mad about that?”


“I’m sorry.” you respond, now calming down after your laughing session. “How about we go home and..” you trail off, biting your lip and he got the hint.

“Okay.” he nods as a smile finds its way to his lips. Being the jealous, clingy person he is, he draped his arm over your shoulder, pulling you close to him as the both of you walked over to the van the guys were waiting in.

Bucky knocks three times and the door opens. “You guys are gross. We could hear you guys talking.” Tony says as the both of you got in the van.

“Good. Then you know I’m getting laid tonight.” Bucky grinned, high-fiving Sam who laughed while Tony made a face.

A/N: I tried my beeeest don’t hurt me.


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faunwaster  asked:

“Okay, maybe I am a bit jealous.” - Tyler is dating someone else and reader wants to date him

- Tyler brings the person he’s dating over to dinner at Mark’s place one night
- You keep unintentionally giving Tyler’s date a death glare whenever they lean into Tyler or touch his shoulder or little things like that
- Also you usually sit next to Tyler so being relocated from your spot is lowkey making you a lil angry
- The rest of teamiplier is trying desperately to run damage control 
- After Tyler leaves to drop his date back home Mark and Ethan give you The Look™
- “Are you jealous?”
- “Pshhhh What? Jealous?? ME? No. No way.”
- Kathryn looks at you like really?
- “Okay, maybe I am a bit jealous.”

Ex To See

Pairing: Mark Pellegrino x Reader
Word count: 1,189 (Before lyrics)
Warnings: Fluff. Mentions of drinking.  Reader in the wrong.  
Request: ( Anonymous ) Can you do it me to ex to see by Sam hunt for Mark p and the reader starts having him hang around to make her ex jealous (maybe someone else from The show) but she falls for him ?
Authors Note:  I decided not to use someone from the show as the ex.  He’s just “the ex”.

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Because You Are Mine, Love. [Fili x Reader.]

Not my gif. Gif credit goes to the amazing creators! 

Requested By: Anonymous.

Based OnI just saw your post, so I hope it’s okay to request. I would love to read something with Fili. Maybe Fili getting jealous of someone else flirting with the reader and him making the reader a courting braid later.

A/N: Of course it’s okay to request! You can request anything as long as you’ve read the rules and if the requests are open, sweetie! I would love to make this imagine, I really love writing Fili stuff; he’s pretty much my favourite dwarf. haha! I hope that you enjoy what I’ve come up with, lovely: And send in as many requests as you would like. (Sorry if it get’s shitty half way through, I really tried my best with it, anon: And I hope that you really, really like it. It was a pleasure for me to write such an imagine!) - Kat

Word count: 1,754

Warning’s: Reader is drunk and dancing in the bar at Lake Town, jealous Fili, protective Fili, fluffy Fili, cute Fili, possessive as hell Fili. A really bad fight between Fili and the reader, but they make up in the end. Courting Braid! Probably heaps of spelling, punctual and grammatical mistakes.(If I have missed anything then please let me know).

Disclaimer: I do not own Fili, Bilbo, The Company or Lake Town (unfortunately); but Tolkien does!

Midnight’s moon swayed and strutted loosely over the cheerful chatter that was Lake Town. Mimicking; swinging just like the moon, your hips fluctuated to the lively tune supplied by a man with a fiddle. Guffawing blared from your extensive ajar lips, a pint of ale accompanying you; soothing you of each and every one of your troubles. “Those are some gorgeous moves, if I were to say so for m'self, lass.” a deep tone vibrated into your eardrums, leaving you dizzy as you spun to face whom in which had uttered the bold compliment.

“You recon?” a quirk of your delicate brow sent shivers through the dashing man.

“I recon as swell as I can eye a lovely lassie such as yourself!”

“Such an attempt at flattery shall get you nowhere, kind sir.” you winked, humor spreading fondly upon your complexion.

From across the rundown bar, Fili stared at your whimsy fluctuating hips with a sense of alluring desire. He had not witnessed such a side to you, even with the flirtatious advancements he’d pursued upon you. ’It’s probably just the ale getting to her head.’ he thought humorously, his heart stirring vividly within his strong chest. Though, melancholy captured him as he took in the grinning man, obviously making flirtatious verbal advancements upon you. His heart seemed to sink to a lower level, dampening his cheerful state as he saw in which the way you giggled and responded. There was obviously something going on, and Fili did not approve.

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For the ship meme: Plance?

Who said “I love you” first

I think they would have this really big bad fight. Maybe someone got jealous or went out of boundary and they just scream and fight until one of them breaks out screaming “BECAUSE I LOVE YOU” and the other screams “WELL I LOVE YOU TOO”. Idk which one would do it tbh. They are both susceptible but I think for both of them, it’ll play out this way since both would be like calculating whether to really say it or not.

Who would have the other’s picture as their phone background

Lance has Pidge in his. It is actually a pretty tame aesthetic picture of her, with some make up that he did, when she went to this one wedding for a friend. She was in a pretty lacey dress and he just kinda died because she was stunning. This girl was actually dating him. Pidge has the really goofy picture of Lance who hasn’t fixed himself up yet, in his PJs.

Who leaves notes written in fog on the bathroom mirror

Pidge leaves creepy stuff just to scare Lance for years and when he screamed and fainted, and got a sprain, she knew it worked. Not sure if it was worth it though. She had to tell him the truth, in the end. And they kind agreed with her doing the households for the next 3 months after his foot recovers.

Who buys the other cheesy gifts

Lance forever will give cheesy gifts, the cheesiest. Pidge learns to live with it.c

Who initiated the first kiss

Lance did. Pidge was babbling about tech stuff and Lance swoops in to kiss her. And she goes and says “I was talking but that was good. Do it again.” And there goes their first makeout session too.

Who kisses the other awake in the morning

Lance actually never stopped this one time to we Pidge up in the morning but she has just slept for half an hour and they get into a big fight about it. And Lance skips work and cuddles her to sleep to make up for it.

Who starts tickle fights

Lance did but wherever he tickled, Pidge was chill. It was like magic. She had no blind spots. Zero. None. Nay.

Who asks who if they can join the other in the shower

Lance does and Pidge never complains.

Who surprises the other in the middle of the day at work with lunch

Lance does it sometimes especially when Pidge is grinding a deadline.He knows she has a tendency to forget Lunch if left unsupervised.

Who was nervous and shy on the first date

Neither really. It was more both of them trying to make it perfect but having different plance for what to do and then them scrapping the plans for like doing random fun stuff like playing in the arcade.

Who kills/takes out the spiders

No one. They just scream at their doom.

Who loudly proclaims their love when they’re drunk

Pidge does. She still calls on random strangers to talk about Lance. She mildly insults him at first. ”You know, this guy is kinda stuckup and he never listens to me when I tell him doing that is a bad idea” but then she compliments him the fuck. “But he is just also so sweet and sometimes his bad ideas save the day. and one time we got really wet looking for coins in a fountain cuz we both lost our wallets and our phones were dead and we needed a ride back. and we do all these crazy fun stuff and maybe I’m crazy cuz I love him but I do” and Lance is just there slowly dying a happy death.

-mod Lance

Sappy prompt #1 Natsu x Lucy

“I’m in love with you”

Lucy laid her head on the counter and Mira ruffled her hair.
“What’s going on Lucy?”
“There’s a stupid rumor flying around I’m dating Gray and it’s getting on mine and Juvia’s nerves.” Mira giggled, maybe a little too suspiciously, and said,
“Maybe someone started it cause they were jealous,” Lucy lifted her head slightly.
“Who would be- no.” Lucy shook her head at the ever growing grin on the bartender’s face.
“We agreed this wasn’t a thing.”
“But I mean maybe he wanted to see who you truly lik-”
“Lucy!” Natsu yelled from the entrance of the guild. Lucy waved slightly and was shocked when her wrist was grabbed and dragged down a hallway. She was practically thrown into an empty room with a severely pissed off Natsu.
“Is it true?!” He yelled she blinked, his eyes were dilated, he was severely pissed like almost ready to beat the snot outta someone pissed, she noted. At least she was the closest one to the door.
“Is what true?”
“You and Gray!” He yelled, his hands balling into fists.
“What the rumors? Of course not!” He seemed to relax but Lucy was getting fired up now.
“What’s your deal anyways? So what if I get a boyfriend?! It’s none of your business!” Her hands balled into fists and he crossed his arms.
“You’re not allowed to get a boyfriend.” He looked away angrily.
“Excuse you?”
“You’re not allowed..” His voice got quieter, he knew he was wrong.
“The hell I am! I could go out and get a boyfriend right now if I wanted.” She crossed her arms, “even Gray.” At that Natsu lunged at her and before she knew it he had her pressed against the wall his hands holding hers against the wall. Someone knocked on the door but Natsu answered it with a husky
“We’re busy.” Effectively sending a shiver down the blonde’s spine.
“When I said you’re not getting a boyfriend I mean you’re not getting a boyfriend.” He growled his face inches from hers. Lucy felt the world spin as he added “Unless it’s me.” She blinked everything suddenly falling into place.
“All of this because you’re jealous?” She groaned in annoyance. Lucy tried to get her hands back, but Natsu just took both of them in one hand and held them above her head.
“Don’t groan like that again.” She bit her lip mischievously.
“Stop telling me what to do.” She groaned, smirking. He smashed his lips into hers, one hand grabbing her thigh, his other dropped the stellar mage’s hands and grabbed her other thigh, wrapping her legs around him, her back pressed against the wall. His kiss was intense and Lucy melted into it. She tangled her hands in his soft hair, loving his hot lips on hers. She refused him entry when he licked her bottom lip and he grabbed her ass. She gasped and he slid his tongue in her mouth. Just to piss him off Lucy groaned into his mouth and his hands on her ass tightened and grew hot. He pressed into her almost uncomfortably.
“Natsu..” She groaned trying to pull away. He pulled away and she squirmed, her ass was hot and he was pressing her against the wall uncomfortably tight now. He backed away, dropping her, and touching his lips as if what had just transpired hadn’t actually happened.
“Why were you so jealous?” Lucy asked the dragon slayer, so very curious.
“W-well I’m in love with you..” She stopped, her eyes searching his face for any signs of a joke.
“I asked Mira why I felt so angry and jealous when I thought about you with Gray and that’s what she told me.” Lucy had an idea just who started the rumors now.
“Let me go talk to her.”

sometimes I feel really bitter about the fact I don’t have anyone to date yet and I worry nobody will love me but then I remember I’m only a teenager and I really have more time than I act like I do

How he reacts when a guy flirts with you.


Scott will get really sad, instead of jealous, maybe because he thinks you deserve someone better then him. Someone who can be all about you, but instead you have him, who is always with his friends, and can’t even go on a date without being interupted by something very important, but he doesn’t realize that’s one of the things you love most, how he is always there for his friends.


He will act like he hasn’t seen a thing. His self esteem will be hurt. Even though you tell him on a daily how amazingly handsome, and how perfect he is. He will always believe he is too pale, to scrowny, not strong enough to protect you. He thinks there is someone out there that can provide you with everything he can’t seem to do. keep you safe.


Asshole is one way to describe Theo when he is jealous, he doesn’t mean too but it’s almost like it’s in his nature to push you away from him whenever he is angry. He will often use the line, “Go talk to your boyfriend again.” Theo isn’t the nicest person around, his fear is you will leave him, leave him for someone nice, kind, and not as disturbed as he actually is. 


Liam is way over protective over you, and even that is an understatement, he get so angry whenever someone asks you out, or hits on you. It often leads to him running somewhere, where no one can see him wolf out, and you following closely behind. Calming him down is the easy part because you’re his anchor, and he is sand in your fingers.


As much as he tries to hide his feelings from you. He can’t help but be sad because of the constant steams of teenage boys that hit on you. Of course he;ll hide it and put a big smile on for you, but inside it’s actually hurting and breaking him slowly. 


Brett doesn’t care therefore he will stare that ‘asshole’ as he puts it, the whole game. No one is allowed to look at you like that, or make you smile like that unless it is him. After the game, or wherever you are, he will confront him, often ending in a few bloody noses, and some pain inflicted by Brett of course.

anonymous asked:

Who do you think would like a chubby, sarcastic, girl who loves pda (hugging, kissing, holding hads), maybe a little jealous, very protective, if someone bad mouths him to her? From Karasuno, Nekoma, Fukurodani, Dateko, and Seijoh


  • Tanaka Ryunosuke
  • Nishinoya Yuu

Those boys would love that their girlfriend would be like that, I can literally just see it now honestly


  • Lev Haiba
    • Lev would think it’s very cute that she can get so jealous and protective over him, his heart melts when she yells at Yaku sometimes
  • Yamamoto Taketora 
    • Basically like Ryu and Noya he likes the fact that his girlfriend can defend herself yet is also a complete sweet pea to him 


  • Yukie Shirofuku
    • Love love loves feisty girls who aren’t afraid to speak their mind she’ll probably fall in love right then and their 
  • Haruki Komi
    • I think Komi would like a girl who can get jealous over him and make a fuss over him as well, yet also be completely defendant of him and herself 

Aoba Johsai

  • Kyoutani Kentaro
    • This boy would love that shit, I can also see her probably yelling at Oikawa a lot because of him constantly calling Kentaro ‘mad dog’ and you know he hates that so much, yet he likes the fact she is so lovey dovey with him 

Date Tech

  • Koganegawa Kanji
    • Basically just like Lev he likes that his girlfriend is so diverse like that 


  • Tendou Satori
    • He is basically exactly like that so I can see him liking a girl like that as well
  • Goshiki Testomu 
    • Likes being made a fuss over, likes that his gf defends him to other people, likes that she loves pda because he also likes pda

Prejudice That Destroys Children’s Pride”

I’ve had yet another theory hit me after seeing a brilliantly designed Zootopia shirt at Target.

The phrase that was printed on the shirt was, “Anyone can be Anything.”

And then it suddenly occurred to me as I thought about Nick and his past.

From what you can conjecture, he looked quite enthusiastic about joining what must have been the Boy Scouts.

However, even with something as seemingly innocent as this can have its dark sides.

With a youth organization like this, it’s highly probable that their motto of being brave and honest means they’ll apply it to those who “look” the part rather than actually live up to it.

And seeing as Nick is a Fox, there is a possibility that he received the stigma of being someone cowardly and mistrustful.

Who knows, maybe those who were jealous of his strong ambition and skills used the fact that “He’s a fox“ to ensure that he gets rejected and kicked out by everyone.

And worse still it’s something that followed him for the rest of his life in which people assumed

“You’re a fox, you can’t be trusted,”

until at last he was placed in a job society would deem fitting for him.

Can you imagine just how heartbreaking and cruel it is to put that into a kid’s head at a young age that they can’t be what they want to be based on prejudice ideals?

With the repetition of history’s cruelty of judging others and classifying them in a role that the masses perceives as truth, I have a strong feeling that this movie is just what people need (particularly kids) to shake those archaic notions to help people be what they WANT to be instead of what they HAVE to be.

anonymous asked:

If things had gone better in canon and Catelyn had survived and been reunited with Arya, or maybe your Love and Honour was canon, how do you think Catelyn would have felt about Arya's short positive relationship with Lady Smallwood? I feel she'd have been very happy someone helped Arya but maybe be a tiny bit jealous, like she sort of was with Osha over Rickon, about it too especially if Arya tells her about the dress and needle work and being called pretty without any real context on it all.

Well, Catelyn’s initial jealousy of Osha in Love and Honor, (which she knows is terribly unfair from the very beginning and tries hard to get past), is based on SEEING her with her son, and watching Rickon choose to stay with Osha and reject her as a stranger when they are first reunited. That hurt her deely, and she honestly wondered if Rickon would ever truly remember her, much less love her as a mother again. Hence, the jealousy. That’s a completely different situation from 

I think if Arya told her mother the entire story of her brief stay with Lady Smallwood in the world of Love and Honor, she’d first of all feel gratitude for the woman’s care for her. Nothing is more important to Catelyn than the well-being of her children. The entire time they were separated, she was praying for their health and safety and didn’t want them frightened or lonely or hurt. While she could not be with them, she’d have been happy to have them protected from any of those things by anyone who had there best welfare at heart. She isn’t selfish enough to feel that she alone must provide that. 

As for how she’d have felt about the specifics of that stay: She’d have smiled and shaken her head in recognition of the little girl who’d been rather put out at being bathed and put in a dress not once, but TWICE–but would have realized that having someone take that kind of care of her HAD comforted Arya in some ways, even if the child wasn’t about to admit it even to herself. She’d have been amused by Arya’s answering Lady Smallwood truthfully enough that she enjoyed “needlework”–allowing the lady to be pleased with her answer without explaining the entire truth of it. She would have laughed (while trying to look mildly disapproving) about Arya getting filthy and tearing one of the dresses in short order, remembering the little girl who was often mistaken for a stable boy at Winterfell.  If Arya then told her about how Lady Smallwood gave her her dead son’s breeches and tunic and jerkin to wear when she rode out and how that made her feel sad for her and ashamed of how she’d behaved in tearing the acorn dress, Catelyn’s heart would have wanted to reach out to hold the little girl she remembered so well who couldn’t behave like a lady to save her life, but never truly meant to hurt anyone (except maybe Sansa at times when she was angry with her) and was genuinely sorry if she did. And finally, when Arya told her that Lady Smallwood responded to her apology by simply telling her she was pretty, Catelyn would have been able to see what that meant to her daughter and would have regretted not saying it herself more clearly and without qualifications when Arya was child in Winterfell.  

But while her recognition that Lady Smallwood’s simple compliment had offered Arya a type of reassurance that she hadn’t received enough of from her own mother might cause Catelyn some sadness and regret regarding her own actions, I don’t believe she’d feel any real jealousy toward Lady Smallwood. Her daughter survived; she’s back safe in Winterfell with her family; Catelyn and Arya (and all the surviving Starks) are working to move forward past all their hurts, and Lady Smallwood is simply someone who gave her child some comfort when she wasn’t present to do so herself. And for that, she would be immensely grateful.

I wrote this response using the Love and Honor universe because it’s the canon divergence in which Arya’s encounter with Lady Smallwood would have occurred precisely as it does in the books and in which Catelyn and Arya both survive to return to Winterfell that I know in detail (for obvious reasons, LOL!)

Her precise emotions in other scenarios might vary depending upon what experiences she and Arya had both had prior to their reunion, but I honestly can’t imagine a scenario where jealousy would be significant part of the equation. Catelyn is certainly capable of jealousy, but she doesn’t tend to hold onto jealousy over situations that have no current impact on her. (For instance, if Arya talked frequently about how wonderful Lady Smallwood had been, she might become somewhat envious–worried that her daughter preferred the woman to her–just as her jealousy Jon Snow’s mother was kept alive only by Ned’s obvious love for Jon and his steadfast refusal to tell his wife a thing about the woman he had apparently loved so deeply.)

Oh, and if she ever heard about Arya’s indignation about Lady Smallwood discussing with the men the rumors about Lady Catelyn Stark freeing the Kingslayer, she would have been deeply touched by her daughter’s unwavering loyalty. But she’d never hear that part, because no way would Arya Stark tell her mother something that would insult or hurt her. :-)

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Hello! I was just wondering if maybe you could do an over protective boyfriend yoongi. ( like maybe he saw his s/o hugging someone and hot jealous and clingy??) Thank u ilysm 💜💜

i think i went a bit over board w angst lmao but i hope u like it ❗️♥️💋

- angus

silverfox233  asked:

Hello there again. Something strange has happened. My Male friend and I were just joking around,With a paper airplane. And there's three people sitting behind him. One of the guys (Whom I had a strange crush on) stands up,as my friend and I were just telling each other to go get the paper airplane. The guy just stood there for a few seconds,I kinda what to think that he was looking At me. But it was a really dirty look. I'm not sure what to do now.

Maybe he was jealous you were giving your attention to someone else??? maybe try talking to him about it

tag im it

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g - grossest memory: when tripped and fell in the sand and my leg was bloody and when i put a band aid on it in got s t i c k y

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j - jealous of people?: always

k - killed someone?: 

l - love at first sight or should I walk by again: i wasnt paying attention

m - middle name: 

n - number of siblings: one lil shit

o - one wish: To be ~*~*Happy*~*~

p - person you called last:  206-569-5829

q - question you’re always asked: why

r - reason to smile:

s - song you sang last: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SXKlJuO07eM

t - time you woke up: today?? 6 am…….pls help me

u - underwear color: a nice purple

v - vacation destination: the sun

w - worst habit: singing

x - x-rays: I think they’re cool but im kinda scared of them cuz radiation

y - your favorite food: fried rice

z - zodiac sign: fish goat

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a - age: 13 almost 14
b - birthplace: New Mexico!!
c - current time: 8:15
d - drink you last had: Starbucks
e - easiest person to talk to: @the-human-monotone or @spartanchan cud they’re my friendos
f - favorite song: I can’t decide ;;
g - grossest memory: I had a case of car sickness and the trash can smelled like cinnamon rolls
h - horror yes or horror no: Depends ;;
i - in love? Maybe?? Idk, man.
j - jealous of people?: Sometimes?
k - killed someone?: Only emotionally!
l - love at first sight or should I walk by again: ?? Ehhhhhh.
m - middle name: Marie! It’s very common!!
n - number of siblings: 1 half bro!!
o - one wish: To learn the secrets of the universe!! It’s cheesy ik.
p - person you called last: I can’t remember.
q - question you’re always asked: How do you pronounce your last name?
r - reason to smile: Knowing I will leave Hillbilly Hell one day!
s - song you sang last: Queenfish by ??
t - time you woke up: 6:30 A.M.
u - underwear color: Beige!
v - vacation destination: London, England!!
w - worst habit: Messing with my acne!!! Bleh!!
x - x-rays: Teeth!!
y - your favorite food: Crab!!
z - zodiac sign: Taurus

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a - age: 18.
b - birthplace: northridge, california.
c- current time: 5:11 p.m.
d - drink you last had: tea.
e - easiest person to talk to: myself.
f - favorite song: know your enemy by green day or telephone by lady gaga/beyonce. 2009 was A Year.
g- grossest memory: i threw up in front of my friends at school during lunch and had to go home.
h - horror yes or horror no: horror sure.
i - in love?: maybe, who knows.
j - jealous of people?: yeah.
k - killed someone?: no…..t yet.
l - love at first sight or should i walk by again: youll have to walk around me all day dont try it.
m - middle name: kala.
n - number of siblings: one brother.
o - one wish: to get this week over with! i mean damn!
p - person you called last: my mom?
q - question you’re always asked: what do you mean you’ve never heard of X ? today it was jersey mike’s subs. how am i supposed to know how good their sandwiches are when ive never even knew of its existence?
r - reason to smile: im gonna do something ballsy just wait. come saturday morning. the excitement is killing me.
s - song you sang last: i think something from west side story since i saw it last friday.
t - time you woke up: 6:30 a.m.
u - underwear color: ….blue.
v - vacation destination: a road trip all the way up and down highway one.
w - worst habit: procrastinating, teeth grinding, leaving dishes in the sink, not taking out the trash, not putting things away and then freaking out when i dont have them, not going pee when i need to…this list could get long
x - x-ray: just on my teeth.
y - your favorite food: manapua holy its so good.
z - zodiac sign: scorpio.

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a - age: 15
b - biggest fear: the wind when it is so strong…
c - current time: 00:38
d - drink you last had: water
e - every day starts with: the scream of my brothers….
f - favorite song: Echo by gumi
g - ghosts, are they real?: no
h - hometown: Poitiers
i - in love with: with everyone ?
j - jealous of: all
k - killed someone: maybe but you’ll never know
l - last time you cried: a very long time ago
m - middle name: Françoise (ssssh)
n - number of siblings: 2 brothers
o - one wish: be a good doctor when i’m grown up
p - person you last called/texted: Treflev XD
q - questions you’re most asked: “what this is so weird with you?“ “How are you?” And “can you help me ?” I think
r - reasons to smile: I don’t like to smile. There is no real reasons for smiling.
s - song last sang: Insanity
t - time you woke up: 9:59 (yes, my brothers are very accurate )
u - underwear color: grey
v - vacation destinations: the French Riviera or the Mont dore
w - worst habit: doing useless things when I must to do my homeworks
x - x-rays you’ve had: none
y - your favorite food: Lychee
z - zodiac sign: scorpio

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A-age: 34

B-biggest fear: don’t really have any.

C-current time: 1:07AM

D-drink you last had: Water

E-everyday starts with: waking up too damn early

F-fav song: I have a shit load of them, i’ll stick with Diary of a Deadman - Five Finger Death Punch

G-ghosts are real? couldn’t tell ya.

H-Hometown: Madison, WI

I-in love with: Music

J-jealous of : not really jealous, maybe envious.

K-killed someone? not yet

L-last time you cried?: I don’t remember

M-middle name: Ross

N- number of siblings: 5

O-one wish: to win the lotto

P-person you last called/texted : my cousin

Q- questions you’re always asked : Why are you so angry?

R-reasons to smile : my daughter

S- song last sang: Bad Company - Five Finger Death Punch 

T-time you woke up: 3am, 4 am, 5:30 am…

U-underwear colour: Punisher Boxer briefs

V-vacation destination: whats this vacation thing you speak of?

W-worst habit: going above and beyond for people who don’t really give a shit.

X-x rays youve had- 4 or 5?

Y-your fav food: Pizza

Z-zodiac sign: Cancer

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