or maybe sleeping and peeing and at school at the same time

Dreams- Connor Murphy x Reader w/ smut

A/N: Hello everyone! This is a piece of writing I’m pretty proud of, but as always please give me feedback! I’m sorry I haven’t been posting as much, I’ve been going through some stuff but I feel a lot better. Love you all!-Ella
Requested: Yes, or at least some Connor smut was
Words: basically 4k
Warnings: Suicide talk, swearing, mild smut
Summary: Connor and reader meet at a treatment center and bond

Whatever the usual way of meeting somebody you love is, how you two met wasn’t it. Fluorescent lighting, and feet covered by thin socks is how you met with the tracking of every move. You ended up there in the usual way, and so did he, so maybe that’s the small bit of normal you two share.
“Greenway’s Premier Adolescent Treatment Center.” That’s where you met him. You were both in for swallowing a deadly, but obviously not deadly enough amount of pills. This is the place where you go after your 72 hour hold is up and your doctors won’t send you home. Saying it was any better than those 72 hours would be a bold faced lie, or really just for the first few days. Everything you did was tracked, or at least in the unit you were in, “The Intensive Watch Unit”.
The secluded residential treatment center housed and treated teens with a variety of problems, some even a year into their stay, while others left after a month. You were in the unit for those who weren’t trusted to be in the more stable units. Just like at the hospital your shoes were taken and replaced with rough socks, your body was scanned for any old or new marks, and you were asked any and every question imaginable.

Two weeks. That’s how long you’ve been on the now dubbed “suicide floor,” a floor for those who can’t go to the bathroom alone because you might kill yourself instead of peeing. The routine of it all slowly settled in for you. Wake up. Make bed. Eat. Meds. Shower. Group therapy. Art therapy and it goes on and on. You liked the routine that had come about for you; it was comforting to know that at 11am you would draw, and that the same nurses would help you with your worksheet from group. Your doctor even told you that he believed that in another week or two, if you kept on track you would move to the ‘not so suicidal floor’. Well, he called it the “The Learning Unit.” You wouldn’t admit it, but you were proud that soon you could move up a level after seeing people spend only two or three nights in the unit. On the other hand you didn’t admit much. You stuffed and stuffed everything you felt until, BAM, you were swallowing as many pills as you could find until you woke up in the hospital, sobbing how you were mad for not killing yourself better. Looking back you thought that sounded like an oxymoron. Perfectionist at its finest, or lowest depending on your point of view.

When somebody new enters the “death please come knocking unit,” you don’t meet them until lunch time. Everybody who arrives at the center is escorted by parents, or guardians, at 7am sharp. They are toured while everyone is in therapy and then meet one on one with a doctor while someone else talks to whoever brought them. Then at the end of lunch they are brought in and introduced with enough time to makes small talk before entering another group therapy session. New people usually arrived once a week and it usually excited people, but it didn’t for you. Why get excited that someone else is also kind of fucked up in some way?

The day he showed up was like every day you’d been at Greenway. Everyone sat at a round table together that was in the middle of the unit floor. Your whole unit was basically one giant room with doors to other rooms for therapy, staff, bunks, and some that were locked. You remembered from your tour that other floors had dining rooms, and was open, but where you were wasn’t that.

He was brought in by a nurse, and everyone turned to look. He was tall and sort of lanky, but seemed strong. His light brown hair was behind his ears, and the look on his face reminded you of a pug trying to seem like a wolf. He sat down a few seats away from you next to a boy, Shane, who had arrived two days earlier.

“So what’s your name?” girlssomeone asked taking a bite of a cookie.

“Connor,” he spoke. His voice was stronger than you imagined. The other person took a response to their question to allow them to go on and on about some TV show you had never watched.

After lunch came group therapy, again. Connor followed behind the ten people on the unit, including yourself, into a room with chairs in a circle and inspiring posters on the wall.
“Welcome to group everyone. For those who can’t remember, my name is Ms. Lowe and I run group therapy for all of you during the afternoon.”  Ms. Lowe was nice, but tough when she needed to be. Everyone meets her since she conducts the interview you go through before entering the unit.
“Y/n,” at the sound of your name your head snapped in the direction of Ms. Lowe, “Since you have been here longer than most, would you mind showing our new member, Connor, how we start every group?”
“Okay, well I’m y/n and I’m here for trying to kill myself. I have been on this unit for two and a half weeks, and my goal for today is to talk more openly.” For the rest of the group you allowed yourself to zone into a place of dreams. You imagined everything that life would be if you weren’t the way you were, and everything life could offer for someone like you if you were happier. At school you weren’t the popular person, but you were nice and people liked you. You had boyfriends, and first times of everything you would expect for someone in high school, but somehow you felt like you were dying.

Quiet time was an hour a day where you could nap, talk to people, play games, but everybody napped. It seemed like an unwritten rule that everybody would climb into their bed that felt like a rock and try to sleep. You usually followed that, but sometimes you would sit on the seats in the common area and read. The variety of books was depressing, which was ironic for the unit, so you had your parents bring you books from home. When you brought yourself to the seats you were painfully aware that you weren’t alone. Connor, the new guy was sitting on the couch. New people on the unit usually annoyed you. They were so closed off, even more than you, or they were played into the depression like a lifetime movie. You like honesty, or being blunt about it all, what was the point of trying to hide any of it?
“Hey,” the voice of Connor brought you from the rant that was playing in your mind.
“Oh, hey,” you said sitting down on the opposite end of the couch and letting the variety of books fall into the space between you. His eyes grew wide looking at all the books.
“I can move them if you want”
“It’s fine. How did you get all these? The books here are all shit,” he said pointing to the bookshelf. The declaration from Connor made you laugh. The noise was a surprise to both of you.
“What do you mean? You don’t like ‘How to stop sadness’? Come on, that’s a masterpiece.”
“Totally. That’s on my top ten favorite books of all time.” This time Connor let out a small chuckle.
“You can borrow one of my books. I have way too many. When I asked my parents to bring me enough books to last my time in ‘Suicide daycare’ I didn’t expect this many. I guess that shows how much they believe in me.”
“Suicide daycare?”
“You know, we’re on the unit where they make sure we don’t kill ourselves. Suicide daycare.”
“Honest. I like that.”
“Thanks, I’ll be here all week, or more, you never know.”

Connor wasn’t as bad as you thought, hell he was probably your favorite out of the other patients. He was actually nice and didn’t try to dig into you to find everything wrong with you. Instead you started reading next to each other and would partner up during projects. For Sunday’s group you all had to find a partner and talk about your hopes and dreams. Seems simple enough, right? You and Connor partnered and sat in the corner of the room on the floor facing each other. You had partially been checked out of groups for a while since tomorrow you got to move to the level up. Finally you would get to have some freedom and would get to shower in privacy.
“So y/n what are your hopes and dreams,” Connor said smirking. Connor would also get to move up a level. He had actually been going along with the program well and had an undeniable strength.
“Ha-ha Connor,” you spoke with sarcasm dripping from your voice, “You first if you want to know all my innermost hopes and dreams.”
“Real talk, or not?” he said. This had become something between you.
“Let’s go with real talk for once.”
“I want to make it out of here soon and graduate. I have no fucking idea what I’ll do after that, but leaving here and making it through high school seems like a good place to start.” These words didn’t surprise you; Connor had something pushing him inside. In group once he said that he was going to try to live for his mom. She had sat by his hospital bed and begged him to try, saying if he died part of her would. Maybe she started him on this, but you thought somewhere inside he wanted to live, even if it was almost nothing, part of him did.
“Your turn y/n,” Connor said.
“I don’t know if I have any. I don’t mean that in the way of I can’t picture a future, because I can, but it doesn’t seem like something to dream of. Why jinx the fact that for the moment I can picture life. Now that’s a miracle, so I’ll just sit with the fact that I’m okay with living.”
“How do you manage to even make that seem dark?”
“I learned from the best. I mean you taught me so why not put it to use.”
“Hey! I didn’t teach you that, if anything you just speak like Edgar fucking Allen Poe.”
“I didn’t know fucking part of his name,” you said smiling.  A grin spread across Connor’s face, something that might have seemed unnatural at first, but now it fit perfectly.

Moving day. Well you were moving from ‘If you kill yourself here your parents will be so pissed’, to ‘Okay so they aren’t as depressed unit’. This unit wasn’t just one giant room with smaller rooms, but two floors, with 20 teens. There was a cafeteria, a school room, and all the nurses and doctors didn’t watch you as intensely. You would be on these floors for the rest of your stay, but you could move up levels, and earn rewards. When you arrived you were handed a schedule. Damn this place did know you. You only had two hours of school a day, then a bunch of therapy, and free time where you could join in on activities that were optional, or just hang out. Still you weren’t allowed to have shoes yet. You would have to move up a level. Connor on the other hand was allowed to have shoes. That made you annoyed and made Connor laugh.

With all of this new free time you and Connor got to hang out more. You spent your afternoons reading and talking. Sometimes he would read to you short stories that he wrote and you would draw for him. When there was group family therapy you heard stories about how he was horribly mean, but he seemed so different than that. Of course medicine and the right therapy will do that, but sometimes he would get mad. He would yell when he didn’t feel heard, but it didn’t freak you out. Better yelling than pushing it all down inside of you like you had done. The more time you spent with him the more you felt. He saw you and you saw him.
Friday night is when the nurses would put on a movie in the large common room. Almost everyone would gather around and would eat popcorn. Sometimes they would play multiple movies and everyone would get candy. You and Connor had always enjoyed those nights, but that days therapy had been intense for him so he retreated to his room. There was a strict rule that you couldn’t enter someone else’s room, but Connor seemed to need somebody. The movie was playing and everyone was concentrated on that so you made your way to the boy’s wing. You knocked on the door quietly.
“I told you I’m fine Nurse Roman. I just need some alone time. I promise I’ll come down for the second movie,” Connor said, exasperation coming through.
“Actually it’s me, y/n,” there was silence and then the door opened.
“What are you doing here? You aren’t allowed to be in this wing,” he said looking around the hallway.
“It seemed like you needed someone, so I’m here. Besides, when have you ever been one to shy away from breaking the rules?” A slight smile broke through his furrowed brows.
“What the hell, come in.” With that you walked into the room. The room held three beds and looked just like the girl’s wing.
“So are you doing okay?”
“I don’t know how I’ll do when I’m out of here. I don’t know if I’ll ever be ready. Maybe I should just make it very clear to them that I can’t go home anytime soon.”
“Don’t say that. You’ll do amazing whenever they say you can go home.”
“I know, but I don’t think I should go now.”
“They haven’t offered it yet and at least you’ll get to chill with me for a while if you want to stay after they do,” you spoke nervously laughing.
“You’ll go home soon.”
“I don’t think so. I haven’t ever truly talked emotions with them. That’s step one.”
“We’ll be depressed buddies,” he said.
“Or not,” he huffed he lips turning into a frown.
“Don’t frown Connor, it makes you look emo.” This comment got a laugh from him. His eyes filled with something you could only call happiness as he let himself laugh.
“I guess we aren’t really buddies,” he said, now causing a frown to form on your face. Seeing this he spoke up.
“What I mean is we’re too close to be buddies. We’re not friends or some shit, we’re just more.” You watched him say this and he seemed to truly mean it. He looked like what he said was the truth, like he cared for you.
You thought this while you both stood in the middle of the room. He was watching you, having no idea what was going on in your mind. You took a step closer to him. Confusion was now clearly evident on his face.
“More,” you whispered. You were sure he didn’t mean it like that, but he was there, and he cared for you and you cared for him. He was better than he could realize and he felt like home when your hands accidently brushed against each other, so you brought your lips to his. It could either be a disaster or it could make something more than you could hope or dream for. Your hands reached for his neck as you let yourself feel his warmth.
“More,” he whispered back breaking your lips apart. His eyes seemed to search for what brought this, but he didn’t care in the moment. Swiftly he pulled you close again. Your lips slowly melded together, your mouths open and burning, your bodies pressed against one another. Your hands found his hair and his arms firmly pulled your waist as close as possible. There was no space between you with your hips against him. Where you were and everything that had ever happened seemed irrelevant. All you knew is that you needed every part of him, and for him to know that every part of him was magnificent. The feeling overwhelmed you and the clothes that covered each of you felt to be keeping you apart. You tore at your shirt and Connor yanked his own off. His lips attached to your neck and down to your collarbone where he nipped at the skin.
“More,” you managed to say as you pushed him onto his bed. Connor reached to unclasp your bra, but struggled against the clasps.
“What the hell kind of bra is that?” you laughed heartily at his annoyance as you moved to unclasp it yourself. Connor immediately pulled you back to him as you stumbled over your feet and landed on the bed. Connor took this as an opportunity to climb over you. His lips once again went to your body. His lips traveled to your breasts and he placed wet sloppy kisses along the sides. You pulled him up to your face as you then started unbuttoning his pants. A groan escaped from Connor’s lips as you finally pulled them off of him along with his boxers. Your jeans and underwear were soon being pulled off of your body as Connor entered you. The feeling of his body on top of yours and him moving within you outweighed any fear of the future in the moment. In those moments you were one with every rushed movement of hips, whippers, and digging nails.

You stayed in each other’s arms, a layer of sweat on each of you, until you each got up, giggling trying to put your clothes back on. You walked to the common room together and sat on the couch next to one another, fingers intertwined in the dark as you watched the movie. Your fingers brushed over your lips where not long ago Connor was. You slept that night hoping for an ending with him that would make even a Disney princess blush.

The next morning you went on with class, which you and Connor didn’t have together, and individual therapy. You couldn’t help but let your mind wander to the night before, and when you did you felt your face flush thinking of the feeling of him. You brought your lunch to the small library where you and Connor ate. Of course you didn’t know how things would  be between you, but you had trust that it would be okay.
“Hey,” Connor said as he entered the almost empty room. His face was bright and beaming, more than you had ever seen. You could feel your stomach turn.
“Hey,” you said smiling.
“I have the best fucking news,” he spoke quickly, sitting next to you.
“You are going to meet the Rock? Because I could support that,” you teased. Connor rolled his eyes, but the smile didn’t falter.
“No you dipshit! I get to go home!” the words that tumbled out of his mouth with that bright smile stopped you. The smile on your face frozen, your heart stopping.
“What?” you said, the strain in your voice evident, but Connor was so excited he went right past it.
“You know how I was all freaked out?” you nodded, your face going from strained smile to blank.
“Well that’s because they told me I could go home in a few days and I was scared. They said I’m expressing myself, I’m not suicidal, I’ve been moving up on levels, I’m better with my family, and I think I agree now.”
“Wait, you knew yesterday?” you interrupted.
“Yes, but that’s not the point. After we-you know- I figured that if I can do that, or at least talk to you about my feelings and shit, I can make it out there.”
“You knew yesterday?”
“I already said that y/n. Isn’t this great?” Connor said smiling at you with those eyes that made you want him in the first place.
“You knew, didn’t tell me and then slept with me,” you a little louder.
“Come on y/n. It wasn’t like that-”
“No, it’s exactly like that. Was it a joke to you?”
“Now you’re being fucking stupid y/n”
“Stupid!” you fumed. The look on Connor’s face went from happy to angry. Why weren’t you being supportive and happy for him?
“Come on y/n! I didn’t mean it like that. Why aren’t you happy for me? Isn’t this what we talked about. This was one of my dreams! I’m doing it, my dream!”
“Happy for you? I’m not happy, I’m angry! How could you fuck me knowing you were going to be leaving?”
“Everyone leaves here y/n! This place isn’t a future, you know that!”
“You could have told me last night before we slept together! You should have told me before I made you my dream!” You were crying now, but you were wiping the tears away as fast as they came.
“Your dream? Now that’s fucking stupid. I won’t be your dream. We slept together. It was amazing, but we both know that we can’t build a future off of each other. We have to build a future off of ourselves.” Connor’s anger was apparent, but he looked at the tears on your face and all he wanted to do was hold you. Of course he wished that you could be something together, but you can’t when you need to take of yourself.
“What if I can’t do it? What if I can’t make a future?” you said, almost to silent to hear. Of course you were mad, but not at him. You put all of your hopes and dreams on others, but all they could do was let you down even if they didn’t mean to.
“You can do it,” he said softly, walking closer to you.
“How do you know?”
“If I tell you, you’ll never know that you can do it yourself.” You were now close enough to kiss him, but instead you just looked at him.
“You’ll do great out there in the real world,” you said
“I know.”
“We shouldn’t talk once you and I get out.”
“I know.”
“It would be too tempting and then I wouldn’t be able to focus on me.”
“I know.”
“Wherever you are when you’re out of here, think of me sometimes.”
“I will.”

That was the last conversation you had with him before he left. Of course you thought of him, and you were allowed to, but you didn’t let it consume you. You thought of him a lot at first, but then you spent your time thinking of how to get better.

You spent another two months at the center. It was hell there for a long time, but then it wasn’t. When you went home the house felt different, it was the home of a girl who viewed herself as already gone. When you entered you viewed yourself as a girl who had come back.

Now you were in your second year of college and were transferring. It didn’t feel scary, but felt amazing.

Three weeks into the new semester and you felt like you belonged. You sat in one of the courtyards eating lunch and reading a book when you were pulled from your thoughts by a voice from behind you.

“Y/n, looks like my dreams are coming true,” you could hear the smile in the voice you knew so well.


Guilty Pleasure | Taehyung (M)

Originally posted by taestylips

Summary: College au in which Taehyung is an annoying prankster but you’ve always sort of liked him.

Word Count: 8,243

Genre: Smut/fluff/college au

A/N: Idk what this is tbh but it was spurred by a convo I had with @yourcupoftae.

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No Happy Endings | Wonho [M]

Originally posted by wonhontology

Warnings: Strong language and implications of sex.

word count: 3,718

“Hey, what ya’ reading today?” The librarian asks with a smile.

Part 1: The Thing About Keeping Schedules

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so because @bechnaesun​ practically coerced me into exchanging future evak headcanons with her, we present to you everything we screamed about for over two hours. 

even and isak get married. and their life goes a little like this:

  • isak and even adopt twins because they would feel like they should adopt siblings so they never, ever felt alone, even when they inevitably start feeling like maybe if they’re not related by blood they’re not the same, but they’d have each other, always.
  • isak would read so many parenting guides!! and google searches!! one times he just goes on a three hour wild ride of reading parenting blogs online, and afterwards, when even comes to bed, isak is sniffly and whispers, “what if we fuck up their lives forever? what if they end up hating us, and never calling–”
  • and even just presses a kiss to the top of isak’s head and says, “they would never, because they’d have you as a parent, and your love is one of the most powerful things in the world.”
  • isak isn’t totally calm after that, but it helps, a bit, but he also thinks that even may be a little biased. a tiny impressionable toddler is a lot different from your husband, because even’s already seen him at his worst, and has promised to stick with him through the good times and the bad. and besides, he never saw even in his angsty teenage phase, and just think about it they’re going to have to put up with all of that! how are we going to deal with puberty! what if they start dating!
  • even: then we just tell them about how we fell in love.
  • isak: baby, you asked me to smoke weed with you
  • even: it’s okay i figure we have at least a couple of years to develop a clean version of that story
  • so the point is, even with all of even’s attempts to placate isak’s worries, he still insists even follows the parenting guides to a tee, just in case they really fuck up at one point
  • even agrees, but mostly because if they do fuck up, then he’d have something to blame it on

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Pairing : Dean x Reader, Sam
Word count : 2,380
Author : Mel

Final Part of Say my Name.

As time went by, you ran into them more and more. You didn’t seek them out, in fact you were still almost avoiding them. But it seemed no matter what, at least once a month when you walked out of your motel room, you’d find the Impala parked right outside. They somehow always got the room next to you.

You joked once with Sam over drinks that they were borderline stalking you. His smirk let you know they were in fact finding you on purpose. “Seriously, Sammy?”

He had shrugged. “He doesn’t like you hunting alone.” You rolled your eyes.

If there was even a scratch on you when they saw you, you’d never hear the end of it. One time, you got so frustrated at Dean’s comment about your wrist brace, and how you shouldn’t be hunting alone, that you snapped back. “Its fucking Carpal Tunnel, Dean. The only thing hurting me, is all the research you keep making me do.” Sam had burst out laughing.

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Play With Me (Vernon/Hansol Smut)

Summary: It’s not your fault that he was just so pretty. And that he begged so prettily. And that he looked so damn pretty with a piece of leather wrapped around his throat. Why did being Seventeen’s stylist mean he was off limits? And to think, this all started on a boring night with a gifted bottle of wine a pile of jenga blocks. Smut.

(A/N: I must say that I got a little carried away. The original request from @ciels-parents did not entail anywhere near as much shit as this. But I’m pleased with the outcome. I guess the reason I added all the other stuff is because one of my favourite things about dom/sub relationships is all the pretty things, like the toys and the lingerie and shit. I could be a little just for that. But that’s waaay off topic. There’s so many warnings here; anal play, rimming mention, noona kink, sex toy(s), collaring, lingerie, subspace, praise kink, if that even counts as a warning?? but okay this is ten thousand words of impure filth so please back down if you’re not ready. I would also like to put forth now that I’m not responsible for any of the after effects of this fic, and happy valentine’s day, this is my present to you. -Tanisha<3)

You were, at best, a glorified babysitter. It was the only way to describe the current state of your job without leaving out any of the details. Somehow, you had started out as what you fully intended to be - a stylist. Straight out of high school you jumped head first into a fashion program, gaining all the sewing, finance, pattern making, fabric skills and whatever else you could have ever dreamed of.

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mellarkablegirl  asked:

for a prompt request: single mom katniss takes her infant daughter to college because her babysitter cancels , and her classmate Peeta helps take care of the kid so K can concentrate. .

So this took me a loooong time, and I’m sorry for that, @mellarkablegirl. I had some trouble with this prompt because it’s a little out of my comfort zone and I tweaked it a little bit. I hope that’s okay and that it’s worth the wait.

A HUGE thank you to @papofglencoe for the quick beta work and encouragement!!<3


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warning: reader has minor anxiety

pairing: peter parker x reader

words: 1,963

request: you should write something about peter parker and how maybe reader has been his wingwoman for a long time but reader accidentally developed feelings for Peter

a/n: first peter fic i’ve written, hopefully i didn’t go too far off the request! also wouldn’t mind making a part two to this if you guys like it? (i left it pretty open ended hahaha) also, keep requesting stuff!!!


“So..” Peter spoke after a few minutes of us silent eating. “Do you plan on going to homecoming?”

You looked up at him, a comedic expression on your face as Peter and you had never been ones to participate in school activities like that. “Probably not,” you said, “I mean, unless someones asks me. But that definitely won’t happen.”

His eyebrows furrowed. “Why wouldn’t it?”

“Because I’m me,” you said, as if it were the most obvious observation in the world. You were a very lay low person in all aspects, never having had a boyfriend or many friends other than Peter. In your eyes, he was all you needed.

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hey friends! I’ve never seen anything like this in the studyblr community, and as someone who fought through 4 different high schools with a debilitating chronic illness, I definitely could have used a resource like this 4 years ago. I don’t know how many people this applies to, but if I helps even one person, I’m happy. The rest of the post is under the cut, and please message me if you have any questions - personal or otherwise :)

important note: i realize that everyone’s illness manifests differently, and that not everyone can manage the suggestions below. everyone experiences illness differently, even those with the same diagnosis. take what you can from this, and remember that as shitty as it is, no one is going to help you if you aren’t willing to ask for help, and try even a little bit. if you have a chronic illness and are here, I am so proud of you and you are so strong. keep fighting. 

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Life!Au Hwang Minhyun

requested! thank you for your request!

genre: fluff

prologue: cute cute cute i’m crying. ♡

Age 4, you were at the park sliding down the slide until you went down too fast and landed on your knees. You felt your knees burning and stood up to see two puddles of red on the floor. “Where did those red circles come from?” You asked a little too loudly as the boy you met that day also slid down the slide next to yours and gasp in horror when he saw your knees. He quickly squats down, “get on my back y/n! Quickly!!” You did as he said and he struggled a bit to get up but eventually was able to start walking by using all of his manly 4-year-old strength. “Mom! Mom!! Y/n is bleeding!!!!” He was shouting as he went to the bench where your moms were chatting with each other. His eyes were glossy when he put you down, letting you stand on your own as he bent down and observed your two big knee wounds. “I’m so sorry y/n. *small hic* I should’ve taken care of you.” Your mom quickly cleaned your wound with wipes and you received cute fox band-aids from Minhyun’s mom. You watched as Minhyun continued to cry and slowly put your hand on top of his head to pat him, in hopes to calm him down. It worked and he looked up at you, you smiled as you continued to pat his head, “Don’t worry Minhyun! I don’t feel hurt at all!”

Age 8, Minhyun brought over a movie on a playdate when he learned that you have never watched Spirited Away before. He picked another movie by the same director because he thought you would be too scared of some scenes, so he brought Ponyo (Ponyo is actually pretty recent compared to other movies- but it’s cute okay?) You loved the movie afterward. “Sosuke! Sosuke!” Minhyun laughed at your excitement. “Minhyun, I think I’m in love with Sosuke.” He was no longer laughing. “What-”

Age 12, the school festival was coming around the corner and your class teacher thought it’ll be nice if all her students danced with each other to show the audience. “Okay, everyone! Pick your partners, we’re going to learn a dance!” The boy who sat across from you patted on your shoulder, “hey y/n, want to be my partner?” Minhyun was sitting next to you, “Nope, sorry. She’s dancing with me.” You threw him a bewildered look before giving the rejected boy a smile, “Sorry Seungcheol, Minhyun just doesn’t want you to be hurt from my two left feet.” Minhyun nodded, “I’m saving your left foot.”

Age 17, you were the last one in class because Minhyun told you to wait for him to come back. “Hey y/n! The teacher is calling you to their office! Bye!” Your classmate shouts as they walk out the door. “Okay! Thanks!!” You looked at Minhyun’s desk, his backpack was still on it and you felt bad for leaving his stuff by itself so you took it and walked to the office. “Hello teacher, did you call me here?” You looked around and not a single teacher was in sight, “Teacher?” The blue poster caught your eye, ‘Y/n, meet me at your shoe locker!’ ‘What is Minhyun planning now?’ You walked to the place where you put your shoes and found a post it, ‘Open!’ with an arrow. You opened your shoe locker to find a flower and another note. ‘Meet me in the place you love the most and spend most of your time at despite me trying to drag you home all the time!’ You laughed a little and continued to walk to the small flower garden at the side of your school, going in another route that you never showed him. Minhyun was standing there, with his back facing you when you arrived. He was expecting you to arrive the usual way, well he thought wrong! “BOO!” “AAAaaahhHhHhHHh!! y/n??? YOU SCARED THE HELL OUT OF ME.” You laughed and sat down on the bench, setting down the backpacks you were carrying and took out the apple you were saving to eat later, well I guess now is ‘later.’ “So what happened? What’s with the fancy display?” You turned towards him and dropped the apple when you saw his red face, you hurried closer and cups his face in your hands “Are you okay? Do you feel sick? How long have you been out in the sun?!?” He seemed to be getting redder in your hands and at the closeness to your face. “I-i’m fine.” He straightens himself up and stood there properly, face still red. “Y/n, we have known each other since forever. So I thought maybe… probably… you would like to spend the rest of our lives together… as lovers, because I have fallen for you y/n.” You cup his face again and kissed him.

Age 20, today you guys decided to go to the bookstore and look for a book that both of you guys really wanted to read together. When you passed by the sale section, a specific book caught your eye. “Hey Minhyun.” He was ahead of you and turned back, walking back to you as you held up the book. ‘Everything you need to know about flowers, how to plant them, raise them, and find the meanings behind them.’ “Yes. Grab that and let’s go pay.”

Age 21, you were tired from your classes and went home to the apartment you and Minhyun shared. “I’m home…” You let out a yawn and decided to get a drink to keep you awake so that you can finish the assigned paperwork your professor gave you earlier. You halt when you saw Minhyun sleeping while sitting on the chair, head, and arms as support on the table. A cup of light brown liquid was placed in front of him with a note, ‘Here tired y/n~ make sure to drink this to get some energy!’ You chuckled softly and kissed his forehead lightly before grabbing the cup, taking a sip. “Ohhh, milk tea. My favorite.”

Age 22, your fifth year anniversary!! Yes! Dating for 5 years mhm. This was the day he proposed, he took you out to a fancy dinner and to a ‘smoothly’ decorated roof with pretty lights and flowers. The sun was almost setting and you chuckled when you saw Minhyun getting nervous. ‘Smoothly’ you laughed to yourself when you remembered the conversation he was having with his friends the day you were busy taking care of your nieces and nephews. That day he has gathered his closest 15 guys friend into the house, and they were discussing on how Minhyun should propose to you. “Take her to the beach!” “Oh, how about overseas?” “I know a nice hotel.” “Don’t you think the flower garden where you confessed to her is good?” “There’s a really nice restaurant you could do it at.” You were by the door, not wanting to ruin the moment because it was cute how 16 guys were discussing how to propose to a girl. You waited for at least 20 minutes until you realized you really had to go pee. ‘Okay, just act natural.’ You pushed the numbers to unlock the door and walked in, everything has gone quiet and you were inner giggling. Oh, you should’ve got the camera and took a pic of everyone’s reaction. “Oh hi everyone.” “…y/n, I thought you were coming home at 4?” “You should look at the time sweetheart.” You greeted everyone and rushed upstairs to the bathroom. “Think she heard some things?” Minhyun asked, his face full of worry. “Nah.”

Age 23, it was Christmas and you guys were at the grocery store buying ingredients for the big party that you guys were hosting. “Are you sure that’ll be enough?” You asked as you looked at the full cart. “Nope, not even close to enough.” He chuckled as he placed more meat in the cart. You rolled your eyes and laughed as you went to spice area, trusting Minhyun with the cart. You came back with more pepper and salt and looked at Minhyun who now had a child crying in front of him, he looked absolutely lost. You quickly put the things in the cart and bent down to the child’s level. “What happened child?” “I-I-I i lost my m- mom.” You lightly patted and rubbed the little girl’s back, “Don’t worry we will help you find your mom. So don’t cry okay? You’ll look better smiling.” You picked her up and continued to pat her back as you walked around the supermarket, with Minhyun pushing the cart behind you. After a while of searching, you guys decided to wait near the help center and wait for the mom to come after an employee called out on the announcements. The girl started to tear up again, “What if mommy already left?” You shook your head, “No sweetie, I don’t think she’ll leave an adorable person like you.” Her tears continued to fall. “Oh! How about I buy you an ice cream?” Minhyun suggested as he crouched down. “Ice cream?” “Mhm, ice cream. Let’s go get some over there.” Minhyun pointed to the ice cream parlor next door. The little girl nodded and off they went, you had to stay behind and look after the cart. They came back after a few minutes, both were smiling and holding hands. You laughed at how cute they were. “Areum!” “Mommy!” Areum ran towards her mom. “Thank you so much for taking care of her.” You smiled, “She’s adorable. Just make sure she doesn’t get lost next time because she was really worried.” You guys exchanged goodbyes. After putting the groceries in the car, Minhyun laced your hands together and entered the ice cream parlor from earlier. “Here.” He handed you the ice cream. “I know you were glancing at my ice cream.” You smiled and took the ice cream, “Thanks, honey~” He grinned and sat down across from you, “You’ll make a good mother y/n, maybe… we should have one soon.” He smirked as you blushed. “Oh my god, Hwang Minhyun. Did you just- Oh my god.” ‘What? I was just stating the truth, and I promise I would take care of both of you.” He took out the same fox band-aids and lifted the arm you got a small wound from who knows where. “You’re still unnoticeable about your wounds as always.” He laughed as you turned redder. He placed the band-aid on your wound and kissed it lightly. 

unedited. 1761 words. 
thank you for reading!  

Friends – Part 4

previous part // next part // all parts

 A/N: (before writing) I have no idea how I get from A to B now I’m so bad at planning I hope I can work this out (after writing) what the fuck just happened (sidenote: this is how half my writing processes work)

Summary: A knock on your door may seem like the most uninteresting thing that can happen in a passing day, but it actually isn’t. Especially not when the knock belongs to a boy who brings you on exciting adventures and opens your eyes to things you had never appreciated before

Word count: 1,6k

(cr. onqs)

Suit up

Pulling up to the house, you already saw the crowds of teenagers running around, laughing and yelling. A blond kid, probably about 16, leaned up against the fence and had his eyes down in his phone. You assumed it was Daniel’s brother, as he rushed over to the car when he saw it.

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1. beer

characters: kang daniel, reader

summary: part 1 of 10 kang daniel things series (part 2 here)

word count: 1042

It’s a Sunday night; she isn’t sure why is she still at her usual drinking place when it’s already past 1AM, nor why is she losing this stupid drinking game when she could be curled up in bed catching up on her drama or simply sleeping. It’s not that she doesn’t like drinking, she does enjoy it but, just not on a night before school.

“Did you guys team up against me or something? I’ve been losing since we started playing.” She complains, looking at how she is responsible for the now half-empty tower of beer left. She can feel the heat from the alcohol creeping up on her by now.

“It’s not our fault you have bad luck,” her friends retort in unison. She shouldn’t have allowed them to convince her to leave her house two hours ago.

A few more rounds later, her cheeks are looking more flushed than her blush was supposed to make them look. And another few more rounds later, she is feeling lightheaded.

“I need to pee.” She suddenly announces and her friends laugh. “Is that funny?” She asks but she laughs, too, though she’s not sure why.

“Just make sure you can walk straight,” her bestfriend teases. Of course she can, what is she? A novice drinker? She thinks in her head before she stands up, proving to her friends that she can walk straight to the bar’s washroom.

The bar owns only two small washrooms, too small to even incorporate a basin in it so there’s a shared long sink with multiple taps accompanied by a wide mirror right outside the two washrooms. She has always felt disgusted turning the knob of the door to exit knowing how many unwashed hands have touched the same knob, but right now with the effect of the alcohol pumping through her veins, she is more focused on getting out of this stuffy room.

She turns the knob, opens the door and sees her reflection in the mirror, then realizes it isn’t hers but the door of the gents’ opening at the same time. The male exits and they make eye contact in the mirror. Then she freezes, and he does too. She isn’t entirely sure why she did, but she thinks it might be because the reflection of this particular male is too gorgeous for her lightheadedness to comprehend.

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Harvest Moon

Request: skin walker! Sam

Summary: Sam’s still in love with you . Based off Harvest Moon by Neil Young

Warnings: abo, wolf! Sam, alpha! Sam, little bit of angst , blood skin, smut

Tags: @sarahcrystalheart @roxy-davenport @training-wolves  Gonna try @ellen-reincarnated1967 @saxxxology and @blushingsamgirl 

Originally posted by themanicpoet

It had been months, months without you, and months without your warm bed. He was never meant to stay, only to pass on through until his work was done. But of course it all changed once he limped onto your doorstep, tail between his legs.  Sam was typically more careful but the fight with his family left him reeling with anger. Pair that with trying to cross a freeway and the outcome was a shoulder ripped wide open.  

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Haechan - Drive

Originally posted by haenyan

  • runaways au
  • fluff and implied past angst (mentions of abuse)
  • some lapslock in a dream sequence but otherwise i use normal capitalization
  • bad attempts at humor
    • really bad
    • im not funny

Gas station lights pollute your thoughts. The pockets of time when the whole world stops, white noise and radio silence, come and go easily, intermingling with the occasional car honk and on-and-off chirps of crickets. You aren’t sure whether they’re the saviors of your loud mind or whether they’re burning holes into your skull and flicking the ashes into your heart. You fiddle with the car door lock, flicking it back and forth with your index finger mindlessly. 

The driver’s seat door opens and in slides your what if, your maybe, your hopefully. Fingers stop messing with the lock, reflexively defaulting to running through your hair for a split second before moving to secure your seat belt across your lap. If he notices, he doesn’t say anything, opting, instead, to turn on the engine, check his mirrors, and put his seat belt on. One hand grips the steering as the other rests on your leg, soft denim separating his palm and your knee.

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A New Chapter (Ch. 9): Where Does This Put Us?

Characters: Dean Winchester x Reader, Sam Winchester x Platonic!Reader

Length: 1235+ words

TW: Descriptions / mentions of injuries

A/N: YAY FOR CONFLICT RESOLUTION. Seriously, there only an epilogue left, and maybe a smutty oneshot that I’ve been working on for TWO MONTHS… This is why I don’t write smut tbh. 

Feedback is appreciated (AND SO ARE YOU)!

Catch up on the Hell on Earth Series HERE

“You tell me.” His hand dropped to her thigh, rubbing circles on the joint holding together her hip and leg. “If you could ever forgive me for breaking your heart like that- for breaking your trust, and give me a chance I know I don’t deserve, I would try my damn hardest to make it up to you until my dying breath.”

“Dean, I forgave you a long time ago. It hurts, but I moved on from it. I was selfish- You did so much for me-“

“Stop.” He shook his head, and grabbed her hand. “You were never a burden- I lied, Y/N. I never minded taking care of you because I wanted to do it. You didn’t force me to do anything.”

“But, Mia said-“

Dean tensed, hearing her name. His voice dropped an octave. “What did she say?”

“She said you told her how much of a burden I was, and she was glad I was leaving because I didn’t deserve you.”

“Fucking hell-“ His green orbs lit up with anger. “That’s bullshit.”

“She was right, Dean.”

“Like hell she was. She had absolutely no right to say that to you. You are not a burden, Y/N. I love you.” He shuffled closer, putting his hand on her cheek. “I love you.”

“I love you too, Dean.” She carefully wrapped her arms around him, careful of her aching ribs. He quickly moved closer so she didn’t have to stretch too much, putting a hand around her waist. “Let’s give this a chance.”

“Thank you, Y/N.” He mumbled against her neck. “I promise I won’t hurt you as long as I live.”

“I know.” She held his head against her chest, running her hand through his hair. “C’mon. You looked like you haven’t slept in years.” Y/N lifted the covers of her blanket, waiting for Dean to strip to his boxers and shirt, and dive underneath the soft covers with her. He put an arm underneath her neck, and the other one over her hips, his face nuzzled into her hair before falling into peaceful sleep.

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anonymous asked:

Do you have any headcanons where Hide is hurt and Kaneki is just being an overprotective (boy)friend?

Kaneki’s Pre-Ghoul Days Worries over Hide

  • Hide is almost never hurt or never sick. Kaneki is always the one getting taken care of. So hearing Hide cough startles him so bad he squeaks. And when Hide goes down, he goes down hard.

  • Kaneki wants to spend all day in the infirmary with him, and the nurse feels so bad to see him cry that she doesn’t force him out. Though Hide keeps telling Kaneki go to class because they’re going to need the notes. Kaneki listens, but can barely focus on any of the notes.

  • When they’re in elementary school, Kaneki had Hide come stay at his house and he tried making Hide some of the cheeseburgers his mom made for him. They’re burnt, but Hide likes them nonetheless.

  • He always makes sure to help him sit up and drink his water; try and help him burp after eating soup or a sandwich
    ( “Oi! I’m not a baby!” 
    “Hide, it’s important.” 
    “I know! But I’ll do it when I’m ready.”).
    His mom would have Hide stay over when she finds out Hide’s folks are out of town and Kaneki keeps being too close, even snuggling up to him when it’s time for bed.
    ( “Kaneki! You’ll get sick!” 
    “Nuh-uh. I drank mom’s soup.” 
    “That doesn’t matter!” 
    “Mom’s soup can make anyone well!”)
    And it does cure Hide, but now Kaneki’s sick.

  • In high school, Kaneki can’t keep Hide over if and when he gets sick, but he gets sick really bad for one day and stays in the infirmary all day. Though Kaneki doesn’t want to leave his side at all.
    ( “Go to class. I’m fine.” 
    “Hide… I…” 
    “Who am I gonna get notes from, huh?” 
    “What’s wrong?”
    “Will you… be here when I come back?”
    “Nah! I’ll be there, chilling on the wall like Spider-Man.”
    “You won’t leave like mom?”
    “…Don’t worry. I’ll be right there beside you tomorrow.”
    “Yeah. How else am I gonna get those notes? Ha ha!”)

Kaneki’s Post-Ghoul Days Worries over Hide

  • Exactly 5000% worse than when they were kids. Hide’s always had a resilient immune system, and he knows Hide’s never picked any fights with anyone. But, after knowing the Ghoul world so personally, the hell of starvation, their primal need to hunt, he can’t help but fear for Hide’s life.

  • And he knows he’s a direct threat to his life and it kills him inside every single day.

  • Though he tries his best, it still comes down to the meeting in the sewers, and when he’s face-to-face with the man he desired to protect above all else, the man he thought he killed, he chokes on his own scream.

  • Then he finds out about Hide being Mr. Terrorist, and how he’s been constantly endangering himself, and Kaneki literally cannot see the hypocrisy of his anger and won’t let Hide out of his sight for weeks, but he never really has the guts to touch him. Hide can’t call him out on it, but he can sure write him out.
    ( [Kaneki! Out! I have to pee!]
    “That’s fine. I’ll just wait right here.”
    [Wait on the other side of the door!]
    “I’m reading. I won’t look.”

    [Kaneki, it’s too late for this.]
    “Which is why we’re going to sleep.”
    [We’re not little kids anymore!]
    “I want to know you’re right here when I wake up.”
    [I won’t just evaporate, you know!]
    “…I don’t.”

    [Kaneki, why did you switch my coffee with yours?]
    “Who made it?”

    [Kaneki, you can help if you want. It’ll probably go faster.]
    “Do you really want the person who did that to you to touch you? Stop writing, Hide. I know what you’re going to say.”
    [It’s weird if you only watch me touch myself.]
    “…I’m still not leaving.”)

  • His realest fight would be with Amon for not telling him that his best friend was alive this whole time. He’s beyond livid, nearly getting into a physical fight until Amon calls him out on his nonsense, stating that what Hide is doing isn’t only for Kaneki’s sake! That it did begin that way, until they all realized things couldn’t stay the same, nor could they go back to the way they were before. But Kaneki - for once - won’t budge at all.
    ( “We’re done here.”
    “We most certainly aren’t, Amon.”
    “I have nothing more to say to you.”
    “You certainly had plenty you wanted to say to Eyepatch.”
    “Of course. Eyepatch made me look at myself, and the world around me, and ask ‘What’s wrong with this world?’ The only question you make me ask is, ‘What’s wrong with you?’”)

  • Their relationship doesn’t heal immediately, but it starts off by Kaneki asking Hide to touch him.
    ( “I… If you trust me, then maybe I can trust myself.”)
    And Hide caresses his cheek with hesitation, before pulling him into a hug and letting him sob.
    ([I’ve had years to think about this… And I can never regret helping you.])
    Though, if Kaneki was clingy before, it became 10 times worse after.
    ([Kaneki, I don’t think we should be bathing together.]
    “Hide, wouldn’t your writing pad get all wet?”)

And those are just some of the many, many, many head canons I have for Hide and his overprotective (boy)friend, Kaneki! :D


Originally posted by iyeolie

Genre: Angst, Fluff

Warning: Language, Suggestive Themes (not smut)

Song:: In Heaven- JYJ

Have fun teaching your night class hyunny! xoxo, your ex-girlfriend.


As much as you love your sister, the constant nagging to you about what to wear to the date with her boyfriend was driving you up the wall. She had been dating him for 2 months now and you had thought the stage of perfectionism was long gone by now. But, no, you’re over bearing, ‘I have to look pristine at all times’, older sister doesn’t just walk out in jeans and a shirt. She’s always been this way, but you began to think her new boyfriend was one of those rich guys who want a girlfriend who looks like a model 24/7.

  She never told you his name, nor did she tell the names of any of her past boyfriends either. She had this thing where she had to know they were the one. No matter how many times you ask to meet them, she gives you the same answer every time. You began to think she only said it to piss you off.

“Can you at least give me the initials?”

“It’s not like you’ll know them.” She said and it gave you a peek of hope, “Anyway, no. I’ll tell you when I know he proves his love and I know he’s my soulmate.”

Boom. There it is.

  You thought the one or soulmate thing was ridiculous. They don’t exist. Nobody is born for another. The only thing that exists is trust and learning to love someone. You’ve told her to lay off dating for awhile as she’s so keen on finding the one for her, it might do her some good. You tell your sister that all the time, but she never listens to you as she goes out with someone else. She’s gone through three so far and you hope this fourth one lasts.

  Now, for her boyfriends, she’s had three. Sehun. Junmyeon. And poor Yixing. Sehun was a boy in your class. You never she dated him till she came home with him after 4 months. They fought a bit and she broke up with him. She came up to your room right after she did and you both watched him whine and stomp his way to the BMW his daddy bought. She then proceeded to complain about how spoiled he was and that she’ll never date a younger guy ever again. Next was Junmyeon, who like to be called Suho for some reason. He was the boy your sister considered her soulmate. She thought he was the most beautiful man she ever saw and you had to agree. They spent every moment together, from the day they started dating to the day they broke up. The day before their 2 year anniversary. He said he had lots of business and he didn’t want a girlfriend to cramp his flow. Whatever that means. Lastly, comes Yixing. Poor sweet Yixing. He was a sweetheart but was so clueless as to your sister’s intentions. He was Suhos Chinese business partner. She only dated him to get back at Suho and that ‘relationship’ lasted a whole 3 weeks.

  Mystery man number 4 is a guy you like to call Pee-wee. You might not know what his name is or what he looks like but, your sister still tells stories about him. Like the time he tried to prank his roommate Kyungsoo with cling wrap in the doorway but, ended up smashing his own face into it. Or when he attempted to make cupcakes and put too much baking powder in them and they turned into a big monstrosity in his oven. As much as you enjoy the entertainment of his idiocy, you don’t think he’s going to last with your sister.

“Hey Y/N! Can you pass me those thigh highs?” Your sister snaps you out of your thoughts and you look behind you to where she’s pointing to grab what she’s pointing at.

“Why thigh highs? They’ll make you look like a school girl. Not the good kind might I add.” You frowned at her, not understanding her less than average fashion taste. She grinned at you before snatching said fashion taste out of your hand and started pulling them up your legs.

“That’s the point. Your big sis is planning to get some in these bad boys!” She snapped the ends of the socks with a thwack! and wiggling her eyebrows suggestively. You furrowed your eyebrows at her and retorted with an appropriate ‘ew’ making your way out of her room.

  She laughs, following you out into the hallway. You scowl at her, “You better be ‘getting some’ somewhere else because I am not about to hear you in the middle of the night. I have classes tomorrow and I don’t wanna walk in looking like The Walking Dead.” You point your finger at her one more time before you slam the door in her face, trying to ignore her laughter.
  The next morning, you thank your lucky stars that your sleep didn’t get disturbed. Your sister didn’t come home last night and you guess it’s because she was busy. All night. You shake your head in disgusted as you made your way into the lecture. You placed your books on the table and looked around, not spotting the teacher yet. Sitting down in your self-proclaimed assigned seat, right in the front row, you took out your phone and play around with it till the teacher arrives.
  After awhile, you check your phone’s clock, 8:24 A.M. Class should have started almost 30 minutes ago, you thought, am I in the wrong class? Just as you’re about to get up, the door of the classroom opens to reveal a handsome man, maybe in his mid 20’s. A very handsome man. You’ll take it considering you were expecting a 50-year-old grump. His hair was a pretty brown color with stylish bangs hanging over his forehead. He had brown eyes, typical but still attractive. His face still held a bit of baby fat, giving him a cute look along with his button-like nose. His lips were thin, but not paper thin, with a small dip by the cupids bow. Pretty average height, but he had super broad shoulders. His biceps are freaking nice looking, you thought, examining how they fit perfectly in his black button up.
  You were so caught up in shamelessly checking him out, that you didn’t notice he was looking right at you. His eyes could melt you into a puddle of mush if you stare at them too long. It seemed to be working on you. One of his brows lifted in question and you did the same as you both eyed each other. You swore you saw a flash of amusement on his face right as he looked away from you and cleared his throat.

“Good morning, class. I’m professor Byun. I’m sorry for being so late today, first days are always rough. Even old men like me get confused on time.” He joked. A few people in the class laughed, including you, who snorted at his bad attempt at a cheap laugh. He briefly looked your way, smiling slightly before continuing, “Don’t get used to me being late, it was a one-time thing. I expect everyone to be on time to my lectures.”

  He turned away to start the first chapter and you quickly started jotting down notes. This went on for about an hour before you started to get bored. You rested your chin on the palm of your hand as you teetered in and out of consciousness. Your mind drifted into scenarios of you and Mr. Byun doing cute couple things like cooking together and rubbing ice cream off each other’s mouths. In the middle of your ice skating date, you began to come back to reality and looked around to see everyone making their way out of the class, signaling that the lecture had ended. The apples of your cheeks heat up in embarrassment at the images in your mind and you quickly packed your belongings and made your way to the door. Had I really daydreamed for 20 minutes? You shook your head. At the door, you glanced to your right and saw Mr. Byun looking directly at you. He pursed his lips and cleared his throat before speaking.

“Miss. Y/N. I think you should stay after class to catch up on the notes, seeing as you weren’t paying attention the first time.” He spoke. Oh man, you cursed under your breath, his voice is freaking nice. You nodded slightly and made your way back to your seat. When you were about to sit down, you saw him shake his head and point to the side of his desk. Gulping nervously, you slowly walked to the side of his desk, dragging your chair along with you and sitting down. You made sure to keep a decent length of distance between you both.

“ Is there a reason you weren’t paying attention?” He questioned. It felt as though he was mocking you like he knew why you weren’t paying attention. As you try to speak he continued, “Is it because I’m ridiculously good looking?”

  You snorted out of instinct, “Yeah, let’s go with that.” Mr. Byun’s eyes widened slightly at your remark, it wasn’t the answer he was expecting. You realized how rude that sounded and choked out an apology. He looked at you as you stuttered and smirked. A chuckle rose in his throat before it turned into full blown laughter. Your eyebrows shot up in surprise, thinking he was making fun of you. Looking at him, you could genuinely think your response was hilarious and you giggled along with him. When the laughter died down, you suddenly see how close he is to you. You back up a bit and look at his face.

“You never answered my question.” he nods at you and you look up at him in confusion, “Do you think I’m ridiculously good looking?”

“I-no! I mean, yes. But. sir, I just-I don’t-You’re my teacher!” You stammered, curling your hands and cringing at how high school girl you sound.

“Is that a yes?”


“That’s a shame,” He shook his head, faking disappointment, “ because I find you very attractive.” He side eyed you, the corners of his lips upturning. “And, yes, I am your teacher. But, it’s not like I’m a high school teacher. This is college, we are both legal adults.”

  You debated in your mind whether or not you should say how you really feel before coming clean, “Yes, I think you’re very good looking. Probably the best looking guy I’ve ever seen.” Letting out a breath, you gave yourself a firm nod of approval in how confident you sound. Mr. Byun looked at you dumbfounded. He definitely wasn’t expecting you to say that. He let out a loud ha! right as he started laughing again. You stared at him in awe. You thought he was beautiful when he smiled but, it has nothing on his laugh. It was really cute. I could listen to it forever.

  Once his laughter died down, again, to a small smile, he grabbed your bag from your lap and swung it over his shoulder along with his own. You looked up at him from where you sat in confusion.

“Would you like to go out to lunch with me?” He grinned, holding out his arm. You pretended to think, furrowing your brow and tapping your pointer finger along your chin. You hummed as you hooked your arm around his.

“I would very much enjoy that, Mr. Byun.”

“Call me Baekhyun outside the class room.” You smiled and nodded shyly.

This is going to be a great class.

  Three months later, you’re sitting at your bedroom desk, flipping through your math textbook wanting nothing more than to sit in a cafe with Baekhyun and making up stories about people you see walk pass. You smile at the thought of your boyfriend. You’ve never been so happy and he’s been absolutely sweet. Sometimes he’ll sneak a coffee on your desk before class or send you cute, encouraging texts throughout the day, like; My baby’s so good at studying or I’ll treat you to a meal if you get an A in my class. You made it clear in the beginning of your relationship that he will not change your grade. You want whatever grade you deserve.

  A buzzing sound interrupted your thoughts and you pulled out your phone. I’m sorry baby :( I won’t be able to take you out tonight. I have to teach a night class. You frowned at the text. You knew for a fact Baekhyun hates night classes and would do anything to pawn them off on someone else.

“Do you think I should introduce my boyfriend to everyone when he picks me up tonight?” You heard you sister say. You turned around to see her leaning against your doorframe, arms crossed. Sighing, you look at her, “About time.”

  She scoffed playfully, moving her way towards you to smack her finger on your forehead, but the doorbell rang just before she could reach you. “You’re lucky, next time I’ll get you.” She said, flicking her middle and pointer finger back and forth between the two of you. You laughed and bowed lowly, “Your majesty graces me with her mercy! I thank thee.”

  “Just shut up and come down stairs.” She rolled her eyes, smiling. You laughed again and walked behind her. The door opens right as you sit down on the couch along with your parents and you can hear your sister whispering to her boyfriend. She opens the door wider to reveal her boyfriend to you and your parents. Your eyes widen in shock and you can feel your heartbeat pick up. Baekhyun. Your Baekhyun. Is your sister’s boyfriend.

  Baekhyun stands in the doorway with a tight smile on his face as he greeted your parents. He looked around the room and spotted you still seated on the couch. He looked at you in shock and confusion. You could see the gears turning in his head as he tried to piece together why you were here.

“Baek, this is my sister. Y/N.” Baekhyuns face fell at the mention of the word sister. He looked at you and gave you a nervous smile as he spread his arms out for a hug. But, you just stuck your hand out for a handshake. He shook it gently.

“We’ve met before, Y/S/N. He’s my teacher.” You said, flatly. She blinked at you and smiled, “How is he?”

“As a teacher? He’s a great teacher, but I don’t know him personally so I don’t have an opinion on that aspect.” You could see Baekhyun curl back at your cold answer. He avoided eye contact with you. Your sister smiled and patted Baekhyuns chest lightly as she thought it was a compliment, but he knew otherwise.

“I think it’s time for us to go now, love you guys!” Your sister exclaimed, taking her boyfriend’s hand in hers. As they made their way out the door, Baekhyun turned to glance at you one last time only to see you texting on your phone. Disappointed, he made his way out the door. He felt the vibration of his phone in his coat pocket and took it out to see a text from you.

Have fun teaching your night class hyunny! xoxo, your ex-girlfriend.

Baekhyun hoped your sister didn’t see the tear that slipped down his cheek.

  The next two and a half weeks was absolute crap. You tried to be optimistic and convince yourself there are more guys in the world than Mr. Byun, but it was difficult considering he kept blowing up your phone. It was so bad that you decided to just turn your phone off. Not to mention, you still took his class. You didn’t want to be that sad person who got dumped and wallowed in their own self-pity through ice cream and bad rom-coms. So, you sucked it up, threw away your ‘I just got dumped’ face, and went to class. To which you promptly ignored him, even though he took it into his own hands to call you in after class to try and discuss your relationship issues. You very kindly blared your music and avoided him till he released you. You even successfully slipped all of the things of his that you had in your possession into his room. That’s when the constant trying to win you back stopped.

  You weren’t gonna lie, it kinda hurt when the constant texts and voicemails stopped, but you knew it had to happen eventually. Shaking your head from those thoughts, you tried to focus back on the TV show you were watching. Just as the main characters were about to find the killer, a soft knock sounded on your door.

“Come in.”

  Your sister shuffles through the open door and makes her way to lay beside you on the bed. She turns to face you and you do the same. Her face contorts into concern as she gets a good look at you. The first thing she notices is the redness around your eyes and the slight flush of your cheeks. “Is it because of Baekhyun?” Sha asks, gently.

  You open your mouth to answer, but can’t find anything to say so you close it. You look at her in question as she started to speak again, “He told me. Baekhyun, I mean, He told me about you two. I’m not mad if that’s what you think. I always knew I wouldn’t stay with him, honestly, he was more a friend to distract me from Junmyeon. You fit him much better than I do by far.”

  You started to tear up as you listen to her continue, “He’s miserable with out you, Y/N. I know, we know what he did was wrong, but you two had something special. You still do and I would hate to see you give that up.”

“He cheated on you! With me. You know I’m your sister, right?” You looked at her incredulously, “How are you not pissed at me?”

“I know who you are, don’t worry. I’m not pissed because I have my own secret,” She started and glanced at you, who prompts her to continue, “I cheated too. With Junmyeon. He came to me asking for me back about three months after I started dating Baekhyun, but he didn’t know that.”

You looked at her shocked, “Are you still with him?”

“Not with Baekhyun, that was a mutual break-up, but I am still with Junmyeon. I love him, just like you love Baekhyun.” Just when you were about to protest, she lightly smacked your cheek, “I know you love him and you have my blessing.”

  You smiled at her and softly nodded to her in thanks. Reaching for your phone to text Baekhyun, your sister suddenly gripped your arm and pulled you out of bed. You had no time to react as she dragged you towards the front door and pushing you out onto your front porch. You stumbled back, but before you fell, two arms and a chest caught you. Turning around, you spotted Baekhyun and pulled away from him and crossed your arms around your chest.

  He looked especially handsome today, dressed in ripped jeans and a baseball tee. His hair was in the style you liked. Worn down and messy. You noticed the woven bracelet on his wrist that you made for him at a new cafe downtown. You realized you’re wearing the same bracelet that he made on your wrist as well. You saw his head tilt a bit to the side, something you loved when he did. He took a step closer to you and grabbed on of your hands, unraveling it from the other. He sucked in a big breath before speaking, looking at you directly.

  “What I did to your sister and you were wrong, I know. I’m so sorry for hurting you both like that, you don’t deserve it. I didn’t mean for all of this to happen. I was going to break up with her the night I came over, but she was so excited to meet her family that I couldn’t do it. then. I saw you sitting there and it took all of my strength not to hug you and kiss you and tell you I’m sorry. The first time I saw you I knew I wanted to be with you, I wanna be with you forever. And I know you don’t believe in a soulmate, but I like to think you’re mine. Y/N, I need you,” He choked out, tears threatening to spill onto his cheeks, where as mine was already flowing freely, “I love you.”

  You sighed, looking away from him. What he did was wrong, everyone could admit that. But, on the other hand, you’ve grown comfortable with him and you’ve missed him an awful lot these past three weeks, Plus, your sister gave her blessing.

  Baekhyun stood in front of you, patiently rocking back and forth on his feet. He perked up a bit when you pulled your hand from his. He bit his lip anxiously before he stumbled back from the force of you buying yourself in his chest. Your arms wrapped around his waist in a tight hug and he lifted you up, twirling you around. As you pulled away, you gripped the sides of his face, gently lifting your lips to his in a sweet kiss. You looked at him, your lips still centimeters apart.

“Baekhyun.” You whispered. He hummed quietly.

“If you ever do that, or anything close to that again, I’ll make sure you won’t be able to walk again.”

You swore that was the hardest he ever laughed.

The Sibling Complex

Disclaimer: Batman and associated characters are the creative property of DC Comics. Wolverine and associated characters are the creative property of Marvel Comics
Warnings: Canon-typical violence & language
Rating: T
Prompt: ( @shobogan ) DAMIAN AND GABBY, HOW DID I NEVER THINK OF THIS “do you have a big sister too?” “tch. ……yes.”

A/N: Okay so even though I’ve still not gotten around to writing the main MAIN fic for this universe, I couldn’t help but tie this little team up into the big Amalgamation Comic Universe I’ve been dreaming up for the last few months. So that’s what’s being referred to as the ‘Merge” and ‘Mergers’ are people from other worlds/continuities that you don’t identify with. 

For all intents and purposes this is Prime/New-Earth Damian and Cassandra, with 616 Laura and Gabby. If you don’t know what that means, you’re a more worthwhile human being than myself, lemme tell ya. 

Jonathan’s seatbelt wasn’t quite fitting the way it was supposed to, though Gabby figured it wouldn’t. It was created for dogs and not wolverines. Still, he seemed content enough, sleeping in the backseat all to himself under all the blankets and pillows that she and Laura had packed for their journey. 

“I think he’ll sleep the whole ride this time,” Gabby informed Laura. She was sitting on her knees in the passenger seat, leaning against the corner of the chair to better look at their pet. “We won’t have to take a pee break.”

“And I remember telling you to sit down and use your seatbelt,” Laura responded, not taking her eyes off the road, though Gabby suspected that behind her sunglasses she was glancing into the rearview mirror. 

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Search (Jongdae x Reader), pt. 1

Kim Jongdae: best friend and little shit.

Part 2 ○ Epilogue

Request: Would you be willing to write a soulmate AU with a member (you can pick!) of EXO’s beagle line? Thank you so much ❤️

fluff, 2.3 k words, jongdae/reader, soulmate au

// AGE 6

“________, this is Jongdae.” Your mother lets go of your hand and gestures at the boy in front of you, his hair tousled and his lips curved in a small smile.

You offer him a shy wave, which he returns.

“Aww,” Jongdae’s mother coos. “You two are so cute. Play nice, okay?” With that, the two mothers leave you two alone. You watch them close the door to the playroom, which is lined with toys and games of all shapes and sizes, before you turn back to face Jongdae.

“Hi,” he says, sweet and playful.

“Hi, Jongdae.”

He gives you a toothy grin and extends a pudgy hand out toward you. “From now on, let’s be friends,” he says, decisively.

You grasp his hand, the kind of bright, innocent smile on your face that only six year olds can truly muster. “Sure.”

// AGE 14

“Hey, Jongdae, are you gon—“ You stop talking, dropping your bag on the ground in shock, when you see Jongdae sitting on the floor eating a bag of potato chips. Your bag of potato chips.

He quickly turns around, eyes widening upon seeing you, and then he’s gone. The little shit scrambles up and away, socks sliding hazardously against the hardwood floor.

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