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No Happy Endings | Wonho [M]

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Warnings: Strong language and implications of sex.

word count: 3,718

“Hey, what ya’ reading today?” The librarian asks with a smile.

Part 1: The Thing About Keeping Schedules

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so because @bechnaesun​ practically coerced me into exchanging future evak headcanons with her, we present to you everything we screamed about for over two hours. 

even and isak get married. and their life goes a little like this:

  • isak and even adopt twins because they would feel like they should adopt siblings so they never, ever felt alone, even when they inevitably start feeling like maybe if they’re not related by blood they’re not the same, but they’d have each other, always.
  • isak would read so many parenting guides!! and google searches!! one times he just goes on a three hour wild ride of reading parenting blogs online, and afterwards, when even comes to bed, isak is sniffly and whispers, “what if we fuck up their lives forever? what if they end up hating us, and never calling–”
  • and even just presses a kiss to the top of isak’s head and says, “they would never, because they’d have you as a parent, and your love is one of the most powerful things in the world.”
  • isak isn’t totally calm after that, but it helps, a bit, but he also thinks that even may be a little biased. a tiny impressionable toddler is a lot different from your husband, because even’s already seen him at his worst, and has promised to stick with him through the good times and the bad. and besides, he never saw even in his angsty teenage phase, and just think about it they’re going to have to put up with all of that! how are we going to deal with puberty! what if they start dating!
  • even: then we just tell them about how we fell in love.
  • isak: baby, you asked me to smoke weed with you
  • even: it’s okay i figure we have at least a couple of years to develop a clean version of that story
  • so the point is, even with all of even’s attempts to placate isak’s worries, he still insists even follows the parenting guides to a tee, just in case they really fuck up at one point
  • even agrees, but mostly because if they do fuck up, then he’d have something to blame it on

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Guilty Pleasure | Taehyung (M)

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Summary: College au in which Taehyung is an annoying prankster but you’ve always sort of liked him.

Word Count: 8,243

Genre: Smut/fluff/college au

A/N: Idk what this is tbh but it was spurred by a convo I had with @yourcupoftae.

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Pairing : Dean x Reader, Sam
Word count : 2,380
Author : Mel

Final Part of Say my Name.

As time went by, you ran into them more and more. You didn’t seek them out, in fact you were still almost avoiding them. But it seemed no matter what, at least once a month when you walked out of your motel room, you’d find the Impala parked right outside. They somehow always got the room next to you.

You joked once with Sam over drinks that they were borderline stalking you. His smirk let you know they were in fact finding you on purpose. “Seriously, Sammy?”

He had shrugged. “He doesn’t like you hunting alone.” You rolled your eyes.

If there was even a scratch on you when they saw you, you’d never hear the end of it. One time, you got so frustrated at Dean’s comment about your wrist brace, and how you shouldn’t be hunting alone, that you snapped back. “Its fucking Carpal Tunnel, Dean. The only thing hurting me, is all the research you keep making me do.” Sam had burst out laughing.

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mellarkablegirl  asked:

for a prompt request: single mom katniss takes her infant daughter to college because her babysitter cancels , and her classmate Peeta helps take care of the kid so K can concentrate. .

So this took me a loooong time, and I’m sorry for that, @mellarkablegirl. I had some trouble with this prompt because it’s a little out of my comfort zone and I tweaked it a little bit. I hope that’s okay and that it’s worth the wait.

A HUGE thank you to @papofglencoe for the quick beta work and encouragement!!<3


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Play With Me (Vernon/Hansol Smut)

Summary: It’s not your fault that he was just so pretty. And that he begged so prettily. And that he looked so damn pretty with a piece of leather wrapped around his throat. Why did being Seventeen’s stylist mean he was off limits? And to think, this all started on a boring night with a gifted bottle of wine a pile of jenga blocks. Smut.

(A/N: I must say that I got a little carried away. The original request from @ciels-parents did not entail anywhere near as much shit as this. But I’m pleased with the outcome. I guess the reason I added all the other stuff is because one of my favourite things about dom/sub relationships is all the pretty things, like the toys and the lingerie and shit. I could be a little just for that. But that’s waaay off topic. There’s so many warnings here; anal play, rimming mention, noona kink, sex toy(s), collaring, lingerie, subspace, praise kink, if that even counts as a warning?? but okay this is ten thousand words of impure filth so please back down if you’re not ready. I would also like to put forth now that I’m not responsible for any of the after effects of this fic, and happy valentine’s day, this is my present to you. -Tanisha<3)

You were, at best, a glorified babysitter. It was the only way to describe the current state of your job without leaving out any of the details. Somehow, you had started out as what you fully intended to be - a stylist. Straight out of high school you jumped head first into a fashion program, gaining all the sewing, finance, pattern making, fabric skills and whatever else you could have ever dreamed of.

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Harvest Moon

Request: skin walker! Sam

Summary: Sam’s still in love with you . Based off Harvest Moon by Neil Young

Warnings: abo, wolf! Sam, alpha! Sam, little bit of angst , blood skin, smut

Tags: @sarahcrystalheart @roxy-davenport @training-wolves  Gonna try @ellen-reincarnated1967 @saxxxology and @blushingsamgirl 

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It had been months, months without you, and months without your warm bed. He was never meant to stay, only to pass on through until his work was done. But of course it all changed once he limped onto your doorstep, tail between his legs.  Sam was typically more careful but the fight with his family left him reeling with anger. Pair that with trying to cross a freeway and the outcome was a shoulder ripped wide open.  

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The Sibling Complex

Disclaimer: Batman and associated characters are the creative property of DC Comics. Wolverine and associated characters are the creative property of Marvel Comics
Warnings: Canon-typical violence & language
Rating: T
Prompt: ( @shobogan ) DAMIAN AND GABBY, HOW DID I NEVER THINK OF THIS “do you have a big sister too?” “tch. ……yes.”

A/N: Okay so even though I’ve still not gotten around to writing the main MAIN fic for this universe, I couldn’t help but tie this little team up into the big Amalgamation Comic Universe I’ve been dreaming up for the last few months. So that’s what’s being referred to as the ‘Merge” and ‘Mergers’ are people from other worlds/continuities that you don’t identify with. 

For all intents and purposes this is Prime/New-Earth Damian and Cassandra, with 616 Laura and Gabby. If you don’t know what that means, you’re a more worthwhile human being than myself, lemme tell ya. 

Jonathan’s seatbelt wasn’t quite fitting the way it was supposed to, though Gabby figured it wouldn’t. It was created for dogs and not wolverines. Still, he seemed content enough, sleeping in the backseat all to himself under all the blankets and pillows that she and Laura had packed for their journey. 

“I think he’ll sleep the whole ride this time,” Gabby informed Laura. She was sitting on her knees in the passenger seat, leaning against the corner of the chair to better look at their pet. “We won’t have to take a pee break.”

“And I remember telling you to sit down and use your seatbelt,” Laura responded, not taking her eyes off the road, though Gabby suspected that behind her sunglasses she was glancing into the rearview mirror. 

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Search (Jongdae x Reader), pt. 1

Kim Jongdae: best friend and little shit.

Part 2 ○ Epilogue

Request: Would you be willing to write a soulmate AU with a member (you can pick!) of EXO’s beagle line? Thank you so much ❤️

fluff, 2.3 k words, jongdae/reader, soulmate au

// AGE 6

“________, this is Jongdae.” Your mother lets go of your hand and gestures at the boy in front of you, his hair tousled and his lips curved in a small smile.

You offer him a shy wave, which he returns.

“Aww,” Jongdae’s mother coos. “You two are so cute. Play nice, okay?” With that, the two mothers leave you two alone. You watch them close the door to the playroom, which is lined with toys and games of all shapes and sizes, before you turn back to face Jongdae.

“Hi,” he says, sweet and playful.

“Hi, Jongdae.”

He gives you a toothy grin and extends a pudgy hand out toward you. “From now on, let’s be friends,” he says, decisively.

You grasp his hand, the kind of bright, innocent smile on your face that only six year olds can truly muster. “Sure.”

// AGE 14

“Hey, Jongdae, are you gon—“ You stop talking, dropping your bag on the ground in shock, when you see Jongdae sitting on the floor eating a bag of potato chips. Your bag of potato chips.

He quickly turns around, eyes widening upon seeing you, and then he’s gone. The little shit scrambles up and away, socks sliding hazardously against the hardwood floor.

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2 minute Mpreg fic

(Written for my dearest @apocatits in a chat somewhere because she’s read all the sterek Mpreg fics already.)


Stiles gets knocked up.

He doesn’t realize it at first, so the baby starts developing, and he gets pretty sick, and all this is happening while Derek is pulling away from him. One wild night does not a relationship make, and Derek fucking Hale thinks he’s too damaged for Stiles. He doesn’t want to be a burden. He doesn’t want that wild night to mean anything, even though it did.

To Stiles.

Also the whole knocked up thing.


Stiles, he’s just a mess, right?
Because he’s barfing and tired all the time, and the guy he thought finally responded to his subtle advances is brushing him off. Like hardcore cold shoulder.

Stiles remembers saying the ‘L’ word that night, amongst some other sappy things you’re probably not supposed to say on your 'first night’ together. But, man, Stiles has been waiting YEARS and Derek fucking Hale finally—he finally… He was saying shit too, you know?

So Stiles doesn’t know what’s going on. He knows he feels like shit, and the guy’s he’s in love with fucked him and abandoned him.

Now, Scott’s dumb as a fucking post. (With love) But even he knows something’s up. Stiles is late to school almost every day (in their senior year, too, which he shouldn’t be because holy shit you’re graduating soon). He’s noticed how pale Stiles has been, the dark circles, the never-ending stench of misery rolling off his friend.

So, he tries to talk to him, but Stiles just laughs it off, shrugs, it’s nothing, Scotty, stop worrying. Everything’s fine.

And he keeps saying that right up until the day he collapses in the driveway of his house. His dad finds him /three hours/ later, when he gets home from work. By then, Stiles is cold, and been unconscious for way too long.

And then it’s all rushing to the hospital, monitors for this and that and what’s wrong with his stomach? What’s that extra heartbeat?

Wtf. Wtf. Wtf.

And his dad is like: Holy shit my son’s been knocked up by an alien because that’s literally the only way I can imagine this happening. That, or there’s a wolf out there with a wolvesbane bullet ready for him.

Which is when Scott calls Derek. Because the dude’s been way too bitchy towards Stiles the last few pack meetings for him not to be involved in this.

So he calls. He screams. He ALPHA screams.

And Derek high-tails his little wolfy ass to the hospital.

Awooo, stupid fucking daddy wolf has arrived.

Meanwhile, Stiles has woken up and feels—surprise!—like shit. Warmed up shit. He’s anemic, and the lack of sleep hasn’t been good for him.

Or the baby.

He’s still slowly processing that little tid-bit of info there. He’ll get to it once he’s done telling Derek fucking Hale to gtfo of his room or so help me, I’ll shove this entire bedpan up your ass and you know it’ll fit BECAUSE YOU ARE A GAPING ASSHOLE.

So Derek kind of scuttles for the waiting room while Stiles is calmed down by a nurse. With drugs.

But the waiting room isn’t exactly safer, because daddy sheriff with a gun and alpha wolf with claws are in there.

And they have questions.
And Derek maybe pees himself a little bit.

But they figure it out. Derek obviously didn’t know, and Sheriff has seen this kid after the fire—he knows how he gets. He’s watched this idiot pull away from people since he was 16, so he knows the signs.

It takes a good talking to, and a little sniffle here or there for them to get it sorted out. Now, all Derek has to do is sort it out with Stiles.

Who eyes the bedpan the moment Derek walks back into his room that night. But, for once in his stupid, skinny life, Stiles listens. Probably because Derek looks wrecked, and happy, and exhausted, and in love all at once.

Also probably because he confirms that last part with words. A few times. Like, a lot. It’s really sappy, and stiles loves it.

Fucking hormones.

In the end, the doctors don’t send him to Area 51 to be cut up by scientists for science, and he’s able to go home.

Home is kind of… A weirdly comfortable mess now, though. Derek’s there, like, living there. He’s doing something secret with his dad to the guest room.

Stiles isn’t a fucking idiot, he knows they’re making it into a baby room. He also knows that Derek is doing the same thing to the second room in his apartment. He’s not an idiot, but he lets them smirk and work together and be proud of themselves. It’s cute, and Stiles is starting to waddle when he walks so he’s not gonna bother making a fuss about shit.

Well, not that shit. Food shit, yes. Many fusses.

So much fussing.

Scott is like… The worst godfather. So annoying. Stiles has threatened to replace him with Peter seven times now.

Each time makes Scott tear up a little, and it’s so worth it.

Stiles gets pickled eggs and sushi for dinner the night before his water breaks. Derek’s there, making disgusted faces at him in silent support of his gross eating habits.

It’s definitely love.

The baby is… Complicated. He gets cut open for that cute little nugget, so he has to stay in the hospital for a little bit.

But baby.

Oh my god.

Stiles is 80% sure he loves her more than Derek, or his dad, or anyone. She’s amazing. She’s what Stiles imagines when people say 'cherub’ or 'little angel’ or 'little demon’, too.

She’s clearly related to him.

Stiles loves it.

He loves Derek with her a little more. Because Derek goes all wide, easy smiles for her. Stupid bunny teeth and bright eyes.

He cries the first time he holds her, and the second time, and the third time. The third time gets her crying, because she has no idea what’s going on, so Stiles tells him to cut it out and it’s fine.

She’s perfect, and Dereks perfect, and Stiles will kill anything that gets in their way.

Derek may be the wolfy wolf of this little family, but Stiles is the mama bear.

And they live happily ever after.

The end.

Brother's Best Friend

Hello :) Gonna try something new for the introduction.

Summary: You’re Luke’s little sister and he has a sleepover with 3 of his best friends. You all have a great time until you begin to feel attracted to one of them.


best friends blog which you should totally check out cause she’s cool


“Hey man!” Your brother, Luke, does a bro-hug with 3 other boys who were entering your house. A bright red-haired boy, an adorable one with black hair and a blonde streak, and then a cute curly haired one with glasses.

You slide past the reunion and into the kitchen to grab a water bottle.

“Who are those people?” You ask your mom who was making pizza.

“Some of Luke’s friends from school. He usually goes to their house, but I insisted they come here tonight.” She tells you, sprinkling on some cheese on the dough.

“Oh. I guess nobody thought to tell me, then.” You laugh, walking around and stealing a pepperoni.

“Mrs. Hemmings! I love you already!” The red-haired boy clasps his hands together and admires the pizza.

“Sorry, Michael loves pizza. A lot.” The one with curly hair laughs. His laugh is probably the cutest and most infectious thing ever.

“Okay, so this is my mom.” Luke announces, stepping through an opening between Michael and the black haired one.

“Oh, call me Liz! I’m not that old-fashioned!” Your mother walks over and hugs all of them.

“Yeah, okay, so this is Calum, Michael, and Ashton.” Luke points to each of them.

“Do you guys want anything to drink? Oh! And I made each of you a pizza base, you’ll need to add your own toppings.” She pulls out 5 pieces of dough with cheese and sauce. You grab the top one and walk over to the other side of the kitchen and grab some of your favorite toppings.

“YOUR MOM IS AWESOME!” Michael squeals, making everyone laugh.

“Yell if you need me.” Your mom calls to the boys, before patting your shoulder and smiling. You smile back as she walks upstairs.

“I need mushrooms.” Calum announces.

“Oh, sorry.” You say, walking over to the other side and handing him the box.

“And who’s this?” Michael asks, stretching out his hand.

You laugh and take it before telling him your name.

“Why didn’t you tell us you had a sister?” Ashton questions, Luke rolls his eyes, while Ashton walks over to you and pulls you into a side hug.

“Sorry, I prefer hugs.” He says while doing his adorable laugh again.

You smile at Ashton before staring at Luke, waiting for an explanation. You cross your arms over your chest and raise your eyebrows. Luke pulls on his collar before sighing and explaining to you.

“Look, they, uh…. Oh, they’re just weird. And I didn’t want you to judge me even more than you already do.” He quickly states before walking over to you.

“Now, go get your pizza and bring it over here so you can meet your favorite brother’s best friends.” He says, pushing you over to where your pizza is.

You laugh and nod. Luke was your best friend since the time you were born and he was in diapers. Being only a year younger than Luke, you went to the same high school but never saw each other. It was a great situation, he couldn’t embarrass you and you couldn’t embarrass him. It was strange for him not to tell his best friends about you though. Luke was in almost all of your stories you told to your friends. You two were inseparable. Why weren’t you in his? You shrugged it off and brought your pizza to the island and stood between Luke and Calum.

“I want to apologize for my sister’s really weird pizza toppings.” Luke says as you sprinkle banana pepper strips onto your pizza.

“Hey!” You try and defend yourself, picking up a pepperoni and smacking him with it. You laugh before he eats it and picks up some cheese from the glass bowl your mother laid out and throwing it at your face.

The boys are laughing at you until Michael snaps his head up and realizes what’s going on.

“You guys are wasting all of this beautiful food!!!!” He gaps, looking around at the mess you made.

“Michael’s right.” Calum nods, picking up the food off of the floor.

“I swear if you eat that-” You begin before he puts it in his mouth.

“Luke, your friends are disgusting.” You say giving Calum a terrible look before walking into the living room and sitting on the couch.

“Hey! I’ve just been standing here!” Ashton calls after you.

You laugh and shake your head before turning on the tv.

“Scoot over, shortie.” Luke says, plopping down beside you. He constantly called you that, but in your defense you weren’t that short. He was just 6’2. Everyone was shortie to him. Except his friends, who were equally as tall.

Before you could even move, Ashton sits beside you with Michael on the other side of him and Calum beside Luke. The five of you were squished together like people at the front row of a concert.

“You guys know we have more than just a couch, right?” You ask, motioning to the multiple chairs you had in your living room.

“Yeah, we’re trying to get close to you, Luke’s little sister.” Michael says, clearly having forgot your name.

You open your mouth to tell him your name but before you can Ashton answers.

“Her name is (Y/N). Pay attention next time.” You laugh as Ashton smiles at you. He swings his arm around the back of the couch.

Luke rolls his eyes and turns to Calum, who was heavily invested in the show that was on the tv.

“You like Keeping Up With the Kardashians, too?” You ask, reaching across Luke and poking Calum to bring him back to reality.

He jumps and looks at you before looking at the other boys who were holding back laughs.

“Yes, as a matter of fact I do.” He crosses his arms and turns his attention back to the tv. You laugh and get up, walking to the kitchen to help your mom with all 6 pizzas.

“Oh my Lord! This one weighs like 10 pounds!” She gawks, picking up Michael’s pizza. You nod and laugh before taking it from her and putting it into the oven.

“Do you like Luke’s friends?” She asks, handing you another one.

“Yeah, they’re pretty funny.” You smile, closing the oven after they were all in there.

“And messy.” She mutters, looking at the assorted toppings left on the counter.

“Hey, come clean up your mess.” You call, walking into the living room.

“(Y/n), I have friends over.” Luke sighs, turning his head to look at you.

“Yes, and you and your friends will come and clean up the mess that Calum didn’t eat.” You tell him, before walking upstairs to your room. One of the boys whistles and the others laugh before someone tells Luke he’s ‘whipped by his sister.’ You roll your eyes and laugh to yourself, then grab your laptop before going on netflix and watching your favorite show.

Someone barges in, laughing before his eyes meet yours.

“Oh my god, (Y/n), I’m so sorry, Luke told me the 2nd door on the right was the bathroom.” Ashton looks like a deer caught in headlights.

“Ashton, you’re fine. Try the first door.” You laugh at him. He gives a quick embarrassed smile, but instead of walking out, he leans against your door frame.

“So, why don’t I ever see you around school?” He asks. Usually you’re the one asking questions, not answering them. So naturally, you got a little awkward.

“Uh, I’m in grade 11. So, I guess we just have separate classes?” You shrug your shoulders and he nods.

“Yeah, guess so. It’s a shame. I hate to cut this short, but I’m about to pee all over myself.” You laugh at him as he walks out of your room and into the bathroom.

You shut your laptop and walk to your dresser and picking up one of Luke’s old tank tops and a pair of leggings. You loved to sleep in oversized things and as soon as Luke outgrew something you quickly snatched it up. You assumed tonight the boys would sleep downstairs and you wanted to use the shower before them, in case they planned on taking one.

“You should come down here with us.” Ashton says, popping in once more.

“Oh, I think I’m going to take a shower then go eat. But maybe after.” You say, smiling. He nods and walks downstairs.

You try and compose yourself, but you couldn’t deny that you were attracted to him. Luke would kill you if you tried anything, though. He wasn’t the most accepting with your relationships. Granted, all the boys you’ve dated are jerks who only care about sex, so you usually ended up with your heart broken and Luke beating someone up.

Grabbing your pajamas, you walk to the bathroom and close the door. You grab your phone and play your ‘shower’ playlist and then turn on the water.

You begin to sing your favorite songs, a lot quieter than usual because of your brother’s friends downstairs, but then your current favorite song comes on and you can’t resist belting it out. Hoping they couldn’t hear you, you perform ‘Uptown Funk’, complete with dancing and the shampoo bottle as your microphone.

“Wow, I’m such a dork.” You mutter to yourself as you step out onto the rug and dry yourself off. You quickly throw your pajamas on and go back to your room to put on some fuzzy socks and a cardigan because it felt colder than usual.

You hum to yourself as you run down the stairs and into the kitchen where all of the boys were sitting and eating.

You slightly smile at them before grabbing your pizza off of the table and getting some more water. Planning on eating in the living room, you begin to walk out.

“Lovely voice you have, by the way.” Michael yells after you, making you turn around with your mouth hung open in embarrassment.

“I… I didn’t know I was that loud.” You admit before giving them a look a running out. Sitting your plate on the coffee table you put your head in your hands in sheer mortification.

“(Y/n), it’s okay.” Luke says, walking in while still laughing.

“It is not okay.” You correct with your head remaining in its place.

“Come here. It’s funny. They were singing along.” He tells you, sitting down beside you and hugging you from the side.


“Luke!” You squeal, hitting him in the chest.

“Hey, is that my shirt?” Ashton says, walking in and sitting beside you as he looks at the tank top you were wearing.

“This was Luke’s..” You say, looking down at your ‘You Complete Mess’ shirt Luke gave to you 3 weeks ago.

“Oh yeah, that is yours, isn’t it?” Luke nods.

“Luke, how could you just forget you didn’t buy this shirt before you gave it to me.” You ask, slightly irritated that you not only embarrassed yourself in front of a very cute guy, you were also wearing his shirt. Lovely.

“It’s alright, you look better in it than I did.” Ashton says, laughing a bit.

Your heart swells up and you begin to blush at this comment. You look at him and give a small smile, however Luke has a different reaction.

Luke’s head shoots up and he gives Ashton a dirty look. Calum does a low whistle before saying “The claws are out now.” And turning on the tv.

“How’s your pizza, Michael.” You ask, looking to change the subject.

“It’s great, thanks for asking. How’s your disgusting looking pizza?” He questions, snarling his nose up when you take a big bite.

“It’s delicious, thanks.” You say with your mouth full attempting to cover it all up with your hand so it was almost not disgusting. He nods and turns his attention to the tv.

“Where are you guys sleeping?” You ask, taking another bite.

“Probably in here.” Luke answers.

“Why? You wanna tag along?” Calum wiggles his eyebrows at you.

You laugh and shake your head no.

“Only in your dreams, buddy.” you say, getting up and patting his head before walking into the kitchen and putting away your dishes.

As you began to wash the ones already in the sink to help out your mom, you thought about Luke’s friends. You hoped they’d be over a lot. They were really funny and nice, unlike his other friend’s who didn’t even acknowledge your presence. You snap out of your thoughts when another plate is dipped into the water.

“Hey Michael.” You smile, scooting over so he’d have room to wash his dishes.

“What’s up, buttercup.” He laughs in embarrassment at his cheesy comment, making you laugh even harder.

After finishing the dishes you walk back into the living room and to the back of the couch.

“Alright I’m going upstairs for the night. Have fun.” You tell Luke before leaning down and trying to hug him, the couch getting in the way.

“Night, sleep well.” He says, not taking his eyes off the game he was playing until someone pauses it.

“Don’t we get a goodnight hug?” Ashton asks, looking up. You assume he was the one who paused it.

“No you do not. She’s my sister, not yours.” Luke eyes him before pressing buttons on his controller, trying to make it resume, even though he knew that would make no difference.

“Ashton, unpause it!” Michael whines, getting impatient. You laugh and wave goodnight to the boys, but the only one paying attention is Ashton. He waves back then you go upstairs.

“THAT’S WHAT YOU GET, YOU -” Michael begins to scream but then stops. You imagine Luke slapping him and muttering something about his mom being home, making you laugh.

You get into bed and watch a few more episodes of your favorite show.

A few turns into about 6, and before you know it, it’s 3 am.

You curse under your breath, knowing your mother will be waking you up early tomorrow.  You get up and put your laptop in it’s place.

You suddenly realize that you haven’t had anything to drink since dinner and you have a craving for a glass of orange juice.

You silently tip-toe down the stairs, seeing Michael and Luke cuddled up together and snoring. You try to hold in a laugh, and quickly take a picture. Instead of a quick, innocent picture, your camera decides to shine the brightest light possible.

You jerk your phone to your shirt, trying to block the light. The boys stir, but thankfully none wake up. You sigh in relief before turning off your flash and trying it again.

“Much better.” You whisper to yourself, looking at the picture.

You walk into the kitchen and pour yourself a tall glass of orange juice.

“Nice flash.” You almost spit out your juice as you jump out of your skin. You turn around and see Ashton, who was trying not to laugh.

“Sorry, didn’t mean to scare you.” He says through chuckles.

“That’s alright.” You give a little giggle before finishing your glass.

“Why are you up?” He asks, stepping closer as you lean against the island.

“I got kinda carried away watching Netflix.” You admit. He smiles and nods.

“I can’t really sleep with Michael snoring like that.” He runs his fingers through his curly hair. You didn’t realize you were staring until he clears his throat. You quickly look away, embarrassed.

“Well, I should probably let you go to sleep.” You say, standing up straight and smiling at him.

“Without Luke here to stop it this time, I think I should get a goodnight hug.” He opens his arms and beckons you to step closer.

You laugh and shake your head before stretching your arms around his torso. He wraps his arms around you and rests his hands on your lower back and squeezes slightly. You can’t help but become infatuated with his scent. He smells like spearmint gum, soap, and you also detect a slight smell of pizza, which of course made sense.

You two stay like this for a minute before he slowly loosens his grip. You lean back and look up at him. Reluctantly, you pull your hands off of him and run your hand through your hair.

“I can’t do this anymore.” He admits before pushing you up against the refrigerator. He grabs your face gently and slowly kisses you. At first you are frozen in complete shock, but as soon as your mind registers what is happening you begin to kiss him back. The kiss slowly got more and more heated, until the lights are flipped on and you hear your brother’s unmistakable voice.

“(Y/N)!” You quickly push Ashton off of you and you both straighten up. Luke was staring at the two of you with his mouth wide open and eyes full of anger.

“Look, man, I couldn’t do it anymore. I’ve put my feelings aside for 3 mo-” Ashton begins but is quickly shut up by Luke.

“I told you no, Ashton. And you couldn’t respect that. Get out of here.” He growls, turning his attention to you.

“Luke, I’m so sorry, I, well, I’m so sorry.” You say, beginning to cry. You walk over to Luke to try and hug him, but he quickly moves away as you try and wrap your arms around him.

“Go to your room.” He spits, making you cry even harder. You quickly run up the stairs and into your room, collapsing onto your bed. Your bloodshot eyes are flooded with tears for the rest of the night. You seem to not be able to forget the taste of Ashton’s lips, the absolute terror you felt as the light flipped on, and the undeniable fury in Luke’s voice, as you lay on your bed, staring at the ceiling with small tears sliding down your cheek.

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what about sam is really really sick but he doesn't wants to acept it so he doesn't say anything untill things gets out of control and know it's up to peter to take care of him.

ok so I had no intention of finishing this tonight, but then u-got-my-dick-message got all pushy so I did. You better fucking enjoy this unedited, one-in-the-morning mess.

Also, nonnie, sorry this took! Things have recently taken a turn for the worse and I haven’t gotten the chance to write it til now. I was gonna make it all angsty but I needed some cheering up so, you know, fluff. I’m not even titling it because I’m lazy. 


Every year, Sam gets the flu. Whether it be because of his low immunity, or the cursed public school system, or because he always seems to get it after participating in the school fair’s kissing booth, he gets it, nonetheless, and it’s always a bitch to deal with.

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The Pink Box – Liam Dunbar Imagine

Prompt: Hiii, would you be able to do a Liam Dunbar imagine where him and Y/N constantly go at it and then have a pregnancy scare. ( you don’t have to but if you do describe Y/N can she be mixed with Puerto Rican and French) THANK YOU SO MUCH I LOVE YOUR WRITING😘😘😝😝😆😆😗💗💗💗💜💖💕💘💞


Note: Hey anon, I didn’t describe the reader as Puerto Rican and French. I didn’t want to do it without offending you or anyone else if I used an uncorrected term or said something wrong. It just felt it was safer just to leave it out. I hope you don’t mind.

My Teen Wolf Masterlist

Y’/N’s POV

They say your first time is awkward, not so great, and painful. That’s exactly how it was nearly two months ago when Liam and I decided to lose our virginities in my bedroom when my parents went away for the weekend on business. It was awkward because we didn’t know how to do it. We were inexperienced. We didn’t know where our hands were supposed to go, where they should start first, and where they should roam around. Nor did we know who’s supposed to take off their clothes first and the process of that (am I supposed to take off my own or is he supposed to for me? Vice versa). Lastly, we didn’t know our weak spots, what we liked, and didn’t like. 

It was not so great either. We bumped heads more than we should have, like I said we didn’t know how this was supposed to go. We had trouble with the condom, opening it without ripping it, if I was supposed to help him, or he preferred do it on his own.

Lastly, it was painful. I knew it would be because I hear girls say it all the time, but I never believed how painful it actually was. Liam kept asking me if I was okay and if he should stop. Of course, I told him not to stop and mentality told myself this couldn’t be nearly as painful as giving birth, which I shouldn’t have thought about because that of kind of killed the mood for a few minutes.

We’d seen it in movies, read about it, heard about it, and asked for advice before we did it, but it still didn’t prepare two virgins. Sure we had our troubles, mistakes, and discomfort during our first time, but it was memorable and certainly not one to forget. Eventually, we became better at it after a lot of practice, and even tried some new things. It wasn’t just something we wanted to do just because our hormones were begging for it, no, we were in love. I cared for Liam, wanted to protect him, and I love him. He wasn’t just a boy, a fling, or someone just to get it over with. He was the guy I knew was worth waiting for and I’m glad I did, despite our first awkward time.

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advice 4 high school freshmen
  • get 8 hours of sleep each night at least
  • if u dont get enough sleep, say u have a headache and go lie down in the nurse’s office (idk if ppl at other schools can pull this off, it depends on how strict ur school is. it always worked at mine). try not to do this more than once a month
  • dont skip breakfast. dont skip lunch. protein bars are ur savior if ur in a time crunch, theyre portable, quick, tasty, and filling. there’s one called belvita that’s super filling and comes in all kinds of flavors, one or two bars can make a whole meal.
  • keep a planner and write down all ur assignments and other things u need to keep track of in it. most phones have a calendar app that is good for this.
  • if a big project or essay is assigned try to do a little bit each night instead of putting it off, you’ll end up doing like 15 mins a day for a 3 hour project
  • when writing an essay, write ur thesis but skip the intro until you’ve written ur body paragraphs
  • take a look at the syllabus and how much everything counts for. if you have homework from 2 classes but only enough time to do one, and homework in one class counts for 20% of the grade and 5% in the other, u know which one to do.
  • you’ll keep in touch with maybe 1 or 2 high school friends after graduation and that’s it. you’ll never see anyone from school again unless you go out of your way to. don’t worry about social bs
  • throw out papers you know you won’t need later. keep your binders clean!
  • in addition to studying, make a sheet of all the MOST important things u need to know for a test and go over it literally 5-10 minutes before the test
  • when writing an essay, find a pdf of the book online and use the ctrl+f (or cmd+f if ur on a mac) function to find specific things u want
  • sparknotes
  • unless ur trying for ivy league, bad grades are not nearly as big a deal as u think, especially in freshman year. try to do good but dont freak out if u dont.
  • if ur having trouble with an assignment, ask ur teacher for help, especially with essays.
  • if u mentruate, carry pads/tampons around even when ur not on ur period. periods dont always take a month to come around, they can surprise you. if u dont have any on u, the school nurse at most schools will have pads. on that same note, carry advil or alleve or whatever pain meds u use during ur period around with u too.
  • try to get over being embarassed to make noise in the bathroom. everybody is in the bathroom to pee. half of people use pads/tampons. no one cares that ur making the noise of peeing/pooping/unwrapping a pad. even if they did (they dont) ur never gonna see them again in 4 years.
  • if ur stressed or upset about something think “will this matter in 4 years? 10 years?”
  • charge ur phone during class
  • sit in the front
  • high school relationships (im talking romantic/sexual here) never last don’t worry about it
  • i would say dont have sex and dont drink/do drugs but abstinence education doesn’t work so im gonna say his instead:
  • if you decide to have sex, always use a condom or dental dam. the pill or an inability to reproduce may keep you or your partner from getting pregnant but they don’t prevent the transfer of stds. look up the proper way to put on a condom or dental dam.
  • if you decide to drink or do drugs be safe and don’t mix anything, don’t overdose, and do. not. drive. most things in high school don’t actually have an effect on ur life but if u drink and drive or drug and drive u can kill yourself or someone else. don’t do it.
  • dont set a song u love as ur alarm or u will grow to hate it
  • joining clubs is an easy way to make friends
  • dont let anyone pressure you into doing something ur not comfortable with
  • ok this is “cheating” but i did this for a while and it worked really well: find someone in a class and split homework with them. like, one person does the homework that night and the other person copies it before class, and u switch off every day. this means u do only half the homework and gives u more incentive to actually do it bc u have a responsibility to the other person. just make sure u know the material on the homework u didnt do that night, maybe do the first problem. try to do something while copying to make the answer look different on ur sheet. i did this in math class where the right answer is always the same, don’t try this for english class or something where it’ll be obvious you copied.

Part Two | Part Three

There’s 24 hours in a day. Besides the eight you spend sleeping and the eight hours in school, you spent the rest of the time daydreaming about him. Your notes were beginning to turn into doodles because paying attention in class had clearly turned into a myth. All your mind seemed to worry about at this point was him. Call it puppy love but you were falling hard.


Fridays and the two days that followed had become the most exciting days of the week, and not because it was the weekend. I mean yes, because it was the weekend, but that also meant he was coming. Although he wasn’t coming necessarily you, just being in his presence was enough. He was your older brother’s best friend for as long as you could remember and although you and your brother weren’t the best of friends; actually the opposite, Namjoon never once treated you different.


Saturday morning, you sat on your couch with nothing planned. Your parent had already left for work which left you alone with your brother. As long as he kept his distance, you were sure there would be no fighting between you two.


You heard the doorbell ring. Apart of you wanted to just ignore it, figuring that it was just the mailman. The doorbell was wrung again and forced yourself off the couch. You cursed yourself from under your breath as you looked through the peephole. Namjoon. It was pretty early and you were still in your pajamas. It wasn’t like he had never seen you in the before, but that didn’t make it any better.  You opened up the door hesitantly, letting him step inside. He looked down at your attire. Your messy hair and pajama pants made you look effortlessly adorable in his eye and it made him smile.


Growing more embarrassed standing there, you began heading back into your living room. Your turned around confused, feeling his presence still behind you. Usually he would head upstairs to your brothers room to hang with him.


“Your brother text me and said he was in the shower. Do you mind if I sit here with you while I wait?” Namjoon asked.  


“N-No, it’s fine” you stuttered. Apart of you wanted to send him away because you knew how dangerous his presence was. It wasn’t like you never daydreamed about a moment like this, but actually being able to like it out was nerve wrecking.


Sitting next to him was nerve wracking enough, but did he have to sit so close? You couldn’t help yourself as your eye kept wandering to look more so at his face, rather than the screen ahead. You began analyzing the small features on his face. The way his dimples would appear for a split second when he laughed at the funny scenes from the television, and how they disappeared from his clear face, giving you a slight view of his jawline. You found it cute how today he allowed his fringe to lay effortlessly across his forehead, giving him more of an innocent and cute look rather than his normal mysterious and sexy ora.


Namjoon looked over, as he began feeling your small glances and grinned to himself. You began turning bright red as you did your best to avoid eye contact. You hated how awkward you grew around him. You felt him still watching you as you began fiddling with your hands.


“Can I tell you something?” you asked out of boldness. Namjoon didn’t respond but instead waited for you to continue. This was a once in a lifetime chance to be alone with him that you’d probably never get again. You took a deep breath before you began. “I’ve had this big crush on you since we were younger. I didn’t know how to say it then but I’m saying it now.” you say matter of fact. It felt good to get it off your chest and it all seemed to spill out after you began.


“Y/N…” you knew that tone of voice from anywhere and it never meant anything good. Namjoon looked at you with sorrow in his eyes. All former excitement you had was gone now. “I can’t return those feelings. You are my best friends little sister.”


“You act as if I’m a child when my brother I and are barely a year apart” you struggled to hold in your anger.


“Still you’re like a little sister to me. And I can’t do that to your brother”. His words cut through your ears, reaching your heart like a freshly sharpened knife. You scuff under your breath as you feel your eyes began to water. Namjoon began to feel worse as he watched the change your attitude “Y/N I didn’t mean to-”


“It’s fine”


“I’m sor-”


“I understand” you said hoping that he would understand.


There was an awkward silence that formed in the room. You heard footsteps coming down from the stairs. You didn’t even waste your time looking at the stairs as you knew it was your brother. He stood at the final stair staring into the living room with his damp hair from his shower.


“Bro” your brother exaggerated, snapping Namjoon out of his thoughts. Namjoon nodded at B/N with a fake smile plastered on his face before falling back into the awkwardness from earlier.



You stood up, not able to handle the tension anymore. You walking up the stairs, brushing past your brother without saying a word as you avoided broth his eyes as well as Namjoon before heading to your room, closing the door behind you.  Your brother looked at Namjoon and then back up the stairs confused on what he missed. He shrugged it off before taking a seat on the couch, where you were before and began flipping through the movie channels.


This is what your life consisted of now. After your talk with Namjoon, nothing was the same. Avoiding him became a part of your daily tactic. The only time you spoke was when spoken to and even that took a lot out of you. You didn’t smile as much and it began to worry your parent, although they would never question your on why. Your brother seemed to grow more oblivious to your new change but it was for the best.


Namjoon began to see it that way as well. He stopped coming around as much, figuring it would only help you more on. Apart of that was true but he also couldn’t stand seeing you like this and knowing that it was his fault. Whenever Namjoon did come around, you were always either locked in your room or out with ‘friends’. Apart of you resented yourself for even saying anything, but it was too late for that now.


*Four years later…*


You biggest accomplishment so far was graduating high school. Freshman year of college, you had no former thought on what you wanted to be. After your second semester you began taken an interest in fashion. You began taking courses for it and began taking it more seriously than as a hobby.


Maybe it was by chance or by luck but, your teachers began seeing the potential you had. Sooner or later, you were presented with an opportunity to work for a small company as a coordinator for a new boy group. You would have been a fool to turn down such an opportunity and without thinking twice, you accepted the offer.  


Your first day on the job was today and you were nervous enough. You got up early and hurried up and got dressed, trying to look as presentable as possible. Your had offered to drive you on your first day and since you didn’t have your own car yet, you had no choice but to accept.

Pulling into the driveway, you felt your nerves kick in more. You took a deep breath before opening the front door. You heard the driver’s door close seconds later and turned to scowl your brother. “What? I have to pee” he said before sprinting ahead of you before you could reject.



Namjoon had changed over the years. Music became more important to him. It was his only outlet from the world and finally he was going to make it big. By joining BigHit he was able to meet six new guys that became more so like his brothers than his coworkers. He wasn’t just Namjoon around them, but their leader as well as his stage name; Rap Monster. Knowing that, his confidence increase by a long shot. Of course he missed his old life and friends but it seemed that destiny had separated them.


Namjoon walked out of the practice room after a long and hard work out and dance rehearsal. Only thing on his mind was sleep. That was until he saw an unfamiliar person, who looked nervous and lost. He watched as you walked back and forth, it was clear that you were nervous and it made it easier for him to approach you.


You were waiting in the hallway waiting for your brother to exit the bathroom and leave before you felt someone tapping your shoulder. You turned around, and was shocked to see him standing there. It’s been a few years since the last time you’d seen him and it was still nerve wrecking.


Namjoon looked down at you with a smirk. You were definitely beautiful and it intrigued him more to know why you were here. “Is there anything I can help you with ma’am” you asked


You looked at him confused. Ma’am? You were sure that he was joking but the look on his face said otherwise. Why was how talking to you as if he didn’t recognize you? You raised an eyebrow at him.


“No” you said simply, catching him off guard.


“Well if not, I was hoping you could help me with something”. Namjoon wasn’t the type to give up, and the fact that you rejected him so easily made him want to try harder. You rolled your eyes.


you brother, walked out of the bathroom while drying his hands on a paper towel, only to come out to see you already conversing with other boys. Squinting his eyes and growing closer he couldn’t believe what he saw. “Namjoon?” your brother said unsure himself if it was him or not. Namjoon looked in the direction of his name being called to seem you brother standing there. Shock was the only thing comprehensible on his face at this point. Without hesitation, both boys met each other halfway before hugging.


“Man, what are you doing here” Namjoon asked confused


“I came to drop Y/N off” your brother grinned.


Confusion almost sat in immediately. Y/N? It seemed like forever that he’d heard your name, let alone seen you, so he thought. Walking over and tapping his shoulder, you waited for him to turn around as you folded your arms. He turned around still confused, but as he looked closer and analyzed your face a little longer, it began to all make sense. Namjoon’s eyes grew big as realized who you were and what this all meant. A small smirk began to grow on your face and you watched him examine your. “Long time no see”.

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yes, this will most likely have a second and possible third part if wanted ?

send in feed back so I know :)

what do you think will happen???

Part Two

anonymous asked:

I'm planning on killing myself on Tuesday. So there's that?

I just looked at my statcounter and it says that you live in a town close to me, so I’m scared that I know you and I’m also scared that I don’t. I’m scared that this is the only chance anyone has been given to reach out to you and try to convince you to stay, and I’m sorry if nobody else ever has tried. The reality of this hits too close to home and whether or not I do know you, I’m going to talk to you right now like you are my best friend. Because you are somebody’s somebody. You know that, don’t you? Even when they’re angry with you or they get busy and don’t talk to you for some time, you are their person. So I’m going to talk to you like you’re my person and I want you to believe that I am your person. I know that life gets so awful that you feel like you really can’t do anything anymore and that it’d be best to just leave the whole world behind, but that’s not how it is supposed to be. It’s really not. And I know that when you feel this way and it gets to the point where you don’t feel like there is any real reason to stay, think of the people who care about you. And I know people care about you. Even if you feel so so alone, there will be people who won’t know what to do with themselves if you leave. I know that the choice to commit suicide doesn’t have anything to do with anybody else, but the action does. The action is connected to everybody who has ever loved you and everybody who loves you right now. That is enough for me to never do it. It’s hard to see a better future when you’re stuck like this and it’s hard to remember the beautiful things that have already happened too. I’m sorry if your life is so unbearable right now that you feel like the only way to escape is to end it. I need you to know that that’s just not true. I need you to know that not only can things change but they will. You don’t have believe me right now, you just need to hold on until you see it. Feel whatever it is that you’re feeling but please don’t do anything to yourself because of it. Take a warm shower and sob and lay on the floor and stare at your skin and sob some more, but get up. Open your window and try to feel the air, try to breathe. Please don’t end your life. Talk to somebody who can help you. I need you to do that. If not for yourself, do it for me. Give it a shot. Because I care about you. Whether I know you personally or not, now you are a part of my life and I am not okay with you leaving this world. Now you matter to me. If you feel that you didn’t have a person who wanted you to stay, now you do. I want you to stay and I want you to really live because you can. And I want to help you and take you places and let you breathe and feel alive again. I want you to cry and be scared and I want to you face things and smile because you did it. You can make it. You can really fucking make it. I thought I would never get out. I thought the only way was to end it and I would just lie there literally paralyzed with fear. I would lie there for months and I didn’t drive anywhere because I was afraid of what I’d do if I got in the car. I just went through this again a month ago. I woke up and I cried. I got in the shower and I sobbed and stared at my hands and didn’t touch anything and I got out of the shower. I promised myself I’d get dressed and make it to work. Then I promised myself I’d make it through the 20 minute drive on the freeway. Horrible thoughts, but I made sure they would remain only thoughts. Then I went to work. Then I came home. Then I sat on my roof and watched a storm come in. Then I felt and I kept feeling and I’d walk at night in the middle of the bad parts of the city hoping that somebody would do something to me just so I wouldn’t have to be the one to do it, because it would be easier on my family if they thought that I didn’t want it to happen. But I’d turn around and go home and sleep instead. And it got better and it is still getting better. Life isn’t always easy but it is beautiful. So please sleep. Please eat food and force yourself to do things you used to enjoy, even if you can’t enjoy them right now. You will enjoy them again. You will do so much again and the whole world will be yours. Somebody asked me why life was worth living because they couldn’t come up with anything so I said this:
Sunrises. Waking up next to your best friend in her tiny bed. Waking up alone in a tent. The taste of green tea on a hot day. Shaving your head and laughing. The comfortable silence between yourself and another being. A field full of wildflowers hidden behind crappy buildings. Notes from middle school. Climbing sand dunes, even if you were falling on the way up. Walking away from the people who hurt you. The way the earth looks after it rains. Hot sand under your bare feet. When a cat sits on your lap instead of the laps of the other 8 people in the room. Buying a dress in a vintage shop you saw 4 years ago but couldn’t get then. Getting naked in places you aren’t allowed to get naked in. The feeling you get when you beat an anxiety attack. Making love. Fucking. Moving into your own apartment for the first time. Finishing a piece of art. When someone says, “this reminds me of you.” Meeting a person who feels the same way you do about the world, knowing you’re not as alone as you thought you were. Eye contact with a beautiful stranger. Changing your mind about something you thought you knew your whole life. 2 am walks in the city. The rush you feel driving through an intense thunderstorm. Laughing so hard you pretty much pee your pants. Family events you don’t want to go to that make you feel surprisingly thankful. Letters in the mail. Getting so full you have to unbutton your pants. A good night’s sleep after 14 nights of depression keeping you up. Not failing a test. Forgiving others. Forgiving yourself. When someone says, “I’m proud of you.” Telling someone how much you love them. Laying in bed with a friend drinking wine and reading poetry. Getting lost in cornfields with your favorite music blasting through your speakers. When you finally get the courage to say how you feel. Drunken nights full of people you don’t know spilling their entire lives to you. Buying a used book that has underlined sentences. The boxes you find full of pictures of people who passed away. 3 hour phone calls with someone you used to love. The feeling of cool sheets against your bare feet. Sunsets.
That is my list. These are the things that have made me so thankful for sticking around. These are the things that have happened since I decided I deserved to be alive. And since I wrote that list, I have had so many more experiences to add to it. Maybe that list means nothing to you, but it means the world to me. And I hope that you can write your own when you start to see the small things in your own life that are breathing for you. Everything is breathing for you. I want you to know that and feel that. Your entire life will be full of things meant just for you. 
So you are my person and I am your person. I love you, whether I know you or not, I love you. And I feel you from here and my heart aches for you. We all have our fucked up shit that we think is unbearable and unchangeable but neither of those are true. You have survived this far and you will survive through this. You have the power to change your life and to say no, to say yes, to forgive people, to forgive yourself more importantly, to forgive over and over again, to let go of the past, to let go of today, to let go of the tomorrow you had planned, to embrace the new things that are coming for you, to smile, to cry, to laugh, to FEEL, to exist, to sleep, to wake up and wake up again and again and again. You are loved in this moment and you will be loved tomorrow and for the rest of your life and more love is coming to you. I want you to stay for it. I want you to stay for all of it. Please talk to somebody. Please call a hotline. Please call a therapist. Please get help because I want you here and I want you to stay. So badly. You deserve to even if you feel like you don’t. I’m sorry if the things that have happened make you feel like you don’t deserve a good life and that you think it isn’t possible to have. Please stay.

labore-et-honore  asked:

Yoooo imagine the Foxes at the beach (private beach bc lbr they'd never go to a public beach) and they have like 3 little beach condos bc Abby thinks it'll be good for them and Wymack just wants them to practice more pls what r ur headcanons for this

Oooh I’ve never gotten a prompt for head-canons before - let this be the first of many! 

OK so: 

  • It’s been a pretty rough season. They are all worn down from the whole Rico drama and competition this year has been tough. 
  • They are all just fighting with each other at this point - even Renee is being snippy. 
  • So Abby is like “enough. Holiday time.” 
  • Allison of course says she knows a place. 
  • And they all expect maybe a nice hotel or a cabin like last time. 
  • but no
  • she takes them to a private beach
  • like a proper beach, not a tiny little cove or anything
  • the only problem is dividing up the accommodation 
  • Wymack claims one condo with Abby because “I don’t get paid enough to sleep in the same building as you lot as well as train you” 
  • also he lowkey wants a romantic break w Abby because as we have established Wymack doesn’t get paid enough to have nice holidays. 
  • So that leaves Andrews lot in one, and the rest of the foxes in the other. 
  • Andrew and Neil share a room, but Andrew moans about it. 
  • “I’m literally your boyfriend Andrew, why are you bitching about sharing with me?” 
  • “Because I hate you.” 
  • “We are engaged.” 
  • “Yes. So you can deal with everyone else for me.” 
  • Anyway he eventually relents because Neil threatens to invite Kevin to share with them as well if he doesn’t start being nice. 
  • Renee and Allison mostly hang out in their condo because Dan and Matt have no respect for other peoples ears and are probably having loud sex 24/7. 
  • “WHERE THE FUCK IS WILDS WE ARE MEANT TO BE TRAINING” - Wymack doesn’t really understand what holidays are for. 
  • Kevin is nodding approvingly and leaning on his exy stick. 
  • “Practicing on the sand might be beneficial - if we can play well on sand, think how much better we will be on solid ground.” 
  • “Literally fuck off” - this is Andrew, who is trying to resist the urge to cuddle Neil publicly, because the sun is making Neil’s face go all freckly and cute. 
  • “93% Josten, you absolute bastard.” 
  • “What the actual fuck?” 
  • “Cute freckles make me hate you a lot OK I don’t make the rules.” 
  • Neil is pretty sure Andrew does make the rules, but he knows the rising percentages are mostly expressions of affection, so he rolls with it. 
  • Renee and Alison have aquired a vat of lemonade from somewhere and they pass around glasses. 
  • Turns out Aron loves lemonade? 
  • He drinks like 8 glasses 
  • then they start playing beach volleyball and he has to keep running off to pee every three seconds. 
  • Kevin is going wild because it’s a game that A) isn’t exy, and B) he is losing because of his weak bladdered team mate. 
  • Anyway they mostly lounge around in the sun and Andrew takes his shirt off but keeps his wristbands on and he gets a real weird suntan
  • and everyone chills out after a few days and the fighting is minimal
  • and it’s nice to just be somewhere away from the public eye and the stress of school and everything
  • and Andrew kisses Neil in front of the other foxes and doesn’t even punch Nicky when he “aawws” at them 
  • shit I knew I’d forgotten a fox sorry Nicky I’ll pay you some attention now
  • Nicky is quietly going crazy because Neil has taken his shirt off
  • (because it is boiling) 
  • and damn he is a very attractive specimen of humanity
  • and he’s just lounging around with his head in Andrews’ lap
  • and Nicky cAnT DeAl. 
  • He keeps going for long swims. 
  • Kevin takes his swims as a challenge
  • (why? he literally swam by himself? who knows how Kevin’s mind works?) 
  • so he starts racing Nicky. 
  • and then Matt emerges from the condo and joins in
  • que an impromptu swimming gala
  • Allison wins. Turns out she used to be on the swim team as well as playing Exy. 
  • Anyway on the last night they all have a barbecue 
  • and Wymack maybe drinks a little too much
  • and maybe holds Abby’s hand
  • in front of the foxes
  • How much money does Allison have now? A lot
  • and everyone sits around the fire talking
  • and Andrew and Neil sit on the same towel, hands tangled together, 
  • and Renee and Allison fall asleep in a heap
  • and Kevin draws plans for exy plays in the sand (what a nerd can’t he stop for just one minute) 
  • And Nicky whispers to his boyfriend on the phone
  • and idk everyone is full and warm and the beach is quiet and the waves are gentle
  • and they all just fall asleep,tangled together, the boundaries between the groups blurring
  • and Abby just smiles when they are all snoring softly
  • because she was right and everything is good. 

(OK I hope this is what you wanted) (also if you want a tiny fic involving Neil and Andrew taking a moonlit stroll tell me because I’m considering writing that.) 

Sick and Self

The cold air numbed my hands and made sliding the key into Harry’s door nearly impossible. Blowing on my frozen fingers in an attempt to revive them proved to be a good idea. The door opened easily and I stepped into a large yet quiet house. The lights in the foyer were off and the flat screen TV sat noiselessly on the living room wall. The place was dead. And Harry was sick.

I lightly kicked off my winter boots and hung my heavy coat on the iron coat rack. As I walked further into the house, I didn’t bother calling out for Harry. I already knew he was tucked into his bed and the last thing I wanted to do was wake him. The flu had gotten the best of Harry, leaving his sparkling green eyes tired and his toned, tanned skin pale. Sleep was what he needed now. It also happened to be what I needed. It was just after ten o’clock, the last class of the day had ended an hour earlier. Harry had requested my presence for the night. He was hard to say no to, not that I wanted to anyways.

As I walked up the spiral staircase to his room, I could feel my heartbeat thump against my rib cage. This wasn’t exactly how I had imagined to spend my first night at Harry’s. Although we had been dating for a few months, our busy schedules allowed for few dates. I treasured the insufficient hours we had to ourselves and always made sure to look my best for each occasion. This was the first time Harry would see me so casually, dressed in leggings and a monogrammed school sweatshirt. A messy bun and worn makeup completed the university-student look.

Harry’s bedroom door was slightly ajar and I pushed it open to reveal a dishevelled Harry staring at the ceiling with the comforter pulled up against only his waist. His torso was bare, save for the swirls of black ink. I could feel my body temperature rise dramatically, even though Harry was the only one with the fever.

“Harry,” I lightly scolded. “It’s freezing outside! How are you not cold like that?” I gestured to his shirtless body.

“I don’t know, but I’m sweating buckets over here,” Harry answered, his voice deep and throaty from sleep and sickness.

I sat on the edge of his bed and placed my hand on his clammy forehead.

“Your fever broke; that’s a good thing. You should start to feel better tomorrow.”

“I’m already feeling better now.” He winked, looking my body up and down.

Even sick, Harry was charming as hell. My face flushed and I playfully swatted at his chest.

“Can I get you anything? Soup, tea, medicine?”

Harry shook his head. “Nah, I’m okay. I have a few more hours to go before it’s time for the syrup again. And if I drink any more soup or tea I think I’m going to pee the stuff out.” I chuckled. “Just lie with me please.”

I knew I was risking getting sick sharing the bed with him. And knowing me and my hormones around Harry, I was bound to do more than just lie with him. But a sore throat and a fever had nothing at the physical pain that would come from being deprived of Harry’s touch while in the same room.

“Sure, mind if I use your bathroom to freshen up?” Harry nodded and gestured to the ensuite.

Grabbing my toiletry bag from my backpack, I washed my face and brushed my teeth. I combed through my tangled strands and threw them back into a nest on the top of my head. I smoothed my hands over my sweater and sighed. I had no pajamas of my own, so I was stuck sleeping in my clothes.

Sensing my predicament, I heard Harry call out: “Top drawer on the left are some sweats you can wear to bed.”

I smiled to myself and thanked him. My stomach flipped at the idea of wearing Harry’s clothes. Another first in our relationship tonight.

After settling on a black t-shirt and plaid pajama bottoms, I turned to Harry and gave him a cheeky warning.

“No peeking while I change!”

Keeping my back towards him, I quickly slipped on the comfy clothes. They were much too big but smelled like Harry; a fair trade.

When I faced Harry, I saw that he was sitting upright, his arms stretched behind him on the mattress for support. His eyes were light and his lips were turned up into a gorgeous lopsided smirk.

“You looked,” I said. My heart sank.

“Sorry, Y/N, but I’m sick, not stupid. When a beautiful woman strips down in front of me and puts on my clothes, well, that’s not something I can pass up. Especially when I happen to be quite fond of her personality, too.”

“Have you taken too much medicine, Harry?” I asked playfully.

His smooth answer dissolved most of the pressure in my chest but I still felt self-conscious of Harry seeing me so raw and bare. I shyly tucked a loose strand from my bun behind my ear and climbed into the bed, laying my head on the pillow. A few seconds had passed, and I had yet to make eye contact with Harry.
Harry’s warm fingers lightly traced the outline on my cheeks, and I heard him intake a sharp breath before he spoke.

“Y/N, I have a mum and a sister. Both are beautiful, yet I can’t count the number of times I’ve seen their confidence fall when they weren’t done up. I hate it when it happens to them, and I hate it now even more when it’s happening to you.”

My eyes shut briefly then met with Harry’s kind green ones, full of concern.

“I know it’s stupid, but I guess I can’t help it. You’ve only seen me after I’ve been primped. It’s kinda scary having you see me bare to be honest,” I admitted.

Harry shook his head in response. “Y/N, you are such a beautiful girl. Everything about you is. Whether your hair is up or down, or you have makeup on or not. Your insides are beautiful too, of course, but it bothers me that you don’t think you’re good enough as you are. It makes me feel like I failed as your boyfriend. What kind of respectable guy lets his girlfriend feel shitty?”

I chuckled lightly at his word choice. “Hey, this isn’t your fault, Harry. For what it’s worth, you do make me feel beautiful. But I’ve felt this way for so long that it’ll take a while for me to be completely confident.”

Harry nodded, taking in my words. “Well, until then, I’ll be here to remind you every day how beautiful you are.” I smiled. “And feel free to return the favour every once in a while.” He winked.

“Harry, I think you know you’re good looking. Wouldn’t want your head getting big, now would we?” I teased, poking him in the dimple I loved so much.

“Hey! My head is not big! My hair, maybe, but not my head!”

I lightly tugged on a section of Harry’s long locks. A series of coughs escaped his lips and I frowned.

“Get some sleep Harry, you need it.”

Harry nodded, shifting his body so that he lay comfortable.

“Goodnight beautiful,” Harry whispered, pressing a swift kiss to the back of my head.

“Goodnight Harry,” I replied simply. I didn’t think a word exists that is fitting to capture just how beautiful he really is.

AUTHOR’S NOTE There goes two requests: Harry gets sick and you are shy when he compliments you. Thank you for the requests! Sorry it took so long! I hope you enjoyed! Thank you for reading!

14 things you should know about dating a med student + my response


1. She’s a listening pro. She spends all day listening to patients, lecturers, residents, attending doctors, so she’s basically a professional listener. So if you spill your deepest, messiest emotions, she’ll accept them and try to understand them. Unless it’s the day after a 24-hour call day, in which case haha, no, she already fell asleep.

CM: Garbage, garbage, garbage. If there is something my bf complains about, is that I am a terrible listener. Not on purpose of course, but after a long day sometimes I can’t help but have a hard time focusing. Or I’m just thinking about the gazillion things I didn’t do/still have to do. It just happens.

Originally posted by medicalstate

2. Plan every date at least 10 years in advance, if possible. See no. 1. Sister’s 18th birthday? Best friend’s wedding? Casual cup of coffee? She can’t make it. She has a test tomorrow and every day x 1,000 forever.

CM: Not necessarily, but prepare for me to arrive late once in a while. It doesn’t matter if you planned it yesterday or 10 years ago, stuff will come up. Clinic will run late, impromptu research meetings happen, maybe I will panic and decide I REALLY need to stay in and study for that quiz (which is 3 days from today but you still wont understand).

3. You’ll only see her once a year at, like, 2:45 p.m. for 10 minutes. Because even once she finishes finals, there’s always another final. And a final after that. And then a presentation and an oral exam and a 500-page review textbook to read. Basically, “I love you but I’ll see you in five years” is something she’s told you as a joke that was not a joke at all.

CM: A little exaggerated, but I agree with this one. Long weekends don’t work for me, because stuff is usually schedules for right after. We have to wait til Christmas, Spring Break, Summer, Thanksgiving, and so on. 

4. You’ll assume she can fix any medical problems you have and you will almost always be wrong. If your throat hurts or your back is spasming or even if you have a small paper cut, you will automatically assume she can fix it with her med student magic. In reality, she probably has no idea why you’re having leg cramps, but that doesn’t matter because she will pretend to know anyway. Hint: She will just give you aspirin and a lot of the time—it’ll fix everything.

CM: Yeah I know nothing. (maybe the Kreb’s Cycle) 

Originally posted by justarandommedstudent

5. She gives terrifying new meaning to the term “type A.” Med students and doctors generally have some form of OCD or, at the very least, a seriously regimented routine, and you better get used to it because she is physically and emotionally incapable of altering it in any way. If she gets a muffin at 6 every morning from the same place and you ask her to try a new place, she might have a breakdown, so just accept it and move on.

CM: I am a nice person. But I do have to say, I’ve been told I am Type A and OCDish. I may not have a breakdown, but I do prefer to do somethings my way. “Emotionally incapable” is too much.

I do however, seat on the same exact seat on the test center. If I arrive to the test center and you are in my seat, we may have to take it outside. 

6. Prepare to hear about nothing but work. Whether it’s a cool patient she saw that day, a surgery she observed, the size and quality of a poop her patient had (no, but seriously, check out the Bristol stool scale), you’ll hear about it. You will then think you had the most boring day ever by comparison and also wonder WTF the Bristol stool scale is. (Don’t worry, she’ll happily tell you.)

CM: You’ll hear about some work, but mostly I’ll be asking you how your day was because it was probably more interesting than me sitting in the library all day. 

7. You could fart and have diarrhea at the same time, and she wouldn’t flinch. She feels totally comfortable talking about pee, poop, UTIs, periods, and anything else you find gross. To her, it is her job, and an everyday occurrence that she talks to people about. This is actually great since you are a human with a normal body and honestly, everyone should feel this OK about these things.

CM: I love you, but please don’t fart or talk about your poop with me and I wont talk about anatomy lab with you. 

8. Be prepared to move because surprise! She has to move now. If you happen to stay in a committed relationship during “the match,” aka when med students find out what specialty and residency they will be working, be prepared to move with her. The field is damn competitive, and every spot for residency is coveted. It’s a sacrifice, but hey, you may end up marrying a doctor/someone you really love.

CM: ^^^^ This one guys ^^^^^

9. Med students can be diiiiicks. High stress + competitive people = bad attitude. Find one who is more laid-back (aka, not any type of aspiring surgeon. Seriously. Do not date an aspiring surgeon. I’ve talked to aspiring surgeons who told me not to date aspiring surgeons, so I know what I’m talking about) and you’ll be fine.

CM: I am not the nicest person when I’m stressed, but mostly because of stress and not competition. Also, I don’t want to be a surgeon. Do however, take everything I say during exam week with a grain of salt sugar.

10. Medical residents work 24-hour shifts that may turn into 28 or 30 hours. She has a great ability to stay up beyond what is humanly possible. This also means she needs to sleep, and often at weird hours. If she has Saturday off after working a 24-hour day Friday, yeah, she’s not going to wake up and go to brunch Saturday because she will be in bed all day.

CM: I barely went through first year, but this also means there will be days were despite the time difference, your SO will go to sleep first. 

11. Her drive and motivation are contagious. This will push you to work your hardest and to be your best, which is second nature for her. Go for that promotion or that job you never thought you’d get! She will stand behind you and respect you for it, you know, once she looks up from studying.

12. She still parties like a college freshman who’s never had booze before. After all the tests and group projects, she will still inevitably go out and get wasted like she’s a freshman in college. Few people drink as hard and fast as med students after exams, god bless ‘em. They are so sleepy and psyched to get hammered.

CM: Well, I went out only about 5 times during the whole school year, but that week after the last final……. 

13. She won’t freak out if it doesn’t work out between you two. She’s been through years of rejection from med schools around the country so you not being ready for a relationship right now is unlikely to send her in a tailspin.

CM: Welp. I wouldn’t say med students are immune to rejection.

14. She works so hard at what she does, so she’ll work hard on your relationship. Most med students are generally perfectionists, so as hard as they’re working on changing the world and helping other people, they’re going to work just as hard at being the best girlfriend they can possibly be. You know, unless you date a surgeon, which I already specifically warned you about.

CM: haha what’s with the surgeons in this article??! I think there’s something to say about this one, because in my case, as much as I work super hard I now I can’t give my absolute best 100% of the time, because there’s generally alot of things going on. But I will give the 100% I can give that day. This means sometimes we’ll talk on the phone for hours, other times we’ll exchange a couple of texts, and other times we’ll just text each other “goodnight”.