or maybe she is not at all but sansa is a child and has no idea

Sansa Stark does not deserve your hatred

In my last year of school we had to write a character analysis and I decided to write about Sansa Stark. My teacher (who was only a couple of years older than me) was a huge asoiaf fan and he got really excited about it, but I remember him frowning and saying in a perplexed voice, “How can Sansa Stark be your favourite character?”

I looked at him with the same confusion mirrored in my own eyes and replied: “Because she is strong.” That was the first time I realised how hated Sansa was and it really infuriated me and so I decided to show him in my essay why she is my favourite character and honestly I think he got it because I did end up getting a good grade.

The analyse focused on book Sansa but this will focus on show Sansa,and it will probably be a bit of a read.

This here is the very moment I began to like Sansa. This is where she looses her innocence and where her character growth begins. This is when she goes from being a child to a young woman. This is where she wants to kill her Prince Charming and she would have if the Hound had not stopped her. This is also a part many viewers seem to overlook, deciding to still view Sansa as a stupid little girl and that is the problem with those who dislike Sansa, they refuse to acknowledge her growth.

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2) also what are your thoughts on book sansa and arya relationship? I've read some absurd posts about Sansa apparently abusing Arya or that she doesn't love her at all. And i really wanted to know your opinion Thank you!

Sansa and Arya didn’t understand each other, were often frustrated with each other, and lived in an environment that portrayed Sansa as the ideal Arya should be working for and Arya’s preferences as improper. They spent a great deal of AGoT very angry with each other, and in a hostile situation with frankly inadequate adult supervision.

They love each other, too.

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Take the Reins

Requested:  Hi! Can you make a Jon Snow imagine? They are children, like 4 or 5 years old. He wants to play with the Starks but lady Stark says he cant and the boys make fun of him. He leaves and the reader (the daughter of a maid) finds him crying, and comforts him. Then, when they are older they are still friends and she is his maid, but they love each other. One day she defends Jon from his mother, so she throw her out in the wild. Jon go after her and run away together? Sorry, its too long:/

Not long at all my love! The more detailed the better and more what you wanted! Thank you for your request lovely.

Fandom: Game of Thrones 

Pairing: Jon Snow x Reader

Warning: Anger, crying, kissing

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You hid behind your mothers skirts as she spoke to the baker asking what was needed to be cleaned and changed before she ran to the market to receive inks for Lord Stark. You were a timid child always keeping your chin down, and your nose out of things, but the Stark children caught your eyes. Rob was wrestling with his younger brother Bran. Jon was nowhere to be seen among the boys. Which you found quite odd, Jon was normally always running after the eldest Stark child. But not today, your head whipped the other direction when you heard the sharp voice of Lady Stark, the other servants, maidens, and varies castle staff bowed and went back to their duties when Lady Stark walked by, with Jon’s arm gripped tightly in her thin hands, Jon looked disgruntled. When Lady Stark reached where your mother and you were stand, your mother bowed and you stood behind her still holding her shirts. She intimidated you beyond belief, she shot you a scornful gaze when you didn’t bow to her, your mother smacked the back of your head and you instantly bowed to the Lady of your house.  

Lady Stark kept pulling Jon away, while berating him and scolding him for wanting to play with his brothers, he looked like he wanted to cry, but he kept a straight face. Soon you saw him struggle and he got his arm free and ran off into the woods, Lady Stark growled but turned her nose up and kept walking away. “Y/n! Are you even listening to me?” Your mother barked, you turned your face to look at your usually mother’s soft face, now it was creased with sharp anger lines. You flinched at that look, “how many times do I need to tell you. You have to bow when you see the Lord or Lady of the house.” I looked at my shoes, and kicked a peddle.

“Sorry mama,” she sighed and ruffled your hair.

“Go on and play with the other children,” she waved as she left to go to the market.

But instead of running off to play with the other maids children you ran in the direction Jon ran moments earlier. He wasn’t far into the woods when you caught up to him. He was beating a tree with a stick causing splitters to dig deep into his fingers. Your mother was training you to be a nurse maid, but you would rather be a hand maid for one Lady Starks daughters or maybe the foot maid for one of her sons. But your mother believed that it was best to become a nurse maid. “Jon,” you said quietly not to startle him. You didn’t want to feel the rough wood smack you in the face, he whipped around stick held tightly in hand, his gaze softened when he noticed you. “Oh, its just you,” he said deflated. Jon was a year older then you, but he looked much more mature then the others boys his age. You believed that was due to how harshly Lady Stark treated him.

“What happened my Lord,” you bowed slightly. He barked out a loud laugh, “don’t let Lady Stark hear you say that, she would for sure toss her lunch,” you scoffed at his remark.

“You are a son to Lord Stark, so you are a lord, I shall refer to as such,” he shook his head, and placed his hand on your shoulder. “Please, not around my Lady, she would sure as the morrow to punish you or your mother.” I looked down at my shoes.

“Yes M’lord” he shook his head.


After that day in the woods, you and Jon became quite good friends. You bonded over being social outcasts, and as you got older you mother became much busier tending to the needs of the house leaving you to your devices. By the time it came for you pick out what kind of maid you would be, your mind was already made up. When you told your mother you wanted to be Jon’s maid, your mother gave you a saddened look. But agreed and got you a meeting with Lord Stark.

Jon was to be present at this meeting along with Lady Stark, that made you nervous beyond belief. Jon had no idea that you wanted to be his maid. He would tell you not to bother, but its what you wanted. You and your mother arrived a moment early to the meeting, you could hear the hushed voices of Lord and Lady Stark. Your mother n=knocked sharply on the door and it was opened by a servant, you immediately bowed. “My Lord,” you nodded at him, “My Lady you look lovely,” Lady Stark raised her eyebrows, and her husband a look, he shrugged and smile at you. A few minutes later Jon arrived to his fathers’ office, covered in something. Lady Stark exhaled and shot a deadly gaze at him. He impishly bowed and stood with his back against the wall.

“So, it has been brought to my attention that you would like to request to be Jon’s serving maid?” You weren’t looking at Jon, but you knew he was about to reject the idea immediately. Lord Stark stared intently at you, you looked down not wanting to meet his gaze. The man scared the shit out of you if you being honest. You took a deep breath, “Yes,” you spoke with the most confidence you had ever heard escape your lips.

“Why would you want to be his maid? You could be any of our children’s maid, you would be perfect for Sansa,” Lady Stark stated staring through you.

“Now Cat, Sansa has already taken a hand maid. Rob has also taken a maid. The other children are to young for a personal maid. Jon has yet to get one.” Lord Stark said sternly to his wife.

“Yes, because nobody wants to be a bastards maid,” you flinched at her mean words, but refused to show weakness.

“Cat!” Lord Stark’s voice raised slightly. She simply shrugged. “Then, with that being said” Lord Stark shot his wife a look, “this young maid would be prefect for Jon” Lord Stark seemed pleased, Lady Stark look disgusted. She threw her hands up and said something under her breath before she hastily left the office. Lord Stark shook his head and rubbed his forehead. “Well this we be a headache tonight,” he took a sip from his mug. “So, Jon are you okay with this young maiden being your personal maid?” Jon stepped forward, “thank you father, she will be fine.”

“Well, congratulations, I would recommend your first task should being fetching a bath for my son here,” you bowed deeply and exited the office, but not before you caught Lord Starks final remark. “She’s a pretty little thing,” you blushed at his words. Your mother gushed with gratitude at his comment.  

A few moments later, you were pouring Jon a bath in his chambers when he burst through the door like a wild boar. “By the seven,” you clutched your hand over your heart. “Sorry M’lord,” you composed yourself quickly. Jon scoffed, and started to take his dirty clothes off and once he was down to his smalls, you were done with the bath water, and turned your back to him. You heard the water slush over the tub. You were walking around the tub to the pile of dirty laundry, when Jon took hold of your wrist making you look at him.

“Why would you do this Y/n?” he asked his eyes not letting you look away. “You were becoming a wonderful nurse maid, you would deliver babies and take care of the sick. Why would want to be my maid?” It hurt to hear the sadness in his voice, he believed that he was not worthy of maid, that he was nothing but a lowly peasant. But at the same time, it made your blood boil to know that reason he thought so lowly of himself was because of Lady Stark.

“May I speak openly M’lord,” Jon rolled his eyes, “by the seven Y/n, of course you can.” You cringed. “Do you really think that lowly of yourself that you undeserving of a maid?” you asked softly. Jon looked down at his hand and his curly hair touched the hot water, he shook his head. “Yes, but if this is how its going to be, please in private just call me Jon,” he looked back up at you. You nodded, “okay,” you paused, “Jon,” he smiled.


A few years had passed since that day, and now the castle was preparing for our royal guests that would be arriving in a few short hours per the raven that was sent ahead. You were accompanying Jon to get his hair cut. Jon bulked up in those few short years and you had filled out to look more womanly. Robs maid, was wonderfully funny girl, you and she were quite close and always ran errands for the boys together, was standing beside you quietly while she waited for Robb to be finished. Jons turn did not come without teasing remarks from Greyjoy and Robb. “I’m sure you wouldn’t complain with Y/n was trimming you curls little brother,” you blushed.

“I don’t know why she isn’t, she’s always trimmed it before,” Jon stated and shot you a smile.

“Maybe because she won’t shear that massive amount of curls. Seriously are you sheep?” Greyjoy teased. You couldn’t help that his head of curs were hot, you loved them, so when it came time to trim them, you did the bare minimum. Not that Jon minded, he liked when you ran your fingers through his hair.

The royal party came and that was yours and Jon’s cue to leave, before Lady Stark could send spiteful words in your direction. You and Jon retreated to the stables where Jon would practice his sword fighting you would try and learn to read. Maids were not normally permitted to read and write, but Jon refused to allow that and in secret he would teach you how to read. In those moments of silence while you struggled for words Jon would gently encourage you to keep trying and then if you got past it successfully he would give you a sweet kiss. It was true you and Jon had grown from close friends to lovers in the privacy for his bed chambers.

You were practicing with a children’s book that Jon had swiped from the Stark library. The sound of a sword slashing a dummy stopped, and you heard Jon chuckle, but he was a lot closer to you then you remembered, and it startled you. He was inches from your face, a sweet smile and loving eyes met yours. “Interesting book M’lady,” you blushed deeply at his words, you hated when he called you Lady but also you loved it. You shook your head, “are you having trouble with a word?” he asked earnestly.

“No, no, its boring,” you giggled and he caught your mouth with his and he slid his tongue across your lower lip, only to be interrupted by the one and only little Prince of the lands. You instantly dropped the book to your feet and stood up.

“Well, what do we have here?” he sneered, looking you up and down, it made you feel sick. “The bastard and his lovely little maid,” his hound swiped the book up from your feet. “What is the peasant learning to read?” The Prince laughed loudly. You looked down and didn’t say anything, only for chin to be taken by rough hands and made to look in the eye of the Prince. “You will look at your Prince when he speaks to you, peasant,” you were shaking. “You’re, you’re,” he laughed again. “Come now, what? Use the little amount of words you know.”

“You’re hurting me My Prince,” he chuckled and squeezed harder. “Surely, you’re used to worse,” he then tilted your head up and put his other hand on your throat and squeezed. You coughed and swiped his bare hand and scratched him, he yelped and dropped his hand and clutched it. He then slapped you hard across the face you fell into the mud at your feet. Then without thinking Jon reacted and punched the Prince in the jaw a loud crack echoed through the stables and the Prince glared at Jon with fire in his eyes. “You will pay for this bastard,” he threw at you and sulked out of the stables.

Jon crouched down and helped you up, your throat hurt as well as your chin. Jon cupped your face gently and placed soft kisses on the corner of your eyes to clean the tears. A few moments later Lady Stark was stomping through the stables and gripped Jon tightly around the wrist, “Your fathers’ office now,” she hissed. You followed Jon and Lady Stark though the castle to Jon’s fathers’ office. The Queen and the Prince were waiting there and Lord Stark sat at his desk, his head in his hands.

The Prince’s jaw was swelling and looked hideous. The Queen looked like she was going smite Jon where he stood. Then Lady Stark tore into Jon, she was cussing him out, the Queen and Prince looked pleased. Your heart beat was pounding, and it hurt to watch Jon be berated and told off always killed you inside. “Lady Stark,” you spoke, regret followed your words, when her steely glare met your soft eyes. “It is my fault, I scratched the Prince, and he hit me as he should.” You bowed deeply, trying to hold the tears back from falling.

“Well at least someone in this damned place knows their place,” The Queen scoffed, shaking her head. Lady Stark glared at you, her gaze would turn you stone if she willed it. “Well, then get out, leave. I don’t care where. I do not need maid disrespecting me in my home.” You stared at her wide eyed, tears brimmed your eyes. Lord Stark stood to protest. The Queen planted him back into his seat. The Prince seemed pleased, Jon look destroyed. You begged her with your eyes to change her mind, “Out!” she barked. With haste, you left the room and went to the maid chambers and gathered the small number of things you owned, tears fell freely. Your mother would be furious with you, but thankfully she would find out after you were long gone. You felt a pair of arms grip you tightly around the chest and heaved you too its chest.

“Shh, shh, it’ll be okay. Father will change her mind.” You tore out of his arms and sobbed. Jon hugged you from behind.

“No, I’m leaving. The queen will surely have me killed if I remain.” You said and stood up straight and lifted your chin.

“Where will you go?” Jon asked taking your head in his hands making you stare at him.

“I’ll find a village far away from here, now let me go Jon.” You seen the guards standing at the door way, waiting to escort you out of Winterfell. You shouldered past Jon and met them, they handed you small bag with some water and bread and cheese. It was morning by the time the guards left you, you guessed it was give you a far chance to get somewhere before nightfall.

Jon yelled, he was tired of crying, tired of being pushed around by Catelyn Stark, he made his choice. He saddled his horse and rode with haste out of Winterfell hoping to catch up with you. Lord Stark saw him riding off, his heart started to ache, Catelyn laid a stiff hand on his chest and shook her head. “Leave him Ned, let him and maid be happy together,” she had a saddened look in her eyes. She did fell bad but it was duty to the crown and she had to stand by her choice. She knew it was hurting Ned. But what was done is done.

You stopped walking, the sound of pounding hooves on stone scared you, you jumped off the road so you weren’t in the way of the rider. But the rider, dawned in a large black cloak stopped next to you, he smiled down at you. It was Jon, your stomach tired itself in knots and your heart pounded against your ribcage. “Jon,” you said softly he reached his hand down and offered it to you. You took it, and he pulled you up on to the horse.

“M’lady, you’ll freeze with out a coat,” he said, as he wrapped his arm around your waist and held the reins the furs of his coat cloaked your arms. Jon’s dire wolf Ghost followed obediently behind us. “Where were going?” he asked with a chuckle.

“I was following the road,” You said quietly pressing back into his chest, he kissed the said of head.

“Well, we’ll ride until we find a village far away from Winterfell and we’ll start a life. I’ll be a guard, or a farmer. Whatever so you can live a somewhat comfortable life.” You blushed at his words.

“I love you Jon Snow,” you whispered, clutching his gloved hand and giving it a squeeze. The little ring that sat on your ring finger, given to you by Jon, who given it by your mother. It was a symbol of your love; your mother may be furious you got kicked out. But she would be proud that you Jon would have a free life together.

“I love you Y/n Snow,” he nuzzled his nose into your hair. 

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Jon Snow is not “undercover”.

There is, for some peculiar reason, a circulating idea that Jon is tricking Daenerys into bed in order to get her to fight with him against the Night King.

The theory is that since Jon slept with Ygritte to convince the Wildlings that he was one of them, he must be doing the same with Daenerys; that he’s willing to do anything to save the North, and this obviously must include tricking a woman who has already lost a husband and a child (and not to mention a dragon in order to save his ass) into thinking he’s in love with her.

Yep, that’s the honorable Jon Snow we all know and love. It’s totally the same as when Ygritte threw herself at him time and time again before he finally relented.

Except, no, it’s not.

Daenerys doesn’t make a great first impression with Jon. He knows of her (their!) family history and so it’s understandable that he’s apprehensive. It’s also understandable that Daenerys doesn’t immediately believe him when he says there are a bunch of ice zombies marching to destroy mankind when she’s never seen them before, and never met the man who’s trying to convince her. She knows Tyrion says he’s honest and honorable, but even Tyrion hasn’t seen him in years, so how does she know if he’s telling the truth? That this isn’t a trick to distract her? Both of them have reasons to initially distrust one another.

But then Daenerys takes the first step by allowing him to mine dragonglass, even going so far as to offer her men and her resources for nothing in return. This is a turning point in his opinion of her. He realizes she’s not the person she thought. Especially when he speaks to Missandei and she tells him how kind she is to her people and how they followed her because they actually believe in her, not because she was the daughter of some king from a foreign country that they never knew, let alone served. She tells him that Daenerys would allow her to leave if she wanted, that she would give her a ship and wish her well if she chose to go home. Jon sees here that Daenerys isn’t a tyrant the way her father was; that the people who follow her do so out of love and respect for her, the way the Wildlings and The North do with him.

After spending more time with one another (obviously he’s been with her a while, since Sansa mentions at one point that she hasn’t heard from Jon in weeks) they start to show attraction to one another, sharing looks that are quite obvious.

Personally, though it’s open to interpretation, I believe Daenerys fell in love first, when Jon approached Drogon and Drogon actually let Jon pet his snout, something he’d only let his mother do up until that point. She realizes there’s something different, something special about Jon Snow. I believe at this point he’s attracted to her, maybe has some feelings, but he’s still not letting himself go there because he’s on a mission and doesn’t want to let anything distract him.

The moment Jon falls for Daenerys is when she flies all three of her dragons north of The Wall to save him and his team. He finally sees that she’s truly different, that she’s willing to risk her own life and put her dragons at risk to save other people. That’s something not many rulers would do. Her father wouldn’t have, Cersei wouldn’t, Joffrey sure as hell wouldn’t have.

When Jon wakes up, the first thing he sees is Daenerys’s face, and even though she’s lost her dragon, she pledges to fight by his side, without him bending the knee. He chose, in that moment, himself, to bend the knee because she’s willing to risk everything she has to fight for The North, which obviously means putting aside her own ambitions to take the Iron Throne (which as I’ve said many times, she could so very easily do, even missing one dragon, if that’s what she set her mind to do). Jon now sees her as worthy, as being capable of being a good leader.

This ultimately leads to the point… Why, after Daenerys has pledged herself already, would Jon bend the knee, pledge himself publicly, and go to her in her chambers and seduce her to trick her into doing what she’s already agreed to do?

She. Is. Already. On. His. Side. He has no more need to convince her, because she’s already seen the Night King’s army and what they are capable of. She’s already agreed to help him. Why would he dishonor himself by seducing her after she’s already agreed to side with him?

It’s so different from Ygritte, who like I already said, threw herself at him over and over again, who he was still trying to convince that he’d left his Watch (though she knows better). Not to mention he actually did love her. Did anyone forget that he wouldn’t have sex with Melisandre when she climbed up on him, breasts bared, to seduce him, because he still loved Ygritte? This shows that Jon will not sleep with just anyone, he has to actually feel something for them. So when he realizes he can’t fight his feelings for Daenerys any longer, he goes to her. He takes the lead because he loves her. He wouldn’t dishonor himself, wouldn’t trick a woman who lost a dragon that she considered her child to save him, wouldn’t sleep with a woman he didn’t love, wouldn’t lie about pledging himself to a queen (costing him the support of another army in the process) all in order to trick a woman who was already on his side.

What would be the point?

I’m not going to swear an oath I can’t uphold. When enough people make false promises, words stop meaning anything. Then there are no more answers, only better and better lies.” - Jon Snow, The Dragon and the Wolf

Yep, seducing a woman, making her believe he’s in love with her just to gain access to her dragons and armies, which she’s already given, totally fits with Jon’s character. If you don’t know anything about him, that is.

cindtrillella  asked:

You don't seem to like Jonerys. Why?

A bunch of reasons. Show!wise, it’s officially come down to “These characters seriously piss me off, period.”

Book!wise?There’s two prongs to this. 

The first prong is quite the opposite of why I don’t like Show!Jonerys. I LOVE the book versions of these characters.  I really, really root for both Jon and Dany, want them to succeed, and love their goals and ambitions. I want them to get what they want, and feel that is what they deserve. And I don’t think a romance between the two of them satisfies their characters, their inner hopes, dreams, goals, and ambitions. It simply will not allow them to get the endings they deserve.

Now, let me make this clear: I am not saying their motivations are utterly alien to each other. Both of them have severe identity and displacement issues. Both of them, on some level, yearn for home. But what those things mean to them as people, and the paths that may bring them… the things they want simply don’t mesh in a way that makes room for romance.

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*whispers* did you see the parallel in the sneak peak for episode 705 where Varys tells Tyrion he needs to get D@ny to listen and when Tyrion tells Cersei she needs to control Joffrey (in episode 307 I believe) or was that just me?? I love your blog btw and you seem very nice☺️

Oh my god!!! 

Thank you for pointing that out to me. That’s such a good parallel, and honestly, now that you mentioned it, you might be onto something about comparing Joffrey with Danielle. 

Remember this scene in 7x01 between Jon and Sansa? 

“So I can’t question your decisions anymore?” 

“Of course you can.”

“But Joffrey never let anyone question his authority. You think he was a good king?” 

Sansa is telling Jon that a good king is someone who listens to others’ counsels unlike Joffrey, who only did as he pleased and caused death and chaos with his decisions. And the audience knows this. Joffrey may be one of the most hated characters on Game of Thrones. He is undoubtedly a villain. For the audience, there’s no grey area about it. Joffrey was pure spoiled, entitled evil. 

Now, you fast forward to 7x02 where Olenna is talking to Danielle: 

“He’s a clever man, your Hand. I’ve known a great many clever men. I’ve outlived them all. You know why? I ignored them. The lords of Westeros are sheep. Are you a sheep? No. You’re a dragon. Be a dragon.”

She’s urging her to ignore Tyrion’s counsel and act as her ancestors would, who were conquerors and ruled the Seven Kingdoms with an iron fist. If Joffrey was bad, they were worse. Olenna even says so before that: 

“Peace? Do you think that’s what we had under your father? Or his father? Or his? Peace never lasts, my dear.”

Joffrey’s reign as king could be said as the starting point of the war. There was no peace under his rule, just as there was none under the Targaryens. And Olenna is urging Danielle to be exactly like that because she doesn’t care about peace. She knows she’ll die; she wants bloody, fiery revenge. And the smirk Danielle gives at the end of the scene suggests she likes that idea very much. After all, Danielle hates being told what to do and she has a history already of ignoring the counsel of her advisors and doing what she wants. 

This couldn’t be more poignant than 7x04 when she does ignore Tyrion’s counsel entirely and flies her dragons to rain fire and blood on the Lannister army. The destruction she caused was complemented with a swell of tragic music as the Lannister army scream and burn to death. You have Tyrion overlooking the scene, shame and regret on his face, and Jaime looking on with such horror. 

Yes, Tyrion’s counsel has led her to allies being taken, but his point remains the same. If she attacks with a foreign army and dragons, she will only instill fear in the people of Westeros. And if she takes the Iron Throne, she will not be met with the love and worship she has come to know. She is not freeing anyone from slavery, from oppression; to them, she is stealing their lands and their freedom. When the people think Cersei is a better alternative, you know you’ve done fucked up, right? And I think after 7x04, they would rather have Cersei than Danielle on the throne. 

But Danielle doesn’t care. It’s not even revenge because she doesn’t show one bit of remorse for the deaths of Olenna, the Sands and the capture of Elaria and Yara Greyjoy. She cares that she’s lost allies who were supposed to help her win the Iron Throne. She cares only that she’s losing and when she rides her dragons, breathing fire on carts of food and soldiers, she’s not doing it to turn the tides of war. If so, she could’ve just shown up and let the Dothrakis take charge. That gleeful smile on her face, the mania in her eyes? Danielle’s doing it because they’re her enemies, and how dare they try to thwart her plans? How dare they defy her right to rule? 

If Joffrey had dragons, would he not do the same thing? He’d probably do a hell of a lot worse, but that’s not exactly painting Danielle as a hero, is it? 

Again, similar to Joffrey, she feels entitled to her crown. She will not tolerate anyone who disrespects that right, just as he did. You can see/hear the indignation in her in this scene when Jon refuses to bend the knee in 7x03: 

“In the time since he’s met me, he’s refused to call me queen, he’s refused to bow, and now he’s calling me a child.” 

Joffrey is definitely more unstable than Danielle is, more childish and more petty, but the indignation here is similar in his conversation with Tyrion in 2x06: 

“Traitors! I’ll have their heads!”
“You can’t insult me!”

In most of his dialogue, he’s constantly reiterating that he’s king, just as Danielle constantly reiterates that she’s queen and the rightful ruler of the Seven Kingdoms. 

And this speech while powerful, it was only there to cement her rigid, unfaltering belief that she is entitled to the Iron Throne (as Joffrey once believed himself entitled to it):

“Do you know what kept me standing through all those years in exile? Faith. Not in any gods, not in myths and legends. In myself. In Daenerys Targaryen. The world hadn’t seen a dragon in centuries until my children were born. The Dothraki hadn’t crossed the sea, any sea. They did for me. I was born to rule the Seven Kingdoms, and I will.”

In contrast, let’s go back to 7x01 with Jon and Sansa. You have this exchange right after the dialogue I quoted above:

“Do you think I’m Joffrey?” 

“You’re as far from Joffrey as anyone I’ve ever met.”

And we know this. We know Jon is different. That’s like saying the sky is blue and the grass is green, so why have this piece of dialogue at all? On the one hand, shipping goggles on and all, I do believe it’s to set up this comparison between Sansa’s first love interest and her last. Hint hint wink wink and all that, but I’m going to ignore that for now. 

The second reason, which I am now starting to believe is to demonstrate the differences in Jon’s rule with Danielle. So much of Season 7 has been to establish their different methods, viewpoints, morality, goals and the way in which they view their subjects. Danielle sees them as her ‘children’, who she can pass judgement on. Like I said in a previous meta, they worship and fear as if she’s a god. On the other hand, Jon inspires loyalty in the men and women who follow him, but he is also being held accountable to them. If he fails to act in the best interest of the North, they will reject him as their king. 

And I can honestly painstakingly go through each episode to emphasise their differences, but I feel like this one piece of dialogue says it all (from Jon in 7x04): 

“I never thought that dragons would exist again. No one did. The people who follow you know that you made something impossible happen. Maybe that helps them believe that you can make other impossible things happen. Build a world that’s different from the shit one they’ve always known. But if you use them to melt castles and burn cities, you’re not different. You’re just more of the same.”

Jon understands war. He is one of the best military tacticians in Westeros right now, right? At least that’s what the show is painting him as. That’s why he inspires loyalty. He’s saved the brothers and the wildlings and kept them alive. He’s made hard decisions and he is a great swordsman who has been in the battlefield right alongside his men, ready to die for them. Danielle’s speech about ‘what kind of ruler would she be if she doesn’t risk her life?’ is moot when Jon, the very man who has actually died for his men, says that her decision to go fight the Lannister army with her dragons is wrong. It’s not about her risking her life; it’s about her being more, being better than those that went before her, and she spectacularly failed that this episode. 

Why? Because she refuses to listen. Her entitlement, her indignation and her inability to see someone else’s perspectives (people who have a far better grasp of Westerosi politics than her) is eerily similar to Joffrey. 

Now like you said, Anonny, that 7x05 preview? Varys telling Tyrion to find way to get Danielle to listen does seem to be a direct parallel to Tyrion telling Cersei to make Joffrey listen to reason, especially when you consider everything else that’s been shown thus far this season. And it’s no coincidence that Tyrion is at the heart of it all. Perhaps he is beginning to realise that he has become exactly what he hated. Blind to the faults of a dictator, on the wrong side of the war.

Also, thank you!!! I love you for loving my blog ^_^ and double thank you for thinking I’m a nice person. You should tell my brother that. He thinks I have a black soul ;D haha. 

anonymous asked:

i really liked your meta about sansa/littlefinger but i found out you ship sansan :/ don't you think that what he's doing to her is at least a little bit abusive? sexually and emotionally? their relationship is SO disturbing and creepy, he's a grown ass man clearly sexually & romantically attracted to an 11/12 year old girl, WHY would you ship it???? i don't understand.

First, thank you for liking my meta.  Here’s the thing… I wrote that meta based on textual analysis and in response to how the book community discusses Sansa’s complicated and conflicting feelings toward LF.  Many people mistakenly believe this is Sansa becoming his protege.  I did not write it with the intention of telling some shippers why they are “wrong.”     

As far as shipping goes, I’m a very ship and let ship person.  This is even when, and especially when, it’s a ship I find weird or distasteful.  I stay in my little sandbox and I don’t pay attention to (let alone try to police) what other people want to ship.  I’m too old to be barking up that tree.  I’d rather spend time writing metas or my own fanfic.  Now if I actually am going to argue with anyone on the internet, it’s going to be about the actual ASOIAF text with evidence to back up my position.  Even then I’m highly unlikely to seek out such a debate but on a rare occasion some land on my doorstep.  So…

As to your questions, let me start with the age issue first.  Let me be clear in real life such a relationship would be criminal and immoral, as it should be.  But this is a fictional world where there are vastly different ideas of what is age appropriate.  Remember, the proper way to raise your seven-year-old boy is to take him to a beheading and make him watch everything without flinching (and that’s from our beloved Ned).  I have yet to meet anyone who cried child abuse over this or stopped reading at that point.  So I don’t put too much emphasis on chronological age in questions of morality in the series.  

What I do look at is Sansa’s level of maturity and understanding of relationships and sex.  I do care about her agency.  I don’t ship Sansan (or ship her with anyone) in the early books because she’s still mentally a child and an abused prisoner of war.  I want her to come to her own decisions about what she wants at her own pace, on her own terms.  The good news is GRRM does too.  He rightly separated them at the night of the Blackwater to evolve independently, but parallel to one another.  Alayne II in AFFC is my favorite chapter of this transition to womanhood and maturity, contemplations on sex and love from a young woman’s perspective. 

 I would highly recommend this non-shipper essay on Sansa’s Sexual Maturation by sweetsunray that deals with the unkiss and Sansa figuring out what she wants. (pssst!  It’s Sandor).  A large part of her struggle is coming to accept the fact that what she does want is not the ideal as she always believed it would be.  The books are full of people just wanting who they want and it has nothing to do with the ideal standards.      

Do I think Sandor is abusive to Sansa? Like Joffrey and Littlefinger are abusive toward her?  No.  Definitely not.  I think he was at times impatient and frustrated with her superficiality, naivete, and immaturity.  He’s too uncompromising and overly harsh at times with the truth as he sees it.  Yet, Sansa is not afraid to challenge him when he’s being awful.  She is totally afraid of saying the wrong thing in front of Joffrey or Littlefinger.  

The only reason Sandor cares at all about her is that she cared first.  She responded to his secret, his vulnerability with compassion.  For once in his life, someone took his side after the system rewarded his brother and failed him.  It’s not at this point anything romantic or sexual for either of them.  He responds to her compassion by being protective and supportive through her abuse.  She reawakens in him a desire to be better.  He’s a jaded idealist, not a nihilist.  He does seek out her attention because he does crave a connection with someone, even if he can’t people around her.   He doesn’t want the intimacy to end because of his loud and clumsy mishandling.  He’s also frustrated with himself that he even wants a connection in the first place because he hates/fears the vulnerability that comes with it.  He’s a ball of conflicting emotions about her that he has no experience in how to sort out.  It’s very important that Sandor is written as someone who is as inexperienced in relationships as Sansa.  It levels the playing field between them.    

It’s not until Sansa has obviously started developing into a woman that he even notices her in that way (because the whole castle has).  He’s very drunk and he blurts out the inappropriate comment about her body.  It’s a very bungled attempt at flirting coming from someone who is also very emotionally stunted.  BUT… after talking with her he realizes that mentally she is still very innocent.  He knows it’s wrong, so he backtracks out of there as fast as he can, falling into an awkward silence.  That is the very worst of anything sexual that actually happens between them and he backs off.  Even the night of the Blackwater he is very drunk and his behavior is scary and wildly inappropriate, but it never crossed the line into permanent damage.  He never actually did anything sexual to her. He also could have forced her to go with him, but he did not.  She made her choice, it hurt, but in the end, he respected her decision to not go with him.  Do I think maybe he wanted to kiss her?  Yeah, probably.  But he didn’t.  He is not Gregor.  He is not a rapist.  He cares about her autonomy.  He cares about her consent even if he kind lost his mind (from trauma) for a minute there which he really, really regretted.  

This all says problematic to me, not creepy.  There are issues to overcome.  Good!  Bring it on!  That makes a story.  Littlefinger is creepy.  He totally does not care about her consent, boundaries, or discomfort to say the very least.  Men of all different ages have groped her, forced kisses on her, stripped her, beat her, and have attempted to rape her.   

If you don’t ship Sansan that’s totally fine by me.  If it doesn’t speak to you, that’s cool.  Ship and let ship.  I will say Sansa x whoever shippers are probably going to be very disappointed come TWOW.  All the mountains of text evidence point to future Sansan.  I got a huuuuuge meta coming out soon that deals with all that complete with tons of evidence to back up my analysis. Bottom line, I ship future Sansan because GRRM ships it and Sansa ships it.  Whatever makes that baby girl happy I want her to have.  The good news is when the author reunites them it will be when they are both really ready and have dealt with the respective issues that made an earlier relationship a terrible idea.                             

“Do you still want my leave to go? Do you?”

“No.” Sansa planted her feet and tried to squirm backward, but her aunt did not budge. “Not this way. Please …” She put a hand up, her fingers scrabbling at the doorframe, but she could not get a grip, and her feet were sliding on the wet marble floor. Lady Lysa pressed her forward inexorably. Her aunt outweighed her by three stone. “The lady lay a-kissing, upon a mound of hay,” Marillion was singing. Sansa twisted sideways, hysterical with fear, and one foot slipped out over the void. She screamed. “Hey-nonny, hey-nonny, hey-nonny-hey.” The wind flapped her skirts up and bit at her bare legs with cold teeth. She could feel snowflakes melting on her cheeks. Sansa flailed, found Lysa’s thick auburn braid, and clutched it tight. “My hair!” her aunt shrieked. “Let go of my hair!” She was shaking, sobbing. They teetered on the edge. Far off, she heard the guards pounding on the door with their spears, demanding to be let in. Marillion broke off his song. - Sansa VII, ASOS 

Remember that scene where Lysa throws Sansa out the Moon Door? The show really played up Sansa’s passivity like it did other times too when she actually was exercising some agency despite the lack of strategy available to her. 

It’s a subtle detail of how Sansa was struggling to get back to a stable ground despite Lysa’s weight over her. In the books, Lysa has put on a lot of weight over the years. She flails around until she is able hold onto something of Lysa’s and she grabs her braid tightly to gain some upperhand. Obviously, this isn’t her area so she does need additional help. But the fact that she did try to fight back is so important here. It shows that in the books if Sansa were to be thrown into a situation in the wild, she could possibly survive. Maybe initially with some help, but she could learn. This part of the scene weirdly echoes Catelyn’s scene AGOT where Bran and her were attacked by the assassin. 

She spun back toward the window to scream for help, but the man moved faster than she would have believed. One hand clamped down over her mouth and yanked back her head, the other brought the dagger up to her windpipe. 

The stench of him was overwhelming. She reached up with both hands and grabbed the blade with all her strength, pulling it away from her throat. She heard him cursing into her ear. Her fingers were slippery with blood, but she would not let go of the dagger. The hand over her mouth clenched more tightly, shutting off her air. Catelyn twisted her head to the side and managed to get a piece of his flesh between her teeth. She bit down hard into his palm. The man grunted in pain. She ground her teeth together and tore at him, and all of a sudden he let go. The taste of his blood filled her mouth. She sucked in air and screamed, and he grabbed her hair and pulled her away from him, and she stumbled and went down, and then he was standing over her, breathing hard, shaking. The dagger was still clutched tightly in his right hand, slick with blood. “You weren’t s'posed to be here,” he repeated stupidly. - Catelyn V, AGOT

Ultimately, Catelyn did need help from Summer. But she put up a fight to stall the situation until she got help. Sansa grew up more sheltered than Catelyn did, having lost her mother young, having to take care of her younger siblings and for a long time she was trained to be the heir. That was never Sansa’s case and that’s why her preparation for such cases was less. But in ACOK when she gets the note to meet at the godswoods, she makes sure to take a knife with her hidden in her cloak and also almost uses it on Dontos before he convinces her. I think in the books, even if not the show, Sansa will face situations where she will have to use her wolf blood and channel Arya’s wildness to survive. 

There’s a lot of hunting and chasing imagery in her Winds chapter. It’s quite possible that Sansa escapes from the Vale to the Wall in the North and there’s some kidnapping/ransom plot involved (Lyn Corbray and Shadrich are a bit shady). It seems impossible until you consider the necessity to be observant and clever in such a situation and also not being afraid to get her hands a bit messy. It defies her education as a lady and possibly she has to cross this step as a deconstruction of her internalized idea of a lady before she reconstructs it. Also for this to happen, Sansa has to lose all trust of anybody being able to keep her safe in the Vale or the near vicinity, which includes Littlefinger and Lothor Brune. 

Catelyn also kidnapped Tyrion and took him to the Vale to hold him hostage because she thought they were responsible for the attack on Bran and on the way, Marillion joined them and stayed back in the Vale. Not only does this scene clear a lot about Littlefinger and Lysa’s manipulation of events, but also Sansa is put in a setting that is a reminder of her father’s childhood and reflects her mother’s in certain ways too. Don’t forget that Ned was smuggled out of the Vale through the Bite back to the North to call on his bannermen during Robert’s Rebellion. 

“Look down,” said Lady Lysa. “Look down.”

She tried to wrench free, but her aunt’s fingers were digging into her arm like claws. Lysa gave her another shove, and Sansa shrieked. Her left foot broke through a crust of snow and knocked it loose. There was nothing in front of her but empty air, and a waycastle six hundred feet below clinging to the side of the mountain. “Don’t!” Sansa screamed. “You’re scaring me!” - Sansa VII, ASOS

But in Ned’s words, the only time a person can be brave is when they’re afraid. Truly afraid. Sansa does show signs of bravery especially after she is held captive in King’s Landing. She puts herself at risk to keep Joffrey from harming Dontos and the smallfolk woman with her dead child. She speaks up for them while trying to manipulate him. Even when disguised as Alayne in the Vale, while Sansa is still a caged bird in a castle, assuming a different identity with a different socio-economic status liberates her a bit from the constraints of being a highborn lady and acting in ways prescribed by it. But in playing a bastard and seeing Mya, Sansa has to redefine how one has to be brave. Not like a lady in a song, but bastard brave.  

“Up here where the slope was steepest, the steps wound back and forth rather than plunging straight down. Sansa Stark went up the mountain, but Alayne Stone is coming down. It was a strange thought. Coming up, Mya had warned her to keep her eyes on the path ahead, she remembered. “Look up, not down,” she said … but that was not possible on the descent. I could close my eyes. The mule knows the way, he has no need of me. But that seemed more something Sansa would have done, that frightened girl. Alayne was an older woman, and bastard brave. - Alayne II, AFFC

In the end, having to take up the responsibility of Sweetrobin like a maternal figure as Alayne, she is liberated a bit from her internalized notions of a highborn lady. There no knights to help her carry a sickly child across, but she uses the stories he loves to ease the child into listening to her. And when the wind howls fiercely, she embraces the wild howling winds by equating them to a wolf and derives strength from that. 

Mya staggered, and for half a heartbeat it seemed as if she would be blown over the precipice, but somehow she regained her balance and went on. Alayne took Robert’s gloved hand in her own to stop his shaking. 

“Sweetrobin,” she said, “I’m scared. Hold my hand, and help me get across. I know you’re not afraid.

He looked at her, his pupils small dark pinpricks in eyes as big and white as eggs. I’m not?

Not you. You’re my winged knight, Ser Sweetrobin.

The Winged Knight could fly,” Robert whispered.

Lady Myranda had joined them by the spire. “He could,” she echoed, when she saw what was happening.

“Ser Sweetrobin,” Lord Robert said, and Alayne knew that she dare not wait for Mya to return. She helped the boy dismount, and hand in hand they walked out onto the bare stone saddle, their cloaks snapping and flapping behind them. All around was empty air and sky, the ground falling away sharply to either side. There was ice underfoot, and broken stones just waiting to turn an ankle, and the wind was howling fiercely. It sounds like a wolf, thought Sansa. A ghost wolf, big as mountains. - Alayne II, AFFC

The Vale seems like a bridge between sheltered castle life and the frightening outdoors. There’s the treacherous roads down and up the mountain and the Moon Door in the Eyrie and Sansa shows she can adapt to what her circumstances require of her.

Meet the Family

Requested by @thedracaryslady ! Modern AU :) I hope that you enjoy! 

“I feel like I should apologize now for anything my siblings might do. I’ve told them to be on their best behavior but…I don’t think some of them know what that means.”

She placed a hand on his forearm, squeezing gently until he looked at her. “I don’t care, Jon. I’m sure they’re all wonderful and I’ll love them. I have siblings too, you know.”

Jon wanted to say there was a difference between having siblings that were around your age versus siblings that were significantly older. “As long as you’re sure…”

“Believe me, I’m sure. I can’t wait to meet your family.” His parents (and his siblings) had been pestering him incessantly to bring Dany home ever since they started dating. He suspected at least part of it had to do with the fact that they didn’t really believe he actually had a girlfriend. And finally he’d caved. He just hoped it hadn’t been the wrong idea. 

“They might ask you if I’m just paying you to act like my girlfriend for tonight.”

She kissed him gently, putting an end to his fears. “Then I’ll just have to tell them how wrong they are.” 

They got out of the car and headed towards the front door; he could feel rather than see her taking in the house. It was quite a house, especially to someone seeing it for the first time; it had been in the family for generations, set far back on a long driveway with carved stone wolves looking down on them from the roof. But it had always felt like home, for as long as he could remember. “It looks worse than it is.”


“Well, it’s home.” He dug the keys out of his pocket and opened the front door-where two of the family dogs, Nymeria and Shaggydog, tried to jump on them. “Down!” It took a while, but the dogs finally ran back into the living room-while the other four watched from a distance, heads cocked curiously. “Don’t mind them. They’re just excited.”

“That’s a lot of dogs.”

“One for each of us. Although it’s a bit overwhelming sometimes, I’ll give you that.” 

He heard footsteps in the hall just before Arya came skidding into the entryway, Bran close at her heels. “Wow. I honestly thought you were just kidding about her.”

He rolled his eyes. “Arya, meet Daenerys. Daenerys, this is my youngest sister Arya and my…second youngest brother, Bran.”

Dany smiled at both of them. “Hello. It’s nice to meet you both.”

Brain tilted his head and Jon braced himself. Technically speaking, Bran was eleven and should have known better but he still liked to make spot on observations and usually ended up embarrassing someone. “She’s really pretty, Jon.”

Dany laughed. “Well, thank you.”

Arya didn’t look convinced. “Are you sure you’re not in trouble? Blink twice if we need to call the police.”

“Arya-” It was the long suffering voice of an older sibling, but Arya seemed to get the hint and backed down. 

“Just kidding. It’s nice to meet you. Jon doesn’t bring girls home a lot.”

“So that means that if he brought you home he must really like you,” Bran said with a smile. Jon felt like he was going to spontaneously combust from embarrassment. 

“Yes, we really like each other. Would you mind letting us go inside now? Has she passed the human test?”

Arya shrugged. “Come on,” she said, leading them deeper into the house. “Dinner’s almost ready.”

Jon dropped back to talk to Dany as the two kids led the way. “Sorry about them.”

Dany grinned. “Don’t worry. They’re cute.” 

“Don’t let Arya hear you say that. She’s ‘tough’.”

Robb and Rickon were in the den playing video games-but Robb paused the game as soon as he saw them. Robb knew Dany, of course; they all went to the same school, so it would be hard to miss her-but it was strange seeing him in a place that wasn’t school-it felt like his worlds were colliding and he was powerless to stop them. 

Which, he supposed, was the point. 

“Dany, you know Robb, and this is Rickon.”

Rickon wasn’t smiling. “Jon, Robb’s cheating.”

“How’s he cheating?”

“He keeps using the better guys!” Rickon was only seven and never won at video games, so he always believed that the older and better players were conspiring against him. 

“It’s UFC-aren’t they all good characters?”

“He won’t teach me how to do this one move.”

“Because Mom would kill me if I did,” Robb said. He nodded to Dany. “How’s it going?”

“I’m fine, thanks-”

“I’m trying to get her through dinner without her being driven away by all of you,” Jon said pointedly. 

Robb grinned. “Well, you don’t have to worry about me.” He turned to Rickon. “So what do you think about Dany?”

“She’s nice. Arya was wrong, though. She’s real. Dany, do you play UFC?”

“Maybe some other time, okay?” Robb turned back to the game. “Let’s leave the two lovebirds in peace.” 

“Robb has the right idea,” Jon said as he turned right down another hallway. “He hasn’t brought his girlfriend home yet. I don’t think he’s ever going to.” 

The door to Sansa’s room opened as they walked past and she nearly collided with him. He caught a glimpse of her room-light pink walls (she hadn’t repainted since she was six), and more posters of boy bands than she cared to admit-before the door closed behind her. When she saw Dany, her eyes lit up. “Hey Dany.” The two had always gotten on well because they were both new to the high school-although Sansa was a freshman and Dany was an upper classman who was new to the city. “I hope Bran and Arya didn’t scare you off.”

“So far she’s still here-and I’m out of siblings.” Thank God. 

“Mom said dinner was ready, didn’t she? I’m starved.”

“We’re heading that way ourselves.”

She smirked. “I wouldn’t want to spoil your special time together. See you at dinner, Dany.” She brushed past them, opening her iPhone and texting so rapidly her fingers were flying over the keyboard. 

“Sorry about that,” Jon said. “They mean well, but-”

“They’re adorable. Really. I love them. I’ve always kind of wanted younger siblings myself-”

“No you don’t. You think you do, but then when you actually get them you wish you were an only child.” 

“Well, they didn’t scare me off. You know I love you, whatever your family is like…right? You didn’t judge me based on my brother.”

He couldn’t help grimacing at the memory. Dany’s older brother Viserys had been less than pleasant the one time he’d gone over to her house for dinner. “Right.”

By the time they reached the dining room all of his other siblings had already arrived, cramming around the old dining table that had been in the family for centuries. His mother loved cooking for guests and today was no exception; the table was loaded down with food (all of Dany’s favorites; she’d called ahead to check). 

Luckily, two seats were open at the end of the table. 

They exchanged pleasantries with Catelyn and Ned. Jon noticed that Dany seemed a little nervous around them, though she didn’t need to be; they’d listened to all of his stories about Dany and had grown to love her almost as much as he did. 

Maybe Catelyn would never like him, but she had no qualms about liking his girlfriend. And that was good enough for him. He was used to it by now anyway. 

The meal went surprisingly well. After the initial teasing, the kids actually acted mature around Dany. They talked about everything-school, travel, future plans (Jon and Dany had decided to attend colleges in the same city, a few hours away). Of course there were a couple of times when Jon had to look down so he didn’t blush, but they were few and far between. 

When the meal was over and he had to drive Dany home, Catelyn made her promise to come over again soon-and Dany agreed with no reluctance. 

“Well, that went better than I thought it would,” Jon said as they got on the highway. 

Dany sighed, leaning her head back against the car’s headrest. “I love your family.”

“Well, you’re welcome to share if you’d like.”

“Thank you, Jon. I had a wonderful time tonight.” 

“Yeah. Me too.” 

After he dropped Dany off and they kissed goodnight he drove home in silence. As soon as he got home Arya ran to meet him-and followed him upstairs as he sat on his bed and tried to work on his calculus homework. “See? We know how to behave ourselves.” 

“When you want to.”

“Exactly. But she’s nice and she makes you happy…I see why she’s with you. She’s good for you. You weren’t moody once tonight.”

“I’m not-”

“You are. You really are.” She turned to leave, but he called her back. 

“Arya? Thanks for tonight.”

She grinned. “You’re welcome, Jon. We’re not that awful, you know.”

“Oh believe me-I’m aware.” 

Modern AUs are so cute! 

I write Jonerys fics! Prompts are open here although I’m taking a few days to catch up on old ones. 

You in Game of Thrones Part 2

Part 1 is here: https://girlygameofthrones.tumblr.com/post/157998187868/you-in-game-of-thrones

Pairing:  None really. (At least for now…)  More friendship fluff between reader, Robb, and Jon.

Fandom: Game of Thrones

Warnings: None.

Summary: You’re a regular girl from the 21st century that gets accidently transported into Game of Thrones

(I’ve never posted a part 2 on anything before, so I hope this works!)

Part 2.

When King Robert and the “Baratheon” family arrived, you waited for his arrival with the Starks.  Of course you weren’t in the line up, but you stood behind them with Jon and Theon and bowed when he hopped out of his carriage.  As he hugged Ned, your eyes traveled over to Cersei, wrapped up in thick furs and already clearly hating the North.  You didn’t care.  You hated Cersei for everything she had done, even though she hadn’t done most of it yet.

King Robert paused at each Stark child and said something nice to each one.  Then he insisted that Ned take him to the crypts, something that Cersei tried arguing against, but Robert ignored her.  

You spotted Jaime Lannister in the distance and bit your lip.  He really was handsome, but as of now, you knew he had a minus ten personality.  Then your eyes widened as you remembered Tyrion and that he was there.  Of the Lannisters, he was definitely the best one.

“Come on,” you said to Jon.  “Let’s find Tyrion!”

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Robb Stark - Lady Wolf (Part 3)

Originally posted by phoenixbarrow

Series Summary: The young wolf and the King in the North, Robb Stark has been away from Winterfell for quite some time. However, his mind kept wandering back to the castle and to his brothers and to one very special lady. The girl they called his lady wolf. He wonders if they will ever be reunited. One day, his prayers are answered and he is reunited with his lady wolf.

Part Summary: You and Robb tell your family about your pregnancy. Months later, your child is born.

Pairing: Robb x Fem!Reader

Characters: Fem!Reader, Robb Stark, Grey Wind, Sansa Stark, Arya Stark, Bran Stark, Rickon Stark, Jon Snow, Catelyn Stark, Maester Luwin. Ned Stark, Summer, Shaggydog, Ghost (Briefly mentioned)

A/N: A huge thank you to the amazing @mo320 for being my beta!

Lady Wolf Master List

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Our Beautiful Family

Request from @harrysliar for:
A Robb X Reader, something romantic and cute, with all Starks happy and alive ;)

Robb Stark X Reader

Originally posted by diewolves

**Just seeing this gif of the fam all together and smiling gives me feels, guys. Good ole George R.R. is really tugging at my heart strings with the Stark family. I actually cry every single time something happens to one of them**

A/N: I was happy to oblige this request! I needed some fluffy Robb feels for my heart so thanks so much for requesting this :) I hope you enjoy! With love, Kat.

Warnings: all the fluff, Stark family feels, Father!Robb feels, Husband!Robb feels, just all the feels basically

Words: 2458

The faint sound of crying woke you from your sleep. You were cuddled up to your husband Robb as you groaned and stretched to tend to your son, Greydon Stark, who was turning a year old in a week. You were excited to celebrate your son’s first name day, but he woke you up in the middle of the night more often than not.

“I’ve got him love” Robb said sleepily, kissing you on the forehead and then kissing your slightly swollen belly, “You need your rest.” You watched as he pulled back the lush, fur covers of your bed, clambering over to the crib your son slept in. You were lucky to have a man like Robb Stark at your side. He was loyal, loving, beautiful, and so good with your son. You were already pregnant with your second child, whom both of you were sure was a boy. Since you were already awake, you sat up in bed and watched as the love of your life lifted your son out of his crib and cradled him in his arms, cooing softly and rocking him gently in an attempt to lull him back to sleep. You caressed your ever-growing baby bump, smiling at the amazing sight that was your husband.

“Is everything alright in here?” you heard through the door, followed by a soft knock.

“Yes, mother. Everything is fine, Greydon here was just stirring a bit” Robb answered, tickling under the boy’s chin with his pointer finger, loud enough for Lady Catelyn to hear, but soft enough as to not disturb your son a second time.

“You can enter, Lady Stark” you said, pulling up the covers to conceal your belly. You were going to wait until your son’s name day to reveal your second pregnancy. Catelyn peeked through the door, smiling at you and Robb. He had returned to the bed now, still holding your son in his arms, the two of you fascinated by his tiny features and his already curly, dark hair.

“My, you two look like Ned and I when we had you, Robb” she couldn’t help but tear up a bit as she walked in the room with one hand over her chest, the sight of a new Stark generation forming was warming her heart. The two of you smiled up at her with love in your eyes.

“I see he’s just as restless as you were too” she laughed, thinking back to all the times her own eldest son woke her and Ned from their sleep.

“Lady Catelyn, I now fully understand your fierce protection of your children. I couldn’t imagine a day without Greydon and I now never want to see him hurt or upset. The strength of a mother’s love was something I now know that I never fully understood until the moment I had my first son” you smiled at her and the both of you were crying now. Leave it to the loving mothers to be weeping in the early hours of the morning over how much you loved your children.

“Well, Lady Y/N Stark” she emphasized your surname with a smile, “I’m glad my son chose a woman who makes an excellent mother and loves him as much as I do and I know you’ll protect and love your children with the same ferocity that I did my own. I’ll leave you two to your own, breakfast will be ready in a few hours” she smiled, making her way to the door. Before she left, though, she added one more thing. “Oh, and I’m happy you said first son. I hope that means you plan on having more” she said with a wide smile and a wink, closing the door as quietly as possible with respect to your son who was now sleeping again. Robb put your son back in his crib, smiling down at him and kissing his nose before returning to your bed.

“I’m going to see the midwife today” you said, eyes closed and grinning as you laid your head on Robb’s chest once he laid back down.

“To find out the sex?” he said, you could hear his voice perk up at the idea of finding out if your second child really was a boy. He was stroking your hair with one hand and intertwining his fingers with yours with his other hand.

“Yes” you said, kissing the patch of skin that was exposed at the top of his shirt, making your way up his neck to his soft lips.

Unfortunately, your cuddle session with Robb had to come to an end. The sun was rising so you moved to get your son ready for breakfast, handing Robb his clothes from the dresser as you went. You pinned the cloth diaper onto your son, quickly dressing him in his trousers and tunic. His baby clothes were so tiny and precious. You were gifted a hand-crafted tunic with a Stark direwolf sewn on the front by Sansa, she was getting quite good at embroidery, but you decided to save it for Greydon’s name day and settle for a plain grey tunic today. You handed Robb a grey tunic to match his son’s and some black trousers. He donned a simple black leather pullover to go over his shirt, because it was still summer there wouldn’t be many furs worn, especially inside the castle. You handed your son to Robb once he was done getting dressed, because he was quite wiggly and restless and couldn’t be left on the floor or bed unattended because he was sure to get himself in trouble. You had learned that lesson the hard way when you left him on the floor for a moment and he tipped over a carafe, spilling wine all over himself. You returned from the washroom to your son, sticky and purple, giggling and playing in the puddle of the wine he was sitting in. He was a troublemaker, just like your husband.

After you were done tying up your maroon dress, making sure your slightly pregnant belly did not show at all, you turned around to see Robb laying on the bed on his back, tossing your son lightly in the air as they both laughed.

“My, my. You boys definitely keep me on my toes” you laughed, snatching your son up quickly and tickling his sides, making him laugh even harder. It was moments like these that you cherished, when there was no war and no deaths, only peace and happiness.

The three of you made your way to the dining hall for breakfast and you were the last to arrive, which was mostly expected from the new parents. You opened the doors to the hall to see the Stark family all deep in conversation, laughing and having a good time and enjoying their breakfast. You took your seat next to Catelyn and Robb took his seat next to Ned, sitting across from you. You placed Greydon on your lap. Sansa was sat next to you and Arya next to her. John, Bran, and Rickon were sat next to one another beside Robb. You helped yourself to some bacon, savoring the taste of it as your son snuck the rest of the piece you cut in half and tried to eat it. You and your husband laughed as you took it away just in time and moved to grab his baby food and maybe feel him some eggs.

After breakfast, with the whole family sated, you decided to hand your son to Robb so he could watch him while you visited the septa about the baby in your belly. It felt nice to keep the secret between just you and Robb for now. When you got pregnant the first time, you were excited and told everyone immediately, now it felt even more intimate because you and him were the only ones who knew. Robb was going outside with his siblings, so you figured letting your son get some of his seemingly never-ending energy out by running around outside wasn’t such a bad plan.

“Mya” you said, knocking on the door of the room where she conducted exams and delivered babies and pushing open the door.

“Come in, Lady Stark!” she said, her hands submerged in a wash basin where she was scrubbing her fingers. You loved Mya, she helped deliver Greydon and when you told her to keep it under wraps that you were pregnant yet again, she happily obliged.

She tested your blood and examined your body, in an attempt to figure out the sex of your child. You were excited and nervous, secretly hoping that you would bear another boy. The few minutes that it took for the blood test to cure felt like hours and you were sitting on the table, relentlessly tapping your fingers in nervousness.

“Well, Y/N, I had a feeling from your physical examination and your blood test has confirmed it. You’ll be having another boy” she smiled as she saw your ecstatic reaction, tears welling in your eyes in pure, unadulterated happiness.

“Thank you, Mya!” you exclaimed, hugging her tightly and running off to tell Robb the good news. You couldn’t contain your excitement any longer and you had to call your husband inside to tell him the news in private. You poked your head out the door into the courtyard and saw Robb and Jon playing with your son while Bran and Rickon ran around chasing one another and Sansa and Arya danced around, giggling and braiding one another’s hair.

“Robb, can I speak to you for a moment?” you asked, trying to hide your enthusiasm as to not let on that you and he were holding secrets from the family. He excused himself from Jon, leaving your son with him and you watched as Jon lifted him up in the air, laughing and smiling, thinking about how he’d make a great father one day. Robb finally got to you and you pulled him indoors, wrapping your arms around his neck and crashing your lips to his quickly.

“It’s a boy” you said, barely even able to get the words out without laughing and crying at the same time.

“Really?” he asked, tears now evident in his big, blue eyes.

“Yes” you smiled and nodded, giggling as Robb wrapped you up for yet another hug, this one tighter than the last. His beard tickled your skin as he nuzzled his face into the crook of your neck and you could feel the vibrations of his laughter  on the soft skin of your throat.

The week passed so quickly you could’ve sworn that you simply blinked and it was the day of your son’s name day. You were busy dressing your son in the tunic that Sansa made for him when Robb came up behind you, wrapping his arms around your waist and rubbing your swollen stomach gently as he kissed your shoulder and the side of your face, his scruff tickling your skin, causing you to giggle. Greydon was playing with the fur blankets on your bed and Robb spun you around, kneeling down in front of you and kissing your belly a few times.

“I can’t wait to meet you, little Axell Stark” he grinned that your baby finally had a name, one that the two of you settled on quickly. The two of you prided yourselves on the fact that the names of your sons had great meaning. Greydon meant born to be eminent, while Axell meant Father of peace. You hoped their names would ring true through their lives and that your sons would live up to their great surnames as well.

Carrying your joyful son down the stairs and through the halls to the dining hall where the party was being held, your husband followed closely behind you, making silly faces at your son to elicit giggles from him. Walking into the dining hall, you were greeted by Ned Stark.

“Y/N and Robb! It’s good to see you this morning, and there’s my grandson. The boy that we’re celebrating today!” he smiled, whisking your son from your arms and pulling him into a hug. It was nice to see Lord Stark in such a happy, carefree mood.

“Y/N!” Sansa and Arya yelled in unison, coming up to hug you from both sides, the three of you laughing at the gesture. They always treated you as if they hadn’t seen you in weeks even if they had just seen you the night before. You greeted the boys and Lady Catelyn, pulling them all into hugs, with Catelyn examining you after she hugged you, noticing that you had put on some weight. She raised an eyebrow at you, causing you to nudge Robb and smile, signaling it was time for your big reveal.

“Okay, so Robb and I have a surprise for you all!” you said as Robb wrapped an arm around your shoulders, smiling down at you and kissing you on the temple.

“In a few short months” you continued, the smile on your face growing wider, “You will be meeting the newest member of the Stark family, Axell.” When you finished, you were rubbing your belly, revealing the bump through the fabric of your dress. Robb’s hand was over yours, smiling like the proud father that he was.

“Aye, that’s my boy!” Ned yelled, pulling Robb in for a huge hug and ruffling his hair as he laughed and clapped him on the back. He received hugs from all three of his brothers, while Lady Catelyn was simply over the moon for the fact that she would be getting her second grandchild so soon. You were holding Greydon on your hip and talking to the girls and Sansa was prattling on adorably about how she couldn’t wait to sew clothes for another baby and Arya was telling you that she’d help train the boys in sword fighting when they were old enough. The happiness surrounding you was infectious and you were so lucky to be surrounded by such kind, loving, caring people. These were the people who were going to help raise your sons and teach them their most important lessons.

The celebration of your son’s name day was a truly incredible occasion, with many houses of the North coming to celebrate the birthday of the potential future King in the North.

You surveyed your family; talking, laughing, and playing with your son, while the other houses of the North that had allegiances to the Starks presented him with gifts of all kinds. Your family was only in its beginning stages, and you couldn’t wait to continue your adventures with the love of your life and your beautiful children.

Broken Crown - Part 4

Pairing: Jon Snow x Reader

A/N: Apologies for taking so long. Please forgive me. I’m trying my best. 

Summary: Life without Y/N is hard on Jon and their Kingdom. 

Part One - Part Two - Part Three 


He had never known a Winter so cold until the one without her. By his side is where she was meant to be, and yet, the world was cruel enough to not allow that. They had just gotten back to the life they wanted for each other. He had hope that they would try for another family soon. Now, there was the possibility that he’d end up alone again. 

Jon Snow, the bastard turned King, now wears a broken crown as his wife fights to stay alive. 

From the moment, the sun rose to the time it set, Jon’s friends and family could find him sat next to her bed, fingers curled around hers while his head stayed bowed in silence. His stream of thoughts was an endless sea of sorrow as he considered what would happen to him without her. 

At this point, he could care less about the kingdom as long as Y/N came out of this alive. He’d go off and live in a cave with her for the rest of his life if it meant he could have her. 

With Sansa nursing her newborn and Ser Davos focused on making sure their kingdom was secured from any dragons, they had delegated the job of being Jon’s shoulder of support to Tormund; and the job had proven to be more difficult than fighting an entire army of wights.

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anonymous asked:

Why is it that even tho Dany clearly has feelings for Jon she seems reluctant to let her walls down and let him get close to her?

All right let me just *cracks knuckles* Okay. This is going to be a long one, so get comfy. 

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anonymous asked:

Besides Loras is there any other evidence that Renly looked down on Brienne?

I don’t think and don’t remember that Renly ever treated Brienne with open contempt; he gave her the public honor of a rainbow cloak the moment she asked for it without sneering or even batting an eyelid at her being a woman, he let her carry his standard and help him don his armor; in other words, on the surface, he was courteous and respectful of her dignity and role as a member of his kingsguard. So I’ll credit him for that. This is also why it’s hard to find objective evidence of Renly looking down on her, since we don’t have his pov.     

We have however Catelyn’s impression of the Brienne/Renly dynamic, and it’s not positive:

The way she looked at the king - looked down at him, she was a good hand higher, though Renly was near as tall as his brother had been - was painful to see.

Brienne dropped to her knees. “If I must part from Your Grace, grant me the honor of arming you for battle.” Catelyn heard someone snigger behind her. She loves him, poor thing, she thought sadly. She’d play his squire just to touch him, and never care how great a fool they think her.

Brienne was on her feet as well. “Your Grace, give me but a moment to don my mail. You should not be without protection.” King Renly smiled. “If I am not safe in the heart of Lord Caswell’s castle, with my own host around me, one sword will make no matter… not even your sword, Brienne. Sit and eat. If I have need of you, I’ll send for you.His words seemed to strike the girl harder than any blow she had taken that afternoon. “As you will, Your Grace.” Brienne sat, eyes downcast.

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Someone needs to write a time travel fix-it fic where Sansa and Theon go back in time after the fall and slowly figure out the best way to change events in the best possible course is to persuade Ned to marry them together before he marries Sansa to Joffrey.

And the Starks know something’s off because Sansa has suddenly become a lot more mature and Theon has lost some of his spark and doesn’t whore around anymore and has suddenly started looking at Sansa as though she is salvation and light ans warmth. And then they suddenly start demanding to be married and Joffrey be damned.

Imagine Theon becoming too cocky towards Sansa at some point in the beginning, trying to forget Reek, and Sansa telling him she will never let him treat her with disrespect even for a second and him waiting by her window late at night - crying and apologizing for simply speaking out of his place. Imagine her letting him into her room. Imagine them falling asleep together for many nights because only they can help each other with the terrible nightmares. Imagine them being found out by Ned at some point.

Just imagine the Starks meeting the Boltons at some point, when Sansa is actually old enough in body to have sex -but still hasn’t consummated her marriage with Theon- and everyone wondering why Sansa is suddenly having panic attacks, Theon has a breakdown in their private chambers and Sansa comforts him by caressing him gently and offering him a safe harbour via sex - letting him be the one in control and repeating “You are Theon Greyjoy, Lord of the Iron Islands, my husband. And you are loved. And accepted”. And afterwards he feels like a piece of shit, because Sansa has been traumatized because of Ramsay’s numerous rapes in the past future but somehow she had decided he was worth letting in. And probably that’s where he realizes she loves him. And that he’s completely and utterly worshipping the ground she walks on.

Imagine him being impossibly tender with her for weeks. Imagine the Starks raising eyebrows at these displays. And the giddiness and love Sansa feels for him. And imagine Ramsey saying something to Sansa and the rest of the Starks gasping as Theon draws a knife in a heartbeat and has it pressed at Ramsay’s throat, and angrily hissing that if the bastard so much as breathes at his lady wife’s direction again, he will slaughter him, because he is *Theon Greyjoy* and he protects what is his.

And imagine them at some point spilling the beans to one of the Starks- the horror and the angst and the horrible future they’re trying to prevent. Imagine Sansa standing rightfully and proudly by her husband’s side as he reclaims his title as the Iron Lord, as he supports the Starks with his ships when they need it. Imagine someone remarking how much the both of them have changed for the better and kick asses. And them changing a lot of things and the best part- him still being whole (though he still wakes up sometimes thinking he is Reek, and Sansa has to comofort him). Imagine her being with a child when Theon’s dad dies. Imagine letting Theon hold the baby after it’s born and giving him a name that makes Theon’s heart soar and break. Imagine him kissing her feverently for her support and love.

I think this ship is very plauseable and possibly healthy - depending on the way it’s written - and they’re very compatible for each other in a sense that he has always wanted to belong and to be loved, and she has always wanted  to have someone to love and to stand by. And Theon would respect her. And he might intrigue her, once she starts getting to know him.

This isn’t so much about a love story as it is about fixing things. And the angst of arguably the two people in the entire series who have suffered the most. And the chemistry between Alfie and Sophie. Seriously they’re so cute that you can’t even think up a ship name because it would sound just like their own name- Alphie or Sofie. Maybe Salphie? Anyway do you see all the potential for a theonsa time travel fix back to episode one?!?! Anyone feeling inspired enough to try it? Am I the only one feeling all warm and fuzzy and giddy at the idea of this?

soapieturner  asked:

Jonsa + 7

accidental baby acquisition.

it’s magic and stuff!~

They find the baby in the godswood.

It is, truth be told, kind of creepy. Not the baby. Well – okay, if Sansa is being honest, the baby is a little creepy, if only because the baby is perfect. Bright green eyes, a head of a soft golden curls, and plump rosy cheeks and chubby little arms and legs and toes.

No, the creepy factor is that they found the baby in a weirwood-woven basket, sleeping peacefully on a bed of fresh moss under the watchful, weeping eyes of the heart tree.

“And it was wearing a crown,” Arya says, arms crossed fitfully over her chest. “You need to stop forgetting to mention the damned crown.

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Title: Misunderstandings

Pairing: Tyrion Lannister x female Stark!Reader

Word Count: ~1.3k

Warnings: none, open end though

Summary: The reader is to marry Tyrion instead of Sansa, contrary to her sister she thinks Tyrion might actually be a decent husband. But that changes when she meets said men outside her sister’s bed chambers the night before their wedding. Their new marriage starts off with a big fight.

(A/n: One of my personal favourites. I suck at summaries.J)

Originally posted by got-is-life

“But… but you could still meet the man of your dreams! You could fall madly in love one day and he would treat you like an actual princess!”

Your sister said with shining eyes. You sighed, the girl was still full of dumb dreams. Sometimes you feared she might never grow out of them.

“I don’t need to be treated like a princess.” You replied sharply “I don’t even need to be in love.”

“What? But (Y/n). You’re getting married! What’s the point if you don’t love him!?”

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anonymous asked:

Besides Jon, who do you see as a candidate with a good chance of being a romantic interest for Sansa? I don't know if George Martin will even include that in an endgame but considering Sansa does want someone to love her for who she is, I'd hope he'd at least allow her some happiness in that regard.

Hey Anonny!

I am actually pretty optimistic about Sansa getting a happy ending; primarily because “no one will ever marry me for love” and “life is not a song,” and “there are no heroes, in life the monsters win” are so incredibly prevalent in her arc. Sansa’s character arc is basically a “Captive Princess in the Tower”— but deconstructed, and then reconstructed, and then ~kind of~ deconstructed again and also ~kind of~ flipped on it’s head. But regardless, a fairy tale is still a fairy tale. Honestly the entire ASoIaF series is one ridiculously long, intricately detailed fairy tale. Which leads me to believe that, for the most part, all the protagonists will get their happy (or at least bittersweet) endings.

Above everything else, Sansa wants to be loved; and through out the series she has become more and more convinced that she never will be, that she is unlovable. Aside from retuning home to Winterfell, its still her heart’s dearest desire. She does still want a loving, happy marriage, she just doesn’t think it’s possible anymore:

 But then she remembered what Dontos had told her in the godswood. Tyrell or Lannister, it makes no matter, it’s not me they want, only my claim. —Sansa, ASoS

It is not me she wants her son to marry, it is my claim. No one will ever marry me for love. But lying came easy to her now. “I … can scarcely wait to meet him, my lady. But he is still a child, is he not?” —Sansa, ASoS

It’s not that Sansa has given up on love, its that she thinks love has given up on her. It’s not necessarily that she’s rejecting the idea of falling in love and being happily married, she just doesn’t see it happening for her. Which breaks my gd heart oml

Now moving on to your actual question (I know, I ramble. It’s so terrible!)

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