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No Matter What (Barry x Reader)

Character: Barry Allen

Fandom: The Flash

Categories: Reader Insert, Female!Reader

Title: No Matter What

Requested by anon:

hey there! i was wondering if you could write a Flash request for me? The reader is part of Team Flash and an evil meta human kidnaps her and tries to force her to tell who The Flash is (maybe he hurts her, but you don’t have to put that in detail bc Ik you’re uncomfortable with that stuff) she ends up telling Barry’s secret and when Barry finds her and saves her she is broken down for telling his secret, once she gets better Barry reassures her that it’s okay and its all fluffy :3 thanks!!

Warning: Kidnapping and mentions of violence! Nothing hardcore or explicit, just letting you know in case it might make you uncomfortable.

I accidentally bumped into Barry and lost balance, but he quickly kept me from falling.

“Sorry, Bar” I nervously chuckled, embarrassed by my clumsiness.

“No problem” My friend dedicated me a friendly and sweet smile that made me grin as well.

He kindly patted me in the shoulder as he carried on walking to do whatever he was doing. After all, he was a very busy person, being the Flash and all that.

I just sat in my desk and proceeded to prepare my working area. I had arrived early and neither Cisco nor Caitlin had arrived yet. Only Barry, but he had super speed so it wasn’t really fair.

I started my computer and displayed all the papers I would need in the table, spreading them all over the surface of my desk. Then I cracked my knuckles, getting ready for another exciting day of work at Star Labs.

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hyroid  asked:

Throwin in a curveball otp here for this one, how about mark/roger (rark? Moger? Who knows)

im sorry lindsay ellis but ill have a soft spot for rent for the rest of my life

  • Who’s the messiest one: roger but its mostly bc of that Depression
  • Who feels the most uncomfortable about PDA: roger still has some issues with getting rlly close to people but he grows into it
  • Who’s the funniest drunk: mark cuz he gets passionate and ranty and maybe a little chair-throwy at worst
  • Who texts the most: i mean if we flash forward to when texting is invented, probably mark
  • Who has the most embarrassing taste in music: roger, it’s his own music #burn
  • Who reads the most: mark reads more publications 
  • Who’s better with kids: mark is more personable
  • Who’s the one that fixes things around the house: mark
  • Who’s got the weirdest hobby: mark might film some weird stuff in his free time
  • Who cooks and who cleans up: neither are very good cooks, though roger will cook if he has the motivation, and mark will clean a bit 

anonymous asked:

2 be honest....... i dont know shit about nct but id still read if you wrote a fic for them

wow bun thank u omg… ill see abt it!! (n tbh i would rlly recommend getting into nct bc good music +fan-fucking-tastic performances ALWAYS +cute talented kids holy shit so much talent i dont know how its even possible+ funny n embarrassing n precious + there are like 100 of them but they all LOVE EACH OTHER SO FUCKING MUCH all of them have special and unique relationships with each other n theyre so good to each other oh god i want to cry my eyes out when i think abt nct dynamics…..) they remind me of old bangtan tbh like when they were rookies!!!!! maybe thats why i got attached so quickly……. i promise u wont regret it

anonymous asked:

hi aggie ! i was just wondering what program + tablet you use in your speed paint video ? Im love ur art a lot

hah oh my gosh this is sweet but my answer is kinda embarrassing 

i use a wacom intous tablet its kinda small- maybe 6 by 8 inches? and i dont have any spare money for a Real program so i use a free downloaded software that i think is called artrage and its admittedly kinda shitty so if anyone has a pirate for like sai or smth that works on macs…hmu bc i cant find one

i love how louis has a hard time looking right at harry 

even when theyre talkin and louis is clearly responding to something like i imagine he makes a conscious effort to focus on harrys left ear or whatevers behind his shoulder bc he knows that a) theres a 99% chance harry is being real fuckin cute and b) he has zero control over his face when it comes to harry just existing so


SO. maybe if he just doesnt. look. right at him. for too long. he wont embarrass himself. i mean its not working lmao all that relentless affection is written all over his face but i admire his dedication

  • me: [gets super pumped to write something beautifully heartbreaking with intense dialogue and an abstract way of writing]
  • me: [opens up a playlist of nothing but stunning instrumental music] [is now twice as excited to write]
  • me: [opens word]
  • me: .....
  • me: .........
  • me: .....................
  • me: [after many struggles, finally writes one sentence] [it is something that a 5 year old would be embarrassed about]
  • me: [cries]

if i seem cold and distant when you try to communicate with me, its just because im fucking terrified of accidentally saying something dumb and fucking up everything when im talking to new people. or maybe i am drawing bcs then its hard for me to focus on anything else than the drawing so i will reply very slowly and only with short replies. or maybe i am having a bad day.

if i dont reply at all, its because i have no idea how to reply or i didnt understand what you said and i am too embarrassed to ask or i dont understand what kind of answer you are expecting or i just forgot to answer.