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OMG Jay you draw posts in advance?

I USED TO NOT but ever since late 2016 i have!! i don’t always post them in the order i draw them in either, that’s why sometimes the style can look v subtly inconsistent. most of the time if you catch me just as im posting, you can tell when i Goof Up bc sora’s braces will be the wrong colour (sometimes i rush to edit it, sometimes i..dont bother), or (lately) some posts will be written in lowercase rather than in allcaps!!

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Jimon + your scared of me .... aren't you?

content warnings:
- anxiety/depression (+ some light ref to past suicidal ideation on jace’s part)
- self-starvation (vampire!simon)
- talk about blood & drinking blood
- has a happy ending tho


The alley is a whirling pool of blacks and reds as Simon collapses against the nearest wall. He slides down it, the rough texture of the bricks behind him scratching his skin and leaving red marks along his exposed arms.

He lets out a shaky breath that never seems to stop, until he realizes his throat is burning and he gasps for air.

Squeezing his eyes closed, he rubs at his temples and tries to gain back control. The sharpness of his fangs against the inside of his bottom lip is excruciating.

I’m a monster.

The words echo inside his skull, etching themselves into his bones as a never-ending reminder that he can never go back to how things were. He will always be this shadow of what he used to be and nothing more.

Even though his eyes are closed, the world is still spinning. He can taste the coppery sweetness of blood still stuck to his fangs. It repulses him.

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hey, protip for straight people writing any kind of queer material whether it’s fanfics, movies, whatever: literally nothing screams “this was written by a straight person” like one of your characters getting mad at their partner bc they don’t want to come out, ESPECIALLY if they accuse their partner of “being embarrassed” of them

like, for so many people coming out is??? an absolutely terrifying prospect??? and other people in the lgbt+ community are completely aware and understanding of that for hopefully obvious reasons. someone may be sad or frustrated that their s/o isn’t out, but very rarely angry. and they’d probably know that embarrassment has nothing to do with it since there’s generally bigger concerns at hand

TL;DR: I just read ur gay angst fic and your straight is showing

On Dex's Reaction

Ok but like… It’s been a couple days but I’m still not over just how DEVASTATED Dex is at sharing a room with Nursey…. Like…. I know Nursey is a little shit but I’m so convinced that there’s got to be SOMETHING more to that sheer panic besides Nursey just being a pretentious fuck that’s hard to live with.

Honestly, I understand Dex being mad at feeling cheated out of dibs or w/e after doing so much haus-work, that’s fair. Like, I’m not gonna deny him his emotional response, but also Lardo’s dibs was going to be Nursey’s to begin with, so the fact that he was so distraught at the outcome when it was actually very cool of Lardo to give him an equally fair shot I think is indicative of something deeper going on. & by something deeper I’m just gonna shamelessly admit rn I think Dex might have a crush on Nursey. Maybe it really is just the shipper in me projecting but seriously,

I know Nursey is ridiculous but it’s been 2 years and they’re relatively much better off than they were before, they’re p good friends, so what gives? Like. The dude literally went through the 5 stages of grief within a single update.

& idk if I’ve voiced my thoughts on this before but I’ve always had the sense that Dex really is gay, imo it’s been pretty well indicated. The baking euphemism literally started with Dex during their first introduction in the tadpole tour, and then surprise surprise later on Bitty’s Twitter it turns out 1) Dex is pretty good at baking. And 2) he’s also kinda embarrassed about that.

Also, Dex CHOSE to go to the most LGBT-friendly school in the country even though he would’ve preferred somewhere in-state that probably would’ve been cheaper. We can chalk this up to making the choice bc of the hockey scholarship (like bitty I guess?) but Samwell’s “1 in 4, maybe more” was admittedly a big part of its appeal to Bitty, so it wouldn’t be a stretch to say Samwell had the same appeal to Dex. Imo Dex has always been way too pragmatic and money-conscientious to choose Samwell over a state school, I know he has to for the sake of the narrative but that aside, he chose Samwell for a reason. You could chalk it up to him choosing Samwell just bc he really likes hockey, but I’ve never really gotten that strong of an impression from him. Oh, I’m sure he likes it, but he’s no Jack Zimmerman. I think the LGBT appeal is the exact perfect reason FOR him to make that somewhat emotionally fueled decision as opposed to the more practical choice

also lbr Dex had a super gay moment w Jack during initiation I think we call can appreciate Jack’s butt

Sidenote, as a bi PoC as much as I appreciate bi!nursey as a concept & connect w it & want it to be a thing.. Dex being gay I think is a lot more strongly foreshadowed than Nursey being bisexual. Which is unfortunate, bc I really like bi!Nursey. & I like the idea of them as a couple, too.

hello i am sick and tired of all these mchanzo headcanons where hanzo’s embarrassed by mccree so pls consider:
  • hanzo and mccree being very close friends for a year or two, maybe three
  • they’d always say platonic “i love yous” at each other and cuddle sometimes
  • mccree saying he loves hanzo more than just platonically one day, hanzo admits to feeling the same way
  • mccree and hanzo being a ridiculously sappy couple
  • mccree and hanzo holding hands in public and hanzo’s SMILING because he’s NOT EMBARRASSED AT ALL
  • hanzo not being a huge fan of pda but still lets mccree kiss him in public, even in front of the overwatch crew, bc he’s proud and happy about his dorky cowboy bf
  • mccree singing cheesy romantic country songs and hanzo loving them
  • mccree and hanzo hugging for extended amounts of time because its comforting 
  • hanzo loving mccree’s lil dorky habits like tipping his cowboy hat and doing that dumb finger gun thing
  • mccree playing with hanzo’s hair, braiding it, tying it all sorts of ways, etc
  • forehead kisses !!!! hanzo doesnt like being short but it allows his tall bf to give him forehead kisses so he’s more comfortable abt his height
  • hanzo proudly introducing mccree as his boyfriend. he smiles whenever he says mccree’s name
  • hanzo and mccree comforting each other when one of them is upset w/ shitty country songs and cuddles
  • mccree staring at hanzo because he cant believe that someone as amazing as hanzo loves some scrappy guy like him
  • hanzo staring at mccree because he cant believe someone as amazing as mccree is his bf
  • they love each other a lot ok

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your writing has also inspired me to try my hand at it again; i have ocd and it feels like a constant struggle for words, phrases, things to say in general, etc. do you have this problem too and/or any tips? my brain feels like it's totally useless and maybe i'm not suited to be a writer

writing is a learned habit. no one is born stringing together eloquent phrases, it’s something you learn over time.

ok, so, personal details: i was on medication for a long time that had a side effect of taking a mallet to my memory and cognition. in a short period of time i went from being able to write as easily as talking to struggling to remember simple words, having a conversation was embarrassing bc i had to keep stopping to plan out what i had to say, etc etc etc. it sucked a lot. i lost my job in print media, i couldn’t maintain my monetized blog, and i was a real turd to really nice people and ruined a lot of good friendships. it suuuuuuuucked and i was not a very nice person to be around. very, very angry at this time, and i took it out on people who didn’t deserve it one bit bc i was scared of losing what was (and will be again, i hope) my source of income, and my marginal talent and the one thing i was good at.

but! i finally went to a new doc, i was yanked off the medication and put through neuro bootcamp with a specialist. i was diagnosed with a non-traumatic brain injury and was rehabbed in the same way as someone with an early intervention stroke. rebuilding plasticity, learning to hold chains of thought again, articulating ideas verbally and written, etc etc etc. my oc is basically a working model of being able to finally lock down a thought and remember small details.

like, tmi, who cares, but all of this horseshit has made me super conscious of writing as a learned activity, and what it’s been like to go from being able to write easily to getting frustrated and upset that i couldn’t take the words in my head and put them on paper any more, or hold on to a thought long enough to be able to articulate it.

so i think my advice is to disregard advice about ~the sanctity of the craft~ and keep your expectations bite sized and make your work accessible to yourself.

i moved my stuff to google docs and have the docs/drive app on my ipad and iphone, as well as access on my laptop and desktop. if i have a moment free while watching tv or sitting in an uber or w/e i can look at whatever story is on my mind and write a single sentence or change a word or just reread what’s there. having it in my pocket to look at while i’m on the can instead of having to go make the active choice to sit at my pc takes a lot of the pressure to perform away.

if the words don’t come then ok, maybe not now, i can just do something else and see if the pieces fall into place a bit later and not get stressed about it. there’s always time when it’s just a matter of picking up my phone.

and the bite sized bit is really important to me. do what you can, but do it on a regular basis. if i write a single word tomorrow and nothing else comes out then i don’t sweat it, because one word is a whooooole lot better than no words. if i get a paragraph down, great! if a page comes out, great! if i move a few words around and suddenly a sentence flows better, then great! it’s all better than nothing.

don’t measure yourself against other people’s productivity (and in my case i can’t measure myself against the productivity i used to have). a thousand words at lunch is their thing, not necessarily your thing. it’s never gonna be my thing again for years, if ever, and i’m getting better at being ok with that!

i think that’s it. everyone can write in one way or another, but a lot of writing advice is too high falutin’ with the ~art of the craft~, not ‘how do i get the words down when it’s like pulling a tooth just to hold onto a thought and sitting down to capital w Write is a one way ticket to frustration’. it’s just reducing it down to building your story brick by brick, word by word until you can look back at it and go, yep, that’s pretty much done.

i hope this helps.

man its rly hard coming to terms w the fact that my parents (my mom in particular) possibly abused me emotionally. and ive been giving this a lot of thought since last year, or maybe even earlier. its just that the constant manipulation and belittling and physical beatings have been so overdone that im almost numb to them. Almost.

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they catch you in the bath


would be a blushing mess

he wouldnt be able to look you in the eyes for a whole week

says sorry about 1000 times

before asking for you forgiveness

ever so slightly praises you

like “i’m sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sorry but your so gorgeous”

of course whispering the last part

because if he didn’t you would have endless sorrys forever

and as much as i love this cute lil bean i can’t

and i have this annoying lil shit in my class that thinks he can correct everything someone says

but much love no isogai as i love him he loves you you should love hem everything works out.


would be calm on the inside

but would be so excited like

nooooo stop itona

low key pervert

its so true it hurts

his new name is “supreme leader itona the pervert”

*probably has a nose bleed*

gets called a perv by you

(idk do you like people watch you bathe?)

if you do forget about when i said about him

if you are fine you would both have a normal conversation

but his mind is in a different place

shuffles uncontrollably bc ya know

hes a perv

(im sorry if you disagree that he’s a perv but i will honestly punch you if you dont think hes a perv and is also part of the illuminati)


basically just smirks
teases you for weeks
casulaly talks about it as its nor embarrising
Doesn’t care that your embarrassed
Secretly funds you really really cute
I’m not joking he probably (most likely) to a photo
Ok so maybe not one but 100
He has no storage on his phone because of you.
What makes it worse is that he shows everyone
You nearly have a heart attack
But does karma care? No
Will he ever? No


*nosebleeds for eternity*
praises you for eternity
hugs you for eternity
loves you for eternity
like gawwd so many eternities with this kid
watches you for eternity
stalks you for eternity (im joking about this one)
or am i?
fuck im a bitch
but aside from this he’d be generally happy
just bc he saw you naked
supreme leader maehara the pervert #2


awkwardly laughs.
but keep staring at your perfect body.
tries not to cry at you perfect body
because it’s perfect
like its an aesthetically pleasing piece of fucking art.
im not joking
i promise
this lil bean will be so greatful for you just indirectly seeing you naked.
the next day he would slide into them dms like a fucking elevator
but be super cute and innocent about it.
i love him for this
just thinking about nagisa is too cute to handle
is it weird he’s a fictional character?

Thank you all for the wait and sorry karma  sand maehara said are rly short but I did try. Today I’m going to do a few really quick ones instead of someone catching you making out just because I can Finish it today so everyone’s happy.

Bye lil beans

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listen i will try reading tfc one more time eventually maybe next semester cause my cyrrent tbr is Huge,,,, the things i do 4 u syeda,,,,,,,,,ur so lucky to have me honestly

THANKS U 😩😭 listen its,, so good its been almost a year and i Still have trouble reading anything else bc i just wanna keep reading tfc its my lifeblood its so fucking gay and heartbreaking tbh i dont cry a lot while reading but this sure fucked me up good i rmeember it was like 3 am when i was readng a certain part and i was crying so much i couldnt even see my screen lmao how embarrassing

No Matter What (Barry x Reader)

Character: Barry Allen

Fandom: The Flash

Categories: Reader Insert, Female!Reader

Title: No Matter What

Requested by anon:

hey there! i was wondering if you could write a Flash request for me? The reader is part of Team Flash and an evil meta human kidnaps her and tries to force her to tell who The Flash is (maybe he hurts her, but you don’t have to put that in detail bc Ik you’re uncomfortable with that stuff) she ends up telling Barry’s secret and when Barry finds her and saves her she is broken down for telling his secret, once she gets better Barry reassures her that it’s okay and its all fluffy :3 thanks!!

Warning: Kidnapping and mentions of violence! Nothing hardcore or explicit, just letting you know in case it might make you uncomfortable.

I accidentally bumped into Barry and lost balance, but he quickly kept me from falling.

“Sorry, Bar” I nervously chuckled, embarrassed by my clumsiness.

“No problem” My friend dedicated me a friendly and sweet smile that made me grin as well.

He kindly patted me in the shoulder as he carried on walking to do whatever he was doing. After all, he was a very busy person, being the Flash and all that.

I just sat in my desk and proceeded to prepare my working area. I had arrived early and neither Cisco nor Caitlin had arrived yet. Only Barry, but he had super speed so it wasn’t really fair.

I started my computer and displayed all the papers I would need in the table, spreading them all over the surface of my desk. Then I cracked my knuckles, getting ready for another exciting day of work at Star Labs.

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A beginner’s guide to LL fics

Fantastic fics and where to find them

Main pairs
Nozoeli: smut, lots of aus, smut, occasional angst, smut, some diabetic fics, smut
Where found: everywhere, blogs with Nozomi/eli in their url

NicoMaki: tons of hospital aus, so much ooshima tomo ref, smut, fight fight fight, ooshima tomo, fight more, smut
Where found: everywhere, blogs with Nico/maki in their url

KotoUmi: angst, unrequited love, angst, somebody dying, angst, more deaths, angst
Where found: depends on your luck that day, maybe be found on the side of the road

Rinpana: if you’re lucky they get inserted as side pairing, does not exist
Where found: Deep into the abyss of hell

MakiPana: for the weak hearted who needs fluff 
where found: @ask-tomato-and-rice, floopers, u all know where

Rinmaki: either very tragic or diabetes inducing, weird combination 
where found: u all know where

Nicotori: v v attractive ship tbvh i think its the fanart
Where found: @tachimirii (no fics :,))) ), @shotgun-to-your-heart 

Kotomaki: you think you will never ship them but 
where found: @in-perfect-silence

UmiNico: v v cute ship bc look imagine nico getting 2nd hand embarrassment because Umi is blushing
where found: uminico tag, ocean 25 tag, does not exist anywhere else, if you’re lucky you get 2 fics

Nozoumi: does not exist beyond your imagination

NicoPana: they are too cute together and writers who write them dies from fluff which is why they have no fics
where found: maybe in some random prompts on tumblr

NicoEli: pls spend your saturday reading saturday plans
where found: @huesofthemorning

Nozonico: everyone lowkey ships the third years do not lie
where found: WE ARE CURRENTLY RECRUITING MEMBERS, it is always that annoying saberin blog

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It makes me so angry that neighborhood deco floats in lot view. Do you download custom food? Do you download sims from other people? I like to download the sims from way back when on mts when photo skinned clothes were cool and put 2017 cc and maxis match clothes on them. Your pictures are perfect #longlivethesims2

hEY FAM ok wow OH MY GOD yes i haTE THAT TOO especially like custom terrains and stuff!!! i dont really download custom food, although i should but im scared bc of irrational reasons

and yes i do download sims from other people! sometimes its nice to have different faces in your game rather than the faces you make. i used to abuse MTS for sims back in the day and i would download all the cute anime looking ones (i was maybe 9 or 10?) yeah those were embarrassing times.

but thank you for your compliment!! :)

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i love how louis has a hard time looking right at harry 

even when theyre talkin and louis is clearly responding to something like i imagine he makes a conscious effort to focus on harrys left ear or whatevers behind his shoulder bc he knows that a) theres a 99% chance harry is being real fuckin cute and b) he has zero control over his face when it comes to harry just existing so


SO. maybe if he just doesnt. look. right at him. for too long. he wont embarrass himself. i mean its not working lmao all that relentless affection is written all over his face but i admire his dedication

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mayumiko bcs ayyy :6)

  • Which one cried during a fucking disney movie?
    mikorin is a small baby and he bawls and mayu has to hold him bc he a strong stoic bab and he needs to take care of his small redhead baby
  • Who put a goddamned fork in the microwave?
    ?????????????????????????????????????????none of them would but maYBE MIKORIN
  • Who does the silly hands-over-the-eyes “Guess who” thing?
    dumb mikorin would do that and mayu would probably know who it is bc NO ONE ever does that to him and then he probably pulls mikorin and like catches him bc hes that cool and then probably plants a kiss on his forehead and mikorin gets kinda embarrassed////////////////
  • Who puts their cold hands/feet on their partner?
    wWWw bOTH OF THEM WOULD but its more like mayu would be too lazy to move his limbs and mikorin is warm so he doesnt care and mikorin would do it to annoy mayu but he’d never get a rise out of him, but he believes persistence is key….
  • Who had that embarrassing Reality TV marathon?
    mikorin…hes already a shut-in obsessed with anime…..what a ne r d
  • Who laughs more during sex?
    //SWEATING, miKORIN????????????????????????????????????????????
    mIKORIN IS ALWAYS THE LITTLE SPOON BC MAYU IS TOO TALL TO SPOON and also bc he naturally gravitates towards the sheltering comfort that mayu provides for him

sakura bamf punching for keri

  • me: [gets super pumped to write something beautifully heartbreaking with intense dialogue and an abstract way of writing]
  • me: [opens up a playlist of nothing but stunning instrumental music] [is now twice as excited to write]
  • me: [opens word]
  • me: .....
  • me: .........
  • me: .....................
  • me: [after many struggles, finally writes one sentence] [it is something that a 5 year old would be embarrassed about]
  • me: [cries]