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What would a yooran wedding be like?

I haven’t thought a TON about it but I have some headcanons!

  • It would be really small and intimate. Just immediate family and friends because Saeran gets nervous in crowds, he doesn’t know many people, and I can’t imagine either of them wanting to go through the effort of planning a huge wedding lol. Also I could see Yoosung really romanticizing the small traditional wedding thing. u__u What a sweetie.
  • I want it to be outside… in sunny weather… maybe a place with flowers around…. Soothing and romantic and warm.
  • Saeyoung ABSOLUTELY gets ordained online to officiate their (he insists “Catholic”) wedding. He’s been preparing for this for years. He’s also Saeran’s Best Man becauseeeee they said so.
  • They write their own vows but Saeran doesn’t say his very loud. Only Yoosung and Saeyoung can really hear him clearly but that’s okay, they’re the only ones he wants to hear it. Yoosung fucking sobs he’s a total mess.
  • Actually, ranking of tears shed from least to most at this wedding:
    Yoosung’s mom < Saeran < Yoosung <<<<<<< Saeyoung
  • When I imagine their wedding I kind of just imagine Yoosung and Saeran really neglecting their guests lol. It’s not intentional but they spend the whole time sitting together or dancing a little bit together, leaned in really close, talking and whispering. They’re just not paying attention to anyone else around them, they’re too happy and sappy and in love.
  • Ummm and their wedding cake is an ice cream cake sorry I don’t make the rules.

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I read your dyslexic Lance post and do u think that maybe hunk said "good one Lance" when Lance had the bad come backs even tho it wasn't a good one because he knows and wants to make Lance fell better about himself ?👀

uhm absolutely?? Hunk is the bestest friend ever, he does his best to give Lance validation. he totally knows how Lance feels about people calling him stupid, so he is just. the most supportive friend ever. i love Hunk so much…

A Chance

Request:  tyler imagine where y/n is tyler’s best friend and she has a crush on tyler but he’s taken. two years previously, she planned to tell tyler of her crush on him but just as she was about to say it, he introduces her to his girlfriend. then its all angsty n shit

tyler joseph x reader

word count: 588

warnings: angst

          There was something about Tyler. Maybe some witch put a curse on you so you would fall in love with him because it was something you never wanted to do. You can’t believe that you thought you’d have a chance with him.

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I’m not good with words and with expressing myself so bare with me!

I’m so proud to be here!

This community is the best thing that ever happened in my life!

I’ve been part of many communities in the past and I always felt like I didn’t belong there and no one ever talked to me..

I just wanted to thank you guys and Mark.

Because of you I’m still here, I’m still alive and I owe you so much!

I love you all so much!
This community will always be in my heart!

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Semi-nsfw maybe?? I haven't had my period since September 2016. I don't know why. I'm not sexually active, so it's not that?? I'm relieved because it doesn't increase my dysphoria but still...

i’d suggest that you go talk to a doctor just to make sure everything is okay <3. i’m glad it makes your dysphoria better, but i wouldn’t let that get in the way of making sure you’re health and all. you’re totally valid with and without your period, anon :). best wishes!!

-mod nova

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Aaron has a panic attack Ok, but ...why? What's the cause this time? It'd be because Rob tells him the truth or someone makes him uncomfortable or maybe some kind of reference to Gordon or .. idk What do you think is going to happen and cause his attack?

He has a panic attack because there is a party thrown for him in the pub (as a welcome home obviously) and he gets overwhelmed by it. After what he’s just been through in prison, a party for him with loads of people probably isn’t the best idea or something Aaron needs right now

i know im too much sometimes and a lot of the time people find me overwhelming. i know that my presence can be overbearing and that sometimes i just can’t hold it in. but what im learning is that these things arent bad. what im learning is that this all translates into an energy and a passion for life. and yeah, maybe sometimes i talk a little too loud and a little too fast. and sometimes i let my excitement spill over until i get carried away. but one day im going to find somebody who can handle it. one day somebody is going to look at me and say that im more than enough in the best way possible. but more importantly, im not going to hold my breath for that person. im not going to hold my breath for anybody. im going to let it all spill out and overflow and love my muchness. because suppressing it would just be suppressing me. and i deserve to be my entire self.

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Hey... I've been following you for a while, I don't even remember what for but yeah. So you post about Newtmas a lot and I've never read or watched TMR but was just wondering if they are a canon couple? because they look like they are and I heard they got nominated for two choice movie chemistry awards and won one of them. If they are a canon couple maybe I'll join the fandom?? btw i love your blog


No, they are not a canon couple in that those literal words have never been said.

However, it is heavily, heavily implied. By the author, cast, marketing, you name it.

The two characters grow very close very soon, and it is clearly different to the way they are close with their other friends. That is not to say they don’t share chemistry with other characters as well, but it is hilariously more intense with each other. They are constantly touching or in other mildly intimate positions, their reactions to the other being close with other people are remarkably envy-coded, and their interactions are overly romanticized several times - starry nights, shaky sighs, daydreaming or staring, etc. etc.

These two characters also share chemistry, to a certain extent, with other characters of the same gender - re-hinting at their potential queerness.

Overall, while Newtmas is not canon and the writing isn’t the best, I really recommend the series because the characters are all really well written and there are lots of ships to root for (mostly Newtmas tho).

you can’t spell subtext without buttsex

cinderella: redo

so i was watching cinderella while doing my nails and waiting for them to dry which was clearly a Mistake because now i can’t help but think -

the evil stepmother was always evil, okay. say her abuse of her own daughters was different than that of cinderella’s - but it was still abuse. giving them impossible expectations, telling them they were never good enough, never pretty enough, never smart enough. and then she gets married, and anastasia and drizella are ecstatic because this man seems kind and warm and maybe just maybe he can temper their mother, maybe with him around she won’t be so cruel. so they’re on their very best behavior in the beginning, they do just as their mother taught - they trot out their best upper court manners in an attempt to get their new stepfather to like them. but it just comes off as cold and snooty and they’re trying, they are, they’re just bad at it. and they see how he is with cinderella, the smiling girl their own age, and they are jealous. they don’t mean to be, they try not to be, they know it isn’t becoming of young ladies. but she gets hugs and kisses and affection and they get rulers slapped on their hands when they reach for desert and sharp jabs to their sides when they slouch and - soon they hate cinderella, not for anything she’s done, but for what she has and they dont

but then her father dies. and it’s all a tumble of things and cinderella is crying and they’ve lost their only chance at escaping their mother’s clutches and it’s terrible. and everything settles and there’s no reason to be jealous anymore but resentment is hard to let go of and they don’t know what to do. they’re only kids too after all. and they’re so terribly bad at comforting people, they can do flowery words and know all the right bows but cinderella is so sad and they just don’t know what to do with that, because they’re supposed to be sisters but they’re not even friends

and slowly but surely their mother starts abusing cinderella, starts making her a maid in her own home, and she’s their mother, what are anastasia and drizella supposed to do? she rules them with an iron fist, and cinderella doesn’t even like them anyway, it’s none of their business.

except one night anastasia crawls into her sister’s bed in the middle of the night and wakes her up. “i was thirsty,” she explains, eyes wide and shiny, and they’re bad at this with other people but drizella has no problems with pulling anastasia into her arms. the younger girl clutches her sister and continues, “i was thirsty and i went down to the kitchen to get some water and - and cinderella is still up! she’s doing the dishes, and she should be asleep, mom is going to make her make breakfast in the morning and -” she cuts herself off with a hiccup and whispers, “it’s not fair.”

“life isn’t fair,” drizella says, echoing one of their mother’s favorite phrases. but her sister is staring at her with wet eyes, and it’s not like their mother is likely to get up before sunrise anyway, she hates waking up, so she pulls herself and anastasia out of bed and off they go.

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we love to glorify best friends who fall apart, but what’s sadder is two people who never were friends to begin with. because you’ve had a chance with your best friend, you’ve tried being with each other, but all the pinky promises in the world can’t erase the fact that she’s the sun and you’re the moon and you two just weren’t meant to exist in the same sky.

but maybe the guy who sits behind you in chem class could have been your real best friend if only you’d talked to him. maybe the girl who was reading the same book as you on the subway could have been your future love. and all it took was one missed opportunity, one moment of possibility that died when you swallowed your words. maybe you could have been more than stars gathered in different constellations, strangers sent adrift on diverging paths, never knowing what could have been.

arlen c. | my books

Ok but when they start dating, I’d like for all of you to imagine Kara “Sunny Danvers” giving Maggie the shovel talk. And lbr, Alex isn’t gonna mention the whole “Kara is Supergirl” thing for a while–not that she never will, but she’s been fighting to keep kara’s secret for over a decade. it’ll take a bit of time–and so Maggie doesn’t know Kara can bench press her with her pinky and we all know that Kara can be scary intense

And for once, it’s Kara’s turn to play the overprotective sister, to make sure that Alex is safe. Because she remembers holding a crying Alex in her arms and yeah she knows that it wasn’t meanly intended and maybe it was for the best for both of them at the time and they’re together now. But still. This is the girl who made her big sister cry. So just think of Maggie shaking Kara’s hand.

And all of a sudden there is a death grip and she can’t move at all and Alex’s not-so-harmless puppy of a sister has a very serious very threatening look in her eyes, still smiling, telling her in a very chipper and sweet voice that if she ever hurts her sister they will never find her again on Earth

and then the scary look is gone and she’s back to the sunshiney puppy and Maggie’s just a bit shell shocked later she brings it up to alex “haha so your sister said they’d never find me again on earth if i hurt you how hilarious right. right. alex. alex why won’t you look me in the eye she was kidding right. right alex.”

February Horoscopes

ARIES: Take a nice, firm grab of the dial that controls your aggressiveness and crank it way down. You can relax a little bit and still be able to defend yourself (this of course does not apply if someone crosses the line, then you have every right to be as aggressive as you’d like (however maybe the line needs to be redrawn because you have a tendency to get upset over very small things)). Don’t forget to breathe every once in a while. Things can work themselves out without you getting worked up.

TAURUS: Remember that not everyone is out to get you, Taurus. Yes, there are people in this world with bad intentions, but that doesn’t mean you can just push someone away because you’re suspicious of them. Talk to those individuals. Don’t jump to conclusions and assume that they aren’t good people; you might lose someone who really only ever wanted what was best for you.

GEMINI: Time to take a pair of metaphorical scissors and snip the negativity out of your life! If you know someone is dragging you down rather than supporting you and building you up, say sayonara!

CANCER: You know that thing that you want to do but you might be too afraid to do? Do it. All experiences, good or bad, are still experiences. Take a risk every now and then! Ask that person out! Put your application in! You can do it.

LEO: Try looking at things a new way this month, Leo. You might be in the midst of a problem or you might be trying to reach a goal you’ve set, and things are just not working out no matter how hard you try. Take a step back and try a new route. Do something different if what you’re doing right now isn’t making you successful.

VIRGO: You may not be meeting all of your own expectations right now, and that’s okay. This month focus on persisting through your troubles. Keep your chin up, Virgo. Good things are on their way.

LIBRA: Libra, you sort of have a tendency to be very good at picking out problems and flaws, and then doing nothing about them. Take a stand and start fixing things that you don’t like, whether it be with the world or within yourself. Email your senator. Attend a march. Donate money. Accept criticism. You can literally do anything that you think you can do.

SCORPIO: This month remember that not all relationships that you create have to be romantic. Creating a bond or a connection with another individual does not mean that by default that you have to be in love with that person. Cherish your friends and don’t focus on romance at the moment. 

SAGITTARIUS: Embrace your emotions this month. If you need to cry, then cry. If you need to scream, then scream. If you need someone to talk to, then find someone you can trust. Do not ever be ashamed of the way you feel.

CAPRICORN: Decisiveness is key. You may find yourself unable to choose between this and that, but you have to learn to make tough decisions, especially under pressure. Don’t let a decision keep you up at night. Do what you feel is right and good is bound to come of it.

AQUARIUS: Seek out some counsel this February. There are plenty of people in your circle willing to listen to you, you just have to speak. Focus on your needs instead of everyone else’s. You are a wonderful listener, and now it’s your turn to be listened to.

PISCES: Break out of your shell a little bit this month. You don’t have to do anything insanely drastic, but maybe inviting someone new over for a movie, or simply messaging someone you’ve never talked to before to get to know them. You have a very intriguing air about you, Pisces, and whether you believe it or not people do want to be your friend.

FUN HEADCANON: the jarchie roadtrip wasn’t just a roadtrip; it was where jughead planned to come clean to archie about how much of a mess his life is. it wasn’t easy for him to admit that he was in such a sorry state, and it took him weeks to build up the courage, but he was gonna do it. he was gonna pour his heart out to his best friend, maybe even ask for his help.

that’s why he was so upset when archie bailed on him like it was nothing. that’s why jughead held it against him for so long. because that’s when jughead realized that he was not as important to archie as archie was to him, that his best friend in the world… wasn’t. that’s when jughead realized no one was coming to save him. that’s when he realized he was alone.

maybe… we should leave the future alone. i have been thinking a lot about why christmas feels empty even though i love the holiday. why i can’t quite get it right, even with planning and careful presents and genuine love. why the new year came to us filled in fire.

i think we build it up too much. spend two months planning out perfection instead of waking up surprised on christmas morning. i wonder if that’s what made our holidays better when we were children - we had so few to look back on that we just hoped for the best and were always blown away by the smallest things. not having school was good enough back then. 

be gentle to 2017. let it make itself as good as it wants to be, because we put too much pressure on 2016 to be perfect. 2017 won’t be. 

plan for the worst and hope for the best and maybe, if we’re all very lucky, we might just survive this.

So if you replaced one of the two guys of your OTP with a girl


 Would you SUPPORT a fourteen year old girl being romantically involved with a twenty three year old man? 

 Would you SUPPORT a woman’s consistent refusals being continually ignored because a guy is obsessed with her? 

 Would you SUPPORT a woman giving into these demands and it being portrayed as romantic because the guy is “determined” enough? 

 Would you SUPPORT a woman being stalked and harassed, no matter how cutely, by a guy, handsome or not, cuz he just “can’t live without her?”

Would you SUPPORT a woman getting with her “enemy” cuz he beat her so many times she just had to “submit?”

Would you SUPPORT a woman who’s been manipulated and controlled by a man her entire life, who’s been lied to and hurt by this man, maybe he’s her best friend or something, always fucking forgiving him for his crap and “Staying by his side, no matter what?” 

 If NOT. 

 Ask yourself why it’s ok when it’s “between two guys." 

 Ask yourself why it being two guys makes it any different. 

 And now listen to me, as I give you the correct answer: 

 It’s not any different. 

All you damn feminists claiming you want equality, well, honey, boys are children too. 

Boys are KIDS, goddamnit, they don’t deserve to be sexualized, I’m almost constantly seeing 15 year olds treated like sex objects for older more aggressive males in your damn ships. 

The fact that they’re boys CHANGES NOTHING. 


 Can we PLEASE protect gay men from creepy fucking sexualization too?

Or is that just for women? 

 Are you the type to think men can’t be sexually harassed too? 


2017 resolution for ya: protect boys from creepy ass fangirls and protect gay men from this toxic relationship garbage.

And start listening to this crazy animentality weirdo when he’s waving his arms and talking about something important from time to time, MAYBE YOU’LL LEARN SOMETHING. 

i found this post in my drafts and have ZERO memory of writing it (thank u alcohol) so im gonna put it in my queue lol
  • ok but imagine 
  • Bitty comes out to his parents but he doesn’t tell them about Jack, thinks it’s for the best, maybe to ease his parents into things or maybe to keep the pool of People Who Know as small as possible 
  • and like yeah Ransom and Holster are super oblivious but Suzanne Bittle is not, not when it comes to her son, because she is a certified Nosy Southern Mother and she can see he’s been acting differently, happier but quieter, always on his phone and blushing when she asks about boys
  • and he talks about the team a LOT 
  • Jack’s one of his best friends and he’s just started his NHL career, so of course Bitty’s never gonna shut up about Jack
  • (Same goes for Shitty and law school. And eventually Ransom and med school. Dicky is proud of his friends and wants everyone to know. He gets that trait from Suzanne, she understands)
  • but he keeps talking about this one Boy, how sweet he is and how his smile is like a sack of puppies and how bitty’s always making this boy do things with him like baking and getting froyo and going shopping and Suzanne is like. Yes. This must be Dicky’s secret boyfriend. 
  •  the next family weekend or whatever, Suzanne demands to meet this Chowder boy who’s stolen Bitty’s heart
  • Bitty is both confused and mortified

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The best things that have come to me in life have been a surprise. I think it’s because I have kept working, even in something else, and not because of waiting for it. I just think that when you focus your energy in the right direction things start to work out and life surprises you in a positive way. Maybe I’m being too romantic, but it’s impossible to travel somewhere looking to fall in love with someone. Instead, when you stop looking for it, it comes to you and soon you are in love. If I didn’t have a movie right now I would be very happy doing theater.

The best things that have come to me in life have been a surprise. I think it’s because I have kept working, even in something else, and not because of waiting for it. I just think that when you focus your energy in the right direction things start to work out and life surprises you in a positive way. Maybe I’m being too romantic, but it’s impossible to travel somewhere looking to fall in love with someone. Instead, when you stop looking for it, it comes to you and soon you are in love. If I didn’t have a movie right now I would be very happy doing theater.

Being On Your Period While Traveling With Newt

• lots of cuddles

• he’d constantly be checking in to see if you needed anything, a blanket, some tea, maybe he could have one of the creatures come lay with you?

• offering to give you a back massage
- Newt giving the absolute best back massages you had ever received

• him not getting mad at you when you snap at something small

• forgiving you even before you apologize (which you did almost immediately)

• dealing with your mood swings surprisingly well

• one minute you’re yelling at him the next you’re crying because you think you hurt his feelings

• he just smiles at you and pulls you in for a hug, rubbing your back soothingly

• having Jacob bake you some snacks when you pass through London (because Queenie and Jacob totally moved to London okay but back to the list)

• lots and lots of kisses

• back of the neck kisses when youre hurting and he’s rubbing your tummy while cuddling you

• forehead kisses when you start crying over something

• soft kisses to shut you up when you start yelling again

• cheek kisses when he has to run out of the case for a bit

• kisses to the tip of your nose when you finally fall asleep

• he would do anything you asked (which he always did, but it was almost instantly during this time)

• reading to you

• waking up with you in the middle of the night when you can’t help the cries from cramps

• when you finally get off your period you spend a week apologizing for your behavior even though he assures you its okay

• Newt coming home to a very… Romantic set up as once last apology from you

• he doesn’t even bother trying to say you’re forgiven for this one