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Always Some Madness in Love (Drarry)

“When did you fall in love with him?” Ginny asked, her face was somber as she waited for a response. 

“Dunno,” Harry admitted. It wasn’t as if he had planned to fall in love with him. People don’t plan to fall in or out of love. It happens of its own accord. It happens and then people are just left do deal with it in the best way they can. 

“Does anyone else know about this?” Ginny asked, face still somber, but she moved closer to Harry on the bench. 

After a lot of contemplation, it seemed like a public spot would be best for this sort of conversation, so Harry asked Ginny to meet him in Hogsmead that morning about a half hour before they were all supposed to meet at The Three Broomsticks. 

They had spent a better part of the half hour catching up. Harry was desperately avoiding the topic, so they bought a few Butterbeers and walked lazily around Honeydukes before Harry gathered up the courage to tell Ginny. 

“No one knows,” Harry answered. He could feel Ginny’s body pressing against his side as she leaned her head down to rest on his shoulder. The tightness in his chest that had been winding itself tighter and tighter still all week, loosened a bit at Ginny’s tenderness. 

Softly, Ginny whispered, “Not even him?” 

Mad at himself and mad at this situation, Harry could feel tears welling up in his eyes and thanks to the harsh January air, they felt frozen almost the instant they fell down his wind-burned cheeks, “No, but why would he?” 

Gently, Ginny placed her hand into one of Harry’s and interlocked their fingers. She stroked her thumb back and forth and then said, “I suppose he wouldn’t. I expect it will be a shock to everyone, yeah?” 

Harry barked out a tired laugh. He was exhausted from Auror training and Quidditch practice. He wanted the best of both worlds once the war ended, so he immediately decided to make a career of hunting down dark wizards with Ron instead of going back to Hogwarts like Hermione, and then he decided to make a hobby of Quidditch. Harry was not letting anything stop him from doing the things he loved. Things that made him feel like himself. 

Therefore, in whatever free time he had, he wanted to be flying in the air chasing the snitch. The recreational league he joined was happy to have him on as seeker and he got along with most of the teammates. But it was this choice which would cause him to become undone within the span of six months. 

“Everything is so upside down, Gin,” Harry admonished. He knew it wasn’t supposed to be this way. He wasn’t supposed to love someone who had been so terrible to him growing up. He should love someone who had been kind to him, even when it wasn’t convenient. He should love someone who hadn’t been a coward, someone who hadn’t let circumstance affect them so completely. 

“That’s sort of how love goes, though, isn’t it?” Ginny said in a perfect impersonation of Luna whenever she brought up Nargles, or some other creature Harry had never heard of until that moment. 

“You are getting too good at that, Gin,” Harry laughed and saw his breath cloud in front of his face like the steam of the Hogwarts Express engine as it steamrolled to it’s destination. 

“Well, that does happen when you live with someone and spend all of your free time with them. You start to learn everything about them,” Ginny said matter-of-factly and then sat upright again. She turned to face Harry and then gave him a sideways smile before she cupped his face in her gloved hands. 

“Gin,” Harry huffed, but the look on Ginny’s face was so sincere and so understanding, that Harry couldn’t help but smile at the amazing, brave woman she had grown into over the last two years. And he had missed it. He missed it because he had to set off and hunt down Horcrux after Horcrux, and then when that was over, Auror training had taken over most of his life. It was only the last six months that Harry had even been able to socialize properly. 

“Harry, you are a wonderful wizard,” Ginny said, dropping her hands and sighing deeply before continuing, “but you are also imperfect, and so is he. Don’t let your pride, or fear of judgement keep you from something you so clearly want.” 

“When did you get so wise, eh?” Harry joked and felt a sudden rush of warmth as Ginny swept him into an awkward sideways hug. He could feel the heat of her breath and smell the sweet floral scent of her shampoo. 

“I’ve always been wise,” Ginny whispered into his ear and then pulled out of the hug. She stood up and straightened her forget-me-not blue peacoat, extending her hand to pull him off the bench. 

Taking her hand, Harry let Ginny pull him off the bench, but only after pretending to be stuck to the spot and making her struggle to get him off the seat. Afterwards, they both laughed heartily and walked arm in arm back towards the warmth of The Three Broomsticks where their friends awaited them.

markhyuck; types of hugs
  • ok so there are the hugs that occur the most often 
  • the ones that show how much they love each other (but they’re just best friends they swear!!11!)
  • the ones where hyuck throws his arms around mark’s neck without a second thought and makes mark laugh his giggly laugh because his best friend is too cute for his heart to handle
  • the hug where mark wraps his arms around hyuck’s waist and maybe pats his back before he pulls away quickly because if they hug any longer, his heart’ll explode
  • hyuck’s arms stay slung around mark’s neck for as long as possible and leaves mark a blushing mess that he pretends he isn’t aware of 
  • the easy, chill hug that seems 100000% platonic until you see mark blush
  • then there are the hugs that happen right before hyuck has to leave early for school
  • the hugs that are filled with the “you didn’t have to wake up extra early to hug me goodbye”’s and the “yes i did”’s
  • hugs where the two of them rock back and forth slowly with sleepy smiles 
  • hugs that are sleepy and sloppy with arms being thrown around each other lazily in their sleep deprived haze
  • mark always has a dopey smile and his eyes are half closed
  • the hugs always end with lingering hands and hesitance because neither of them want it to end
  • sometimes they end with quick kisses on the cheek that leave the other a blushing mess
  • and as soon as hyuck leaves, mark can’t help but think about how much he misses his best friend (even tho they’ll see each other in a few hours smh)
  • sometimes they end with temple or forehead kisses from mark and it fills hyuck’s heart up until it threatens to burst
  • then there’s the hugs that are shared before a show that’s filled with bundles of nerve and pounding hearts and sweaty palms
  • hugs that are filled with “we got this!” and “this is the right dance move, right??”
  • hugs full of reassurance and uneasy smiles 
  • the hugs that make them realize “this is it. this is my soulmate. this is the fucker that i’m spending the rest of my life with”
  • there’s also the hugs that happen when excitement overwhelms them when happy news is told
  • like when they found out they were debuting together in 127 and dream
  • theyre the hugs where hyuck cant help himself and practically leaps into mark’s arms, clinging onto him like like a lil koala
  • the hugs that dont last very long but are filled with mutual feelings and big smiles that reach their eyes
  • the hugs where their lungs are filled with adrenaline and rid them of their common sense until all they want to do is hug the shit out of each other
  • then there are the saddest of hugs :(((
  • the hugs that are needed when hyuck cant quite hit that note or mark cant perform a dance move without falling over
  • the hugs that fill the non-crying boy with guilt because they didn’t realize their best friend was struggling this much
  • the hugs that are silent and last for what seems like forever
  • always always filled with you did so well’s and you’re amazing, okay?’s
  • hiccuping sobs and tears of frustration are always evident too
  • wiping away the other boy’s tears in an attempt to fix everything
  • then there are the hugs when mark works late at the studio trying to write song lyrics
  • and hyuck forces his way into the studio with him even though mark tells him he should sleep
  • the hugs where hyuck sits snuggly on mark’s lap and mark’s arm is slung around his waist
  • the hugs that are mellow and calm where nothing in the world could ever go wrong
  • the hugs late at night where small exhaled laughs are exchanged and quiet conversations are performed
  • sleepy harmonizations and humming tangle themselves in the atmosphere
  • the hugs that hurt mark’s heart more than anything 
  • the hugs that make mark fall harder than ever before
  • there’s also the i’m so proud of you! hugs that mark usually gives hyuck
  • the hugs that occur when hyuck gets a good test score or finally does a dance move perfectly
  • mark always picks hyuck up in his arms and spins him around 
  • the hug that makes hyuck laugh and call mark stupid but both of them know how much hyuck absolutely loves those types of hugs
  • mutters of i’m so proud of you and good job! makes hyuck’s face split into big smiles that he can’t ever control
  • there’s also the i missed you so much hugs
  • the ones where mark comes back from canada from visiting his family
  • and they haven’t seen each other in weeks and they havent hugged in weeks and they havent fell asleep in the same room or bed for weeks
  • the hugs where nothing needs to be said because theyre too busy trying not to cry
  • long hugs that seemingly make up for the weeks theyve been apart
  • the hugs where hyuck runs up to mark in the middle of an airport and hugs the shit out of him
  • the ones where they hold each other tightly and no one wants to split them up
  • then there are the hugs that make the two of them question if they’re really just best friends
  • the ones that happen in the middle of the night when hyuck crawls into mark’s bed, claiming that he couldn’t sleep or some other excuse just to feel mark’s warmth
  • the ones that make mark grin
  • mark always wraps his arms around hyuck protectively and never lets go
  • hyuck always buries his face in mark’s chest 
  • temple kisses that make hyuck giggle
  • “why do you keep kissing me?”
  • “because that’s what best friends do in canada”
  • “really?”
  • “… yeah”
  • the hugs where the two of them are too afraid to fall asleep because they don’t wanna miss a single second of the moment
  • the hugs where their hearts beat as one and their breathing matches each other’s
  • hyuck draws patterns on mark’s back mindlessly while mark tangles his fingers into hyuck’s hair
  • small smiles that mean more than anyone will ever know
  • mini conversations that range from how hungry they are to their futures
  • hugs where hyuck gets to listen to mark’s heart beat steadily
  • filled with hesitant i love you’s and i love you too’s
  • hugs where both of them want to say something about how they love each other so much more than best friends should but can’t find the words to say it
  • hugs with wisps of words as communication
  • the hugs where their eyes accidentally lock for a second too long and mark has to fight the urge to lean in and press his lips against his best friend’s
  • confused feelings and heartache fills the air
  • “hey… mark?”
  • “yeah, hyuck?”
  • “if we weren’t friends, what would you do?”
  • and mark would think something along the lines of kiss the shit out of you and marry you but he’d always say something like “i’d find you again and become best friends with you again”
  • hyuck always gets his heart stuck in his throat and his eyes sting with potential tears and he chokes up when he tries to respond with something witty 
  • so mark always ends up pulling hyuck closer than before and kisses his head and mumbles a soft good night hyuck and listens to hyuck’s soft hum as a response because he knows he doesn’t trust his voice enough to speak
  • the hug where mark whispers everything he loves about hyuck when he thinks hyuck is asleep
  • the hug where nothing matters except the two of them in this moment
  • the hug where they realize how fucking in love they are with each other

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Do you think it's a big deal when you ask someone to go to a wedding with you? I didn't think it was until I asked my best guy friend to go with me and then someone told me "wedding dates" are a big deal. Now I'm kinda worried he might think that too and get the wrong idea. I only asked him because I didn't want to go alone and we always have fun when we hangout.

i don’t think it’s a biggie! but maybe just clarify to him that it’s just as friends to be safe :)

i literally skipped most of the scenes in Planet Maaldoria because i just can’t stand fucking Mon-Ew, no matter how big the love i have for Supergirl. Winn being scared for his life is 10x better than anything involving pasty white alien douche.

though that “Atta girl Danvers” from Snapper quickly reminded me of how much I love Kara Danvers and maybe we get to see her be her season 1 self again, hopefully.

and on the very good side, Agent Alex Danvers, one of, if not, the best DEO agent and J’onn J’onzz right hand woman is the most adorable thing in the world. the power of love man, its too strong lol. And Maggie being the smart woman that she is, is incredible as always and that glasses line was golden

hoping for more Lena Luthor next episode (let’s show Supergirl giving her a thank you hug hmm?) and less (like a LOT less) of irrelevant Mon-Ew. thanks.

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If you're still doing the dog breeds, pugs? (They're on my maybe-someday list)


Probably my best In Defense of Pugs ™ post that I have. Unfortunately many people seem to spin it that I see no problem with pugs or pug breeders, but in reality I am very critical of most dog breeds and if I had the opinion that the only breeds that should exist are the ones I particularly like, we’d have less than 15 dog breeds worldwide. Just because I don’t personally like a breed (pugs) does not mean that I won’t recognize the good in it too.

So I get lowkey annoyed when people on here claim they are all for fed is best and they don’t shame or judge mothers who formula feed but then in the same breath they say “oh but you should definitely try like why the fuck not? Why wouldn’t you try? That’s what your body is meant to do, etc etc.”

Like you just made your whole opinion beforehand invalid. Because you are judging, you are judging women who don’t try to breastfeed. Maybe I’m reading too much into that type of statement idk.

this is maybe weird but can anybody relate to this??

im trembling all over and like.. so is my brain?? i cant focus on things or have conversations because my minds not staying in the same place??? i tried to get smth from the vending machine but i couldn’t because i was looking at all the food but my mind just couldn’t process what they were and what i liked best??

like its been happening so often recently?? should i go to a doctor about it??

we love to glorify best friends who fall apart, but what’s sadder is two people who never were friends to begin with. because you’ve had a chance with your best friend, you’ve tried being with each other, but all the pinky promises in the world can’t erase the fact that she’s the sun and you’re the moon and you two just weren’t meant to exist in the same sky.

but maybe the guy who sits behind you in chem class could have been your real best friend if only you’d talked to him. maybe the girl who was reading the same book as you on the subway could have been your future love. and all it took was one missed opportunity, one moment of possibility that died when you swallowed your words. maybe you could have been more than stars gathered in different constellations, strangers sent adrift on diverging paths, never knowing what could have been.

arlen c. | my books

Ok but when they start dating, I’d like for all of you to imagine Kara “Sunny Danvers” giving Maggie the shovel talk. And lbr, Alex isn’t gonna mention the whole “Kara is Supergirl” thing for a while–not that she never will, but she’s been fighting to keep kara’s secret for over a decade. it’ll take a bit of time–and so Maggie doesn’t know Kara can bench press her with her pinky and we all know that Kara can be scary intense

And for once, it’s Kara’s turn to play the overprotective sister, to make sure that Alex is safe. Because she remembers holding a crying Alex in her arms and yeah she knows that it wasn’t meanly intended and maybe it was for the best for both of them at the time and they’re together now. But still. This is the girl who made her big sister cry. So just think of Maggie shaking Kara’s hand.

And all of a sudden there is a death grip and she can’t move at all and Alex’s not-so-harmless puppy of a sister has a very serious very threatening look in her eyes, still smiling, telling her in a very chipper and sweet voice that if she ever hurts her sister they will never find her again on Earth

and then the scary look is gone and she’s back to the sunshiney puppy and Maggie’s just a bit shell shocked later she brings it up to alex “haha so your sister said they’d never find me again on earth if i hurt you how hilarious right. right. alex. alex why won’t you look me in the eye she was kidding right. right alex.”

maybe… we should leave the future alone. i have been thinking a lot about why christmas feels empty even though i love the holiday. why i can’t quite get it right, even with planning and careful presents and genuine love. why the new year came to us filled in fire.

i think we build it up too much. spend two months planning out perfection instead of waking up surprised on christmas morning. i wonder if that’s what made our holidays better when we were children - we had so few to look back on that we just hoped for the best and were always blown away by the smallest things. not having school was good enough back then. 

be gentle to 2017. let it make itself as good as it wants to be, because we put too much pressure on 2016 to be perfect. 2017 won’t be. 

plan for the worst and hope for the best and maybe, if we’re all very lucky, we might just survive this.

eurovision alignments
  • Lawful ballad: Typically kind of boring, but qualifies because you can't NOT vote for it or else you'll look like a jerk. Probably about love. Or peace.
  • Neutral ballad: Trying to be a power ballad but the singer just isn't that good. Maybe about love, but not in a guilt-trippy kind of way. Sounds better in studio.
  • Chaotic ballad: Strong, overly dramatic power ballad. Either the best thing you've ever heard or just way too extra. There is no in between.
  • Lawful schlager: Upbeat and really generic, like it's trying to make sure it qualifies. Probably written by someone from Sweden.
  • Neutral schlager: Passes for a normal pop song, at least mostly. Incredibly radio-friendly. Gets a lot of jury votes.
  • Chaotic schlager: Not quite a joke entry, but could be mistaken for one if you squint. Lots of glitter and exposed skin. Why people think Eurovision is gay.
  • Lawful crazy: The staging and outfits and pretty much everything looks like a fever dream, but the entry still resembles a song. 10/10 would dance to while drunk.
  • Neutral crazy: Any entry that just screams, "hey, we REALLY don't feel like hosting next year." Almost never qualifies. Just as planned.
  • Chaotic crazy: Looks and sounds like a shitpost, because they put serious effort into making sure it looks and sounds like a shitpost. Gets a fuckton of televotes.
Being On Your Period While Traveling With Newt

• lots of cuddles

• he’d constantly be checking in to see if you needed anything, a blanket, some tea, maybe he could have one of the creatures come lay with you?

• offering to give you a back massage
- Newt giving the absolute best back massages you had ever received

• him not getting mad at you when you snap at something small

• forgiving you even before you apologize (which you did almost immediately)

• dealing with your mood swings surprisingly well

• one minute you’re yelling at him the next you’re crying because you think you hurt his feelings

• he just smiles at you and pulls you in for a hug, rubbing your back soothingly

• having Jacob bake you some snacks when you pass through London (because Queenie and Jacob totally moved to London okay but back to the list)

• lots and lots of kisses

• back of the neck kisses when youre hurting and he’s rubbing your tummy while cuddling you

• forehead kisses when you start crying over something

• soft kisses to shut you up when you start yelling again

• cheek kisses when he has to run out of the case for a bit

• kisses to the tip of your nose when you finally fall asleep

• he would do anything you asked (which he always did, but it was almost instantly during this time)

• reading to you

• waking up with you in the middle of the night when you can’t help the cries from cramps

• when you finally get off your period you spend a week apologizing for your behavior even though he assures you its okay

• Newt coming home to a very… Romantic set up as once last apology from you

• he doesn’t even bother trying to say you’re forgiven for this one


and this is only 1/3 of the things they have achieved in over eight months. :’) they worked hard, squeezing in broadcasts on vapp and worrying about fans in between everything they did. they love their fans more than anything, making every concept about their fans. i’m not pushing you to vote for astro because you should always follow your heart and vote for the group in it. but if you don’t have a favorite in the mama 2016 vote for best new male artist, i’m just asking you to maybe think about voting for astro. thank you for your consideration.^^ - your friendly aroha next door

im watching fucking… ghost hunter shows bc my life is a mess but i can’t stop thinking (and laughting) about like gansey and co. being on one 

imagine like some ghost hunter group want to talk to ppl in henrietta about findings etc and they find gansey and they love him bc the ENTIRE TIME gansey is talking there are CRAZY EVP readings and chilly air and the cameras fucking up and flaring and the crew is totally freaked out the entire time  but like its just noah, sitting behind gansey and saying stupid shit and howling

“maybe i have my own personal ghost i never knew about,” says gansey in his best gentleman’s voice

imagine gansey is walking them down the monmouth stairs and noah just tosses a fucking book at them. they are THRILLED.

blue cant stop laughing while she tries to talk about her moms business because noah keeps making faces and climbing onto gansey’s back and gansey is just.. trying to look unaffected by it

adam freaks the crew out too much for them to talk to him for very long at all like they are literally more comfortable with ghosts than this boys unsettling expression 

when they ask ronan he tells them to eat shit and looks right at noah while he says ghosts aren’t real

noah’s laughter is caught on tape and ronans bit actually ends up being the highlight of the show

So if you replaced one of the two guys of your OTP with a girl


 Would you SUPPORT a fourteen year old girl being romantically involved with a twenty three year old man? 

 Would you SUPPORT a woman’s consistent refusals being continually ignored because a guy is obsessed with her? 

 Would you SUPPORT a woman giving into these demands and it being portrayed as romantic because the guy is “determined” enough? 

 Would you SUPPORT a woman being stalked and harassed, no matter how cutely, by a guy, handsome or not, cuz he just “can’t live without her?”

Would you SUPPORT a woman getting with her “enemy” cuz he beat her so many times she just had to “submit?”

Would you SUPPORT a woman who’s been manipulated and controlled by a man her entire life, who’s been lied to and hurt by this man, maybe he’s her best friend or something, always fucking forgiving him for his crap and “Staying by his side, no matter what?” 

 If NOT. 

 Ask yourself why it’s ok when it’s “between two guys." 

 Ask yourself why it being two guys makes it any different. 

 And now listen to me, as I give you the correct answer: 

 It’s not any different. 

All you damn feminists claiming you want equality, well, honey, boys are children too. 

Boys are KIDS, goddamnit, they don’t deserve to be sexualized, I’m almost constantly seeing 15 year olds treated like sex objects for older more aggressive males in your damn ships. 

The fact that they’re boys CHANGES NOTHING. 


 Can we PLEASE protect gay men from creepy fucking sexualization too?

Or is that just for women? 

 Are you the type to think men can’t be sexually harassed too? 


2017 resolution for ya: protect boys from creepy ass fangirls and protect gay men from this toxic relationship garbage.

And start listening to this crazy animentality weirdo when he’s waving his arms and talking about something important from time to time, MAYBE YOU’LL LEARN SOMETHING. 

since the semester just ended, here are some important reminders

🌹it’s okay if you struggled

🌹it’s okay if you had trouble understanding the material

🌹 it’s okay if there aren’t all As on your transcript this semester

🌹it’s okay if you asked for help

🌹it’s okay if you just made it, or if you didn’t pass something

🌹it’s okay if you didn’t always have the spoons to do everything all at once

🌹 it’s okay if you didn’t do as well as you had hoped

🌹it’s okay if your mental illness/disability/chronic illness made things difficult for you

🌹 it’s okay if dysphoria made things hard too

🌹it’s okay if you decided that maybe school isn’t for you, or that this might not be the right time

🌹 it’s okay

because you still made it. you did your best against whatever odds you faced, and you still came out of it and learned some important things not just about your classes, but about yourself. you tested yourself. you pushed your limits. you learned your strengths and found out what you need to work on in the future.

even if it was hard and it felt like it was impossible and the world was falling apart, you came through. and thats worth noting.

take this time now to relax and recharge. take this time to take care of yourself and focus on your strengths. take this time to celebrate everything worth celebrating about your life and remind yourself that even if things don’t always go according to plan, you’re here and you’re living and there’s no one else like you. take this time to build yourself up so you can do better, instead of beating yourself up for your mistakes.

be kind to yourself. be gentle with yourself.


Sirius being a teacher would include…

-Him probably being the teacher for transfiguration

-Being this cool teacher, that is like a friend to his students

-All the girls having a (not so) minor crush on “Professor Black”

-Him joking around with his students and playfully mocking them, if they mess something up

-Making sure though, that every of his students is doing fine

-Taking a liking in the ‘trouble makers’ in the last row because they kind of remind him of his friends and himself during their years at Hogwarts

-Using the books maybe twice before he tells the students to just leave them at their dorms, since those things are learned best by doing

-Getting kind of reproved by Professor McGonagall because his students even tend to ‘practice’ out of classes, resulting in a lot of work for Madam Pomfrey

-Even though his lessons would be all fun, as soon as he’d occasionally put his foot down, there wouldn’t be a single student fooling around anymore

-Professor McGonagall sometimes threatening to put him in detention as well, if he doesn’t start to act like an actual adult

-Sirius genuinly loving what he does, even though his job can be hard, he’d never get tired of his students

Enemies Pt. 2 - Jungkook Smut

Words: 2285

Warning: Smut, fingering, oral, teasing

Part 1 here

A/N: Here it is c:

You couldn’t stop thinking about what had happened. You didn’t have slept well that night, because all you could think about was Jungkook. The way his lips kissed yours, the way his hands explored your body, the way his cock felt inside of you…argh! How could you let that happen? For god sakes, he was the person who always drove you crazy in so many ways…good and bad ways. And you fucked with him. You fucked so well with him… Shit.
You woke up thinking that maybe it had been just a dream, but the purple marks on your neck and breasts did show you the opposite. You managed to hide that the best way you could. Fuck! You remembered you hadn’t finished the homework. That was getting even better. How would you even look at him when you meet with him? How would he react?
“Don’t think I’m gonna stop bothering you, nerd.” “How can you start liking me when you already did?” He had said. And unfortunately he was so damn right, that asshole. Well, half right.
You got dressed and made your way to school. When you got there you did everything you could to avoid Jungkook. But you knew it was ridiculous because you were in the same class. 
You sat on your usual chair, the class hadn’t started yet. Your head quickly got full of thoughts about that night, but you were cut off when a paper ball reached your head. You didn’t need to turn around to know who it was. 
“Thinking about last night, baby girl?” He whispered into your ear and sat on the chair next to yours.
“Don’t even think about it. I’m just thinking about how fucked I’m because we didn’t finish the homework” you said quickly. 
“Your homework? Such a shame, I thought you were fucked because of me” he said with a cocky smile. You tightened your thighs together because of his words but managed to not let him realize how those words got you aroused.
“Well, you thought wrong” you said, blushing a little. He chuckled.
“Don’t worry nerd. I need to reclaim my grades so I finished it by myself” he said and you looked at him in surprise. He had done? Was he serious? 
“Good morning, class” the teacher’s voice made you jump on your sit.
“Well…See you later, baby girl” Jungkook said and went back to his original chair - far from you - but not before messing up your hair. You groaned at his stupid action but then ignored.
‘See you later?’
“So, I asked you to do a homework about-” the teacher started saying but you couldn’t hear one word that he was saying. You were so distracted! 
“Sit beside your pairs. We’re gonna start the presentations. Someone please turn off the lights for us to see the slides” He said. Oh no. Fuck. Fucking hell.
And in one sec, Jungkook was beside you, smirking cockily at your reaction. 
The show had started and you were ignoring Jungkook completely. You couldn’t dare with that. How was that possible to hate and like someone at the same time? The classroom got dark, except by the light of the slides.
“Don’t you want to repeat that?” Jungkook whispered, loud enough just for you to hear, pulling you from your thoughts. 
“W-what?” You said, shocked and paralyzed. And in confusion for a sec.
He came closer to you, his arm touching yours. He looked at the teacher to check if he was immersed at the presentation - and he was, like the rest of the class - and then at you but you refused to look back at him so he leaned closer, you could feel his warm breath on your ear.
“Don’t you want me to fuck you again? Don’t you want to suck my cock like you did so well?” He said as his hands made their way up to your knee, circling your skin with his fingertips, making you jump a little. He continued, “Because I really would like to feel your little pussy around my cock again” he said. Before you could stop yourself you let a low moan escape your lips, but he heard, what gave him more confidence to keep going.
His hands were traveling upper and upper till it found your inner thigh. You let out a heavy breath when he squeezed it. But the voice of the students who were talking about their homework did wake you from your hypnosis. 
“Stop it” you could say, pulling his hand away from you, “Stop teasing me, stop talking to me. We are not friends and what happened last night was a big mistake. Let’s finish this homework and back to our usual routine. Or even better, after that, can you please stop teasing and bothering me? We’re not kids anymore” you said.
“Yes you’re right. We’re not kids. So stop pretending you don’t want me and let’s fuck once again as you want too” he said and his hand touched your clothed pussy over your skirt, making you gasp.
Fuck that felt so well. He started rubbing your clit slowly, teasing you. He pulled your panties aside and touched your pussy.
“Already wet? I didn’t even touch you properly” he whispered. 
“Mr. Jeon and Mrs. Y/N, I suppose you are talking about the homework so if you are too immersed on it, please come here and talk to the class about what you both have done” the teacher said, making Jungkook pull away from you quickly.
You both did what you were told to and then went back to your sits. You did well, you spoke well but you couldn’t even remember what you had just done there. Jungkook’s previous actions got you so fucking aroused. 
He looked at you and before he could do anything you started saying, “Please, don’t. Don’t touch me, don’t tease me. I really shouldn’t have let that happen” you said as serious as you could. But he doesn’t seem to care because he got closer to you again.
“Why are you refusing that? Stop lying to yourself, Y/N. You liked what happened and I know that my touch get you soaking wet” he said and approached his hands to your pussy again
“However… You’re telling me to stop but your body is saying the opposite” he teased. He was right. You were ready for him. 
You couldn’t let that happen again, so you decided to run away from that. 
“Mr. Thompson” you called the teacher, “May I go to the infirmary? I don’t feel good” You asked. He nodded and you stood up from your chair, not daring to look at Jungkook when you got out from the class. 
When you got into the bathroom, you washed your face. You looked yourself at the mirror.
What are you doing? You hate him. No…you don’t hate him but…Urgh! Forget it; it was just a one night thing. He is a jerk. It doesn’t matter how good his touch is, you’re backing to that classroom and pretending he does not exist’
you breathed deeply and walked towards the bathroom’s door. You were about to go back to the class when something pushed you back. 
You froze with the figure that was in front of you. Jungkook put his head back to the hall, checking if someone had seen him before closing the door. 
“What the fuck? Jungkook! That’s the girls’ bathroom, you cannot come here like the-” you said but we’re cut off by him, who pushed you against the wall and pressed his body against yours, wrapping his hand around your throat.
“You thought that run away would save you?” He groaned as the hand that wasn’t on your throat grabbed your waist “It won’t. How did you dare to run from me?”
He groaned and pushed you into one of the cubicles. 
“We shouldn’t do this. We’re at school” you tried to say. You knew you were lying to yourself, because you probably wanted that as much as he did, but you couldn’t do that again.
He stepped closer to you, grabbing your waist and walking you backwards till your back hit the wall. 
He kissed you, the kiss was soft at first but it became rougher. You closed your eyes and kissed him back. His hands made their way to your breasts, squeezing there softly. He pulled away and let his lips found your jawline. His teeth soon brushed against your neck, making you whimper as his hands explored your whole body.
And suddenly, he pulled away, letting you breathing heavily.
“Well…As you said, we shouldn’t do this. It’s too wrong, isn’t it? You are a good student so you wouldn’t dare to do something wrong” he said cockily. Blood burned on your cheeks. You felt frustration filling your body. He had done all that teasing for nothing? He was really using your own words against yourself? And worst, were you really thinking about kissing him right there? 
“I could keep going… If you begged me” he tilted his head to the side. If you were red before, now you were about to become a tomato. No, Y/N, don’t. Just come back to the class.
“We don’t have much time. I’m going back to class” he said. 
“Wait” you almost yelled. He looked at you, waiting. 
“I…Jungkook…Hm” you tried to say. You were so nervous, urgh. “Please touch me. Let me feel you. I need it” you said, not looking into his eyes. He chuckled at your submission. 
“Where do you want me to touch you?” he asked.
“My lips…” You said blushing. He stepped closer and kissed you, but his hands weren’t touching you. You knew what game he wanted to play.
“Put your hands on my ass” you said shyly. He bit on your bottom lip and you moaned when his hands made their way to your ass. He massaged your skin softly before slapping it. You gasped. 
“What about now, baby girl?” he said between kisses.
“Explore my body with your hands” you said, already melting into his touch and forgetting your shyness. One of his hands slipped over your shirt and grabbed your boobs, squeezing it softly as his lips traveled down to your necks. He sucked your sensitive skin and you whimpered.
“No more marks” you groaned. He chuckled and kept going. His hands were now lifting your shirt up, stopping when your breasts were exposed. He kissed your semi clothed breasts, traveling down to your stomach, licking your skin as he slowly got to his knees. He lifted your skirt up, exposing your underwear. 
“What do you want, huh? Do you want me to make you come on my fingers? On my mouth?” he teased. 
“Please, fuck…” you whimpered “Just touch me already kookie” you begged. He did spread your legs a little and brushed his nose on your inner thighs and on your clothed pussy. The contact was driving you insane; you wanted to fuck with him so much. He slowly took off your panties and started.
He picked up one of your legs and put it over his shoulder, earning a good view and good access to your pussy. 
He gave you a long and deep lick at first from your entrance to your clit. He sucked harshly; you wrapped your fingers on his hair, pulling him closer. One of his fingers teased your entrance, you tried to earn some friction but he didn’t let you.
“Jungkook” you whimpered
“Shh, quiet time, baby girl” he whispered. He pushed in one finger, slowly pumping it in and out as he sucked your clit teasingly. You couldn’t help but cover your mouth; it was too much pleasure to not moan. He pushed one more finger and soon a third; you started feeling your legs trembling. His thrusts became faster, your pussy dripping wet as he finger fucked you. You were about to cum, your walls clenching more and more. His fingers were curling inside of you, hitting your g-spot and driving you insane for more. 
“Tell me what you want” he groaned against your skin and gave a little bit, what made your legs tremble.
“Please, I wanna cum” you begged.
“Cum for me, nerd”
Your climax got closer, and when he curled his fingers once more you couldn’t take it any longer. You came all over her face, a loud and deep moan escaping your lips. He stood up, smirking at himself. He got out of the cubicle and washed his face as you put on your panties. 
You sat on the counter and stared at your fingertips. Shit, Y/N, what are you doing? 
He looked at you and positioned himself between your legs.
He grabbed your hand and placed it on his erect cock against his pants. Your eyes widened.
“You feel that? That’s my cock screaming to fuck you” he whispered on your ear, sending shivers to your body.
“I made you cum once more and I want a payback” he said and kissed your earlobe. You pushed him and got to your feet. 
“I don’t owe you anything” you groaned, your ‘Jungkook-hater-side’ appearing again. You turned and looked yourself on the mirror, bending over to see your face clearly.
He pressed his clothed cock against your clothed butt and grabbed your thirst, pulling your back to collide against his chest.
“This is not over yet, Y/N” he said and turned you around to face you.
“I’m gonna fuck this pretty little pussy of yours once more. Not now. But I’ll” he groaned and left the bathroom, leaving you speechless at that promise that he would certainly keep.

A/N: I dunno If I’ll make a third part.

‘Wake up, master’

Hanzo: Where are we?
Dragon: In the hospital
Hanzo: Something happened..
Dragon: You don’t remember?

Dragon: You got hurt. In the future, it’d be best if you would be more careful.
Hanzo: You’re a rude one…

Hanzo: Where’s the other?

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