or maybe its just because pmdd

You know those times when you're tracking a tag

and you see someone either new in the fandom or just half-ass into the fandom post something like “Hey guise (lame)! Did you know…”  and you wanna reblog their post with the rather unoriginal “THIS IS NOT NEW INFORMATION!! DO SOME FUCKING RESEARCH BEFORE YOU JUST JUMP INTO OUR PIT OF FEELS!" 

But you don’t, because you remember that you too were new once. Until your brain kicks your ass into correctly remembering that you hung back and did your homework before trying to blend into the fandom and cuddle up in your comfortable corner of knowledge. You know what I’m talking about. Every one of you tenured Kinglets just thought "fucking Voldemort, Miranda Pond posting newbies…”

And then once you’ve calmed down, you’re like “This is my fucking life? What went so horribly wrong that I wasted a great rant on such nonsense? Tomorrow I will close out my 8 tumblr tabs and leave my house. OK, this weekend I will close out my 10 tumblr tabs and leave this chair…”

Or is it just me?

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Then you realize you typed “tracking a tag” and understand exactly what that means. Dammit.

And if you feel the same irrational anger about such events, feel free to reblog and tag with your fandom examples. Just release the hate…let it go….