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“It’s complicated.”

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can intrusive thoughts affect spellwork? like i'm not even talking about doubt but just like really mundane things like a random song or a homework assignment getting stuck in my head. and the more i think about focusing, the more random thoughts pop up. i have a lot of trouble decluttering my mind and i was wondering if you had any advice?

They can, yes, depending on how badly your concentration gets distracted.  Much of magic works on conscious intent.  However, this doesn’t mean you can’t be just as effective a practitioner as any other.  Some ideas:

  • Play uncomplicated instrumental music or white noise in the background, like rainymood.com.
  • Maybe you can find a way to use the song to your advantage.  :D  Use its rhythm, maybe the lyrics can relate to what you’re doing, etc.
  • The more tangible and sensory the spell, the easier it may be to keep yourself present.
  • Before doing the actual spell, write down everything that’s on your mind.  It’s like ‘setting aside’ these things for a little while without worrying that you’ll forget them.
  • Going off that, maybe keep an extra piece of paper and writing utensil with you so that when your thoughts do get intrusive, you can write them down and ‘set them aside’ as best you can.
  • Don’t get frustrated with yourself.  When you find that you’re no longer focusing, just consciously turn your attention back to the matter at hand as well as you can, take a few breaths, and keep going.  It may take you longer, but frustration will only make it worse and have greater negative impact on your magic.

@the-atypical-pagan has a tag for intrusive thoughts.  You can also see our own tags on neurodivergence and mental illness.

- mountain hound

(Late) Hannibal Rewatch Drabbles: Sorbet (s01e07)

Will parked his car three houses down from Hannibal’s. 

Will didn’t think about it and he never spoke about it. To anyone. Ever. He was sure if he did or if he was caught he’d burn a hole right through his car and the asphalt and the damn Earth itself from the embarrassment of what he was doing and continued to do for the third time in a week despite his usually unfailing common sense and how plain creepy it would look to anyone and everyone including himself.

He rested his head on the steering wheel and stared out at Hannibal’s home and the one light on the second floor. His bedroom most likely. Or maybe the bathroom. 

Hannibal seemed like the kind of guy who enjoyed a late-night soak. 

Deftly, Will shifted his focus to the street and the cars and the people who owned them. Thinking of Hannibal in the bath–naked–was a little too much to add to the borderline stalking Will was already neck deep in. Though he preferred to think of it as unofficial security detail.

It had started from an offhanded comment after one of their conversations. 

Sometimes I feel like I’m being watched.’

Even now Will was uncertain if Hannibal had meant what he said or was allowing Will to not feel so alone in his own paranoia. It was silly. Hannibal wouldn’t make comments like that lightly. Maybe he expected Will to come and check things out. Having an ex-cop as a not-patient and a maybe-friend had its advantages. 

Idiot. He was losing it. And he couldn’t stop picturing Hannibal in his robe sans his suit-esque pajamas. Wet, mussed hair and all. His skin would be hot from the water.

Will groaned loudly and deeply, letting the incredulity he had for himself and his actions right then claw its way out of his chest. He felt only slightly better.

He didn’t know what he was doing or why and he had no excuse–no blackouts–to blame this all on. He did it and he was still doing it and he knew he would probably be here tomorrow night because it felt good to assume a protective position over someone he genuinely liked. 

Across the street something moved. 

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Advice From A Demon

Request- HAPPY NEW YEAR. Hi I was wondering if you can do my request but no pairings. Your brothers Sam and Dean tell you to never go to the dungeon but one day you sneak in and meet Crowley but tfw notice your gone so they hear you talking in the dungeon but the dungeons lock is stuck so your trapped in till they can open it

A/N- It’s slightly different than the request. Just barely different. Hope that’s okay. I really love writing Crowley. I put sibling reader because I never specified a gender so I didn’t want to put it as sister!reader. I tagged it like that though so it could be easier to find but yeah. Tell me what you think! x)

No Pairing

Word Count- 1411

“We can’t just leave him in there with-” Sam started. He was arguing with Dean.

Dean thought for a moment, “You’re right. One of us has to stay with him. I’m sure Y/N’ll get curious and want to come down here.”

They stared at each other and nodded in agreement.

“Curious about what?” you asked.

Your brothers turned around quickly, surprised at your being there.

“Look. Just promise us you won’t go to the dungeon.” Dean said.

“What’s in the dungeon?” you question.

“Just. Please.” Sam added.

“Why?’ you ask.

Dean sighed out of frustration, “There’s a demon down there. We just don’t want you near him.”

“But… I’m a hunter too aren’t I? You’ve been training me for this. I can handle one of em.” you argue. They glanced at each other and then back at you. “What? Am I- Am I not a hunter?”

“It’s not that you aren’t” Sam starts, though he doesn’t exactly know what to say.

“You’re more of a researcher.” Dean adds.

You were taken aback. You nodded, “F-Fine.” you respond. Your brother’s noticed just how much that hurt you but they had an overwhelming feeling of wanting to protect you. They had to let you go back to your room. Let you hate them if you wanted to. Just to protect you. They loved you that much.

You walked back to your room gritting your teeth. You didn’t know what was worse, Dean saying you were just a researcher because he really meant it or because he didn’t want you near the dungeon. Your fist clenched at the thought of it all. You bitterly slammed your door behind you.

Thirty minutes later~

You were sneaking your way towards the very room your brothers told you to stay away from. Not out of spite, but out of curiosity. Who was down there that your brothers had you promise not to go. You opened the door to the room slowly. You had never really gone inside so you were a little hesitant. What you found was a bit of a letdown. Files. That’s it. You walked out of the room to check if it was the right one, and it was.

“Hello,” you shout whisper, hoping that for some reason you might receive an answer.

Crowley heard your voice. He’d never heard it before. Who in the Winchester circle was he unaware of? He smiled wickedly. “I’m- I’m in here.” he called out helplessly.

You followed the voice but there was nothing but a wall of files. You looked all around and saw something strange on the floor. You checked it out and found that you could pullout the wall of files. It opened up leading to a deeper part of the room. What you had seen was part of a devil’s trap. In the middle was a man bound to a chair with chains.

He seemed distressed but you know he’s a demon. It’s just a ruse. “Who are you?” you question with a stern voice.

Seeing as he couldn’t trick you he sighed, “I’d like to ask you the same of you darling?” he responded with a smirk.

You sigh. You knew you weren’t much of an interrogator, not a forceful one at least. If anything, you were patient. You sat down against a side wall. You sat there for five minutes before you noticed Crowley’s impatience. “I’m not going to tell you unless you tell me first.”

He narrowed his eyes, “An answer for an answer? Alright. My name is Crowley.”

“King of hell Crowley?” you say, quickly standing. ‘Maybe this was a bad idea.’ you thought.

“Ah. Ah. Ah. Tell me who you are first.” he answers.

“The name’s Y/N…” you tell him.

He smirked, “Yes Y/N, Crowley, king of hell.” he paused, “How are you associated with Winchesters?” he asked. Though, one look at you and he could already guess.

“They’re my brothers.” you found yourself saying. You definitely knew that was a bad idea.

“I see.” he hums.

“Why do they have you down here?” you question.

He chuckles, “Your brothers and I have a… complicated relationship.” He stared at you, “Why haven’t I heard of you before?”

“Dean and Sam are very… Overprotective of me. I usually stay home when they’re on hunts.” you answer. “Is Crowley really your name?”

He didn’t look like he wanted to answer. “Aren’t you a hunter?” he asked.

“Ah. Ah. Ah. Tell me your name first.” you say with a smirk.

He smirked back, “I like you young Winchester.” he started. He sighed, “My real name is Fergus.” he shook his head and rolled his eyes.

You chuckled, “Well good thing you changed it.” you paused, “Yeah. I’m a hunter.”

“But you stay home? That doesn’t make a lick of sense now does it.” he answered.

“Y/N!” you heard Dean shout.

Your eyes widen. “Shit.” you mutter. You walk over and close the door. You tried to close it softly so they didn’t hear it. They’d only get mad. Unfortunately, you slammed it, and it was kind of… stuck. “Shit” you said again.

Dean hearing the slam ran over and tried to open it but couldn’t. “Y/N!” he shouted, banging on the door. “Open the door!”

“I-I can’t” you respond. You were freaking out. They were going to be pissed for sure.

After trying and trying, the door just wouldn’t open. So you went back to Crowley who was watching in amusement.

“So… How is it? Being the king of hell I mean.” you ask.

He raised a brow and then shrugged. “It’ great. Not right now maybe, but it has its advantages.” he paused, “So if you’re a hunter than why do you stay home on hunts?”

You grit your teeth. “I’m… more of a researcher.” you say, hating every word.

“Are you satisfied with that?” he questioned. You stared at him, not being able to answer. “Look at me. Do you think I would be king of hell if I was satisfied with being a crossroads demon? Of course not. You have to go out there and make what you want happen.”

“How? My brothers won’t let me-” you respond in a low broken voice.

“The hell with your brothers!” he shouted.

“You say that like it’s easy. I mean. You know them. They aren’t very-” you start.

“Fine. Let me out of these chains. I’ll open the door. You tell your brothers that you want to be a full-fledged hunter. I’ll even let you tie me back up.” he said.

“What? But… You’re, Crowley, king of hell. How am I supposed to trust that you’ll let me chain you back up.” you respond.

He scoffed, “You think your brothers managed to catch me all on their own? Of course not. I let myself be caught. Like it or not I also need their assistance.”

You thought about it for several minutes. You could still hear your brothers banging the door, calling out your name. You looked back at Crowley, and then decided to let him open the door.

You unchained him, broke the seal, and let him open the door. He then sat back down. You chained him back up and redid the seal. Your brothers rushed in.

“Let me explain! I-I’m down here because, I- I was uh-” you start but they don’t let you finish.

They nearly tackled you into a hug, “You okay?” Sam asked.

You nodded yes and Dean sighed out of relief. “This ass hat didn’t say anything to you did he?” Dean questioned, glaring at Crowley.

“Who Fergus? Nah. I’m fine.” you respond.

“Fergus?” your brothers said in unison.

You smiled, “Yeah. Actually. I really want to tell you both. I’m going on the next hunt. I don’t care if you say no. I’m going with or without you. Got it?” you say completely seriously.

“What did you say to Y/N?” Dean inquired.

Crowley shrugged, “Nothing. Bambi over there thought it up all by-”

“Ri-ght.” Sam said, cutting him off.

“With or without?” you questioned.

The brothers looked at one another and sighed. “With.” Sam answered.

“Like we’d let you go on your first hunt all by yourself.” Dean added.

You smile, “Great!” You started walking out the door, but you turned around and smiled at Crowley. You never thought you’d take advice from a demon. Much less the king of hell himself. ‘Thanks,’ you mouth. He simply rolled his eyes and looked away.

Hope you liked it! x)

Alright hear me out tho.
Headcanon that trolls can choose whether or not they grow breasts

obviously trolls have no need for milk-producing breasts so its possible they serve as a survival advantage. maybe extra padding for attacks to their torso? maybe they store extra nutrients or something. but they also cause a disadvantage because hey, there’s these heavy sacks of whatever on your chest that could potentially slow you down and get in the way.
So trolls are able to manually control whether or not they grow breasts to suit their personal situation, or just whichever they like more. Growing them/reducing them takes a while though, at least half a sweep, so its a bit of a commitment.

Request – Derek Hale “There’s nothing I’d rather do”

You didn’t know what it was you were feeling. That wasn’t something new, but as you liked to have control over your own life, you hated it. It wasn’t very long ago that you had been bitten, that you had become a werewolf, and everything you had felt afterwards had been weird. Your first full moon had been pure torture. You felt your anger taking over, you felt your raw instinct doing what it always wanted to do, and you couldn’t do anything to prevent it. Only the presence of Derek had made sure you stayed sane, that you came through that first moon unscathed. It was then that you both found out you felt more for each other than just pack mates. You were destined to be together, you were each other’s mate, and that was the only thing making you happy. Derek made you feel like you belonged, like there was one thing in your changed life that made sense.
“Derek?” He turned around, suddenly alert.
“What is it?” You shrugged.
“I don’t know… it’s just… I want you, I want you so badly.” He walked towards you, slowly, carefully.
“Are you sure?” You nodded.
“Every nerve in my body says so. I don’t know a lot since I’ve changed, but this I know.” He took your hand, sitting you down, even when all you wanted is feel his hand on your skin, feel his lips on yours, wanting him to touch him where you loved it. A hint of a smile played around his lips.
“I know what you’re feeling, really.” You were surprised, because he had always looked quite restrained. Not when you started fooling around, but he wasn’t the one just grabbing you, just throwing you on the bed, while at the moment that was all you wanted to do. You forced yourself to listen to him, even when your mind was focussed on something completely else.
“This isn’t one of those wolf things again, isn’t it?” He really smiled this time.
“I’m afraid it is… but not everything has to be bad about that.” You still felt uneasy, still just wanted Derek, and you started to get crazy if he would go on talking any longer. He grazed your cheek with his hand, a gesture that was already almost too much for you.
“Have you ever heard of being in heat?” You rolled your eyes.
“You’re kidding, right? You’re not telling me that’s part of this wolf thing as well?” He nodded.
“That’s most definitely part of the experience, yes. But it doesn’t have to be a bad one…” He bend over to you, his mouth finding yours, and the kiss he gave you was one you felt deeper than you had ever felt his kisses. You gasped for breath when he let go.
“Is… is everything going to be this intense?” You saw him nodding, and you started to smile. Maybe this whole wolf thing did have its advantages. It was your time to bend over to him, to slide your hands under his shirt, feeling his bare skin under your hands.
“Well, more experienced wolf… why don’t you show this rookie how to deal with this…” He stood up from the couch, scooped you up in his arms, walking towards the bed room.
“There’s nothing I’d rather do…”