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coffee shop au and/or bodyguard au !!!!!

!!!!!!!! bodyguard aus are my shit !!!!!!!!!!

  • Steve’s the son of a presidential candidate and has a habit of not being able to keep his mouth shut and his temper down, especially not when his mother’s far right-wing opponent starts spewing sexist, misogynistic bullshit about her right in front of him. But, really, if you’d heard his speech you would’ve punched him just as hard.
  • The piles of death threats quickly become too much - a few people even tried to attack their car while on the way to an event - and Sarah insists on hiring a bodyguard service.
  • Bucky’s tired of all of these rich boy stunts, even if they pay the bills. When Natasha gives him his new assignment he has to focus on the number of zeros on the paycheck to stop himself from giving it to Sam instead. Another spoiled hothead, great.
  • The first thing Bucky notices is that Steve is huge, two heads above his mother and twice as wide. The second thing he notices is the faint bruising that still surrounds his knuckles almost a week after the incident. He also notices just how perfectly angled his face is and how blue his eyes are but he brushes it off. Steve probably prides himself on his looks and Bucky won’t give him the satisfaction. 
  • Steve immediately dislikes Bucky. The slicked back hair, obnoxious ear piece, and crisp suit are bad enough but the dark sunglasses he never takes off are the cherry on the douchebag sundae.
  • Things are tense between them. Steve tries his best to subtly get rid of Bucky at every opportunity and Bucky finds him in less than ten minutes without fail.  Bucky is strict and doesn’t indulge Steve when he tries to strike up a conversation, only occasionally sharing something about himself. 
  • Sarah, tired of watching the unspoken conflict, gives Bucky the weekend off and throws a party on that same weekend, sending Bucky an invitation without telling Steve in hopes that they’ll like each other more in a non-professional setting. 
  • Steve almost drops his wine when he sees Bucky walk in sans suit and sunglasses. His black shirt is unbuttoned at the top, revealing a long neck, and the sleeves are tight around his biceps, stretching with his movements. His hair is tied back in a loose ponytail and a few strands of hair frame his face,exaggerating his cheekbones and making his eyes look even paler. His usual sour expression is replaced by an easy smirk  and a genuine smile to the waiter offering him a drink. The smile tightens when he sees Steve but he nods in his direction and raises his glass before taking a sip. 
  • They end up standing together against the wall, sipping their drinks in awkward silence. Steve makes a crack about the senator’s very obvious toupee and Bucky busts out in surprised laughter. From there conversation flows (and so does the wine), still awkward in places but for once they’re being friendly to each other and as the night goes on each starts to think maybe the other isn’t so bad. 
  • Too much alcohol. That’s the only real explanation for why it is now the morning and Steve is naked in his bed, which wouldn’t normally be a problem except normally there isn’t a naked bodyguard next to him, snoring away into one of Steve’s pillows.
  • Shit. 

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Imagine having an argument with Fili and when you run away he runs after you



:)——Erebor had been reclaimed, the orcs slain and Thorin made king under the mountain. It was exactly a year since the battle of the five armies and there was a feast in honour of those that had fallen, it was also a chance to celebrate the victorious battle.

You were sitting on your husband’s, Fili’s, right at the feast table whilst his Uncle and King sat on his left. The feast was spectacular, roast meat of every kind lay on hundreds of silver platters surrounded by warm roast potatoes, vegetables, soup, bread and dozens of other different foods that the hard working chefs of Erebor had prepared.

It was all perfect except for one thing, you had noticed a dwarven maid with long dark wavy hair and a perfectly braided beard taking side glances at your Fili. She would waltz over to him, flipping her hair over her shoulder and smiling down at him sweetly as she filled up his wine glass making sure she was standing as close to him as possible. ‘It’s probably nothing’ you thought 'maybe she’s just being friendly.’ It didn’t help that Fili finished his glasses of wine in a matter of seconds so she was constantly being called over by him. You tried to pay no attention until she leaned down and whispered something in his ear that turned him bright red.

“What did you say to him?” You couldn’t help but speak up. “It’s nothing my love, it’s fine.” Fili placed a hand on your arm reassuringly but you pulled away.

“No! It’s not fine Fili! I’ve spent the entire night watching her flirt with you and i don’t see you doing anything to stop it! In fact I would go as far to say you are enjoying it!” You suddenly shouted loudly, making the entire hall full of dwarves fall silent and look towards you as your voice bounced off the walls.

“My love-”

“Don’t you dare try and deny it! I will not sit here like an oblivious fool while my husband cosies up to some maid!”

“I wasn’t cosying up to anybody! Now will you stop shouting, you are making yourself look foolish.” He shouted back.

You looked at him shocked for a moment before standing up and walking swiftly from the room with your head held high and your ruby red dress trailing behind you. Once you were out of sight from everyone you ran up beautifully carved stairs to yours and Fili’s bedchambers and sat down on the bed, kicking off your painfully high shoes.

You buried your face in your hands as angry tears came pouring out. You looked up when you heard the bedchamber doors open and saw Fili walking in. He closed the door behind him and walked over to you, hands behind his back and eyes towards the floor.

“I’m sorry y/n. I shouldn’t have let the maid flirt with me, I don’t know what I was thinking, I’m the foolish one not you.” He said as you turned to stare out of the window, away from him.

“You humiliated me.” You said coldly staring at the flicking lanterns of Dale in the night.

“And I am an idiot for doing so.” He replied.

You looked towards him, face flushed from crying and tear stains running tracks down your face. He looked a little taken aback, he had only ever seen you cry once, on your wedding day and immediately felt sick with guilt and anger at himself, he never intended to make you upset and to see you like this, knowing he was the cause of it, broke his heart.

“Y/n, I’m so so sorry.” He sat next to you and pulled you close, your head buried in the crook of his neck, “I love you and only you and I promise I will never let you down again. You will always have my heart, do you understand?”

You nodded as you held tightly onto his royal blue tunic.

“And if I ever betray you, which I do not think will be likely, you have my permission to throw me from the top of the mountain.” You chuckled quietly at his attempt to cheer you up.

He tilted your face up so you were looking into his familiar, durin blue eyes and he smiled like he had done the first time you met him, the smile that had made you fall in love with him. He placed a deep, passionate kiss on your lips making your heart swell with delight and pleasure, eager for more. He pulled back slightly to murmur against your lips.

“I’m so lucky to have you, don’t for one second think I don’t appreciate you.”