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re: staying hydrated --- My initial thought back when I watched pinof 8 for the first time was that it was a cheeky nod to being "thirsty" (like in the sexual 'the thirst is real' way). I can totally imagine someone submitting a question related to dnp being "thirsty" and them morphing it into hydrated. But, since then, they have said so many times it is literally just about drinking water that I just went with the literal interpretation until I read your review. Just thought I would share :)

I just assumed that “Phil, how hydrated are you” in pinof was just a rephrasing of someone asking “How thirsty is Phil” and maybe they just though it was funny that no one understood so they kept saying it? That was my original thought anyway..

this is exactly what i think it was in pinof 8, which is why my dominant working theory on it is that it’s a euphemism for sex hahahah, like if youre stayin hydrated ur ~quenchin that thirst~ so to speak. it’s clever because it is banal enough that they really can pass it off as just this ordinary campaign to remind everyone to drink water except,,, they don’t rly do things like that and we know they think through everything they say and they have a cheeky fucking sense of humor so ,, i think it’s completely feasible that it’s a (sexual) inside joke. 

and dan’s comments about it in the last live show make it all the funnier if it’s just code for sex lmao: 

“your emotional state is affected by how hydrated you are. your physical state. your energy levels.” he sounds rly normal like he’s just genuinely talking about water up till this point. but then he starts stuttering and giggling a bit and says, “w-w-we all need a lot of water, and not all of us have as much as we should.” and by the end of the sentence he’s full-on laughing and has to look away from the screen lmao. (watch here)

and then at the end, someone asks him to stay on longer and he says, “i’m sorry, but everyone else wants me to leave and, more importantly, dan needs to stay hydrated” which like on its own .. maybe would be innocuous but it’s totally irrelevant to what he’s saying lol? then right after …. he says as an aside that he needs to “work that” into the next video, so he’s clearly thinking about it as a joke or a running theme of sorts rather than a literal reminder to drink water. (watch here)

……  ,, ,  … . ….. i mean i’m not rly saying anything but  … i am. dan needed to leave the ls so he could go do the bad. cause doin’ the bad is good for your emotional state. your physical state. your energy levels. and most of you plebs don’t do it as much as you should.

case closed, tbh

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Maybe it's irrelevant but contactJHW just tweeted about him having a writer's block and that being the reason of John's blog inactivity. Haven't you received like a code about writer's block yesterday or so? 👀👀 Sorry for grammar errors if there are any, I'm not a native speaker 😊. I love every single one of your ficlets btw ❤

Oh my GOD…👀 I did, got it yesterday “could it be writer’s block” I’m on mobile but can someone please add the tweet here ❤️

Oops sorry sent too soon!! Your English is great and thank you so much about my ficlets I’m glad you enjoy them ❤️

there’s only one person at my school who calls me jo like we’re not even close friends but she always calls me that and i really fucking love being called jo. i just gave up on using it cuz people kept assuming i meant joe. but like. it just feels really good when i know someone knows its jo with no e and they use it.

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If we're talking about major artistic contradictions, in Eridan's flashback to his and Vriska's glory days, his horns are completely different from the rest of the comic. Maybe it's irrelevant, but it has always rubbed me the wrong way.

There’s nothing wrong with his horns here and that’s for two reasons:

a) We’re looking at the back of his horn, so it’s not bending wrong.

b) Eridan’s horns are not what 99% of the fandom interpetates them as, so not this:

but this:

I personally think Eridan’s horns has just been looked at in a wrong way for most of the people in the fandom, but by now it simply might be too late to reverse all the fanart and opinion of everyone.



1. Somewhere between chasing red lights out of that town and chasing vodka to forget him, you found yourself wishing for that Tuesday night again, just so you could slam the door in his face a second time.

2. It’s not something you focused on much, the way he drove with both hands on the wheel, but when you take that shortcut–the one he showed you down River Street–you wonder if the muscles in your brain will ever stop trying to paint his face onto the back of your eyelids.

3. You were never the type of girl to get lost in her head, but when you drunkenly wandered to the top of that parking garage, you imagined he was lying next to you on the cold cement like it was still April, and he was still the boy with crystal blue eyes who planned on sticking around.

4. You wrote a letter telling him everything you could never say out loud, stuffed it in the back pocket of his favorite Levi’s, and prayed to God he wouldn’t find it until you were 600 miles away.

5. When he called you before your flight to Minneapolis, you told him, “I can’t unwrite the words I’ve spent the last three months trying to forget.”

6. You wished on a shooting star the night after he said, “There are only two kinds of people who act on such meaningless notions: kids with naive hearts and people who have nothing left to believe in.”

7. Last Spring, you drove three hours north with your mom, and while you stood in the middle of a tulip field, you wanted nothing more than to replant the one he picked for you next to the river because something so beautiful never deserved to die so unfairly.

—  S.K. | running

Im thinking about leaving and how i should goodbye.
With a handshake?
Or an embrace?
Or a kiss on the cheek?
Or possibly all three?
Maybe I’ve been wrong.
Maybe my intentions are irrelevant
Honestly, its not just for.
We’ve both been so unhappy, so let’s just see what happens when the summer,