or maybe it was alice

btw when i said i was worried bendy wouldn’t have a role “like boris appears to” i meant in that he’d be.. himself? and boris appears to be “himself” but i’m not convinced of that either.

like i’m a little worried that the cartoons will end up being people, or partially people, in that people may have been sacrificed to give them their traits or turned into them or something. considering what suzie said about her “connecting” with alice, boris’s resurrection maybe implying there’s more than one of him? the fact that this particular bendy is very humanoid in shape… it’s not altogether troubling or anything, just evidence of that theory

and i can’t think of any fan i’ve come across who wouldn’t be at least just a little tiny bit let down if it turned out that bendy and boris (& alice?) were not specifically new creations with their own thoughts & personalities, if that makes sense.

everyone - EVERYONE seems to have their own thoughts/interpretations/portrayals about what the personalities of bendy and boris would be like, not in an adamant way just in a “these are their own characters” way. (fans in general seem flexible too, and there definitely is consensus on a lot of personality traits.) but everyone seems to sort of agree that the toons being created… from the ground up, so to speak, would be the most satisfying option.

hope this makes sense.

gameoffear85  asked:

If Alice is an angel and Bendy a demon, whu don't they hate each other ? 😕 There is a war between angels and demons !

Maybe, maybe not. Even though Alice is an angel, she also has devil horns. In fact, her design has a few details that mimic Bendy’s design. I can’t really say for sure if Alice would hate Bendy or not, but I also don’t know how likely it would be for them to be rivals 24/7, either.

Not gonna lie

You could basically ship any of the main cast of the Magicians and I’d be cool with it

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So I was looking at BATIM wiki and saw that Alice is maybe Bendy's girlfriend COMMENTS ON WHATCHA THINK OF THIS IDEA?

well yeah, makes sense

her and bendy are cartoon characters from the 20′ or 30′s, they’re gonna fuck one way or another ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Is Jason's murder just a puzzle piece?

We been focusing too much on who has a grudge against Jason, and not enough about how he was killed. This kinda just popped in my head because I watch a lot of ID (Identification Discovery) so I wanted to share.

Jason wasn’t killed in your typical personal/rage filled acts of murder, he was fucking tortured, shot, and then stuck in a freezer..? That doesn’t make sense! We’ve all been looking for people that would have a grudge against Jason, but what if we need to focus a little less about the murder and more about the means of it.

There’s only 4 kinds of people capable of that level of brutality:

1. Some seriously mentally disturbed twisted son of a bitch with a grudge against Jason is running around somewhere in Riverdale.

2. A fucking psycho! With no rhyme or reason for their actions, doesn’t even need to know the fucking person they kill.

3. A gangbanger. Which is why I think there is still a strong possibility that the Southside Serpents could be involved somehow. But if this was all about drugs, then it’s case closed: No reason for another season.

4. Somebody trying to get information out of him and Jason is just witness to something much bigger. I think this is the most likely scenario because it’s the best way to keep the show going for multiple season’s.

I think it’s highly likely that Jason’s death was not the main point of what happened to him, it was the torture he went through. What if Jason knew something he shouldn’t? Something that somebody else wanted to know? And that person took and tortured him for information? What if his death was just a result of that? You can’t keep loose ends like that… What if nobody WANTED him dead at all? But he HAD to die? I have a feeling that who Jason’s killer is will be revealed fairly quickly, what if the killer might die next? Affectively keeping the secret that they wanted to keep.

So what if the real mystery of this show is what somebody’s trying to hide by killing him? I’ve always thought something bigger is going on than just who killed Jason, I mean there has to be! Who the fuck tortures somebody for personal grudges!? That’s some twisted shit! I’ve seen tons of murder mysteries and next to none of them have been that brutal! (And I’m pretty sure the writers wouldn’t make it so brutal for no reason! The autopsy itself has to be relevant given the horrifying details!) Clearly the show is going to a really dark place…

ALSO WHY THE FUCK WAS HE IN A FREEZER?!?!? Why not just dump the body immediately? Who the fuck has a freezer so private that nobody would find a dead body in it for what could have been almost a fucking month?!? There has to be a reason as to why a person couldn’t immediately dump the body. Every murder mystery I’ve ever seen which involved murders based on grudges/rage have always been swift, kill a person and dump the body ASAP! Not torture the person, kill them, and then stick them in a freezer for some unknown period of time!!! Jfc 😨

And none of these killer theories I have seen is someone that (as of now) has anything to hide to that extent. What if a big reveal is coming about somebody having a secret that even they don’t have all the answers to?? Trying to find out something? OR have already found it out through the torture (and as a consequence murder) of Jason Blossom and is planning their next move right now??

I think some seriously twisted shit is going on in Riverdale… and Jason is just the tip of the iceberg.

What goddess do I petition to make the “polyamorous family” line actually be a prediction for how the main casts relationships over the season develop though ……

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Do u know any fun bughead or just any spoilers for upcoming episodes after episode 8 comes on???

i don’t know if i have any fun spoilers, but i’ll tell you what i know– 

episode 9:

  • archie reluctantly agrees to escort cheryl to her family’s official start of maple syrup tapping because he gets an offer that could help his future. he starts to become skeptical of the real reason the blossoms are so eager to help him; however he gets some helpful information for betty about her sister 
  • veronica is trying to be nice, and unbeknownst to her, befriends a classmate that her father’s illegal doings has hurt 
  • hermione is conflicted about telling fred the truth (i’m guessing about hiram and the drive-in) 
  • alice is ready to get revenge on the blossoms once and for all with the help of her two daughters 
  • we uncover more secrets about the long-standing family feud between the blossoms and the coopers
  • betty’s relationship with polly faces additional challenges

episode 10:

  • archie is going to throw jughead a birthday party, which is going to feature a hamburger cake 
  • somebody (a male) is going to storm out of the birthday party
  • archie’s mom makes her return in this episode to help her family in their time of need, or something, and is reunited with alice and hermione (her friends in high school) 
  • we see more of dark betty/betty’s mental health issues 
  • jughead takes his hat off in a vulnerable moment with betty 
  • we explore jughead’s relationship with the coopers in this episode 

episode 11:

  • archie’s mom is still around
  • it LOOKS like homecoming is in this episode (if not, then it’s in 12) 
  • it looks like betty and jughead are each other’s dates to homecoming 
  • archie and veronica might also be each other’s dates, but i’m not sure about that one since i don’t know if archie and val are still together at this point. they just kind of look like they match in the candids from homecoming, which is why i think they might have gone together 
  • jughead is going to run out of the dance with betty, archie, and veronica on his heels. he likely stops and says something to them before taking off and leaving them looking upset on the school steps (x
  • jug heads to the riverdale bus station, where he’s talking to somebody on a payphone. i’m guessing this is after he leaves homecoming since he looks less put together (x
  • jughead is going to have a scene with betty and veronica in his homecoming suit while they’re in regular clothes. leading me to believe that he goes and finds betty after deciding not to leave town (if that’s what the bus station scene is about) 
  • cole was playing with a sheriff’s hat while in his suit with the girls in their regular clothes, which makes me think MAYBE they go to the police station 
  • in either this episode or episode 10, there’s going to be an outdoor group scene with betty, jughead, kevin, archie, veronica, and cheryl 
  • then in either this episode or episode 12, jughead, betty, alice, and maybe kevin have a scene together. (x) ~casey isn’t in that picture but there is a video of him, cole, and lili goofing around and lili and cole are wearing the same outfits 

episode 12:

  • jughead takes his hat off again
  • we find out who killed jason
  • that’s basically all we know about 12 

episode 13 (the finale):

  • jughead takes his hat off again 
  • the 75th riverdale jubilee is in the episode
  • more characters were likely there, but i know for sure jughead, betty, archie, veronica, valarie, joise, mel, alice, hal, polly, and fred are at the jubilee
  • sometime during the event, jughead and betty are walking arm and arm through the snow when alice stops them and they chat with the rest of the cooper clan
  • archie is going to end the episode in a relationship with, according to kj, who he is definitely supposed to be with
  • there’s a scene with archie, betty, veronica, and jughead where kj did some sort of stunt and actually broke his arm
  • they seemed to film quite a bit outside. i don’t know what they were filming, but i’ll link the pictures (x, x, x)
  • kj said on the last day of filming they changed the episode’s cliffhanger, so what they had filmed was scrapped and they filmed a new ending. i’m guessing to ensure no spoilers were leaked. a lot of shows film different endings to throw people off  
  • this one might be a little confusing to explain how i know, but i’ll do my best– there’s a scene with the core four at pop’s with betty and jughead on one side and veronica and archie on the other. we can tell by putting various videos they posted together. camila and lili posted videos of each other lying on their seats (in their jubilee outfits), they’re opposite of each other, so we know betty is on one side of the booth and veronica is on the other. and then cole and lili posted videos of kj making funny faces, so now we know jughead and archie are there and they’re (cole and lili) both across the table from kj. from their different camera angles, we can tell betty is across from archie and jughead is across from veronica. so basically, betty and jughead are next to each other with jughead closest to the window and veronica and archie are sat together with veronica closest to the window 

i think that’s everything, but feel free to add on if i missed anything 

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Oh my gosh I live and breathe for the angsty bughead fics! Maybe one about how he witnesses Betty's mom trying to control her with the pills and comments about her weight, and he notices her palms afterwards, and comforts her?

That’s so awesome, and I’m into the angsty ones lately so I’ll give it a go!

She was mortified.

Absolutely, one hundred percent mortified.

Her mother had “suggested” that they all go out to eat at pops, they needed to have a little family time apparently, and forcing her to go to the same place she was certain all of her friends would be, was the only way to do it.

At first it wasn’t so bad. Her mom didn’t say anything to her in the car and merely shoved her into a booth when she spotted her friends.

“Your father and I want your attention Betty, you don’t need to be speaking to your friends tonight understood?”

Betty simply nodded, catching jugheads eyes from over the booth, he smiled softly, shooting her a wink. She returned it with a weak smile.

She told Jughead everything, and his disdain for Alice cooper was clear in the nasty looks he kept shooting her way.

“Hello! Betty! Are you even paying attention to me? Did you take your ADD pills.” Alice shouted over the quiet of the diner.

She shrunk even lower in her seat, as Kevin gave her a sympathetic smile and Veronica stuck her tongue out at the back of her mothers head.

She dared a glance at Jughead and the look in his eyes was absolutely lethal, he had closed his laptop and looked like he was ready to pounce. Fortunately Archie had a grip on his arm and was speaking quietly to him.

Finally Hal spoke up,

“I don’t know about you but I’m starving, what’ll you have sport?” He shot her a smile as he placed his menu down.

She shrugged daintily

“Maybe a burger?”

Instantly she heard her mother cluck

“I don’t think so. Summer is almost here and with your job as a lifeguard do you really wanna add any extra weight to those thighs? I mean we don’t want a repeat of last year do we Betty beluga?”

She felt her eyes well up, it had been a while since someone had called her that horrible nickname, she was almost starting to forget about it.


As she went to open her mouth to speak, a pair of hands were slammed down next to her, startling everyone at the table, glancing up she already knew who to expect.

“Hey bets” Jughead smiled cheekily. She could tell he was upset, it was hidden behind his smile.

“Hi juggie.” She whispered

“Mr and Mrs cooper, how weird to see you here? I always figured pops was way too low class for you.”

Alice ground her teeth

“Forsythe, it’s nice to see you again, how’s that father of yours” she went for the low blow

“Mom that’s totally..”

Jughead cut Betty off

“My dads great, me and him are working on our relationship, I always feel like kids should have a healthy relationship with their parents, don’t you think?” He raised a brow

Alice straightened her back
“And what is that supposed to mean?”

“Oh nothing really, just the fact that you’re probably the worst mother in the world, and that’s coming from someone who’s mother walked out on him.” He smiled lazily

Standing up now, Alice started
“Now you listen to me…”

Jughead stood too using his height to his advantage.

“No you listen to me, because, you’re Betty’s mother and I respect that, I’ve kept my mouth shut, but you need to realize what you have right in front of you. Betty is beautiful and smart and kind and anyone would be lucky to be in her life, you don’t get to treat her like some test subject because your life didn’t work out the way you wanted. I get that you think you’re doing what’s best for your daughter, but you’re not helping her, you’re hurting her. And when someone starts hurting Betty, than I can’t just sit back and let that happen. So next time you think of insulting her or shoving pills down her throat, take a look in the mirror and see who really needs help.” He was practically panting by the time he finished his speech.

Alice was standing, jaw on the floor and an unexplainable expression on her face. Finally she grabbed her purse

“Hal were leaving, Betty we’ll see you at home.”
She huffed.

Hal dropped a few bills on the table

“I’ll see you at home peanut.” At least her father had the decency to look ashamed.

Jughead turned to her

“I’m sorry, I know you didn’t want me to interfere but I couldn’t just mmpphhh”

Betty’s mouth was on his and his hands instantly went to her waist, they could only vaguely hear the sounds of their friends cheering them on from across the restaurant.

Pulling away he had on the biggest grin she’d ever seen him wear.

“Maybe I should take on Alice cooper more often.”

Betty laughed grabbing his hand, pulling him out of the booth

“Don’t push it.”

(Not so) Insane Riverdale theory

What if Fred,Hermione, FP and Alice were the core 4 just like Archie,Veronica, Betty and Jughead are? What if Alice and Hermione were best friends and had each others’ back (like B &V ) and rivals of Penelope ? Maybe the reason why Alice doesn’t like Hermione is because she felt betrayed when Hermione married the ‘rich guy’ and left Riverdale (or maybe something happened between them) We know that Fred and Hermione dated and carried the torch for each other over the years. What if FP had a thing for Alice and perhaps it was mutual at some point? What if the younger generation is just repeating history and maybe this would be the reason for conflict in season 2 when the past collides with the future? Thoughts?

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Think we might see Alice in chapter 3? Starting to wonder if the reason Bendy didn't kill us first and went for Sammy is because he needs us to make her kinda like a Bride of Frankenstein.

I mean he turns around and tries to kill you like .5 seconds later, so I doubt he wants us to do anything.