or maybe it one of phil's fantasies

Size Matters

Genre: Smut

Warnings: Blowjobs, handjobs, size!kink, swearing

Description: Based in 2009, the week they spent together. The first time Dan and Phil do anything sexual, and Dan has a size!kink that Phil definitely exceeds.


Dan felt like his heart was going to leap out of his chest. In the few days they’d already spent together, they’d already shared many kisses, but it still felt like Dan’s body turned into a livewire every time their lips met. Every time Phil grabbed his hand or put his arm around him he had a moment of disbelief because Phil Lester actually liked him. The Phil Lester he had watched religiously on Youtube for who know how long was here touching him and wanting him.

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anonymous asked:

did you watch dan's liveshow it got deep i'd love to hear your take on some of it (esp. the thing with the dog)

Sorry I’m so late. But man, the reactions to this live show in my inbox were amazing. Full scale of emotions right there. We had “he was really weird, I’m so confused” to “what was wrong with him” to “THIS IS THE BEST YOUNOW EVER” and a thousand “opinion on the dog and relationship comment?” messages. Since I’ve been m.i.a for the last week, I have no idea what the general consensus ended up being for most people. But for me? I’m on the this was the best younow ever team.

I mean, talk about a chill show. He seemed so open and self-reflective and he wasn’t afraid to push some boundaries. I was in awe. I feel like we’re always begging him to "give opinions" and this time he kind of delivered. Albeit in a very vague and indefinite way. But I feel like it was quite insightful. I just really loved the relaxed vibe of the show overall. And I definitely thought there was something else mixed in with that ribena lmao.

Let’s start with the first bit about the dog since that is what I got the most messages about.

“I’d love to get a dog. I don’t intend on getting a dog cause I’m not a functional person. I can’t look after myself, never mind a particularly apparently difficult breed of dog. And the thing is…I know I’d be getting a dog to fill a hole. It’s like when you’re trying to save a relationship by having a child or get married or something like that, it’s like ‘you don’t just save a relationship by having a child.’


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April Fool


Word count -425

Genre-Fake relationship au,confession of feelings

Extra tags-Phil/other but endgame Phan,Happy ending

Summary-Tired of being caught offguard every year and being pranked by Dan,Phil decides to take things into his hands this year.As a way to prank Dan,he decides to pretend to be married to a fellow Youtuber,but all doesn’t go according to plan or quite as he expected it to…

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AU (3) Masterlist

part one, part two,

Links Last Checked April 11th, 2017

Am I Still In Your Heart - rightinthephils

Summary: AU in which Phil is Dan’s childhood imaginary friend. Dan is growing up and therefore forgetting about his imaginary best friend and since Phil only existed in Dan’s mind, Dan forgetting about him is the equivalent of him dying and so he decides to use the reminder of his time to remind Dan of their memories together.

Better Soon - pasteldanhowells

Summary: Dan Howell is a 16-year-old boy who loses his family to a house fire. He wants to be strong but he’s finding it harder and harder to be. Luckily, his Godfather Phil, is there to try and make him feel better.

Date In The Library - oakleysfthoying

Summary: Dan sits in the library during lunch because it’s peaceful and quiet and the cafeteria is too crowded. Phil decides to go find Dan and he finds him in the library, and sits with him for the rest of the period.

Exchange Student - phanlight

Summary: Dan is an American teenage boy living in in San Diego, and goes on an exchange field trip to England. But who’s his exchange student?

Fire Dances in the Hall - flamboyant-lester

Summary: Dan and Phil live in an orphanage. Phil almost loses Dan to Death when a fire outbreaks in the night.

Go Ask You Father - dannihowell (ao3)

Summary: The five times Dan happily said ‘Go ask your father,’ and the one time he didn’t.

Hair the Colour of Coffee - crescendohowell

Summary: Phil can’t help but notice the boy with little tattoos that comes in to get a coffee each morning.  Just cute coffee shop getting together.

Hallucinations - placingglaciers

Summary: He has no memory of how he got there, but Dan finds himself struggling to survive on his own on a stranded island. Just when he’s on the brink on insanity, a man named Phil comes to rescue him and bring him home.

Hired To Kill - excessivephan

Summary: Phil Lester, highly trained to kill since birth. His success rate is 100%. Lester is told of a generous paying hit on Daniel Howell. This kind of job doesn’t have room for emotions to intervene, but maybe Dan will be different.

Phil’s Adventure In Wonderland - sonja-blayde

Summary: Phil falls down a rabbit hole and end up in a fantasy universe.

Pocket Cats And Sleepy Boys - probablyphan

Summary: College/Uni AU where Phil is trying to sneak in a cat to his dorm and enlists the help of a cute stranger he finds sleeping in the hallway.

Public Romance - washedoutgay

Summary: Phil is a big Hollywood movie star and hates having to hide his boyfriend from the world, but things get a little messy when a rumour appears that Phil is dating one of his co-stars.

Rags And Riches - phandabbydosey

Summary: Spoilt brat Philip Lester is used to having all his problems solved for him, even his problems with the law. Fed up with his attitude and behaviour, Phil’s parents refuse to buy him out of trouble and Phil soon finds himself sentenced to community service where he comes across a homeless boy with deep brown eyes who might be able to change the way Phil sees the world entirely.

The Bird and the Worm - kawaii-kanai

Summary: Dan seeks reassurance after breaking his promise to not harm himself from the one person he can trust: his counselor, Mr. Lester.

Through The Viewfinder - phangirlingforphan

Summary: Phil, a freelance photographer, is hired by Summer In The City to document the on-stage events, and there’s one guy he keeps spotting through the viewfinder that he can’t stop taking photos of. Dan.

Wake Up Wokingham - daniactuallysnuffledthatpopcorn

Summary: Dan Howell has to learn how to deal with being the only one on earth to know that everyone is being controlled by a higher power. Fortunately, he has Phil Lester to help him with this, and maybe together they could change the situation forever. Maybe.

Watching You - phantasyxo-blog

Summary: Phil is a ghost and watches Dan everyday.

You Could Say It Was A Stage Kiss - excessivephan

Summary: Dan and Phil are both in the auditions for the school play when Phil brings up how good he is at the game gay chicken.