or maybe it has but i didnt look that hard

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"Some" artists don't contribute to their lyric videos at all, some do. Maybe this is all a coincidence, or maybe he was behind the lyric video. We may never know but why is it so hard to believe Louis had anything to do with it?

Well the credits on the video link it directly to Louis and 78 Productions and I don’t really understand what the alternative explanation is meant to be? A random production company decided to use news clips with specific messages which create a very definite message, on a whim, with no care for the consequences for Louis image? And Louis and his’ team’ didnt bother checking before it went out, even though he has actually said he knows how the fandom look for signs in things he does and says?  Or… Louis cant read?  Or..?

Why is it so hard to believe that Louis had anything to do with it? Well I think for people who are still refusing to believe it anon, its now a matter of need. They need to believe their image of Louis is correct, that they didn’t get herded into the pen with all the other ‘Louis is a homophobe’, “Louis is a racist’, Louis is a rat’ ‘Louis is a chav’ flock of gullible sheep. So they’ll ignore even blatant evidence like this. I personally have no doubt at all that Louis was involved to a very high degree. Someone very smart and entwined with Louie fandom lore envisaged and created an incredibly complicated and intricate set of visual messages in a very short time; some of them fandom nudges, very reminscent of the bears.  

But its incredibly hard to work out how this fits with all we’ve seen being done to Louis career. 

The message of JLY on the surface could be said to fit in with the building of the image by Sony of a simple guy, uncomfortable with celebrity, and the subliminal message –not really interested any more/going through the motions/wanting out because he knows he’s not up to it.  

But the lyrics of JLY, magnified to perfection by the lyric video, blow the entire Sony thick, simple, super-chav build-up to smithereens. The intelligence, the awareness, the brilliant widening of the ‘celebrity isn’t what it seems’ theme – no one (who isn’t invested in despising Louis)  can watch that video and see its message and still believe Louis is the loutish, mindless, uneducated, low level bigot Sony have been hard-selling for years through the press and @Louis (with a special push through BTY promo). 

The real question for me isn’t if it was Louis, but how and why this got through. Because it has helped I think undo some of the significant damage and demoralisation Sony did manage to inflict with BTY promo to Louis fanbase. We can surely now see (even I would hope some alleged ‘fans’ who pronounced that he was cooperating because he wanted to) that he is fighting as hard as he ever did.  But again, why did this get through now after the appalling period of BTY and what Sony worked hard to do Louis and his career launch? 

After the Amsterdam incident, all through BTY promo Louis was more locked down than ever before, paraded in front of us like a hostage with no say obviously in how he was presented,  or how his song was - or rather wasnt –promoted. And that convinced plenty of his supposed fans that he wanted it all.

So how much did Sony understand of what the lyric video was about? How involved are *they*? I find it hard to believe that the video went out without anyone at Sony sussing what it was about… yet, it not only calls out Sony and the slavery of music contracts, it undermines all they’ve worked for in diminishing Louis wider brand.

I found it interesting that Billboard, who are very *very* obviously taking dictation from Sony PR, chose to write about the lyric video *but* they totally ignored the real, juicy story. That story should have written itself for any news outlet, given current events, and yet Billboard ignored it and pointed its readers in another direction - Lionel Messi incredibly. The effect is that anyone who sees it after reading Billboard may be likelier not to look deeply; to see a different and shallower message than someone who first read say the Huffington Post take on it. So that could possibly be a sign that Sony dont want the message that Louis Tomlinson is speaking up for the oppressed in the industry and elsewhere to gain any traction? Or maybe it was just written by a particular dense Billboard journo. 

 Maybe we’ll see some punishment soon for Louis and/or us – but after this video, we will hopefully see that for what it is. Perhaps we’ll just see the song and video lose all semblance of label promo –though that actually does seem to have been happening even before the video, unless Ive missed something new promo-wise? We had his ‘teams’ being less incompetent on SM for a day, his SM being allowed (astonishingly) to promote his own song and this video. But Fred’s been hauled out into the limelight again in a syndicated article and wider JLY promo seems at this point, not to be happening, even though the song has shown it has the potential for huge momentum.  Perhaps, like JHO and BTY Sony after some pretend promotion don’t want the song to gain real traction but be perceived as a failure. OTH maybe, given this surreal open return of SBB to the fandom, Rob Stringer & his henchmen had a Come to Jesus moment over Louis career? Or, maybe not …

One thing - perhaps from what we’ve seen, even if Louis has no say at all in promotion strategy, I wonder if he was somehow (inexplicably) able to get a significant amount of creative control? His actual music, who he collaborates with, and the ideas and execution of his videos have all been outstanding and original. And lets face it, given how Sony have blatantly crashed both his previous singles, one would imagine they’d prefer it if the product and artist theyre trying to make us believe failed naturally, were less obviously brilliant and marketable?