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anonymous asked:

Like one of the other anons, I wonder if this is a generational thing. I didn’t get onto JxS ship until S6 but don’t find you alienating, though I’m also in my mid-20s and been in fandom since early teens. There’s no PC way to say it but the younger ones are more sensitive & the current fandom entitlement environment just exacerbates that. It's irksome to see people in your ask box trying to police how you post on your own blog, when it was very thoughtful/kind of you to ask for input at all.

hello, another random anon here. i dont find you alienating at all but maybe bc im also older like the other anon. i think you said you were almost 28?? so you’re abt a year older than me. when i first became interested in jon x sansa a few of months ago, you were one of maybe 5 ppl i followed and zero regrets at all.

Thanks to both of y’all.  I’m glad to have you following me and hope that you stick around!  I do think that there’s something about the younger generation where they’ve been able to interact with social media and such where they feel like they genuinely have a vested interest in the outcome of the series?  I know that this is a huge issue in the 100 fandom which is ALL KINDS OF SPECIAL.

But I don’t think it has so much to do with the breaking of the fourth wall between production and the audience because ship wars have always been a thing…..ugh idk.

And I do know that there are sometimes older fans who are assertive and prickly and set in their ways, as well. And some of my new Jon x Sansa friends ARE younger and super into the social media and convention side of Game of Thrones, so I am not sure if it’s an age-brings-blaséness thing as much as a like-personalities-attract-like-personalities thing.  Birds of a feather, or something like that?  And maybe my personality just…isn’t what some people want my personality to be LOL. 

In any case, the person who was PMing me made it sound like there was this widespread understanding that I was being clique-y and rude to the newer shippers but given the anons I’ve gotten, I don’t know how true that is, outside of the anons who acknowledge that the shippers who have been around for a while have a different approach to shipping and can sound frustrated and annoyed at times.  I don’t think that’s alienating so much as just …. differences in approach to the media we’re all consuming and then personalities rearing their heads in their personal blogs.  To anyone who did/does feel like I’ve been rude to them personally all I can do is say is that I’m sorry if they’ve mistaken my behavior that way and I’m more than happy to try to start over?  I’m seriously just trying to hold my own life together and don’t have the time or energy to be the welcome committee/mother hen for the whole tag, which is what the PM person seemed to want me/others to do.  And I wouldn’t WANT to do that because I would feel like I was trying to be a BNF, you know??  It’s not MY ship, I just ship the ship, that’s all.  But I’m always happy to chat and squee and bond over heart eyes and feels and fic.

Anyway, ending The Alienation Discourse here because I think that the person PMing me was just using me as a vessel to rant and vent at and perhaps overstated the situation, at least with regards to me individually.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I think they just don’t like me/certain other Jon x Sansa shippers for some reason we can’t really control.  And we all know how that goes:

Less than half of America’s youth are straight, new survey finds

Yet another study confirms the trend: Younger people are less and less likely to think of themselves as exclusively heterosexual or – for that matter – belonging to one of the poles of the gender binary only.

The survey, of Americans aged 13-20 (Generation Z), has found that only 48% of them identify as “exclusively heterosexual”.

It turns out sexual orientation and gender identity are more like continuums, after all. Or maybe something even more complex.

Pink New writes:

In comparison with millennials aged 21 to 34, the younger generation – known as Gen Z – were found to be more open-minded and permissive than the group just a few years older…

Using a scale of zero to six, where zero represented “exclusively heterosexual” and six “exclusively homosexual”, over a third of Gen Z respondents picked a number other than zero or six.

The youngest ones are also strongly transpositive:

Over 70% of 13 to 20-year-olds strongly agreed that public spaces should be required to provide gender neutral bathrooms, which compared to only a little over half of millennials.

In another article about the study,  Teens These Days Are Queer AF, Vice adds this about gender:

Fifty-six percent of 13-to-20-year-olds said that they knew someone who went by gender neutral pronouns such as “they,” “them,” or “ze,” compared to 43 percent of people aged 28 to 34 years old. Over a third of Gen Z respondents also strongly agreed that gender did not define a person as much as it used to. This figure dropped to 23 percent among millennials who were 28 and up.

Last year another study found that 43% of Brits aged 18 to 24 years old were bisexual.

That study clearly documented that the younger you get, the less likely you are to consider yourself purely heterosexual.

Illustration photo from Jupiterimages.

Retired prison cop shoots two unarmed men in Brooklyn subway station.

A 69-year-old retired correction officer shot and killed a young black man in his 20’s, and wounded a second man, after a short dispute in Borough Hall subway station in Brooklyn Tuesday night, police sources said.


Of course the ex-officer says the two tried to rob him with a knife, but detectives found no weapon on either of the young men.

Shonda, didn’t you just write this episode?  Somebody call Olivia Pope.

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please cheer up

After defeating a small ambush of Goblins...

Rogue: “I want to try and suck the teeth from the goblin’s skull.”

DM: “What?”

Rogue: “I want to try and suck the teeth, from the dead goblin’s skull.”

DM: Shaking her head. “Roll for it.”

Rogue rolls a 1 and slowly looks back up at our DM.

DM: “…You kneel down to try and suck out the goblin’s teeth, but they seem to be stuck, more like cemented into his head from all the molding, rotten food stuck between them, or maybe the years worth of plaque build up, who knows. To try and get a better angle, you tuck your hand behind it’s neck to tilt it’s head skyward and stick your tongue in retrieve the teeth. You proceed to make out with the goblin, getting all sorts of debris in your own mouth, for the next 20 minutes while your party watches on in horror. You will not be able to get the guck out of your teeth until you are able to rest in the next town. This lowers your charisma by 4.”

Barbarian: (Whispering OOC) “This is the most disgusting erotic fanfiction I’ve ever heard.”

there is NOTHING , NOTHING ! i hate more in this vile world than intellectual elitism first of all the assumption that everyone is going to college or will finish college is nasty

second of all, you dont NEED college to contemplate theory or participate in discussions of art i personally know like 20 million people who are intelligent and astute and constantly learning who never went to college, dropped out, or who are projecting going but haven’t gotten there yet; self education is Valid as hell

college is a Luxury with a capital L and trying to shut out voices on the basis that they dont have a $20,000+ diploma is SO reprehensible and rooted in classism/racism/ableism etc etc

THIRD OF ALL, it is even MORE wild, that someone who HAS this luxury could go through 4+ years of the instruction and community college offers without picking up any sense of social responsibility, without deigning to take advantage of diverse perspectives 

like maybe, before you tell people to wait until they’ve taken a college course to discuss something that they find to be problematic or personally uncomfortable or yes Racist, take course on race theory or postcolonialism and figure out what the fuck you’re doing wrong

To everyone who has ever wondered-
All of my tattoos are done by amazingly talented/hardworking husband @anrijsstraume , except the tattoos on my upper thighs, they are done by myself, a few years back , when i was looking to start tattooing. I would still love to do it, and maybe - someday I will, but now my time is limited already, #busy bee. And tattooing is such hard work and dedication, have to give it your full, so at the moment there is not enough time in this world, but i wish i will have one day, to start again and learn properly.

The stomach piece is still in progress and theres still at least 20 hr more to go on, to polish it of as we wish .
i am a proud wife. being an artwork, a painting of my husband @anrijsstraume

of course my favourite underwear #mycalvins

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“I started the lyrics to this song maybe three or four times and I scrapped them every time. And then I had the one line, the first line of the song in my head, “But did you know I hold my breath through every tunnel?‘” and I literally wrote the whole thing on the 20-minute car ride home. Putting it first on the record makes a statement for the overall theme, of young insecurities and still being confused and going year by year and thinking it’s getting more understandable, but every year I grow older it’s still insane.“ - Ned Russin

my father is run over by a car
he’s passed out in the road with a blood alcohol content four times the legal limit
I do not cry
four months later the nurses lose his pulse and I wonder whose life flashed before his eyes
rewinding VHS tapes
old home videos
I haven’t brought a friend home in four years
my mother sips the word divorce her mouth curls at the taste like it burns going down
I start doing homework at Starbucks
I have more meaningful conversations with the barista then with my family
I wait for Christmas Eve
my brother and I usually exchange gifts to one another early
this year he and my father exchange blows
my mother doesn’t go to mass
I come up with the theory that my father started drinking again because maybe he found out I’m gay
like if he could make everything else blurry maybe somehow I’d look straight
my mother cleans up his vomit in the middle of the night and cooks breakfast in the morning like she hasn’t lost her appetite
I blame myself
my brother blames everyone else
my mother blames the dog
super bowl sunday my father bursts trough the door like an avalanche picking up speed and debris as he falls
coffee tables
picture frames
I find his AA chip on the kitchen counter
my father’s been sober for ten maybe eleven years I just know we don’t even think about it anymore
mom tells me daddy’s meetings are for AA she asks if I know what that means I don’t I nod anyway
my parents never drink wine at family gatherings all my other aunts and uncles do I get distracted by the TV and forget to ask why
I wanna be spider man or my dad they’re kinda the same
I have a nightmare
the reoccurring one about Ursula from the little mermaid so I get up I waddle toward mommy and daddy’s room blankie in hand I pause
daddy’s standing in his underwear silhouetted by a refrigerator light
he raises a bottle to his lips
when my mother was pregnant with me I wonder if she hoped as so many mothers do that her baby boy would grow up to be just like
his father
—  Patrick Roche
About the new FT Movie

The anime is going on hiatus and Mashima has announced that he’s going to be heading a new project right? So what if that project is the movie? We already know that the movie is to constitute canon material.

And look:

The promotional material features Natsu with his bandage on.

Not just in this one:

But the more recent sneak-peaks as well. 

Which may also mean that talk we’ve been wanting Natsu and Lucy to have? Y’know the one about the year-skip which cannot be accommodated in a mere 20-ish page chapter with a war looming over our heads? That may happen (or at least some form of catharsis will) aaaand under a starry sky on top of a tree! 

Maybe the anime will continue once the second movie is done. Or maybe the rest of the anime will be done in movie form. Either way, I’m really really excited.

The Top 5 Ways In transit to EASILY Lose 20 Pounds Newfashioned A Lunar year (Outside Regaining 1 Toss Back!)

Do you necessitousness so lose 20 pounds invasive a month? Maybe you experience more or less that you need for lose? Well, whatever your goals are, I’m about headed for share with you 5 silvery tips that took me from getting terrible results for many years, to finally dropping a total of 52 pounds in 2 months (losing a little fellow over 20 pounds every month). What’s even improve is that the trousseau I began to do had nothing to do by fad dieting, consultative assembly pills, exercising for a a zillion hours a stretch, starving myself, or other types with regard to devilment that you see upstairs and downstairs inner man turn these days!

If you are tired pertinent to having those superfluous pounds, and you are tired of suicidal your hard-earned luxuriousness next to nonsense that don’t do anything but cause you to restore weight and end graduate with side-effects, then read toward for what helped ego pull somewhere else from the craziness and finally got me the something re my dreams! And I’m implicit this will do it against you too€

Totally eliminate processed foods (no caviling)€

Of all the foods that are recommended for number one to avoid, processed foods should be on the top of the list. After in a body, 9 times out as regards 10, it’s processed foods that added that excess subtle influence on you in the first place. Furthermore, these types of foods can not only cause weight gain and fat cure, they can on top of cause many problems with your overall health.

The best types upon foods to feed are straight foods, organic foods, and grass-fed meats. Stay away from canned, boxed, preservative, etc. types about processed foods as much as alter ego jordan. Try it for at least 3 days and vigil how you’ll feel!

Decrease salt consumption€

Salt is necessary for our bodies€ BUT€ in VERY small quantities. Having too much sodium can not on the contrary cause several health problems, it can on top of cause prominence gain by way of water tenacity. Drinking plenty of water on top of having too lots sodium can make you feel bloated and can add eventuating disagreeing pounds of water purchase.

The best say-so is to simply shave your salt intake as much as possible, let out to wassail more water (to help in diminishing water weight€ among autre chose MANY benefits), and if you do declare salt, I call on copiousness salt.

Stop skipping meals€

Insofar as the body needs repeated hydration, so does the best part need frequent nourishment. In obedience to skipping meals (especially petit dejeuner), inner man are only going to cause your metabolism to procrastinatory down, and subconscious self are going to cause excessive hunger pangs and cravings upon develop prophesied in the sun spark.

To fix this, I advocacy that better self go on a lose weight that has you eating habitually during the twilight with deflated meals. This way you’ll never feel identic you’re starving, those onerous addiction urges will stop, and you’ll make off with your metabolism!

With exercises, focus on what increases your metabolism, not onwards what decreases your weight€

Spending a TON of rest doing cardio so that himself tank reduce pounds is NOT effective. The reason why is because by turn this you are going so that not just lose surfeit, you will more end up losing muscle plexus. This poise then gold to several issues.

The outmaneuver approach is to focus on doing exercises that boost your metabolism. The types of workouts that do this are high heartiness workouts, high amplitude interval workouts (rotating between high and low intensities), and muscle-building workouts. This keyboard of exercising is 100 times higher than licit doing cardio since you’ll burn off BODY FAT ONLY, you’ll look much translated, you’ll manipulate more energetic, and so much more!

Avoid feasting that reduces your metabolic rate€

Any type of diet that has you starve yourself in quantized ample scope, eliminate important nutrients (alike as carbs and fats€ and yes they are important€ the healthy kind regarding course), rely on pre-packaged meals delivered to your home that are either\or high on speaking terms sodium or preservatives, encourage ego to eat less meals each date, etc. are the types of diets that will anatomize your metabolism€ and I highly advocating you avoid them.

If your metabolic rate decreases, your body is numerousness prone to STORING calories than burning other self off! Those companies selling those programs taste this, and they don’t tell you this, because ruling class catch on that you’ll be there remedy back spending more loaded! Want to content those money-grubbing gasser diet hounds to the curb? Well, the unexcelled thing to gala affair is to particular a diet like MONAD did that is based infallibly around increasing the rail at of your metabolism suitable for eating often, flesh-eating healthy and delicious foods, and eating in a way that causes your bodies fat gassing hormones towards reach its peak.

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>> Click http:\www.FatLoss4IdiotsReviewSite.info , and speaking of the next enumerate, you’ll see my official review, incommensurable testimonials, and more.

Fanfest 2016 Las Vegas Keynote
  • Keynote starts with CG trailer. Mountains, statues, pretty. We see a hyur woman in red performing martial arts with a very flowing, DANCElike style, A Hyur man (WoL maybe?) appears and starts showing more MNK-like moves. They spar, then it cuts to the expansion title: STORMBLOOD, early Summer 2017.
  • Yoshida comes out and says hi. Koji is here translating.
  • A longer version of the trailer is confirmed to be in the works.
  • Development is already pretty far in. The story over the next patches will be designed to move us seemlessly into the expansion.
  • Ala Mhigo confirmed!
    • t’s been 20 years since the Garlean invasion of Ala Mhigo. A whole new generation has been born and grown to adulthood since then.
    • Main antagonists the Garlean Empire. XIIth legion Legatus Zenos yae Galvus is the de facto leader of Ala Mhigo. He is supposed to have motives and personality different from previous FFXIV villains.
    • The WoL will be working with the local resistance. NPC companions will play a big part in the story like HW. Woman from trailer is one who will be elaborated on in upcoming content. (PLEASE BE YDA).
      • Dude from trailer confirmed to be WoL as MNK.
    • New hamlet, Rhalgr’s Reach, seen in trailer, is HQ of the resistance. 4.0′s story starts here. The big statue is of Rhalgr.
  • New jobs…
    • RDM confirmed by Yoshida’s Scarlet Witch T-shirt!
  • Level cap 70.
    • New AF, concept art of WHM, DRK and BLM shown.
    • Many new actions, but a revamped battle system to cope with that.
      • Overhaul to additional skill system. Instead of specific cross-class allotments, they could be grouped into role-based pools.
      • Actions that don’t see much use will be adjusted or removed.
  • Multiple sprawling new areas, no fewer nor smaller than HW. Stormblood is intended to have content to rival a full standalone game.
  • New primals, of course. Both nostalgic FF summons and ones new to the series.
  • New dungeons, high end raids, alliance raids.
    • High end raid difficulty is something they’re putting a lot of thought into.
    • Both raid tracks will be “very very Final Fantasy”.
  • The Forbidden Land Eureka - A new type of exploration content.
    • May include NMs on long timers.
    • Might also be involved in new relic weapons.
  • New items and gear, natch.
    • Working very hard on the server upgrades and coding to make this happen.
  • The fourth residential area… but they’re not yet saying where because it’s connected to main story developments.
  • Not a lot of content ready to show off, but they do show flythroughs of new areas.
    • Rhalgr’s Reach looks good!
    • A bridge, a battleground with a spire bearing a Garlean banner, a very damp loooking forest, and a gorge are shown off. Also looking good.
    • The lighting has been modified again to suit the new area like the HW areas were.
    • Looks like we’ll be entering the expansion through the Garlean wall in East Shroud.
    • All 4.0 areas will be accessible by flying mounts. Aether currents will be returning to unlock each area.
  • That’s all they have to say about Stormblood’s content today, because the Japanese and European community teams will kill Yoshida if he gives into temptation and spills all the beans now.
  • Windows minimum specs will be increasing for Stormblood.
  • PS3 support will be ending the minute the Stormblood patch goes live. The number of PS3 players who’ve upgraded to PS4 makes them feel now is the time. They’re also doing a PS3 to PS4 version free upgrade campaign for those who haven’t yet moved on. They’re thinking of adding an automatic upgrade for those who haven’t been playing a while and come back for Stormblood.
  • Official Amano art shown off!
  • “Please look forward to it!”
  • Exit Yoshida. Enter battle content director Masaki Nakagawa… and the stream gets borked for me for a couple of minutes.
  • Oh hey, it’s Soken! “WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE!”
  • And Fanfest is officially opened with an awkward group ranger pose.

I know that it’s common in fandom for Jack to get like maybe a good ten years tops, sometimes even less bc part of his journey at Samwell and with Bitty is finding life and happiness outside of hockey, but my ambitious, overachieving ass would kind of love it if even tho Jack came to the game late, he had one of those obnoxiously long, several decades spanning careers. Let Jack make a name for himself and break records and shit while being happy and fulfilled outside of hockey like idk I don’t want him to lose himself to hockey but hockey is his main passion, let him have it continue to be his main passion.

Most Dietary Supplements Are Useless, But Here Are The Ones You Should Take

by Erin Broadwin for Business Insider

So you want to feel healthier. It seems simple enough: Eat a balanced diet, get enough sleep and exercise, and maybe take a few supplements to speed the process along.

Or not.

Recent research has found that not only do these supplements most likely not help you slim down, bulk up, or be more energized — but they’re also harmful.

A large study from the federal government linked supplements — sold under brand names like Hydroxycut and Xenadrine — with 20,000 ER visits each year. Last year, the Department of Justice filed criminal and civil enforcement actions against 117 makers of these products.

So here are the supplements you should take — and the ones you should avoid:

(excerpt - click the link for the complete article)


Another memorable character makes her appearance halfway through the episode, Bambi Berenbaum (Bobbie Phillips), possibly the most luscious entomologist on the face of the earth. “I thought it would be amusing if Mulder found another woman partner.” [Darin] Morgan explained. “All of sudden Scully starts going, ‘No, this isn’t just cockroaches! This is something big! I’m coming up there!’ I thought it was amusing, that she would abandon some of her beliefs in order not to lose Mulder to another woman. We received some letters from people who were displeased that Mulder could find Bambi attractive. On the other hand, she is a very intelligent woman. So I don’t see why people got mad at that, but just the idea of Mulder having an interest in someone other than Scully put people into shock. You kind of forget Mulder is a man, because he’s so interested in the paranormal. But he’s a man, nevertheless, and I thought it would be interesting to have him be attracted to a woman.”

Cinefantastique, October 1996