or maybe i'm dreaming

Pssst, Fictionkin:

Want to know what makes me happy?

Somewhere out there, my favorite fictional characters, especially the ones who’s lives weren’t what they wanted them to be, are getting another chance.

Maybe they’re shopping.

Maybe they’re watching silly youtube videos.

Maybe they’re laughing with friends, or playing a favorite game, or driving to work, or making dinner.

So wherever you are, fictionkin, whatever you’re doing, just know that you’re what everyone hoped for, a new chance for the character that they love!

my two favs being bros gave me so many warm fuzzies ~(ꈍᴗꈍ)~

I wanted to take some preview pictures for the recolor I did on the weekend but created a cute vampire instead because I don’t even know. No energy. I spent the afternoon at the library with my classmates. We had a small project with ten years old kids and there were like, I don’t know, twenty of them? It was fun, I love doing such things. Next week we’re in fact having a sleepover at the library and the librarian said it’s gonna be the same group. So yeah, cool, however when these things are over I always realize how exhausted it actually makes me feel :D I guess I ignore it when I’m around those kids and then they leave and it just hits me.

Anyways, then I came home, turned on the TV and saw the first news about what happened in London. I’m still shocked and just…the older I get the more I can’t understand what’s going on in the world. I hope you are alright, guys. Stay safe.

  • me, a humble shitpost farmer who joined the fandom for memes, looking out over the dark horizon: Johnny, bring in the fic concepts and get Dot to help you cover the headcanons. It's about to get stormy in the discourse tags.
  • Johnny: Why, ma?
  • me: An update's coming. I sense... Kent.

I used to tell you how much I didn’t want to lose you. I didn’t realize it wasn’t a matter of want, turns out I couldn’t lose you… I can’t lose you.

Too bad I already did.

—  I knew losing you wasn’t an option but now it’s too late

I feel compelled to spread some positivity today.

Guys, remember, someone out there is thinking of you. Someone is wishing you well or sending you good vibes, despite how impossible you may think that is. Someone would probably love to spend time with you or just be there for you, and have you do the same for them. It’s easy to get in a slump and tune out or just not pay attention to what you do have available because it’s not in the package you wanted it to be wrapped in or not someone you’d think of. I’ve made this mistake so many times. She/they/he is probably right in front of you. Wishing you well, even without you knowing. Someone is there.

And I am always here for you guys. I want to encourage and be a positive force in any of your lives. xx