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For @weeklystarcoprompts “Love Potion” prompt! Lol it’s been so long since i’ve submitted any starco prompt art sorry and idk this might have been funnier in my head because its really late and i’m tired but oh well! Hope you enjoy this messy starco comic where Janna also happens to make her own placebo :P

Shiro:Hey Lance have you seen my jacket? I left it in the training arena and I can’t find it!

Lance:No I haven’t seen it.

Shiro:Pidge have you seen my jacket?

Pidge:No not really.

Shiro:Oh my god,Hunk have you seen my jacket anywhere?

Hunk:I have been sleeping in and I have no idea where your jacket is.

Shiro:Son of a…okay I’ll go ask Keith maybe he knows where it is.

(Later Shiro walks up to Keith’s bedroom door)

Shiro:Keith can I come in I need to ask you something!

Keith:Sure,come on right in.

Shiro:Keith I was wondering if you had seen my jacket any-

(Shiro is to surprised to see Keith wearing nothing but Shiro’s jacket and laying in bed a seductive pose)

Keith:Oh I’m sorry,were you looking for this?

Shiro:Babe why would you take that my jacket?

Keith:I just thought we could fool around for a bit.

Shiro:….Okay but let’s make it quick.

Unexpected- Negan Imagine

Request: Neganxreader the reader is pregnant with his baby. He’s pissed off at her at first. For like 5 months of your pregnancy he stays the fuck away from you getting drunk all the time. But he comes to his senses and becomes more involved

Warnings: Sexual Content

Negan grunted as he split into you, rolling onto his back, “You know, Negan,” you started to get off the bed. “You have to be careful with that, maybe you should start pulling out or something.”
He grinned grabbing your wrist and pulling you back into bed, “Relax, we’ll be fine.”
“I need to get back to my room.”
“You’re staying with me tonight.”
“Really? You never let any of your wives into bed.”
“You’re not ne of my wives, besides, they annoy the fuck out of me but you, you’re a fucking goddess.”
You got under the covers and cuddled up to him, his arm going to your waist, “Who knew Negan liked to fuckin’ cuddle.”
“Shut the fuck up,” he said, still grinning.

“This isn’t possible.”
The doctor looked at you, “ It’s very true.”
“There has to be a mistake.”
“I can run an ultrasound, but that will have to be in a few weeks.”
“What am I going to do?”
“Talk to the father.”
“That would be a big no,” you said.
“He’ll find out eventually.”
“If I’m pregnant.”

The rest of that day was a blur. And the few days after it were a blur too. The morning sickness was starting and when I say morning sickness, I mean all the time sickness. You skipped practically three runs and you knew Negan was going to be pissed.
You placed your hand on your stomach and sighed, “What are we going to do?”
You were interrupted by a knock at the door and slowly opened it revealing Negan, “Can I come in?”
“You’re going to anyways so sure.”
He came in and you closed the door, “Did you need something?”
“I haven’t seen you around much, wanted to check up on you.”
“I know I’ve missed a couple of runs, Negan I-”
“I talked to Sam about it, he said you were sick, have you been to the doctor?”
“Yeah, it’s nothing, just a cold I guess.”
He grabbed your waist, holding your body to his, “Does that mean you’re not up for a round tonight?”
I touched his cheek, “As tempting as that is, I’m still feeling a little off.”
“Well let’s get you into fucking bed.” Your stomach growled. “When was the last fucking time you ate anything.”
“If I eat anything it’ll just come back up Negan.”
He stared at me for a few minutes, “Alright just, get some rest, I’ll check on you in the morning.”

It’s been a few weeks since you’ve ran into Negan, which was good. You tried your best to avoid him and was doing a good job right until this moment as you were about to leave for your room.
“Hold up!”
You froze, hearing his loud voice behind you, “Yes, Negan?”
“Where the fuck have you been? It’s been a while since I’ve seen you.”
“Been working my ass off, sir.”
“Sir? Where’s my sassy fuckin’ lady at?”
“She’s tired.”
“You wouldn’t be so tired if you would take up my offer.”
“I don’t want to be a fucking wife Negan!” you practically shouted at him.
“What the fuck is wrong with you?”
“What the fuck is wrong with me?” you asked in disbelief. “I’m pregnant.”
Without waiting for his response, you left him standing in the middle of the cafeteria.

Negan started avoiding you after the revelation, you knew he would but it still hurt. Every time you saw him he would excuse himself from whatever he was doing and go the opposite direction. You missed him. You two weren’t even together but you liked the way things used to be.
You were walking to you room when laughter erupted your hearing so you decided to follow it. It’s been a while since you just sat down and had some fun with anyone. When you walked in, the laughter didn’t stop but Negan’s smile faltered and he drank from his glass.
“Hey Y/N!” Simon said, holding up his glass. “Care for a drink.”
“Oh, no, but thank you, I was just trying to see what everyone was up to.”
“We were about to start a game of poker, if you’re in.”
“If I play, you’ll al lose.”
“Well sit down and put your money where your mouth is sweetheart.”
Negan finished his glass, “I’ll see all of you bright and fucckin’ early,” he stumbled from his seat, obviously drunk. “Be ready for the run, I don’t want to hear any bichin’”
When he left the room the guys all sighed, “Thank god he’s gone, if I have to take him back to his room again, I think I’ll punch him myself.”
“What do you mean?”
“The guy has been drinking himself practically to death for the last four months.”
‘Has it been that bad?“
"That’s right, you’ve been missing for a while,” Dwight said.
“It’s been a long four months,” you said.
“We’ve missed you on runs,” D said, turning to the guy I didn’t recognize. “She is the best at destroying those walkers, let me tell you, just wait until you see her in action tomorrow.”
“She’s not coming,” Simon said.
“What do you mean?” you asked.
“Negan didn’t tell you?”
“Clearly not, what’s going on?”
“He said you were to start kitchen duty tomorrow.”
“Are you kidding me?”
“He said you’ve been sick so he didn’t want to put you on a run to risk our lives.”
You stood, “That bastard, fucking kitchen duty?!”

“Thanks for doing this again Dwight, I know it gets tiring to drive me here all the time.”
“You need the medical attention, it’s fine, just wish I would’ve found out from you and not Negan.”
You snorted, “I was too angry to tell anyone.”
“Can I ask you something?”
“is Negan the father?”
“He’ll come around,” he said.
“Do you actually believe that?” you asked him.
“He might be a dick, I think he’s just confused on how to handle it.”
“And I’m not? I’ve never had a kid before, especially in these conditions.”
“I think he’ll come around.”
“I don’t.”

“This might be a little cold,” the doctor warned, putting a gel onto my belly.
“A little cold my ass,” you looked at the monitor. “How is everything?”
“Your baby is very healthy, you’re about five months.”
“I don’t look that far along.”
“You are very small yes, but a little extra food could help.”
You nodded, “And what about the gender?”
“Do you want your husband to come inside with you to see it?”
“Oh Dwight?” you flushed. “He’s not my husband, or the father.”
“Oh, my apologies,” he zoomed in and looked your way. “And it’s a boy.”

“Dwight,” you called after him. “Come feel this.”
“Um I don’t think tat’s a good idea.”
You rolled your eyes, grabbing his hand and putting it on your belly, “Feel that? He’s kicking.”
“Does he do that often?”
“No. It’s rare.”
“It feels weird.”
“I know,” you agree, smiling.

“What’s up with you and Dwight.”
When you heard his voice, everything seemed to have stopped, “He just felt the baby kick.”
“And you thought it would be okay for him to do that?”
“Why not? It’s not like he was touching me sexually, he just touched my belly.”
“How’s that going?’”
I let out a snort, “How’s what going? The pregnancy? Since when do you care about me or the baby?”
“How’s it going?” he repeated, this time more sincere sounding.
“I’m tired. I’m going to fall behind on points because I can barely lift or do much of anything. My body’s always sore, I haven’t been eating enough and not to mention I’m horny all the damn time.”
“What do you mean you haven’t been eating enough?”
“I should be eating more than I do but it’s not like I can afford to eat. My points are low  and I can’t exactly do much work.”
“Why the fuck didn’t you say anything to me?”
“because you haven’t exactly been talking to me, Negan.”
“I’m sorry.”
“Just go, I don’t need you here pretending to give a shit.”
“I know me not being here was fucking wrong, believe me, I do, but I want to try to be here, for my child.”
“I’m going to need you to prove that to me and our baby is a boy.”
“A boy?”
“Yeah, I found out earlier today.”
You made a face, throwing your hand onto your stomach and he spoke, “You alright?”
“Yeah, yeah, I’m alright, he’s just kicking.”
“Can I?” he motioned to your stomach.
“Yeah, yeah sure,” you took his hand, putting it on your stomach.
“Well your an active little guy huh?” His other hand placed itself on my stomach, a bug smile on his face. “You know daddy’s here don’t ya?”
“Yeah I’ve never seen him this active before, must be because of you.”
He looked at you, “I’m going to be here, for you and my son. I’m sorry it took so fucking long for me to get my head out of my ass.”
I swatted his shoulder, “Mind your language, we have a child around here.”
“Let’s get your mommy to bed huh? How does that sound? For future references, ” he was leading you to the bed, his voice soft, talking to the baby. “Your mom is an asshole when she’s tired.”
You gave him a look, “I’m going to work on the language.”
“Yeah, you will.”

AN: I hope this was what you wanted Anon, I’m sorry my requests have been taking so long to get done, school is draining me


The boyfriend and I only get to see each other on the weekends–he lives an hour away. He just left a bit ago. It never gets easy. We’ve been this way for a year and a half maybe. I really just want to be cuddled. I’m feeling emotionally needy. Maybe I just need a good cry or something. I miss him already. It feels almost like sub drop. He was telling me today how other people in his life can only hang on weekends too. I get it, he wants time for that too and I have no other choice than to not be greedy and comply. He gave me the, “I’m sure there’s friends and such that you’d like to see on weekends too”. Yeah, I could, but I can’t cuddle them. ;) I’ll be going to bed soon, maybe some sleep will reset me.

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Living in Black & White: Part 3

Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Story Summary: You’ve been blind since birth, but you have other ways of seeing. What happens when you end up living with the Avengers and develop a soft spot for a certain ex-assassin? 

Word Count: 1,008

Warnings: None, I think. A little fluff.. self pity, guilt. Maybe a swear word or two?

A/N: I am so thrilled with how much you guys are loving this story, really. Thank you so much for all the positive feedback ❤️

He made his way to your bed, and you could see that his aura had gotten darker. He must’ve been sulking, dwelling on his past as the Winter Soldier. You felt the mattress on your bed sink in as you saw his aura sit down on your bed. “You said.. I need to let go of my past.. how do you know that I’m still holding onto it?” He asked softly, and you let out a small sigh, resting your chin on the top of your knees. “I can see it surrounding you, Bucky. The guilt, the regret. It’s always around you, effecting your emotions and behavior. You have to learn to forgive yourself, if you ever want to be free from those feelings.” You told him, trying to keep your voice light and kind. You wanted so much to soothe him, to make him feel better, but you knew you couldn’t get emotionally involved with him. You couldn’t get emotionally involved with anyone, really. It wouldn’t work out in the end.

“You said.. you saw a light in me.. I don’t know if I believe that.” He said, and you could see his aura begin to darken again. “Bucky.. you’ve gotta stop being so hard on yourself. You are a good person, you’re just blinded by what Hydra made you do. You are brave, and passionate, and you’re even kind, when you want to be. Just embrace all of the qualities about you that make you a good person. Try to stop focusing on only the bad.” You tried encouraging him, but he huffed in response. “You don’t know what I’ve done. What I’m capable of.” He growled, and you sat up, resting on your knees now. “Let me see, then.” You whispered, reaching your hand out towards his face. “You don’t want to do that.” He told you softly, but you continued reaching out, until your palm came in contact with his cheek. “Yes I do.” You breathed, feeling his stubble prick the skin on your hand. You let your eyes flutter shut, visions of violence flooding your mind.

You saw through his eyes, the Winter Soldier. Each kill, each violent end. He felt nothing for these people. He was merely a weapon. An empty, lifeless vessel. There were so many deaths that he was responsible for. So many lives lost.

But then the memories changed, to those of Steve. They had grown up together, Bucky loved Steve so much that it made your heart swell in your chest. He’d protected him for so long, and Steve was home for him. You longed for that feeling, to no longer feel homesick for a place you’ve never been. You began to see visions of Bucky with a beautiful redhead, tangled in his bedsheets, and you pulled your hand away, a light blush making its way onto your cheeks.

His hand caught yours before it could go too far, holding it loosely. “Did you see?” He whispered, and you nodded slowly, “I saw… that you, James Barnes are so full of love, if only you’d be willing and open to seeing it. You’ve got so much to give.” You heard his breathing become ragged, and his aura began to glow with a white light again, and you could feel energy surging through his skin where his hand connected with yours. “You think.. I can be better?” He breathed, and you nodded again, squeezing his hand in reassurance. “I believe that you can do anything you set your mind to, Bucky.” You told him, and his aura flashed brightly again. “Thank you..” he whispered, and you could tell that he meant it with every fiber of his being. “You don’t need to thank me, Bucky. All of this was already inside of you. You just needed a little push to find it, is all.” You replied, and you heard him let out a small chuckle. “You’re quite magical, you know.” He said softly, and you shrugged, “I got it from my mom.” You told him, which led to a confused silence in the room. “What do you mean by that?” He asked, and you let out a small sigh. “Maybe I’ll tell you one day, Bucky, but not today.”

Bucky left you shortly after that, and you were finally able to fall into a light sleep, visions of Bucky’s past playing in your head on repeat like a horror film. The only break you got from the never ending horrors that played in your mind was when images of Bucky, in a 1940s sergeants uniform showed up out of nowhere. He was looking in a mirror, adjusting his cap and tie, and he looked absolutely stunning. His bright blue eyes were absolutely breathtaking, and he had a jawline to die for. You couldn’t get over how good he looked with a clean shaven face, and suddenly, you felt yourself being shaken back into reality.

“Y/N, wake up. Please.” You could hear Wanda’s voice before you fully came to, and you felt her hand on my shoulder. “What’s wrong?” You asked her, picking up on the tension in the room. “We’ve just gotten word that Hydra knows that Bucky is here. They’re going to come for him, we need you to–” You interrupted her by sitting up quickly, pushing yourself out of the bed. “Where is he? I need to see him, otherwise it won’t work.” You told her urgently, and she took your hand, guiding you out of your room.

You entered a new room, one you were unfamiliar with, and you saw Bucky’s aura sitting beside Steve’s, both of their auras were darker than ever. “Bucky?” You breathed, reaching out to touch him. His hand found yours gently, pulling you towards him. “I need to–” You started, but he interrupted you. “I know, just do it, please. We’re running out of time.” He said hurridly, and you nodded, your hands finding his face tenderly. You pushed his hair behind his ears before you bent down, pressing your lips lightly to his forehead, preparing yourself mentally for the scene that was going to appear before your eyes. Bucky’s future.

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Grayson Dolan Imagine • Sloth

“Y/n!” Grayson yelled. “Where are you? We need to go!” You and Grayson were heading over to Nate’s house and you didn’t want to go. “You go by yourself G! I’m not feeling it right now.” You were feeling fine- great actually. You just hated Nate. You didn’t know what it was; his face, his attitude, his voice? Maybe it was just him in general.

“Y/n really?” You could hear Gray climbing up the stairs skipping one stair like you do. He opened the door and saw you laying in bed. “Babe why don’t you wanna go? I thought you loved Nate.”

You turned your unnaturally curled up body to look at him. “Yeah- i mean I do but…. I don’t want to go today. Can’t we just stay home and-” you rolled ever so sexily over to the side he was standing near “do what I love.” You bit your lip with a wink for extra. “Sleep?” Grayson questions. “Yes sir!” You rolled back over to your original spot. “You are so lazy.” Gray chuckles.

“Pleeeaaasssee stay here with me!” You whine to your Gray Bae. “No. I’m going with or without you.” You stick your tongue out at him and he reciprocates the action. “Goodbye y/n. Have fun being a sloth.” He walks out of your shared bedroom.

What a bummer you thought. All of a sudden you hear heavy, fast footsteps. You’re confused until you see Gray running towards the bed- and you. He jumps and lands semi on top of you. He puts his leg over your waist and his nose in the crook of your neck. You move your arm so it’s not under him and you both get comfy. “I like being a sloth.” Gray says and you agree completely.

“Um Tony?…Get your fucking hand off me”
“Let’s go on a journey, a journey through homosexuality.~”
“Shut the fuck up.”
“Maybe we can learn about love.”
“Tony that isn’t even your fucking song.”
“….I love you Colin”
“Get back on that damn wall right now.”

Yes the packet says Why you need Malcolm. >.

I’ve been having a lot of trouble with this lately since it’s starting to get a little warmer and I don’t do very well with warm temperatures. I know he’ll is supposed to be hot and all but I feel like he’d be really cold all the time. Maybe I’m just imagining that because it’s what I need right now but…. this is just something I was thinking about earlier.

You were miserable. You were devastated. You were hot. You laid out on your bed in your underwear, trying desperately to cool off, whining and groaning and crying out in frustration as the three fans you had going did nothing to keep you from overheating. 

“Are you okay in here, Y/N?” Your boyfriend asked. “You sound like you’re dying.” He laughed, sitting down on the bed.

“I feel like I am, too.” You answered.

“What’s wrong, baby? He asked, placing his hand on you lower leg. His touch was freezing and it sent cold chills up your whole body and you loved it. An idea captured you and you grabbed his arm, pulling him on top of you, the cold and deep pressure instantly calming you. You moaned loudly, taking as deep of a breath as you could with his weight on you. “Better?” He laughed.

“Yes.” Your voice was muffled under Lucifer’s cool body. “So much better.”

Lucifer’s lips were cold on your hands as he brought them to his mouth and them moved his lips all over every part of your face and neck he could reach without relieving his pressure. Soft, cold, kissed flowered inside your skin and sent chills everywhere. You were in heaven…. well, hell, really but there was no other place between the ladder and the former that you would have rather been. “I love you.” He whispered between kisses, even his breath was cold, fanning over your cheek as that just so happened to be where his lips had roamed.

You smiled. “I love you.”

I know I’m super late to the party, but hello! I’m minjun’s mun and I’m really excited to be here. I don’t have any pre-made plots just yet, however I’m totally set to brainstorm. If you don’t really like tumblr im, I also have aim @violinlions and twitter @defbums.

Below are just some random facts about Minjun to maybe help with brainstorming.

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posting fanfiction: the cycle
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  • a million edits later: bloody hell, i'm so sick of this chapter.
  • a thousand edits after THAT: okay. in decent shape. let's just post the damn thing already.
  • just before posting: ooooh, what if it's not perfect? Oh, who cares? Just post it already.
  • posted: SUCCESS!!!
  • five seconds later: who noticed it??
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  • a minute later: but maybe someone has noticed it now.
  • five minutes later: you posted it at midnight. no wonder no one saw it. just go to bed already.
  • five minutes after lights out: ooh! i have an idea for the next chapter!

I don’t know why, but I really like Kaku’s outfit that he wears in one of the CP9′s Independent Report. HE LOOKS SO CUTE IN THAT HAT, UGGGHHH *cries forever*

Wanna hug the crap out of his cute self, that’s what. LOL
Plus, am I the only one that feels that there’s a lack of Kaku fanart out there??? HE NEEDS MORE LOVE!!!!! ;w;

Party Animals

Hahahahah maybe you should be part of the FBI instead. You got all of that from his Instagram?! You really are gossip girl. Please write an imagine about a frat party with the boys in it too whenever you can ☺️


“You need to come! They’ve already met the boys, and they can’t grasp the fact that I was able to get someone as hot as you.” Ben pleads, plopping next to me on my bed. He wants me to go to one of his frat parties, just to show me off to his friends. I don’t mind it, I just don’t understand why they don’t believe Ben has a girlfriend.

“We have a million pictures and videos together. Why not show them those?” I groan, turning away from him.

“They want physical proof. That means you.” He pulls my arm, causing me to roll on top of him.

“Do I have to?” I ask, moving my hair out of my face to look at him.

“I’d love it if you did, babygirl."  He turns on his charm, smiling brightly. I can’t resist his smile.

"Fine, Benny. How long do I have to get ready?”

“As long as you need.” I jump off of him, and head to the closet.

“Dress casual.” He tells me, “Let me know when you’re ready.” He kisses my cheek.

I look through my closet and decide to wear:


Going for the natural look, adding bright pink lipstick. It’s one of Ben’s favorites.

I straightened my hair, curling slightly at ends. I open the door of my bedroom, going into the living room.

“I’m ready! Let’s go before I change my mind.” I grab Ben’s hand, pulling him off of the couch.

“Alright, alright. For someone who didn’t want to go to this party, you’re very eager to leave.”

“Sooner we leave, the harder it’ll be for me to change my mind.”

He opens the door for me, shutting it before going to the driver’s side. On our way, I get a text from Emily.

Em: (Y/N)! Are u coming to the party?

Me: Yes, Em. You’re brother convinced me.

Em: Yay! I can finally party with you~

Em: Hope ur up for a few drinks, babe.

Me: I don’t drink Em!

Em: u kno how Ben is. I figured you’d need a few to deal w/ him.

Me: Ik, I’m not gonna party 2 hard, I’m probably gonna have to drive him home.

Me: We r almost there, I’ll c u soon!

Ben pulls up to his dorm, pulling into an open spot.

“You ready?”

“Very.” He gets out and opens my door, letting me out of his car. He wraps his arm around my waist, walking with me into the party.

“Heyy! Benny!” One of his friends calls us over, Adam, I think. We walk over to him, and his eyes lock onto me.

“Wassup, Adam? As I’ve told you, this is my girlfriend (Y/N). (Y/N) this is Adam." 

"Damn, I didn’t believe you, but this girl is something else.” He grabs my hand, twirling me around.

“Thank you Adam.” I reply, confidence boosted by a million.

This is basically how all the introductions work. He introduced me, and they tell me they thought he was faking it.

“Ben, I’ll be back. I’m gonna find Emily.” I lean up to whisper in his ear, kissing his cheek. “Don’t drink too much.” He nods, pecking my lips.

I walk around the party and find Emily near the photographer that shows up to all of these parties.

“Emily!” I smile, hugging her from behind.

“Hey, (Y/N)!” She turns around, tightly hugging me. We spent a minute talking, then Sammy and a group of boys and a girl walk towards us.

“Oh, (Y/N)! These are my little brother’s friends” all the boys towered over me, and the girl was a bit shorter than me, “Nate, Jacks, and Madison, this is (Y/N). You know Sam.” She introduced us, pointing as she said the names.

“So you’re both named Jack?” I ask, and they nod.

“What we’ve all been doing is calling them by their last names, it’s a reflex now.”

“So I’m Gilinsky.” The brunette smiles, he has a beautiful smile.

“And I’m Johnson, ” The blond bows slightly, and I raise an eyebrow at his gesture. “I felt the need to bow to a goddess such as yourself.”

Emily and I laugh at his comment, “I think she’s a little too old for you Johnson.” His eyes widen.

“I’m twenty-two.” His mouth drops open.

“And she’s dating Ben.” Sam adds.

“Ben has a girlfriend?!” Nate yells in disbelief. “And she’s hot? Speak of the devil.” I turn and see Benny walking towards us, two beers in his hand.

“Benny! I told you not to drink too much.” I sigh. He laughs, handing me one of the beers.

“This one’s for you. I know you don’t drink.” I look at the bottle, and its a coke in a glass bottle.

“Aww, thanks!” I kiss his cheek.

“Okay, why wasn’t I informed that you had a girlfriend?” Nate asks, Ben shrugging.

“You never asked.”

“Well, us girls are gonna go take pictures. Catch you later!” Emily grabs my arm and we head to the dark backdrop. The rest of them crowd around the sides, and they join in after we take our solos.

Everyone was doing their own thing, I was chatting with Emily and Madison, the guys were playing drinking games, nothing new.

“So when do you think Ben’s had enough?” Madison asks, watching him take shots like it was nothing.

“Once he can barely speak a full sentence.” I laugh. I hear Ben scream, and he nearly falls, “Or that.” I stand, going to rescue my boyfriend from making a complete fool of himself.

“Baby, baby. Come on. You’ve had enough to drink.” I grab his arm, pulling him away from the bar. His friends groan out of disappointment. “Sorry, I kind of need him to not die of alcohol poison.”

“I wanna stay!” He slurs, and I shush him. “Meanie.”

I get him to his car and lean him against it. I reach my hands into his pockets, looking for his keys.

“Outside? Damn, babygirl. Somebody’s getting freeeaaaakkkyy!” He drags on, his hands grazing my chest. I roll my eyes, finding the keys. I open the door, letting him into the car.

I drive him home, the entire ride is spent swatting hid hands away from me because it was distracting me from the road. I help him out of the car and take him into the house, taking him to his room.

I strip him down to his boxers, laying him down.

~In The Morning~

I hear a groan come from his room, and the movement of his sheets.

“Baby?” He yells, groaning slightly after.

I walk into his room, holding some aspirin and a glass of water. “Good morning.” I hand him the pills and the glass, and he gladly accepts.

“What would I do without you?” He smiles, pulling me down to his lips.

We’re okay (Stiles Stilinski)

“Where is he? I need to see him! Is he hurt?” You came rushing into the Stilinski household. Everyone’s eyes snapped to you. “Calm down, honey. He’s just in his room, resting. He’s fine.” Melissa said, calming you down a bit. “Can I go see him?” You asked her. “I’m not sure, maybe he’s sleeping. He really needs his rest, okay?” She smiled softly at you. “B-but I really need to see him..” You whispered. She let out a sigh and nodded. You smiled and ran so fast you almost tripped on the stairs. You softly opened the door to Stiles’ room. He was laying on his bed, but you could tell he wasn’t sleeping. “Stiles?” You whispered. His head shot up and he had guilt written all over his face. “God.. I thought you got hurt or something. Don’t ever do stupid shit like that again!” You ordered. He stood up and walked towards you, wrapping his arms around your waist. You wrapped your arms around his neck, hugging him back. Your chest was so close to his, you could feel his heartbeat. It was good to feel his body so close to yours. Feeling his warmth, meaning he was still alive. He let go of you and placed a hand on your cheek, locking his eyes with yours. “I was so scared.. But he was going to hurt you, I had to protect you. I-I would do it again in a heartbeat.” He said, his tone serious. The whole time his eyes were locked with yours so you could tell he wasn’t lying. “I don’t want you to get hurt because of me, Stiles. I’ve told you that multiple times. I can protect myself, okay? I don’t want you getting hurt because of me. I don’t want you getting hurt in general. What you did was stupid, you almost died, idiot!” You said, tears forming in your eyes. “Hey, don’t cry, Y/N. It’s over now. I’m okay, you’re okay. We’re okay.” He stated. You nodded. He grabbed your hand and led you to the bed. “I just want to cuddle, okay? No more talking, just us, cuddling.” You nodded and laid beside him on his bed. He wrapped his arms around you and you placed your hand on his chest. He started playing with your hair and placed a kiss on your head. You closed your eyes, just enjoying the moment. “We are okay, right?” He whispered, his voice cracking at the end. You opened your eyes and sat up against the headboard of his bed. He did the same, unwrapping his arms from your waist. You looked down at your arms, thinking about an answer. You weren’t mad, you were just scared that he was going to do something like that again. “Of course we are okay, Stiles.. I just wish you wouldn’t do stupid things like that, that could get you easily killed. I know you want me to be safe, but so do I. I want you to be safe. I would probably have done the same thing if you were the target. I’m just scared of losing you.. Because.. I.. Because, I just, I love you, okay?” You closed your eyes, not wanting to see his reaction. Even though you and Stiles were in a relationship for a few months now, what if he didn’t feel the same way? You felt his lips connecting with yours. At first you were surprised, you didn’t see that coming. Soon enough you started kissing him back. After a few minutes you both were out of breath and let go of each other. “I love you too.” He whispered.

Sakamaki: turned on. Requested by anon.

You had walked in on them after the had just gotten out of the shower. And the way they looked their hair dripping. Their muscles wet with water rolling down their flawless flesh. And watching the muscles ripple under their skin as the moved. More importantly their towel hung low in their hips showing their v which lead to sinful thoughts to bubble inside your mind.

He smirked as he was able to smell the lust in your scent.
“Heh lewd woman.” He purred as he closed in on you, backing you on to the bed. “You came in here hoping to see me nude did you not? Maybe I should punish you.”

He was about to scold you when he smelt your lust as stopped.
“Lewd woman, with basic needs like this. Very well, darling, go to the playroom and be really to receive me. I’ll be there shortly.” He smirked as his eyes flashed with his own lust.

“Basketball practice-” he stop as he saw you squirm on the bed. “Heh of course you want Yours Truly.”
“N-” cutting you off right there,
“Don’t worry Your truly is more than happy to satisfy you.”


Dean: I’m not offended and Cas is sleeping so he doesn’t get to be jealous either. As far as appearances go, I don’t have a particular type. When I was young I got into bed with any woman who showed interest. I just wanted to have a great time. 

Since I was never going for more than a couple of nights spent together (and have accordingly also got together with women who were on the same page about that), I haven’t really looked for someone who also fulfills my emotional needs. Lisa did, so she’s usually my reference for what I appreciate in a woman.

Oh, and I generally notice wide hips? I find those eye-catching.

Steffi notes: Maybe Dean should put on a shirt… Answering questions naked, how rude of him.

Daily preferences #142

Mix of number 19, 70 and a simple request~



“Nah hyung, I can’t come over today. My girl is sick.” Taehyung said through the phone as he turned around to face you. “Yeah maybe some other time mate. Have fun, bye.” He hanged up the phone before stepping to you who was lying in bed.

“How is it going? Do you need me to bring you pills?” He touched your forehead with his palm to know if you ever had fever.

“No, I am fine, really.” You weakily smiled.

“Maybe you’d rather have some spoons of honey?” He insisted.

“I am not sick Tae.” You giggled but he frowned as he did not understand the situation.

“I did a pregnancy test and it is positive. I am not sick at all, I am just carrying our baby.” You grinned, helplessly trying to hide the joy behind your words.

“What the hell (Y/N)!” He said with popped out eyes. “This is wonderful!” He hugged you so thightly in your arms it was like your bodies became one. “Are you sure though? You aren’t joking, are you?” He pulled away.

“Would I be joking on these kind of subjects?”

“You’re right! Oh my god, I can’t believe it. I can’t believe we are going to have our own little kid. Our little baby. Can you imagine we are going to give birth to a real person? I am so excited about it!” He could not stop letting out his excitement even though his sparkling crescent eyes and his square shaped grin was already enough to you.

“I should call hyung!” He suddenly stood up and rushed to the other side of the room to get his phone.

“Hello, Hyung? You aren’t going to believe this! (Y/N) is not sick at all! She is pregnant! We are going to have a child!”

“Yeah of course! And you’ll be his god father!” He yelled through the phone. He could not stay still and you were so amused to see him being this happy.


me: ok so I know the cancer cover was just posted but I’ve already listened to it at least ten times and its really late so like maybe I can go to bed??

me: ….


my brain: (softly) I will not kiss you kiss you  ᵏ'ˢˢ ʸºᵘ kiss you kiss you ᵏ'ˢˢ ʸºᵘ kiss you kiss you ᵏ'ˢˢ ʸºᵘ kiss you kiss you ᵏ'ˢˢ ʸºᵘ

Hot Soup and Tea

requested by @danger06​ -

“hello~ may i request for a fluffy taekwoon fic where he’s taking care of you when you got sick? thank you ^^”

“Hello? Taekwoon? Hey, I’m sorry, but I think I’ll have to cancel on our date today. I’m not feeling too well. No, it’s not serious! Yeah, really, I’m fine. I just don’t think I’m up for going out. No, you really don’t – ”

And with that, he was coming over.

You groaned as you rolled over in your bed. Of course you were happy that you’d get to see him, but you really felt like shit right now and you didn’t want to have him spend his free day with you lying uselessly on the bed when he could take the time to get some well-needed rest. Maybe you should call him back and tell him to stay home. You felt around your bed for your phone…

You didn’t realize when you had dozed off, but you woke up to the aroma of delicious food emanating from the kitchen.

You stepped toward the most beautiful sight you could imagine set right in front of you. Taekwoon, adorably sporting your pink bear apron, was busily concentrating on the bubbling pot in front of him. He pursed his lips to take a taste of his concoction but flinched from it being too hot which caused you to stifle some laughter. You watched as he blew on his spoon a second time and smacked his lips a bit to register the taste. He then let out a huge smile, satisfied at his work, and you felt yourself melt.

You couldn’t wait any longer and quickly ran up to Taekwoon and wrapped your arms around his waist.

“Oh? You’re up!” Taekwoon says, startled at your sudden appearance.

“Yeah,” you respond, poking your head out over his arm, “sorry I didn’t hear you come in! How long have you been here?”

“Long enough to make this delicious soup. Here, try it!” he says, as he slowly turns around holding a spoon full of soup with his other hand hovering underneath. He gently blows on it to cool it down for you before letting it reach your lips.

“Mmm! It’s good!” you say, excitedly. “You made this? I’m so impressed!”

“Yep, I told my mom you were sick and she told me to cook this for you,” he says before placing a kiss on your forehead. “How are you feeling?”

“I still have a slight headache and am still a little nauseous, but I feel 20 times better now that I can see you…and this soup! I’ve been feeling so sick I haven’t eaten all day,” you pout.

“Well then, let’s eat!”

After dinner and dishes, you were cuddling against your favorite pillow, Taekwoon. He was flipping through channels trying to find something decent to watch. You suddenly felt a shiver rush down your body.

“What is it? Are you cold?” Taekwoon says and he grabs a blanket from the armchair and tightly wraps it around your body.

“Haha, it’s okay. I just felt a chill, but thanks.”

“I’ll go make some tea. That’ll warm us up,” he says before setting you in place and heading towards the kitchen.

A few moments later, he comes back with two mugs of your favorite tea and places one in your hands.

“Thank you~” you say, sweetly. He smiles happily back at you.

“I was surprised you still had these mugs,” he says holding up his lion mug.

“Of course! These were one of the first couple items that we bought! I’d never lose them, especially after you specifically left yours here after you caught Hyukkie using it at the dorm.”

“Exactly, it’s tainted. I told you to toss it out.”

“Oh, stop. Plus, I gave Hyukkie his own duck mug, so you could still use it there.”

“But I want to keep it here. Plus, there are four other guys who could violate this mug.” You couldn’t help but laugh at his concern for his precious mug.

Before long, it was getting late and Taekwoon suggested you get some rest.

“But I want to spend more time with you…can you stay?” you whined while tugging on his arm.

Taekwoon smirked. “I never said I was leaving.”

After getting washed up, the two of you climbed into bed, pulled the covers over, and faced each other.

“Sorry I got sick and we couldn’t go on our date,” you say as you look into his eyes.

“Don’t be silly, I enjoyed spending time with you, regardless,” he replies, running his finger down the bridge of your nose.

You smile and scoot closer towards him and bury your face in his chest.

“Thanks for taking care of me tonight,” you whisper.


Taekwoon wraps his arm around you to hold you closer and the two of you drift away into dreamland.

Heehee, I hope you love Leo fluff as much as I love writing it ^^ As always, thanks for requesting!