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TWD Backwards Rewatch

I wish I could make gif’s and do really cool photo/gif sets and posts to go along with my thoughts about The Walking Dead, but alas I cannot.  So I just do text posts into the void. lol

So I have been doing a fun re-watch of all the seasons, but in a backwards order.  So I watched the full 6th season from start to end, then the full 5th season from start to end, then 4th, etc.  It’s actually really cool because I am noticing some things thematically that I never noticed or fully appreciated before.  I am gathering my thoughts about those for a later post, but something I noticed just now that maybe other people did and I am just dense (I also only joined tumblr during the 6th season, so every season I watched up until then I just watched on my own, so I didn’t get high res screen shots and gifs right after episodes and stuff), but I’m watching Cherokee Rose, and during the scene where Rick is talking to Hershel about how he doesn’t “mix it up with the almighty anymore” he looks down while wearing his hat and the badge is still on it and it says very clearly “King” on it.  I know it’s for King County where he was a Sheriffs Deputy, but I can’t believe I never really realized the significance of that!?  Like, he’s wearing this hat/crown that says King right from the start.  I just thought that that was a cool detail that I missed the significance of on my first/many viewings. 

a lot days i don’t notice or maybe i just try not to notice but jesus fuck, i am so alone. jesus fuck, it used to be you i spent all of my time on. now i just binge watch tv shows and do my homework early and try to forget that you were the only person i loved deeply. all of the relationships in my life are empty compared to our fire that used to burn through me. now i coop myself up on weekends and nobody tries to break down my walls. i sleep a lot more and eat a lot more and sometimes it feels freeing, but mostly it feels lonely. it feels lonely i feel lonely i am lonely and i am yearning not to be. when you don’t know how to get close, everything feels empty.
Twin Peaks = Outset Island!

Here I come with a new theory regarding Breath of the Wild:

So, not long after I started playing BotW, I thought that if Hyrule was flooded, Twin Peaks would still be visible above the water and that’s how I came to the idea, that maybe Outset Island from Wind Waker IS Twin Peaks.

Of course, they do not look 100% alike but that would be due to the different design. 

Anyway, that was my idea but after a while I thought it might just be a coincidence. 

Now here’s what proves my theory though:

After a few days I noticed this on the map:

You gotta know that I am German. And to all non-Germans of you: you also gotta know that in Wind Waker, Outset Island is called Präludien in German. And if you look at the area around twin peaks on the (german) map of Breath of the Wild, you’ll see that the river that flows between the two mountains is called Präludia-Fluss. (Fluss = river)

I totally freaked out when I noticed that.

I love this fucking game.

Hajime: “Okay, Izuru. Just like we practiced.”

Izuru: “I don’t understand why I have to do this.”

Hajime: “It’ll show Nanami that you like her. You want her to like you, right?”  

Izuru: “….” *thinks for a moment* “I suppose.”

Hajime: “Good. Now get in there and do exactly as we practiced.”

Izuru: *walks over to Chiaki*

Chiaki: *notices Izuru* “Ah Kamukura-kun, a new game came out today. I thought maybe we could play it later.”

Izuru: *straight to the point* “Nanami, I am going to express my feelings towards you.”

Chiaki: “Umm…” *not prepared* “Doing so may trigger flags and-”

Izuru: *grabs her by the shoulders* “Nanami.”

Chiaki: “Y-Yes?”

Hajime: *watching from a distance* “Alright, Izuru. Just like we practiced.”

Izuru: *exhales* “Become my wife and bear my child.”

Chiaki: “….”

Hajime: “….”

Izuru: “….”

Chiaki: *confused* “I don’t… I don’t understand…”

Izuru: “Will you mate with m-”

Hajime: *immediately covers Izuru’s mouth* “H-Hey Nanami! Forgive my brother, he’s not feeling well at the moment.”

Chiaki: “I see…” *trying to recover*

Hajime: “He’s been saying a bunch of weird things lately. I’m going to take him to the infirmary.” *drags Izuru* “Come along, Izuru.”

Chiaki: “….”

Next Day

Chiaki: “….”

Izuru: “….”

Both: *awkward tension*

Izuru: “I apologize if I said something troubling the other day.”

Chiaki: “No, no, it’s fine!” “I just wasn’t emotionally ready for something like that…”

Izuru: “….”

Chiaki: *looks to Izuru* “You were trying to ask me out yesterday, right?”

Izuru: *looks to Chiaki* “You understood me?”

Chiaki: *nods* “It took me a while to figure it out, but eventually I got what you were trying to say…I think.”

Izuru: *is relived* “I see.”

Chiaki: “Umm… if you’re okay with someone like me…” “I’m not good at things like this.”

Izuru: “I am also inexperienced.”

Chiaki: *smiles* “Then we can level up together.”

Izuru: “….” *smiles faintly towards Chiaki*

Chiaki: “Ah, Hinata-kun is coming.”

Izuru: “Let’s pretend things didn’t go well in order to mess with his emotions.”  

Chiaki: *laughs* “Sounds like fun.”  

“Sky High” Sentence Starters

Feel free to change pronouns.

  • You look at them and see the defenders of the world. All I see is my dad. Wearingtights.
  • I know every kid thinks his dad is invincible — and I nearly am.
  • But who knows? Maybe next time I punch a meteor hurtling toward the earth, I’ll be the one that shatters into a million pieces.
  • I noticed you had some recyclables in the trash. I took the liberty of moving them for you.
  • You hungry? I’ve got plenty of eggs, bacon…
  • You know how my mom can communicate with animals? Apparently, they don’t like being eaten.
  • It seems evil has struck our morning commute…
  • Now, I know it’s just our first day, but I already can’t wait to graduate and start saving mankind. And womankind. And animalkind.
  • What is humiliating him in front of the entire class going to prove?
  • This is so unfair.
  • Yeah, well, if life were to suddenly get fair, I doubt it would happen in high school.
  • The kids who get, uh, bitten by radioactive insects or fall into a vat of toxic waste, their powers usually show up the next day. Or… they die.
  • Oh, come on. When I was his age I could put a truck on my shoulders.
  • We can’t change who he is. Not without dropping him in a vat of toxic waste.
  • Look, whatever happened with our dads, it has nothing to do with us.
  • I say, if you ever cross me again, I’ll roast you alive.
  • You want me to heat that up for you?
  • You’re not supposed to use your powers outside of school!
  • I was just gonna stick it in the microwave.
  • I’m a technopath. I can control technology with my mind.
  • Wow. All I can do is… punch stuff.
  • You know what I think? To let true love remain unspoken is the quickest route to a heavy heart.
  • Wow. That is really deep.
  • Yeah. And your lucky numbers are four, sixteen, five, and forty-nine.
  • You’re not that boy with the six arms, are you?
  • What if I told you she’s not just a twin, she’s an evil twin?
  • Please? I promise I’ll make this as painless as possible.
  • You’re on! If they beat you in “Save the Citizen”, you lay off the sidekicks for the rest of the year.
  • Yeah! And if he loses, you can dunk their head in the toilet every day till graduation.
  • You got yourself a deal.
  • Guys, are you crazy? No freshman ever won “Save the Citizen”, and those guys are undefeated!
  • Darn this joystick!
  • Dude, you’re so stupid. She’s totally into you.
  • Yeah. You must’ve been a real jerk. ‘Cause no matter what I do, I can’t get them tostop talking to me.
  • People make mistakes. That’s what high school’s about. Heck, that’s what life’sabout! The key is to learn from them.
  • I hope my friends see it that way.
  • If someone is a true friend, you’d be surprised how understanding they can be.
  • Do you honestly think you can kill me with that toy gun of yours?
  • Oh my God, I made out with an old lady.
  • What a waste. I can’t do anything more for you. I’m not Wonder Woman, you know.
  • So in the end, my girlfriend became my arch-enemy, my arch-enemy became my best friend, and my best friend became my girlfriend.
Thank you.

That awkward yet completely overwhelming moment when I just noticed I am 3 people away from 600 followers and I haven’t even posted the first part of my 400 follower Interactive Imagine yet…

(Labyrinth is still happening by the way! Part 1 dialogue is done I just need to fill it out and create the vote!)

I don’t even know where to begin right now. I think I’m going to have to create a post when the mark hits, because I need time to formulate words- but Thank you <3 

I think I’ll maybe do a little celebration thing for 600. Maybe bring back the crew asks, do small (ill have to restrain myself) drabbles, headcannons, pairings or something….

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Suggestions are welcome!?

  • me when I was first coming out: wow, wow, every girl is so pretty, I feel like I'm gayer now than I was when I was closeted? could that be a thing? maybe I'm just forcing myself to notice all these girls to validate my sexuality. Is this proof that it's not as genuine as I thought?? oh no, what if I'm trying too hard to 'act gay' and I'm just one of those awful 'attention seekers.' ugh, I can't stop overthinking this
  • me now: I am literally more gay every single day of my life. It's been years since I came out and my daily increase in gayness has only accelerated. Bless my gay life.
Hiatus notice:

     [ Decide to use Yuri expression right now because all honestly I been feeling kind of like this for the past several weeks. I don’t know if its something to do with being burn out or just general but.. I am going to be putting Trunks on Hiatus. He has been quiet, TOO quiet, sometimes he will respond sometime he won’t. He used to be so active and now it’s kind of bland. Not my first time happening - I HAVE been rping him for more than seventeen years,  on and off but still. 

I figure to tell you all this notice - maybe for a short period of time I will return when he feels awake, maybe could happen in 4 days from now? Or a week? or a month? I don’t know. All I know is that I am going to put some focus on my Yuri blog for the time being. So if anyone wants to reach me somehow then you are free to do so.

I am not going to turn down cross over just because I am not part of the fandom but maybe being away a bit will arose him again when he sees you all. For now - 

All things are on hold - drafts, asks, and of course reach me will be through Yuri blog. 
Until next time .!

-Shibe. ]

     aye so! before i get to the starters (aka tommorow probs cuz it’s laTE NOW), a few things to note. i’m basically gonna be revamping this blog a small bit? rewrite my bio and rules to make it a bit neater… maybe make a new theme too but EH.

     regarding rules, though – i’m prolly gonna become a bit more selective with whom i follow? this also includes me going through my follower list again in the near future to unfollow inactives and people i no longer desire to follow for whatever reasons. just. spring cleaning.

     i am also! gonna switch from multiship to dualship only. i’ve noticed that a big number of ships seems to stress me just as much as a big number of drafts so. i’m dropping my less-developed ships (i’ve spoken to my shipping partners about it already) and only keep two of them, one with @crystaleyed primarily set in the modern verse, and the other with @bitterviolence primarily set in the mythos verse.

janiedaisy  asked:

I love, love, love your analysis!!!! Thank you so much for doing this. One last thing... is it just me or does Jimin look a bit sad lately... in most of the interviews his face is so sad.... like he is in deep thought... What do you think?

Oh yeah I noticed that Jimin is being kinda timid lately … to be honest I dont think it is anything serious… They are really busy and maybe he is just tired … also Jimin has this kind of quiet and calm personality so yeah… it just shows more now when he matured a bit… Also if you noticed Tae got a bit more serious too lately… I understand them I changed quite a bit too after I turned 20 and then 21 … I am really outgoing and bubbly person but lately I have been way more quiet idk …I totally can relate to them being 95 liner as well… Btw thank you very much for your support :) these kind of comments means a lot to me

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eyyy i did this just now

why , you ask ?

Idk man , it’s late and im tired.

I’ll take this post to make an announcement aswell:

I’m opening commissions! totes free btw. I draw anything and everything that comes by. SO , now’s your chance to ask away stupid shite or detailed stuff. i take ‘em all. (but no porn because i am extremely uncomfortable drawing it , plus I’m not alone at my place so that’s a double no.)

also , I’ll certainly open a stream this weekend , or next week. just wanted to notice y’all.

alright that’s uhh… that’s it. now i’ll go hug my pillow until i fall asleep. later~

//Edit : I forgot to point out , but the commissions are open for the next days, until Friday of next week , since I’ll leave my place for the weekend this day :)

keycchan  asked:

3 4 5 9 !!

now that I am finally back to the laptop to actually notice that I got an ask because I did not see it before AW YEA

3: summarize your current project poorly

Small raisin mayor meets small sad dad man and shenanigans ensue.

4: describe your favorite character or characters

Like just in general I’m guessing? He is a strange egg-man without an honest bone in his body (or maybe just one tiny one, like one of those little hand bones) who has no self-preservation which is not particularly useful when he would literally die for the cause. Literal robots are better at expressing real emotion.

5: post a line from your current project without any context

“I’d say it’s honest work, but that’d be a fu– a straight lie.”

9: what is the aesthetic of your current project

oh boy um…feels like kind of a cop-out because it’s just a good chunk of the setting, but the kind of dimly-lit bar type of aesthetic?


Imagine: Thomas and you have broken up and it’s been weeks since you’ve seen or heard from him.

You Couldn’t deny you were a mess. But you knew you had to stay strong. He he wasn’t going to make an effort to see you then you had to do what was best for you. It felt like you were in a relationship by yourself.

You were at work and it was a very slow day. There maybe was three customers all day.

You noticed someone walk in so you made your way to the front. You were met with a very tired looking Thomas.

“Thomas I’m working.” You spat out.

“I’m a mess [y/n]. I am so sorry I didn’t put the time and effort in. I know now that I was in the wrong. I miss you so much you are my everything. Please can I just prove to you that I can make this work.” He was on the verge of tears. You could hear the quiver in his voice.

You looked at your feet as you felt a salty tear sting your eyes.

“I just hate feeling like I’m alone in this” you sniffed.

He walked to you and lifted your chin with his finger. He looked you straight in the eye.

“You will never feel like that again. I promise.” He placed a small kiss your your lips.

He pulled away and smiled so big. He had his world back.

It’s the middle of January
So I’m wearing three layers,
But I’m still up shivering
At three in the morning
My body aching
From all the places you touched me
Trying to catch my breath
Between haggard coughs
Thoughts of you are literally
Drowning my lungs
And my head spins and pounds
Memories knocking
Wanting to be let in
I have a 104 degree fever because of you
Heartbreak finally morphing into a physical
Noticeable form.
And all I can think is thank god
Maybe it will all end
I’ll burn up for you
How poetic and sickeningly cliche is that?
It’s three am
And i finally realized you’re gone
You don’t give a shit about me
You’re asleep right now
Oh the irony
How can you not know what you did to me
How do you completely forget us?
All those promises.
The better question is,
What’s it going to take
For you to never forget me?
—  Just another cliche heartbroken teenager up at three am debating suicide Story a Day [Day 130]
When their girlfriend falls asleep on their shoulder during a plane ride

Awww that’s such a cute request! I will do my best ^_^

Here goes~


Keeps giggling and grinning to himself. Everyone’s shooting him confused and weird glances but that doesn’t bother him, because he’s too happy at that moment.


‘’She’s so cute. Oh my god, what to do.’’

Soon after remembers that he really needs to pee.

‘’Shit. What am I going to do. I really need to go use the toilet. Be a man ChimChim, it’s just … 3 more hours. Oh god. I’m done for.‘’


Is going to take silly pictures with her while she’s asleep and makes various faces.

‘’Excuse me Mister? Could you maybe take some photos for me??’’


Doesn’t know how to act and is too scared too move, because he could wake her up.

Rap Monster

Kept talking for 2 hours, explaining her the meaning of life and only now notices that she fell asleep on his shoulder.

‘’Oh sure, I see how it is. Be that way, it’s not like I care or anything.’’ ugly pouting


Notices that she’s drooling on his jacket



Cuddles with you and falls asleep soon after, both your heads against eachother.

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