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Attack Of The Clones


Hey request are open. Can we get where the reader can duplicate and but she starts duplicating in her sleep. So it freaks the whole team out so they confront the reader about it.            

Bucky has created a chatroom.

Bucky has added Bruce, Thor, Clint.


Clint: BRUCE


Bruce: Yes, what can I, Sir of Science, do for either of you?

Bucky: Can you explain Y/N’s powers, but without the science?

Bruce: Y/N can duplicate them-self, or objects. That’s all I can say without getting into the science.

Bucky: Can I have more details please? Especially about the clones.

Bruce: Any duplicate of Y/N is an independent, self thinking version of Y/N, and usually contains one trait of Y/N that defines their whole personality. Sometimes they have no traits of Y/N, and take on their own.

Bucky: Now… how do you get rid of the clone?

Bruce: Any other way you’d get rid of someone, or have Y/N dissipate them.

Clint: So, we’re stuck with them until Y/N wakes up?

Bruce: Clarify.





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Dear Liberal Feminists: The Hijab is Not Empowering

I am in Baghdad right now and I have my back to the wall as I type. I am slowly moving my laptop closer to my chest and looking around to make sure nobody else sees what I am writing. I am Iraqi. I am a woman. I am Christian. And I am not a hijabi.

Iraq, much like Iran, used to be a more secular place. The Saddam regime was brutal, but he kept Islamism in the country under control until the end when he sensed his loss of power and began turning to Islam. That is what regimes here usually do.

Liberal feminists will tell you the hijab was a response to the West. It is a defiant act against imperialism! It’s not. I am here and I promise you, the hijab is not empowering.

First, not all Iraqis are Muslim. If Islam is what unites us against imperialism, then where does that leave me? Subjugated. As a Christian and as a woman.

Second, and more importantly, women cannot reclaim our bodies by falling beneath another form of hegemony. “We do not want to submit to the Western men, and therefore we submit to the Arab men” is hardly a step forward.

Let me clarify: I do not want the Western armies in Iraq. They rape, torture, and kill Iraqi women and attempt to steal our limited resources for themselves. I do not, however, think abuse by Arab men is somehow a step in the right direction.

When Saddam fell, Iraqi men quickly searched for power. Those who did not find it are doing what emasculated men always do. They are practicing power over the women in their families.

I find it disgusting but expected that women’s clothing is always inspected. Whatever we wear, it is always the wrong thing for some people. I am not here to tell women what to wear. I am trying to dissect the idea that the hijab is empowering especially here in the Middle East.

In Iraq and in every other Middle Eastern country where the hijab is not required by law, (it is required in Iran and more extremely in Saudi Arabia), there are two specific demographics I have noticed wearing it:
1. Poor, uneducated women
2. The family members of Islamic leaders

I will focus on the first of these before moving on to the second. It is my experience that in almost every country in the world, poor and uneducated people are the most performative in their religion. When I lived in Spain, this was the case. The poor old women who walked along the beach were more devoted to their Christianity than I, a Christian from a place where my family was persecuted for it, ever was.

But both my parents are professors in biology and studied when Baghdad was the best place in the Middle East to study. None of my friends here, who are mostly Muslim, cover their hair. They come from educated families. They do not need to lean on religion.

For poor women, this is different. They are not likely to receive an education and understand from a young age they will need to depend on a husband or be a burden to the family. They often do not have jobs so if there is abuse in the household they are trapped. They have to follow the rules of men to survive, more than I do.

If these woman do not cover from a young age, they will not find a good husband. Men are close-minded and possessive and they cannot deal with a possibility other men saw such “intimate” parts of THEIR wife.

Their families pressure them to follow these rules. An uncovered woman will bring shame to the family first by revealing herself and then by not finding a good husband to provide for her. They are pressured to cover as young as eight and nine years old. Can any person that young devote themselves to an outfit for life?

Street harassment is very common in Baghdad. The few times I have been harassed when outside with hijabi women, they have blamed me for not covering. “I am Christian” I will say. “The men know that” is usually their response. The culture is so toxic that women with the hijab believe they are superior to those without it.

But materially they are inferior and they know that. In almost every case, women who do not cover are wealthier, more educated, better-employed, less-dependent on men, and live materially better lives. So what do poor, uneducated women have? Religion. I really can’t blame them.

Religion is also used as a tool by the second group I mentioned, the Islamic leaders, to unite and control the masses. Sure, your family is starving and your babies are dying from preventable diseases. But what do I offer you? Eternal life in heaven as long as you do everything I tell you in the name of God.

This makes people feel included and gives them purpose. It also creates a hierarchy in society. When men are permitted and even encouraged to oppress the women in their lives, they are more likely to follow the leaders that allow this. It makes them feel powerful. Men, especially poor men, want to feel power over something or someone.

In this way, the hijab is empowering… but only for men. It strips power away from women. It represents a society moving backwards in many ways.

Many women will tell you they choose to wear the hijab or they wear it for Allah. Once you ask questions, you will find this is less true. In almost all cases, they began wearing it at a young age (and always under eighteen) and were pressured by family.

I am hypocritical because I too perform “feminine” things because of family or society pressure. I wear my hair long even though it bothers me and I wish I could shave it off because I do not want to face society’s judgment for doing that. But at least I realize the source of this contradiction.

Western liberal feminists who praise the hijab are forgetting about the rest of us. I am terrified of a day I live in a place where covering is the law. Iraq is my home and I don’t want to leave, but sometimes I think maybe I don’t belong here especially if something like my hair can get me killed.

In every country, we need to have a larger conversation about what women say we want and what we really want. We also need to realize the broken logic of “wanting” to do something because it pleases men.

Liberal feminists: I know it is scary for you to criticize the hijab because then you have to admit some of your personal choices are actually part of your effort to serve the patriarchy. We all need to face this fact because if we don’t, we cannot get any closer to liberating ourselves.

Alphabet Prompts

A: “Ah, the dangers of unrequited love.”

B: “Before you go. Please. Just talk to him one more time.”

C: “Can’t you see that I’m a little busy right now?”

D: “Don’t act like you’re innocent in all this! I might’ve been the bomb, but you were the kill-switch. You had to chance to stop me. But you were too weak to take it, weren’t you?”

E: “Even I have trouble understanding them, and I am-”
“Yes, yes, we know. Smartest AI on Earth, guide to the rich and wealthy. We get it by now.”

F: “Forget it. It doesn’t even matter anymore.”

G: “Going somewhere?”
“Nowhere that concerns you.”

H: “Hell is already here, brother, and I’m the devil.”

I: “I didn’t know that this would happen.”

J: “Just- just don’t forget about me. Okay?”

K: “Kind kings have this strange tendency to come up dead, mi'lady.”
“Worried, are you?“

L: “Lots of love, your stalker.”

M: “Maybe I could’ve done something, flipped some switch-”

N: “Normal people are boring.”
“It’s easy to say that when you’re the normal one.”

O: “Our goal is to achieve our objective.”
“So everything’s still classified then.”

P: “Pretty people hide ugly secrets.”

Q: “Quick question though, how do we get in? Or is that not in your PowerPoint?”

R: “Really?”

S: “So much for rebellion.”
The screen in front of them blared, the president’s words loud and clear as he screamed about rebels, and revolutionaries, and how they were so called “terrorists.”
But their eyes watched something else entirely.
Their leader being whipped.
“So much for hope.”

T: “Titanium is easy to find compared to this.”

U: “Unfortunately, today is not that day.”
“Unfortunately for us, you mean. Not you.”

V: “Very nice, but the presentation leaves a lot to be desired.”
“I’ll try harder next time.”
“I bet you will.”

W: “What on Earth-”
“Off Earth would be more like it, general.”

X: “X-Men.”
“Okay I know you can’t speak English very well at the moment, but what?”

Y: “You have this very strange talent, name surname.”
“And what is that?”
She scowled. “You get in my way.”

Z: “Zombies would be better than this.”
“Anything would,” he agreed.

Paper Hearts Finale

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Genre: Angst/fluff

♡ Pairing: Reader x Jungkook // Reader x Jimin

♡ Length: 6.4k

♡ Summary: It has been nearly a year since you started writing anonymous letters to Jungkook, giving him words of encouragement behind the thin mask of a paper. He never considered you as a possible suspect behind these letters, because you were nothing more than a best friend. And you couldn’t put all the blame on him either, after all, you were too afraid to confess in fear of tarnishing your precious friendship.

1  ♡2  ♡3  4  5  6  7  8 9 ♡10 ♡11 ♡12 ♡13 ♡14 ♡15 ♡Finale

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Sometimes I forget that my online life and my offline life are no longer separate. 

I mean, it’s mostly nigh on impossible to forget. My house is adorned with little trinkets and letters here and there, small treasures that have arrived in my PO box to be pinned on my fridge or added to my office wall (just in case you think I’m kidding). 

And also some not quite so small things, like the grain mill in my kitchen that lets me grind my own flours without the worry of cross contamination, to the literal grain I put into it and the food that I eat on a daily basis because when I couldn’t afford to feed myself safely, tumblr damn well made sure that I could. 

Even the gap in my crooked smile was enabled by an act of kindness that I’m still not entirely sure I deserved and live in terror of never being able to properly repay because without that surgery I’m not sure I’d still be here. You have, all of you, in a hundred, thousand tiny ways, contributed to the betterment of my life. 

But sometimes I forget. I forget that I’m posting often very personal things on this site and it’s open for everyone to look at. Like how I talk about my health. 

I do so openly because I hope it might help others, whether it’s to feel less alone or maybe recognize something they are also dealing with and prompt them to get the help they need. I refuse to be silent because I know what it is to be silenced.

I am not however, this honest about my health offline, or on social media platforms where my family are. It is, to put it simply, not safe to be open about my health and certain other parts of my life. 

So it’s always a little surreal to learn that someone from that part of my life has found my tumblr and they know. They know everything I do on here…and they still love me. 

That shouldn’t feel like as big a revolution as it does. Yet here we are. Crying into our cellphones at midnight because there’s one less person in your life you have to pretend you’re okay to.

This is fine. I’m okAy.

If language can’t express everything, why do we bother?
Poetry makes no sense but we keep reading. My favourite color is blue. I painted my room blue once and things made sense for awhile. My thoughts are dim and blue and I think I’m my own foil. I wanted to be something worth loving, a color worth looking at. I wanted to live and be more than a shadow that paid attention to peoples fake smiles and melancholy that lied between each laughter. My thoughts are scattered, yes yes I get lost in my head a lot. I’ve always felt off. I ache for something more than this ordinary life but I’m too lazy to go search for my Great perhaps. what a joke. Maybe you’re like me. I’m still searching for myself. Some nights I dream about the universe and how we came to be. I’ve seen love crash and burn. I’ve seen who I am and I’m still lost.
I can feel my breathing and heartbeat, slow but steady, sun and moon.
I’m falling deeper into a sky that isn’t designed for swimming.
Maybe life doesn’t make much sense now.
Some day we’ll forget about who we are today, some day we’ll change forever. Some day you’ll understand the why.
—  Vivian M


Hi!! If your request are still open I would like to request a BTS reaction to you walking around your house in a tee shirt and underwear please and thank you 😊            

Hi~ Sorry for the long wait :) Here is your reaction!


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“ I’m a gentlemen therefore I gotta act like one and make the lady as comfortable as she is. I mean, if she took off her pants, it means that she trusts me enough to do it, right? Anyways namjoon, just shut it and lend her a hoodie or something so that she doesn’t freeze.” He pauses “Y/N!!! Do you want some hot cocoa and maybe some pants to warm up! It’s cold in here” he’d cough

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“ Ooh~ What a look” Seokjin would wink at you “ I like those fuzzy socks, they match perfectly with that white shirt and that gorgeous pair of legs” he’d comment flirtatiously “ Your legs look more appetizing than these chicken legs” he’d laugh at his own joke “ get it? Because I’m eating chicken legs…no? Okay then “

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“Isn’t she feeling cold? I swear to my smol chimchim that I shivered a few seconds when she passed by. Maybe it’s the weather, or maybe it’s the fact that under that oversized shirt …@!#!%#@^$$. WHY IS SHE DOING THIS TO a DEPRIVED 21 YEAR OLD MAN LIKE ME” jimin would fake a sob “Screw college! All I need is a detox from this lack of action”

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“Yeah maybe she just forgot that normal humans usually wear pants? But she’s a normal human. Why am I talking about her as if she’s abnormal for not wearing pants? Maybe I’m the one who’s crazy. Yeah let’s just walk past her and ignore ignore ignore” he mumbles to himself

“Jungkook” you call him


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Taehyung would be torn between embarrassment and his tendencies to join along in crazy stuff

“ Oh well hi, Did I miss something or did you forget something, because you’re like.. not wearing pants and it’s uhm…” he’d feel his ears heating up as he’d try changing topics”IS IT A NEW TREND?! SHOULD I JOIN YOU?”

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Hoseok :

Hoseok stares at you for a few seconds before realizing the absence of any pants on your soft legs . He’d probably follow along with you.

“WHAT AN AMAZING IDEA!” he snaps his fingers “ No wonder why I get inspired more easily when my pants come off. I should do it more often” Hoseok slowly takes off his pants off   “ Let’s make this a tradition , man” he’d bro fist you

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Yoongi :

Being the old grandpa he is, he wouldn’t miss a chance to give you some constructive criticism

“ Youth these days go around with no pants” He’d eye your long legs “ Not that I’m complaining or anything lik,e that, but don’t come complaining after you catch a cold “ he’d cough “ Maybe I can help you warm up those legs and prevent any of us from getting a flu.” He’d comment “Don’t get the wrong idea. I only care about myself”

Hope you enjoyed~

Twin Telepathy

Warning: Smut

Requested: Yes. 
Anon: Can u do an imagine where Grayson and you just meet and you have to spend the night in his room since it’s stormy outside and it ends up becoming sexually?

Tagged: @dolantreehisser Thank you for helping me start it love <3 I really appreciate you. 

@grayson-bailey-dolan-owns-me Here’s your Grayson Needs ;)

Words: 7 pages, 4,276 words total

The sound of thunder rolling through the clouds made you jump. You growled and kicked the wall near your hotel room. The stupid sock on the door meant Aileta had already met up with her guy. Of course she hadn’t bothered to tell you that she was going to fuck the dude in your shared hotel room. You stomped your foot and glared at the sock once more. “FUCK!” You screamed as you heard the giggles on the other end of the door.  

This was so not happening. You hated storms, you hated that you didn’t get your own room when you had a chance and now they were all booked up. Your eyes watered as you pushed your back against the wall and slid down it putting your face in your knees.  

Footsteps sounded down the hall making you look up. You sucked in a deep breath. An Adonis was making his way down the hall. His hair fell slightly in his face as he dug in his pockets looking for his keycard. He stopped at the room just across from yours. Your eyes trailed over his muscular back, those huge arms, thick thighs. Your cheeks began to flush. He even had a nice ass. You ducked your head and groaned softly. “What the fuck was I thinking going to NY with her?” You mumbled to yourself.

“Hey, You alright?” His voice was deep but soft as though he was afraid of frightening you. You nearly snorted to yourself, nothing about that man could scare you. You’d just looked up into the most gorgeous hazel eyes when another round of thunder clashed making you squeak, your heart rate increasing. “F-Fuck!” You stuttered out. “ Here, where’s your room I can walk you there.” You watched him clench his jaw realizing he could see directly down your dress. You sighed softly.  

“This one right there, but my lovely best friend is too…” You paused trying your best to not sound bitter. “She’s busy and I can’t get in. Probably won’t until tomorrow..”  

He straightened up a little as though thinking this over. This once again gave you the full view of his thick thighs in his black skinny jeans. They fit snuggly making you wonder just what kind of working out did he do. “ Well my brother won’t be back until probably tomorrow so You can crash with me just across the hall.”  

You tilted your head back and forth gnawing your bottom lip. Spend the night with this godly being or sleep in the hallway and probably be dragged away by security. You rose to your feet giving him the full view of your black and white cocktail dress that stopped mid thigh. You’d left your silver heels on not wanting to touch the carpet in the hall but as you stood you wished you’d taken them off.  

“That’s a cute outfit.” He complimented a little twinkle in his eye. You didn’t know if he was just trying to distract you or  if he was actually interested in your outfit. You took a hesitant step towards his room then a few more. He now stood off to the right as he slipped his key into the slot. The light turned green, the door beeped and then he pushed gently at the door allowing you to go in first.  

“I’m Grayson by the way.” He introduced himself as he closed the door behind you two. The room was beautiful, even the view from outside was amazing. You moved closer towards the balcony and looked out at the night life that still seemed to be going on. While you were looking out the window however Grayson’s eyes were raking up and down your body. He shook his head reminding himself that he was just helping someone that needed it. He glanced at the two beds, “ I can take the bed closest to the door.”

You turned to face him, the sound of the rain pattering against the balcony behind you.“I’m Y/N, I didn’t mean to be rude Grayson I just..this view is beautiful.” You told him softly just before lighting lit up the sky making you jump and yelp. He chuckled softly but soon the wind picked up.  

“Sorry it’s not funny it’s just..” He trailed off making you sit down on the bed cursing yourself for what you’d gotten yourself into. “You’re adorable when you do that..” Your head snapped to face him your face growing hot. “Grayson..” You said shaking your head laughing a little. “Now why would you even..” You began pulling your shoes off. “Lets not go there because you are so beyond adorable.”  

Where that confidence came from you had no idea, but once your second shoe was off you sighed softly. “ Is it okay if I borrow one of your shirts? I can send it to like a PO Box or something when I can get home to wash it.”  

“Yeah I’ll grab you one, you can take a shower too if you want.” He told you making you wonder if he was being polite or if he really just wanted you to be comfortable. Deciding it was both you watched as he squatted down and grabbed a suitcase. He pulled out a button up shirt and laid it on the bed.  

You pushed yourself up slowly then padded your way over to the other bed. You reached over and grabbed the shirt. You leaned over to kiss his lips just as he turned to look at you. Your lips  brushed against soft plump lips making your eyes flutter closed briefly. “I…I’ m sorry..” You tittered out as he blinked several times before he shook his head and cupped your cheeks.  

He didn’t think twice before he brushed his lips once more against yours. You wanted this, hell you needed this. It had been two years since you’d been laid. A one night stand wasn’t the end of the world. He slowly  began to stand as he licked and nipped at your bottom lip asking for entrance. Both of you began breathing just a little harsher as his right hand went to your waist while his left stayed on your cheek.  

The heat of his body soaked into yours leaving you the warmest you’d been in a while inside and out. You were so wrapped up in Grayson that the thunder and lightning didn’t even register to you, no you were already seeing bright lights just kissing him.  

“I am not sorry for that. I definitely enjoyed that.” He told you clearly unashamed. You laughed softly you arms sliding up his toned chest. Your arms moved up and rested on his shoulders, “I..don’t regret that either.Um..Maybe you should join me in the shower?” You asked your cheeks burning once again.  

He grinned and the view alone made you forget to breathe for a few seconds. “I’d be happy to Y/N.” He leaned down and brushed his lips against yours once more before he pulled away. “I’ll grab something to put on after the shower. I’ll meet you in there.”  

Slowly he pulled away from you as though it was a hard thing to do. You bent down and picked up the forgotten button up before you made your way to the bathroom thankful you’d gotten a bikini wax despite how fucking brutal it had been. Once in the bathroom you immediately turned the water on mostly hot because you loved a good hot shower. You grabbed a towel, and what you assumed to be his shower gel.  

You tugged at the dress thankful that it could be easily pulled over your head. You folded it neatly and put it on the counter. This left you in your favorite lingerie. An Emerald green bra and thong. It always made you feel beautiful. It was as you pulled the bra off that the door opened to reveal a flustered Grayson. His eyes ran over your curves hungrily. You hadn’t even covered your breasts as he openly stared at you. “Fuck…” He whispered moving further into the bathroom. He closed the door behind him and tugged at his shirt from the bottom. You watched your eyes glazing with lust as his bicep rippled.  

As the shirt pulled over his head you nearly moaned. He was so toned that you swore you could wash clothes on his abs. “What the hell do you do Gray?” You asked unknowingly calling him by his familiar nickname. “I just work out, I take care of my body.” He told you as he moved closer to you. The bathroom was beginning to steam up from the hot water.  

You swallowed thickly the closer he got the more you clenched your thighs as a familiar ache began to settle between them. “Just a shower right?” He asked as he stopped within arms reach of you. You nodded slowly though as you watched him slide off his belt you quickly began shaking your head instead of nodding. You watched as he smirked a little his cheeks red. He unbuttoned his pants and pushed at them. As those thighs of his came into view you bit your bottom lip. But it wasn’t the thighs that made you moan and look to the floor.  

No the man was in box briefs that showed off a very nice package that was so obviously hard. Hearing the moan he looked up at you and offered a small smile. You couldn’t not touch him. You glanced up at him through your lashes and placed your hand on his chest. “Gray..son this will be a one night stand right?” You asked as he studied your face with desire. “Doesn’t have to be. We do have all night.”  

You slowly sunk to your knees then looked up at him as you began kissing and licking at his abs. There was a small hint of salt from him possibly sweating but that was nothing compared to the shiver his body gave from the feeling of your lips on his skin. He looked down at you with his mouth open. His hands moved to pull his briefs down but you slapped at his hands. “You’re going to let me…do this."You whispered up to him, "Please..Grayson..”  

You drug out his name purposely, your voice taking on a slightly sultry tilt. He nodded as though any and all of his thought process was gone. You slipped a dainty finger into the top of his boxer briefs as your lips began to kiss at the head of his member through his briefs. He groaned softly and you could feel him throb already against your lips with each kiss.

You giggled softly as you began tugging down his briefs. “And what you are you laughing at y/n?”  

“You’re eager..but I just want to savor you..” You blushed at your words and continued dragging his briefs down his legs. “I want to savor you too.” He told you earnestly though his voice was so husky you could barely make out the words. You wrapped your fingers around his length then began tugging at him gently noting just how veiny and thick he was. You wrapped your lips around the head making him drop his head back and lean against the countertop to keep himself from falling over. You took your time bobbing your head up and down his length pulling groan after groan from his lips.  

You were already soaked before but this just seemed to make it worse. The noises he was making, the way he throbbed between your lips. You moaned loudly around his length making his hips jerk and his fingers go to the crown of your head. He hit the back of your throat and suddenly he pulled away, “Nuh uh. Not yet. I can’t.” He began to gently thrust into your mouth. “Y/N…” He moaned softly as you hollowed your cheeks. This continued for a few more minutes before he pulled away entirely and leaned down to pull you to your feet. He kissed your lips passionately, his hands cupping the back of your head.  

This kiss made your toes girl, his touch so strong made you feel safe and wanted. This was what you were missing, this was what you needed. “On the counter babe. I want to fucking taste you.” He easily hooked a finger into your panties and slid them down your body. Once they were off he began kissing at your neck.“I want you to jump on the count of three..and I’ll put you on the counter.”  

You nodded slowly, “One.” He said now biting gently at your earlobe and pulling. “Two..” He muttered as his lips began to trail down your neck and to your shoulder. “Three.” He said as he grasped your waist tight and hoisted you up onto the counter. He didn’t waste another moment. He parted your thighs, even going so far as to push you back a little. “Tilt baby.. I want to get all in you.” He wasn’t thinking about what he was saying anymore. He was simply speaking and the way he spoke was intoxicating.  

You leaned back a little giving him a clear view of your dripping sex. He started off just flattening his tongue and licking up and down your folds his hand going to one of your breasts. He gripped your breast firmly and massaged it as he teased your folds allowing the tip of his tongue to slip between them briefly. Pleasure zipped through your which each and every lick making you arch more. “Gray…you’re teasing..” You mumble just loud enough to be heard.  

“Of course I am. I did say I wanted to savor you.” He glanced up at you and once again you were lost within those eyes of his. You watched his eyes as finally parted your folds and gave you the longest lick yet. Your eyes almost closed, your mouth opened as a loud moan left you. The amount of pleasure with that single lick told you that you were in for a long night. He leaned further into your legs adding pressure to his tongue against you.  

He began tracing letters into your clit. “G.” You moaned softly your hips rocking gently against his tongue, your core needing more. “R..” You called the next letter your mind trying to finger out what he was spelling while your body was just trying to get more pleasure. Your left hand went to his hair which you curled your fingers into and tugged making him groan as he slid the next letter over your clit a little rougher. “A.” You barely managed to say that letter but it seemed he would draw a letter then lick up and down your folds four times before the next letter.  

That of course didn’t give you nearly enough time to recover and he knew that. You tried to remember the first three letters Gra. You were sure he was spelling his name but your eyes rolled back as he drew the next letter as slow as he possibly could. “Y.” You squeaked making him chuckle softly. This sent a deep vibration up your clit. “FUCK!” You yelled as your hips began to roll against his tongue as he gave you another four lick lashing. You weren’t sure of up or down or what fucking month it was anymore.  

He started on the next letter your fingers tugging more at his hair making him growl as he traced it. “S..” Your breathing stopped altogether as he used a finger to part those lower lips. Your legs spread even wider to give him more access. “Grayson..” You moaned making him chuckle but he continued his letters. “O.” Suddenly you knew what he was spelling and that made it all the more hotter. It was like he was claiming your body for his own. “N..” You said just as he began to swirl that letter in that.  

His finger began a slowly slide in and out of you making you cry out more and more as he now sucked on your clit while his tongue flicked dangerously fast against it. You didn’t get to warn him as that warmth spread through your body and you came hard all over his finger. If that single finger could work you that way you had to wonder how well the rest of him worked you. Fingers, and tongue had already drove you mad. He took his time licking you clean. Eventually he pulled away and moved towards the shower allowing you to catch your breath though only for a moment.  

Your body was already singing his praises. You’d hadn’t had an orgasm like that since the last time you’d took the time to take cre of yourself which was more than three months ago. You watched as he adjusted the temperature. You wiggled your toes a little and smiled as you slid off the counter. Your legs tingled quite a bit but you managed to make your way to stand just behind him. You wrapped your arms around his back and began rubbing at his chest gently. “I’ll definitely remember every moment clearly.."You told him as your lips caressed his back gently while your hands worked their way down his body memorizing each and every swell of muscle until you got to his cock.

He groaned and put his arm out to stead himself. "You’re awfully hard there baby."You told him as you began to stroke him, your hand barely fitting around him.  

His hips jerked and he took a deep breath,"I need you like now.” He told you as you pulled away from his body. You ducked your head down and climbed into the shower. You watched as he grabbed the wash cloth and hung it behind him after he’d climbed in, “It’s pointless to clean now and then have sex.” He told you as he moved to stand in front of you the water washing over his body.

“Oh my fuck.” You mumbled as he gave you that boyish grin yet again. He pulled you towards him but then pressed your back against the cool wall of the bathroom wall. The warmth of his body and the coolness of the wall were a stark contrast that made you hum softly. Whatever you were thinking however was stopped in its tracks as he lifted both your legs and pressed himself as close as he could be to you. “I’ll pull out.” He told you as he began kissing and sucking at your neck while his hips rocked and rolled against yours.  

He was teasing your entrance which felt so good that you let your head fall back against the wall giving him even more access to your body. He sucked and nipped all over your neck and shoulder leaving you a panting moaning mess. It was then that he finally began to work himself into you. You gave the longest moan as he slowly began to push himself inch by glorious inch into you. “You’re so tight..” He moaned in to your ear. You bit your lip but he wasn’t having that. He slapped your wet ass cheek making you yelp.  

“Y/n don’t hide those moans from me. Scream my name.” He told you making you nod slowly as he began rolling those hips. He rolled them up causing the head of him to hit this sweet spot that made you squeak loudly. Soon his hips was pulling back and he was rolling up with each and every thrust. You leaned forward squashing any room that had been between you previously. Your nails clung to his shoulders leaving an imprint in them as pleasure seemed to flood your every nerve ending which seemed to come to life.  

His groans and the sound of skin slapping filled the entire bathroom. “Grayson…” You called out as that was the only thing that came to mind. The only thing that seemed to be burned into your memory be it from saying it multiple times already or be it from him spelling it on your clit. You were sure you’d never for get his name.  

You began nibbling and biting at his neck and shoulder leaving your own hickies on him. You began rolling your hips  with each thrust of his. The way his smooth chest moved against yours left you nearly screaming. Your nipples were already sensitive but the feeling of his hot flesh against them left them feeling twice as sensitive. “ Please..Please Please Please.” you began betting.  

“Please what baby..tell me…tell your Gray what you want..” He seemed to also be lost in the moment because yet another slap sounded through the bathroom before he pushed as deep as he could within you. “ Please..I..I want to cum..” You nearly cried at just the pleasure alone he was bringing. You knew sex wasn’t always like this, hell you’d had your fair share of romps but nothing had been this amazing. “Then cum. Cum all over my dick.” This must have  been what you needed because cum you did, hard. You clung to him, your tighs quivering as he continued thrusting through your orgasm drawing it out even farther.  

Just as your orgasm ended however he stilled and gave the lowest but longest moan of the night, so far as he spilled himself into you. “Shit..” He groaned as his hips jerked and his head fell back. You weren’t thinking about that though. Instead you were kissing and rubbing at his body as he came dwon from his high.  

Slowly he pulled out of you and let you wobble back and forth a moment before he wrapped an arm around you to steady you. “Mmm I still want more. "He told you as he reached for the washcloth. He quickly lathered it up and began taking his time in washing your body being sure to be extra gentle at your lower parts since he’d already abused them once. He washed your body twice before moved you both back under the stream of the water having somehow worked yourselves a bit farther back to the shower. By the time it was your turn to wash him you most certainly took your time making sure to tease him the entire wash often alternating between your hand and his wash cloth.  

The rest of the shower seemed to go by quickly with giggles and nudges here and there. Already the hickes were beginning to show on both of your bodies but you weren’t concerned about that. Instead you turned the water off and climbed out wrapping one of the towels around your body. You turned to see him watching you biting his bottom lip. "You might as well leave the button up right there..you won’t need it.”  

He scooped you up not even bothering with a towel as he carried your giggling form from the bathroom. He stood you upright at the end of the bed closest to the window. His left hand tugged at the towel freeing you from its grasps that hid the rest of your beauty to him. “I like seeing all of you like this..makes me feel good.”  

You laughed softly and nodded, “Well..I like seeing you like this too..now…it’s my turn.” You told him as pointed for him to get on the bed. He chuckled softly dropping the towel. Still dripping water he climbed onto the bed put his arms behind his head, those biceps flexing, abs flexing . Your eyes trailed over the droplets of water, “God certainly new what he was doing when he made you Grayson..”  

His cheeks tinged red but whatever he was going to say died on his tongue as you climbed up his body. You straddled his waist, a leg on either side of his hips. His hands went to your hips and you rose a little using your right hand to put his length right where you wanted him. You were still soaking wet making this that much easier to continue. You pushed slowly down his length while rolling your hips. His mouth hung open slightly though one of his hands left your waist and went to your beautiful breasts. He began pinching and teasing that nipple as you started to ride him.  

You set a fairly slow pace so that you could enjoy the feeling of him within you. So that you could look back and remember this night when you needed extra motivation. The rest of the night continued much like this. It wasn’t until as the sun was setting that you both fell asleep tangled in the sheets in pure exhaustion.  

It was about 11 am when the door cracked open and in tiptoed Ethan looking to sneak by and not wake up Grayson. Though what he saw shocked him. Grayson was sprawled out in the middle of the bed with a sheet covering his lower half while a smaller woman lay with an arm around his brother’s waist with her head on his chest. The door closed behind Ethan but they didn’t budge. He chuckled and then grinned. He showered and got dressed. Once dressed he entered the bedroom to see Grayson looking around the room thoughtfully. Ethan leaned against the doorway, “Wow  we really do have Twin Telepathy. And here I thought it was just a bullshit myth. I’m going to get breakfast.” He threw a wink at Grayson as he left making him groan and drop back onto the bed hugging the woman closer to his body. “Twin telepathy my ass..” He mumbled still tired.  

Some Tips on Managing Research Projects

As some of you may know, I’ve been working on two research projects for this year - some astronomy undergrad research, and my physics final-year project. Although I’ve been struggling to manage these projects alongside my coursework, I decided to compile a list of things that make life easier. These tips are for big projects that typically last over a couple of months, rather than smaller assignments.

1) Get a notebook for your project. It doesn’t have to be fancy (though if that’s what you prefer, go for it by all means), it just has to be functional. Whenever you’re working on your project, write down the date and whatever you’re doing that day. It helps a LOT to be organised in this way, especially if you have to write up a report of some sort later.  

2) Set up a plan. Often, with big projects, it’s difficult to see where you’re headed with the project and what you need to do. Having an action plan or an outline of your project helps get you focused and breaks the Big, Overwhelming Project into smaller tasks and steps that can be accomplished. This plan may require adaptions and refinement as you go along, but that’s okay. 

3) Timelines. This is easier if you have a looming deadline can the universe slow down so that I have enough time to finish everything before 9 September pls but, if you don’t, try and set up some kind of long-term schedule. Maybe you want to have all your background research done by the end of the week, have your first draft written in a month’s time. Having mini-deadlines is a great way to convince yourself to make progress and stop procrastinating.

4) Google sh*t! Seriously. If you don’t know how to do something, Google it. You’ll find a lot of answers out there. And you’ll figure out how to do a LOT of things on your own. 

5) Ask for help. If you’re stuck on something and just can’t make any more progress, even after tip no. 4, ask someone for help. If you have a project supervisor, they’re your first port of call. If not, find someone doing a similar type of project and ask them. 

6) Have the right software/equipment. If you have your own laptop, and can get the software you need for your project, get it! I did this for my astro project and it’s so easy to work on it now that I have ALADIN on my own computer and don’t have to work from uni. I’m stuck using the computers at my uni for my physics project and it is very inconvenient. If your project requires equipment, try to get the equipment ASAP.

7) Schedule time to work on your project. When I set up my week in my bullet journal, I make sure to schedule in project time. I’m also trying to work in my “down time” when I have a cancelled tutorial or something similar that leads to unexpected free time.  

8) Dowload Mendeley if you’re doing a lot of research. It autocites your papers for you (you literally just drag and drop and BOOM - all the references), generates a bibliography in whatever form you prefer. It makes it so easy to organise research papers. Use it. It’s free. 

9) Accept that it’s going to be tough and that you will mess up. Maybe you procrastinate a little more than necessary. Maybe you delete an article or forget to name your files something sensible. It happens, it wastes time, but it’s okay. You’ll get everything done properly eventually. Take a break if you need to. You’ll get back on track.

I hope these help! I am in no way, an expert in this. I’m still figuring things out for myself. Projects can be overwhelming, but they are also one of my favourite things to do. There’s so much that you can learn from doing a research project - far more than what you learn in class - and I highly recommend it as something that Science undergrads in particular should do.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask! I also have a study instagram @ munirastudies if you’re keen on following me there. Happy studying!

xx Munira

*deep sigh*

I don’t even know what to say. Here I am, listening to my touken song, my cup of coffee completely cold by my side because I couldn’t even finish drinking, I can’t even swallow my own saliva. I just can’t express into words what I’m feeling right now, apart from the love I have for this ship, for the way I said I would cry if they ever become canon (which is true, i’m tearing up right now..), apart from how happy I am that Kaneki was so straight forward and didn’t hold back… 

I am so happy for Kaneki in general. Touka too, but Kaneki the most. He has suffered so much, always searching for something he couldn’t find, always searching for love. We are forgetting that Kaneki’s deepest ambition was to find love, to be loved, something so simple as that, this is the meaning behind Tokyo Ghoul, that’s Kaneki’s journey… to find love, and he found it. He just did. It’s always been there, but he couldn’t see it. I know things won’t be easy from now on, but I’m so hopeful in terms of knowing that, maybe, now he knows he’s not alone. And you can see he wanted this too. She kissed him and he didn’t even try to stop her or dodge her… he just kissed her back and expressed his feelings with his body. Sometimes words are just words, and I think Kaneki’s feelings had to be exposed in this way. When he cried… I just lost it. I love Kaneki so much, he makes me scream and sometimes I hate him because he can be extremely stubborn but I love him, he’s such a good person, he always forgives the people that hurt him, he doesn’t really hold grudge against anyone, he’s so gentle and kind… he totally, TOTALLY deserves this moment with Touka. Touka, a girl who waited for him for YEARS, a girl who felt lonely most of her life and still never lost hope in him. 

I think both are so similar, and both are empty inside, and this moment they just shared feels like two pieces of a puzzle getting together. Kaneki’s emptiness & his need to feel loved is something Touka can relate too… everybody leaves her, but now they just found each other. This is not fanservice, this is a beautiful scene of two human beings (yes, human beings) finding comfort and learning to know each other a little bit better, two souls sharing the same emptiness that makes them whole when they are together. As Ishida say, they come as a set, this was meant to be, and I’m so, so, so, so, so happy today. I remember this post i made last year I think? saying how much i wanted a scene of Kaneki resting against Touka’s chest or whatever, feeling her hands caressing his body, feeling safe and away from his own demons knowing that there’s someone taking care of him, loving him, making him feel that he matters not for being the king or whatever the hell he is, but for being him, just him, Kaneki Ken. And it happened…





cheers, Kaneki 🍻 you are a man now


Different from the others

Okaaay, so, please, be kind to me, this is the first fanfic I ever post at tumblr, but my friend @porrabett showed me this beautiful gif from @gendry (thanks for letting me use it here, hon!) and I couldn’t not write this, it was like…there, begging to be written. Jon, Dany and Arya are my favorite characters, so I just had to! I have 3 more fics to post, not finished but almost there…anyway, I hope you like this. 

Arya sees Dany staring at Jon from the stands of Winterfell patio, while he trains the youngest with the new dragonglass weapons, and they talk about Jon and Arya tries to decide what she thinks of Dany.

Daenerys could feel herself being observed, but over the course of her life, being watched was something she became used to. She was too mesmerized by Jon Snow’s movements with his sword, teaching his people how to defeat the Army of the Dead, to mind the eyes that would not leave her.

What she did not know is whom these eyes belong to: a certain she wolf.

Arya Stark was curious when she heard of Jon’s commitment to Daenerys Targaryen, she understood his needs for her army, but knowing his brown eyes too well, there was more to it – more than a political alliance, it was admiration, maybe even…love? The woman that found the way into the heart of her dearest brother intrigued the assassin.

She saw the platinum haired woman watching Jon, she would watch him like Arya remembered her mother watching her father from above: as a woman watched her beloved.

If this Daenerys had any bad intentions towards Jon, she was good at hiding, but Arya was good at finding lies at people’s faces, and she saw none in hers.

For now, that was good enough for her. She would not try inviting her for the game of faces any time soon.

(gif by: @gendry)

“Was he always this – determined?” Daenerys heard Arya arrive at her side, while she saw Jon give the young boys and girls their dragon glass weapons, and lecture them about it with so much respect and patience, that only a true Eddard Stark relative and northern man would.

“Yes” Arya smiled to her side. “When I was younger, no one would ever let me use a sword, or a bow, or even mount a horse properly…I was supposed to be a Lady, not a Knight, like I wanted. I was meant to sow, enchant and smile.” Arya remembered bitterly. “Jon would see through all this crap, you know? He would sneak me out of my room, in the middle of the night, and take me out into the stables, when there were no one awake around and teach me how to mount a horse, wield a sword or even how to hold a bow properly.” Daenerys would not stop smiling at herself, this suited what she come to meet and love about Jon Snow.

While he did the same for these kids, that he had done to me years back, except snow was falling harder, winds were howling louder and winter was here.

Winter was here, but the Dragon Queen heart seemed warm towards Jon, that did not went by unnoticed by Arya.

“He doesn’t seem to share the common men opinion on where women belong” She comment and Arya smiled.

“No, he doesn’t. He never did. He always told me to pursue my knight dreams. He never did get the chance to fully teach me how to wield a sword, but he did give me my own” Arya took Needle out of its sheath, and proudly showed it to Dany.

“He gave it to you?” Dany was both proud and not surprised at all, she didn’t know Jon Snow long, but sounded like something he would have done for his little she-wolf sister, he would not break her dreams, he would encourage her to pursuit it. Who was this man?

“You like it? I called it ‘Needle’, Sansa had hers, to make her pretty dresses, I had mine to torn mine to pieces. Jon had it made for me. He gave it to me right before he left for The Wall, right before all hell broke loose for all of us.” Arya looked at her beautiful sword, remembering happier times. “Little did we know, the storm that we had coming our way” She sounded so sad, Daenerys had do look away, and stare at Arya Stark, and she could not help but feel sad for her.

She did not know her well, but from what Jon so sadly told her the other night at his chambers, his sister had seen their brother murdered and mocked alongside his direwolf, her mother killed, her father decapitated and had witnessed so much more…Dany could still feel the pain of her sweetest child falling across the sky, Viserion and not being able to help, not being able to save him. To know this young girl saw her mother, brother, father and so many others suffer the same destiny and could not do a thing? So much more pain than anyone in her age should be allowed to. Daenerys was a dragon, Arya was a wolf, but life hadn’t been kind for either of them, making them pay for their fathers choices. Dany wasn’t fond of the the Hand of the Usurper, but from what everyone says, he was quite an honorable man, and the world is running short of those. But he made choices, and his family paid for it, damned be the Lannisters for it.

Now meeting Arya and Jon, even the beautiful but distant and guarded Sansa…A man who had such children must have been a great man, for his children seen to have inherited bravery, endurance and something else Dany cannot name yet, but pleases her enough to make her feel welcomed in a foreign cold land such as Winterfell.

Maybe it had something to do with the white wolf sleeping next to her and Jon every night; maybe it had something to with the King in The North himself, snuggling into her side through the night, after the most meaningful and passionate love making Dany has ever had; or maybe it was just the air of this place, where you can’t help yourself but believing everything you were told growing up, where you cannot forget the White Walkers are coming and a place where Winter is coming is definitely not about the seasons and the Starks words seems more like an omen compared to mere house words.

“I am sorry for you lost, Lady Arya. For your father, mother and brothers” Dany spoke to her.

“I am no Lady, my Queen. But thank you” She looked down, and remember her painful training and what it taught her. “Valar morghulis”.

“All men must die” Dany answered her with a bitter smile “But we are not men”. Dany looked back to Jon.

“I’d like them not to, so perhaps…let’s stick to Valar dohaeris”. Arya could not help but be sure she liked Daenerys Targaryen without a doubt, now. Jon could marry this girl, she seemed to be just in love with him as he was with her.

Not to forget, the woman had two amazing dragons! That should be interesting…

(more to come?)
to my bae @porrabett that stands me talking about nothing but got 24/7 for the last months (and prob the next ones too lol)

mafia!exo reaction: you like to test their patience


⠀with others, minseok tends to run out of patience quickly, but never with you. there are a lot of times when he just wants to pretend that you have a normal relationship, so he’ll deal with a lot of your back-talk and sass. only if you test his limits in the bedroom will he snap and give you a good reaction.


⠀luhan would try his best to never let you know that these little things really do get to him, as he has a reputation to uphold, especially in public. however, when you’re alone, he’ll let slip a huff about exactly how annoyed he gets by this, and how you’re treading on thin ice (if u catch my drift lol).


⠀for yifan, this almost always leads to rough sex. he’s very much into the idea of treating you like a proper brat and putting you in your place, and believe me, he will. he’ll want you on your hands and knees the second you start to test him, ready for him to wreck you.


⠀frankly, junmyeon would be the most annoyed. like, being the leader, he constantly has concearning things to tend to, so why on earth do you like to fuck with him like that. sometimes, he’ll entertain your behavior, but others, he’ll simply promise to deliver a good spanking to you once he’s free. and my boy keeps all his promises ;)


⠀yixing really does try his best to make you forget what he does for a living, so he’ll be very sweet toward you at all times, even these ones. his smile will never falter, as though you’d asked him a genuine question and not sent a tiny jab his way. he’ll comply to anything you ask of him, too.


⠀baekhyun, as the most human in his mafia, would just be amused. he would try to push your buttons in return, enjoying those few normal moments you both have together. he’ll tease you, asking if his darling is feeling attention deprived while pinching your cheeks like a baby’s.


⠀jongdae, as big as his ego is, starts to baby you the second you try to test his patience. there’s no way he’ll let someone as adorable as (he thinks) you are have something over him. ‘baby, are you forgetting who i am?’ he’ll coo while tucking your hair behind your ear. ‘because it seems like you’re mistaking me for someone else.’


⠀chanyeol doesn’t care that you like to test his patience, since there’s so much to be had when it comes to you. maybe he’ll laugh and jokingly tell you to fuck off, but really, he doesn’t care. for him, it reminds him that he’s a human after all, and that mundane moments do exist. he treasures this type of stuff.


⠀kyungsoo wouldn’t pay this behavior any mind, as he doesn’t like to entertain it. if you ignore it, it’ll stop, right? wrong. a lot of the time, you continue until he can’t ignore it anymore, which is when he makes the assumption that you’re looking for a special form of attention from him. of course, he’ll gladly grant your wishes.


⠀zitao, probably highstrung as fuck, would be the member to genuinely get the most pissy whenever you test his patience. considering the other members, it still wouldn’t be much, but he really doesn’t appreciate that you get such a kick out of pushing as many of his buttons as possible. he’ll be very vocal in communicating this, too, which would probably just be even more amusing tbh.


⠀jongin, while annoyed, wouldn’t show it very much. he may pretend to not notice your tone or the smirk on your face, just to avoid any possible conflict. when he doesn’t do this, he’ll smile and respond in the same fashion as you, to see what you’re really trying to get at.


⠀sehun would definitely fuck the shit out of you for something like this, or at least whisper a dark promise of this, if you’re out in public together. like yifan, he wants to make sure you remember that his patience shouldn’t be tested so freely again. honestly, it results in the best sex between you both.

Function pairs: the stereotype and the goal

Te with lower Fi: 

Stereotype: Te: I MUST CONTROL AND WIN AT EVERYTHING AT ALL COSTS MUAHAHAHAHAHA. Fi: (whispers) But what about morals?

Goal: Te: I have a lot of goals and ways to work towards those goals, and I act based on logic and external standards of achievement. Fi: That’s great! Remember that there are also internal standards of achievement, and that acknowledgement of your own needs is not counter to your goals even if it slows your progress a little.

Fi with lower Te:

Stereotype: Fi: I GOTS TO BE ME AND IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT YOU DON’T GET IT. Te: um maybe do stuff sometimes? If you want to.

Goal: Fi: I have a firm belief in what is important to me and I want to live consistently with that. Te: As well you should. However, you will need to show others why your position is important and why you’re worth listening to in a logical way sometimes. Be prepared to do so.

Fe with lower Ti:

Stereotype: Fe: I love everyone! I hope they love me! I’m happy if they’re happy! Feelings! Ti: (doesn’t exist)

Goal: Fe: I want to engage with people meaningfully and make sure our group dynamics are working out well for everyone. Ti: Did someone say optimization? I can consider people’s likes and dislikes and find a solution that is best suited to bring about agreement.

Ti with lower Fe:

Stereotype: Ti: EVERYTHING IS BLUEPRINTS and I have analyzed all of the deep web time to get started on some elaborate unsolved cryptid puzzles. Fe: How do I people and outside?

Goal: Ti: I want things to make logical sense and to be able to apply the systems I developed to everything. Fe: That’s great! People don’t always work in a predictable way. Perhaps you can think of them in terms of something like chaos theory, and engage with them to make sure your systems are understandable to others.

Ne with lower Si:

Stereotype: Ne: hahhahaha monkeys and biscuits! I’m such a random nerd lol! Si: (narrator voice) But their randomness was only hiding…a haunted past.

Goal: Ne: I have a lot of ideas! Everything gives me ideas and I want to explore them all and see what concepts will develop from each path - it’s impossible to choose! Si: We can get an idea of how things are likely to turn out from our past experience, so that might help you decide which possibilities are likely to yield more interesting paths to follow.

Si with lower Ne: 

Stereotype: Si: I’ve memorized the law spreadsheets and it’s 5 pm sharp so it’s time to go home to my 2.5 picket fences. Consistent is the life I lead. Ne: BUT WHAT IF SOMETHING EXPLODES? I DON’T KNOW WHAT, JUST SOMETHING?!

Goal: Si: I like to approach things with caution and understand how they are likely to play out. To do this I plan, using my past experience to guide my current actions. Ne: Sometimes, though, you inevitably find yourself in an unfamiliar scenario, and I can help either link a past experience that at first glance doesn’t seem related but can guide you here, or help you handle the unfamiliarity if it’s truly new.

Se with lower Ni: 

Stereotype: Se: SEX AND DRUGS AND ROCK N’ ROLL AND SKYDIVING!!!!!! Ni: too bad death is inevitable at all times.

Goal: Se: I don’t want to commit to just one thing when the world is constantly changing - I want to make sure I’m able to fully engage with everything as it happens and appreciate the richness of the experience. Ni: And when you do need to plan for the long term more, I can draw an abstract conclusion from all of those rich experiences and guide you.

Ni with lower Se: 

Stereotype: Ni: I see the future. I see dead people? Maybe. It’s all connected. Se: I am a clumsy, beautiful woman in a romantic comedy! Sometimes I forget to eat because I’m thinking so hard!

Goal: Ni: I have a vision of how things are supposed to be. I like things to unfold as I expect them and I plan to ensure this happens. Se: But occasionally, things don’t occur as you’d expect, and this can be either good or bad. If it’s good I can help you say yes to something you wouldn’t have otherwise done - it could change your perspective! And if it’s bad I can give you the tools to respond quickly.

anonymous asked:

"You're such a bitch" chloenette for the writing prompt please if your still taking requests

Authors note: I am so excited that I have multiple Chloenette and Ladybee promts in this challenge so I can explore so many dynamics in this relationship! For this one, I had to go with humor ^_^ (For those looking for romantic Chloenette don’t worry, it’s coming) 

“Chloe, what are you doing?” Marinette asked as she stared at girl who was currently lounging in Alya’s seat. 

“I’m sitting next to my best friend of course!” She smiled, patting the desk beside her, “Cesaire can sit over there. Isn’t that right Sabrina?” she called to her usual partner in crime. 

“Of course! Whatever you think is best Chloe. I’m so excited we are getting new friends!” Sabrina grinned manically, giving Marinette an energetic wave. 

Marinette slide into her seat. “What did you tell her?” she hissed, “I thought we were clear yesterday that a secret identity needs to be kept a secret!” 

Of all the people to possibly find out about her alter ego, it had to be Chloe. 

“Of course I didn’t tell her about… you know… I just told her that you and I ran into each other at a cafe and hashed out our differences,” Chloe whispered back. “So I was thinking we should go shopping together after class.” 

“Why would you tell Sabrina that?” Marinette asked, praying that she could get this whole mess sorted out before Alya and Nino showed up. If she was lucky maybe today they would have one of their morning make out sessions and come racing in seconds before the bell. 

“Well Sabrina is my best friend, I had to tell her something! Especially since we are going to be spending so much time together now. I didn’t want her freaking out and going all… invisible again.” 

“What… time togeth… what are you talking about?” 

Chloe gave her a pitying smile, “Oh silly, you don’t have to pretend anymore. I know you have to keep up the whole lame, clumsy persona so that people don’t figure out your secret, but you don’t have to hide from me! I’m your best friend!” 

“No you’re really not.” 

“And I know you better than anyone.” 

“I seriously doubt that.” 

“and just think, now you can be yourself around someone! Because we are truly together now. It’s like destiny. Me and Ladybug, just like it was always meant to be. And you know you can even act like less of a spaz and everyone will just assume that it’s because our friendship has made you that much cooler, and no one will suspect that it’s just your true self shining through.” 

“Could this get any worse?” 

“Chloe?” a new voice interrupted. “What are you doing in Alya’s seat?” 

Apparently it could get worse, because Marinette looked up to see Adrien, looking confused, standing next to his own place in front of her. Great. 

“Oh Adrikins! Marinette and I have decided to become best friends. It’s alright if I bring her with me for our monthly movie night on Thursday right?”

“Sure, I guess…” Adrien said still looking like he was expecting to wake up any second to find the whole conversation was a dream. Or maybe Marinette was projecting.

“I was thinking we could all go shopping first,” Chloe continued obliviously, “or maybe manicures because really Marinette we should do something about your poor nails. Oh! Before I forget- selfie!” She pulled out her phone, slinging an arm around Marinette shoulder and giving the camera a brilliant grin. Marinette scowled, then flushed self consciously when she noticed Adrien staring at them both with a strange, searching expression. 

“Sorry!” Adrien said, shaking his head when he realized he had been caught staring, “deja vu… anyways I am glad you two are getting along now, it will be fun to all hang out together.” He gave them both an encouraging smile and slipped into his own seat, pulling out his phone. 

Marinette sighed, slumping down in her chair. At least something good might come out of this. It seemed that Chloe was finally going to stop trying to ruin her already disastrous attempts to spend time with Adrien.

“So where should be go for lunch?” Chloe asked. 

“Chloe, we are not going to lunch together,” Marinette said trying to channel her mother’s firm but quiet tone. “We are not best friends, and you need to go back to your seat, preferably before Alya gets here.” 

“But you’re Ladybug.” 

“Yes, but I am also Marinette. You know, the girl you picked on mercilessly for the last 5 years?” 

“I know and I forgive you for that.” 

“Chloe,” Marinette growled, “get out of that seat.” 

“God, you’re such a bitch. So anyways I was thinking seafood…” 

From the Dining Table

This was heavily inspired by this song. don’t listen to it unless you want to think about your ex and possibly cry. I definitely didn’t cry lol.

I don’t know why I can only write post-break up!Finn but it is what it is. but it’s still very different from anything I’ve ever wrote. let me know what you think.

Finn Balor x OC

Maybe one day you’ll call and tell me you’re sorry, too. 

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ajcook1fan  asked:

..) She doesn't do social media, so how would she know people want an apology or a updated statement? Honestly hasn't society as whole changed in the last 2 years nevermind 10. Why not focus energy on people who actively are anti trans or make public comments who hurt the community (Micheal Che, Leslie Jones). If someone likes someone why actively try and point out the wrong in that person esp from their past??

Because honestly, Kate McKinnon helped me get the courage to come out and seeing something like this page demolish her for something like a sketch done (poor sketch now, but was a bgss hit) hurts me. I understand people are sensitive and triggered so a warning tag I get but to actively repost and hate comments? I just don’t get the point. She has done nothing recent to suggest and knowing what she has done and what being gay means to her I know with all my heart the skit wasn’t done for target.

sorry for the long messages - I don’t want to start anything with one that was a legit question for you on your reasoning. I say If you don’t like Kate just don’t reblog her? No need to reblog comments/posts and write negative things with no recent backings.

It looks like we might be missing a part here but I think I understand what you are saying and we have gotten a lot of messages on the same vein but yours is the most put together so I am going to respond to what I do have.

First these are the posts this person is referring to if anyone wanted to check. The exact thing you are talking about seems to be this: 

“Reminder also that Kate Mckinnon is transphobic. Lily Tomlin however seems to not be transphobic (though if anyone has any evidence to the contrary please feel free to add it)”

Which I added to a post talking about Kate Mckinnon and Lily Tomlin and how they are both lesbians who played Miss Frizzle the Magic Schoolbus character. 

So let’s dive in. Right out of the gate let us address your first point saying that she doesn’t have social media so how would she know people want an apology. 

She should know what she did was wrong. Without people telling her, as a person with critical thinking and someone who keeps very involved in politics she should have come to the conclusion on her own that what she did was wrong. But let’s say that she didn’t only because of ignorance, not because of malicious intent but because she truly did not know that her sketch was transphobic- then this is how we tell her. 

If she doesn’t know yet then she probably isn’t going to learn from quiet reflection, she probably needs someone to tell her and since it seems like the people in her life haven’t yet I am not holding up much hope that they will. So her fans do, social media does. 

And maybe if we spread the information enough then it will get to someone who can tell her and she can apologize and do better next time. That is the best case scenario, and that is what I am personally aiming for.

Now your next point- why not focus on something bigger. This is an argument used against any complaint brought up by marginalized groups until we reach the complaints that involve us being massacred. But what is missed is that those “little” complaints are the steps that come before a massacre, the little “jokes” about transgender people that no one calls out so everyone assumes is okay. 

And these jokes for a lot of people don’t make any conscious change though they subconsciously let the person know that transgender peoples lives are something to be joked about. But for a select few these jokes reinforce already held belief. For those terrible people that you sited- jokes are what let them know it was okay to have those terrible beliefs and what gave them the courage to be public about them. So jokes are important. 

Now the “why point out something wrong with someone I like” argument. I am not saying you can’t like them. But if you can’t handle objective facts about your hero then you are putting them on too high of a pedestal. 

Kate Mckinnon is a human being and she has made mistakes, and when I make mistakes I want people to point them out so I can fix them. I hope she wants the same thing, but even if she doesn’t ignoring the mistakes is not helping anyone. 

It isn’t helping her fans because it brings them into this false belief that she is perfect which only further separates her from them. It doesn’t help Kate Mckinnon, who is kept in the dark about this problem and may never fix it and may hurt people unknowingly. 

Again as you said it is completely possible that she actually didn’t know her sketch is hurtful, and just personally if something I had done was hurtful and I wasn’t aware I would want people to tell me so that I didn’t continue hurting people. 

And in regards to her being your hero to come out, that is fantastic and I am proud you got that strength and I am glad Kate Mckinnon could help you with that, but because she helped you doesn’t mean she can’t harm others. 

Consider this- a transgender women like you who also looks up to Kate Mckinnon. Imagine how it would feel for her to be watching old sketches and to come across one that painted her and people like her as predatory and just boys trying to be girls. Can you empathize with how horrible that experience would be? 

So maybe me posting that wasn’t for you, I have no interest in your beliefs about Kate Mckinnon, it was for that transgender woman. So that either she wouldn’t have to go through that moment, or so that after she went through that moment she would know that other people in the world saw that what Kate Mckinnon did was wrong, and so that person knows she isn’t alone. 

And in regards to “hate comments” maybe it is time for you to think about the fact that if me pointing out something that Kate Mckinnon did is hateful, what does that make her actions? Because my addition was mild. 

It was a statement of fact followed up with a positive affirmation about another lesbian actress. I think it is possible that you are just upset at what a hero of yours did and you want to forget it ever happened. And I have been there, I have been there this week actually, so I feel I may understand what you are going through. But I am sorry you can’t stay mad at the world for turning against someone you love forever. And at some point you are going to have to recognize that it was the one that you love who is actually at fault. 

And lastly I reblog her because she is a part of queer history. She is making queer history right now with her actions, and we need to decide if this is what we want the next generation to see as something we allowed. 

As someone who has studied queer history extensively I have worked against a lot of forces that wanted to erase the parts of history they don’t like. And I have learned that a lie of omission is still a lie. Silence is a choice, and it is not one I am going to be making anytime soon. 

Thank you for sending in your concerns I hope I addressed all of them.

Hidden Klance moments pt.1

So, we all are disappointed for the lack of promised content in this new season. They promised us LGBT representation, ‘project kuron’ explanation, diplomat hunk, team bonding, Lance falling in love ecc and we got almost nothing. I honestly enjoyed the season anyway, partly because i know i can’t expect so much in six 25-minutes-long episodes from a family show, mostly because I loved Pidge’s arch, Matt is finally found, Lotor is such a complex and enjoyable character, Lance and Allura interaction at the very end …. I can go on, I swear. 

But let’s talk about Keith and Lance. Since i love my boy Lance so much, I observed him really closely, and since I’m a complete slut for Klance because pf the relationship development between him and Keith in season 3, I decided to look for some hint that could possibly lead us to think that there is really something going on between the two (even if it’s just friendship). 

It’ actually longer than I espected so I’m going to hide the following part!

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Maybe am I in some Andreil phase. Maybe does this phase last for eight months now. I can’t tell the contrary.

But maybe is this because this relatonship has something special I can’t find elsewhere. Because they’re not perfect, but it does not need to be.

Because I just can’t forget them. And I don’t need a eidetic memory for that.