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Finally finished! XD A set of Rumples that I started weeks ago to go with my Belles! These were super fun to draw and I love how they came out! 

My personal favorite is little Spinner!Rum but I still can’t decide if I love or hate his crazy disco shirt in the fourth one! (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧ Enjoy!


Hey @alittleluckycharm I am happy to announce that I am your back up Secret Santa gifter from @mlsecretsanta. I am so sorry for the delay, but I hope you like this gift I have prepared for you ^_^ 

You wanted some family friendly love square fluff, preferably Ladynoir or Ladrien, so that is what I have attempted to provide. 

It gets super fluffy I promise ^_~ 

What was Always There

She had never understood how it was that Chat Noir always seemed to know when she had a particularly awful day. Maybe it was because he was her partner, maybe it was just sheer dumb luck, but somehow he had this crazy habit of being around whenever she was low, ready to cheer her up.

It hadn’t always been the case. In fact, she could pinpoint it back to about 4 months ago.

A particularly troublesome akuma had caused her to be a good three hours late to school, drenched from head to toe after having to get across town. Her transformation had worn off just moments after she had managed to escape the eager attentions of the press, ducking into an ally as the glowing pink morphed her back into her usual state. Just in time for the torrential downpour to start.  

Ms. Mendeleiev, who had never been one to be particularly lenient even on her best days, had wasted no time in scolding her in front of their class, glowering and prodding as Marinette had struggled to come up with any sort of reasonable excuse. Chloe and Sabrina had snickered through the entire affair, and most of the rest of the class had watched with varying degrees of apathy and pity. Worst of all Adrien, who usually was one of the most understanding of her friends when it came to terrible attendance records, had been staring at her as though he had never seen her before.

In his defense, she had rather looked like a drown rat.

The day had not gotten better from there- a pop quiz she had almost certainly failed, her parents grounding her for her unexplained absence which had been prolonged enough that they had been notified, and to top it all off, a deliberate snub as Chloe proceeded to invite everyone in the class- save Marinette and Alya- to attend a VIP party at the hotel.

As soon as her parents had gone to bed she had transformed and hurried off to burn off some of her anger.

She had not expected Chat Noir to show up.

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Remember that you don’t have to have anything to offer to be wanted, you’ll find people that just appreciate your presence in their lives because they like you.

  • Severus: Lets listen to some reason, I don’t like you, you don’t like me, so why not just let us disappear?
  • James: Well its tempting, but we can’t allow it.
  • Sirius: You know you shouldn’t be friends with him.
  • Lily: Why not?
  • Sirius: Because he’s crazy.
  • Lily: Maybe you just don’t know him.
  • James: Actually we know him a lot better than you, he’s emotionally disturbed. Peter, tie him up.
  • Severus: Stop! [Raises wand]
  • Severus: Do. Not. Cross. This. Stick. [Pushes stick in from of him with his foot]
  • James: You’re doomed Snape.

To everyone hoping Trump dies: STOP. Listen, if Trump dies, Pence ascends to the Presidency… and he is just as fucking crazy. Maybe even more so, because he knows exactly how the system works and how to get shit done quick. And if Pence dies? It’s the Speaker of the House: Paul Ryan. He might me marginally better, but remember that these are both people who supported Trump during his candidacy (Ryan never withdrew support, just said he would no longer defend him to the media). 

Trump got voted in: because people voted for him, and people fucking stayed home, and people fucking voted third party. Those people have no one to blame for this but themselves. 

Look, the only way we make it out of this clusterfuck is by working together: either by trying to get your states’ electoral vote to change, or by volunteering for a cause, etc. 

So go out and fight.

Ok, so this may be weird since I made a big, emotional post this afternoon about how Tim Drake is so selfless and caring and too good for this world… but hear me out, Tim Drake Antisocial Personality Disorder AU.

Given his parents and background, the idea that Tim has Antisocial personality disorder, known colloquially as a sociopath (manipulative, impressive liar, charming when wants to be, generally doesn’t feel many emotions or care much for others) isn’t that extreme. I think he’d become interested in Batman and Robin because the thrill of unlocking Gotham’s biggest secret appeals to the arrogant part of him. He learns Batman’s identity and preens to himself and then sits on the information until the time is right. He’s seen the new Robin, he knows Jason Todd is going to mess up big time and Tim will have Bruce right where he wants him. Jay dies and Timmy puts on a cute lil sweater vest and his sweetest, fakest smile and proclaims that ‘Batman needs a Robin’ but oh no Mr. Wayne I’m not trying to replace your son (except he is) and he does and soon Gotham has her third Robin.

And Tim’s a good Robin, honestly. I mean you can have a personality disorder and still be a good guy, don’t stereotype. He just doesn’t feel much for pretty much any of the people he’s saving, can’t grow attached to any of his friends and allies, doesn’t feel angry at any villains causing harm. He’s just there being the hero because he likes the attention and adoration that heroes get and the supervillain lifestyle doesn’t fit his aesthetic. Time passes and little cracks in Tim’s perfect façade appear and people start to see what he really is. It’s fine though, you have to be a little weird to be a superhero anyway. So what if Tim has the emotions of a rock? Is it a requirement that heroes have to care or like people?? So Tim is able to be more of himself and yeah, he scares the crap out of people, but he’s a good hero. And while he may not have strong emotions for people, he does respect people he thinks are worthy and he does treat his “"friends”“ and ”“family”“ well because well, once they came into his life, they became his property and he keeps his things safe.

Tim’s never killed anyone, doesn’t mean he won’t, but he mostly respects Bruce’s wishes and, more importantly, knows his career is over if he breaks that rule. But that’s not to say Tim hasn’t purposely hurt people before. The truck carrying Captain Boomerang to prison got into an accident, Harkness was left paralyzed from the neck down. After Superboy died, Luthor suffered a frontal lobe hematoma that left him with the IQ of a third grader. When Bruce was struck down by Darkseid, he went in search of his mentor, and came back with a blood on his hands and a smile that said that Bruce was alive. Ra’s al Ghul has made no comments on what occurred in the desert, mostly because no one knows what happened to him. It’s nothing anyone can prove, and believe you, Bruce has tried to prove it even though he hopes against hope he’s just being paranoid. There’s never any evidence Tim Drake has done anything wrong and people are willing to, not turn a blind eye, but not quite see the whole picture.

Because Tim is still a hero, a brother, a son, a friend, even if he’s not quite got all his pieces together. He can be sweet, in his own cunning, Tim sort way. He puts only about 50% effort into maintaining his cover in private, just human enough so people will tolerate his presence. It’s okay, they know and they accept him as he is. In the small, shriveled part that Tim calls a heart, he appreciates that they don’t try to fix him and still care about him. He’s not perfect, but no one is and he does fight the good fight because it’s cool and, I don’t know, it’s the right thing to do he guesses. There are worse ways he could be spending his time.

So Tim will sit with his sharp, observant, but completely devoid eyes sipping a cup of coffee at breakfast. His face is expressionless. Jason says he looks like a dead fish and Tim mimes a smile and is already calculating revenge. Dick hugs his middle brother even though he know Tim derives no enjoyment from it, he does it mostly to make himself feel better, that he’s not totally abandoning his creepy lil brother the empty pit in his head. Tim puts up with it because Dick is so much worse when he fusses. Cass never really warms up to Tim, he’s something different, his body never says anything, his face doesn’t give any indication of what he’s thinking. He is wrong. Tim glances over his coffee cup at his sister, she is right. Damian and Tim have conversations about how foolish people are and how you can twist them to do what you want. These conversations are short as literally everyone will pull Damian away. It’s not that we don’t love you Tim, but you’re hurting Damian’s emotional health. You don’t want someone else like you, you’d hate the competition.

Tim just shrugs, there is no one else like him.

I cannot stress how cute this part is

I noticed an interesting pattern

So for the majority of his appearances on the show, Crowley’s attire has been such

The dress shirt with jacket, tie, and coat

But season 10….

we got to see him without the coat for most of his scenes, and now season 11…

he’s gone and unbuttoned the jacket

In conclusion he has been slowly leaving less and less to our imaginations…I for one impatiently await the season where he’s walking around with only the tie on

This Time On Jean and Marco’s Attempts To Force Their Friends To Date Each Other

“That was uncalled for,” Armin said irritably, swinging his legs so his ankles knocked against the cupboard door.

“Which bit of it?” Marco asked, tapping his fingers against the wood in a cheerful little rhythm. “The bit where we kidnapped you, or the bit where we shoved you on top of a cupboard?”

Armin sighed. “The bit where you won’t let me get down,” he said. “Look, Marco, this is technically holding someone against their will. I’m a hostage. I want rights.”

“Well, you’re not getting them,” Marco said simply.

Armin sighed. “Where’s Jean?” he demanded. “This has Jean written all over it. Where is he?”

“Oh, he’s gone to fetch Eren.”

“Eren? Why?” 

Marco shrugged. “Well, he has to rescue you.”

“I’m not a damsel in distress!” Armin squawked. “Jesus Christ, Marco. I’m going to kill you both. I’m not even kidding. I will tear you apart-”

“-once you get down from that cupboard,” Marco said, stretching up to tap one of his friend’s indignantly flailing ankles lightly. 

“I hate you.”

“No you don’t.”

A silence fell over the room, broken by footsteps in the corridor outside, and Eren’s bemused voice.

“What the fuck do you mean, he’s stuck on top of a cupboard?”

Laurel and her Decisions.

When Laurel wanted to tell her father that Oliver was The Arrow, I let it slide. Her father had gotten beaten up and she wanted him out. She wanted her father out and she didn’t think about the consequences of revealing that secret. At that point,she knew or suspected that Sara was the woman in black. She knew that the woman in black was often seen in the company of The Arrow. Revealing that Oliver is The Arrow would mean that Sara would be in the crosshairs of the SCPD. But if she didn’t get her father out, he may be killed; at that point, I loved Papa Lance so I let that go.

Keeping Sara’s death a secret from her father, I had to let that go because it was the first step in her journey to the Black Canary and the Black Canary had to exist if Oliver was ever going to be able to have balance in his life. Letting it slide started to become difficult when Laurel continued to keep Sara’s death a secret for more than a week. When she realized that finding Sara’s killer was not going to be as straightforward as they thought, she should have told her father. The decision to wait so long to tell him and not let him know that it was her decision not to tell him made things difficult for the team, which she has yet to apologize for. To both the team and her father.

Stealing her sister’s suit and going out and fighting It never occurred to her that her actions would be reported to her father, a Captain in the local police department. This escalated to the point she had Felicity distorting her voice so that she would sound like Sara and therefore making Felicity and the team complicit in her lies. Yeah, brilliant decision.

What was the last straw for me was not only did she not tell Nyssa that Oliver accepted her father’s offer for three weeks, it is because of this that Nyssa is in Starling City when Oliver comes for her. Her reason for not telling her, basically she didn’t want to lose her one connection to her sister. It was Laurel who demanded that they protect Nyssa, that said that if they aren’t going to do it, she will do it herself. In protecting Nyssa, Oliver was forced to kidnap Lyla. Yes, forced because Oliver had two choices: he could attack them with the force of the League of Assassins or he could kidnap Lyla and force Diggle to give up Nyssa. Here’s the thing, if they had stayed out of the way, if they had listened to Nyssa and stayed out of it, Lyla wouldn’t have been kidnapped.

My brother and I argued about this. He believes that Nyssa only agreed to be handed over to Oliver because Lyla was kidnapped. I disagree. I believe that Nyssa went to the rooftop where Sara died to wait on Oliver. I believe that if Oliver had been able to beat her in a fight that she would have gone with him. This is Nyssa Al Ghul, Heir to the Demon (former), there was no way in hell that Oliver was going to be able to take her in without besting her in a fight. Think about it, he is supposed to be taking her position as Heir, he should be able to beat her and if he can’t he is not worthy to be the Heir. She decided to be exchanged for Lyla because when they had arrived to protect her, Oliver had beaten her.

Now she is taking Sara’s body to Nanda Parbat to resurrect her. She has seen the effects in Thea, she isn’t 100% sure that the LoA would know how to fix what is wrong. Nyssa doesn’t want her to do it, the one other person who would want Sara back as much as Laurel, does not want her to do it. Nyssa, who knows more about what happens to people who go into the pit, doesn’t want to bring back the love of her life, you really should listen to her. You are telling me that you don’t think that Nyssa has thought about this before? Laurel is been told not to do by the one person she would have expected to agree with her and this doesn’t stop her?

I know people have said that Laurel is being a big sister but I call bullshit on that. Being a big sister is about doing what is best for your younger sibling. You cannot tell me that taking the risk that bringing Sara back and her being crazy is what is best for Sara. Even if Sara can be cured of her crazy from the LP but what about the normal crazy that will occur when she realizes that she has a year missing. Imagine having to deal with having no memory for a year and not because you can’t recover the memory but because there is no memory to recover. Because you were dead, wrap your mind around that. 

Another thing to consider, Thea attacked Oliver when she first came out and she has been unstable since. It took Laurel and Diggle to pull Thea off of Oliver. Sara is a lot more dangerous than Thea and it will probably take a lot more to subdue her . Why she is risking exposing Star City to a mentally unstable version of Sara? Simply, because she wants her sister back. Oliver got to get Thea back so she should be able to get Sara back.

It amazes me that she sees the consequences of that decision, she has seen the effect has had on Thea and somehow she arrogantly thinks it will be different for her. Does she actually think that Sara is going to be thanking her for bringing her back to be crazy?

Being a hero is not only about tracking down the bad guys and stopping them, being able to fight well. It is about the sacrifices that you have to make. It is about forgetting what you want and to think about what is best for the greater good. It is also about thinking about your actions and the consequences, do a risk/benefit analysis about the action you are about to take. 

Laurel’s road to Black Canary has been paved with selfish decisions, decisions which were made without any thought to consequences. Laurel is the only character who has actively wanted to have this life as a masked vigilante. Oliver did out of obligation to fulfil the promise he made to his father, Diggle is doing it because as a former solider, he knows no other life that gives him that kind of purpose, Roy grew up on the streets and had to fight to survive and was inject with Mirakuru, Thea was taught by Malcolm how to become a weapon. Sara was a former member of the League of Assassins who grew tired of killing but couldn’t leave that life behind.

In the premiere of S3, Laurel arranged for there to be a press conference so that The Arrow can be publicly thanked. Oliver never expected that and that wasn’t the reason she did it. But remember the finale episodes of S2, with those people calling Sara a hero. Laurel wants that. Laurel sees the glamorous side of vigilantism, she sees the fighting ability, she sees the end results. She hardly sees the internal trauma of what they do, she doesn’t see the sacrifices that they have to make every day. She doesn’t see that the amount of pressure that being a vigilante will put on you, that it doesn’t matter how many times you save the city or how many lives you save, it will always be about the number of times you didn’t save the city or how many lives you took or failed to save.

That life is not easy, it is a calling and it is not something that you wish on someone else. The thing that annoys me the most about this storyline that they have given Laurel is that she has no motivation to be Black Canary. Yes, Sara died and that was the trigger but it isn’t the motivation. We can’t say that Sara had been secretly training Laurel believing that since she was so close to the danger she should be able to hold her own. Or that Sara died protecting Laurel and she feels obligated to carry on her legacy because it is because of her that Sara isn’t here anymore. We haven’t seen Sara indicate in any way (the magical jacket ceremony doesn’t count) that she would approve of her joining the team in any way other than as an ADA.

There is nothing in this storyline that would explain why a lawyer who supposedly loves the law would be motivated to believe that the law isn’t enough and that SHE must become a vigilante. As it stands, she has seen enough that she will not object to working with Team Arrow but there isn’t enough explanation as why it is necessary for her to be a vigilante. 

I am hoping that we find out her motivation when she has to explain to Sara why she took the mantle of the Canary and became the Black Canary.

okay, maybe ksoo didnt mean to kiss/bite jongin(’s hat), maybe it was just an accident (thanks to them swaying right to left, soo accidentally kissed/bit jongin’s hat) BUT can we talk about how ksoo didnt even flinch when he did that? people often flinched when they were about to “kiss” their’s friend’s head (bc bumping your mouth to your friend’s head isnt an everday activitiy) but soo didn’t

he just “chuu”-ed jongin, backed away a little, and then smiled/laughed… maybe ksoo is used to have his face close with jongin’s head (or face) bc he looked really casual here… or maybe im just crazy (ive been saying this shit since forever) but who cares shipping kaisoo make me happy 

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Charlamagne: So I’m just curious. I mean, Jamal, you gay, right?
Jamal: Yeah, man. They all know that.
Charlamagne: So, if you identify as gay, but then you started getting involved with a woman, you know, people would be looking at you kind of crazy. They’d be upset, like, “Maybe he’s just choosing whatever label he want based on a matter of convenience.”


Trying to impress the wrong man

It had been two years, two fucking years that Piotr had to wonder why? He was Kits first time in everything. Love, sex, date, kiss…. he thought they were destined for one another. He felt heartbroken and depressed. A great phase for art but not as well as for love. And now he was back. He was going to do anything on his power to have the other back. Kit returned to earth after exploring space with a bunch of crazy people he thought, maybe he just needed a new adventure and now back home he could maybe return to him. He was downstair walking around the the entrance trying to think of a way to win the other back.

Imagine both Greek and Norse gods are real. You and Persephone competed for Hades’ affections but ultimately you lost. Heart broken and dejected you make your way to New York City, where you meet Loki… A guy who is insanely sexy and a little bit crazy… But maybe he just needed you to thaw out his Frost Giant heart.