or maybe he'll give me yours

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I will lol forever if the new song Harry performs tomorrow is Kiwi after buying the standby line kiwis.

i actually think it’d be funnier if he didn’t perform it. it wouldn’t surprise me at all if he’s currently watching all his fans think “hmmmm i think the kiwis are a hint about what he’s performing” while he’s sitting there like “nah, my dudes, i just thought i should give you some healthy options! eat your fruit & veggies, kids!”

'Miss Saigon' Sentence Starters
  • "Just give that virgin act a rest."
  • "I got an itch and, baby, you'd better scratch it."
  • "They swear like men, they screw like boys."
  • "I will not cry, I will not think."
  • "Man, you need some action to clear your head."
  • "Why does nothing here make sense?"
  • "I want my memories as they were, but now I'll leave remembering her/him."
  • "I have had my fill of pain, I will not look back again. I would rather die."
  • "One and the same, you and I."
  • "When you were in trouble, man, I covered for you!"
  • "You have no right to be here, I'm not a prize you can claim."
  • "Go on and shoot! I will not change my mind."
  • "You are still mine. You're mine until we die."
  • "Stay with me, and hold me tight, and dance like it's the last night of the world."
  • "The time will come when nothing keeps us apart."
  • "What's haunting you?"
  • "There's a big screw loose inside you, I will rip it out of your head!"
  • "Do you see now who has power?"
  • "I am talking of life or death now, I am talking of staying free!"
  • "I'm warning you, for him/her, I'll kill!"
  • "If you want to die in bed, don't care too much for country."
  • "No-one can stop what I must do."
  • "I swear, I'd give my life for you."
  • "She has a child. You have a son/daughter."
  • "Hahahahahaha! I'm depressed."
  • "You will never be free; not as long as there's me!"
  • "He/She betrayed you once, and he will again."
  • "Get back, I tell you, don't shout!"
  • "They'll kill who they find here, don't leave us behind here!"
  • "It could kill her/him to lose you. And maybe, just maybe, you need her/him too."
  • "If you're hers/his, then be hers/his, and forget about me now!"
  • "_____ is smart, she/he'll understand."
  • "I still taste your kisses."
  • "Perfume can cover a stench, that's what I learned from the French."
  • "I'm too good to waste my talent for greed."
  • "Girls can buy tits by the pair, the American dream!"
  • "Just sell your soul and you gain the American dream."
  • "Is this too much? I can never tell."
  • "Hold me one last time."
  • "How in one night have we come so far?"
  • Director: Now your character is named Nathanaël. He's this shy artist who is pretty quiet.
  • Michael Sinterniklaas: Ok, so he's the kind to stay in the background and tries not to draw attention.
  • Director: Right. This takes place in high school so he's about 14 years old.
  • Michael Sinterniklaas: So you want me to give him a very timid and maybe slightly shaken voice? Can do. He'll sound like he hasn't hit puberty yet.
  • Director: Actually no. We want you to give him the deepest voice you can do. Like puberty hit him like a train.
  • Michael Sinterniklaas: ....
  • Director: HARD.
Imagine: Getting Caught Taking a Bath in Arno’s Room

She closed her eyes and sighed happily as she sank down into the deep tub, submerging herself to her ears. She had added scented oil and flower petals from the garden to the tub–she wanted to take full advantage of the rare opportunity to pamper herself. She wriggled her toes as she floated peacefully in the steaming hot water.

Sure, she had a tub in her own room, but it wasn’t as big as Arno’s tub, and it wasn’t next to a fireplace, either.

The perks of being the owner, she thought.

After a few minutes, she sensed a figure looming over her. Her eyes snapped open and she jerked upright, flailing and splashing water everywhere. She finally focused on Arno, who was brushing water off of his jacket and giving her a lopsided grin.

“Arno!” she shrieked. “You scared me to death!”

“Pardon me, ma chèrie. I suppose I should have knocked before entering my bedroom,” he said cheekily. He raised an eyebrow as he noticed the flower petals. “It looks like you’ve been enjoying yourself…”

She rested her arms over the edge of the tub and smiled sweetly at him. “This big bathtub is wasted on you, Arno. You really ought to trade with me.”

He chuckled and gently touched her cheek. “And give up the chance to come home to this? Never.” He shrugged off his jacket and began unbuttoning his waistcoats. “Now make room, and show me what I’m missing.”

which nations can kill you
  • italy: no. he's a strong noodle, but he'll probably cry afterwards if he kills you though. and maybe do a satanic ritual to bring you back.
  • germany: yes. have you seen the muscles on this guy. he can snap your puny neck. he's also a cinnamon roll. best of both worlds.
  • japan: yes. he fought china. he will fight you. take this dude seriously. he may be a chill, short, skinny weeb. but do not underestimate chill, short, skinny weebs.
  • america: yes. that's not fat on his arms. that's pure goddamn muscle right there.
  • england: no. he might have been an empire but he is no longer an empire and he's tiny compared to the other allies. he can barely win an arm wrestle against france.
  • france: no. after the hre thing he refuses to fight people to the death. he still likes the guillotine though.
  • russia: yes. there's seriously no point in me explaining this you've seen how scared everyone is of him even though he's precious and pure. he'll sock u right in the gabba before you can even react m8.
  • china: maybe. i mean yeah he invented a bunch of fighting styles and can probably own you in all of them but he's 4000 years old give him a break.
  • canada: yes. he's sweet and innocent and will slay you in an instant. just watch him if you don't believe me. watch him. piss him off. get him to fight you. i'll laugh at your miserable death.
  • prussia: no. let's face it he isn't a nation any more and he's pretty weak because of that. just don't tell him. he'll feel bad and you'll feel bad and everyone will cry for prussia.
  • romano: maybe. he's a better fighter than feli, but still pretty bad. but if he gets the chance that kid will not hesitate to kill you.
  • spain: yes. like germany, he's strong af and also perfect and smol. and in addition th a T ASS OMF
  • netherlands: yes. he'll beat you in terms of physical fighting and getting you stoned to death. and i mean both interpretations of stoned.
  • belgium: no. not only is she more or less harmless, but she is also too nice to fight you let alone kill you. however it's still a bad idea to fight her because of netherlands and luxembourg

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Just saying that you really shouldn't judge those people who dont like Violetta its their opinion so respect it. You know once a celebrity like Ansel saw a girl in a concert and really liked her? But he never saw her again. My point is you're just hurting their feelings saying they will never marry him (which is kinda true but they dont wanna admit it) and call them bitches. Maybe one day he'll marry one of his fans that doesnt like Vi, because everythings possible.

first of all i didn’t insult anyone. second of all it’s called being realistic. sure, it’s possible. i wouldn’t mind marrying ansel at all. but that doesn’t give me the right to hate on his current girlfriend and their relationship. and i think its totally fine if you dont like violetta, its your opinion, okay.  what i dont think is fine is to insult her and send her hate. learn the difference. and reminder that violetta has feelings too